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Gerard Butler Steps Out After 'Olympus' Opens Strong

Gerard Butler Steps Out After 'Olympus' Opens Strong

Gerard Butler takes his dog Lolita for a walk while heading to the Free Arts for Abused Children Fundraiser on Sunday (March 24) at Native Boutique in Hollywood.

The 43-year-old actor had reason to celebrate that day after his new film Olympus Has Fallen opened with a strong first weekend at the box office.

The flick grossed $30.5 million over the weekend, the best start for a live-action film starring Gerard since his box office smash hit 300 back in 2007.

DID YOU SEE Olympus Has Fallen in the theaters yet?

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Rogue shirt.

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gerard butler steps out after olympus has fallen strong opening 02
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  • http://justjared lolita

    Congrats on a great opening weekend.

  • http://justjared lolita

    Should have told you I saw it over the weekend and said it made 300 look like a boy scout meeting. So happy for you, hope it turns into a franchise.

  • ha ha

    Finally a hit for GB, been awhile…..

  • tinkerbelle

    Lolita lol what a funny dog!!

  • http://justjared lolita

    @tinkerbelle: Gerry says that is the love of his life, he has had her for quite a while now. She is a very well behaved little lady it seems. Good to see them together again.

  • may I point out


    If you think that Lolia’s funny looking you should have seen the dog he took to the Vanity Fair Party.

  • Man’s Best Friend

    Aww….great to see little Lolita out and about with her Daddy! Good for them! Nice to hear OHF is a hit! Good job!

  • GFW

    “Gerard Butler takes his dog Lolita for a walk while heading to the Free Arts for Abused Children Fundraiser on Sunday (March 24) at Native Boutique in Hollywood.”
    Wow. I’m speechless. Be still my fast-pounding heart! This is truly impressive. How did this not get press?
    I love seeing the extremes of the two of them, him and Lolita. He’s big and long-legged and she’s tiny and short-legged. So glad to see them together again. Warms my heart.

  • may I point out

    @may I point out:

    Sorry, that sould be Lolita.

  • tinkerbelle

    @lolita: Yeah! It seems like they get on very well. Nice!!

  • tinkerbelle

    @may I point out: That one does not worry me at all. She’s bad (and ugly).

  • Kristen

    @may I point out

    So Gerry took a dog to the Vanity Fair party? How lovely of him to take you with him. I hope you didn’t pee on the red carpet.

  • may I point out


    He would have been better taking Lolita, at least she knows how to behave herself.


    !!! I saw OHF yesterday (Sunday) first showing and the 1st theater (it was being shown on 2 screens at my movie theater) was packed with the exceptions of a few seats in the far front!

    2nd showing people were herded in the ropes until the theater could clean up.

    I love it and I want to see it again! I know GB and others have said it’s like ”Die Hard”, but I haven’t seen a DH movie, but I can say that it reminded me of Fox’s ”24” tv series. Jack Bauer wanting/having it to do it his way to get the job done (saving Pres & city, etc) and worry about the consequences later – that what Mike Banning’s character reminded me of throughout the movie (IMO). Congrats to everyone in the movie!

  • Greta


    The “love of his life” is a dog and the only woman he has “ever truly loved” is an ex in Scotland, doesn’t really say much for MG does it?

  • HG


    Well I think we all know how he really feels about her.

  • http://justjared lolita

    @Greta: I really don’t know how Gerry feels about the women who have come into his life but I do know how he feel about his puppy he has been very open on his love for her. Being a critter lover myself that makes me happy for him.

  • tinkerbelle

    MG peed on the red carpet??? How embarrasing!! Poor Gerry!!!!!


    LOVE Gerry – LOVE the movie! Only HE could have played that role..sooo good!

  • Kristen

    And the bitter fat lonely old jealous ugly-hearted hags are at it again. What sad empty existences you lead. Thanks for the laughs, biddies!

  • GFW

    It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company. And he’s in good company with his best mate, Lolita. It warms my heart to see his with her. It warms my heart to see $30.5 in the first weekend as well. Maybe 2013 can replace 2012 as his banner year. I hope people go out and rent GAMER and his other action films after seeing this!
    And after they rebuild the White House and Washington Monument he could save another local landmark, or not… it’s up to him.

  • Manly Men-small dogs

    I remember reading that alot of single city men will keep small dogs now mainly because it attracts women. Same with single fathers who are willing to take their babies out in strollers. I remember one single young father saying that its a “chick magnet”.

  • What now?

    AHHH Gerry with his baby. Cute pics.

  • Bonnie

    Can’t wait till it comes to the UK,will get a few of us girls to make a night of it.Everyone seems to be giving it thumbs up .

  • May I point out?


    It might have been Gerry that peed on the carpet when he saw her coming.

  • monday monday
  • And… Boom Goes The Dynamite!

    He looks gross and smelly, but of course the aged 46 – 55 women commenters with no life will love it. LOL!!!

  • puppy love

    now this is what true love looks like×618/tom-hardy-puppy-3.jpg

  • GFW

    Those are genuine smiles. He’s sincerely happy.
    What I find so compelling is how psyched up he was about Motor City. How he truly wanted that role. He was to say little and I feel that truly grabbed him.
    It would be nice if those smiles could be he won/settled his suit too?
    ~K, dying to know more about the fundraiser please

  • RealityBites

    Romanian women almost always value a man with a steady stream of reliable income. Yes a rich man is important. There are certain type of men who seek these ladies. These ladies are high maintenance when it comes to their appearances and men that encourage their female qualities are highly desired.

