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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Baseball Game After Cabazon Concert!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Baseball Game After Cabazon Concert!

LeAnn Rimes shows off her toned legs while arriving at a baseball game with husband Eddie Cibrian and his older son Mason, 9, on Saturday (March 23) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 30-year-old country crooner and the 39-year-old actor cheered on his five-year-old son Jake.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“After the two hr drive home after my show last night THIS is an early baseball game! Happy Saturday,” LeAnn tweeted.

The night before, LeAnn wowed the crowd while performing in Cabazon.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian attending a baseball game…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 13
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 14
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 15
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 16
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 17
leann rimes eddie cibrian baseball game after cabazon concert 18

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  • kel

    She looks awful. Eddie looks old.

  • Conchetta

    What could be making her blow up so badly? Steroids? Also, the jeans she’s wearing look like they have a trail of blood down the thigh, like from a coke bleed.

  • Mandy


    Oh come on, that’s a shadow on her jeans…geez I know I don’t like this broad but let’s not make things up just to criticize her…

  • Really?

    WOW! Who wears leather booty shorts and ankle boots to a KIDS T-Ball game? How inappropriate! Leann Rimes must be desperate for attention. Way to go BOGUS mom!

  • TJ

    @Conchetta: LOL it’s not blood, just a shadow from the mic. She’s gained weight quickly because she has stopped her extreme dieting in an attempt to pregnant. Even though she gave interviews claiming her skinny body was the natural result of growing up, and losing her baby fat, that was a lie! Neither of her parents are super slim and she isn’t that way naturally either, but she wanted to look more like Brandi who is naturally thin. So she starved herself. Once you go back to eating after starving the body, the pounds show up even faster. Her pants are pencil legged waxed denim jeans..something Brandi has been seen wearing a lot. Thing is, this type of jeans show every pound, and make your legs look even heavier, and are ideally suited for model type bodies. Not your average woman, or LeAnn for that matter!

  • Elizabeth R. Snowden

    what Jesus replied I am alarmed that any one can get paid $6635 in four weeks on the internet. did you look at this web site…

  • Conchetta

    @TJ: Thanks. I thought maybe she was on Prednisone for the psoriasis or something. She looks hideous.

  • gwen

    Who didn’t see this one coming? The baseball game couldn’t have been too EARLY because Leann had enough time to call both AKM-GSI and Splashnews!

    There is so much wrong with this staged photo-op, where to begin:

    1) It’s a STAGED photo-op. What are the two pap agencies responsible for this: AKM-GSI and SplashNews.

    Notice the pattern. When Leann tweets that she is going to her stepson’s baseball game, the next thing we know JJ, GG, DM, CBS, and Eonline are posting photos of Leann and Eddie at the baseball game with the boys. How come AKM-GSI and Splashnews didn’t post any photos of the child at his baseball game last week when Leann and Eddie were in London? Or the week before that when Leann didn’t tweet anything on Sunday about his game? Didn’t the child play baseball last year too? So how funny that they were able to attend these baseball games last year without once being papped.

    GG and DM are attributing the photos to Splashnews. Only JJ attributed the photos to AKM-GSI. While GG and DM posted the photos of Eddie, only DM excluded Eddie from the staged photo-op. Why did DM do that seeing as how they got the photos from the same place as GG? They did the same thing with the airport photos.

    2) It’s creepy the way Leann has her hands all over those boys. In the last photo, Leann is playing in the oldest boys hair. In the photo from GG, Leann has her hand on the back of the youngest boy’s neck. In the photos from The Dailymail, Leann has her hand in the youngest boys hair playing in his hair. She is desperately trying to send the message that she, not Brandi, is the kid’s mother.

    3) Just when you think that Leann stoop any lower…I expected that we would see photos of them at the game since she sent out her “We are Here” signal, but I didn’t once think that she would show up dressed like a hooker. Who goes to a child’s baseball game dressed like that? She is wearing short shorts and high heeled boots. Which is odd because Eddie has TWO shirts. The man carrying the helmets in the DM potos has on a sweatshirt. The man pictured behind Leann has on a jacket. So why would she be in short shorts when based on the people in the background and her own husband, it’s not even warm enough to wear shorts? Is she trying to show off her weight gain to fuel pregnancy rumors? Does she suspect that Eddie is cheating with one of the mothers? Was Lizzy at the game? Or is she dressing for her pap friends?

