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Kristen Stewart - Kids' Choice Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Kristen Stewart - Kids' Choice Awards 2013 Red Carpet

Kristen Stewart is a beauty in blue on the purple and orange carpet at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center on Saturday (March 23) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress is wearing an Osman dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Karen London‘s Caradona ring.

Kristen is nominated tonight for Favorite Movie Actress for her work in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. She is up against The Hunger GamesJennifer Lawrence, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island‘s Vanessa Hudgens, and The AvengersScarlett Johansson.

Make sure to tune in to the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards, hosted by Josh Duhamel, airing NOW on Nickelodeon!

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  • mira

    OMG i cant imagine kristen older than selena, selena grow up so fast and look more mature maybe the outfit but something different but kristen looks like little girl

  • jen

    Pure Beauty.

  • see

    yeah, that’s real good, wear hotpants to the KIDS choice awards
    now all her little fans wants to wear age inappropriate hotpants, and their d-as parents will let them

  • gee

    Seems like she finally learned her lesson and is smiling more in public.

  • Zoe

    She’s amazing! Love her!

  • sand

    LOL at her career. She could have been where Jennifer Lawrence is if only…

  • KS wants 2B Jennifer Lawrence

    and here you have the makings of the Kristen Stewart make over.
    she realized her career is lame after Twilght and she sees how Hollywood adores Jennifer Lawrence she has taken a page of how to be likable.

    We won’t see her frowning and looking miserable.
    We won’t see her wearing too much of a sl*t outfit anymore
    and we certainly won’t be seeing her slagging with older directors
    We will see her smiling and appearing to have fun.
    We will see her being cozy friendly to all Hollywood celebs.

  • Zoe

    Tell me u r bloody joking? I love Katy and Selena but their wearing much less appropriate clothing than kristen. Stop being blinding by hate its quite disgusting.



  • sam

    @sand: stop been mean both of them are talented in different away like many others(emma watson,dakota fanny,ect so be enought mature and support the talent not just one actress exclusive like dog, for me i any young talent or old and the good movies, and good rolse, and i think kristen have done many great movies besides twilight so grow up how old are you?

  • Sharon

    LMAO at the one person spamming the comment section in a rage against her! Don’t you have an actress you like to concern yourself with? So much rage against somebody you don’t know! Hilariously dumb!

  • Jean

    Go Kristen!!

  • Ella

    She is a stunner! Why are people so pressed on here? ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ella


    i notice how you say nothing about Katy having her boobs out and bare midriff and tight skirt. Shut up and go live in a convent

  • Janine


    what ‘lesson’? Get a life! She’s smiling becasue she wants to and is having fun with Katy and Sandra! I guess there careers are over too? yeah… no!


  • Sweetness

    @- S:

    Agreed. This is Kid’s Choice Ms.Lawrence is in the big leagues. if Anne Hathaway didn’t even bother to show you know this is lame.

  • L

    God damn she really is the bottom of the barrel when it comes to 20+ actresses, it happened faster than expected. These shi+tty awards are all this talentless half-home-wrecker got left.
    This girl is desperate to change the public’s perception of her, which is gonna be nearly impossible. The fact that her contemporaries are light-years ahead of her must be why she seems to be trying so hard and so into it these days, maybe it’s the drugs, who knows. She wants to keep the fame, that’s pretty obvious by now.

    And btw they give the awards to those who actually show-up, so one of K-ew’s biggest competitor(and mostly probably winner of the awards), the adored by the critics, media darling, and audience’s sweetheart Miss Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is currently filming. Bullock and Johnny go to these things just because they are older and want to keep up with the new audience, that’s all.

  • pathetic

    She’s in her element -11 year olds


    @KS wants 2B Jennifer Lawrence: this is stupid, its like press talking who made this competition for actResses, and by the way krsten was the first one WHO WAS very happy for jennifer in the oscars go see some pictures of her ON TWITTER smiling in the audiences i never seen her happy like that before, she is so sweet and both of them actually very nice girls, but y are stupid y think they care about this stupid competiton, they dont care, they are mature for staff like this, they loves their jobs and acting and congrat kristen for tonight and the haters are everywere for any talent get a life and stop your rage like insane one

  • Lee

    get some sun trampy

  • Razzies & Kid’s Choice


    what a career

  • Naomi

    She is the BEST! Loved her and Sandra hugging lol

  • KS wants 2B Jennifer Lawrence


    who said she wasn’t happy for JLaw (even though that could be debatable..yes she was happy at the awards for her. She would be a complete idiot to shun the Oscar winning girl everybody wants to work with in HW)… that doesn’t change the fact that she wants to be Jennifer Lawrence and she’s reinventing her former too cool for school attitude and behaving more Stewart friendly and not being miserable as she once described herself with the c word.

  • No Fashion Sense

    The shoes are all wrong. Looks like a little kid playing dress-up.

