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Vanessa Hudgens: $$$ex - Listen Now!

Vanessa Hudgens: $$$ex - Listen Now!

Check out Vanessa Hudgens‘ new song “$$$ex,” inspired by her new film Spring Breakers!

“It’s been a while since I’ve released a track, so I’m so excited to share this with y’all! Last night I spent some time recording in the studio w/ Rock Mafia & YLA! The song’s inspired by SPRING BREAKERS,” the 24-year-old actress shared.

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In case you forgot it, Vanessa‘s new flick Spring Breakers is out in theaters now!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa Hudgen’s new track $$$ex?

Vanessa Hudgens – $$$ex

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  • Alice

    good for her. keeping it trashy as usual. what’s next a sex tape?

  • eve

    Um….I just saw SpringBreak. Didn’t know much about the movie or the disney girls. Just a mild fan of Harmony Korine. Boy was I shocked and surprised. It was absolutely a gloriously wonderful brilliant film. I highly recommend it. Its like a fresh Pulp fiction/scarface/reality tv music video. But get this …..those disney girls can act!!! and I am sick of James Franco…but not no more….he was on top of his game. Its just fun. Great music too.

  • Nate

    what a crap song

  • eve

    the movie is not trashy its a great pop culture study of america today. Its scary actually.

  • e

    I liked the song and it fits really well with the SB theme.

    @eve: just wanted to say that I appreciate your comment and I know that Vanessa, Selena and the rest would too.

  • trent

    i just saw it for the second time its a brilliant movie. obviously young kids won’t get it now. but when they mature they would understand the film. and franco was brilliant thats why he’s one of the best.

  • kami

    i like it.

  • ash

    i wonder why vanessa done the song and not selena. i kno i said this on the last one but no one else replied
    especially because selena is the one that wants to break out the disney image, but then again she went for a safe role as the girl who is religious and confused.

    i like the song though :)
    although it was for fun it really brings the freak out in vanessa

  • sam

    it really fit the whole Spring Breakers Promo, i’m happy she is having a good time with her friends.

  • sam

    Vanessa best friend is Laura New, one of the YLA girls… it was mostly a “fun song” with her best friend.

  • belle

    i love her voice, im glad she is still in contact with the Rock Mafia crew.

  • lala

    its weird how this song was just for fun but a lot of people online have seemed to like it. i think she should definitely not sing after this just so we are left on a good note

  • lorel
  • lorel

    V, Laura and Antoniana

  • tammy


  • DEI

    i like it, i love Vanessa and laura so much

  • lorel
  • anney

    def not my style, but woow, i like to hear Vanessa´s singing again.

  • Janice

    she is so gorgeous and beautiful! ummm, yeah I hope she does a sex tape next!!!

    what is yla?

  • anney

    I think this is all because of Laura.. her gypsy sister ♥

  • anney

    i completely agree with you, it’s pure art house film, a brilliant film.

  • jenny

    im in love with this girl, she sounds amazing!

  • noel

    i loved the movie, the music is amazing, the colors… i agree with every single critic, this is the movie of the year!!!

  • noel


  • Bebe


  • hannah

    BABY COME BACK ♫ love you Van


    Crazy! I like it.

  • offtheproperty

    What a gorgeous smile she has.
    And looking so all grown-up!
    Cool, as usual.

  • lorel

    $$$ex like what is the point of highlighting that ex part. And whats with the lyrics “condom in his pocket” is she taking a diss at her ex or what.

  • BO

    this is just too trashy ,no wonder selena did it .trying to get out of Disney image by using $ex as a weapon is one thing , but being over the top trashy is another thing .what sort of a song is this?doesn’t your country have any sensoring system ? seriously ,how did she do it ? not a single bit of self respect

  • Not A Fan

    Calling it art doesn’t make it ok. I dont care how brilliant it is or how great the director is. This film promotes guns, violence, thievery and it basically tell young people to have $$$ex and be trashy. Does no one else see this? Are you guys blind? I guess people really are sheep. They just go along to get along. Sad.

  • Haters Suck!

    @not a fan
    Don’t like it don’t watch it. Problem solved. I can’t watch it as it didn’t make it to my towns theather unfortunately.

  • Rene

    It sucks. And that’s my opinion.

  • Ethan

    Going to see this movie tomorrow. can’t wait.

  • http://deleted/ fern

    @Not A Fan:
    i guess you really didn’t understand the movie… It is not about guns, sex and drugs. It’s a critic. maybe you don’t appreciate or understand Harmony and his art.

  • andrew

    @Not A Fan:
    Spring Breakers is poetry on film. It is amazing to see an arthouse, an indie going main stream and read some peoples reactions, like your reaction.
    I can assure you that Harmony would be so happy to read your comment, because thats what he and the girls wanted.
    Dont worry, maybe some day, when you grow up you would be capable of understand a masterpiece like this one.

  • andrew

    i’m not exactly a hardcore fan, but i´m pretty sure she doesn’t even acknowledge his existence anymore.

  • lorel
  • Greg

    She has hit her stride. I love this song. It suits her vocal range.

  • MxGirl

    what a complete piece of auto tone crap , just right for unformed, 10 year old minds tho !

  • florence
  • kate

    I’m a fan but this song doesn’t have any quality. Still it’s very catchy.
    @florence I usually do not agree with fashion police like this time. I really liked Vanessa’s outfit. Selena’s not so much. She has worn so much better outfits like in the European tour (were we have to admit she was the best dressed generally).
    As for the movie this conflicted kind of reaction was anticipated. From what I’ve heard Korine’s style is very uncommon and his movies have all kinds of reactions.
    Oh and saying this song is for Zac is stupid. Zac has nothing to do with this and it’s not Vanessa’s style to diss ex-bfs or friends( just like it’s not Zac’s style. I’ve never seen any couple deal with a public break up more maturely than those 2, regarding the media.

  • emma

    @andrew: You are pretty sure? I am very sure that Zac doesn’t acknowledge her existence either.

  • tuz

    i saw Spring Breakers and I FU*CKING LOVED IT! The end is so amazing, i loved it.

  • illlet

    i know, but his fans are always stalking Vanessa and her fans. ohbiglol

  • BO

    that red dress of selena is amazing .simple , but nicly done. no wonder it got nominated for best dress and that feather dress is hideous .it might have looked good on a tall girl with a good figure .she’s thick so looks so weird in it ..

  • italian mom

    Catchy song! Love it when energy and creatitvy produce tangible items.

  • lola

    Energy and creativity? Lol Sounds more like Pudgie is trying to take a dump but can’t because the poop is stuck and she’s screaming in pain lol. $hitiest song ever heard. But you pumpers will pimp the $hit out of it eitherway.

  • italian mom

    Wow! can wait to hear a song of yours, then. Post a link as soon as possible, lola!

  • italian mom

    Going to concerts and music festivals…everyone can do it, it’s a passive thing. Making music and put yourself out there is another thing. it takes guts. And energy. This song adds only good to the movie, in my opinion.