    Why can’t she do anything with those kids without making it into a public circus?

    4) Notice how Eddie and Leann made sure that the paps got alot of photos of the oldest boy and of Leann “loving” him? How transparent. Good thing she gave him candy first. Notice how Eddie is interacting with his oldest son too? That isnt’ transparent at all is it?

    5) On GG and The Dailymail there is another child pictured with Leann and Eddie. What happened to that child in the photos that JJ posted? Is the boy pictured on GG and The Dailymail with Leann and Eddie, Lizzy’s son or KH son?

    6) The kids have candy and drinks in their hands. So they got them to cooperate by bribing them.

    7) These photos came out early. Normally they wouldn’t be posted until later in the day or the following day. But then again, that must mean that Leann is gearing up to release another staged photo-op later on today.

    8) Leann didn’t wow the crowd. This site also said that Leann and Eddie attended The Oscars even though they couldn’t name which party they attended nor produce a photo of them on the red carpet for any of the parties. It also doesn’t help knowing that Leann bought a lamb lunch for someone.

    9) “After the two hr drive home after my show last night THIS is an early baseball game! Happy Saturday,” LeAnn

    2 hour drive? When someone asked Leann if she was high becuase she was tweeting like crazy, didn’t she say that it was because she was in a car for 4 1/2 hours? How strange that a 4 1/2 hour drive turns into just a 2 hour drive, especially when we have Leann’s tweets during that car ride indicating something differently.

    10) After seeing Eddie exploit his kids for 3rd time, people are wondering what the ***** is wrong with Eddie. Has the HPV somehow infected his brain? What would make him keep doing this to his kids? Eddie is a lowlife. He complained about his kids being on RHOBH and then he allows Leann to set up these staged photo-ops at their sporting events each week. What did he sell out his kids for this time? A party filled with alcohol and women.

    11) Why do JJ, GG, and DM keep insisting that Leann’s legs are toned? Those are not toned legs. Just because she wears short shorts it doesn’t mean that her legs are toned.

  • betty

    Gwen you called it. Leann is so predictable. I guess she needs these staged photos to say relevant since nothing is happening in her, career. and Brandi is getting all the press. But poor Eddie what is happening to him his hair is getting grayer and he seems not to care about his macho image any longer. I guess when your self esteem is gone that changes things.. You can tell these photos are staged by Leann because it shows her getting out of the car so she called them to let them know exactly where they would be.I notice Mason stays close to his Dad. I never thought I would feel sorry for Eddie but he brought it on himself. That what happens when you place material things above all else.

  • gwen

    Even more flaws:

    1) “The 30-year-old country crooner and the 39-year-old actor cheered on his five-year-old son Jake.”

    But these are not photos of Leann and Eddie cheering on Brandi’s son. In the photos from DM, Leann’s stepdad was at the game too(he is the guy walking in front of Leann, Brandi’s son, and the other boy with the helmets). So how did GG, JJ, DM, and ROL know specifically what Leann and Eddie did during the game without having any photos of it? Because as Fox News pointed out, celebs who are in cahoots with the paps tell the paps how they want the photos labeled. GG, JJ, DM, and ROL said that Leann and Eddie cheered on Brandi’s son because that was what Leann told them to write.

    2) All Leann and Eddie proved with these staged photo-ops is that Brandi was right. Where are the boundaries? From inviting the paps. To dressing like a hooker. To the inappropriate touching. To tweeting where she could be found today with the boys. are we going to see a repeat of this on Sunday too?

    ”She just doesn’t have boundaries when it comes to my children. And it upsets me because it was like that even when I was still married to Eddie and they were together she was…tweeting things about them and texting me really horrible things [saying] ‘I love the boys. I can’t wait to make their lunches…’-Brandi Glanville.

    3) How come we don’t see other celeb step-parents doing what we are seeing Leann do?

    4) “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”-Eddie Cibrian

    Does Eddie know about Leann’s lunch with JJ? So if Eddie is so concerned about his kids being exposed to any type of public exposure why would he go along with this staged photo-op at his son’s game knowing that they were going to end up here?

