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Beyonce & Blue Ivy: Brooklyn Lunch Pair!

Beyonce & Blue Ivy: Brooklyn Lunch Pair!

Beyonce holds on to her baby girl Blue Ivy, 14 months, while heading out for lunch at Buttermilk Restaurant on Sunday (March 24) on Court Street in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Look at how big Blue is getting!!!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Beyonce

Also pictured: A series of photographs that Beyonce released throughout the past month on her Tumblr and Instagram pages.

Make sure to check out the 31-year-old singer riding a tiny motorcycle, sitting in a tractor, playing some vintage instruments, and driving a NYC cab!

15+ pictures inside from Beyonce‘s personal photo album…

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58 Responses to “Beyonce & Blue Ivy: Brooklyn Lunch Pair!”

  1. 1
    Heart Says:

    She is so big & beautiful and tall like her daddy.

  2. 2
    Rva Says:

    The shoes are too big for the child! Oh my God! She is a toddler this is the pair of shoes BEYONCE chose to put on the child’s feet.

  3. 3
    Real Says:

    wow! I cant believe she’s feeding the baby! She will be tall!!

  4. 4
    B Says:

    what an ugly baby.

  5. 5
    Junie Says:

    Good restaurant. Great place for brunch! The baby looks like her daddy.

  6. 6
    Jane Says:

    She is beautiful. She is tall because her father is 6 feet tall and her mom is no short woman either, i bet she will be tall like a model. Cute seeing her walking around like a normal baby finally. All the haters who thought she was going to be hidden like Michael Jackson’s children must hate seeing that, one less reason to hate on Beyonce right? Any newborn should be protected from those monsters like Beyonce did for her child when she was a baby.

  7. 7
    zzz Says:

    @Jane: The baby is cute. But she won’t be like a beautiful princess.

  8. 8
    Valerie Says:

    @zzz: Um…why? Princess Tiana has a wide nose that is typical of African Americans and kinky/curly hair and she’s even dark skinned black.
    Those features do not equal ugly.

  9. 9
    Valerie Says:

    Beyonce is way too old for those poses and that hipster style.

  10. 10
    serena Says:

    Cutie Pie!!!

  11. 11
    zzz Says:

    @Valerie: Who is Tiara and who remembers her?

  12. 12
    LOL Says:


    Those features are ugly. LOL.

  13. 13
    Boring News Says:

    Beywance !!!!!! zzz

  14. 14
    Bow Down Says:

    small B**ch…euuwwwww !

  15. 15
    Ugly Fake Bey Says:

    I still cant forget those unedited photos of Beyonce during SuperBowl :(

  16. 16
    Retire Please Says:

    time for a second child..your new album sure will suck !!!!!

  17. 17
    NCIS Says:

    who cares…she has adopted her…thats why the baby grows so fast..not her actual age.

  18. 18
    Boring Says:

    I told y’all Blue Ivy was conceived in 10 minutes, Born in 2 months and turned 5 years old on her First Birthday!!

  19. 19
    zzz Says:

    @Boring News: I thought she was JLo

  20. 20
    Fraudyonce Much Says:

    Still trying to convince folks she was pregnant. She protests too much. It seems to be catching up to her that her lie about being pregnant is just that..a lie. Notice how she continues to talk about the birth? LOL….soon people..soon

  21. 21
    Fraudyonce Much pt 234 Says:


    Jlo would never fake her pregnancy ;)

  22. 22
    Michelle O Says:

    ….too big for 18 months. Please Beyonce…stop lying to the world !

  23. 23
    Fraudyonce Says:

    She is a hot mess of Gaga-proportions!

  24. 24
    Sad sad sad Says:

    Cute baby, ugly name…dumb parents! :(

  25. 25
    Buttocks Obama Says:

    Soon she will realize that her mum is a Vegas entertainer who gives that stupid name to her. Poor girl..

  26. 26
    me Says:


    YES YOU TELL IT!!!!!!!


    @zzz your a damn fool.

  27. 27
    The nanny Says:

    I wonder if her self-absorbed mum will say to her… “*****, bow down” !!!!

  28. 28
    Mistress Says:

    2 yo toddler…Beyonce is lying !

  29. 29
    zzz Says:

    @me: Have I said the opposite? lol

  30. 30
    natalie Says:

    For starters; she is not too big for 18 months old. I looked like a freaking four year old when I was 20 months old. That being said, I do agree with all of you commenting that she’s a copy of her dad. It’s sooo sad. I’m not a fan of Beyonce’s but at least she doesn’t look all that african-american, which Jay-z CERTAINLY does and now their spawn looks exactly the same.

    We all have the right to perceive beauty in our own way – and I just don’t find unruly afro hair and super-wide noses beautiful or attractive. Sorry.

