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Angelina Jolie: Gisozi Genocide Memorial Visit

Angelina Jolie: Gisozi Genocide Memorial Visit

Angelina Jolie lays a wreath at the Gisozi genocide memorial during a ceremony on Tuesday (March 26) in Kigali, Rwanda.

The 37-year-old actress and UNHCR goodwill ambassador was joined at the site by the British Minister for Foreign Affairs William Hague.

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The duo laid wreaths in a ceremony that took place almost on the 19th anniversary of the country’s 1994 genocide.

The day before, Angelina and William flew into the Democratic Republic of Congo to speak about sexual violence in the area, according to the UK Telegraph.

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176 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Gisozi Genocide Memorial Visit”

  1. 1
    noplace Says:

    Gorgeous Angie!

  2. 2
    noplace Says:

    Compassionate Angie!

  3. 3
    noplace Says:

    This is how you do stuff!

  4. 4
    noplace Says:

    If only few more people had her golden heart !

  5. 5
    lurker Says:

    Amazing woman love her

  6. 6
    noplace Says:

    Heart of pure gold!

  7. 7
    noplace Says:

    Way to go Angie!

  8. 8
    lurker Says:

    super proud to be a fan

  9. 9
    lurker Says:

    Aid Worker Diaries – CARE International welcomes British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Angelina Jolie’s visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to see first hand the impact of sexual and gender based violence on women

    By CARE International | 1 hour(s) ago | Comments ( 0 )

    Source: CARE International

    UK Foreign Secretary William Hague visiting CARE’s Ujio Wetu project and meeting CARE’S DRC Country Director Yawo Douvon. © CARE

    Goma, DRC (March 26, 2013): CARE International today hosted the British Foreign Secretary and Jolie’s visit to a CARE-supported sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) project in the Lac Vert Internally Displaced People’s camp, on the outskirts of Goma, North Kivu.

    Hague said that he came to DRC to understand better the needs of survivors of sexual violence, so that he can find ways to support them.

    “Both Hague and Jolie were very interested in finding out about the current situation in the camp, and what the sexual violence survivors needed the most. CARE hopes that this visit will shed more light on the issues women are facing in DRC every day. Sexual and gender-based violence continues to be a major concern for CARE, especially with the volatile situation that persists in North Kivu, eastern DRC,” said Yawo Douvon, Country Director, CARE DRC. “We are still seeing people arriving every day in camps such Lac Vert after having fled the recent eruption of violence in Kitchanga, which displaced nearly 100,000 people this month. Many of them are women with children. Many have survived sexual violence on their long journey to safety – a week by foot, through fields and forest, which was anything but safe. It is a grim situation.”

    CARE works in three camps on the outskirts of Goma, including Lac Vert, training educators to offer support and advice to sexual violence survivors on how and where to access medical care. The educators also provide advice on the measures that can be taken to avoid attacks, and work with men to address the attitudes and traditions, which make women vulnerable to violence.

    CARE provides financial support as well to sexual violence survivors and other vulnerable groups so that they can start businesses such as selling cooked food or goods in the camp.

    This initiative not only helps them regain both a sense of normality and of dignity, but also prevents them from being exposed to further sexual violence as they are at less risk of falling prey to harm while searching for firewood and water, and less likely to turn to prostitution.

    On 17 March, CARE provided 186 cash transfers to sexual violence survivors and other vulnerable people in Lac Vert camp.

    “Jolie said she was impressed by how important the cash transfers were to the women she spoke to, and despite the many difficulties they are struggling with it, this seems to have brought them hope,” said Douvon.

    “But there is a great need for more and better emergency medical care to tend to sexual violence survivors’ needs, especially post-exposure prophylaxis. They are also in urgent need of shelter, and access to water and sanitation. It is important that we put the survivors first, and we tend to their immediate medical and psychological needs above all,” said Douvon.

    Hague and Jolie’s visit took place in the lead up to the G8 meeting on April 11, London, when for the first time in the G8’s history, the issue of sexual violence against women will be discussed.

    Founded in 1945, CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty and providing lifesaving assistance in emergencies. In 84 countries around the world, CARE places special focus on working alongside poor girls and women because, equipped with the proper resources, they have the power to help lift whole families and entire communities out of poverty. CARE and its local partners implement long-term development programs and humanitarian assistance interventions in the Great Lakes countries (DRC, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi), including programs to prevent sexual and gender-based violence and provide support to survivors.

    To learn more of CARE’s work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, visit

  10. 10
    Jane Says:

    She’s always so maternal and inspiring. A good model of actress but – above all- a good model of human being . God bless her humanitarian beautiful work. The world need more celebrities like her!

  11. 11
    noplace Says:

    Amazing woman!

  12. 12
    Lili Says:

    What a strong woman!

  13. 13
    Jones Says:

    Lovely woman inside and out. Strong, beautiful and uncompromising. Takes notes Handler, ’cause you obviously haven’t got a clue what being a real woman means!

  14. 14
    lurker Says:

    Funny to see trolls like lainey wet their pants over a new ring,The possibility of two people in love and engaged having a private wedding is an impossibility in a troll’s mind just too funny

  15. 15
    noplace Says:

    Very inspirational

  16. 16
    lurker Says:

    off topic
    waiting for ptop 8 ruling hope it goes well

  17. 17
    Sweetness Says:

    she’s the only actress who walk the walk and talk the talk….
    it’s fun to be a wealthy star and wear designer threads and party at award shows and seek attention from paps to promote a film career…but she sets aside selfish time for those in need. amen.

  18. 18
    busted Says:

    Thanks for the thread Jared.. I know that this is a gossip site, but so great to have something of real importance highlighted as well.

    The victims deserve to have their voices heard. So proud of this woman and all she does.

    Just saw that she will be at The Women in the World Summit again. She will honor, Malala Yousafzai on the opening night. The Summit is on April 4 and 5 in New York. I would love to be there.

    again..Walking the Walk

  19. 19
    busted Says:


    Are they expected to rule today or will it be a wait.

  20. 20
    lurker Says:

    crdt jpo

    26 Mar 13 – UK Foreign Secretary William Hague and UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie this morning visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda’s capital to honour the memory of all those murdered in Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.

    The Memorial was established in 2004 by the UK-based Aegis Trust for genocide prevention, working in partnership with survivors and the Rwandan authorities. Today it plays a key role in peace-building education, bringing together children of survivors and perpetrators to help strengthen community stability and resilience against the potential for violence in the future. The British Government is looking to support that work, which was profiled in the Guardian last week. Aegis also provides essential support to survivors of the genocide in greatest need; orphans, widows and gang-rape victims among them.

    In just a 100 days, from April to July 1994, a million Rwandans were murdered simply because they were identified as ethnically Tutsi. UN peacekeepers were in Rwanda at the start of the genocide, but instead of being reinforced and mandated to stop the killing, much of the force was withdrawn. It has come to be regarded as one of the international community’s worst failures in modern times to protect people at risk of mass atrocities.

    Some 250,000 of those killed lie in mass graves at the Kigali Genocide Memorial, where William Hague and Angelina Jolie placed wreaths and stood in silent reflection.