  • Mary

    Don’t usually pay much attention to Kstew but she was very cute tonight. Very pretty girl. What is with the PMSing haters? Freaks

  • Jane

    Sorry but what has Jennifer Larence got to do with Kristen? Are these Hunger Games fans spamming Kristen posts or what? You all need to get out more!


    she is so beautiful but i dont like her style, i think selena most elegant and sexy tonight, for me the best dressed this award,she seems have great stylist recently on all latest interviews she made

  • Melissa

    lol Hunger Games fans are on a rampage. Sorry kiddies, if you’d bothered to vote your girl would have won!

    Kristen is a doll!


    @Jane: i love them both but sadly the same thing happen when the article about jennifer so i think it was so many immature fans the both sides honey its the truth, i think best to do its not comment if you dont like some actress OR ANY celebrity and basta its easy do the same for the kardashians or others stupids celebrites maybe its my oipinion but i dont have time to read or comment about someone who i dont like….hope all the haters do the same thing but i dont think its gonna happen bc people love been rude and wrote mean comment all the time, its sucks

  • Trampy Dork

    Yay I won >let’s all go get a Happy Meal

  • BO

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO At all the sour twits pressed because Kristen went and won and had a great time. As Jodie Foster said, the best revenge is to be happy and she certainly seems to be. LET IT BURN YOUR SOULS!
    Love you Kristen! You are very inspiring how you dealt with the shameful bullying last year. I am 43 and i could now have dealt with that abuse and lies written about me. You made a youthful mistake like millions of other people have and you put your relationship right after it. That takes maturity and real love. Bravo to you and Rob and keep rocking those amazing legs! I’m JEALOUS!!! ***

  • LOL

    @Trampy Dork: hahahah that was funny!! thanks god we will not seen her in mtv movie awards, maybe she will present but im glad any nomination for her or his stupid BOYFREIND who follow her like DOG good for him, she cheating on him and he is glad real guy without any dignity pffff hahah what great couple!! lol 2 idiots peoples

  • ha

    Shame on any dope who thinks this nasty ho has talent.

  • willanka

    Wow, she looks great. So lovely and this smile does make a difference. Beautiful.

  • Ryan

    Try hard and talentless. Kslut is over.

  • L

    Girl that’s extremly sad, you need to up your standards you effing 43! Lol @ to you making her besties with all those you mentioned just because they greeted her at a public event, your effing 43 you should know better hahaha.
    But no worries the unemployeed home wrecker and he doormat will be has beens by this time next year, well more her than him saddly, he at least is still getting jobs, but again he’ll forever be know as the doormat pool boy who took back the cheater half home wrecker. Kanye shrug*

  • Lol

    The Kid’s Choice aka B Listers Choice … Where’s Wh%repire’s boyfriend is he too embarassed to publicly admit they’re dating?

  • Ben

    Kstew manages to look ghetto even in the most priciest outfits. Her only talent.

  • Anne

    She actually looks really pretty here. The outfit and the hair suit her perfectly.

  • kath

    she looks gorgeous, great to see her so happy :) love her

  • Juliana

    She looks happy & beautiful!

  • Danielle

    @908: agreed… And she should smile more…

  • talia

    she looks relaxed and the outfit and the make up is perfect


    STOP comparing talented people like Jennifer Lawrence to this so-called ‘actress’.

    Yeah. Kristen WON! OMG – go **** yourselves. Jennifer won an Oscar – something Stewart will never, ever win. Talentless people can’t be compared to ones who have the thing called TALENT.

    So, go celebrate your KIDS’ CHOICE and RAZZIE wins. Cheers. lol

  • exo

    @BO: “sour twits” ? seriously ? i had no idea one had to be a crazy person to hate Kstew, she’s a cheatin W* , and she deserved the bullying ! it’s great that all the kids watching her know that cheating is WRONG and doing it to someone who loves you ( and more importantly that “you” are supposed to love) is even worse ! they need to see her bullied , to me it’s a great thing , I even think she had it easy !

  • exo

    @NO COMMENT: I could marry you just for that cmment :D

  • Monkey

    @exo: if you think bullying someone is okay then you need help. NOBODY deserves to be bullied regardless of who they are or what they have done. I honestly hope you never get bullied but if you do hope nobody feels sorry for you if you believe she deserved to be bullied or anyone for that matter

  • happyface

    @x: are you drunk? She’s nothing to do with your life. It’s okay if you don’t like and not happy with her because the fact is she still have a lot of fans around the world will love her and support her always.

  • exo

    @Monkey: like it or not but bullying or being bullied is part of life , that’s how you learn to love yourself no matter what, fight the people who discriminate you , that’s how it happens, not everybody is a p***y with teary eyes :) discrimination and bullying are bad in general , but they teach a lot , for example, I don’t want my children to think that it’s ok to cheat , that it’s “just” a mistake, i would not want my girl if i have one, to become a s*ut like kstew, thinking it’s just a mistake to have sex with a married man

  • Sandra

    She looks beautiful and I find that she has a bright future ahead in acting. I have taken the time to see her other films, outside of Twilight and she has raw talent that’s very hard to find. Her role as Marylou in “On the Road” was superb. Don’t hate on the girl. Add love to anything that aggravates you. You’ll be much happier.