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Kristen Stewart: Slime Victim at Kids' Choice Awards 2013!

Kristen Stewart: Slime Victim at Kids' Choice Awards 2013!

Kristen Stewart is covered in slime while walking backstage at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center on Saturday (March 23) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress won the award for Favorite Movie Actress and got covered in the green slime after she hugged presenters Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris, who were slimed before presenting the award.

FYI: Kristen is wearing an Osman dress and changed into some comfy flats once she was inside at the show.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart covered in slime at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards

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kristen stewart slime victim at kids choice awards 2013 01
kristen stewart slime victim at kids choice awards 2013 02
kristen stewart slime victim at kids choice awards 2013 03
kristen stewart slime victim at kids choice awards 2013 04
kristen stewart slime victim at kids choice awards 2013 05
kristen stewart slime victim at kids choice awards 2013 06
kristen stewart slime victim at kids choice awards 2013 07
kristen stewart slime victim at kids choice awards 2013 08
kristen stewart slime victim at kids choice awards 2013 09
kristen stewart slime victim at kids choice awards 2013 10

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  • Anne

    i loveeeee

  • Zoe

    Naw I love her!

  • CHO

    That was the best speech she has ever done. She did good tonight.

  • Liz M.

    She and the rest looked terrific

  • Sharon

    AAAAAAAAAHHHH I LOVE THIS GIRL! Of all the celebs in Hollywood i would want her to be my friend. <3 And i can't wait for Snow White 2!

  • what is she wearing?

    covered in goo…again

  • Asdfg

    She looks happy! Shocking!

  • Jess

    Kristen looks really young and happy here. She looks really different in the best way! I suddenly remember she’s only 22 or 23.

  • liz

    i appreciate her fake smile, it is the least she could give to her poor (delusional) fans. but it still is very annoying to see her at these events. she is clearly trying to save face at the request of her team. she’s lucky people have such short attention spans because breaking up a family is not just any kind of scandal.

  • sand

    Seems like she’s suddenly smiling more to recover her career and image.

  • Razzie winner 2013

    Worst actress of our generation, folks.

  • candy

    She could have had half a decent career Jennifer Lawrence has if she had only smiled like this before and didn’t cheat on her boyfriend and wreck a home and go around flipping the b!rd, etc.

  • gee

    LOL at what her career and desperation has come to.

  • amanda

    @liz….it’s been 9 months and liberty seems thrilled anyway…they’re all over it….it’s time for you to get over it as well…and why wouldn’t she be at the event? she’s not trying to save face anymore

  • Val

    I wonder how much convincing her publicist had to do to get her to attend lol.

  • sourpuss


  • Halo

    These are the only awards she can win… and only because Jennifer Lawrence is out of country shooting for a film. She didn’t even get nominated for an MTV Movie Award lol.

  • blair

    I think she’s trying really hard to recover her image and her career has gone downfall because of her reputation and scandal. I’ve never seen her this enthusiastic and smiley before. It’s amazing. Only if she had learned her lesson sooner. It’s too late.

  • Black

    I watched the show and she was trying WAY TOO HARD to be as cool and free and happy like Jennifer Lawrence. Sorry gal but you came as too try hard.

  • Naomi

    LOL girls, girls! It’s Saturday night! Instead of obsessing and spamming the boards with your tale of woe against Kristen why don’t you go out and get a boyfriend, because Rob isn’t leaving Kristen any time soon! If he didn’t leave after last July it means he is there for the long haul. Get used to it and stop letting it ruin your lives!

    if this is what a ‘ruined career’ looks like then i will gladly take it. She is in good company along with Sandra, Johnny and Katy lol!

  • Di


    MTE! lol she looks fab and is hanging with Selena, Sandra and Katy! oh yeah, she also picked up 2 awards! What’s not to love?

  • bing

    Can’t stand her. She’s really annoying and a horrible actress.

  • lol

    is a joke

  • Lea


  • Loop

    Lol someone gave her the uppers this time around right?? Or is she finally realizing that time is running out and that by this time next year she’ll just be the twilight actress that F Ed the married director.

  • famewhores

    Kristen Stewart, Jessica Alba, Kardashian… great job Nick!

  • Jane

    Sorry but what has Jennifer Larence got to do with Kristen? Are these Hunger Games fans spamming Kristen posts or what? You all need to get out more!