    They were visiting the Memorial ahead of a journey to the D.R. Congo, where they will highlight the terrible human cost of warzone rape, meeting survivors and calling for Governments worldwide to address this neglected and growing problem.

    Before leaving the memorial, Hague and Jolie viewed Aegis’ documentation programme, the Genocide Archive of Rwanda. Its work includes documentation of rape and violence against women. Yves Kamuronsi, Archive Manager, explained how Rwandans and researchers from around the World will use the archive to better understand the causes genocide, using this research and evidence to inform upstream prevention strategies such as community reconciliation processes and social cohesion to promote stability.

    “The Aegis Trust was honoured to host Mr Hague and Ms Jolie on their visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial today. Survivors across the country will be encouraged by their commitment to prevent mass atrocities,” says Freddy Mutanguha, Head of Country for Aegis in Rwanda and himself a survivor of the genocide.

  21. 21
    lurker Says:

    Not sure but i am watching a link live

  22. 22
    lurker Says:

    brangelina forums had great pics

  23. 23
    noplace Says:

    Angie, beautiful person.

  24. 24
    Used BY the UN Says:

    As the neocolonial western powers led by the U.S. seek to foment civil war and rebellions throught Africa to insert their own governments and secure all natural resources for international corporations there is Jolie attempting to make these evil criminal actions legit with the help of the insane propaganda of the main stream media. She is part of a satanic new world order that seeks to dominate the world with a one world government, destroy freedom and your life as you know it. So blindly follow her clueless idiots, your descendents will pay the price.

  25. 25
    L-U-Y-N Says:

    …Stand by for many important messages.
    Do not adjust your set…

  26. 26
    bump Says:

    Angelina Jolie to Honor Malala Yousafzai at Women in the World
    Mar 26, 2013 10:53 AM EDT
    On the opening night of the fourth annual Women in the World Summit, Angelina Jolie will honor one of 2012’s bravest young women, Malala Yousafzai. Inspired by Malala’s courage, Jolie committed $50,000 to build a school in Malala’s name through her Education Partnership for Children in Conflict. Joining forces with Newsweek and The Daily Beast’s editor-in-chief, Tina Brown, and the Women in the World Foundation they collectively raised $150,000 for the Malala Fund in October of last year. The fund, administered by Vital Voices Global Partnership, was established on behalf of Malala to realize her vision of the right to education for all girls.

    A writer, director, and award-winning actor, Jolie is a fearless advocate who currently holds the position of special envoy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Last year, Jolie joined forces with U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague to prevent sexual violence in conflict zones, a major focus of this year’s G8 Summit. The fourth annual Women in the World Summit takes place April 4 and 5 in New York City.

  27. 27
    A Slap in The Face Says:

    Representing the UN after they sat back and watched the slaughter of half a million plus in 1994.

  28. 28
    I count 4 ribs on one side Says:


  29. 29
    lurker Says:

    ok this is crazy spaming and having a meltdown

  30. 30
    nani Says:

    Love, love her! She is the most amazing actress in the world.

  31. 31
    Jen Says:

    Everytime I get the urge to criticize her on something nit-picky, I go read the latest Gwyneth article about her writing a book or calling an $800 blazer a Spring “essential”. She could be like so many celebs using their fame for their own gain. The only interest she has in fame it seems is projecting it onto causes that need the attention.

  32. 32
    chunky pipe Says:


    …you gonna sit there and let this donkey do this to your thread?…

  33. 33
    susan Says:

    Angie will never get a turkey neck, there simply is not enough fat and skin.
    Her head is like a skull on a pole.

  34. 34
    Dani Says:

    It is always a shame when people are so blinded by the prejudices that they can’t give kudos where they are due. I feel sorry for the haters who are trashing her act of compassion and kindness. Obviously they are sick in the head to spew the venom they spew. Whether you like Clooney, Damon, Bono, Geldorf, Winfrey, Pitt, Prince Harry, Duchess Kate etc. (and even Aniston and her commitment to St. Judes)–all of these folks are doing good and their commitment to their causes is undeniable and whether you hate them or not shame on you if you deride that commitment. And if you are going to do so then get off your own a$$ and do something worthwhile.

  35. 35
    Queen Angie, Beautiful Soul Says:

    Angelina Jolie you are unforgiveble

    your actions in defense of the peope in need, show the fabric of your heart and soul.

    You are a incredible beautiful woman, your unique and exotic beauty it´s so amazing that your presence bring the atention of all world.

    But it is your devotion, your hard work and your great achivements in defense of the people in need that make you the most beautiful SOUL in this world.

    Angie, you are a Queen, a beautiful Queen but you are a Angel too, a wonderful and kind Angel, that bring some hope to this unfair world.

    Queen Angie, beautiful Soul …. have a safe trip…. kiss

  36. 36
    nani Says:

    I don’t know why those crazy and envious people come here to despise Angie. She is a gorgeous woman, the most beautiful and kind person ever in hollywood.
    Go to worship that JA and her toyboy and leave Brangelina alone….

  37. 37
    Beyonce Says:

    At least she kind of knows what she’s talking about.

  38. 38
    lol Says:


    AS ALWAYS predictable Pitt had 8 years to marry Angie and didn’t show the slightest interest until rumors of his ex-wife jen aniston went rampant in 2011 then bam all of a suddent they got the promise for the future ring and when it about time for jen to get married the ho has shown up again with a fake wedding band to draw attention on her self. it really embarrasing for them for jen to get married first but it too little too late hos.

  39. 39
    GoldenShowersOfPeace Says:

    So Now May Warm Golden Showers Of Peace Rain Down Upon The Jolies-Pitts Now And Forever More.

  40. 40
    jolie and hague called out Says:

    AM GLAD that daily mail and british folks have called out jolie and hague fauxhumanitarian deeds

    Hague criticized for chasing photo ops with La Jolie jinx

    The euro is in crisis, so what is our Foreign Secretary doing in Rwanda with Angelina Jolie?

    With Cyprus being pulled back from the brink of collapse and the euro on the verge of meltdown, you might expect the Foreign Secretary to be rather tied up.

    But there are some engagements, it seems, that simply can’t be put off.

    William Hague has come under fire for travelling to Africa with Angelina Jolie – rather than staying at home to face the somewhat less glamorous task of dealing with the European crisis.

    With the Hollywood star by his side, Mr Hague is meeting survivors of r ape and sexual violence in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Foreign Secretary and the Oscar-winning actress have also been meeting local political leaders and asking them to help eradicate sexual violence in conflicts.

    But critics have argued that Mr Hague should be focusing his attentions closer to home. Last night William Dartmouth, foreign affairs spokesman for UKIP, said he should be concentrating on the fall-out from Cyprus’s economic crisis, which could have a huge impact for all of Europe.

    The MEP added: ‘William Hague should be more concerned with the crisis on our doorstep than chasing photo ops with Hollywood stars.

  41. 41



  42. 42
    sue Says:

    Oh, good… Now we have the Angie haters PLUS the political haters.

  43. 43
    Neil Says:

    @Used BY the UN:

    So, let me get this straight, the unreal amount of rapes these women and children have had to endure in this crazy, “Apocalypse Now” “revolution” is just a distraction, a smoke screen to the REAL threat looming over us, namely satanic world domination.
    Get a grip!

