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Angelina Jolie Visits Rescue Camp for Women

Angelina Jolie Visits Rescue Camp for Women

Angelina Jolie pays a visit to a rescue camp for women on Monday (March 25) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The 37-year-old actress and UNHCR goodwill ambassador, who was joined at the site by the British Minister for Foreign Affairs William Hague, went to raise awareness for war zone rape in the area.

Sexual violence is used frequently as a weapon by rebel groups in the area.

The next day, Angelina and William payed their respects at the Gisozi genocide memorial during a wreath laying ceremony.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie visiting the Congo…

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317 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Visits Rescue Camp for Women”

  1. 1
    Frenchy Says:

    That’s my girl! Angelina staying committed in her role with the UN. She’s doing very important work. Keep going Angelina!

  2. 2
    Gun Says:


  3. 3
    The ring Says:

    this is a shame ¡ nobody speaks about the secret wedding or of the humanitarian mission
    how much has my boss paid to PEOPLE?

    I am going to cry of the emotion: (

  4. 4
    Madam Says:

    It’s not a wedding ring. I’m fairly sure (having seen alternate photos on other news outlets) that it is a yellow gold band with a small diamond stone set in it and that she has tried to keep the stone facing inwards so that it looks just like a simple gold band. Also, if it was a simple wedding band, there would have been no need to remove it for her visit to the International Rescue Committee camp. She didn’t remove her gold necklaces for this visit, so no need to remove a wedding ring.

    I am sure that she would have loved to have worn a proper pretend wedding ring in order to focus attention on her nuptials around the predicted time of Jennifer Anistons’ wedding. However, I don’t think she dared push Brad that far.

    She hasn’t worn the ‘promise for the future ring’ on other UN trips, so there was no need to wear a smaller substitute ring for this trip. This is a deliberate ploy to generate press attention as to whether she is now married. Jolie usually carries her bags on her right shoulder or right arm. When she wanted to show off her ‘promise for the future ring’ to photographers in LA shortly after the museum reveal, she made sure to carry her bag on her left arm and hold her left hand up so the photogs could all get good shots. At the airport for this trip, she is carrying her bag on her left shoulder and makes sure to put up her left hand to hold onto the strap when the photographers are snapping, so they definitely get a shot of the ‘is it or isn’t it’ ring and the speculation can begin.

  5. 5
    Mandy Says:

    And get ready for 2000 comments aka ass licking…

  6. 6
    Madam Says:

    sporting a gun necklace.

  7. 7
    anon Says:

    Angelina first, THEN everyone else follows. She’s a true leader. Proud of Angelina. you’ve come a long way baby.

  8. 8
    Madam Says:

    seriously,fugie is just trying to ‘create’ buzz with her photo op,

  9. 9
    teri Says:

    Beautiful kind woman trying to make a difference in this world. Love this family.

  10. 10
    anon Says:

    TONS of press all over the world about this trip! She’s a true leader.

  11. 11
    Madam Says:

    fugie the most shameless attention ***** ever.

  12. 12
    Isa tout simplement ... Says:

    I’m not a great fan of the actress but love what she does in humanitary !

  13. 13
    teri Says:

    Angelina has been doing her humanitarian work for many years, nothing fake about that.

  14. 14
    Frenchy Says:

    Nobody cares about rings or necklaces dammit! Focus on the crisis on hand that’s real. Educate yourselves!

  15. 15
    awwww Says:

    Angelina is an angel.

  16. 16
    busted Says:

    Jared you are spoiling us.Thanks for the post

    I guess the thought of Angie and Brad getting married true or not really go the haters upset. Shame that they use such a notable cause to spread such ugliness. But the soul shows it true colors.

    Angie is an amazing woman. And I love how she lets nothing stop her from mission.

  17. 17
    win/win Says:

    she’s like a dentist who gives out hard candy

  18. 18
    lucy Says:

    Jared really needs to bring back the thumbs up, thumbs down option. Does he realize WHO gives his site the most hits, yes Jared, it’s the JP fans. There are a few JP sites out there that would never allow the scum he allows to post on their sites.

  19. 19
    Emma Says:

    I’d rather use my fame & influence to get attention to international crisis such as this instead of using it to tell people what expensive clothing you like for spring and why the public should should buy it also.

  20. 20
    ASDFDG Says:

    Where is the gun necklace??

  21. 21
    Peapo Says:

    Gorgeous. And a real role model. She stays out of the public eye when she isn’t working or doing charity. Her family comes first. She talks the talk and walks the walk. Good on her.

  22. 22
    La Jolie Says:

    Love you, Angie.

  23. 23
    plez Says:

    As Easter comes it is good to remember to try and help those that can’t help themselves.

  24. 24
    derr Says:

    Wars all over Africa and always at their root the control of rescources, whether gold,silver diamonds, oil, cocoa, uranium etc. by western industry and western bankers. All’s that is needed is a friendly puppet government. Rapes, violence, child soldiers, killings are the collateral damaget. Does Angelina evere get to the cause of such suffering ? in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya ? NO . S he is there for photo ops and to create the image that western powers are there to help. She has sold her soul to evil and it looks as if many want to follow her down.

  25. 25
    vickifromtexas Says:

    God bless her. she is an admirable person.

  26. 26
    mo Says:


    Properly! Can let take to VIPs from nothing except Pap photos and get for it money in the **** pushed.
    This woman “does something” damn over again.

  27. 27
    lucy Says:

    Ah Trolls, guess who’s trending, oh no, it is, it’s Angelina Jolie’s GOLD BAND RING, and there you thought no one cared. LMAO

  28. 28
    always Says:

    Her children havent killed all her demons. She still needs to be distracted with humanitarian causes.

  29. 29
    first and last post Says:

    @reply | Flag This
    # 363 first and last post @ 03/26/2013 at 1:51 pm # 205 Rose @ 03/25/2013 at 7:18 pm
    “I’m scared of GROUND CONTROL AND FALP.”

    oh Rose,
    you’re so cute…please don’t be scared. GC and I are really quite harmless and our analytical/thinking styles, hence our ops and POV’s are just from an objective hard data bent. I obviously cannot speak directly for GC but I can surmise that it’s part of her and my training and mind-set…day to day decision making depends on objectivity and info collection. We do not have a choice LOL…it’s like driving a car…on autopilot and I probably can say on behalf of GC and myself…we mean no harm or offense…we’re both into educating, informing, passing on what we’ve learned etc. She can speak for herself when and if she wants to.
    I actually agree with you re: Samuels…what an unexpected nightmare for the Defense…he was not properly vetted. IMO they “trusted” him too much… possibly because his paper resume was full of “paid for” affiliations to appear “impressive” to the casual eye LOL. To be fair to them, they may or may not have been astute to or thought about what is referred to as “scope of practice” as defined for professions as a whole in State and National Codes versus “scope of competence” which is individually determined and subsequently defines capabilities within the profession which IMO is the heart of the criticism of Richard Samuels. Attacking him as an individual psychologist versus his profession as a psychologist is appropriate and fair. His “scope of competence” as an “expert witness” is sloppy. He appears to be in a daze re: his proficiency. In addition it appears Samuels did not even review his notes before he took the witness stand and/or ignored attorney prep up…skilled attorneys usually advise their witnesses/clients of potential questions by the opposition before taking the witness stand and often before depositions and/or having implied himself as an experienced trial witness, he should have queried about potential opposition questions if the attorneys did not voluntarily prep him…in a court of law where every word is recorded working on behalf of a client, a paid professional who is unprepared is a deal killer.

    Rose, you’re a sweetheart…carry on and continue to have fun. Ignore me…I’m just doing my thing.

    PS. “Cook” is “scared” of me too although he would never admit it…ROTFLOL.

  30. 30
    Cassi Says:

    Angie is an extraordinary woman.

  31. 31
    no Says:


    she does not represent western powers or whatever the F you are trying to say. Angelina does not make policy. She brings attention to such issues so that citizens can put pressure on policymakers to address these issues.

  32. 32
    anon Says:

    It’s funny how everyone is trying to be like Angelina in Hollywood. But there is only one Angelina Jolie.

  33. 33
    Angie's GOLD ring Says:

    “CONFLICT MINERALS are minerals mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses, notably in the eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, by the Congolese National Army, and various armed rebel groups, including the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) and the National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP), a proxy Rwandan militia group. The looting of the Congo’s natural resources is not limited to domestic actors; during the Congo Wars, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi particularly profited from the Congo’s resources. These governments have continued to smuggle resources out of the Congo to this day. The profits from the sale of these minerals finance continued fighting in the Second Congo War, and control of lucrative mines becomes a focus of the fighting as well.[1] The most commonly mined minerals are cassiterite, wolframite, coltan, and GOLD, which are extracted from the Eastern Congo, and passed through a variety of intermediaries before being purchased by multinational electronics companies.”

    you go girl

  34. 34
    @no brains Says:

    it’s beyond you for sure

  35. 35
    Marcus From PA Says:

    My girl. I wonder if she and Brad will consider adopting a Congolese child that would put the spotlight on the desperately needy children in that country.

    Poor HENS have lost their minds. Oh wait you never had minds to begin with!!!!

  36. 36
    groundcontrol Says:

    Jolie usually carries her bags on her right shoulder or right arm. . .for this trip, she is carrying her bag on her left shoulder and makes sure to put up her left hand to hold onto the strap . . .
    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  37. 37
    anon Says:

    Yes all of Angelina’s jewels and her line with Procope are CONFLICT FREE and the gold used is recycled. That’s our Angelina. She didn’t have to go that route because she is the Queen and can do whatever she wants but she opted to be socially concious. By doing that she influenced others to do the same.

  38. 38
    Dakota Says:

    I also wish Jared would bring back the thumbs up/down. This is an important issue & the jealous haters should not be allowed to keep posting the same old crap they have for 8 years. It makes me want to move to under sites & read about this! You are amazing Angie with a heart full of love & compassion.

  39. 39
    chunky pipe Says:

    first and last post,
    …nevah that mami…I scare you in a couple of ways and even my name does…hahahahahahaha

  40. 40
    groundcontrol Says:

    @first and last post:
    Hey, FALP.
    When the defense has the exact same resources and freedom to hire who they need and want as the prosecution then maybe we can even the playing field at trial. Until then it is always hit and miss with experts for the defense and even those defendants with their lives on the line will not be afforded the defense they are entitled to under the Constitution.
    It isn’t even always about the money either – a lot of experts won’t work for the defense because then the side with more work to parcel out – the prosecution – will cut them off from business.

  41. 41
    wow Says:

    I am in awe of Angie. No wonder Brad chose her as the mother of his children not Aniston. Angie is amazing.

  42. 42
    truth Says:

    sorry ticky . it’s not about you ( i know your new job is spokesw h o r e for people tab) but it’s about raise awareness for war zone rape

  43. 43
    hehehe Says:

    Love all these good news of Angie are killing Maniston hens plus new ring. Go scream at ocean, Maniston hens. hehehe

  44. 44
    groundcontrol Says:

    @Angie’s GOLD ring:
    Could you please tell us where Angie’s gold ring is from. Because I assume you must know.
    In the end these countries need a market for their resources.
    The answer to issues like blood diamonds and other minerals is not to stop the use of the materials or destroy their markets but to ensure you are buying conflict free diamonds and other resources.
    By so doing you show that if the diamonds and minerals are delivered to market conflict free then they will be a great source of income to a country. That is something these countries need and will continue to need in the future as they struggle to wrest self control of their resources. Putting an end to the desire for diamonds and other resources will do nothing to help these countries in the future except continue to impoverish them. Mindless kneejerk reactions are never the answer.
    Kudos to Angelina for publicly showing respect to those in the camp and using her time and energy to be a part of the solution. She is such a great role model. Her kids are very lucky.

