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Katie Holmes & Suri: Disney World Mother-Daughter Duo!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Disney World Mother-Daughter Duo!

Katie Holmes keeps it dressy while walking hand in hand with her precious daughter Suri at Disney World on Monday (March 25) in Orlando, Fla.

The 34-year-old actress was spotted taking a photo of her six-year-old daughter on a carousel ride.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Last week, Katie was seen heading back to her car after doing some retail therapy in the Big Apple.

In case you forgot, Katie recently went topless on the cover of Allure‘s April 2013 magazine, out on newsstands tomorrow!

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Credit: RHS; Photos: Wenn
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  • LoriLori

    Katie and Suri doing normal things that they probably couldn’t do with the sci-fi nuts
    Keep protecting your daughter Katie, Nicole walked away from the 2 she shared with Tom

  • adambrodyrocks

    Gorgeous mother and adorable daughter

  • Julia

    You made 5 pictures from just one pic!

  • Nathan

    katie looks really S.E.X.Y

  • Franson

    It’s so sad that the child’s only reason for existence was to advance two actors’ careers.

  • dani


    Nicole didn’t walk away. She was involved in their lives until they hit the teens and then the cult and Tom taught the kids since she was no longer a cult member that she was to be ostracized from their lives. Several ex-top-cult members have gone on record stating that the kids were taught she was a subversive and Tom went along with it. Katie learned from this.

  • qui

    @Nathan: I was just thinking the opposite. Looking at the pic I was thinking Katie Holmes looks sometimes pretty but she has zero sex appeal. That’s one of the reasons she hasn’t made it in Hollywood. No charisma no sexappeal at all. But she has a pretty face, but a weird body and bad posture, no grace.

  • toria

    Why would you wear heels (wedges) and a mini-dress to go to Disney World? I realize since she is with a six year old she probably can’t or won’t go on some of the more extreme rides, but if you are planning to do Disney–comfortable shoes and an outfit that won’t reveal your panties seems rather logical to me.

  • dee

    Nicole had little to do with her first two kids and now has little to do with her youngest two. No natural mothering instinct and far too old, selfish and still ambitious.


    huh? did the airhead forget her pants or shorts? This outfit looks more like a long top/shirt. She reminds me a little of Britney Spears….showing too much fat legs in their 30′s like they are trying to dress like teens. Grow up Katie. Hire an asst. your taste in clothes…etc….is a huge joke and its so pathetic.

    Maybe you need to get the puck out of NY/Hollywood and find a real life,

  • annie

    there are other pics elsewhere and Katie is wearing sandals.
    she and suri are the cutest, and sweetest!

  • Dammmmmm

    Katie doesn’t think about what her daughters needs, she lives in New York is for her , not for how to keep her daughter away from the media. This is not call Living a normal live. She has to expose her kid to all these crazy celebrity life. How normal life can she provides to her daughter with all these cameras following her daughter, a normal live is to stay away the New York.

  • Mollyme

    dee, you are stupid. Why don’t you get off the computer and go pay attention to your own kids. Tom had Nicole’s kids calling Katie Holmes “mom” and Katie bragged about it, but now she has nothing to do with them. I can’t wait until Tom does the same to her when he has Suri calling his next wife mom. Tom does have “generous” visitation with Suri.

  • Hamlet

    I don’t know where to begin cutting down the inaccuracies in your post, #1.

    You’re an idiot, #5 and #6.

  • xax

    @Julia: typical jj. it looks worse than posting the one image alone

  • Fay

    Tom Cruise is in Brazil. Always charismatic and considerate of his fans. Sometimes it is difficult to imagine that he is selfish and religious fanatic who the media says. Actually, I think it’s all in Tom’s calculated PR for your career. Katie Force. Cheers to you and your beautiful daughter.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Cannot find any Tommy Girl in Suri. Has anybody wondered why the photo ops with Tommy stopped while KHo the pimp mommy keeps Suir fodder for the paps?
    #1, Tom didn’t even want anything to do with Suri, hence no visit.
    #2, Visits happened, yet kept away from the paps, for Tom and Suri don’t look alike @ all.

    And quite frankly, Suri’s babyish cuteness evaporated long time ago. Now she looks simply plain and surly.

  • LoriLori

    @dani#6: Nicole walked away what kind of mother doesn’t fight for her kids esp.if they are dragged into a crazy cu!t. Everybody knows Conner is Tom bio.kid but still….their daughter needed a mom during teen yrs and all she got was sci-fi nuts

    I agree with dee @9 – Nicole had little to do with her first two kids and now has little to do with her youngest two. No natural mothering instinct and far too old, selfish and still ambitious.

