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Kate Bosworth Talks Michael Polish Wedding Details!

Kate Bosworth Talks Michael Polish Wedding Details!

Kate Bosworth bundles up while exiting LAX Airport after arriving on a flight on Friday (March 22) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress recently chatted with Allure about planning her upcoming wedding to fiance Michael Polish.

“I’m just letting it organically unfold,” Kate said. “The ceremony and all the other aspects are just kind of details. I feel married in every sense of the word, and I have for a long time.”

Michael chose my ring and I love it. He knows me so well to be able to choose something as significant as that,” Kate added about her engagement ring.

FYI: Kate is wearing Karen Walker Eyewear‘s “Deep Freeze” frame.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at the airport…

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  • Jinkies

    Is Kate getting paid 6 figures though? That’s the high end of the spectrum I thought it did say that someone who doesn’t have a lot going on, like Camille Belle, would probably be paid lower vs. someone who does have an acting gig like Bilson, who is working albeit in a low rated show.

  • ladybug

    @Jinkies: From my comment linking to the article:

    “.. Last year, according to sources in event planning, marketing and branding, Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth each earned $100,000 per public appearance.”

    Now did she really earn this for all her public appearances? Possibly not. And it does seem like a lot money for someone who hasn’t had a successful movie in years.
    I also suspect she’s probably not getting as much as she used to, nor the quality or quantity that she used to a few years ago.

    From KB’s Twitter:

    So they’re done shooting Rememory?

  • Keiko

    The bottom line is that whatever her payments are, when you add them together with the free travel involved, and the free exposure/free clothes/free makeup, the girl has got quite a nice little career for herself running around pretending to be a fashion icon. I think when she realized she could do this she went into overdrive with her weight (lack thereof) and the facial treatments (she’s clearly had fillers because no one can be as thin as she is and have a face as plump and youthful as hers–same goes for A. Jolie and all the rest. It just doesn’t happen). She must be so terrified to lose this career because there’s really not much left for her. In a way, I feel sorry for her if for no other reason than the sheer amount of self-inflicted stress and tension she must live with every day.

  • Abbey

    Cate B. is the ambassador for the more mature line of SK-II products. KB might be an ambassador for certain markets such as Australia and the Asian market. That’s not uncommon, in fact, many American actors prefer it.

  • Jinkies

    Well I’m not going to blame Bosworth for trying to earn a living. It’s hard even for actresses with some semblance of talent to stay relevant. Even those with Oscars like Reese Witherspoon and Rene Zelweger are fading into irrelevance. Kate had her break but she hasn’t been able to leverage it like her contemporaries Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley or Scarlett Johansson, who have solidified themselves as first choices for directors, and she basically now has not only those three to fight for roles, but younger stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Saoirse Ronan, not to mention Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, and of course, old standbys like Meryl, Helen Mirren etc.. And who knows who will be the new “it” girls in five years. Saiorse Ronan could an Oscar or she could be doing movies with Lohan. Maybe Kate might actually get steady work as a supporting player in a highly rated TV show.

  • Whycantipost


    Hmm you make a nice point here, never thought about her weight in relation to the ‘fashion icon’ status.
    I always thought she was either ‘just’ anorexic/depressed/miserable (like control issues, ‘I can’t control anything in my life, but I can control what I eat) or her using her weight as a leverage in relationships (when relationships are going south she gets skinnier and skinnier- see end of Bloom/Skarsgard relationships vs her weight at the beginning). I feel like she is using the sick girl thing as a way to keep her guys around (‘I might die if u leave, I will never eat again if u leave).
    Your point seems very valid if we look at her current career/relationship; the harder she fights for a job the more weight she loses..It doesn’t seem related to a guy this time (or MP just likes her as Skeletor) she has been skinny all along during this relationship.

  • Whycantipost


    People always talk about ‘the Oscar curse’ when it comes to relationships (ppl always break up when the female wins an Oscar), but think it goes the same with a career. For some reason I never see the female winners anymore. I can’t remember a big movie (from 3 years-now) from for example Halle Berry, Zellweger, Bullock, Jolie, Witherspoon. I hope Hathaway also disappears (haha).
    Could also be that I lived under a rock or forgot a huge blockbuster, but where are they?

    I think KB doesn’t realize that with her skeletor-body she is gonna miss out on a lot of parts: when you envision someone kicka.s-s and cool you don’t think of a skinny fragile girl who looks old in the face. Same goes for actionmovies (Scarjo in Avengers for example). Kate wouldn’t never be able to do those parts because she is not believable. It’s like letting a very overweight person portray someone who hasn’t eaten in a month..

  • Jinkies

    @whycantipost–Jolie was in Wanted and Salt, which did well and was actually a good movie. Wasn’t a big fan of the Tomb Raider movies, but I guess they did well enough to warrant sequels. Her Oscar Bait movies, on the other hand, were bombs.