  45. 45
    tweet Says:

    Ayelet Noff ‏@AyeletNoff now

    Just watched “Killing Them Softly” and loved it..once again, Brad Pitt proves he’s one of the most brilliant actors of our time.

  46. 46
    Jo Says:

    :) thanks jj

  47. 47
    Lila K. Says:

    The most interesting fact about Angelina’s refugee visits is that no one ever asks to go home with her. After looking at her, they assume that wherever she is from there is no food either.

  48. 48
    JanisM Says:

    :) thanks jj

  49. 49
    first and last post Says:

    @chunky pipe:
    Hey there cook aka c.p.,
    re: “I scare you in a couple of ways and even my name does”
    you wish hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  50. 50
    Looselipz Says:

    Sheesh she looks old..

  51. 51
    chunky pipe Says:

    first and last post,
    …si mami!…I don’t just wish…yours isn’t just good but it’s a smart one…haahahhaahahaha

  52. 52
    cee Says:

    The haters are so ssd. They spend all there time here spewing hateful things about Angie. It is always worse when Angie does something positive and is receiving positive attention for it.

  53. 53
    BAP Says:



  54. 54

    banned again?

  55. 55

    going to text L-U-Y-N now

  56. 56
    chunky pipe Says:

    …look at donkey with the left eye..hahahahahahaahahhhahahaha…

  57. 57
    well Says:

    Angie is always winning.

  58. 58
    first and last post Says:

    re: # 40 groundcontrol @ 03/26/2013 at 3:12 pm
    “When the defense has the exact same resources and freedom to hire who they need and want as the prosecution then maybe we can even the playing field at trial. ”
    excellent point gc.
    “It isn’t even always about the money either – a lot of experts won’t work for the defense because then the side with more work to parcel out – the prosecution – will cut them off from business.”
    This I did not suspect…but why not when you think about it.
    I love “superior knowledge.” Thanks gc for that input. Credible experiential perspective is always welcome. I learned a disconcerting bit of info but that’s reality…”you don’t bite the hand that feeds you” or is it “you can’t have it both ways”…it always comes down to perspective.

  59. 59
    Jones Says:

    I have an abundance of admiration and respect for Angie and the British Minister of Foreign Affairs for all the efforts in raising awareness on the issues of war zone rape. I think the opportunity has never been better for some progress to finally take root on this issue now that the spotlight has been intensified thanks to the added support of the British government. Go Angie, go!

  60. 60
    BAP Says:


  61. 61
    busted Says:

    Thanks JJ mods for getting rid of the filth. Let them post that nastiness somewhere else. Such lowlifes

  62. 62
    Cate Says:

    This is a very, very important topic to draw attention to. Good for Jolie.

  63. 63
    babes Says:

    Trolls and Hags are losing it again they are in so much pain, just looking at Angelina!s new ring , they!re gone crazy, spewing lies and bitterness against Angie. they can!t handle it, Angelina in all news around the World bringing awareness together with Britist foreign Minister of UK. she!s the only women in the world that can bring this attention wither you like it or not trolls and hags there!s nothing you can do about it . You can say whatever you want to say she!s Angelina Jolie. She!s just going to ignore you , just like us the Jolie/Pitts fans ignoring you all, you hatred and bitterness towards her will only go to waste in the dumpters where you!re you idol Manniston fiance go diving the garbage,see it all goes back to your idol Manniston.

  64. 64
    Jesus... Says:

    She is such an admirable and lovely human being. Wish her and her family all the best.

  65. 65
    adilynn Says:

    The new ring is a big improvement over that big ugly gaudy looking one she was wearing. Marriage won’t keep Brad from taking up with another woman so good luck to her with that.

  66. 66
    fyi Says:

    Entertainment Tonight on Angie’s new ring and Brangie wedding speculation.

  67. 67
    Pithy Says:

    @Dakota: You should move to another site if you can find one that does all this promo work for jolie. Brad pitt will never marry her. She and he are both hop heads

  68. 68
    juju Says:

    i have so much respect n admiration for her
    her more than 12 years of humanitarian work
    is extraordinary

  69. 69
    juju Says:

    on a shallow note
    she looks fantastic

  70. 70
    royalty Says:

    Brad Pitt’s wife Angelina is beautiful inside and out just like Brad.

  71. 71
    mrst Says:

    She really is an inspiration. God bless her and her family. =)

  72. 72
    geez Says:

    Maniston hags lost their minds since they saw Angie’s wedding ring.

  73. 73
    groundcontrol Says:

    As I posted on the Gisozi visit thread there are some items that are nothing more than political propaganda. Like the right wing Daily Mail shilling for the right wing UKIP by printing a party advert with the likes of the “Earl of Dartmouth” – poor baby is still smarting for losing his hereditary seat and writing screeds in newspapers when he thinks some paper dissed his mommy and grandma.
    I wouldn’t worry. William Hague is smartly doing his job. Problem is the UKIPers don’t give a shite about Africa and never will. What’s their motto – ignore Africa because it’s UK first, abolish inheritance taxes and keep those immigramts out of the UK.
    No one is listening to the right wing rants of an elitist, “anti-immigration” pol like Dartmouth who has enough of his own personal baggage to worry about.
    And, despite the caterwauling of selfish, right wingers who can only think of themselves first like the so very egalitarian “Mister” Dartmouth, Minister Hague is in Africa doing EXACTLY what a foreign minister should be doing. Thanks to Sunny, as always, for driving this home in the following . . .
    On 10 and 11 April 2013, the Foreign Secretary William Hague will host his counterparts from the G8 countries. They will meet for the G8 foreign ministers’ meeting at Lancaster House in London.
    On announcing the meeting, the Foreign Secretary said:
    “I look forward to the UK’s G8 Presidency making headway on the serious challenges facing our global community today. Today the Prime Minister explained that by supporting the development of open economies, open governments and open societies we can harness the power of the private sector for everyone’s benefit. Our G8 priorities of advancing trade, ensuring tax compliance and promoting greater transparency can only take place in an environment of political stability and peaceful international relations.
    “With my G8 foreign minister partners, I look forward to discussing and taking decisions on some of the most pressing foreign and security policy issues that we face. In particular I will be focusing on the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, a personal priority for me during the UK’s G8 Presidency and beyond, and ensuring that the G8’s Deauville Partnership provides the support needed by our partners in the Arab world.”
    I saw Japanese national TV was showing BBC’s clip of Angie and Hague’s visit to Rwanda.
    UK media, BBC’s reports are distributed for the network of global media.
    Especially Africa and Asia’s media use BBC as their resorce of covering global issues.
    So G8′s Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative will be effectively spread to these countries where sexual violence is used as the weapon or more advanced countries who purchase natural resorce from these countries.

  74. 74
    tweet Says:

    ichael Maccabe ‏@MichaelMaccabe 6m

    Killing Them Softly: certainly going to be a cult classic. Fantastic performances from #tonysoprano and #bradpitt #swoon

  75. 75
    MY LADY Says:

    Where have you been?? I’ve looked for you forever and a day
    Where have you beennnnnn I’m just not myself when you’re away
    no I’m just not myself when you’re awayyyyyyyyy.

    MY LADY!!

  76. 76
    hopeso Says:

    Celebrity Humanitarian
    Good will Ambassador
    Gorgeous inside and outside.

  77. 77
    tweet Says:

    Adam Tedstone ‏@AdamTedstone now

    World War Z looks fuc-king awesome #bradpitt #bestactorintheworld

  78. 78
    busted Says:

    I really love Angie’s engagement ring. It is classic and so lovely. Not a child’s ring pop.

    but I guess when you are classless you can’t recognize class. Ring Pops for all the hags.

  79. 79
    Passing Through Says:

    # 66 fyi @ 03/26/2013 at 5:51 pm
    That’s pretty effin’ sad that the story was about the ring and whether or not they’d gotten married than on the work Angie is doing in Rwanda and the DRC. These “entertainment news” shows don’t GAFF about women and children being rapped. They just all want a scoop on Brad & Angie’s wedding. That’s almost as pathetic as spending your whole day trolling a fan site for people you claim to hate. Almost.

  80. 80
    2Park5 Says:

    Trending on Twitter Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt already married.
    This is the kind of gossip that sends Jennifer Aniston back to the therapist couch for a session or 10

  81. 81
    andu Says:

    Trolls and jennypigg are crazy…. Ha ha ha

  82. 82
    Joe Says:

    I appreciate what she is doing, if it is coming from her heart, and not for publicity. However, she really looks bad! Seriously, bad…

  83. 83
    Tani Says:

    The ring really distracted people from the real suspicious thing in here which is her loose clothes. She always tuck her blouse in her pants,Why doesn’t she do that in recent outings?

  84. 84
    merp Says:

  85. 85
    juju Says:

    u b i t c h e s are so full of crap
    n u all need glasses
    its the hate envy n jealousy
    it blinds u n make u cray cray

  86. 86
    juju Says:

    angelina looks beautiful
    thx to all the fans that provide links

  87. 87
    Jones Says:


    Holy crap! Deadline is reporting that Anderson Cooper has been approached to replace Matt Lauer on The Today Show before the end of the year. DAMN! The ripple effect of the Ann Curry exit seems to be amplifying…karma.

  88. 88
    MIR Says:

    Great pictures

    Make It Right @makeitright3h

    Kansas City Watch: Construction photos from our latest project transforming historic school into affordable housing:

  89. 89
    Joe Says:

    @Tani: Probably because her pants are to damn big!!!

  90. 90
    William Bradley&The Jolie Says:

    Hello Folks. Once again, La Jolie shows herself to be the great inspiration that she always is and a true queen. In addition to the ring sending these fools off the spool, it has also occurred to me that the fact the The Jolie is working with the BRITISH Foreign Secretary is another cause for the trolls’ pain. You see they could attempt to downplay her influence and importance by saying she only met with third world players, but this is GREAT BRITAIN. They can’t spin this away. And she will probably be going to the G8 summit to plead her cause. D@mn. THE G8. And these fools think that Brad would leave this powerful queen for that simple, substandard creature that was always beneath him.

  91. 91
    plez Says:

    @Jones: Wow. Now Matt knows how Ann felt when he was trying to get her kick off The Today Show.

  92. 92
    busted Says:


    NBC are idiots. I guess they are trying to get Matt to quit. Why talk to Anderson if you let it leak. Just dumb. And please don’t put Ryan in that seat. I don’t watch them.. I watch CBS but just the thought. I think they should get that guy Willie Geist.

    More drama, more drama.. They are becoming the Late Night Wars.. during the day. What is going on with these people. No wonder NBC is the Use to be Network.