  • Mollyme

    Nicole never walked away from Bella and Conor. They walked away from her. Tom used his shared custody to turn them against her and brainwash them with cult nonsense. Tom went cult crazy after the divorce. Go read any ex-cult members book about how they disconnect from family member who leave the cult.

  • Dani

    @LoriLori and Dee:

    Nicole at some point didn’t have a lot of choice. Did you never notice that when she was in LA Tom dragged the kids to NYC or some place else. If she was in NYC while they were there, it was back to LA with the kids. I’d read up on Scientology before you criticize her. It is a cult and they use any means they can to enforce their cult rules from bribery, lying, extortion, blackmail and according to some physical assault and maybe worse. From what I know of Nicole, she took the high way and didn’t subject the kids to what would have been the nastiest custody battle in the Hollywood. She talks lovingly of the kids and has never said anything nasty about them or Tom-and tom she had every right to. Do you realize he had her phone lines tapped (illegally–the guy who did it is in Jail), had her followed, etc. during the divorce. And of course the Cult has always done their subtle best to undermine her.

    And several folks she has worked with over the years from Russell Crowe, to the male lead in Stoker have talked about her being a devoted mother. She was not on set that much in Stoker since she didn’t have the starring role and the kids were with her. It was also filmed in Nashville. Many of the cast and crew commented on what a lovely relationship she has with the kids. That doesn’t happen overnight. People criticize her for working, but an actress only has a finite timeframe for good roles. Most of them don’t find a lot of variety as they age. So far she has taken the kids to each of her sets. With the exception of Grace of Monaco, her films have all been filmed in 6-12 weeks. Rabbit Hole and Stoker were both filmed in Nashville. I’d say that is the sign of a pretty devoted mother that she has done her best to choose roles that are close to home or that the kids could be on set with her.

    But Nicole haters will never see any reason. And there is nothing wrong with being ambitious. Many women are. It is considered a fine trait in a man (like Cruise who is never there for Suri), but in a woman–ohmigod–an ambitious woman, the world is going to fall apart.

  • Mollyme

    Nicole is a great mother and protective of her children. She would never drag her kids in front of the paps daily to get attention. She also lives in a very private place so her kids can have a normal life. She would never let her girls be constantly terrorized by paps everyday to get attention.

  • mollydtt

    I agree.
    Adults can look very stylish, yet comfortable at Disney World. If I saw someone in high wedges and a short dress, I’d do a double take and wonder who it was.
    It’s more fun to blend in (unless she wanted to be noticed).

  • We are seeing Katie not Nicole

    Nicole Kidman has moved on to have HER own kids with her OWN husband Keith Urban for 6 years and shows up with him at her Premieres and his country award shows! Nicole is amen with her
    Biological children with Keith! Katie talks Suri shopping and outings
    In New York while she was married to Tom … Three of them together
    Or do you not remember while Conner was in the background holding
    Suri’s blanket and stuff! Toooomany photos of the family yes Tom 2.

  • Fay

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    If Cruise with Suri wanted nothing, because he participated in the scam? He wanted to improve his image. Suri’s biological daughter of William Mapother. It was for that issso le did not fight for custody. He had more to lose. .

  • Suri the meal ticket

    It’s an employment contract between KHo and Tommy Gurl form day one. Tommy cannot bear children. After 15 yrs with Mimi and Nicole in his fertility peak, no kids, what’s the odds to impregnate KHo in 2 weeks? No way in heck.
    I’ve heard about this William Mapother’s pedigree and peculiarly Mapother’s name also shows up as the one to finance KHo’s Sea Gull project.

    I never see Suri as Tom’s daughter. I see Suri as a rented prop for Tom to reboot his image. So yes, it’s all shamarriage, all PR and all scam.

  • rubyz

    The minute Suri is back with Holmes, she’s back in front of the paparazzi. Disgusting!

