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Kristen Stewart: Slime Victim at Kids' Choice Awards 2013!

Kristen Stewart: Slime Victim at Kids' Choice Awards 2013!

Kristen Stewart is covered in slime while walking backstage at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards held at the USC Galen Center on Saturday (March 23) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old actress won the award for Favorite Movie Actress and got covered in the green slime after she hugged presenters Sandra Bullock and Neil Patrick Harris, who were slimed before presenting the award.

FYI: Kristen is wearing an Osman dress and changed into some comfy flats once she was inside at the show.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart covered in slime at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards

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91 Responses to “Kristen Stewart: Slime Victim at Kids' Choice Awards 2013!”

  1. 1
    Anne Says:

    i loveeeee

  2. 2
    Zoe Says:

    Naw I love her!

  3. 3
    CHO Says:

    That was the best speech she has ever done. She did good tonight.

  4. 4
    Liz M. Says:

    She and the rest looked terrific

  5. 5
    Sharon Says:

    AAAAAAAAAHHHH I LOVE THIS GIRL! Of all the celebs in Hollywood i would want her to be my friend. <3 And i can't wait for Snow White 2!

  6. 6
    what is she wearing? Says:

    covered in goo…again

  7. 7
    Asdfg Says:

    She looks happy! Shocking!

  8. 8
    Jess Says:

    Kristen looks really young and happy here. She looks really different in the best way! I suddenly remember she’s only 22 or 23.

  9. 9
    liz Says:

    i appreciate her fake smile, it is the least she could give to her poor (delusional) fans. but it still is very annoying to see her at these events. she is clearly trying to save face at the request of her team. she’s lucky people have such short attention spans because breaking up a family is not just any kind of scandal.

  10. 10
    sand Says:

    Seems like she’s suddenly smiling more to recover her career and image.

  11. 11
    Razzie winner 2013 Says:

    Worst actress of our generation, folks.

  12. 12
    candy Says:

    She could have had half a decent career Jennifer Lawrence has if she had only smiled like this before and didn’t cheat on her boyfriend and wreck a home and go around flipping the b!rd, etc.

  13. 13
    gee Says:

    LOL at what her career and desperation has come to.

  14. 14
    amanda Says:

    @liz….it’s been 9 months and liberty seems thrilled anyway…they’re all over it….it’s time for you to get over it as well…and why wouldn’t she be at the event? she’s not trying to save face anymore

  15. 15
    Val Says:

    I wonder how much convincing her publicist had to do to get her to attend lol.

  16. 16
    sourpuss Says:


  17. 17
    Halo Says:

    These are the only awards she can win… and only because Jennifer Lawrence is out of country shooting for a film. She didn’t even get nominated for an MTV Movie Award lol.

  18. 18
    blair Says:

    I think she’s trying really hard to recover her image and her career has gone downfall because of her reputation and scandal. I’ve never seen her this enthusiastic and smiley before. It’s amazing. Only if she had learned her lesson sooner. It’s too late.

  19. 19
    Black Says:

    I watched the show and she was trying WAY TOO HARD to be as cool and free and happy like Jennifer Lawrence. Sorry gal but you came as too try hard.

  20. 20
    Naomi Says:

    LOL girls, girls! It’s Saturday night! Instead of obsessing and spamming the boards with your tale of woe against Kristen why don’t you go out and get a boyfriend, because Rob isn’t leaving Kristen any time soon! If he didn’t leave after last July it means he is there for the long haul. Get used to it and stop letting it ruin your lives!

    if this is what a ‘ruined career’ looks like then i will gladly take it. She is in good company along with Sandra, Johnny and Katy lol!

  21. 21
    Di Says:


    MTE! lol she looks fab and is hanging with Selena, Sandra and Katy! oh yeah, she also picked up 2 awards! What’s not to love?

  22. 22
    bing Says:

    Can’t stand her. She’s really annoying and a horrible actress.

  23. 23
    lol Says:

    is a joke

  24. 24
    Lea Says:


  25. 25
    Loop Says:

    Lol someone gave her the uppers this time around right?? Or is she finally realizing that time is running out and that by this time next year she’ll just be the twilight actress that F Ed the married director.