  93. 93
    QQQQ Says:

    Britain pledges £1m for DR Congo rape victims
    William Hague, the foreign secretary, has pledged £1m to help support the documentation of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    By Bonnie Malkin and agencies

    12:12AM GMT 27 Mar 2013
    During a visit to the country with Angelina Jolie to highlight the issue of rape as a “weapon of war”, Mr Hague spoke to women subjected to vicious sexual attacks in the war-torn east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
    The women spoke of their ordeal and told the pair how they were raped while fleeing violence in the country.
    They also met children as young as five in the Nzolo and Lac Vert village camps, who were sexually abused at the hands of the Congolese Army.
    Mr Hague said that he would ask other foreign ministers from the Group of Eight world powers at a meeting next month to make “practical commitments” aimed at tackling rape and sexual assault in conflict zones.
    Britain pledged more than £205,000 to Physicians for Human Rights, an independent organisation, which uses medicine and science to combat rights violations, works from the hospital known for its support for sexual violence survivors.
    The money will enable the provision of ultrasound machines, locked evidence cabinets and solar-powered medical headlamps that can be used to support investigations.
    Mr Hague also announced £850,000 over three years to support the Women’s Initiative for Gender, which works in armed conflict areas including DRC and pushes for gender justice through the International Criminal Court.
    Bad weather prevented Mr Hague and Ms Jolie, a UN special envoy, from visiting the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the Foreign Office in London said.
    Without the work at the Panzi Hospital, “many women would not have survived the vicious attacks that they were subjected to,” Mr Hague said.
    “There is an enormous human cost associated with rape and sexual violence, and there is an urgent need for the international community to act to prevent these crimes and support victims.
    “At the meeting of G8 foreign ministers in London on April 11, I will be asking countries to make practical commitments so that we can erode and one day shatter the culture of impunity for those who use rape as a weapon of war.”
    In place of the planned visit to Panzi, Jolie and Mr Hague visited the HEAL Africa hospital in Goma which treats rape victims and also offers counselling and help with setting up micro-enterprise schemes.
    Mr Hague and Jolie are calling on the G8 to agree that rape and sexual violence constitute breaches of the Geneva Conventions governing warfare.
    They also want a new international protocol on the documentation and investigation of the issue.
    The campaign will also be taken to the UN Security Council in June and the UN General Assembly in September.

  94. 94
    Jess85 Says:

    what an amazing woman!!! I’m suprised that she is in Congo..its such a dangerous place, but then again I shouldn’t be suprised..Angie has my FULL SUPPORT!

  95. 95
    I love her! Says:

    What a beautiful soul.

  96. 96
    Cas Says:


  97. 97
    an opinion Says:

    Garrett Hedlund: the new Brad Pitt?
    Do you mind being called the new Brad Pitt ? No, not at all. I feel honoured. I worked with him when I was just 18 on my first movie Troy . I remember watching A River Runs Through It with my mother as a child and she pointed at him and said to me “that’s you!” So it was very surreal to play with him and he has continued to be a great example of how to deal with everything the industry throws at you. I have respect for how he handles life under pressure.

  98. 98
    tweet Says:

    Tory Boschee ‏@toryboshady 8m

    Guy in front of me at best buy just bought 22 copies of Killing Them Softly… Somebody has a boy crush on Brad Pitt

  99. 99
    annon Says:
    EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Dominik Talks Killing Them Softly Blu-ray

    Although it didn’t take off at the box office like I had hoped it would, director Andrew Dominik’s brilliant Killing Them Softly was one of my Top 10 movies of 2012. Chocked full of brilliant performances from Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins, Ray Liotta, and Scoot McNairy, this adaptation of George V. Higgins centers on the fallout from a high stakes poker game robbery, set against the backdrop of the 2008 Presidential elections. I recently had the chance to speak with Andrew Dominik about his fascinating drama, which debuts on Blu-ray and DVD March 26. Here’s what he had to say.

    I’m not normally a huge fan of deleted scenes, even in movies I love, but I really enjoyed these deleted scenes. Are these the ones you were trying to fit in and you just didn’t have room for?

    Andrew Dominik: Well, there’s a lot of stuff that was cut out of the movie, and those were the ones I thought were pretty good.

    I thought those added a lot to those scenes, but I could understand why they were cut if you had a runtime to hit, and things like that. I also watched the featurette and Scoot (McNairy) was talking about how he didn’t want to meet Brad (Pitt) before their scene. That really made sense and added to the chemistry they had. Is that an ideal kind of scenario for a director, to have the actors not meet at all before their scenes?
    Andrew Dominik: You often do stuff like that. That was a really good idea of his. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done it that way before, but it worked out really good. It was his idea. He was just saying, ‘Look, I want to meet Jackie (Brad Pitt’s character) and I want to feel intimidated by him. I told Brad, and Brad thought it was a really good idea. Brad, actually, really gave Scoot a hard time, just gave him nothing, to keep him feeling intimidated and on the back foot all day long. Actors often do that sort of stuff naturally. If they’re supposed to know each other in the story, they’ll spend time together. If they’re supposed to be stand-off-ish, or not know each other, they’ll avoid each other. Actors will do anything they can, to make their performances work. In that case, it was really interesting because they literally didn’t meet until we started rolling the cameras. Scoot was just sitting there in the bar, and we turned the camera on and Brad walked in. We didn’t even call “action,” he was just sitting there, and he didn’t know that the scene was starting until it started.
    You shot this in New Orleans, but when we spoke before, you said you wanted to make it feel like Anytown U.S.A., in the midst of this economic downturn. Can you talk about finding the locations and what really stood out for you?

    Andrew Dominik: You just always try to make it live, those weeks you are shooting the film, you kind of live inside it. It was a weird movie, because, you know, most of it takes place in cars, and there is an awful amount of talking, you know. We were very, very focused, and it was hard and grueling work, when you’re shooting 10-minute scenes. Every little piece has to work, or it’s not going to work.

    It’s interesting that you have that approach, to shooting these really long scenes. Is that something you’re more comfortable with, getting as much in camera without so many edits?

    Andrew Dominik: It’s much more difficult to make a 10-minute scene work. It’s much, much, much more difficult. I’d like to make a film with a lot of short scenes. I think that would feel like a breeze.

    The last time we spoke, we talked about your next project Blonde. Are you still working on writing that?
    Andrew Dominik: I am, yeah. I’m trying to squeeze some money out of it, at the moment.

    Do you hope to shoot that this year then?
    Andrew Dominik: I’d love to.

    What would you like to say to anyone who didn’t get a chance to see Killing Them Softly in theaters about why they should pick up the Blu-ray or DVD?
    Andrew Dominik: Good movies are few and far between. Go see one with this. I feel like a fool stumping for my own film. I’m glad you’ll do it for me.

    I definitely will. Thank you so much. It was great talking to you again.
    Andrew Dominik: OK. Thanks.

  100. 100

    barf fest
    jolie still vvhoring as usual
    leaving lots superstinky FJWP
    many vile rotting soiled undergarment
    horrible stench
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  101. 101
    L-U-Y-N Says:

    Do not adjust your sets.
    Important messages to follow.

  102. 102
    tweet Says:

    Laken ‏@lakenchilders 18m

    Killing them softly is an awesome movie. Brad Pitt is an amazing actor.

  103. 103
    tweet Says:

    Thanks for all the Angie articles and videos- she is just fantastic!   OT- I’m not surprised Sean P’s son would have a temper, but I AM surprised that he is 19 already- time flies.

  104. 104
    An Original Says:

    So good to see Angie is aging a little bit. It makes her seem more real. We are all getting older and a lil more mature, (not here) (not in this lifetime)(not on justjared) anywho, good to see ya’ll still wasting your lives away argueing and name calling other people and other celebrities. I guess it is and always has been a place to vent. You have the anonymous names no registration. You do not have to worry about your real family or friends knowing how really obsessed you are with The Pitts and his Ex Aniston. Your family and friends will never know the obsession you have with people you do not know and will not meet. I have been here since day one and nothing has changed. I could name a few of you that have been here since 2005 but your not worth the strength in my long slender fingers to type your names (clears throat) From an old timer A person with considerable tenure or experience in a given place or activity.;; serving you since since 4/29/2005 my birthday the day Brad and Angie were first spotted together in a far off place, so long ago.

  105. 105
    An Original Says:

    She looks very thin and older. Way to thin~

  106. 106
    tweet Says:

    Niko Basile ‏@PapaNeeks 12m

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are one of the most inspirational couples to me.

  107. 107
    An Original Says:

    I watched Brubaker it was scary strange that Robert and Brad look so much alike..Robert also helped skip start Brads future in movies.

  108. 108
    An Original Says:

    May I add that I rarely post and never have in the past 8 1/2 years. I like them and will comment but I do not come here daily or weekly to read all this crap or look at pictures. It is like a soap opera, miss a few months and everything is the same, same sh!t different day. I have learned to say what I want. You all get stirred up so easliy and turn like wicked evil witches, this is a joke…Outta here~on your mark, get set, go!!

  109. 109
    an oldie Says:

    “long slender fingers”, my ass.

  110. 110
    An Original Says:

    @an oldie: oh I am just the type a girl Brad would love a mixture of Angelina Julliette and Gyweneth. I have pictures of myself. Do you?

  111. 111
    an oldie Says:

    I don’t have time to fight with trolls on gossip sites.

  112. 112
    An Original Says:

    @an oldie: with technology today I could whip you up a picture real quick. Webcam, whatever I can back my words up sweety.

  113. 113
    An Original Says:

    @an oldie: then why did you reply to me and question that I have long slender fingers? Mam are you stupid?…..just yes or no ma! You stupid?

  114. 114
    Gorgeous JPs Says:

    Great Andrew D interview.  I sent a KTS Blu-ray to my brother today :)  I think I’m going to have to get one for myself, too, to take a look at those extras! That’s a shame about Hopper Penn- it’s good he apologized, but still.

  115. 115
    An Original Says:

    I will get back to my Jodi Arias trial and catch up. It is alot more interessting than this. Very sad though. I wanna see justice for Travis!

  116. 116
    An Original Says:

    I forgot about Angie’s gray hair showing at the roots! looking gray thin and older. She is real !!

  117. 117
    Angie Inspires Says:

    Rape and sexual violence have long been used as a weapon in conflict — a way to enact brutal violence on women and children who are by and large bystanders. There are myriad examples: The Rwandan genocide, the violence in Sierra Leone and the conflict in Bosnia, to name a few. But despite the hundreds of thousands of victims, rape as a weapon was only codified as an offense on an international level in 1998, when the Rome Statute named rape as a “crime against humanity.” (A little note on the Rome Statute: President Bill Clinton signed on to it in ’98, and then George W. Bush revoked our signature on it during his presidency.)Rape as a weapon continues to be a huge problem — hundreds of cases have been reported in relation to the ongoing conflict in Syria — and it serves a variety of purposes. Rape victimizes “the enemy,” emasculates the husbands, fathers and brothers of the victims, and can aid in the genocide of a culture by impregnating women with “the enemy’s” children — effectively tearing apart the binds of family and community. And, in the case of the Rwandan genocide, systematic sexual violence can result in widespread HIV infection. It was reported that after the 1994 Rwandan genocide, more than 500,000 women were infected with HIV/AIDS.
    Even so, sexual violence as a weapon of war gets little attention outside of NGOs like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Which is why it’s a good thing that U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Special Envoy Angelina Jolie is currently touring Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, meeting with victims of sexual violence and documenting the lives of women impacted by conflicts in their respective countries.
    In addition to the trauma of sexual assault and rape, many of the women in these countries are cast out from their communities because of the culture of shame associated with being a victim of sexual violence. As a result, many victims are forced to leave their homes and move to encampments. Jolie visited the Nzulo camp in Goma, DRC, which houses more than 2,500 such victims. Sexual violence is commonly used by Congolese rebels and Congolese military. Jolie’s trip was sponsored by British foreign secretary William Hague, who has made the eradication of sexual violence as a weapon of war a major part of his platform.
    “Sexual violence in conflict has to be resolved if conflicts are going to be resolved,” he said. “When rape is used as a weapon of war it makes communities harder to bring together, and much harder for people to get on with their lives afterwards.”For more information on what’s happening in the DRC, and testimony from survivors of sexual violence, check out this Witness video, “Our Voices Matter.”

  118. 118
    just saying Says:

    I doubt an original poster would be afraid to post under the name he or she used when first posted. Especially if it has been 8 years. Except if he or she was one that was shown to be a troll pretending to be a fan.