    Is Gerry that type of guy. Does he want a trophy wife?

  • What now?


    Hope you can go and get us some good behind the scenes info of what happens.

  • GFW

    I’ve no real comment on what he’s wearing. It’s his aura that looks good. And Lolita is still as adorable, and cuddly and struggling to keep up with her long-legged dad as always.

  • Madalina Ghenea

    @And… Boom Goes The Dynamite!:

    And just what do you look like?

  • S&M

    Whoa, GB looks Sexy & Manly! ;) Love his outfit… and love everything about this thread. His little Lolita is so adorable.. great smile on GB. Congrats to him on a very successful weekend opening…he must be thrilled!

  • C.A

    I love pugs … they are so cute and adorable … why no one wonders why he named her “Lolita” is actually amazing lol

    Glad OHF is doing well .. Hope more movies to come :)


    I am so happy to see little Miss Lolli-pup with her beautiful and once again naturally pink Daddy. I guess the grunge thing is fine with him, so ok. But he really is a stunningly handsome man when he tries just a little. Still, nice of him to be supporting abused children,and the arts. So very happy to see Lolita looking so well. Her cataracts seem to have been successfully treated, but maybe it’s just the daylight pic. But she seems really good, a testament to how well G takes care of her. Atta boy, G. I hope he is taking good care or himself too. Luv the boy pink!

  • cupcake

    Hi everyone. I always love Gerry and his Lolita out and about. She is too cute.

  • Jolene

    I think it’s hiliarious that the photographer took a picture of Lolita alone. When you look at that picture, it looks like even she is tired of the photographers. It looks as if she is saying “Are you kidding me?”

  • http://ATT Starburst

    Saw OHF on Saturday. I am a retired nurse and was accompanied by a policeman and a teacher. We all thought that was an extremely good movie!! The plot the actors esp. GB were great. I think I’ll see it again.

  • Not Happening

    @And… Boom Goes The Dynamite!:

    At least those women are close to his own age! He should remember that to a 25-year old he looks old and creepy and that there has to be something quite wrong with a 25-year old who has dated only creepy older rich men when she could have been with hot and rich younger men as there are some in Hollywood and even in Milan. Lots of girls that age on Twitter have actually said he’s too old for them. Maybe they’re less greedy and more intelligent than she is.

    After all he doesn’t look 25 himself and the ex she was out with is closer to her own age. Soccer players usually make a lot of money so what’s the problem? Not rich or famous enough for her taste? Then why reconnect with him then behind her rich older sugar daddy’s back.

    Daddy envy maybe? Lack of a father figure in her life probably or maybe older rich men are so desperate for a younger woman in their bed that they’re ready to pay to have one?

    For the record, I feel more sorry for her than envy as somebody said he was bossing her around in Shreveport and he has been playing behind her back often over the last few months. It’s not like she couldn’t just leave him and be with somebody younger I guess but it seems if she does that she’ll lose her last chance of nabbing a rich famous celeb instead of an obscure younger man.

  • Not Happening

    @And… Boom Goes The Dynamite!:

    Some of those women wouldn’t even have him FYI as some of them look younger and hotter than his little doormat. Some actually date younger men than him without having to work too hard at it. But then maybe you couldn’t get somebody younger than you even if you’re young enough!

  • Suzanne Cummings

    He named his pup Lolita because he said he was an old man who liked young girls.

  • Not Happening

    @Suzanne Cummings:

    I don’t think he meant a creepy old man who loves his own daughter, just saying as she has the same color of hair and eyes as him and with his track record, he could have a couple of natural children floating around he doesn’t know about.

  • Paisley Greene

    Congratulations to Mr. Butler on a highly successful opening weekend!

  • Totally Useless Information

    Suzanne Cummings @ 03/25/2013 at 3:56 pm

    He named his pup Lolita because he said he was an old man who liked young girls.
    That is not exactly what he said, he said he was an old man and the dog was such a little puppy. But we all surmised what he meant since he was with Bianca, another 24 or 25 year old girl at the time and rumor was it was Bianca that wanted the little pug.

  • Eric

    @Not Happening:
    “with a 25-year old who has dated only creepy older rich men when she could have been with hot and rich younger men ” – You mean GB is an “creepy older rich men” ? Wow… :)
    “when she could have been with hot and rich younger men as there are some in Hollywood and even in Milan”
    You forgot she used to date this type of guys?

  • hyperbole


    He will look like a million bucks on Leno tonight. It’s amazing how Gerry “cleans up”!! This is his typical look when he’s simply out and about.

    So happy to see OHF doing so well. He really needed this to be a hit.

  • Phoenix

    Hey Y’all!

    Haven’t posted in a while, but hope everyone is well.

    I am so happy for our scotsman! So proud that this movie has gotten off to such a running good start. I don’t know what his future holds professionally, or personally for that matter, but hopefully this will be the turnaround he needs to get his house in order and get back on track.

    Loved seeing EVERYONE involved in the movie out there promoting- team effort is what it is all about, isn’t it?

    GB has been looking really good lately, but also like he’s tired. Soul-tired if you know what I mean. I hope he’ll take heart though, things are looking up. Let’s keep praying that they’ll continue to do so.

    Gonna try to go see this one, y’all. Think it’ll be worth it?! ( Big smile)

    Take care and God bless!

    P.S. God Bless You- thanks for all the wonderful food for thought that you provide. Know that it is appreciated. Love Ya!

  • haha

    From the pictures I can see that he wants what he cant achieve. What money cant buy

  • labound

    @GFW: As opposed to insincerely happy?