  44. 44
    just a thought Says:

    Jennifer Aniston fans always so classy. NOT.
    You do know these childish comments are more a reflection on you than on Angelina Jolie.

  45. 45
    The ring Says:

    this is a shame ¡ nobody speaks about the secret wedding or of the humanitarian mission
    how much has my boss paid to PEOPLE?


  46. 46
    Neil Says:

    @Willie Hague:

    What’s the matter? Can’t get it up or your dog tries to bite you when you do?

  47. 47
    truth Says:

    @lol: Really ????
    2011: squiggy was with heidi
    april 2012 : Brad proposed to angie
    august 2012 : ticky proposed to squiggy

  48. 48
    Dakota Says:

    So proud to be a fan of Angelina Jolie! Thanks goes to her for helping give a voice to all the victims.

  49. 49
    noplace Says:

    All the bitter Betty’s out. Grouse, vial, and stupid. So what, Angie got the paper for her long union with the love of her live.
    Weng where are you?

  50. 50
    Wonderbust Says:

    These hens and fuglyfemales are psycho glad Angelina has security. And to the dumbass hen yes you are right Angelina traveled bAck in time 19 years ago and said let the genocide occur so that 19 years later I can visit during the anniversary which will coincide with tickys wedding. And lol at the JPs getting engaged last year because of ticky you do realize that tabs have had her getting married to Vince John Mayer and every other person that eventually dumped her needy ass. Hens are scared as heck that Angie is already married because their idol looks even more like an idiot with that people magazine wedding countdown.

  51. 51
    jen the hag Says:

    ahhh the pathetic JENHAGS are really losing it !! Going Crazy day by day just because Angelina Jolie is doing what she’s been doing for the past 10 years helping those people in needs while the HAG ARMY of TICKY had been bitter about the divorced of their fugly idol bwahahahha… must be because it shattered their dream that one day they would also marry beyond their station again just like their idol bwahahhahahahha!!! But the FUGLY JENHAGS are not happy that their brainless, UGLY, INSECURE, WHINNY, R.E.T.A.R.D IDOL is gonna marry her bought toyboy bwahahhahah!!!

    Meanwhile Angelina Jolie is still at the TOP of Hollywood FOOD Chain while their idol is the food for the fish and the bird bwahhahah!!

  52. 52
    Wonderbust Says:

    Exactly that’s why it’s so freakin hilarious When the hens bring this up. Brad talked about marrying Angelina May of 2011 last time I checked ticky and squigs didn’t debut as a couple till after. So now Brad can se the future as well

  53. 53
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Yes loons, she inspires me too. I am inspired and determined to be a better person by never becoming such an shameless, self-serving, shallow, amoral, twisted, manipulative, mentally unbalanced human being like she is right now. I wouldn’t want the black karma that she drags around either. You too can make that choice. :)

  54. 54
    Passing Through Says:

    14 lurker @ 03/26/2013 at 1:15 pm
    Actually…the trols’ pants were wet before they even saw the ring. Apparently you can’t buy “adult diapers” with a BJ Who knew…

  55. 55
    truth Says:

    @jolie and hague called out:
    sorry daily fail is not the guardian
    and Hague is the British Minister for foreign affairs…

  56. 56
    Wonderbust Says:

    Also did you all check out the list of amazing powerful women that will be at the summit next week.

  57. 57
    jen the hag Says:

    The ring @ 03/26/2013 at 2:08 pm

    Still bitter because Brad dumped your UGLY idol as the rest of the men after Brad like Vince Vaugh.. who also dumped ANUSton, then the Model ..Paul Scupltor who dumped ANUston too because he don’t want to go back being stoned and alcoholic because TICKY is doing drug and booze.. the grip man in one of TICKY’s movie who said TICKY approached her and had a one night stand with her, the JOHN MAYER who dumped your idol twice because she’s boring and nothing between her ears and he got bored making ANUSton his personal TOILET but TICKY loves being pooped on and pissed on bwahahhahahh!! and the rest of the men ..TICKY is like a revolving door men come in and out .. mostly out because she such a BORE and men got scared seeing her no make up face the next morning bwahhahahhahahhah!!

  58. 58
    Wonderbust Says:

    Also to the other troll Angelina’s visit is being covered by BBC USA today and other reputable NEWS outlets why the eff would she care if its on a celeb tab.

  59. 59
    facts Says:


    Your idol and Hague were called out by Lord Dartmouth, the Daily Mail simply reported it. Face the facts. Suck it loon.

  60. 60
    mo Says:


    Properly! Can let take to VIPs from nothing except Pap photos and get for it money in the **** pushed.
    This woman “does something” damn over again.

  61. 61
    jen the hag Says:

    Ⱦamsin @ 03/26/2013 at 2:21 pm

    another bitter transgender bwahhahahh!! Still posting your never ending wish list eh’re like your idol living in alternate UNIVERSE who believe what he wrote is the bastion of truth..wake up dead beat!! LOL .. Did you find another job because i’m sure you are fired because you’;ve been using your company’s internet since you can’t afford to have one at your trailing park home bwahhahah!!

  62. 62
    Rose Says:

    Trolls, looks like Lord Dartmouth is jealous of Mr Hague, lol. Tell a Lord Dartmouth Angie has a husband, she don’t want either of them.

  63. 63
    facts Says:


    Facts for loons:

    2004: Mr And Mrs Smith shoot began. Rumors started about affair. Denied. Pitt still married to Aniston and says Jolie is misunderstood, he’s ready to have kids with Aniston. Jolie gives interview and says Pitt is in a “happy marriage”.

    2005: Pitt and Aniston separate in January. Throws her a birthday party. Jolie claims she could never be intimate with married man. Infamous W spread. Kenya beach stroll. Still denying they’re together. Jolie adopts Zahara. Pitt later on admits adoption was a joint decision. Jolie gets pregnant with Shiloh when Pitt’s divorce is still not finalized.

    2008: Jolie tells media she “fell in love” on MAMS movie set, and could not wait to see him. She gets called “uncool”.

  64. 64
    satanic Says:

    I still love her hair

  65. 65
    Wonderbust Says:

    Lol this is like a bunch of foreigners saying omg a republican politician is attacking Hilary Clinton gasp someone from the opposite political party is attacking Hague how shocking and unheard of.

  66. 66
    Westwood Says:

    Aww, someone needs some attention again. Maybe you should try to make another good movie instead. I mean, it’s been 13 years now.

  67. 67
    truth Says:

    Lord Darmouth : Member of European parliament for South west England
    Hague : First Secretary of state , Secretary of state for FOREIGN and commonwealth affairs
    and the euro crisis started last week right ????

  68. 68
    Rose Says:

    I thought trolls said no one wants Angie. Now trolls are saying the British Minister of Foreign Affairs has the hots for her. I see according to the trolls another man wants her and Lord Dartmouth is jealous. Angies beauty is driving poor Lord D batty. I love how brain dead trolls think. Angle is a married woman, so slow your role, fools and get a life while you’re at it. Hah, hah, hah, hah. Fools.