  119. 119
    lurker Says:

    @just saying:
    another silly troll,these fools never learn

  120. 120
    an oldie Says:

    @Angie Inspires:

    Angelina is a true “girls’ girl”

  121. 121
    Manis Says:

    I love you Angie <3 all the way to the moon and back :))
    I love you for all difference reason… I love you more just for being YOU !!! Angie you are the queen of the World :))))) waving to all JPs fans around the world .. May Gods blessings will always be with the JPs and Us all <3

  122. 122
    The ring Says:


  123. 123
    fyi Says:

    This article is heartbreaking,written by Cathy Newman who has been traveling with Angie during this trip, it just shows how important Angie’s work for highlighting the issue.

    Repairing the appalling injuries of warzone rape

  124. 124
    Zenith Says:

    No wonder Brad said Angie is the woman he admires most, his superhero. She really is that amazing.

  125. 125
    chitta Says:

    Great woman of our time. No body like you, Angie.

  126. 126
    who Says:

    Angelina talks the talk and walks the walk. She’s amazing. Thank you for doing all you can to make this world a better place.

  127. 127
    cee Says:

    FJWP you need help. Please seek some adsistance for your mental health.I ddon’t even care what you say but I fear for you and those around you. So much hate and vile language about someone you have never met is frightening.

  128. 128
    Rose Says:

    @first and last post: Hi FALP, how are you today? FALP, I know you really are a teacher at heart and you love teaching. I have send you a comment many months ago saying how much I love to read your comments because you are so informative and thoroughly explain whatever point you are making.

    FALP, a few of us fans were having a good time commenting on the Jodi trial. I don’t believe any of us in the group commenting are lawyers, we were just using our common sense take on what we were watching.

    What I did not like about my jodi’s comment being replied to was the implied comment, not by you, that if one is not a lawyer you should not make a comment on a Open Court trial because we have no legal knowledge. That’s the way it came off to me and a few of us watching the trial by their comments.

    At one time, a reply, (not by you), mentioned something about Casey Anthony’s trial and how foolish those people who thought Casey was guilty are. Just because Casey was found not guilty does not mean she did not get away with murder. In the end, Casey was the only person who knew what had happened to her daughter who she wrapped in garbage bag and threw it in the woods as garbage. So those people who thought she was guilty was more right than those who thought she was innocent. To me taking our comment on Jodi and putting it up to Casey’s trial was another level of being disrecpte, jmo.

    Anyway, I digressed, there was also another fan taking us to task by names for our thoughts. We have a right to express our thoughts to the group. That was the fun of sharing thought with those watching the trial. For those not watching would not understand why we say what we

    FLAP, you know the the US Court is open to it’s citizens in order that the accused get a fair trial. Some will say the poor is not adequately represented because op money and the rich will get away with murder because they can cut better lawyers. That’s not what we were doing, we were just watching a narcissist murder trying to blame the victim for his own death.

    This is Jodi interrogation room comments: Dectative Florez, why are you crying? Jodi, for all things I’m going to miss out on.
    Jodi to Dectative Florez, is their anyway I can see some of those photos, Det Florez, Why? Jodi, morbid curiosity.
    Jodi asking Dectative Florez, this is going to look shallow, but can I clean up my self before my booking, in other words, put on make up for mug shot.
    FALP, I hope you understand the bottom line is, we are just having fun and it’s does not mean we know Jodi will be found guilty. All we have to do is look Casey A, OJ, Robert Blake and millions of people walking free while the deceased family and others believe they got away with murder, this is justice in America, jmo.

  129. 129
    Salina Says:

    derr @ 03/26/2013 at 2:38 pm Wars all over Africa and always at their root the control of rescources, whether gold,silver diamonds, oil, cocoa, uranium etc. by western industry and western bankers. All’s that is needed is a friendly puppet government. Rapes, violence, child soldiers, killings are the collateral damaget. Does Angelina evere get to the cause of such suffering ? in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya ? NO . S he is there for photo ops and to create the image that western powers are there to help. She has sold her soul to evil and it looks as if many want to follow her down.
    What you said in the initial part is true about resources and the richest countries using puppet governments and every method to obtain them but I don’t believe she is there for photo ops. Yes, the conversative minister is there for what amounts to a photo op because of what his government is really involved in. For AJ it is about using anyone to highlight the conditions because all our newspapers in the rich world are not doing it. The media has long colluded with governments, who in turn are owned by multi-nationals, because too many newspapers are owned by so few and the news amounts to little less than propaganda to keep the masses worried about what to wear. I believe AJ’s heart is good and one day she will become more politically aware and find the truth but at the moment she is there on behalf of the UN not in her own right to try and raise awareness and funds. The truth about how our rich countries are involved in the things that happen around the world is hidden and to find it you have to ignore newspapers and the news and find the truth which is soul destroying and makes you feel so powerless because so many in power use underhand methods. She is a good woman with a good heart…she will get there.

  130. 130
    beautiful Says:

    Yes, indeed, Angeline a TRUE girl’s girl!
    Doesn’t it feel like it’s been forever since the last time we’ve seen Angelina Jolie? The Hollywood actress was finally spotted along with the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague visiting a rescue camp for women in the Democratic Republic of Congo to raise awareness of warzone rape on Tuesday afternoon. Angelina, a special envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner, said the issues need a “worldwide focus.” I think each time I see her doing this, I just adore her even more. How can you not have respect for a woman who does so much in highlighting the inequalities and hardships of women in the world? Angie Jo, you will always be amazing in my book!

  131. 131
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning My lovely ladies around the world.

    Especially hello to Rose, Passing Through, Jaye, Tish, NAN, First and Last Post, Premalee, Busted, Love The JoliePitts, Wonderbust, Ssshhii_baby, Who, Women Spanish, Cliniqua, Groundcontrol, QQQQ, Fyi12, Lurker, Bizzy Bee, and all the Jolie Pitt Lurkers thank you for keep posting great articles and keeping the threads running and taking time out from your busy shedules in doing so. I hope you all have a good ady God bless.

  132. 132
    Phool Says:

    groundcontrol @ 03/26/2013 at 6:33 pm


    Good Morning Groundcontrol, another very good articulate post from your self you have captured the British Politics to the T, your assessment of the UKIP when you said (“Problem is the UKIPers don’t give a shite about Africa and never will. What’s their motto – ignore Africa because it’s UK first, abolish inheritance taxes and keep those immigrants out of the UK”), to be honest i find the UKIPS as the cleaner version of BNP. Bothe anti Immigration & Pro British.

    As for people going on about Daily mails views really its one of the lamest newspapers in UK and not only that it doesn’t have any credibility in political views any way. William Hague is doing a brilliant Its rather pathetic piece of journalism by the daily mail reporters , Ephraim Hardcastle & women like Jade Watkins and Eleanor Gower, considering the severity of the subjects here we have men & women going on about glamorising the people instead of praising the efforts that have been input in highlighting these atrocities. they end up talking about engagement rings how pathetic is that. It one thing not liking the people and their chosen political backgrounds but its another thing in highlighting the continues perpetration of violence in this society, no matter what country or continent it is in.

    Considering this trip was pre planned months ago but would also coincide just before the annual G8 meeting, where Hague and Jolie will call on Great Britain, the United States, France, Canada, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Italy “to agree to landmark measures to secure justice for survivors of sexual violence and deter perpetrators. These include a new International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Rape and Sexual Violence, agreement that rape and sexual violence constitute grave breaches of the Geneva Convention so that universal jurisdiction can apply, and practical commitments to help affected countries,”


    Instead of applauding them on their humanitarian mission people & women journalists and other entertainment sites tend to turn a blind eye that just annoys me and saddens me that people like these still exist amongst us. May this humanitarian partnership of William Hauge & Angelina Jolie prosper, in bringing the taboo subjects to the forefront they are giving the Voice to the “Voiceless” in opening a dialogue, long may it continue and these walls of ignorance be broacken brick by brick. sorry for my long winded rant just couldn’t resist, have nice day CG.

  133. 133
    andu Says:

    Good morning jp fans

  134. 134
    Rose Says:

    Good morning to all the Jolie Pitt fans wherever you are.

    Wishing Angie a safe trip home. Angie, you did good! Your fans love you for all the good you do and your tireless dedication, and for helping the less fortunate.

    Hi Phool, where are you?

    Hi Dawne, Susan, FYI 12, JTH, LTJP, FALP, Premalee, GC, PT, CLINIQUA, Shi baby, guest, QQQQ, Lylian, WB, Tish, JPF, plez, Vickifromtexas, Jaye, just lurking, busted Yoco, **** tin, and all fans lurning.

  135. 135
    Phool Says:

    #Passing Through @ 03/26/2013 at 7:23 pm
    Good Morning PT, ITA with you, like i was saying to groundcontrol these journalists are so pathetic, even turning this genuine atrocity that’s happening /happened to these innocent men & women, and turning it into some media circus of entertainment with the chants of wedding ring & where is the engagement ring. I would prefer shows like “The View” where you have a panel of women from all different ages discussing this but i bet they never mentioned that i bet the engagement ring was discussed,by the hag army. why cant they just get some balls for a change and report the actual NEWS instead of deflecting it away from the REAL NEWS.
    Angie and others like William are bringing this to the forefront of the international community, the perpetrators of these crimes who are walking away and the injustices carry on Like william said”
    ‘It is time for real, meaningful action by the governments of the world to say that the use of rape as a weapon of war is unacceptable, to bring perpetrators to justice and to lift the stigma from survivors.
    PT Isn’t it double standards, when its the likes of Clooney & Affleck just making one appearance regardless even its years apart, that it would be so lapped up and they would be portrayed as the “saviours of Congo & Darfur” considering the reality is in both Congo & Dafur cases , Angelina Jolie was the First Lady to highlight their plights to the international community , admittedly both Affleck & Clooney acknowledged that, but they still get away with taking all credit to them selves only as it was their idea to help and make a meal of it in th eprocess but no one disputes them do they?. why is it that any thing Angie does the media makes it as SO WHAT and moves on to meaningless things, when its some one else they its a big hoopla as if it was the 2nd coming.
    these pathetic Ticky hags don’t know when to shut up IF they are Women then shame on each and every one of them even including the Troll that thinks he is a man, making a mockery of rape & genocide is shameful thing if you are not able to say any thing productive just keep silent. ( i know thats abig ask )

  136. 136
    Phool Says:

    Sorry my Bad I forgot to say Good morning & Hi to Anustin, Dawne & Susan i hope you all are well.

  137. 137
    anustin Says:

    hello and good morning too,phool,dawne,rose,susan.morning combo.

  138. 138
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning Busted
    I saw your post about “getting Ben Affleck a coffee maker” i hope i am not too late in contributing in the “Relief Fund”. This is a very worthy cause Busted, which will help the hundreds of people that get into an epileptic shock in the mornings when seeing the Afflecks 365 days a year. As its a worthy cause in restoring the sanity of human kind i would like to offer my $20, plus i will even throw in the delivery charges for free. I want to make sure it gets there lol.

  139. 139
    anustin Says:

    we need more people like u,anjie.u are the real girls girl.

    shout out to,”noplace” ur doing good,girl.

  140. 140
    William Bradley&The Jolie Says:

    Hello Folks. I pasted this link to an article about the trip. I hope it goes through. I think this needs to be read by everyone.

  141. 141
    anustin Says:

    thank you all ladies for the news and links.God bless the joliepitt.

  142. 142
    Shreya Says:

    Chelsea Handler said Angelina Jolie is not a girl’s girl and she is right. If being a girl’s girl means that you ***** about others, calls other women the C word, attacks children, having an abortion and boating about it, sleep your way up the ladder, then yes Angie is not a girl’s girl.