  26. 26
    famewhores Says:

    Kristen Stewart, Jessica Alba, Kardashian… great job Nick!

  27. 27
    Jane Says:

    Sorry but what has Jennifer Larence got to do with Kristen? Are these Hunger Games fans spamming Kristen posts or what? You all need to get out more!

  28. 28
    Jane Says:

    And lol at people talking about Razzie! HULLOOOO – Sandra Bullock anyone? SNORT

  29. 29
    career over Says:

    How come Kristen didn’t show up to accept her Razzie for worst actress for the same films?

  30. 30
    lourdes Says:

    She actually looks happy. Look at her with peace sign and everything

  31. 31
    Bye Bye Says:

    Her publicist works really hard. Too bad she couldn’t score Kristen even an MTV nomination.

  32. 32
    Courtney Says:

    She’s used to getting slimed… usually it’s white though and comes from married fathers…

  33. 33
    santana Says:

    How come she never tried this hard before? Seems like she looked at Jennifer Lawrence’s career and reevaluated her sour self

  34. 34
    bad actress Says:

    She’s really annoying.

  35. 35
    OTR Says:

    She looks great. It’s really funny those who know Kristen have still stood by her after all she’s been through. Let me just name a few her family, Rob, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Dakota Fanning, Taylor Lautner, Katy Perry, Scout Compton Taylor, Marcus Forster, Jodi Foster and this is just the beginning. But the haters can’t stand to see this girl happy. And as Rob said: “Kristen smiles, but they always find the one where she’s not smiling and post that” “tabloids make people stupid”. Haters are just followers of this crazy tabloid and gossip industry. They are the ones who such gossip services, whilst Kristen? She lives her life..and at the end of the day she has owned up to her faults, her mistakes and can now just live. These haters…well you will forever remain bitter fools harping on about a girl who just dared to live her life, while you all remain afraid to live yours.

  36. 36
    Melissa Says:


    Jealous because you can’t get slimed by anybody! Man or beast!

  37. 37
    Jenny Says:

    I like her braid but I can’t help but think that her people planned this since she’s nowhere. She needs exposure since she has no movies lined up except for d grade films. If Jennifer Lawrence was attending, I doubt they would have even invited Stewart.

  38. 38
    Loop Says:

    Lol after the awful press she got for the oscars, even trashed by her own piers on twitter, idts.
    People still call out Claire D another cheater home-wrecker but crazy talented and there wasn’t even proof. With this girl all you’ve got to do is google “Kristen Stewart minicoopering” and viola you get 50+ pic of her dry humpping a married director in public.
    People got this girl shoved down their throats for 5 years with her sour attitude and no talented to make up for it and just now she’s realizing that against her genuinely talented contemporaries, her twilight fame is all she’s got, girl is seems to be clinging to her popularity for dear life nowadays.

  39. 39
    Halo Says:

    She is a has been. She has nothing else to do. There are other young actresses who are stealing her roles left and right but she brought this on herself. She finally has the sense to smile and look happy but unfortunately it’s too late for her.

  40. 40
    Loop Says:

    @OTR: @OTR:
    Hahahaha again her fans are f ing delutional.
    OTR flopped really hard btw.

  41. 41
    TRAMPIRE Says:

    She looks like a TRAMPIRE!

  42. 42
    Bo Says:

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO At all the sour twits pressed because Kristen went and won and had a great time. As Jodie Foster said, the best revenge is to be happy and she certainly seems to be. LET IT BURN YOUR SOULS!

    Love you Kristen! You are very inspiring how you dealt with the shameful bullying last year. I am 43 and i could now have dealt with that abuse and lies written about me. You made a youthful mistake like millions of other people have and you put your relationship right after it. That takes maturity and real love. Bravo to you and Rob and keep rocking those amazing legs! I’m JEALOUS!!! ***

  43. 43
    rikki Says:

    ugly outfit… sticking her in designer clothes seems to do more bad than good for her look. you need at least a LITTLE grace to pull off those outfits… but what can one really expect from this dude-chick

  44. 44
    The Sander's Kids Says:

    we dont wike this bad gurl very much
    where iz our daddy

  45. 45
    trampire returns Says:

    and she’s cover in rupert’s green juice!