  69. 69
    valis202 Says:


    Face what facts?

    Angie and William Hague are in the DRC to bring attention to the fact that women are used as pawns in war. It has been reported that Angie met a child (I think it was a 3 year old) who was raped as part of the conflict.

    Would somebody explain to me why anybody should be called out for trying to highlight such a serious and heart breaking issue.

    Yes the European Union is in crisis at the moment but how is that suppose to mitigate against William hague trying to shed a light on a subject that he clearly feels very strongly about.

    The haters, rather than coming here and sucking the decent air away, why not do something worthwhile like contribute to a charity that helps rape vsitims or even better go and become a volunteer and go and work with these women.

    When you compare the lives that these women live to the noxious crap that gets spewed against Angie, it makes me appreciate her even more.

  70. 70
    Lazy Minds Says:

    She’s there to help, a true Angel & Mother Teresa wrapped in one,.. they said so in the main stream media….lol… these images are all I need for proof.

  71. 71
    noplace Says:

    to # 64
    the FACT:
    the marriage was on the rocks in 2002
    the marriage was dead end in 2003
    it took Mr. Pitt 2 years to effectively cut the chain.

  72. 72
    truth Says:

    when Pitt’s divorce is still not finalized , ticky was with vince ( balcony)

  73. 73
    valis202 Says:


    I feel exactly the same way about Jennifer Aniston.

  74. 74
    groundcontrol Says:

    LOL! So true.
    As if world leaders aren’t constantly multi-tasking on many issues . Because we all know that if you pay attention to one issue then you can’t possibly pay attention to any other issue. ;) Who are these morons who can’t think past their ABCs?
    Angelina is always mindful and respectful of these things. It is a touching visit that hopefully reminds us that the world shouldn’t ignore people in danger. And, yes, to prevent and stop genocides you need weapons in the right hands.

  75. 75
    groundcontrol Says:

    Besides the distortion and out-of context posting, wtf does this have to do with a genocide in Africa?
    It always comes back to the same obsessions and deliberate misperceptions of silly fraus stewing in their bitter brews. Can you even imagine what it must be like for their poor partners to deal with their emotional baggage.

  76. 76
    Marcus From PA Says:

    @Used BY the UN:

    Shut up you scumbag loser!!!!

  77. 77
    Marcus From PA Says:

    @jen the hag:

    They can’t seem to get over it. Poor HENS

  78. 78
    Marcus From PA Says:


    Rose I tell you they stay confused they don’t whats happening or they reading tabloids again!!

  79. 79
    surface dwellers Says:

    Not much sadder than the child like perceptions of those stuck in the imaginary world of celebrity/hero worship.

  80. 80
    jen the hag Says:

    #70 valis202 @ 03/26/2013 at 2:50 pm

    Amen sister :-) ..these HAGS are so pathetic why it’s so wrong to give attention to rape victims in war torn countries and why is it evil? Oh yeah maybe if it’s another celebrity it’s okay but just because it’s Angelina Jolie all jealous hags are finding everything evil and wrong about it ..double standard at it’s best!! If only there this power that will drop these hateful hags in those war torn countries and they themselves subjected to multiple rapes like those rape victims.. let see how would they feel!!

  81. 81
    Aline Says:

    Saudade da Angie

  82. 82
    jen the hag Says:

    surface dwellers @ 03/26/2013 at 3:07 pm

    Not much sadder if you are a troll and you criticize others when you are doing the same thing.. commenting in celebirty blogsite!!

  83. 83
    Rose Says:

    @jen the hag: JTH, what’s driving the trolls crazy is the ring Angie is wearing on her ring finger. So, because they believe BA are married they are scouring the Internet looking for garbage to threw on this beautiful, caring woman. To hell with rape victims, that’s how the FF trolls think.

    Trolls hate everyone even them selves. So, can you imagine how much they hate Brad and Angie because they are the most beautiful couple in Hollywood and their hag idol, JA, is living with a unemployed troll who is being supported by Ticky. Thats where all this hate is coming from. Now I have to go watch Jodi’s trial.

  84. 84
    dawne Says:

    @surface dwellers:

    we don’t ‘worship’ a ‘celebrity’….this is not a thread on a ‘celebrity’…..we laud a ‘woman’ ….an empowered purpose driven ‘woman’ who has our admiration on many levels…all of them deep….they range from her sweet nature to her pure grit to her humble beauty…to her amazing talents from acting to writing to directing….we admire her as a mother, a humanitarian, a daughter, a partner and just for the fact that she has a huge heart and takes what blessings have been bestowed upon her and shares them wherever she can.

    Now perhaps you were speaking to the trolls who worship a ‘celebrity’ with iconic shallowness…you know the one Brad Pitt dumped when he decided to partner with an equal……

    Don’t show up here and tell us whom we are or whom we admire and why.

  85. 85
    shop Says:

    Omg, I love her!! She’s so amazing inside and out!!

  86. 86
    JanisM Says:

    thank JJ :)

  87. 87

    @Julie don’t be crazy . Her face is flat like rear. After living the wild crazy life u bet u fat butt brad has brought good things into her sick life.

    To the dump loon. Jen is the first MRS. Brad Pitt. what are u going to do about that? make magic to change the fact.

  88. 88
    lucy Says:

    What is this obsession these Trolls have with Ticky being the woman Brad dumped and D.I.V.O.R.C.E.D., are they proud that Brad dumped their idol and left his shoe prints all over her butt ugly face, wow, what an accomplishment for the old Tickster, to have been the only woman Brad Pitt DIVORCED. LMAO

  89. 89
    Shreya Says:

    What a gorgeous woman both inside and outside – so proud to be a fan of such a wonderful, golden hearted, graceful and compasionate woman.

    Angelina Jolie is not a girl’s girl who gossips, *******, talks about men. She is a woman’s woman who goes out there to help those in need. She takes care of her family, career and also spends hours and millions of charity every year.

  90. 90
    ROSE Says:

    Their goes crazy ROSÉ again it’s all about the ring baby.

  91. 91
    Rose Says:

    @ROSE: You are so dumb you can’t think of an original moniker. Once a thief, always a thief.

  92. 92
    dawne Says:

    Wow, the hag army of three is sending posts from the EDGE….they know it is Mrs. Pitt to them………No more Mr. and Mrs. Smith….it will be soon, if not already, Mr.and Mrs. Pitt. One of the world’s greatest love stories….and family and talents and philanthropists……and the dumpee got ‘what’s his name, the unemployed one on Publicist bought ‘lists’…..Mr. Shoe Polish, Mr. Jeggings, Squiggly…..McBaldy….the Serial Killah dude with the gun around his neck and dem big boots…..the CHEATER.

  93. 93
    Dc Says:

    I am so proud of her. I am a proud fan. What a beautiful heart Angelina has. She is a great roll model for women and young girls including my daughter. Love, love her

  94. 94
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Ⱦamsin @ 03/26/2013 at 1:38 pm

    The old prostitute is only good for exploiting people’s tragedies for self gain. That has been her main goal advised by her PR team when her career was spiraling out of control after the brother Jamie kissing scandal, the Billy Bob in-your-face relationship, and the mental institution episode. She simply needed something to whitewash her sordid past. That’s when she made her first legally-questionable adoption and created this fauxmanitarian character.

