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Nicole Kidman: Omega Press Junket & Gala

Nicole Kidman: Omega Press Junket & Gala

Nicole Kidman is lovely in white as she speaks at the Omega Press Junket held at BAWAG PSK Zentrale on Sunday (March 24) in Vienna, Austria.

The day before, the 45-year-old actress posed for photos as she arrived at the Omega Gala “La Nuit Enchantee” held at Gartenpalais Liechtenstein.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Earlier in the week, Nicole bundled up on the set of Before I Go to Sleep in the English countryside.

FYI: Nicole wore a Nina Ricci suit and Nicholas Kirkwood shoes to the junket. She wore an Oscar de la Renta dress, a Roger Vivier clutch, and an Omega watch and jewels to the gala.

10+ pics inside of Nicole Kidman at different Omega events in Vienna…

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nicole kidman omega press junket gala 01
nicole kidman omega press junket gala 02
nicole kidman omega press junket gala 03
nicole kidman omega press junket gala 04
nicole kidman omega press junket gala 05
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Credit: Luca Teuchmann, Dominik Bindl; Photos: Getty
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  • Gemma

    Stunning! It’s a shame Keith couldn’t be there but he’s in Nashville working on his next album.

    Link to newest Omega commercial

  • Little MY

    Goddess! Maganafique!

  • Dieter


  • janekay

    she looks gorgeous..i particularly love the white outfit!

  • Cate

    Wow! This is the best Nicole has looked for so long. I love the shorter strawberry blonde hair and both her outfits. She looks fantastic.

  • Moh123

    I love Nicole, she is so beautiful

  • kelly

    Still using botox I see.

  • Josh

    @kelly: With or without botox, she looks absolutely stunning and keeps on giving great performances on screen so who cares? FYI, she’s not the only actress using botox. Look at Julianne Moore or Sandra Bullock.

  • http://yahoo ltish

    I recently saw Nicole being interviewed on GMA. During the interview she implied that she only wanted to do films in Nashvile in order to be close to the family. Noting, currently she’s filming in England, it made me think. Since ‘Stoker’, she’s done Paper Boy, in New Orleans; ‘Grace of Monaco, in Monaco and ‘The Railroad Man’ in Scotland. Plus she has the Omega and vitamin jaunts. I wish for her sake, after this current film, she can finally head home. BTW, she looks lovely in that white suit while sitting at the desk. Neither she nor Keith look natural while posing (that’s a compliment in my book). They’re one nice couple who seem to be raising two sweet, unspoiled little girls.

  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    nicole looks just amazing

  • Black-Dahlia

    OMG OMG so beautiful

  • Sely

    Never liked the look of pairing a large watch with an evening gown. It looks masculine and unattractive.

  • Louise

    Absolutely breathtaking and gorgeous; but she usually is. Her husband Keith Urban, who is so handsome, intelligent, and talented………..glad he is not by her side. He usually looks like a Messy Marvin. He needs to learn to shave………the grey whiskers are aging that handsome man and make him look so unkempt. Don’t care if it is the Urban look (and I am a huge fan; the only country artist I care for, buy his albums, and attend his beyond fabulous concerts). Time for Keith to compliment the gorgeous Nicole. .

  • Yvonne

    Absolutely gorgeous dress! The white suit is lovely too and I love the shoes!

    She doesn’t look a day over 25!

  • so many questions?

    I wonder where Keith and the girls are while mom “My family obviously is my priority … so I couldn’t be away,” is filming another flop in England?

  • Nancy E. McVey

    what Annie explained I am amazed that some one able to make $8822 in one month on the internet. have you seen this webpage…

  • so selfish

    You have to wonder how much time Nicole really has for those two little girls. She works constantly on back to back films, not to mention rehearsals, costume fittings, publicity, meetings, interviews, film screenings, red carpet appearances, photo shoots, product endorsements, continuous Botox injections, daily exercising and every other high maintenance procedure required to keep her looking like she does. Not much time left over for the ‘family’ she so desperately craved.

  • Run Keith, RUN …

    Blind Item 2010 – “She’s a big name in Hollywood, though we’re not sure we’d call her an A-List actress. She is ageing and going to great limits to turn back time. Two of the craziest things we have heard she is doing to slow down the ageing process are drinking her own urine and eating human placenta. Is that even legal?”
    SOLVED – Nicole Kidman.

  • Josh

    The 50+ year-old fiction writer in love with Keith Urban and obsessed with Nicole Kidman is here again! (with her multiples personalities, as always!).
    A few comments about Nicole Kidman from people who actually KNOW her :

    From Keith Urban : “Nic is extraordinary. I don’t know how she does it. She takes care of the girls and she’s got her career but she handles it amazingly.”

    From Matthew Goode : “She’s such a big star, you know, and has been for such a long time. You go with preconceptions like, ‘I wonder if she’s going to be starry?’ And actually she’s nothing like that. She’s completely lovely. I just haven’t got a bad word to say about her. We were filming in Nashville, which is her home, so I think we were quite lucky to see her in such a relaxed state. She showed us around and on Halloween our kids went to a pumpkin patch together”

  • Em

    @Louise: The Urban facial whiskers are the last bastion of Keith’s masculinity. Take that away and the feminization of Keith Urban would be complete. After all, the only way Nicole can find Keith attractive, is if he increasingly resembles and behaves like a woman.

  • http://Comcast MRge


  • http://Comcast Joni

    Keith Urban also said that the only people that don’t like Nicole are the people that have never met her.

  • Dieter

    SHE HAS A FULL ROUND ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Easy money!

    From NK, another $100,000 direct deposit into KU’s bank account for the following scripted PR nonsense: “Nic is extraordinary. I don’t know how she does it. She takes care of the girls and she’s got her career but she handles it amazingly.”

