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Gerard Butler: Karaoke with Me Sometime!

Gerard Butler: Karaoke with Me Sometime!

Gerard Butler suits up while arriving for an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Friday (March 22) in Burbank, Calif.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor chatted with Jay Leno about his new film Olympus Has Fallen, which grossed $30.5 million in its first week of release.

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“You just have to come to karaoke with me sometime! I would love to do it again [he played the lead role in the 2004 film adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera]. I actually just got asked to do a musical on Broadway, which would be an interesting idea, but in the end it didn’t work out. So we’ll see. I sing for fun,” Gerry recently shared about singing.

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Credit: Paul Drinkwater; Photos: Getty
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  • http://justjared lolita

    looking good!!!

  • http://justjared lolita

    I would love to karaoke with you but I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, howling dogs will attest to that.

  • Ducky

    @lolita: Too funny Lolita, but given the opportunity, bet you would take the chance. Yes he does look good and sooo tall.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Ducky: Ducky I would lip sync with him!!

  • Emily

    Gerard Butler is such a cliche! He always goes for the young girls like the Madalina Ghenea hoochie when she was 23, Martina the porn star when she was 23, and I’ve heard he goes younger. He even told a story about checking out an 18 year old on Chelsea Lately – and he’s 43!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also he always dates models and not even high fashion models. Trashy bikini/lingerie models who are happy to strip down to skivvies for money and attention. Women who don’t think they’re worth more than their bodies which they use to get what they want from men like Gerard Butler.
    Didn’t he get his current girlfriend Madalina Ghenea booked in his Super-Max razor commercial after she started shagging him? The part was posted in a SAG casting notice after they started up together and actresses were ready to audition for it, but then badda bing badda boom, Madalina spreads her legs for Butler and the part is off the table. Total casting couch sitch.
    He’s just so so so so so cliche.

  • http://justjared lolita

    Ducky, have a wonderful evening, gotta go now.

  • Alina

    Gerry, congratulations! OHF is real hit. I saw, and I loved the movie. You did it. Bravo!

  • Ducky

    @lolita: “You just have to come to karaoke with me sometime! I would love to do it again.
    Sounds like you have an invitation girl. Have a good night Lolita.

  • Ick

    that chelsea lately story about the teenage girl and her mother was gross.
    no parent should let their teenage daughter anywhere near gerard butler.
    his track record with girls shows that he considers current high school girls to be his breeding ground for future girlfriends.
    think about this – madalina ghenea is younger than the olsen twins. she’s only a year older than taylor swift. she was a minor by US/UK standards when 300 came out.
    no adult should let gerard butler near any underage girl ever.

  • 0:(

    GB is not gay and passionate lover and lover of women. He’s worse. He is a pe/do and everyone knows it in Hollywood. It is unlikely he will ever married.

  • Kristen

    Cliche or not all of those young, beautiful, women have gotten a taste of something you jealous, bitter, old biddies will never do anything but fantasize and obsess over. You don’t even exist or matter in his world. LOL!

  • Doe Ray Me

    Looks like GB had a great time on Leno…can’t wait to watch it tonight.

  • kelly

    wow gerry looking good love the suit its so much better than the crusty grey pants ohf was great and loved the action do more action or drama no more romcoms please hello to all the gb fans love reading all the comments

  • Verity

    Damn! He’s looking real good, working that suit.

  • Alina
  • Alina

    Gerard Butler
    2 hours ago

    From Jay Leno on Twitter: “TONIGHT: #Headlines, Gerard Butler, Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele from Key & Peele, and music from Crystal Bowersox on The Tonight Show!”

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Really? I took the time to write a good post and it doesn’t show up? JJ and I are about to have a shanking session.

    Will try to post the same message.

    Thanks for making me take up for this girl. I don’t agree with most of what she has shown herself to be. But Gerard B is not a child. He is a man that makes his own decisions. You would think that Madalina has him tied up in her basement and will only allow him freedom of any kind if he agrees to take her on to the red carpet with him. Please. Gerard B is a superficial man and this girl was the physical type/fantasy he had planted in his mind. Much like how some of you feel that Gerard would be yours without knowing how he is in real life. Maybe he has found out that the outer doesn’t match the inner person that he has wanted. Who knows. But stop blaming her, again, he’s not a child. He’s perfectly capable of making his own decisions.