  31. 31
    lala Says:

    that lil girl is gonna be tall like her dad

  32. 32
    Valerie Says:

    @natalie: No need to be sorry (We all know you aren’t anyway).
    I actually feel sorry for you, you must be a miserable person to call a baby “spawn”.
    I’m not going to sink to your level. No child deserves to be called ugly or a spawn. That’s just cruel and proves what an evil person you are.
    And there is nothing wrong with looking African American, just because our culture holds a different standard of beauty, doesn’t mean that it’s better or more attractive.

    We’re all brainwashed to a certain degree and we are constantly told through our media that dark skin and afro textured hair, wide nose etc are ugly.
    Oh well, I find beauty in all types. I guess I’m more evolved that way.

  33. 33
    The Fuglies. Says:


    Ugly, fugly, pug fugly and ugly ugly. … back under the covers ye go.

  34. 34
    Heart Says:

    It’s so sad is that are hating on a baby, seriously what has child done to you all to make some of so hateful, mean & cruel towards her? I bet if this was another celebs baby you all wouldn’t be so hateful & nasty. Stop It Please!!!! Blue Ivy Carter is just a baby, who not even 2 years old or can talk yet. how would you feel if someone were to call your baby ugly, evil or not even yours? so why say it about somebodys else’s baby. and for the record, Blue Ivy is a very beautiful little girl. who will only grow up to be even beautiful & tall as she get older and will be richer any of us will ever will be. (I can see her playing sports we she’s in school) so, if you want to hate on her Parents that’s fine. but don’t hate on this baby because she has done nothing wrong.

  35. 35
    Star Max Says:

    These Comments I Read Are Just Terrible. What Is Wrong With You People.??? This World Is Really Messed Up.!!!!!!!!!! But Blue Ivy Is Very Beautiful Like Her Mother.!!!

    But Check Out A New Hip Hop Website With Everything You Can Think Of, From News On Celebs, To Music, Fights, Dancing, News, & Anymore Type Of Entertainment You Can Think.! So Check It Out & Give Us Your Feedback On FB Or Twitter : BOTH StarMaxHipHop

  36. 36
    Heart Says:

    @Heart: PS. the only Ugly one is hearts & souls that are hating on a baby

  37. 37
    lola-c Says:

    @natalie: One of the most hateful comments I have ever read on a blog. You just degraded an entire race. Everyone has a right to freedom of speech but no one has a right to ignorance, and ignorance is all around you.

  38. 38
    Verity Says:

    The comments on here are just disgusting! To talk about a child in such a way is utterly pathetic and weak.

  39. 39
    Verity Says:

    @lola-c: Exactly

  40. 40
    Ash Says:

    Looking at previous pics its hard to determine if that’s the same kid we’ve seen pics of before. Who knows.

  41. 41
    The Apes family Says:

    Ape!! ewwww.

  42. 42
    LOL Says:

    she is hideous just like her dad.

  43. 43
    LOL Says:

    @ Heart,

    what does being tall have to do with beauty? she has an ugly face that only a mother could love…sad really.

  44. 44
    truthspoken Says:

    You people are some A**holes talking smack about that child. If you weren’t so far stuck in the hate a** mole on Beyonce, you could see that baby is not that big like you are saying, it’s how Beyonce is holding her and I think that her tims are just big on her. She has grown yes, but not to where she looks to be 2/3 years old, just stop it with all the hate toward Beyonce and her child. She is a cute little girl that looks like both of her parents.

  45. 45
    Bree Says:

    You guys saying she’s too big to be 18 months are ignorant! Her size depends on her parents height. Beyonce is about 5’9 and Jay-Z is like 6 foot something. Blue Ivy is not going to be the average height for a girl!
    My nephew has always been tall for his age. He will be 2 next months and he was about Blue Ivy’s size at that age and his father is tall!

    Another scenario:
    I worked at daycare once. There was a little girl there who had just turned 3 when I started working there. She looked at least 5 years old because of her height. Her parents were both tall and she had three siblings. The oldest who was 18 was very tall. The second oldest girl was 11 and she was already about 5’7-5’8 and her older brother who was 9 was not that much shorter me (I’m 5’2). It all depends on genetics. Not all kids around the same age are the same size. Duh?!

  46. 46
    Bree Says:

    One more thing:

    People need stop going on websites to post ugly comments about other people’s children. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what is beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another person. I hope that if any of you have children, no one speaks about your children like that! You may think you or your own kids are cute but someone may be thinking the same things you think and say about this little baby. If someone was speaking ill of your children, you would not be okay with that. You guys need to stop bullying this child through the internet. You’re so lucky that people can’t see you to judge your appearance because some of you may not like what people have to say.

    And who cares if she did or didn’t birth her baby herself? Why is that anyone’s concern.

    Inner ugliness and hatred is way worse than physical ugliness because most people do not like negativity. Think about that before you go around displaying your ugliness on the internet for people to see. Work on your inner beauty and stop being so superficial. Hope some of you find happiness within yourselves and stop being so ugly and hateful. Wish some of you miserable people up here the best in finding that happiness.