    5) “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi”-Eddie Cibrian

    So why isn’t he protecting his kids from the paparazzi? He has seen these paps at his kids game before so why is she smiling at them?

  • gwen

    When DM posted the first round of the baseball photos of just Leann, Brandi’s son, and his friend, I thought of this scene from Fatal Attraction: “Without Dan and Beth’s knowledge, Alex picks up Ellen at school and takes her to an amusement park, buying her ice cream as well as taking her on a roller coaster. Beth panics when she realizes that she doesn’t know where Ellen is. She drives around searching and rear-ends a car stopped at an intersection and is slightly injured and hospitalized. Alex later drops Ellen off at the Gallaghers’ house, asking Ellen for a kiss on the cheek.”

  • Ang123

    I am curious to why my comment was not posted….I did not say anything too bad…just observed how she appears to be wearing something very close to what Carrie Underwood had on in their pics together…..

  • Jime

    And she tried to make us believe she was natural skinny.

  • betty

    I bet the mothers in that crowd got a chuckle when Leann walked by. I can imagine the eyes rolling and the shaking of their heads.saying “poor woman”.

  • yep

    LeAnn seems to be a good stepmother supporting the boys games and etc… I am glad to see her gain some weight, she looks healthy. Keep moving forward, LeAnn.

  • Lillian

    Gwen, you really are out for LeAnn’s blood. Why do you hate her so much., She is an awesome singer, probably one of the vbest live singers and is just trying to live her life. she does not need to stay relevant by staging thes so called photo ops. She is relevant and you can’t stand that. shame on you people for taking pleasure in tearing somene down with your pathetic hatred

  • Sarah

    Wow, this woman is so pathetic I’m actually beginning to pity her. Nobody goes dressed like that to a kids game, obviously calls the paps on themselves and then drapes themselves over their stepsons without having serious issues. I mean, she’s so lonely and desperate for approval that she befriends her twitter followers! I use to hate her, now she just kind of makes me sad.

  • Bridgett

    She is extremely unattractive. Her face is so unfortunate looking. Hard to look at her.

  • Bridgett
  • Marco

    @Bridgett: Yep! No one! She is not a beauty queen that is for sure!

  • gwen

    @Lillian: So now your name is Lillian? It’s the same post that you have been writing all week long, the only thing that has changed is your name. So who did you steal the name Lillian from? I also notice that today you are using a different name on Radaronline. What’s that all about? So how did you come up with the name TOMAX? Why would you come here making the same posts that you made on Radaronline today ? Did you also make the post as YEP too?

    Just because people call Leann out on her stupidity, it doesn’t mean that they are out for her her blood. She decided to set this staged photo-op with Brandi’s kids dressed like hooker. Leann is suing a teacher and Brandi’s dentist. This is a prime example of being out for blood.

    Why do you hate anyone who calls Leann out on her nonsense so much? It’s funny that you run over here making the same victim posts that you made on Radaronline. So am I going to see posts from you at 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 am on Sunday?

    Leann isn’t an awesome singer and she knows it. Leann does need to stay relevant, why do you think she hung out with JE on March 1st? Shame on you for taking pleasure in supporting Leann when she and her fans are tearing down people with their pathetic hatred.

    Please explain how setting up staged photo-ops each and every week, tweeting about Brandi’s kids out of spite, and making passive aggresive digs at Brandi is living her life? If Leann was living her life, then this staged photo-op wouldn’t even exist. Did you see all those tweets Leann made during the 4/12 hour drive to her concert? Leann has a twitter addiction, which is made worse by Eddie’s cheating.

    What people can’t stand is Leann’s exploitation of these children, how she uses them to taunt their mother, her lies, and her hypocrisy. Why is she thrusting those kids in the spotlight after whining about how she didn’t have a childhood because she was thrust into the spotlight at a young age? Why is she inviting the paps to these children’s games when she made a big deal out of Brandi having the boys on RHOBH?