    Who can take seriously an avid advocate of unrestricted gun possession so much so that had built a $400K armory built into their house when she has the indecency and lack of shame to publicly denounce wars and pretend to sympathize with victims of violence? Isn’t it a huge hypocrisy to do that when she herself enables the manufacturers by buying from them?

    There’s your idol loons… a disgusting human being through and through.

  95. 95
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Ⱦamsin @ 03/26/2013 at 1:38 pm

    The old prostitute is only good for exploiting people’s tragedies for self gain. That has been her main goal advised by her PR team when her career was spiraling out of control after the brother Jamie kissing scandal, the Billy Bob in-your-face relationship, and the mental institution episode. She simply needed something to whitewash her sordid past. That’s when she made her first legally-questionable adoption and created this fauxmanitarian character.

    Who can take seriously someone who publicly denounce wars and pretend to sympathize with victims of violence when said person is in fact an avid advocate of unrestricted gun possession who built a $400K armory built in her house? Isn’t it a huge hypocrisy, indecency, and a shameless thing to do, when she herself enables the manufacturers by buying from them?

    There’s your idol loons… a disgusting human being through and through.

  96. 96
    facts Says:


    Exactly. You just answered your own question.

    Foreign affairs. There’s a crisis in Europe. Minister is NOT present during crisis.

  97. 97
    dawne Says:

    Okay, Jared, time to clean up this thread……seriously and completely.

  98. 98
    GET OVER IT Says:

    @JPFANSARELOONEYS HAHA: Yes Yes Yes it always comes back to the real reason you all love to write negative things about Brad and Angelina the fact that Brad Pitt divorced Jennifer Aniston
    Please GET A LIFE. Brad Pitt did not divorce YOU ALL.
    8 Years and counting

  99. 99
    Passing Through Says:

    I see the troll is still here throwing a hissy fit. I guess Huvsy doesn’t allow breaks or lunch. Ya’ll need to sue Huvsy & Ticky cuz that’s a violation of EEOC employment laws. Legally you’re entitled to a 15 minute break for every 4 hours you’re scheduled to work and a 30-munte lunch break if you work more then 30 hours pwer week. Tell that cheap ass Huvsy you demand your righs! LUNCH BREAKS FOR TROLLS!!!YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  100. 100
    GET OVER IT Says:

    @facts: It he was needed in the UK the Prime Minister would call him back.

  101. 101
    Passing Through Says:

    # 88 JPFANSARELOONEYS HAHA @ 03/26/2013 at 3:41 pm
    So says the batshite for brains idiot who went out of their way to find this thread and troll on it. I guess your mirror’s broken, huh? That’s 7 more years in the corn field. Try not to scare off the crows this time…

  102. 102
    BAP Says:


  103. 103
    Jesus... Says:

    I am so proud to have her as one of my role models, she is a wonderful human being. I see the yellow roses and it makes me think of her movie “Gia”, one of her best performances, which changed my life.
    She is such a lovely woman, I can’t wait until her next project.
    My best wishes to her and her family!

  104. 104
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    Silly name-changing loon. As Lord Dartmouth said, foreign relations minister should how know to prioritize, especially when facing a crisis, instead of looking for photo ops with vapid, shallow and narcissistic Hollywood celebrities.

  105. 105
    Richard P Says:

    My girl Angie

    Gorgeous and smart woman

    I love her

  106. 106
    Jesus forgave the prostitute Says:


    Why would our Lord bless a heathen sodomite? Unless she surrendered herself to him, it’s not going to happen.

    Repent Angie!

  107. 107
    Jesus... Says:

    @Jesus forgave the prostitute:
    Logic and science have proven a long time ago that religion is bullshit. Go give a blowjob to a knife, religious freak, and let intelligent, real people handle the world. My nickname is satire.

  108. 108
    Jesus... Says:

    Guys, you know about those people in the world who are doomed if they do and doomed if they don’t? Let the haters waste their time with unproductive whining on a person they claim to abhor, yet they still know every little “detail” (tabloid fabricated, of course) about her life and so. Let them, as Angelina once said too, let’s continue enjoy our lives and focus on what we find important. The haters know we are superior to them, just because of the fact that they keep trying to get a rise out of us and we still brush them off our shoulders like they don’t even exist lol.
    While we’re having our own lives, we comment on threads of persons we admire and like, we have things to take care on and independent existences away from the computer lol, they spend all of their time researching into every single thingie about Angie on the internet, write thousands of pharagraphs about how they hate her and how she is such a nasty person, they act all high and mighty on the internet, but guys, that’s just because they have no lives outside the virtual space! Lol. Otherwise why would they spend most of their time poluting the internet with bigotry on a person they don’t and never will get to know, just based on their bitternes and tabloid fabricated bullshit stories.
    Angelina, you and yellow roses are the best combination ever!

  109. 109
    groundcontrol Says:

    I wouldn’t worry. William Hague is smartly doing his job. Problem is the UKIPers don’t give a shite about Africa and never will. What’s their motto – ignore Africa because it’s UK first, abolish inheritance taxes and keep those immigramts out of the UK.
    No one is listening to the right wing rants of an elitist, “anti-immigration” pol like Dartmouth who has enough of his own personal baggage to worry about.

  110. 110

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Splitting Up?

    Has Brad Pitt Sold Angelina Jolie Down the River?

    Brad Pitt’s mid-life jitters have put Hollywood’s most controversial couple’s wedding plans in jeopardy as arch-rival Jennifer Aniston puts the finishing touches to her big day.

    Nautical Not Nice!
    Nervy Brad Pitt has put a spanner in the works of his nuptials as reports emerge that he’s sold his share of 37 year-old Angelina’s beloved Chateau Miraval estate in the south of France and is instead using the money to buy himself a flashy yacht.
    As Jen, 44, and fiancé Justin Theroux, 41, ready their home for their celebrations, Brad’s plans to wed in the South of France have hit rock bottom.
    “Brad has become so impatient that he’s sold his share in the estate without telling Angelina,” says a source. “She can’t quite believe he has given up on his dream wedding in Miraval, she’s blind sided by the fact that he’s bought a yacht without telling her. It’s as if Brad has completely changed his mind.”

    For the exclusive complete story, including why Brad has sold his share in their French estate, get your copy of Ahlan! out on stands Wednesday 27 March.

  111. 111
    Go Figure! Says:

    @dawne: Preach sister preach! And the congregation does say “Amen”!

  112. 112
    Jesus... Says:

    You know what else I noticed? Most of history’s geniuses and brilliant persons didn’t believe in god either lol neither they were religious. Take Albert Einstein for example.
    Trolls have been raving about how they will break up this day or the other since they first got togheter! Bring it on, old, bitter, dumped by your husbands, hags! xD Just wondering how long can they keep it up, it will soon be 10 years and they’ll still be in their basements cheering for Brad and Angelina to break up lol. If that’s not hilarious, then I don’t know what it is.