  • Yassine


    I must strongly disagree but as a man: Katie sexy? I say yes. That’s the sexiest outfits I have ever seen Katie wear so far …

  • Yassine


    Did you see the other pictures? Katie and her daughter had a stay in Disney Land World so Katie wore many outfits …

  • annie

    Katie probably said that the kids called her mom in a jokey way, and some of you took it seriously.
    You tend to forget that NK is their mother… know the one , who had an arrangement with their father for each of them to have them 3 months at a time.
    Their nanny wrote in a book, NK was never around, he was,. Why would she say that?
    The woman who was so depressed, her marriage ended, and has milked it to death for the past 12yrs .
    Pics of her jumping and punching the air when her divorce came through,went on shows and said she could wear heels now.
    Her current husband is the same size, as her ex husband.
    I know Danni you are a great NK fan, but you can tell the real Nicole a mile away, but I’ll give her one thing , she knows how to play the game, in every way.

  • Mollyme

    Annie, you’re stupid too. That person who said negative things in that book about Nicole took it all back later, but you choose to not remember that. Tom makes everybody sign papers that forbid them from talking negatively about him or he’ll sue them. You mention Keith so you’re one of the loonies jealous that he’s still in love and married to Nicole.

  • lol

    I know Katie is tall and everything but Tom is not… you’d think Suri would average out. Maybe she’ll hit her true height early and stop growing but at this rate… my money says Tom may not be the father after all.

  • Yassine

    Guys, can you tell me what’s this rumor? Why Tom may not be the Suri’s father?

  • Sincerely concerned

    I hear they are making a movie of Jodi Arius. She even has the same eerie, hallo looking eyes. Katie would be perfect in that role. I am so serious! And in response to the speculation about Suri’s biological father issue. We will never know. Even if he IS gay, who’s says they couldn’t have done it In vitro?

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Mollyme: By the way. What is going on with Tom’s law suit with US be cause they called him a absent father????

  • Sincerely concerned

    @lol: Like Billy Joel and his ex(model) wife? The dtr. Is very short also.

  • TSquared


    Unlike Katie, Nicole tho has always managed to keep her kids out of the limelight and has respected their privacy. Katie could too, but chooses not to. Having spent significant time in NYC–there are so many ways she could avoid the paps, but does not. And unfortunately for Suri she seems much more sensitive than most children to noise, to the flashes of the cameras and to the paps yelling. And if you notice we go days without seeing her and then suddenly it seems like she is everywhere–so obviously Katie knows how to avoid the paps when she wants to.

  • anne

    I do not understand how a man can spend millions of dollars with three ex-wives with divorce lawyers and support 03 children who are not their just to hide his homosexuality. Tom is getting old, so the films become more scarce, he likes to spend ….. will fail. It could be changed only with girlfriends and every 02 years. Spend less. Will the church undertakes weddings?

  • annie

    hey Mollyme don’t take things so personally, i never read that she retracted it, why bother to write a whole book, if you are going to say it’s not true….come on, we all have our favourites, but we can be honest about things.
    besides the fact …. I didn’t say anything about love and marriage, just said Nicole married a guy the same height as her ex, does that bother you?
    ok does this sound better …. Keith is a 6’2 hunk how’s that, ? geez you people are loopy!
    and, please do not insult me about being jealous of keith and nicole.
    seriously, don’t make me say anymore!

  • adilynn

    Sincerely concerned, the last I heard the lawyers are in some kind of private mediation to work it out to keep from going to court. US W. Is saying they won’t backdown.

  • Mollyme

    Yeah, Tom’s lawyer is saying they won’t back down either. Kinda funny because Tom always made sure he was photographed a lot with Suri. After the breakup, he was almost never photographed with her so the lack of photos says a lot. He really should stop suing everybody.

  • Loopey Loos

    In the Court of Loopy Loos (re: Annie) —

    If Tom is papped all over the place with Suri, THEN Tom is pimping Suri, PR stunt, or brainwashing Suri to become a Scientologist.

    If there is no pics of Suri with Tom, THEN Suri not Tom’s, Scientology disconnect, abandonment, etc.

    IF, THEN program.. oooookkkkk,

    How about Tom just carries a big poster board pic of Suri with him to all of his premiere’s? Too much? not enough? or just a SCIENO-BATSHIT CRAZY-PR–STUNT?


  • Mollyme

    Tom is the one who always allowed tons of pap photos of him with Suri to make himself look like father of the year. Now that’s working against him. I guess the truth hurts.

  • Sincerely concerned

    I just want to see her act so, she can be who she says she is. Could SO see her playing Jodi Arius. to me that would prove she is not closed minded.

  • Jeannette

    She would never drag her kids in front of the paps daily to get attention. She also lives in a very private place so her kids can have a normal life. She would never let her girls be constantly terrorized by paps everyday to get attention.