    @YEP: I love how you first make a post as YEP and then turn around 5 min later and make an obsessive post about me. You just can’t help yourself can you? What makes Leann a good stepmother? I have seen several stepmothers, some of them her own fans, apalled by Leann’s actions. How is Leann moving forward? Since she went to rehab for tweeting, wouldn’t moving forward include less tweeting? Since she claimed that rehab helped her, why are we seeing the same behaviors from 2009?

  • gwen

    @Lillian: I think you are only writing the victim post because Leann really is setting up another staged photo-op at his baseball game on Sunday.

  • Belinda

    @Bridgett: Her fans will tell you she is beautiful, and they tell her that all the time, and I am sure Eddie tells her that too, just as he did Brandi. Alright, in Brandi’s case it was true. But I am convinced LeAnn believes she is beautiful which is why she loves being photographed in what she thinks is sexy attire. Honestly, I never thought her body was great at any weight, not terrible anyway, but no the type of body I would ever envy, like say Jennifer Aniston who to me has a great body, which looks healthy and fit, without looking fake. Some people might not think Jennifer has the most beautiful face, but I think it’s still pretty. In LeAnn’s case, I think she look rather simian through the face.


    Wouldnt it be lovely, if ONCE, just once, for Leann Grimes to NOT notify her personal paparazzi of Glanville children’s sporting event schedule? Better yet, sit a few games out.

    The tacky Hee Haw plastic running shorts with high heeled suede fashion boots only adds to the ludicrous nature of these photo-ops.
    Suede heels in the mud, the grass? !

    Dear Leann Rimes, you are NOT a “bonus mom”, you are a disaster. Feeding a ring pop and a large Icee to a child before a sporting event is NOT the behaviour of a real mother.

    I do love that the other parents bring Brandi’s book to read in FRONT OF YOU.

    They don’t like you, do they? They refuse to talk to you for good reason. You bring the press to an event for toddlers, it’s T-Ball !

    PS: the plastic surgery didn’t help, you, albeit difficult to believe, actually look worse now

  • http://DiShep10 DES

    Brandi is not jealous of Leann’s body or her being married to Eddie. Brandi did throw him out. Brandi isn’t obsessed w/Twiiter & did not Tweet about this yesterday. Her issue is that her boys are being embarred by this has been. A 5 yo baseball game…mom’s & dad’s talking about her which Jake will hear from teammates. Every picture I see of Mason you can tell he is so uncomfortable & would probably love to run to his mom. It is so sickening how she uses these two boys & Ed lets it happen. I hope that if the boys want to be on camera being themselves at Brandi’s house that she will win in court since Le & Eddie blocked last year. How many shots has she arranged & sandbagged Brandi’s boys?

  • Let it go already

    gwen is sliding right into a mental ward. Wouldn’t it nice if psychos like her left Leann alone for once?

  • TakeHerKidsAway

    @Let it go already: Not gonna happen. It is the definition of mental illness. If someone does this for years I would venture to say they are a truly sick (gwen/jen) woman.
    Coming across this pure evil hatred was actually surprising. I have read a lot of vitriolic comments but this persons vendetta certainly takes the cake. I have never encountered such sick stalking online. I am also surprised that this person hasn’t been carted off in a white jacket (yet) and is still loose in society. That is a very scary thought.
    Though she is powerless online, I worry about where she is and her being around normal human beings in the flesh, I hope she lives no where near me, lock and load. She is quite ill and seems to be capable of anything. Reminds me of Jodi Arias.

  • Melissa

    I don’t care if you are a LeAnn fan or not. That outfit is COMPLETELY inappropriate for a child’s baseball game. What on earth was she thinking? The shorts barely cover her butt. It’s great that she works out and keeps fit, but she doesn’t need to flash her backside to a bunch of kindergarteners. Either she has bad judgment or desperate for attention, or both. She obviously called the paps. I can’t even begin to imagine what the parents of the other kids think of her attire and her calling the paps to their children’s game. I have a feeling that is isn’t complimentary toward LeAnn.

  • TJ

    It’s just a weird ensemble. The jersey is fine for the event, but strange when paired with patent leather shorts, and suede ankle boots. Now I understand why she copies, Brandi, and other women. She truly has no fashion sense when left to her own devices.