  113. 113

    HOMEWRECKERS have no COMPASSION for no human being on earth, got that loons. you all are worshipping ***** AND CHEATERS.

    YOUR IDOLS HAVE GONE DOWNHILL AND STILL USING FAUXHUMANITARIAN TO DEFLECT THEIR CHEATING SCANDAL but the funny thing is they keep topping every cheating list and just yesterday NYPOST ( PAGE SIX) slammed pitt and jolie for their cheating scandal. JOLLIEPITTS can save as many refugees and babies as much as they want but without believing in GOD it wont end them nowhere and their scandal keep haunting them 9yrs later.

  114. 114
    Jesus... Says:

    You know another thing that believing in god led to? The Inquisition, burning women to the stake accusing them of witch craft, hate murders, Westboro Baptist Church, the Vatican collaborating with nazism during WWII, and oh so many other tragedies.

    Religion = big time fraud and scam.

    I’m actually glad Brad and Angelina are not religious.

  115. 115
    Pithy Says:

    What is she doing pr for? does she have a new movie coming out. The only time she does this type of thing is when she needs good Promo work

  116. 116
    fyi Says:

    Entertainment Tonight on Angie’s new ring and Brangie wedding speculation.

  117. 117
    sunny Says:

    Announcement from Gov.UK
    G8 foreign ministers’ meeting
    On 10 and 11 April 2013, the Foreign Secretary William Hague will host his counterparts from the G8 countries. They will meet for the G8 foreign ministers’ meeting at Lancaster House in London.
    On announcing the meeting, the Foreign Secretary said:
    “I look forward to the UK’s G8 Presidency making headway on the serious challenges facing our global community today. Today the Prime Minister explained that by supporting the development of open economies, open governments and open societies we can harness the power of the private sector for everyone’s benefit. Our G8 priorities of advancing trade, ensuring tax compliance and promoting greater transparency can only take place in an environment of political stability and peaceful international relations.
    “With my G8 foreign minister partners, I look forward to discussing and taking decisions on some of the most pressing foreign and security policy issues that we face. In particular I will be focusing on the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, a personal priority for me during the UK’s G8 Presidency and beyond, and ensuring that the G8’s Deauville Partnership provides the support needed by our partners in the Arab world.”
    I saw Japanese national TV was showing BBC’s clip of Angie and Hague’s visit to Rwanda.
    UK media, BBC’s reports are distributed for the network of global media.
    Especially Africa and Asia’s media use BBC as their resorce of covering global issues.
    So G8′s Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative will be effectively spread to these countries where sexual violence is used as the weapon or more advanced countries who purchase natural resorce from these countries.

  118. 118
    nani Says:

    A Brazilian psycanalist compared the American media to the Nazism, since it’s main and cruel.
    It was not a compliment to the Americans, but I coud see he was actually horrified with the way American people lead with their fellows. Fortunately there are those ones, like Brad and Angelina, who really do things intending to make the world a better place to live.
    Brad and Angelina do their role and try their best to make life easier for the needy.
    I understand well that there are here people fulll of bitterness. What a pity!

  119. 119
    Simy Alanes abandoned by God Says:

    @ST THERESA 2.0 HAHAHAHAHA: Simy the ****, God does not love you.
    I know & you know it too.
    No blessing for you… just loneliness, rage, bitterness, envy.

  120. 120
    sunny Says:

    You know another thing that believing in god led to? The Inquisition, burning women to the stake accusing them of witch craft, hate murders, Westboro Baptist Church, the Vatican collaborating with nazism during WWII, and oh so many other tragedies.
    Religion = big time fraud and scam.
    Very true.
    New research says Bible’s writers used antient Egypt or antient Middle East’s myth for Jesus Christ’s episode.

  121. 121
    groundcontrol Says:

    Another, OH.MY.GOD.
    Can these trolls get any nuttier? Making up articles and pretending they are real. LOL! Stop please – my sides are splitting.

  122. 122
    MY LADY Says:

    Where have you been I’ve looked for you forever and a day…Where have you beennnnnnn I’m just not myself when you’re away, no i’m just not myself when you’re awayyyyyyyyyyyyy……..

  123. 123
    hopeso Says:

    Oh there she is beautiful as always
    Love the Jolie-Pitt

  124. 124
    dawne Says:

    Thanks for the link fyi………..can you believe her skin? Just flawless……..must be the good s*x and protection from the sun.

  125. 125
    Joe Says:

    Someone please get Jolie a cheesburger and fast! My god, you can count her ribs in the photo of her kneeling… Where did her boobs go? She does not look well at all!

  126. 126
    dawne Says:


    thanks for your astute concern and now fcuk off.

  127. 127
    anustin Says:

    very proud of my girl,anjie.bless ur heart safe.

  128. 128
    2Park5 Says:

    Trending on Twitter Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt are already married…
    It’s rumors like this that that keeps Jennifer Aniston running back to her therapist couch for a session or 10

  129. 129
    anustin Says:

    thats my girl,anjie.,doing good for others.

  130. 130

    This is what’s trending on twitter: Angelina Jolie wears gold band in place of Engagement Ring……..
    Countdown to Jen Aniston doing the same thing as she have proven the OLD saying time and time again if you cant beat them join them.

  131. 131
    Huie Says:


  132. 132
    Joe Says:

    @FOLLOW THE LEADER: #133 “as she have proven”? WTH! Do none of you have spell check? Seriously, there are some uneducated loons on JJ! Whoa!

  133. 133
    Ah Ah Ah Says:

    Why there are so many stupid people?

  134. 134
    Joe Says:

    …but then again, spell check wouldn’t work. It is the grammar most of you have a problem with! Uneducated fools!!

  135. 135
    sunny Says:

    I have been wondering why all Middle East oriented religions are full of male-centric idea and I thought it’s because they are rooted to Judaism who was created in harsh circumstance, that is resorceless desert of Middle East.
    But the book I recently read suggests that these area had several powerful Goddesses who represented fertility or natural cicle of the universe and women had freedom of having their own fortune or divorcing men. But it was before some groups from Indo- Aryans came to Middle East from central Asia (somewhere between Iran/Afganistan and sounth of Russia). They were horse-riding warrior groups and their lives were battles and conquests of other groups.
    Indo-Aryan society was male-centric and in that society women were regarded child-producing tools.
    Male-centric Yudaism’s Bible had been written between 10 C-1C BC.
    So even old Bible has only 3,000 years history at most.
    Mesopotamia( Iraq area )’s Gilgamesh ( 2,500 BC) has a postitute, Shamhat’s story and she is said to be possible origin of Eve in Yudaisim’s Bible. That Bible also took a lot of antient myth stories from other area in Middle East and Egypt.
    The word ‘ Krist ‘ who was the son of God was created in antient Egyptian myth long before Jesus Christ. (Cleopatra is Kleopatra in Egypt )

  136. 136
    dawne Says:

    Iliterate trolls amuse us on a daily basis as regards their bastardization of the English language…………so like I said before…………eff off.

  137. 137
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Stunning….look at that FACE! Wowza.