    Angelina is a woman’s woman who is taking care of her family, career and does everything in her power to help victims around the world – especially women and children. Angelina never gossips, parties all night long, ******* about others etc she is a true woman who respects women and tries her best to succeed in this male dominating world.

  143. 143
    Dirk_Reese-Fan_whatelse! Says:

    Good morning ladies !
    All of the rebells at Congo, who rape women, should lose one of their b*lls and then get raped by woman with d*ldos, yep ! That would be a good punishment !
    Coz´ they have deserved it !!!
    Fine to see, that Jolie does this visit.

  144. 144
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning Rose
    How are you feeling know I hope you have recovered from your flu?,Thank you for the shout outs my dear sister from another mother. I had been quite snowed under at work so want able to come on to post let alone didn’t get time to visit the site. First Brads WWZ trailer looks Wicked with a capital W, wow love it and the poster gorgeous. then Angies Humanitarian news oh Rose is there any wonder we Love & Praise this women she can do no wrong in my eyes, I am so proud of her for bringing these Issues of Rape to the forefront of international by bringing the attention of Sexual violence that is frequently used as a weapon of war by rebel groups that operate in eastern Congo, as well as by Congolese soldiers. I love HER COMMITMENT & DEVOTION, to these causes,she is doing women proud all over the world i’m not including the bitter hags in this they will fore ever remain in the minority whose ethos is bigotry & ignorance towards any one facing these atrocities in this day n age, trolls rather turn a blind eye and not consider educating them selves by reading into the recorded statistics in the DRC are that more than 200,000 women and children have been raped in the past decade. This is what happens when society breaks down to its brutal elements.
    -Rose as for Angie’s ring i hate it when reporters deflect from real news and bring it down a notch to all things materialistic, is it any wonder that these people are so emotionally involved in the celebrity side but ignore looking at the bigger picture. As for the gold band that she is wearing its a matching ring with her gold bracelet that she is wearing if you see both are similar diamond set apart and any way when Angie got engaged didn’t she go on her first humanitarian visit as Special Envoy and she didn’t wear it there and people were still snarling about it why didn’t she wear her diamond ring lol. Haters are so invested in impractical things that is it any wonder they ignore what’s actually going around them.
    Rose good news that Angie is going to be Honouring Malala Yousafzai at Women in the World wow how great is that Rose i’m going to apply for some tickets if i can get some, is it any wonder Newsweek and The Daily Beast’s editor-in-chief, Tina Brown with whom Angie co-Funded $150,000 for the Malala Fund, is overjoyed in having Angie there. She is doing US proud

  145. 145
    Phool Says:

    As its written by another women it has its fair share of snark :

    Angelina Jolie and William Hague, the unlikely duo campaigning in a common cause

    27 March 2013 Credit Eveing Standards:Sarah Sands
    This was a special relationship nobody saw coming. The resolutely down-to-earth, Yorkshire-bred Foreign Secretary and the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. As one of the Foreign Office entourage put it: “You would think Boris and Angelina, but William and Angelina?” Now they have joined forces in what William Hague believes is a social agenda comparable with the abolition of slavery: the global eradication of sexual violence against women. “To the victor go the spoils” prevails in war zones from Syria to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It is truly a weapon of war. At a hospital near Goma in the DRC, a doctor treats women penetrated with knives and blunt instruments.


    They are an intriguing double act. Watching them in the DRC this week, visiting refugee camps to talk to victims of war rape, Jolie is the more visibly affected, at the Nzulo IDP refugee camp near Goma, both examine a basic stove — part of the poignantly named “dignity kit” that also includes a torch and whistle designed to prevent women getting raped while looking for firewood. Hague holds up the stove, part scout, part brimming with pity. “Something as simple as a whistle…” he says. Jolie wants to know if the stoves are sourced locally.

    At a second camp set up hurriedly at the side of the road to cope with fresh waves of refugees, within a few miles of the M23 rebel militia hiding in the hills, Hague and Jolie talk to small businesses. These are refugees given $20 on a sim card to begin investing in market stalls. An 18-year-old boy, orphaned by conflict, expresses gratitude for his own start-up but wishes for peace so that he can return home.

    Jolie’s asks if there is some way of reuniting him with his family. I wouldn’t put it past her.


    Really, if Hague should ever feel like spending more time in the Dales, Jolie could easily slip into his shoes. The only drawback is the limited scope of an island in Europe. Praising the initiative that the Foreign Secretary has shown on sexual violence in war zones, Jolie talks of “scaling it up” The recorded statistics in the DRC are that more than 200,000 women and children have been raped in the past decade. This is what happens when society breaks down to its brutal elements. The DRC has at least 20 named militia —in reality it is up to 100, according to a UN peacekeeper.


    The most ferocious currently is the M23, covertly supported by Rwanda. In the past week, the Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda, nicknamed “The Terminator”, handed himself over to the International Criminal Court. This is a man who boasted: “When you are a soldier, you get a woman for free.”

    As villages flee from the militia to hastily assembled refugee camps, families are separated and community ties lost. A woman collecting firewood outside the camps is assaulted because the men no longer answer to their families and are driven by rage and despair. As for the women, it is too late for dignity kits: they are destroyed by violence and then exclusion.“Extreme grief may ultimately vent itself in violence — but more generally takes the form of apathy,” wrote Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness.


    Into this lush and lawless land enters a slightly sunburned Yorkshire reformer and an actress who resembles an African antelope but who is made of steel. While the television crew underwent three days of hostile environment training for the trip, Jolie shrugged off personal danger. She was the very last to put on earplugs in the Russian-flown helicopter and did not flicker when the juddering aircraft turned around because the landing was too hazardous. A similar helicopter crashed in the area a few weeks ago.

    Jolie wanted no fuss, although VIP visits inevitably amount to 4x4s racing through markets, chaperoned transits through airports and groups of men in earpieces with the thighs of prop forwards. These were especially incongruous when trying to merge among women and children at the camps. The women took it in good spirit. Although their circumstances were wretched, their lives wrenched from their roots, they still broke into a joyous chorus.


    Therein lies the hope. As Hague and Jolie put it, have faith in the women. Or as the doctor in a centre treating sexual violence says: “A lady can smile and say, ‘Yes, I am a human’.” And then they teach their husbands “how to be men”. At the centre we met a woman who had been beaten and raped by the militia — her husband shunned her and she was left with five children, and pregnant by her rapist. It is a definition of powerlessness. The reason the Foreign Secretary and Jolie have taken up this cause owes much to Hague’s special adviser, the Bosnian born, Arminka Helic. She saw Jolie’s film, In the Land of Blood and Honey, and replicated the Bosnian experience. When a nation or society is crushed and degraded, it violates its women. If women are permitted dignity, if they are valued, then societies and economies will flourish.


    For the first time in G8’s history, the subject of war rape will be discussed in London on April 11.

    Feminism has been on Western terms. Ceilings must be broken but first women in countries such as the DRC must be given basic human rights. If you have no recourse to justice, if you are simply collateral damage from war, you are a step from slavery. To their UK critics, the Foreign Secretary’s escapade with an actress is a vain distraction from “serious” issues.To the biographer of Wilberforce and an actress who is more of an NGO, lifting women out of hopelessness will advance humanity a little. It would be curmudgeonly not to wish them well.

  146. 146
    Angelooney Says:

    Seriously B-A mothers on JJ site. Why she look like a wet rag? Did some person pour a pale of water on her?

  147. 147
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning Ssshhii_Baby
    How are you my dear thanks for the Shout Outs very kind of you, I had been quite busy at work so didn’t get chance to come and mail, see no rest for the wicked lol. How is work Shi, and how’s the S.crewing with the minds of Trolls going keep up the good work. Love Angies Congo work in highlighting the plights of these Rape Victims. Angie is one inspirational women that never shy’s away from hard subjects and will see it though whatever cause she takes on board god bless her. She is not only inspiring Her daughter but also inspiring other daughters around the world to stand up against any kind of inhumanity and giving voice to the ” Voiceless men & women” I include men as well due the fact rape rape should not and isn’t only associated to women as its victims it unfortunately in its fatality included men & young innocent children. I hope & pray the G8 takes notice and not only the G8 but also other communities around the world the Rape is not accepted and will not be accepted any more. Look at places like India men & women are standing up and voicing their concerned of the daily rape that goes on in that country, its a long battle to win but its the battle of having a voice heard that’s started the ball rolling.

    I cannot tell you how proud we are as women in seeing another women Rise above and taking centre stage in highlighting these issues, yes there are many women like Angelina Jolie that are helping make awareness of these atrocities and asking for help in these causes, lets all add our voices to the voiceless and show our support by supporting the likes of Angelina Jolie & William Hague in their fight against inhumanity.

    Sorry Shi did i go in to a long winded essay again sorry just cant help it i bet people were pleased not to see my name on the thread for few days dont blame them lol.

  148. 148
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning First and Last Post
    How are you my dear I see you are able to break free from the curse of moderation or was it the batch of cookies you sent to Jared lol, Sorry had been busy work wise didn’t get a chance to come over to post,. I am still catching up lots of good news about Brad & Angie both doing what they do best.
    Love the fact the Angie would be at the “International Women in the World” convention, I just cant wait am trying to apply for some ticked finger & toes crossed i get some. I will post back to you in detail didn’t want to hog the whole thread again ( like you pointed out ) only teasing you, but i admit you were right see i have some concence lol. Take care have a good day.

  149. 149
    Angelooney Says:

    I live with a wealthy family once in CAL for student exchange that family was so nasty it was unbelievably . The whole JP family looks like they need a good wash down.

  150. 150
    Phool Says:

    How’s the weather in your parts? last time i left your aZZ was frozen i hope its warmed up by know see dont say i dont care.

  151. 151
    QQQQ Says:

    Angelina Jolie and William Hague form unlikely double act to tackle rape in war, Wednesday 27 March 2013 08.57 EDT

    Several Hollywood actors through the years have tried to use their fame to change the world, or at least a government policy or two. And there has been no shortage of politicians who have sought to harness the megawattage of celebrity to push their policies. Few have pulled off this alchemy quite as effectively as Angelina Jolie and William Hague in their joint campaign for international action against mass rape in conflicts.

    They have been collaborating since last May on a multipronged initiative, with projects ranging from shaming public officials into action to funding women’s clinics and dispatching forensic experts to the Syrian borders, Libya, Mali and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

    For the past four days the film star and foreign secretary have visited waterlogged refugee camps near the frontlines around Goma, eastern DRC, meeting rape survivors, women’s groups and doctors to publicise the effort before putting it on the G8 agenda this year.

    Jolie says that when she started to publicise the issue she had not wanted to have anything to do with governments. Since then, she says, she has realised their money and power have their uses. Asked what she wanted to get out of the partnership with Her Majesty’s Government, she replied straight away: “An end to impunity.”

    “There were hundreds of thousands of women raped during the Rwandan genocide. There are hundreds of thousands of people being raped in the Congo. Tens of thousands of women raped in Bosnia. God knows how many people raped in Syria,” Jolie said in an interview with the Guardian on Hague’s RAF plane, after thunderstorms had stopped a helicopter trip to a women’s hospital, and officials plotted alternative itineraries.

    “I would like them to know they are not alone and that violence against them is something the world will no longer stand for and it’s not something they are expected to simply tolerate. I think they have been expected to do so and I think people have come to see rape in war as something that just happens, that is a part of war,” Jolie said. “We will no longer simply stand idly by.”