  46. 46
    sad Says:

    I wonder what Rupert and Liberty’s children felt like when watching the award show.

  47. 47
    Ryan Says:

    Kristen Stewart is a pathetic talentless twat.

  48. 48
    L Says:

    43 and looking up t this girl, that’s just pathetically sad.

  49. 49
    Alison Says:

    I can’t believe she still wins awards…. I guess it goes to show you don’t always have to have talent or be an honorable person these days… Since she was smiling, she probably had some pot beforehand.

  50. 50
    Ariel Says:

    The title is wrong – she wasn’t a “slime victim” – she got slime on her from all the kids when she walked to go on stage + she touched the stand and hugged Sandra Bullock – that’s how she got slime on her.

    She looked really happy to be at the KCAs and I’m happy for her. I’m sure she’s smiley because Rob is back too :)

    Oh, and regardless of what people think about her, she has a TON of fans/supporters – its evident because the KCAs are a fan voted show and she won both the awards she was nominated for :)

  51. 51
    Ariel Says:

    The movies that most people don’t see where her acting talent is prominent is in her indie films – Welcome to the Riley’s, On the Road – she’s been nominated for awards for both of those films. She isn’t just the “Twilight” girl

  52. 52
    nic Says:

    @Ariel: if she is so talented, why didn’t ANY of that “talent” show in her Twilight movies, though? there were 4 of them. and in all of them, she was really painful to watch.

  53. 53
    Bob Says:

    She didn’t break up a family. The husband did that. She’s a young girl… Blame the adult who made a commitment to his wife and broke it.

  54. 54
    guest Says:

    @Bob: how old are you??? Still on denial? Kristen’s as guilty as rupig. Accept that! She knew that rupig had had a wife and children, and she even knew them.

  55. 55
    aquarius64 Says:

    I agree that Kristen is on a charm offensive here – she’s trying to CHARM people into forgetting the thing that she did that was OFFENSIVE. Sorry, when your “momentary indiscretion” makes it into your Wikipedia bio, no one is going to forget. What’s with the peace signs here? I guess we should be glad it’s TWO fingers she’s holding up instead of the usual one. For those who defend her: the bottom line is Kristen built up a negative image for five years that was solidified by the cheating scandal. Using her age as an excuse doesn’t wipe away her EQUAL responsibility in the public cuckolding. It’s going to take more than Rob’s forgiveness, fan pics and big smiles – all achieved in a short period of time – to repair the damage Kristen inflicted herself on her professional life.

  56. 56
    tammy Says:



  57. 57
    shame Says:

    well at lest 11 years olds think she’s a good actress.

  58. 58
    Rae Says:

    I’m more excited about seeing Scout Taylor-Compton in a couple of these pictures, personally.

  59. 59
    ana Says:

    everyone in Hollywood cheats, KS was just dumb enough to get caught.

  60. 60
    PlayMe Says:

    if it wasnt for her mom being deeply connected in hollywood you would never have seen hide or heard from this one ever….. and this is why they are so anti-social b/c they never really had to work at anything, ahhh NEPOTISM !

  61. 61
    Leigh Says:

    @Bob: how old are you??? Still on denial? Kristen’s as guilty as rupig. Accept that! She knew that rupig had had a wife and children, and she even knew them.

    Um, do you get this worked up about Brad Pitt or the million of male actors that cheat? Or the ones who beat their girlfriends/wives? How old are you? No one’s saying she’s faultless….she obviously made a grave error in judgement. That man was twice her age, married, had kids, and gave creepy ass comments about waiting for his wife to be of legal age. He owed more to his wife and has more responsibility to his marriage than she did. She owed more to her own current partner. He was 90 percent guilty of destroying his own relationship, and she was 90 percent guilty of destroying her own relationship.

  62. 62
    lililala Says:

    I think that all you fans out there you should really calm down. If you can’t accept what’s going on in Hollywood and what are all the actors and publicist and managers etc doing you should really go out of your house with your friends (if you have some) and start living you own life.