  • Jane

    And lol at people talking about Razzie! HULLOOOO – Sandra Bullock anyone? SNORT

  • career over

    How come Kristen didn’t show up to accept her Razzie for worst actress for the same films?

  • lourdes

    She actually looks happy. Look at her with peace sign and everything

  • Bye Bye

    Her publicist works really hard. Too bad she couldn’t score Kristen even an MTV nomination.

  • Courtney

    She’s used to getting slimed… usually it’s white though and comes from married fathers…

  • santana

    How come she never tried this hard before? Seems like she looked at Jennifer Lawrence’s career and reevaluated her sour self

  • bad actress

    She’s really annoying.

  • OTR

    She looks great. It’s really funny those who know Kristen have still stood by her after all she’s been through. Let me just name a few her family, Rob, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Dakota Fanning, Taylor Lautner, Katy Perry, Scout Compton Taylor, Marcus Forster, Jodi Foster and this is just the beginning. But the haters can’t stand to see this girl happy. And as Rob said: “Kristen smiles, but they always find the one where she’s not smiling and post that” “tabloids make people stupid”. Haters are just followers of this crazy tabloid and gossip industry. They are the ones who such gossip services, whilst Kristen? She lives her life..and at the end of the day she has owned up to her faults, her mistakes and can now just live. These haters…well you will forever remain bitter fools harping on about a girl who just dared to live her life, while you all remain afraid to live yours.

  • Melissa


    Jealous because you can’t get slimed by anybody! Man or beast!

  • Jenny

    I like her braid but I can’t help but think that her people planned this since she’s nowhere. She needs exposure since she has no movies lined up except for d grade films. If Jennifer Lawrence was attending, I doubt they would have even invited Stewart.

  • Loop

    Lol after the awful press she got for the oscars, even trashed by her own piers on twitter, idts.
    People still call out Claire D another cheater home-wrecker but crazy talented and there wasn’t even proof. With this girl all you’ve got to do is google “Kristen Stewart minicoopering” and viola you get 50+ pic of her dry humpping a married director in public.
    People got this girl shoved down their throats for 5 years with her sour attitude and no talented to make up for it and just now she’s realizing that against her genuinely talented contemporaries, her twilight fame is all she’s got, girl is seems to be clinging to her popularity for dear life nowadays.

  • Halo

    She is a has been. She has nothing else to do. There are other young actresses who are stealing her roles left and right but she brought this on herself. She finally has the sense to smile and look happy but unfortunately it’s too late for her.

  • Loop

    @OTR: @OTR:
    Hahahaha again her fans are f ing delutional.
    OTR flopped really hard btw.


    She looks like a TRAMPIRE!

  • Bo

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO At all the sour twits pressed because Kristen went and won and had a great time. As Jodie Foster said, the best revenge is to be happy and she certainly seems to be. LET IT BURN YOUR SOULS!

    Love you Kristen! You are very inspiring how you dealt with the shameful bullying last year. I am 43 and i could now have dealt with that abuse and lies written about me. You made a youthful mistake like millions of other people have and you put your relationship right after it. That takes maturity and real love. Bravo to you and Rob and keep rocking those amazing legs! I’m JEALOUS!!! XXX

  • rikki

    ugly outfit… sticking her in designer clothes seems to do more bad than good for her look. you need at least a LITTLE grace to pull off those outfits… but what can one really expect from this dude-chick

  • The Sander’s Kids

    we dont wike this bad gurl very much
    where iz our daddy

  • trampire returns

    and she’s cover in rupert’s green juice!

  • sad

    I wonder what Rupert and Liberty’s children felt like when watching the award show.

  • Ryan

    Kristen Stewart is a pathetic talentless twat.

  • L

    43 and looking up t this girl, that’s just pathetically sad.

  • Alison

    I can’t believe she still wins awards…. I guess it goes to show you don’t always have to have talent or be an honorable person these days… Since she was smiling, she probably had some pot beforehand.

  • Ariel

    The title is wrong – she wasn’t a “slime victim” – she got slime on her from all the kids when she walked to go on stage + she touched the stand and hugged Sandra Bullock – that’s how she got slime on her.

    She looked really happy to be at the KCAs and I’m happy for her. I’m sure she’s smiley because Rob is back too :)

    Oh, and regardless of what people think about her, she has a TON of fans/supporters – its evident because the KCAs are a fan voted show and she won both the awards she was nominated for :)