    The British foreign secretary flatly admits that it was Jolie’s film, Land of Blood and Honey, that inspired his commitment to the cause. The film, Jolie’s directing debut, is the very opposite of a Hollywood blockbuster. It is a gruelling depiction of the rape camps in Bosnia where up to 50,000 women were sexually abused. The cast is entirely Balkan, as is the dialogue, with subtitles. It was rapturously received in Sarajevo and barely seen anywhere else.

    The aim, Jolie says, was to give the victims a voice and to move policy-makers, an oft-stated goal of political films. But on this occasion it does appear to have worked.

    “It was when I saw Angelina’s film that I decided we should launch a global initiative on this,” Hague told the Guardian. “When you get into the detail of it, it’s too terrible not to do something about. What is the point of politics if you don’t address such issues, and if your position in the world enables you to see and understand the sheer extent of the horror, then you have a responsibility to do something about it.”

    It is the ultimate odd couple pairing, of course, of the sort that films are made about: the resolutely unflashy northern Tory and a world-famous tinseltown progressive. But on this issue their views are so closely aligned that after a few days’ joint campaigning together they are finishing each other’s sentences.

    Jolie strongly backs Hague’s decision to set up a team of around 70 British experts to deploy to conflict zones, including health experts and counsellors but also police officers who can train local people to collect and store evidence of rape, the lack of which has help stymie war crimes prosecutions for sexual violence. The UK government is also funding locked evidence cabinets to keep the DNA evidence secure and cool.

    “Evidence-collecting on the border is so crucial,” Jolie said. “There is a backlog of cases, so to try to collect evidence and speak to the people during the situation [is vital], to give them assistance immediately after crisis, if you can’t reach them during … to start to hear their voices and support them.”

    She points out that although there were up to 50,000 cases of rape in the Bosnian conflict there have been only about 30 war crimes convictions for sexual crimes.

    “The hope and dream is that the next time this happens, that somehow, during a crisis, during a war, it’s known that if you abuse the women, if you rape the w

  152. 152
    QQQQ Says:

  153. 153
    nelly Says:


    How the mind works baffles me. You criticise everything, see the rape victims first then angie\

  154. 154
    Phool Says:

    Good Morning Jaye
    How are you my dear sorry for late reply was bust at work, how’s the Sci-Fi novel going have you made a start on the plot , you can also use my idea and then give me 1% share of the future profits see don’t say i don’t care lol. How’s the hording going Opps sorry i meant how’s the storage situation going i guess your next garden deliveries have already arrived pending there aren’t any other on stand by. Will catch up later in detail and reply back to the topics that you had covered in your previous posts you know i like to add my 2 cents in so you are pre-warned Jaye, any way take care and have a nice day.

  155. 155
    Rose Says:

    Good morning my friend, I missed you not being here for a couple of days. Phool I know if you could find a shovel we would see you again, laughing, lol. Phool isn’t it great what Angie is doing. I’m sure those women and children can feel hopeful that someone is listening to them and is trying to shine a light on their plight. They know it takes time but they are not forgotten. That’s why we are fans of Angie and Brad because they care. Also, thanks for all the news you brought over, it’s appreciated.

  156. 156
    Passing Through Says:

    # 131 beautiful @ 03/27/2013 at 7:36 am
    Non-hens and non-trolls know Angie’s worth their Sumo wrestling girth in gold. It’s just the lame bitter beeyotches likek them and Handjob who refuse to see the truth. Any ho who claims a woman who won’t drink, snort, toke and ho around with her isn’t a “girl’s girl” is right. Angie’s not a girl’s girl. She’s a woman’s woman. 40+ year old little girls still pretending they’re 22 need take one giant step to the right. Women to the left, please, and try not to get the stench of a girl’s girl on your clothes. It’s hard to get rid of it – as Angie can attest…8 years and counting. Holla!

  157. 157
    Passing Through Says:

    # 136 Phool @ 03/27/2013 at 8:09 am
    Phool -
    Please don’t get me started on Porgie & Ben Aflac (not a typo – he’s just as annoying as that fvcking duck). Angie was in Congo and Darfur 5-8 years before they ever heard of those places. After seeing what a butthead Aflac is to his wife and kids I’m sort of inclined to believe he’s using his work in DRC as just another excuse to NOT be home with them. Saves a heckuva lot of money on a divorce.

  158. 158
    The ring Says:

    Baby Girl on the Way for Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk
    Oh Jeah! Ryan Lochte Shows Sentimental Side in Reality Show Trailer
    TV WATCH 10:15AM EDT
    Emma Watson’s Top Three Trailblazing Fashion Moments
    Who Won The Face? (And What Does Our Blogger Coco Rocha Say About It?)
    PHOTO: Ryan Reynolds Eats Burger King and Still Looks This Good
    Kim Kardashian Changes Outfits Three Times in Eight Hours
    Penélope Cruz & Javier Bardem’s Son ‘Over the Moon’ to Meet Mickey Mouse

    Where is our Angie?; (

  159. 159
    Passing Through Says:

    # 141 William Bradley&The Jolie @ 03/27/2013 at 8:34 am
    Thanks for the article…in a REAL NEWSpaper. Angie does what she does because she cares and it matters. Haters can keep on hating but that will never stop her from doing what she has to and what she thinks is right. In other words – sit and spin, trolls, sit and spin.

  160. 160
    Angelooney Says:

    How’s our girl the bloodhound doing? This question goes to her parent the no life hags on jj….. B&A have guards to keep crazes life u folks away

  161. 161
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    As it always happens with her staged photo ops, the shape-shifting reptilian is photographed looking bright, staring and smiling down at the unfortunate, hopeless people from an angle where we can’t see their faces. This cheap PR tactic is meant to illustrate how our Lady of the Refugees is there shine light on everyone, no matter who they are, and make their lives better. It also has to do with the fact that these people don’t know who the extremely pale and skinny lady is supposed to be. LOL.

    In a few days, her Sad Face world tour 2013 will conclude and she will be photographed at the airport, carrying another LV bag that could be used to feed an entire village. She will be back at the Chateau (if Pitty lets her in) and then she’ll go play with her knives and guns stored in her $400K armory.

    Truth be told, she loves for this impoverished, conflicted regions to stay that way, because those are the places where she can walk among the people and think of herself as their savior and a living deity, and buy anything and anyone she wants. One of her biggest acts of hypocrisy is trying to denounce the abuse these people are going through, when she herself adopted a girl named Teena and claimed the mother had died from AIDS.

    Furthermore, it wasn’t so long ago when she was about to have Shiloh and had the corrupt Namibian government shut down their borders on a whim, with the excuse of keeping the paps away. In other words, this self-appointed fauxmanitarian enables the corruption that takes place in the third world and at the same time denounces it. Disgusting in every aspect.

    Ah but loons, of course you don’t care about that because of her “intoxicating” beauty, but that’s what your idol really is like. I hope you feel proud!

  162. 162
    busted Says:

    LOL somebody had to get another name.

    Seriously the lengths fools go through just so that they can spam on a JP thread. And they call the fan loony. If I got banned on an Aniston site I’d be damned if I would be searching for servers or changing my name so I could spout off the hate. but hey some of us have other things going in our LIVES.

  163. 163
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Passing Stool and her aliases are still missing the point and cannot wrap her fat head around the fact that the old venomous snake that she worships has been called out on her attention seeking tactics and her exploitation of the poor and weak, as well as Hague being ridiculed as fanboy who is starstruck by a demented celebrity.

    I’m glad that the one who brought attention to this was someone with real authority. Thank goodness for people like Lord Dartmouth who sees through the B.S! Here’s hoping karma comes back and bites the old ho in her bony ass sooner than later. :D

  164. 164
    well Says:

    busted- very true. And, yeah, the undercover troll spew will have the “i don’t get the fat tick old manny hate” or “why bring up anything bad other celebs so”, combined with a snark/back-handed “compliment” on the JPs looks, etc.  Sometimes it takes a couple of posts, but the troll always reveals itself. As far as I’ve seen, nobody here cares enough to hate leathery old manny- they just mock her- how can you not mock someone who is such a hypocritical liar and has proven to be a truly nasty, narcissistic, rude parasite of person- plus, manny cries about grey hair- she’s TOTALLY mockable. Fat tick old manny is the laughing stock of Hollywood, not just jj’s.  Yes, with all her desperate antics and lies, old manny deserves every bad thing that has come her way- that’s not hate, that’s truth. 

  165. 165
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Name changing JP troll, the fact of the matter is that this is a free, unbiased, gossip blog, not a “fansite”. All opinions are welcome, and to prove it, you’re here all day, crapping all over the threads too, insulting any celebrity you dislike, and nobody complains to the mods about it, like you fragile little creatures do when we post our opinions. If you don’t like them, you can skip any comment. One of your fellow mindless lemmings was in fact defending her right to diss all celebrities and used that excuse, so it’s just as good for me as it is for you.

    And, if you can dish it but cannot take it, then why don’t you move on to the Brangelina forum and stay there for good? I’ve been telling you that for a while. There you can stay all day and talk “ticky ticky ticky” all day long without anybody bothering you. I promise we won’t miss you loons at all! :D

    PS: silly cow, who said I was an Aniston fan? I simply think she’s a better person than either of your idols.

  166. 166
    The ring Says:

    @Passing Through:

    in a REAL NEWSpaper
    do not you like People? people is already not a source real? my boss huvane bought People and they have not even only one news of the humanitarian trip? does people believe that our Angie is already not of interest?

    I’m going to take English classes;)

  167. 167
    an opinion Says:

    Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey go to Africa to help then come home to riches and luxury yet this troll does not whine.
    STFU about Angelina and Brad’s kids. They know more about what is best for their kids than you. Still remember trolls (like this know it all ) whining that Zahara legs would stay crooked and it was Angelina’s fault.
    BTW the UK pledged gov’t 1 million dollars to groups to help stop rape during war. I don’t think the troll or Darmouth whining matters.

  168. 168
    a fan Says:

    Angie speaks up for these people who has suffered so much. It is so sad to read what they have been through. Angie seeks justice for them. I am so touched and proud of her.

  169. 169
    Passing Through Says:

    # 153 QQQQ @ 03/27/2013 at 9:34 am
    Another good article…from another REAL NEWSPAPER. What’s really sad to me is that there’s not anything they can do to change the attitudes of the men who are raping women and children. To me that’s a big sticking point. As long as them men continue to think of women as prizes or theirs for the taking I don’t see how it will ever end. I just doubt that fear of prosecution is enough of a deterrent. A lot of tis is happening in societies where women are chattel and kids are an axtra mouth to feed. How do you even begin changing things like social mores – especially among a mainly uneducated populace? These don’t strike me as people too concerned with social ettiquette or the ethics of war. There’s a real caveman mentality at work with these men – me see, me want, me take, me break, me done, now go away. Actually, now that I think of it, the trolls work on the same principle…

  170. 170
    twitter Says:

    Just been the first to watch unseen footage from world war z in 3D #lovethisjob #looksamazing

  171. 171
    Passing Through Says:

    # 171 twitter @ 03/27/2013 at 11:38 am
    Oh Lordy…more positive reactions to WWZ footage. Poor Tampon will be crapping out posts for the rest of the day and well into the wee hours…

  172. 172
    Rose Says:

    @Passing Through: #170. PT, I so totally agree with your comment. We can only hope something is done with moving these people out of those god forsaken hell hole they have to live in. Their must be a change. If they can send men to the moon, I’m praying for a solution although it seems so out of site at this present time. I believe It’s going to be a long hard road to hoe before they see any change, but at least the ball is rolling now and change must come.

  173. 173
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    This is worth reposting. How embarrassing for the old Ho; that’s what happens when PR actresses get involved in serious affairs. Has Ticky ever been called out by politicians on “chasing photo ops”? LOL.

