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Angelina Jolie: Gisozi Genocide Memorial Visit

Angelina Jolie: Gisozi Genocide Memorial Visit

Angelina Jolie lays a wreath at the Gisozi genocide memorial during a ceremony on Tuesday (March 26) in Kigali, Rwanda.

The 37-year-old actress and UNHCR goodwill ambassador was joined at the site by the British Minister for Foreign Affairs William Hague.

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The duo laid wreaths in a ceremony that took place almost on the 19th anniversary of the country’s 1994 genocide.

The day before, Angelina and William flew into the Democratic Republic of Congo to speak about sexual violence in the area, according to the UK Telegraph.

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  • noplace

    Gorgeous Angie!

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    Compassionate Angie!

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    This is how you do stuff!

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    If only few more people had her golden heart !

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    Amazing woman love her

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    Heart of pure gold!

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    Way to go Angie!

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    super proud to be a fan

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    Aid Worker Diaries – CARE International welcomes British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Angelina Jolie’s visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to see first hand the impact of sexual and gender based violence on women

    By CARE International | 1 hour(s) ago | Comments ( 0 )

    Source: CARE International

    UK Foreign Secretary William Hague visiting CARE’s Ujio Wetu project and meeting CARE’S DRC Country Director Yawo Douvon. © CARE

    Goma, DRC (March 26, 2013): CARE International today hosted the British Foreign Secretary and Jolie’s visit to a CARE-supported sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) project in the Lac Vert Internally Displaced People’s camp, on the outskirts of Goma, North Kivu.

    Hague said that he came to DRC to understand better the needs of survivors of sexual violence, so that he can find ways to support them.

    “Both Hague and Jolie were very interested in finding out about the current situation in the camp, and what the sexual violence survivors needed the most. CARE hopes that this visit will shed more light on the issues women are facing in DRC every day. Sexual and gender-based violence continues to be a major concern for CARE, especially with the volatile situation that persists in North Kivu, eastern DRC,” said Yawo Douvon, Country Director, CARE DRC. “We are still seeing people arriving every day in camps such Lac Vert after having fled the recent eruption of violence in Kitchanga, which displaced nearly 100,000 people this month. Many of them are women with children. Many have survived sexual violence on their long journey to safety – a week by foot, through fields and forest, which was anything but safe. It is a grim situation.”

    CARE works in three camps on the outskirts of Goma, including Lac Vert, training educators to offer support and advice to sexual violence survivors on how and where to access medical care. The educators also provide advice on the measures that can be taken to avoid attacks, and work with men to address the attitudes and traditions, which make women vulnerable to violence.

    CARE provides financial support as well to sexual violence survivors and other vulnerable groups so that they can start businesses such as selling cooked food or goods in the camp.

    This initiative not only helps them regain both a sense of normality and of dignity, but also prevents them from being exposed to further sexual violence as they are at less risk of falling prey to harm while searching for firewood and water, and less likely to turn to prostitution.

    On 17 March, CARE provided 186 cash transfers to sexual violence survivors and other vulnerable people in Lac Vert camp.

    “Jolie said she was impressed by how important the cash transfers were to the women she spoke to, and despite the many difficulties they are struggling with it, this seems to have brought them hope,” said Douvon.

    “But there is a great need for more and better emergency medical care to tend to sexual violence survivors’ needs, especially post-exposure prophylaxis. They are also in urgent need of shelter, and access to water and sanitation. It is important that we put the survivors first, and we tend to their immediate medical and psychological needs above all,” said Douvon.

    Hague and Jolie’s visit took place in the lead up to the G8 meeting on April 11, London, when for the first time in the G8’s history, the issue of sexual violence against women will be discussed.

    Founded in 1945, CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and providing lifesaving assistance in emergencies. In 84 countries around the world, CARE places special focus on working alongside poor girls and women because, equipped with the proper resources, they have the power to help lift whole families and entire communities out of poverty. CARE and its local partners implement long-term development programs and humanitarian assistance interventions in the Great Lakes countries (DRC, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi), including programs to prevent sexual and gender-based violence and provide support to survivors.

    To learn more of CARE’s work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, visit

  • Jane

    She’s always so maternal and inspiring. A good model of actress but – above all- a good model of human being . God bless her humanitarian beautiful work. The world need more celebrities like her!

  • noplace

    Amazing woman!

  • Lili

    What a strong woman!

  • Jones

    Lovely woman inside and out. Strong, beautiful and uncompromising. Takes notes Handler, ’cause you obviously haven’t got a clue what being a real woman means!

  • lurker

    Funny to see trolls like lainey wet their pants over a new ring,The possibility of two people in love and engaged having a private wedding is an impossibility in a troll’s mind just too funny

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    Very inspirational

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    off topic
    waiting for ptop 8 ruling hope it goes well

  • Sweetness

    she’s the only actress who walk the walk and talk the talk….
    it’s fun to be a wealthy star and wear designer threads and party at award shows and seek attention from paps to promote a film career…but she sets aside selfish time for those in need. amen.