    Maybe I’ve spent too much time in b-school looking at technology diffusion curves but the Gartner Hype Cycle definitely pertains to these Mocktresses/Former It Girls. We have a “Trigger” or an event. I.e., they are in a popular show, they had a good movie, they are dating someone famous, Harvey Weinstein likes them etc. That leads to the Peak of Inflated Expectations, like Vanity Fair’s It Girls issue, a string of movies aimed at the masses, lots of papping, mass adoration etc. Then we get to the trough of disillusionment. The It Girl might turn out to be a huge bitch, a drug addict, crazy, or simply can’t act or people just get sick of them. That means the curve slopes down and fast. Afterwards is the slope of enlightenment, where actresses sort of find their niche. Keira Knightley is a Bafta/Period piece queen and, along with Saoirse Ronan and James McAvoy, are Joe Wright’s favorites. Chloe Sevigny has cred with the Indie Crowd. I think Kate is finding out she has a better chance of being a style icon than starring in the next blockbuster so that’s probably what her career will be.

  • Whycantipost


    Nice observation! And you are totally right!

    (I completely forgot about Salt etc. I was too focussed on Angie’s charity work, so much that I forgot her last movies) xD

    For some reason I am also wondering whatever happened to Kirsten Dunst, because she was also an indie-queen and seen as a good actress. After rehab she was only in bombs/good movies that never found a good audience. Also sad.
    Michelle Williams seems to be doing well though (from what I’ve heard, I have personally not seen many of her movies).
    Charlize Theron seems to be working consistantly, but also with sometimes good/sometimes bad movies. I thought Snowwhite was horrible, Prometheus was somewhat likeable and Young Adult was brilliant. Tbh, think SWatH only did decent because every Twilight fan went to see Bella, not because the movie was so good. I wish YA had done better with the audiences.

    Sometimes I am thinking KB could have been an indie-girl too, she was (when she was still eating) somewhat girl next door/very pretty. It could have worked. Think she rather had fame instead of respect for her acting :(

    But I am thread hijacking now with unrelated topics/names xD

  • ladybug

    @Whycantipost: I’d considered her weight loss a combination of both personal issues and conforming to the Fashion/HW ‘idea: she may lose some weight because she’s stressed, but then ends up keeping it off because that fits in with the ‘never too thin’ mindset.
    She really isn’t that naturally slender, neither is Diane Kruger, who’s gotten noticeably thinner as she becomes more well known for her fashion.

    I think KB tried to be Indie Girl, problem is, unlike her costar in SR, Parker Posey, who was an Indie Girl, she can’t really act.

    @Jinkies, I don’t blame KB for trying to hang on to her relevancy. And if a fashion designer is going to hand her large sums of money for showing up, I don’t blame her for taking it. I’m sure someone in the fashion world will be willing to fork over money for her Beige Forever line or whatever she’s going to call it.

    But as asked countless times before, if all she has is fashion, and no one can remember her acting roles, at what point does the fashion world go ‘who are you? She gets contracts, but doesn’t seem to keep them.

    As for the other actresses mentioned, no, no one knows who’ll be hot a year from now, Jessica Chastain may fade from memory in five years. And not every excellent actor is always going to make good decisions on scripts and producing and such. They make mistakes just like everyone else. Except their mistakes are far more public than yours or mine.

  • Really?

    @porquenon (49): I have no idea, I never read those posts. I assume it’s a troll trying to start an argument. I just don’t know why they keep doing it to me more than anyone else. (Unless they haven’t, and then sorry for forgetting other people that they’ve accused!)
    @Keiko (53): I’ve always thought Kate’s weight was mostly related to her work. It happens to a lot of Hollywood starlets. They have a hit movie or two and then they start wasting away and become bleach blondes. They try to find a way to be prettier according to Hollywood standards, and in the end all end up looking the like everyone else.
    And she is making a good living right now, but how much longer can that last? The fashion industry is even more ageist than the movie industry so I doubt she has more than a few years left of being a “fashion icon.” I hope she’s saving and investing as much as possible.
    @Whycantipost (57): Actually it’s the Best Actress in a Lead Role curse that breaks up relationships, the Best Supporting Actress curse is that your career tanks after winning. That would cover Renée Zellweger and Angelina Jolie (although you established in previous posts that it didn’t apply to her). And Sandra Bullock’s career was put on hold because her relationship to Jessie James fell apart so she took some time off to spend with her baby, so really the relationship curse is what hurt her career (or maybe she was going to take time off to spend with her son anyway).
    And I’m with you hoping that the SA curse gets Ann(E) Hathaway too.

  • Keiko


    God, AnnE Hathaway is insufferable.

  • Keiko


    #57 I honestly thought that too, though I STILL do think she’s got serious mental health/emotional/insecurity issues. But I won’t go there, already done that. However, since she was the size of a skeleton when she met Alex I don’t see how her weight fluctuated all that much when things were going south. I DO believe she used something emotional as leverage over him, but it wasn’t her weight (although the weight was a secondary issue possibly relating to the much bigger issue). There’s a reason he stayed so long despite being miserable and angry, and despite his friends and family hating her. And there’s a reason she was able to make him do that. And none of this should be any kind of mystery to a person who really understands the darker aspects of human nature. Back to the topic: she’s a really horrible model.