    Anyhoodle, congrats on the stats from this past weekend! Going to the movies tomorrow, can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about. lol :-D~

    P.S. my cousin in Florida has THE cutest pug, love that breed now due to my cuddle time with her.

  • Ducky

    Keep those replies coming in girls. Nuts, I have many hours to go to be able to see it.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    But wait, how much do you love the wolverine link above? Huh huh? Happiness. :-D

  • Alina


    Be sure to catch #OlympusHasFallen’s @GerardButler on The #TonightShow with @JayLeno! Tune in tonight on NBC!

    11:28 PM – 25 Mar 13

  • Alina

    Gerard Butler
    Talking with @JayLeno tonight on NBC.
    Reply Retweet Favorite More
    12:00 AM – 26 Mar 13

  • http://P Yuck

    You GB lovers are too sick for words. Any excuse and you rush to praise him. The guy has proven himself to be a total creep but you still can’t wait to give him kudos for the slightest thing – oh Gerry looks amazing in his new suit. Go Gerry go! We love you! It’s so pathetic.There’s a name for people like you, and it’s not nice.

  • truth
    GB just told JL he likes older women

  • Say Anything

    Yeah. He also says that the women of every country he’s interviewed in are the most beautiful women in the world. He also called his own mother a sumo wrestler. He also butt into the second act appearance on the show with a plug for his movie about the White House.
    GB will say anything to promote himself, whether it’s I like older women, I like younger women, Brazilians are the most beautiful, Nordic women are the most beautiful, people think I’m tough in America by comparison to American men, America is awesome because I’m promoting a movie about being a secret service agent. Don’t believe a word out of his mouth. It’s all puffery to sell people. It works great with his fans that swallow every word like it’s gospel, but everyone with an ounce of sense knows it’s all pitch pitch pitch.

  • crystalball

    @Say Anything: spot on. Which is why the astute and observant no longer consider themselves fans, leaving that to the gullible. We may still like the way he looks, its just what he says and what he does that’s the problem. Although even how he looks owes much to a quick bottle of hair and beard dye, and Amy’s suit dry cleaning skills. Left to his own devices he looks unkempt, ungroomed, unironed, and undone, like the last thread. So even his appearance isn’t genuine.

  • Why all the hate

    Well let’s see shall we. We all know that he made a movie and heaven forbid he should make money doing it He has been working non stop to promote it. Last time I heard here he wasn’t doing enough. And no doubt he is in love with the world, riding high on his movie ratings.
    Half of you have been bitching about him not working and when he does, that isn’t good enough either.
    You have known for years that he is a womanizer and loves them all and as often as he can. So what’s the problem now.
    He is what he is. You hate him, go elsewhere and find someone that suits your taste.
    Simple question, if you hate him so much, why take the time here on this thread. Honestly want to know.
    Would it make you happier if he said he hated a certain type of woman so you could have more fodder to feast on.
    I think he is a stitch. Love it when he is himself, flaws and all. A great actor, finally getting his applause for a job well done and funny and entertaining on so many levels. What’s not to love? Well, maybe that one favorite shirt.

  • Clamsie

    @truth: When he starts dating Judy Dench and Helen Mirren, let JJ know so he can send out the paps in force. Meanwhile, he’s young chicks like Maddie, which is all he ever went for. Like Mrs Doubtfire told her son in the movie, “I don’t go to old lady bars or anything like that”, neither does Gerry.

    He’s after young flesh, young college girls or earlly 20s is his thing.

  • KT

    Is he sober?

  • truth

    @Why all the hate, well said…….and @Clamsie, he can bang whoever he wants and have relationships with whoever he wants. Get over it

  • cupcake

    Saw Gerry on Leno. He looked good and was funny and charming as always. I’m going to see OHF on wednesday. Can’t wait.



    ” and I’ve heard he goes younger”

    You should stop listening to the lies people spread..

    “Didn’t he get his current girlfriend Madalina Ghenea booked in his Super-Max razor commercial after she started shagging him?”

    He met her during the filming of that ad so she already had the part.



    You have a very nasty mind.