  • Falcor’s Supporters

    @TakeHerKidsAway: Oh STFU…those boys should be kept away from their bonus slut sm. Gwen is doing a fine job at exposing that psycho Leann Rimes..clearly her cult folowing a few screws lose and lack moral go crawl back under your rock ahole

  • Selena

    She looks kinda rough, well a lot rough. I would suggest she lose the plastic hot pants….Didn’t Eddie used to be hot?

  • Sanfran

    She is so unattractive it’s mind boggling how Cibrian would leave Brandi for this. I guess Brandi threw him out and he had no choice but to stay with this twit. That’s probably why Leann is so insecure. Poor amount of surgery can fix that rodent face of hers. Cibrian looks terrible too.

  • Let it go already

    I am sliding right into a mental ward with how obsessed I am with Gwen. Wouldn’t it nice if psychos like me left Gwen, Brandi, Betty. Jezi, Jennifer, Kim, and Lexi alone for once? It was bad enough that I showed up here yesterday posting as Lillian, another name that I stole because I thought it was Gwen. But I came back at 5 and 6 am to even more posts about Gwen. If I had any common sense I would understand how show up at 5 and 6 am to make even more obsessive posts about Gwen makes me look crazy.

  • TakeHerKidsAway

    @Let it go already: Yes it’s me “Let it go already”. You can always tell because of how deeply I am obsessed with Gwen and the fact that I just like I did when I posted as the HI50, Einstein, and Selena imposters I made yet another reference to how I am stalking Jennifer Row from Radaronline because I think she is Gwen.Not gonna happen. It is the definition of my mental illness. If I do this for years you would venture to say I am a truly sick (SPEAK NOW/POT) man. For all of you to come across this pure evil hatred exhibited by me was actually surprising for you all. You have read a lot of vitriolic comments but my vendetta against Gwen, Betty, Brandi, Jezi, Jennifer Row, and Kim certainly takes the cake. My victims have never encountered such sick stalking online. They are all also surprised that I haven’t been carted off in a white jacket (yet) and am still loose in society to show up here to make posts at 5 or 6 am about Gwen. That is a very scary thought. Though I am not powerless online since Jared E lets me come here at 5 and 6 am to make these posts, my victims worry about where I am and me being around normal human beings in the flesh, they hope I live no where near any of them, lock and load. I am quite ill and seems to be capable of anything. Who else has been up at 5 and 6 am making these posts about Gwen since March 1? ME. So it’s very stupid for me to sit here talking to you like you are a different person. It’s 5 and 6 am. The only person who has been posting at that time is ME and me only. Anniebowl said that Leann reminds her of Jodi Arias, I disagree. I am remind me of Jodi Arias. It’s 5 and 6 am and I am up making more obsessive posts about Gwen!!!!!! Stalking people from Radaronline because I think it’s Gwen. Talking to myself at 6 am because no one agrees me. Abusing Jared E friendship with Leann!!!!!!! Don’t forget to check out my posts on Radaronline. I am posting as Tomaz, Sasha, and Ilovegossip. I am just upset because Gwen was right about me posting on Radaronline as Tomax and Lillian here.

  • TakeHerKidsAway

    @Falcor’s Supporters: I know Gwen is right. I am just mad because Gwen figured out that I am on Radaronline posting as TOMAX. Which was my own fault because I am making the very same posts that you all witnessed me making here. I am also making posts as SASHA and ILOVEGOSSIP. Please feel free to go over to that site and report me! Even though some sites are pro-Leann for some odd reason they have a big problem when I stalk people and use other people’s names to make posts.

  • Tina

    WTF is wrong with this girl… totally inappropriate outfit & ugly too. Anything to get attention – this chick really needs some serious help. Eddie looks like shit too…

  • TakeHerKidsAway

    Did you hear about Jodi Arias single white femaling her attorney? It reminded me of Leann and how she single white females Brandi, Scheana, Liz, Josie Davis, and any woman Eddie works with.

    Radaronline-Jodi Arias Dresses Like & Mimics Her Attorney During Trial – Watch The Bizzare Video!: “On his nightly show, Dr. Drew On Call, on HLN this week, Pinksy points out how Arias and Willmott not only share a common hair style, but both wear glasses and often dress alike. Furthermore, Arias often will mirror her lawyer’s hand gestures.”