    Remember when Brad had to roll over and look at this:


  138. 138
    CLINIQUA Says:

    @A Slap in The Face:
    You stupid B8TCH, Angelina Jolie was a dammn TEENAGER in 1994, you stupid toxic TWAHT. lolol
    However, GROWN ASS fuggiston who is damn near 50 was indeed OVER 21, and could have been helping the less fortunate in 1994, YET she was icing her nipz, trying to look f*ckable (despite her fug MAN face) for the casting couch.
    So sit down dumb ish.

  139. 139
    Toni Says:

    A wonderful human being.

  140. 140
    lala Says:


  141. 141
    Give it a break Says:

    @A Slap in The Face: I completely agree with you. The UN sat back and did absolutely NOTHING but watch the Rwanda tragedy unfold. The Canadian General in charge of the UN forces there was pleading with them to send in more troops to help stop the slaughter and the UN did absolutely nothing. That guy wrote a book on it.
    Leaving aside who is on this mission (because it doesn’t really matter), the UN going there now and lamenting the fate of the very people they REFUSED to help is about as immoral as it comes.

  142. 142
    Joe Says:

    Maybe it is time for you to SIT down and STHU! I am so tired of you loons trying to control what people say and the attacking them if you don’t care for their comments. What does the fact that Angie was a teenager have to do with people being slaughtered? You are such an effing genius that you can’t even recognize the fact that you are WRONG. The point was Angie is representing the UN, who sat on their rears, while millions were being slaughtered!!! Now, read slowly so you can comprehend…. It is the principal….

  143. 143
    Medina Says:

    She looks sloppy… Dirty jacket with what looks like food spilled down the front. Boy you can sure tell when her stylist has the day off, look at that ugly hair!

  144. 144
    nani Says:

    Angie is so beautiful.

  145. 145
    nani Says:

    Her skin is like a peach.

  146. 146
    Andamentothat Says:

    Love Ange!

  147. 147
    legsfan Says:

    I am so proud of you babe! As the kids get older, I would like to see Mad, Pax, Zee & Shi get more involved in your work as well… They all their own amazing stories to tell.

  148. 148
    sunny Says:

    credit to Nenufar2 at brangelinaforum
    By Bonnie Malkin and agencies
    27 Mar 2013
    During a visit to the country with Angelina Jolie to highlight the issue of rape as a “weapon of war”, Mr Hague said the fund would fund will provide essential healthcare in an effort to bring peace.
    “As we have travelled around the area, I have been struck not only by the human cost of these crimes but also by the limited facilities and resources available to support survivors,” Mr Hague said.
    “As part of the work I am championing to tackling the culture of impunity for sexual violence in conflict I have announced project funding to help increase capacity for investigating sexual violence crimes.”
    The assistance was “essential to help create sustainable peace and security in DRC”, he added.
    The British programme will operate across 10 per cent of the country, rebuilding clinics, training health staff, supplying medicines and equipment, and improving water and sanitation.
    During the visit Mr Hague spoke to women subjected to vicious sexual attacks.
    The women spoke of their ordeal and told the pair how they were raped while fleeing violence in the country.
    They also met children as young as five in the Nzolo and Lac Vert village camps, who were sexually abused at the hands of the Congolese Army.
    Mr Hague said that he would ask other foreign ministers from the Group of Eight world powers at a meeting next month to make “practical commitments” aimed at tackling rape and sexual assault in conflict zones.
    As part of the wider package of funds, Britain pledged more than £205,000 to Physicians for Human Rights, an independent organisation, which uses medicine and science to combat rights violations, works from the hospital known for its support for sexual violence survivors.
    The money will enable the provision of ultrasound machines, locked evidence cabinets and solar-powered medical headlamps that can be used to support investigations.
    Mr Hague also announced £850,000 over three years to support the Women’s Initiative for Gender, which works in armed conflict areas including DRC and pushes for gender justice through the International Criminal Court.
    Bad weather prevented Mr Hague and Ms Jolie, a UN special envoy, from visiting the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the Foreign Office in London said.
    Without the work at the Panzi Hospital, “many women would not have survived the vicious attacks that they were subjected to,” Mr Hague said.
    “There is an enormous human cost associated with rape and sexual violence, and there is an urgent need for the international community to act to prevent these crimes and support victims.
    “At the meeting of G8 foreign ministers in London on April 11, I will be asking countries to make practical commitments so that we can erode and one day shatter the culture of impunity for those who use rape as a weapon of war.”
    In place of the planned visit to Panzi, Jolie and Mr Hague visited the HEAL Africa hospital in Goma which treats rape victims and also offers counselling and help with setting up micro-enterprise schemes.

    Mr Hague and Jolie are calling on the G8 to agree that rape and sexual violence constitute breaches of the Geneva Conventions governing warfare.
    They also want a new international protocol on the documentation and investigation of the issue.
    The campaign will also be taken to the UN Security Council in June and the UN General Assembly in September.

  149. 149
    Give it a break Says:

    @Joe: One has to wonder about the effectiveness of “bringing this problem to light” when the only thing those who follow her the most seem to know about it is that Jennifer Aniston had pointy n*pples at 21. Good god…

  150. 150
    Manuel Says:

    brad dont take care of his woman and marry her and she goes with new old man on trips now. brad go alons and live ange home now she get him back with power man. brad lost.

  151. 151
    groundcontrol Says:

    WTF does what the UN failed to do 20 years ago have to do with whether Angelina Jolie pays respect to these vicitms now? What the hell kind of people are posting here? Just ignorant trolls. First it’s an entire generation ago and secondly the UN is what its member nations make it.

    Let’s hope that nations are more ready to respond now to threats of genocide – of course that will just get the ” no weapons no matter what” extremists ranting that you have to stop genoicde but don’t use weapons like a gun.
    Jolie is not a pacifist. She has advocated the use of military force to prevent and stop genocide and other victimization.

  152. 152
    Manuel Says:

    when we get all JP famly photo again i like brad over if he shows a weding.

  153. 153
    sunny Says:

    An UN report presented detailed evidence that the Rwandan government is backing the rebels, a charge that Kagame’s government has repeatedly denied. M23 members have allegedly perpetrated rapes, recruited child soldiers and carried out summary executions in eastern Congo.
    US has been criticised for a muted response. Rice, who is close to Kagame, delayed the UN report’s publication for weeks and prevented a security council resolution from explicitly naming Rwanda as a supporter of M23.
    While UK and others have suspended financial support to Rwanda, the US cut only $200,000 (£128,000) of military aid from a programme worth around $200m. 15 leading campaign groups and thinktanks wrote to Obama accusing him of a failed policy.
    These pressure led Obama finally to alarm Kagame to stop supporting M23.

  154. 154
    Manuel Says:

    ange can be a good queen.

  155. 155
    sunny Says:

    This situation is something like the relationship between Israel and Palestinan refugee.
    Tutsi once was the huge victim of genocide during Rwanda’s civil war, now killing Hutu. Kagame’s Tutsi rebels take power in Rwanda, Hutus flee into Congo; Rwanda’s army enters eastern Congo to pursue Hutu.
    Because DR Congo is rich in diamonds, gold, copper, cobalt and zinc.
    The country also has supplies of coltan, which is used in mobile phones and other electronic gadgets, and cassiterite, used in food packaging.
    By selling these minerals to advanced countries, rebel groups or former rebel group now gov.militant purchase new weapons instead.