  • Gerryfan

    I have no time for MG and think she’s only with GB for what she can get and she cares more about his wallet than she does about him,but I would like to point out that in most countries you become an adult at 17 or 18 (In Scotland it’s 16) so 23 and 24 year old women are adult,s they are not children, so stop trying to make out that GB is some kind of paedophile. That is nasty and uncalled for. There are many man who date and marry younger women and there are many women who date and marry younger men. It happens, but it doesn’t mean there is anything bad about it.

    And do you want him to wear a suit all the time? Do you wear your Sunday best every day? No, so if you can wear casual then what’s wrong with GB wearing casual? It seems to me that there are some who come on heer who are so full of hate for GB that they will resort to criticising him for every little thing he does or says. If you hate him so much then why are you here?

  • WoolyBully


    ” And do you want him to wear a suit all the time? Do you wear your Sunday best every day? No, so if you can wear casual then what’s wrong with GB wearing casual?”

    There’s the casual look and then there’s the homeless look. Gerard seems to confuse the two. There’s no excuse for a 43-year old man to look that unkemp unless he is homeless.

  • Prancing Pony

    @DARTH: According to what Mr B said during the Howard Stern interview, he actually met MG at The Darby in NYC before Cannes last year, not during the SuperMax commercial shoot. No idea when/how she got the part.

  • May I point out


    “she was a minor by US/UK standards when 300 came out.”

    She was 18 so she was not a minor.


    @Prancing Pony:

    Yes, but who tells the truth on that show? In other interviews he said they met in Dubai and MG has said that too.

  • May I point out


    Very well said. I had already posted about her MG not being a minor when 300 was released. I’m glad you pointed out that people become adults at 16-18.

  • Molly

    @DARTH: They didn’t meet during the filming, they’ve been seen together before.

  • Prancing Pony

    @DARTH: Hmmm, I guess the truth is out there somewhere ;-)

  • JS


    In the UK you become an adult at 16 in Scotland and 18 in England (don’t know about Wales), so MG was NOT a minor when 300 was released. But even if she had been a minor, Gerry wasn’t dating her then so just what is you point?

  • May I point out


    There are about three interviews where Gerry says they met in Dubai and MG has also claimed this and even had it on her fb at one time.

  • 0:(

    MG is no longer in his life. Why do you say about her? It is time to say stop. Who cares about her? How important is it, when and where did they meet? Or pretended? Everything’s over. Too much attention to this wh/ore here …

  • Kali Orexi

    Lip syncing or locking lips Lolita? ;)

  • Teacakes

    I’ve never seen an actor who was more uncomfortable talking about himself in the here and now than Butler. On Leno he spent almost his whole interview going off into tangents about his Mum and auntie. I don’t think I’ve EVER heard an actor with a huge film on opening weekend talk about his relatives. He said almost nothing about himself…nothing. He is a closed subject altogether who isn’t offering anything new. His behavior is very strange. Makes me wonder what he’s covering up and why he is reluctant to speak of himself at all. He must have told Jay that Maddie is off limits. He likes to keep us guessing. Meanwhile, it makes for a boring interview. I’m not impressed at all.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Kali Orexi: I’ll never tell!!!, smiling like the Cheshire cat.

  • Safari princess

    Once more for those in denial. This is such a weary subject now. GB and MG have known each other for a while. They were together in NYC April 2012, Cannes in May 2012, and ever since. She was booked into the Super Max commercial because of GB. It’s not rocket science. The casting couch thrives the world over, and that will never change. Of course they both lied because her casting in the commercial was unethical. Meanwhile, GB has a hit movie and that should be foremost on people’s minds but it’s still not good enough for some of his so-called fans. If every actor/celebrity was analyzed this closely, then people would find out nearly everyone has skeletons galore and most would be disliked by regular people.

  • Kali Orexi

    @lolita: hehehehe I can see your smile all the way in Aberdeen! :D

  • Safari princess

    GB has been proven in recent months to speak with forked tongue. I only believe half of what I see and none of what I hear/read about him or from him now. Still OHF is a good movie and that’s what should matter for fans and the movie-going public. It’s not an exaggeration that most people still do not know who he is without prompting. (You know, the guy from 300). It’s a small universe who have concerned themselves with him.

  • Teacakes

    HIs interviews are stale and boring. I thought he was going to break out the old 300 workout ritual topic again but thankfully we were spared. The thrill is definitely gone. Both the acts following Gerry on Leno last night were great in comparison to him.