  • http://yahoo isjeh

    oh again the paps…even if eddie did not approve he has no choice because it is leeann who has the money to spend for the paparazzi for her to be able to look good as a stepmom… now i realize even if brandi tell many times that leeann do not know the boundary between a mom and a stepmom… apparently leeann will not budge, it is she who has the money for her and eddie and even spend for her stepsons.. what respect/boundary can you expect from “the other woman now wife” and the “cheating husband” who wanted to punish his ex wife for kicking him out from their home?

  • jujubee


    I have to wonder at what age kids are largely influenced by which parent has the most money and can afford to spoil the heck out of them. I guess any age. You would think kids would be moral and see right through being bought, but rarely. My Aunt divorced her husband and he was wealthy. He bought the kids toys out the yazoo, vacations and eventually homes and cars. My poor Aunt could only afford the bare necessities. Guess who the kids eventually favored? The rich, alcoholic, womanizing father. Sad. It broke her heart. Brandi is up against a lot. Look at the house that her sons go to 50% of the time. Look at the trips they get to go on, and the toys, etc.

    I frankly expect to see Leann showing up at these games in bathing suits! Should we be greatful that she has shorts on at least? Even if they do look like hooker’s shorts. ???

  • jujubee

    ….A website showed the inside of Leann’s home and Leann had them photograph her FAVORITE room….In that whole $3 million dollar mansion, guess which was her favorite room? The room she devoted entirely to displaying her trophies, albums, Grammy’s, etc. A room dedicated entirely to none other than Leann herself!!! Narcissm? Low self-esteem? I’m surprised she didn’t say her bedroom where she and Eddie have intercourse any time Eddie wants it because Leann stated that she gives Eddie sex ANYTIME he wants it. She has a cake to prove it!

  • betty

    jujubee The kids might have favored him but that does not mean they respect or love him. He bribes them with gifts etc that why they favor him. They know he is their Santa Claus I bet if he stopped they would not give him the time of day.Any time you have to buy love or respect it’s not genuine. Love comes from the heart and I bet they love their aunt more. Kids are takers and they will take as long as you give. All Brandi has to say is she can’t afford it. Then they will ask Eddie.Kids should be brought up with values knowing they have to earn what they receive not given everything. That way they want grow feeling they are entitled to have it.

  • KelC

    @gwen: you are so right on! Excellent points. This is so staged, so obvious. Rimes is out of control with tweeting about everything but her music. These boys will grow up and resent her. The touching of the stepsons is so fake. Eddie should stop this, its a horrible way to use kids to validate their affair and relationship. The best thing for LR would be to stop tweeting for at least 2 years, focus on her music, let this die down so Eddie can get a job and pay child support (the right amount). As a stepmom, this display of lack of stepparenting boundaries and pure lack of respect for the boys mother is shameful and not how I would like stepparents portraited.

  • Audra

    She tries to dress for attention in the way Pamela Anderson always has,.But even though Pam is no longer a young tool time girl. or a Bay watch babe, she can be forgiven, since she has always been famous as a sex symbol. But LeAnn never was, and never could be a sex symbol. If she is so serious about her music, why does spend most of her time trying to get noticed for what she is or isn’t wearing?

  • Naunceling

    @Falcor’s Supporters: If only you could show some nomralcy, people wouldn’t hate your guts, gwen. She exposes nothing but lies and anyone who believes them are lost souls. Gwen is a subhuman life form who’s sickness spreads form site to site, but only on Leann Rimes articles. No life but Leann for her. It must be entirely too sad to hide and hate so much. Poor Naunceling..I mean gwen.
    Really, don’t believe gwens lies because almost all of her sefl serving posts are lies.

  • NaughtyNancy

    @Let it go already: Curious, how do you know about all those people, gwen?

  • NaughtyNancy

    @betty: They are boys, at this age they should live with their father and Brandi should pay support. SAVE THE KIDS FROM BRANDI’S SHADY LIFE!