  • OMG

    I just love the posters who think they know so much about celebrities when they, in fact, know nothing at all!

  • Keiko


    Hey, if celebrities can make s*h*i*t up about themselves and lie incessantly in interviews to manipulate fans and public perception, then why can we?

  • Suze

    There’s a new article on the DM with her & the first picture is alarming. Every time I try to post links, I get sent into moderation, that’s why I didn’t post the article.

  • ladybug


    “Kate Bosworth shows off her VERY slim figure in denim pinafore dress as she stocks up on groceries with fiancé Michael Polish

    With it being rather quiet on the movie front of late, Kate Bosworth has been making the most of her time with her fiancé Michael Polish, even if it is just a trip to the grocery store.

    The super-slim actress dressed in impeccable style, as usual, wearing a denim buttoned-up pinafore dress with a black and gold high-waisted belt to give her slender frame the illusion of curves.”

    I actually like the dress, though not on her.

  • Really?

    I really don’t get why she paired that belt with such a casual outfit.
    And her knee/thigh area is very disturbing in that first picture. (And Kate fans, don’t attack me for saying disturbing. I just looked at pictures of her from only *two years ago* and she had SIGNIFICANTLY more muscle and healthy tissue there. Either she has a pretty serious medical condition or she’s doing it to her self. Either way it’s disquieting how one can waste away like that.)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    The DM article:
    Kate Bosworth shows off her VERY slim figure in denim pinafore dress as she stocks up on groceries with fiancé Michael Polish
    “With it being rather quiet on the movie front of late, Kate Bosworth has been making the most of her time with her fiancé Michael Polish, even if it is just a trip to the grocery store.

    “The super-slim actress dressed in impeccable style, as usual, wearing a denim buttoned-up pinafore dress with a black and gold high-waisted belt to give her slender frame the illusion of curves.

    “Walking in dark leather sandals and carrying a small matching bag, Kate, 30, never disappoints in the fashion stakes.”
    “After attending the Fashion Week shows in New York and London, Kate will be awaiting the national release of her film collaboration with her director fiancé, Big Sur.”
    “Welcome break: The couple are in between film projects at the moment so have time to plan their wedding”
    Read more:

  • Really?

    Sorry, I didn’t see Ladybug’s post! I guess I should have refreshed before I hit submit.

  • Blackcat9

    @ladybug: @ Ladybug I find it extremely disturbing and sad when journalists glamorize Kate’s weight as “slender” and linking it with her “impeccable style”. It’s also sad that that someone is so “Slender” that they have to wear a belt to give the “Illusion” of “Curves”! When your knees are bigger than your thighs there is a problem and it looks gross and unhealthy! It sends a very bad message out to young women. It says to be slender you need to look like a walking skeleton.It says to look “Stylish and Impeccable” who have to be grossly skinny! Personally, I would rather see a woman with actual curves wearing that dress!

  • ladybug

    @Really?: Oh, don’t worry, JJ’s system being what it is, it’ll probably end up putting one of them into ‘moderation’ :)
    I’m impressed that this writer actually noticed that she’s not really working much as an actress and that BS didn’t really do anything at Sundance. It was much less kiss-ass than their normal crap. I’m sure that’ll change by their next post.

    She does look even tinier from two years ago (June 2011):

    @Whycantipost: “I think KB doesn’t realize that with her skeletor-body she is gonna miss out on a lot of parts: when you envision someone kicka.s-s and cool you don’t think of a skinny fragile girl who looks old in the face. ” This is why the rumor from two years ago that she was being considered for a role in the Total Recall remake seemed a plant from her PR, she doesn’t look like a kick-butt action heroine in the least.

  • Keiko


    She is thinner than I have EVER seen her. Something is seriously, seriously wrong here. Those legs!! And remember: the camera adds 10 pounds (this is true). So in person she looks worse than these photos.
    God. This is really troubling. I don’t like her, but this is sad.

  • Whycantipost

    Oh boy, that seriously made me almost barf…It looks SO horrible, Like a child from a 3rd world country.. In the pic from 2 years ago she has a natural shaped leg: small at the bottom and a little bigger around the top. She looked thin, but healthy in that pic (incl. the hair, the skin and she seemed happy/chatty)

    This new pic.. Even models don’t have legs like that. It is so sad. And she always looks miserable. I wonder what MP’s role in this is: does he like her thin? Does he want her to be this thin? Even when her relationship with AS was bad (we have seen the pics of them looking weird all the time) she was never this skinny. Yet this dude does the exact opposite: feed her need for attention/love/recognition.. Then why the hell is she so skinny, she is supposed to be on cloud 9 now with MP doing papwalks with her..

  • Whycantipost

    Tried to link this one in a previous thread, so again:

    This is from a short time ago, look at her butt.. Completely gone. I saw pool side pics of her, and eventhuogh she was thin, she still had a bit of butt. Same as in the JM videos.. What the hell is happening? She really wasted away the last year..

  • Keiko


    She’s obviously miserable no matter what kind of man she’s with. Whether he showers her with attention or not. She needs help.