  63. 63
    tales of woe Says:

    OMG!Nonstens are so predictable,you’ll know exactly where they’ll congregate ,just put Kristens name and like flies thats obsessed with **** ,they all go there to feed,so so predictable.

  64. 64
    blob Says:

    awww look at all the people who don’t like kristen commenting on her post, she clearly is more popular than all the negative people think she is.

    @nic: that’s your opinion, and @Ariel and everyone else are allowed to have their opinion.the acting in the twilight films was not great from anyone but it was not bad. some people thought the acting in harry potter was not great either but did not make a difference and did not stop fans going to see the films

  65. 65
    Honey Says:

    The only thing more awkward than an emotionless Kristen Stewart is an overly excited/trying to be kid friendly Kristen Stewart.

  66. 66
    Monkey Says:

    @aquarius64: kristen has always been nice to her fans, the media paint the negative image of her by only printing the pictures where she is not smiling when there probably more pictures of her smiling

  67. 67
    Kara Says:

    Love kristen
    I am so happy

  68. 68
    Lily Says:

    Some people seem to be jealous and pathetic life
    I don’t hate jen but i hate fans of jen

  69. 69
    k Says:

    she is so fu**ing fake like she is 22 almost 23 and she acts like 12 year old and wtf with peace sign she is doing all the time now its annoying ;/ i never noticed that before but she has huge chin like jay leno lol

  70. 70
    ok Says:

    new pose

  71. 71
    NO COMMENT Says:

    STOP comparing talented people like Jennifer Lawrence to this so-called ‘actress’.
    Yeah. Kristen WON! OMG – go **** yourselves. Jennifer won an Oscar – something Stewart will never, ever win. Talentless people can’t be compared to ones who have the thing called TALENT.
    So, go celebrate your KIDS’ CHOICE and RAZZIE wins. Cheers. lol

  72. 72
    guest Says:

    On the Road was a massive flop. And Kristen thought she’d get an Oscar nom for it hahaha!!

  73. 73
    Luke Says:

    It takes two to tango you know. While she is responsible for her part, yes, she didn’t force him to want her back, and I’m pretty sure if she hadn’t done anything, he’d have done the same with someone else. I’m wondering if that someone else would be getting as much abuse as Kristen. God help you all if you ever make a mistake.

  74. 74
    tales of woe Says:

    Guessed what, nonsten said Jen is the best actress ,but who they always stalked on the internet and talked about ,yes,their obsession Ms Kristen James Stewart Pattinson to be ,she own their whining ass!!!

  75. 75
    aquarius64 Says:

    Her “mistake” did harm to two small children, and Kristen comes off as she couldn’t care less. That partly fuels the dislike for her too. She only cares to restore her public image. You think this is bad? Imagine what would have happened if Rob left her before the premiere of Breaking Dawn 2. She needs Rob by her side to save her career. And that’s why you see here appearing more friendly. And if a studio still wants to roll the dice with her, the execs would be smart to draw up a contract with a morals clause: any behavior that would negatively impact profits (such as box office take) comes out of her pay and/or results in forfeit of percentage of box office, merchandise or dvd sales. Nothing motivates a person to stay on the straight and narrow than threatening to dent your finances.

  76. 76
    Monkey Says:

    @NO COMMENT: how do you know kristen will never win an Oscar, are you psychic?

  77. 77
    margaretsusen Says:

    what Johnny answered I didnt know that you can make $6883 in a few weeks on the computer. did you see this web page

  78. 78
    Twilight is OVER haha Says:

    Kristen Stewart fans are soooo weird LOL. They scream that people who don’t like her are “just jealous” at her fame, money, her dumb ugly boyfriend etc… There are so many other talented, beautiful, and sincere celebrities that I enjoy watching that have more money, better looking men, and are actually TALENTED! People don’t like KS because she’s an overrated actress, she’s a miserable untalented slob who f–ked with a married father. And her fans are disgusting bullies who attack people personally if they dare say a bad word against her. Which is funny because if Kristen Stewart saw any of these weird obsessed fans she wouldn’t give them the time of day! LOL Not everyone is going to like every celebrity & there’s a reason why so many people hate this untalented sloot. And her fans can’t accept that so they bully anyone who says anything bad about her… which is a lot! LMAO! It’s quite hilarious!