  47. 47
    Heart Says:

    @LOL: And then your Kids if you have them must be the most cuttest kids ever

  48. 48
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:

    She looks so long and almost like she was 4 yrs old!

  49. 49
    Heart Says:

    @The Apes family: I hope nobody say that about your family.

  50. 50
    Isa Says:

    Beautiful little girl !

  51. 51
    ewww Says:

    she is ugly with big flat nose, she looks like a gorilla.


  52. 52
    s.p. Says:

    How is it racist to say that Jay Z’s features are unattractive? Beyonce is a black woman. And if she was married to a white man and the baby looked like her people would say the baby looked black and beautiful like Beyonce. Jay Z is ugly because he is ugly. There are attractive black men and unattractive and he falls into the latter. Beyonce happens to be an attractive black woman. What is racist is to say that Jay Z is the standard of gold in the black community. All blacks don’t look like him. They are still black though. He is no more black than Beyonce. His features not black features make him look ugly. There are plenty of people with full lips and broad noses that are attractive but Jay Z is not one of them. Blue looks like him. She has all the features that make him unattractive. She is a baby so she is cute but in the future if she looks like a female Jay Z she will not be cute. And the fact that she will be so tall is not attractive when you put together her height with Jay Z’s features. She will be a female version of Jay Z. And that will not go over so well in Hollwood where beauty is a billion dollar business. People can call it racism but how can it be racist when both parents are black. Obama married a black woman and he is half white and they look black. They are very attractive though. Malia and Sasha are going to be tall but they are attractive. The bottom line is she may turn out to be attractive. Thus far other than having the cuteness of a baby she looks like Jay Z’s clone, and we all know it. And we also know Jay Z is ugly. And as he ages he gets uglier. He looks like a camel lips and all. Most importantly is not how Blu is judged in the court of public opinion but how her parents see her. So far all Beyonce has done by covering her baby up, posting out dated photos and even with this photo trying to cover up Blue, is to reinforce the negative stereotyping against her baby. This is Beyonce’s fault. If you are ashamed of your baby’s looks you can’t get offended when others are. She did not cover that baby to protect her. That’s bull. She did hit because the baby came out looking like Jay Z. And as she grows she continues to look more and more like her dad. That is how Beyonce see’s it. Take a look of all the photos Beyonce and even Jay Z have taken with Beyonce’s nephew. She has taken her nephew everywhere. She has taken him to awards shows, basketball games, shopping everywhere and she allowed him to be photographed. The other night she and Jay Z went out to a Lakers game and took her nephew and left her child home. Her kid is old enough to go to a game. Other celebrities brought their kids who were around Blu’s age. Her nephew has light skin, loose curly hair, Beyonce’s lips and nose and blue eyes. This is what both she and her husband wanted not the viewing public.

  53. 53
    s.p. Says:

    @Bree: You can’t blame the posters. People are entitled to their opinions. And when you are in the public eye as Beyonce and Jay Z are you will be judged in the court of public opinion. And so will your child. You just have to bite the bullet. Most importantly it is how Beyonce has handled this whole situation. She hid her baby’s face. She posts outdated photos. In her documentary she only gave about 11 seconds where people could see her baby. And then the public finds out that what was shown in the documentary is months old. The question is not why there are people in the public who may find her baby unattractive the question is why does she find her daughter unattractive.?The question is why did she prance around with her nephew who is light skinned, has loose curl hair, blue eyes, and Beyonc’s lips and nose, but takes Blu nowhere where she is not covered?

  54. 54
    Robinnicole Says:

    People are ignorant and should not be entitled to express their opinions. I’m sorry, that’s just the way it should be. If more people kept their ugly ass opinions to their self, society would be a decent realm of life.
    Adults are the most ignorant form of life on the planet, and that’s just sad.

  55. 55
    O'Connell Says:

    Jennifer Garner and Ben have a baby boy one month younger than Blue. They are comparatively as tall. He is a big, chubby, healthy looking little guy. Look at the difference when you compare Blue to baby Ben. I am afraid there might be something wrong with Blue’s developing legs or feet. Look at the way her legs hang straight down and seem thin. The awkward way she seems to be sleeping when someone has just put hiking boots on her. There was an earlier photograph in which JayZ is holding Blue, but one of her feet angled ninety degrees outward. It wasn’t something most babies can do. There could be reasons other than security that do not wish their baby to be photographed.

  56. 56
    Semari Says:

    Bow down b*tches really beyonce knowles

  57. 57
    elaine9245 Says:

    I’m sorry but Blue Ivy looks just like her dad and that is not good. Had that baby came out looking like her nephew she would have never covered her up. Blue is going to grow up looking like female clone of Jay Z. Beyonce purposely put out the ‘pretty’ pics and younger video on her mocumentary so people wouldnt see how ugly she is now. Stans are pissed that she can’t brag.

  58. 58
    RG2 Says:


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