    # 305 Daily Mail @ 03/26/2013 at 10:20 am

    The euro is in crisis, so what is our Foreign Secretary doing in Rwanda with Angelina Jolie?
    25 March 2013

    With Cyprus being pulled back from the brink of collapse and the euro on the verge of meltdown, you might expect the Foreign Secretary to be rather tied up.

    But there are some engagements, it seems, that simply can’t be put off.

    William Hague has come under fire for travelling to Africa with Angelina Jolie – rather than staying at home to face the somewhat less glamorous task of dealing with the European crisis.

    With the Hollywood star by his side, Mr Hague is meeting survivors of r ape and sexual violence in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Foreign Secretary and the Oscar-winning actress have also been meeting local political leaders and asking them to help eradicate sexual violence in conflicts.

    But critics have argued that Mr Hague should be focusing his attentions closer to home. Last night William Dartmouth, foreign affairs spokesman for UKIP, said he should be concentrating on the fall-out from Cyprus’s economic crisis, which could have a huge impact for all of Europe.

    The MEP added: ‘William Hague should be more concerned with the crisis on our doorstep than chasing PHOTO OPS with Hollywood stars.

  174. 174
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    Keep up the good work Angelina, the Jolie-Pitts continue to help people around the world and in the US while others spit out hate.
    God bless the Jolie-Pitts
    To the fans have a Great Day

  175. 175
    groundcontrol Says:

    @Passing Through:
    LOL! You got that right. Then she’ll be frantically looking for anything remotely bad said about it – breathlessly posting it. Of course, if she can’t find anything bad she’ll just make it more garbage or go to a Jolie-Pitt hate site for more of her guttersnipe lies. Sure can’t accuse her of intellectual honesty.
    As the legitimate media is pointing out, In The Land of Blood and Honey is doing exactly what Angelina hoped it would do – raise the level of discussion and bring about action. Well done, Angelina. Well done.

  176. 176
    Rose Says:

    Someone has to be F ing crazy to come on a thread every F ing day and talk crap about people you’re give your life to be. You must have aspergers syndrome to repeat the same shittttt every day. Then you calls us loons. You’re sick in the head, STFU and STFU. .

  177. 177
    Go Figure! Says:

    @Rose: Hey Rose: Hopefully, the trial is winding down. Almost $1 million spent on Jodi’s defense. I have to agree with the panelists who say they don’t think Juan will attack this witness because she’s so grandmotherly and she really adds nothing to Jodi’s defense. Not a fan of either of Jodi’s lawyers. JMO!

  178. 178
    lurker Says:

    piece of shi* troll put down the crack pipe,that silly piece is from daily fail,do something better with your time

  179. 179
    Passing Through Says:

    OT – For my fellow Duck Dynasty addicts -
    Looks like there’s a hold-up on a 4th season. They want more money per episode. THey’re asking for $200K per episode for the entire family, which really isn’t all that much when you consider how many people there are – Willie, Korie, Jase, Missy, Phil, Kay, Jep, Rebecca, Si, Willie’s 2 teenagers, Jase’s 2 teenagers, and a bunch of younger grandkids. $200K sounds like a bargain to me when you consider they only make 12 episodes in a “season”. That’s a measley $2.4MIL – epecially since Duck Dynasty is now their highest rated show and wins it’s timeslot.

  180. 180
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Poor Passing Poop- all excited about random anonymous tweets from Chivan interns. For all we know Poopy, Clooniqua and paid posters like Groundbeef took their alias-shifting game on to Twitter, and started posting these gibberish praises, hoping to create “positive buzz” for their client’s latest vanity piece, a movie that’s been maligned by the media and widely regarded as an epic production nightmare, to the point of being considered the “Waterworld” of this decade. LOL!

  181. 181
    first and last post Says:

    re: 93 QQQQ @ 03/26/2013 at 9:23 pm Britain pledges £1m for DR Congo rape victims
    William Hague, the foreign secretary, has pledged £1m to help support the documentation of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Thank you QQQQ for this article.

  182. 182
    Rose Says:

    @Go Figure!: Hi GF, when the trial started the jurors were told to clear their schedule until the middle of April. I’m with you about her lawyers they are both so bland they just droned on for hours. The new expert, Ms Alice DeViolette, sp on abusive is not going to withstand Juan Martinez cross. I can see it now, everything she contributed to Travis doing to Jodi, Mr Martinez going to turn it around on Jodi. There are so many instances of Jodi stalking Travis harassing him. I’m going to set aside time for Martinez cross. GF. They say people are lining up outside court to get Mr Martinez autograph, lol. After this case you know they will have him on tv.

  183. 183
    Angelooney Says:

    Busted really like what? Washiping ANGE don’t fool your self dear.
    Rose what don’t you agree with. You like a cat that wants affection .
    As for passing s!ite she have the guts to talk crap about others 24/7
    The b!tch thinks she the boss of the loons. Why get mad when ANGE
    Is talk about you hags do the same to others . What up with that? Yea
    I know it’s been 8years already get over it. But what you lonely looney
    Don’t its not about Jen …. Whom I think is a loser …everybody is not a lover of ANGE we all don’t pray at her veiny feet. Get this through your

  184. 184
    first and last post Says:


    thanks again QQQQ, didn’t see these until after I posted my last praise to you for finding these articles and posting them for us. All good ones that bring more awareness on a very important issue. Hopefully critics of AJ will learn to focus on the major issue at hand and not detract with their petty intentions to dispel the basic good that AJ does on these UN “goodwill” trips. Haters want to take away any positive and that always negates their own enlightenment…they are their own worse enemy.

  185. 185
    twitter Says:

    There was another screening. couple of tweets.

    Left the baseball game early to watch the premiere of world war z <333 brad pitt is a beast. Highly recommend it when it comes out :)

    Just saw World War Z. Go see it! Freaking awesome!

  186. 186
    Micha Says:

    Then what would you propose for her to do differently to help bring awareness to these issues? Let’s hear your ideas. Haters are always gonna hate, it’s in their soul and is plain as day to see.

    It is great that she brings awareness to these issues. Look, it got you to comment. I don’t see any other celebs doing as much, they worry more about how their hair looks, tanning and if their clothes match their partners. After all she is the UN goodwill ambassador, that’s her job and I think she is doing great!

  187. 187
    Micha Says:



  188. 188
    Angelooney Says:

    Rose. STFU & STFD that is old talk even for u babe. We come here b/c we done like ANGE . This site don’t belong to any of you nuts. You make fun of every person and talk the worst s!ite an u don’t think the same apply to that bloody B!tch.

  189. 189
    glamour of Ra pe sex slaves Says:

    some people are so stupid and full of hate that they lose any sense of shame.

    What is more glamorous ?? England or a refuge camp in Africa ??

    ——— HATE NEWS posted by an stupid idiot with severe mental problems and a resident bulling of JP spiting hate

    —” William Hague has come under fire for travelling to Africa with Angelina Jolie – rather than staying at home to face the somewhat less glamorous task of dealing with the European crisis.

    With the Hollywood star by his side, Mr Hague is meeting survivors of r ape and sexual violence in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Foreign Secretary and the Oscar-winning actress have also been meeting local political leaders and asking them to help eradicate sexual violence in conflicts. “—-

    i ask : It´s more glamorous to go to Africa and walk among the pour refuges in a camp full of millions of tents made of plastic bags,?

    it´s more glamorous to see the misery and the agony of childrens and womans without clothes and food, ??

    t´s more glamorous to talk with small childrens and womans r.ape by groups of insane mans??

    It´s more glamorous to leave your family and your good life in a trip to Africa?

    It´s more glamorous to meet a five years old little girl r.ape by a bunch of grow up idiots ??

    It´s more glamorous to spend time talking about R.APE of womans and childrens and sex slaves and crimes against humanity ???

    this all it´s more GLAMOROUS than stay in England or USA working in other problem ???


    you and me and Lord Darthvather and all world most praised and thanks Angie and the British Minister for doing this important trip and paying attention for this enormous problem fighting against SEx crimes and R.Ape in war zones.


  190. 190
    So Says:

    They are screening WWZ in Arizona again and is in 3D. god, I can’t wait to see the movie.

  191. 191
    lol Says:

    Who really cares if you don’t like ANGE ? LOL
    Do you realize how bitter you sound LOL

  192. 192
    Angelooney Says:

    Oh yea passing the time with white people . DUCKS really ? Passing big stools is full of dooooo……….and rose is a dump chick stupid as Can be.

  193. 193
    tweet Says:

    epnebelle ‏@epnebelle now

    For those asking, this week’s EW cover is Brad Pitt/World War Z

  194. 194
    flower Says:

    Mainly a lurker. But I won’t be returning until Jared returns the thumbs up, thumbs down feature. Bye Jared.. Everybody else who’d like said feature back should do the same.

  195. 195
    cute Says:

    Rose- it’s so bizarre. Troll spends THOUSANDS of days and nights in a row spewing lies about people they hate and bullying their fans- what a sad life is the life of a troll.  I NEVER give any hits to people I dislike or don’t care about- maybe it does have some mental condition.  

    Here’s another item- pretty much same info, but the headline is what got me…well, at least they are mentioning the victims and not just Angie’s jewelry!  The focus on the jewelry is so funny anyhow.  Anybody with any critical thinking ability knows 6 kids,a charitable foundation, multiple properties, 8+ years, and whole lotta love and pancakes mean far more than what piece of jewelry is being worn on a particular day.

    Jolie Gold Band Spotted Again, Actress Honors Rwandan Genocide Victims
    Angelina Jolie has been seen wearing the gold band that replaced her engagement ring again while in the Congo on Sunday. The Academy Award-winning actress embarked on a special visit to eastern Congo and Rwanda in order to raise awareness of sexual violence in war torn countries this week. Dressed in all black, Jolie laid wreaths at the Gisozi genocide memorial in the Rwandan capital of Kigali on Sunday. The ceremony honored the estimated 800,000 victims that died during the country’s 1994 violence between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes.In addition to the headlines made over her sympathy for the genocide victims, Jolie’s gold band worn on her wedding finger have sparked rumors that she may have already married fiancé Brad Pitt.
    Jolie and Pitt have been together since 2005 and share six children together. The pair announced their engagement late last year, but have not confirmed any wedding plans.
    Meanwhile, Jolie is a special envoy for the U.N. refugee agency. The 37-year-old actress traveled to the Nzulo camp near Goma along with British Foreign Secretary William Hague over the weekend and will visit the area’s female natives, according to the Associated Press. Sexual violence is commonly used as a weapon of war by rebel groups that operate in eastern Congo, as well as by Congolese soldiers. Jolie’s visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as Rwanda will raise awareness about its presence in war zones.

    Read more at 

  196. 196
    Angelooney Says:

    The facts have slap the hags in the face now all quiet from them. Notthing to say looney? ………LOL just giving back some of what you all gave to others like BEN & JEN…. GC……JA. …..CH……..TC……….GB……. an on an on. AS I EXIT JUST REMEMBER ME THE PERSON WHOM GIVE AS GOOD AS YOU BIT@ HES GIVE TO OTHERS I BE BACK hahahahahaha……………hahahahahaha ha…………WHEN IAM NEEDED BUY.

  197. 197
    Sherry (not from JPW) Says:

    Good Day JP fans,

    Just had to comment. Compare and contrast, one of these things is not like the other. On the one hand there is Goopy, wanting to flat iron your hair, and in another, Angelina Jolie out in the field, meeting with the real women whose lives she trying to help change. What a funny ol’ world we live in. And in yet another corner, there is Ticky, braying about how so very happy she is with her bought man…..Yest we live in a funny ol’ world allright. LOL

  198. 198
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    Don’t be a hypocrite dear. Or do you think that hating on Aniston, Clooney, Affleck, Garner, Paltrow and every other celebrity makes you look like bitter as well as insane? LOL.