  • busted

    Thanks for the thread Jared.. I know that this is a gossip site, but so great to have something of real importance highlighted as well.

    The victims deserve to have their voices heard. So proud of this woman and all she does.

    Just saw that she will be at The Women in the World Summit again. She will honor, Malala Yousafzai on the opening night. The Summit is on April 4 and 5 in New York. I would love to be there.

    again..Walking the Walk

  • busted


    Are they expected to rule today or will it be a wait.

  • lurker

    crdt jpo

    26 Mar 13 – UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie this morning visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda’s capital to honour the memory of all those murdered in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.

    The Memorial was established in 2004 by the UK-based Aegis Trust for genocide prevention, working in partnership with survivors and the Rwandan authorities. Today it plays a key role in peace-building education, bringing together children of survivors and perpetrators to help strengthen community stability and resilience against the potential for violence in the future. The British Government is looking to support that work, which was profiled in the Guardian last week. Aegis also provides essential support to survivors of the genocide in greatest need; orphans, widows and gang-rape victims among them.

    In just a 100 days, from April to July 1994, a million Rwandans were murdered simply because they were identified as ethnically Tutsi. UN peacekeepers were in Rwanda at the start of the genocide, but instead of being reinforced and mandated to stop the killing, much of the force was withdrawn. It has come to be regarded as one of the international community’s worst failures in modern times to protect people at risk of mass atrocities.

    Some 250,000 of those killed lie in mass graves at the Kigali Genocide Memorial, where William Hague and Angelina Jolie placed wreaths and stood in silent reflection.

    They were visiting the Memorial ahead of a journey to the D.R. Congo, where they will highlight the terrible human cost of warzone rape, meeting survivors and calling for Governments worldwide to address this neglected and growing problem.

    Before leaving the memorial, Hague and Jolie viewed Aegis’ documentation programme, the Genocide Archive of Rwanda. Its work includes documentation of rape and violence against women. Yves Kamuronsi, Archive Manager, explained how Rwandans and researchers from around the World will use the archive to better understand the causes genocide, using this research and evidence to inform upstream prevention strategies such as community reconciliation processes and social cohesion to promote stability.

    “The Aegis Trust was honoured to host Mr Hague and Ms Jolie on their visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial today. Survivors across the country will be encouraged by their commitment to prevent mass atrocities,” says Freddy Mutanguha, Head of Country for Aegis in Rwanda and himself a survivor of the genocide.

  • lurker

    Not sure but i am watching a link live

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    brangelina forums had great pics

  • noplace

    Angie, beautiful person.

  • Used BY the UN

    As the neocolonial western powers led by the U.S. seek to foment civil war and rebellions throught Africa to insert their own governments and secure all natural resources for international corporations there is Jolie attempting to make these evil criminal actions legit with the help of the insane propaganda of the main stream media. She is part of a satanic new world order that seeks to dominate the world with a one world government, destroy freedom and your life as you know it. So blindly follow her clueless idiots, your descendents will pay the price.

  • L-U-Y-N

    …Stand by for many important messages.
    Do not adjust your set…

  • bump

    Angelina Jolie to Honor Malala Yousafzai at Women in the World
    Mar 26, 2013 10:53 AM EDT
    On the opening night of the fourth annual Women in the World Summit, Angelina Jolie will honor one of 2012’s bravest young women, Malala Yousafzai. Inspired by Malala’s courage, Jolie committed $50,000 to build a school in Malala’s name through her Education Partnership for Children in Conflict. Joining forces with Newsweek and The Daily Beast’s editor-in-chief, Tina Brown, and the Women in the World Foundation they collectively raised $150,000 for the Malala Fund in October of last year. The fund, administered by Vital Voices Global Partnership, was established on behalf of Malala to realize her vision of the right to education for all girls.

    A writer, director, and award-winning actor, Jolie is a fearless advocate who currently holds the position of special envoy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Last year, Jolie joined forces with U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague to prevent sexual violence in conflict zones, a major focus of this year’s G8 Summit. The fourth annual Women in the World Summit takes place April 4 and 5 in New York City.

  • A Slap in The Face

    Representing the UN after they sat back and watched the slaughter of half a million plus in 1994.

  • I count 4 ribs on one side


  • lurker

    ok this is crazy spaming and having a meltdown

  • nani

    Love, love her! She is the most amazing actress in the world.

  • Jen

    Everytime I get the urge to criticize her on something nit-picky, I go read the latest Gwyneth article about her writing a book or calling an $800 blazer a Spring “essential”. She could be like so many celebs using their fame for their own gain. The only interest she has in fame it seems is projecting it onto causes that need the attention.

  • chunky pipe


    …you gonna sit there and let this donkey do this to your thread?…

  • susan

    Angie will never get a turkey neck, there simply is not enough fat and skin.
    Her head is like a skull on a pole.