  156. 156
    hague+jolie = hagjolie Says:

    annie voight’s public life is like a whitewashed grave… the loons it outwardly appears beautiful but inside is full of her dead bones and every sort of uncleanness.

  157. 157
    An Original Says:

    So good to see Angie is aging a little bit. It makes her seem more real. We are all getting older and a lil more mature, (not here) (not in this lifetime)(not on justjared) anywho, good to see ya’ll still wasting your lives away argueing and name calling other people and other celebrities. I guess it is and always has been a place to vent. You have the anonymous names no registration. You do not have to worry about your real family or friends knowing how really obsessed you are with The Pitts and his Ex Aniston. Your family and friends will never know the obsession you have with people you do not know and will not meet. I have been here since day one and nothing has changed. I could name a few of you that have been here since 2005 but your not worth the strength in my long slender fingers to type your names (clears throat) From an old timer A person with considerable tenure or experience in a given place or activity.;; serving you since since 4/29/2005 my birthday the day Brad and Angie were first spotted together in a far off place, so long ago.

  158. 158
    chitta Says:

    YES, the world need more people like you, Angie. Brad must be a very proud husband to have such wonderful wife by his side.

  159. 159
    nasra Says:

    Way to go Babe. You are an Angel!

  160. 160
    Give it a break Says:

    @groundcontrol: Surely you understand the hypocracy of the UN having public hand-wringing moments over the plight of the victims. The very same victims that they refused to lift a hand to help when it was actually occuring. Many of these people wouldn’t have been victims at all if UN had not been studiously looking away while these people were being attacked.

    This is not a criticism of Jolie per say. I’m sure her heart is in the right place. But the situation itself however, is much like a crowd who stands around watching a girl get gang-r*ped while pleading for someone to help her without lifting a finger and then having those very same people who did nothing crying crocodile tears over the what happened to that “poor girl”.

  161. 161
    Shreya Says:

    @Joe: basically you are saying that Angelina should be called out for supporting UN because UN did some horrible things in the past ( even though Angelina wasn’t part of that history)?

    Okay then if you are from Britain then you have to be ashamed to call your self British and represent Britain. Why you may ask – British killed and raped millions of people during the Victorian time when they conquered India, Africa, Sri Lanka and Australia. Now if you are British then this is why you should be called out for.

    Next if you are American – you can be called out for the murders and rapes of Native American several hundred years ago. You have to be ashamed then for being American even if you weren’t part of the horrible crimes but by just being from that country – you should be ashamed…

  162. 162
    foxy Says:


  163. 163
    New Says:

    Wow! I am so surprised on some of the negative comments that i am reading. I am an angie fan but at the same time I dont waste my time hating JA. Hating someone would only cause different kinds of sickness. ( mental sickness i assume?) Anyway, I always come to this site but never tried to comment. But after reading some of the comments that are just ridiculous i cant help but to give my opinion. To all those haters out there why not try to open your eyes and see that this news is not about anglenia jolie and what happened 7 or 8 years ago. This news is about those poor women who have been used as weapon of war. I assume that most of you are women right? So why cant you have enough decency and be grateful that at least somebody is trying to do something rather than complaining on every possible negative things you can spew. I dont care if people tag her as satanist, anit christ, Un controlled person… We really dont know right? But as long as she is doing something good and you can also see the effort then what is there to hate? If you have a crappy life is she the one to blame? This is the reason why there is still chaos because people who dont know how to appreciate good things are out there spreading hate.. Hate that is unreasonable but just driven by pride and stupidity. Heck, if ever I will read an article that JA is donating something or advocating something I will not hate her. Even if its just for PR because you know what? At the end of the day PR or not atleast someone got helped and thats important. The intention will onky be judged by God and not us.

  164. 164
    Milou Says:

    It´s interesting to see how she makes the mots horrible ininteressant comment. She has the art of passing criticism for idiots or verty heartless

  165. 165
    Rose Says:

    This thread is old, there is a NEW ANGIE THREAD.

  166. 166
    Liverwurst Says:

    Why does she always look so greasy? And that jacket is filthy dirty.

  167. 167
    sunny Says:

    I think someone confused Angie’s role at UN.
    Angie is not the rep of UN Security Counsil
    permament members
    1. falling US
    2. falling UK
    3. rising China
    4. doubtful Russia
    5. falling France
    +10 other nonpermament members countries
    are responsible for global security and its peace.
    The Counsil has its own serious and multiple problem.
    UNHCR or UNICEF are doing aftercare for the victim of the conflict.

  168. 168
    UN blah blah blah Says:

    Angie IS a UN Rep.

  169. 169
    groundcontrol Says:

    @Give it a break:
    @groundcontrol: Surely you understand the hypocracy of the UN having public hand-wringing moments over the plight of the victims. The very same victims that they refused to lift a hand to help when it was actually occuring. Many of these people wouldn’t have been victims at all if UN had not been studiously looking away while these people were being attacked.
    So? What’s your point?
    We get it. The UN and its member nations failed to stop that genocide.
    That was 20 years ago. Are you suggesting that things can’t change or that the UN and the world can’t learn from its mistakes and past failures? Even I am not that cynical.
    How in the world is it hypocrisy for these people to pay their respects to these victims? It’s not. It’s the right thing to do.
    There were plenty of people and nations ready to attack the UN whenever it intervened in an internal conflict. Hopefully the world has come to see that it – in the form of its representative organ, the UN – must take action to prevent genocidal conduct wherever it is found.
    You also speak of the UN as if it is some separate country acting on its own and, as you must know, it’s not. It has laws and rules to follow about intervention even when it is officially engaged in a conflict. UN engagement is a complicated thing – even the chain of command of its military can be a thorny and complicated process.
    The UN is far from perfect but it’s what we have to work together in this world. Perhaps you have a better alternative.

  170. 170
    get educated Says:

    The UN publicly lifts up with one hand and destroys with the unseen hand. You really ought to read up on who ultimately controls the UN these days and what they are really up to. You need to read up on AFRICOM and NATO’s involvemet in the subjugation of Africa, the overthrow and destabilization of governments, and instalation of puppet governments, leading to the thievery of the people’s resources, continued violence, poverty ,and now eugenics. Read “Confessions Of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins.ignore the usual character assination, (which is the usual with any whistle blower)
    Angie has to know she is involved with what amounts to the devil.

  171. 171
    Annie Says:

    So regal and elegant!

  172. 172
    nasra Says:

    A woman, a mother with a golden heart! Go Angie!

  173. 173
    lol Says:

    @get educated:
    US , UK , CHINA, FRANCE , RUSSIA have to know they are involved with what amounts to the devil.
    leave angie alone

  174. 174
    Troubled Says:

    Gun necklace, really! What an Oxymoron.

  175. 175
    QQQQ Says:

    Jolie gives refugee girls a shot at school in Kenya

  176. 176
    kim kardashian Says:

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    We sat down with Toni to hear what it took to turn Angelina into the Disney’s Mistress of All Evil, and score some tips we can use for our own beauty routine.

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