  • Josh

    @MRge: Yep, that person really is crazy. She has been driven insane by jealousy and envy. Nicole Kidman has everything she wants but can’t and will never have. She was a crazy fan of Keith Urban and she still can’t stand the fact that he fell in love with Nicole. She has been writing crazy, unbelievable stories about Nicole for EIGHT years. She even created a website called “Urban Myths” and a board called “cynicspointsofview” where she spends her days bashing Nicole and Keith and talking to herself. She posts here under multiple names (“X”, “Em”, “Not Buying it in Nashville”, “..”, “mmm” and many, many more). She changes her name everytime she posts because she thinks people will believe everybody hates Nicole Kidman. That’s how deluded she is. Here she is “Em”, “Run Keith run”, “so selfish” and “so many questions?”.

  • Josh

    And another name for the crazy fiction writer : “Easy money!”

  • NK drinks her own urine

    * Advocates claim it has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anticancer properties.
    * Research in the 1990s claimed that drinking urine could cure jet lag.
    * It is highly sterile. The Aztecs used it to prevent wounds becoming infected.
    * The practice is particularly popular in China, where millions of people drink a daily dose of their own urine.

  • .@.

    @Josh you are wrong, Nicole is the jealous one

  • ..

    March 7, 2013: ‘Keith comes and goes’ (to fulfil his contract marriage obligations), said Nicole. ‘He’ll fly in for 24 hours just to say hello and (do some pre-arranged photo ops) give us all a hug or he might stay (in a separate hotel) for a couple of days. He’s busy over in Nashville and LA (parenting Sunday and Faith). But once I’ve finished filming (take a break from making box office flops), I’m going to be the (absent) wife by his side because it’s family (me) time’. ‘I love it that he’s crazy enough (contractually obligated) to get on a plane and come over here for 24 hours. But that craziness is rooted in a love (of money) and a friendship (with the paparazzi) for each other. The friendship is just as important as the love, and it builds (a false image) over time. I know how lucky I am (to have found a willing accomplice in Keith).’

  • DisGrace of Monaco

    “Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman have been pitted against each other over their rival ‘princess movies’ which will see them go head-to-head at next year’s Oscars. Nicole declined to appear in a pre-Oscars promo on the CBS TV network to talk about Naomi’s nomination this year as Best Actress. ‘They are usually quick to gush about one another, so producers were very surprised,’ said a source. ‘Then they refused to pose on the red carpet together at the Oscars which they usually do. Hollywood bigwigs say their friendship has been affected by the princess films.”

  • x

    Poor Josh. He likes to point the finger and accuse commenters of being people they are not. He is sadly confused and his mind is muddled.

  • won ton

    Josh is good person , he has good mind, you are hater of him and Nicole.

  • Em

    I suppose being paid to promote watches is morally more acceptable than Kidman promoting the Swisse Vitamins brand and blatantly deceiving the public with her false face and body.

  • willanka

    you kidding me? nicole looks so beautiful here.

  • curious?

    I wonder if Nicole was wearing her Omega watch whilst dry humping Kimmel?

  • won ton

    I drink my urine , same as Nicole , it has medicinal property and make you feel and look young.

  • Love The Shoes

    She looks amazing. I haven’t seen her look this ethereal and soft in years.

  • mmm

    Do you think Keith broke down and sobbed in LA when he saw her there ALL ALONE in Austria and carrying her own purse. So sad.

  • x

    I think Keith saves his fake tears stories for the big PR events. More publicity that way.

  • dani

    @DisGrace of Monaco:

    Ummm if you do a little research you will find that both Naomi and Nicole said that your statement was false.

  • sk69

    Are you kidding @x: Keith would be a hot mess right now. He loves to hold her purse. It’s the highlight of his evenings out with her.

  • Angel

    Exquisite ! Head to toe perfection!

  • oh dear …

    How are those KEITH URBAN AMERICAN IDOL ratings going SM?

  • duh

    I can see three things have set off the mental patient today.

    1.Nicole’s most recent interview with the local Nashville newspaper where she says she’s working on being a 20 yr Nashvillian.

    2.That lovely photo above with Nicole holding a microphone and the clear shot of her ring.

    3.Too many sightings of Keith back home in Nashville this week to continue writing and recording.

  • Mollyme

    Nicole looks really pretty in these photos. There is an actress that had a baby recently who said in an interview that she had her placenta put into capsules and she takes them because they are supposed to help her avoid getting post partum depression. I can’t remember the actress name, but she had a baby recently. So your blind item is NOT Nicole. Sorry to disappoint you.

  • not buying it

    Well let’s see:
    1. For NK to qualify as a Nashvillian, she would actually have to LIVE in Nashville. Occassional visits don’t really count.
    2. The omega watch is more attractive than the NK bought and paid for ring.
    3. Nice to see KU has made a guest appearance in Nashville. That new album is a looooong time coming.

  • duh

    1. A lie you tell yourself on the skeptic message boards doesn’t work here.

    2. A lie you tell yourself on the skeptic message boards doesn’t work here.

    3. Desperatley awaiting a new Keith Urban album? Well of course. If you paid attention to any other musician besides him maybe you’d realize less than 3 years isn’t a long time. But you think he owes you. So you continue to whine and b!tch.

    Head nurse, I suggest you up the dosage on The Mental Patient’s meds. Talking to herself, talking to people who aren’t here – she needs serious help.

  • @@

    @duh baiter

  • Karma

    Keith left The Voice judging panel saying he didn’t have time to do a second series because he was too busy recording his next album. He should have been straight up and said he was considering an offer from American Idol. If he had been honest, Aussies would have wished him well. We now know Keith cannot be trusted – just like his wife – and still no new album.

  • Em

    @karma: When it comes to deception, Keith has no better teacher than Nicole.