  79. 79
    Twilight is OVER haha Says:

    @Melissa: LOL this is funny! Attacking a poster personally because she made a joke about the *****… KStew fans are ridiculous…

  80. 80
    Twilight is OVER haha Says:

    @Lily: And that makes you a hypocrite! LOL!

  81. 81
    UK cool Says:

    Sorry but this girl is nothing but a HO. Why would anyone be jealous of this twit? Her acting sucks, her fake relationship is about to come to an end. She’s backtracking on who she is. It doesn’t matter how much she smiles for the cameras. Everyone knows she a surly twit and a homewrecker to boot. Kristen you helped destroy a marriage…with a man that has two kids. That is going to follow you around for the rest of your career and for the rest of your life.

  82. 82
    yeap Says:

    3 movies in 2013 FOCUS, THE BIG SHOE AND SWATH 2, in your faces!

  83. 83
    sad Says:

    @Monkey: “how do you know kristen will never win an Oscar, are you psychic?”

    LMAO even my rabbit can predict that Kristen Stewart will NEVER win an Oscar let alone be nominated for one. You need talent and acting skills to garner one.

  84. 84
    Guest Says:

    Did Balenciaga drop Kristen she never seems to wear their stuff any more?

  85. 85
    Jay Says:

    SWATH 2 might not even be happening and The Big Shoe and Focus seem like D grade films that no actress of caliber would touch. Her career is drowning and she seems desperate here. I love how during the safety net of Twilight she never went around smiling but all of a sudden shes appearing at every red carpet and show to revive her drowning career.

  86. 86
    cris k Says:

    Kristen so beautiful and happy, it makes me happy

  87. 87
    santana Says:

    @Guest: Pretty sure Balenciaga dropped her. I think her contract may have been for one season.

  88. 88
    Cat Lauren Says:

    @OTR: To OTR, you are so right. The haters have nothing else to do because it’s a habit they can’t break. It’s makes them feel all powerful and do not have to face anyone with what they say. Haters say all they want on these postings because they can hide behind their keyboards. My gosh, I was taught by this saying, *If you don’t have anything nice to say….shut it!*

  89. 89
    aquarius64 Says:

    @Cat Lauren: Not everyone worships Kristen like a god. People have a right to express their thoughts on an opinion board, positive or negative. Fans like yourself treat these boards as fan sites, where only positive comments are allowed. When someone doesn’t write something rosy about her, you play the “hater” card or threaten worse, as if Kristen will learn that you defended her honor and decide to make you her BFF. I surmise Kristen does like her fans – their adoration enriches her bank account. But when she made the off-the-cuff comment years ago about Twilight fans being “retards” (and had to walk it back when caught) doesn’t say much about her to me. Fast forward now – Kristen was embroiled in a cheating scandal that she is still trying to recover from; hence the super smiley faces now at public events. She has left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths with her antics over the years; and it’s going to take some powerful mouthwash to take the taste out. So it’s wise to accept not everyone is going to like your idol – and they are going to be very vocal in the opinion. Calling people “haters” is not going to make them shut up.

  90. 90
    Anne Says:

    Kristen is a sk8nk and a home wrecker . She was pathetic in SWATH

  91. 91
    QQ Says:

    @aquarius64: “When someone doesn’t write something rosy about her, you play the “hater” card” – the same can be said for people who call anyone who says anything nice about Kristen that they are automatically categorized as a “krisbian” or a a fan of Kristen in general when they are simply just stating their opinion.

    “the super smiley faces now at public events” – all celebrities are super smiley at public events, its all part of the business although you can tell when someone is genuinely happy to be at an event or rather be somewhere else.

    one thing i will add is that Rob and Kristen are one of very few celebrities who actually take the time to pose for fan pics outside of red carpet events, film promotions etc

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