  • Dani

    It is always a shame when people are so blinded by the prejudices that they can’t give kudos where they are due. I feel sorry for the haters who are trashing her act of compassion and kindness. Obviously they are sick in the head to spew the venom they spew. Whether you like Clooney, Damon, Bono, Geldorf, Winfrey, Pitt, Prince Harry, Duchess Kate etc. (and even Aniston and her commitment to St. Judes)–all of these folks are doing good and their commitment to their causes is undeniable and whether you hate them or not shame on you if you deride that commitment. And if you are going to do so then get off your own a$$ and do something worthwhile.

  • Queen Angie, Beautiful Soul

    Angelina Jolie you are unforgiveble

    your actions in defense of the peope in need, show the fabric of your heart and soul.

    You are a incredible beautiful woman, your unique and exotic beauty it´s so amazing that your presence bring the atention of all world.

    But it is your devotion, your hard work and your great achivements in defense of the people in need that make you the most beautiful SOUL in this world.

    Angie, you are a Queen, a beautiful Queen but you are a Angel too, a wonderful and kind Angel, that bring some hope to this unfair world.

    Queen Angie, beautiful Soul …. have a safe trip…. kiss

  • nani

    I don’t know why those crazy and envious people come here to despise Angie. She is a gorgeous woman, the most beautiful and kind person ever in hollywood.
    Go to worship that JA and her toyboy and leave Brangelina alone….

  • Beyonce

    At least she kind of knows what she’s talking about.

  • lol


    AS ALWAYS predictable Pitt had 8 years to marry Angie and didn’t show the slightest interest until rumors of his ex-wife jen aniston went rampant in 2011 then bam all of a suddent they got the promise for the future ring and when it about time for jen to get married the ho has shown up again with a fake wedding band to draw attention on her self. it really embarrasing for them for jen to get married first but it too little too late hos.

  • GoldenShowersOfPeace

    So Now May Warm Golden Showers Of Peace Rain Down Upon The Jolies-Pitts Now And Forever More.

  • jolie and hague called out

    AM GLAD that daily mail and british folks have called out jolie and hague fauxhumanitarian deeds

    Hague criticized for chasing photo ops with La Jolie jinx

    The euro is in crisis, so what is our Foreign Secretary doing in Rwanda with Angelina Jolie?

    With Cyprus being pulled back from the brink of collapse and the euro on the verge of meltdown, you might expect the Foreign Secretary to be rather tied up.

    But there are some engagements, it seems, that simply can’t be put off.

    William Hague has come under fire for travelling to Africa with Angelina Jolie – rather than staying at home to face the somewhat less glamorous task of dealing with the European crisis.

    With the Hollywood star by his side, Mr Hague is meeting survivors of r ape and sexual violence in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Foreign Secretary and the Oscar-winning actress have also been meeting local political leaders and asking them to help eradicate sexual violence in conflicts.

    But critics have argued that Mr Hague should be focusing his attentions closer to home. Last night William Dartmouth, foreign affairs spokesman for UKIP, said he should be concentrating on the fall-out from Cyprus’s economic crisis, which could have a huge impact for all of Europe.

    The MEP added: ‘William Hague should be more concerned with the crisis on our doorstep than chasing photo ops with Hollywood stars.




  • sue

    Oh, good… Now we have the Angie haters PLUS the political haters.

  • Neil

    @Used BY the UN:

    So, let me get this straight, the unreal amount of rapes these women and children have had to endure in this crazy, “Apocalypse Now” “revolution” is just a distraction, a smoke screen to the REAL threat looming over us, namely satanic world domination.
    Get a grip!

  • just a thought

    Jennifer Aniston fans always so classy. NOT.
    You do know these childish comments are more a reflection on you than on Angelina Jolie.

  • The ring

    this is a shame ¡ nobody speaks about the secret wedding or of the humanitarian mission
    how much has my boss paid to PEOPLE?


  • Neil

    @Willie Hague:

    What’s the matter? Can’t get it up or your dog tries to bite you when you do?

  • truth

    @lol: Really ????
    2011: squiggy was with heidi
    april 2012 : Brad proposed to angie
    august 2012 : ticky proposed to squiggy

  • Dakota

    So proud to be a fan of Angelina Jolie! Thanks goes to her for helping give a voice to all the victims.

  • noplace

    All the bitter Betty’s out. Grouse, vial, and stupid. So what, Angie got the paper for her long union with the love of her live.
    Weng where are you?

  • Wonderbust

    These hens and fuglyfemales are psycho glad Angelina has security. And to the dumbass hen yes you are right Angelina traveled bAck in time 19 years ago and said let the genocide occur so that 19 years later I can visit during the anniversary which will coincide with tickys wedding. And lol at the JPs getting engaged last year because of ticky you do realize that tabs have had her getting married to Vince John Mayer and every other person that eventually dumped her needy ass. Hens are scared as heck that Angie is already married because their idol looks even more like an idiot with that people magazine wedding countdown.