  • Makemelaugh

    @NaughtyNancy: Oh yes, Bramdi should pay support, and let Eddie and oogly squinty eyed LeMann raise them instead. Of course neither of them are shady are they? They just cheated on their spouses. Because LeManns body wouldn’t let her not cheat. After all she was only borrowing him. But didn’t want to give him back. So she made sure photographers caught them together, so that Brandi would finally have had enough. And LeMann could win her prize. Too bad she was his plan B, and that he is only with her because Brandi finally had enough. Now the Bogus Mom sets up photo ops in parking lots, smiling that joker smile of hers, thinking the whole world loves her. When only her nutso fans do.

  • NaughtyNancy

    Hi Everyone, yes it’s me EINSTEIN/TakeHerKidsAway.

    How do you know? I’m was up at 5 am making even more posts about Gwen and I hijacked another name from RADARONLINE to do it. Yes folks, Naunceling IS NOT MT NAME. I stole it from Radaronline just like I stole HI50. Why do I harass and stalk the posters from Radaronline by using their names to make comments?

    @Let it go already: Curious, how do I know about all those people whose names I am using to make comments? Excuses? Selena? Jennifer? HI50? Hikes? And now Naunceling? Because I argue with these people on various other sites and then when I use their names here because that is what Jared E allows me to do.

    @betty: They are boys, at this age they should live with their mother because their father is a lowlife who doesn’t know how to treat women and Eddie should pay support instead of going on montly vacations. SAVE THE KIDS FROM Eddie’S SHADY LIFE! Don’t you like how this is the same posts that I made on Radaronline when I posted as TOMAX, SASHA, MAURA, ILOVEGOSSIP, and FRAN. Yep, did you notice that I was using FRAN’s name to make posts just like I did here?

  • serenityzhere

    I love it….bogus mom! So much more fitting than bonus mom. Amazing what one letter can do to change meaning to word. I think it is disgusting that Eddie does not do more to protect his children from all the pap pictures that Leann arranges. He obviously doesn’t care about much any more as every time he is photographed he is unshaven and looks very sloppy in his tennis shoes, jeans and t-shirt. My guess is that old slick Eddie is in love with the bottle and the easy life. It appears he has finally accepted that he is Leann’s paid escort to all the casinos in the land. One has to wonder what kind of values and lessons he could possibly be instilling in his children. As for Leann, I don’t know what she sees when she looks in mirror, because obviously it isn’t what the vast majority of us are seeing in pictures. Her parents must have raised her bowing down to her every day. I am sure they did as she has said she was able to move them out of a trailer park and into a real house with her money. That is why she is so vain and thinks she is beyond special. Yuck!!

  • Naunceling imposter

    @Falcor’s Supporters: If only I could show some nomralcy, people wouldn’t hate my guts. To come here making another hate posts about Gwen using a name that I stole from Radaronline? Who does that? Leann exposes nothing but lies and anyone who believes them are lost souls. I am a subhuman life form who’s sickness spreads form site to site, but only on Leann Rimes articles. There is no life but Gwen for me. 5 am and I am still making posts about Gwen. It must be entirely too sad to hide and hate so much. Why do you think I stole another name from Radaronline? Poor Naunceling..I mean gwen. You see my problem? I am so obsessed with Gwen that I target people on other sites because I think it’s her.

    Really, don’t believe Leann’s lies because almost all of Leann’s sefl serving posts are lies.

    In case you are wondering, YES, I stole NAUNCELING from Radaronline just like I did when I showed up here posting as HIKES and HI50. If Gwen was lying, how would I know about any of these names? That means that I know all about these posters from Radaronline because just like Gwen said, I am posting on that site. What is up with me hijacking other people’s names? I am obsessed with Gwen. I will fulfill that need by any means necessary. Even if it includes stalking random people on other sites. Jared E always turns a blind eye because what matters most are those lamb lunches that Leann buys him. It’s a shame that he allows me to steal names from Radaronline, Perez Hilton, US Weekly, Eonline, Celebrity Bitchy, and many other sites simply because pleasing Leann is his top priority. How stupid of me to show up at 5 am to make another obsessive post about Gwen when you all saw me doing this the day before using the names LET IT GO ALREADY and TAKEHERKIDSAWAY! I should learn to think first because once again I just proved that Gwen was right yet again.