  199. 199
    Linda Says:

    This is the first time Angie wearing a gold band on her ring finger ever since they got together. They definitely are married.

  200. 200
    tweet Says:

    Derek Dolitsky ‏@derekdolitsky13 now

    Mrs. Hopsons uses Brad Pitt as a metaphor in #Chemistry

  201. 201
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    Yes, yes buh bye JP troll, you won’t be missed. The Brangelina forum is a nice place for loons, or so I hear. The thumbs feature was disabled because you loons could never use it without cheating. I am glad I had part in exposing you all. :D

  202. 202
    Passing Through Says:

    OT for 4Q & Premalee -
    Did you guys see that Nole lost to Tommy Haas in the round of 16 in Key Biscayne? What’s up with Nole? First he suced at Indian Wells and now Miami. He had a lot of points to defende just like Roger. Since he lost before the quarters and Roger didn’t play at all that’s going to make the points race a little tighter. Now I need someone to knock off Murray & Berdych so My Boo has a better chance of winning a Masters 1000 event…

  203. 203
    fyi Says:

    Another article written by Cathy Newman

    Wednesday 27 March 2013

    Warzone rape: a plea to the president of Congo

    Visiting Congo with film star Angelina Jolie, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague goes to Kinshasa to lobby President Kabila to back their campaign against warzone rape.

    After days touring the fetid, muddy camps for people who have fled the fighting, William Hague’s visit to President Kabila at his residence on the banks of the mighty river Congo couldn’t have been more of a contrast.

    Admittedly, Kinshasa is nearly a thousand miles from Goma, where the foreign secretary has been meeting women displaced by the conflict between different rebel groups and government forces. But it might as well be a different country.

    The women in the camps told Mr Hague about a life of fear and desperation. They’re at daily risk of being raped by rebels like the M23 or the Mai-Mai or, indeed, the Congolese army. And it was their testimony which informed Mr Hague’s discussion with the president this morning.
    Private meeting

    President Kabila has a reputation for being extremely reserved and reluctant to speak publicly. Perhaps this has something to do with the assassination of his father, whom he succeeded as president on his death in 2001.

    Or perhaps it’s because he’s reluctant to be challenged on why people in this country – which has more diamonds, gold and rich agricultural land than any other in Africa – live in abject poverty.

    Whatever the reason, we were told that, despite travelling with the foreign secretary all week, we wouldn’t get anywhere near the meeting with the president. Apparently, Mr Kabila’s usual practice is to admit the first car in the motorcade before abruptly bringing down the barrier, no matter how many hangers-on his visitor has brought.

    I’m told that once Mr Hague’s car gained access to the presidential residence, he was shown into the steaming heat of the tropical garden.

    There, officials say a big chunk of the discussion revolved around the foreign secretary’s campaign against warzone rape. The women we spoke to in the camps are some of the 200,000 – probably a huge under-estimate – raped in the country since 1998.
    Loss of moral authority

    Mr Hague emphasised the importance of treating women with respect. Mr Kabila was apparently keen to listen. But it was less clear he grasped the scale of the problem.

    Dr Jonathan Lusi, the gynaecologist we met yesterday, who repairs the horrific internal injuries caused by rape, says that years of war in the country have triggered a complete breakdown of all the structures of society and governance we take for-granted. There is, Dr Lusi told me, no “moral authority” in the Congo any more.

    There’s a contrast here with the rape that occurred during the Bosnian war. There it was part of a systematic programme of ethnic cleansing. It was an organised campaign – and no less terrifying for that. Here though, you get the sense from Dr Lusi that it’s a free-for-all, where anything goes. That’s going to be much harder to put a stop to, because the problem goes much deeper.

    The conversation between Mr Hague and Mr Kabila was cordial, even constructive, government officials say.

    The foreign secretary gave him his book on William Pitt – the youngest British prime minister at 26. Mr Kabila took over from his father at 29. Now 41, no doubt he’s too busy trying to forge an uneasy peace to read the foreign secretary’s bon mots.

    The incidence of sexual violence in the Congo is, to coin a phrase from the foreign secretary, a “monstrosity”. But it’s a monstrosity that Mr Kabila appears content – or obliged – to resolve another day or another decade.

  204. 204
    Passing Through Says:

    # 194 tweet @ 03/27/2013 at 1:45 pm
    Hmmmm…doesn’t look like Brad actually gave an interview. It’s probably a re-hash of all the BS THR and Vulture claimed went down…

  205. 205
    QQQQ Says:

    Passing Through @ 03/27/2013 at 2:33 pm
    I watched it and Haas was on fire. He didn’t try to out hit Nole, he hit him with a variety of shot, slices, droppers, a lot of net plays. (RF needs to go back to playing this way instead of staying on the baseline like the big hitters but that’s another story) Plus it was very windy and cold, Nole doesn’t like the cold and he doesn’t do well in the wind. IMO, Nole didn’t play poorly, Haas was just in top form last night.
    Yeah, I am hoping some one will take both out especially Murray. If not your boo, then hopefully Haas will win it. Your boo already won a Masters 1000, think last Oct/Nov, in Paris.

  206. 206
    The ring Says:

    See Gisele Bündchen’s Adorable Beach Baby Vivian

    How Kate Is Preparing for Baby
    Porsha Stewart Thanks Fans for Their ‘Prayers’ After Divorce News
    TV WATCH 12:35PM EDT

    First-to-Go Club: Dorothy Hamill Joins List of DWTS’s Early Dismissals
    TV WATCH 12:15PM EDT

    Get to Know Nick D’Aloisio – the Newest Teen Multimillionaire
    11:55AM EDT

    Inside Jessica & Ashlee’s ‘Very Sweet’ Family Dinner
    Most Read
    Baby Girl on the Way for Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk
    Channing Tatum’s Here to Save the President – and Looks Great Doing it!
    10:30AM EDT
    Gov. Chris Christie: Prince Harry Won’t Go Naked in New Jersey

    where is our Jolie and her humanitarian trip?

  207. 207
    The ring Says:
    How Matt Lauer Nixed Possible Female Producers on Today »

    Melissa Gorga Reveals Sexy Cover of New Book Love Italian Style »
    Halle Berry, 46, Shows Off Amazing Bikini Body on Hawaiian Vacation »

    Halle Berry, 46, Shows Off Amazing Bikini Body on Hawaiian Vacation »

    Porsha Stewart on Kordell Divorce: “Thank You for Your Prayers” »
    Judge Judy’s Son Accused of Interfering With Child Rape Case »
    Kendall Jenner: “I’m Constantly Criticized for Being Too Skinny” »
    Today’s Jenna Wolfe Comes Out, Is Having a Baby With Her Girlfriend »
    The Wolverine Releases Full-Length Trailer Starring Hugh Jackman »

    Read more:
    Follow us: @usweekly on Twitter | usweekly on Facebook

    where is our Jolie and her humanitarian trip?

  208. 208
    lurker Says:

    stupid loser troll,us weekly had the story yesterday,by the way who cares this trip was covered by the worlds legit media so STFU

  209. 209
    lurker Says:

    crdt JPO
    UK Foreign Secretary & Angelina Jolie attend screening of DRC gender justice film
    27 March 2013
    On 26 March 2013, the UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, and Angelina Jolie met with the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice and some of its DRC partners for a special screening of their gender justice film, Our Voices Matter, in Goma, Eastern DRC. In response to the film, UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie said: “We came to the DRC to highlight issues of sexual violence and you have made our work easier – the film says it all. It is often difficult for women to speak about these types of experiences and it is incredible that they trusted the organisation and your partners to tell their stories – the film was very moving. This is just the beginning of our collaboration on these issues.”

    The UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, congratulated the Women’s Initiatives on its work and said that “what you are doing to promote accountability for sexual violence is very important, and I am happy to announce funding for the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice of GBP 850,000 (US$1.3 million) over the next three years to further support your work.”

    “The priority being given to this issue by the UK government is helping to mobilise a strategic response to reduce the high levels of impunity for crimes of sexual violence common in situations of armed conflict such as in Eastern DRC,” said Brigid Inder, Executive Director of the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice.

    Read the full press release

    View Our Voices Matter

  210. 210
    lurker Says:

    us weekly, for stupid loser troll

    Angelina Jolie Wears Gold Band on Ring Finger, Visits Africa on Mission to Fight Rape: Picture


    Actress Angelina Jolie and the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague visit a rescue camp for women on March 25, 2013 in the Democratic Republic of Congo to raise awareness of warzone rape.
    Did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie manage to pull off the impossible — a secret wedding in Hollywood? During a trip to a rescue camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo this week, Pitt’s 37-year-old fiancee was spotted with some mysterious new bling on her ring finger: a simple gold band where her giant platinum engagement sparkler used to be.

    PHOTOS: Brad and Angelina’s PDA

    The Maleficent actress and special envoy of the United Nations’ refugee agency is currently in Africa with British Foreign Secretary William Hague to raise awareness of warzone rape in the Congo and Rwanda. On Monday, March 25, she visited a rescue camp to meet with survivors of sexual violence.

    Jolie, who has six kids with longtime love Pitt, pledged last year to devote more time to her humanitarian work. “I wake up in the morning as a mom, and I turn on the news like everybody else, and I see what’s happening,” she said. “I want to be part of the world in a positive way.”

    PHOTOS: Angelina goes global

    The star noted that her family played a large part in her desire to help others. She and Pitt adopted three of their children from other countries and have made a concerted effort to stay connected to those cultures.

    And to each other, of course. Last spring, after seven years together, the World War Z actor popped the question with a ring he designed himself — an emerald-cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, estimated to be around 16 carats total and worth approximately $500,000.

    PHOTOS: How Brad and Angie fell in love

    The A-list couple had said previously that they wouldn’t wed until the ban on gay marriage was reversed, but in January 2012, Pitt hinted that they had changed their minds. “We’d actually like to,” he told The Hollywood Reporter of tying the knot, “and it seems to mean more and more to our kids.”

    “We made this declaration some time ago that we weren’t going to do it till everyone can. But I don’t think we’ll be able to hold out,” he continued. “It means so much to my kids, and they ask a lot. And it means something to me, too, to make that kind of commitment.”

    Read more:
    Follow us: @usweekly on Twitter | usweekly on Facebook

  211. 211
    Janey Says:

    those FAKE ass hollywood ******* should learn from Angie. She talks the talk and walk the walk. she has been doing this for years. and I am so proud of her word.

  212. 212
    Dyesebelle Says:

    Great role model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. 213
    JUBILEE Says:

    Great job Angelina, you are an inspiration. A wonderful, caring woman who is a great role model. More power to you Angelina in your humanitarian, professional, and personal life.

  214. 214
    Jones Says:

    March 26, 2013, 5:15 PM

    Angelina Jolie has called for an end to the “impunity” of those who carry out rape in warzones during a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo with British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

    Jolie and Hague have been meeting with women and girls in eastern Congo, where sexual violence is rampant and frequently used as a weapon of war by rebel groups, as well as by Congolese soldiers.

    Their joint trip comes after they met in London last year and launched the U.K.’s Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative.

    “It’s been going on in every war, every crisis and it’s often an afterthought — and it’s due time to end this, and put an end to impunity, and [the Congolese people] deserve it,” Jolie said.

    The International Rescue Committee says it has provided care to more than 2,500 women and girls who have been raped or abused over the last year alone. The IRC is handing out kits with flashlights and whistles, as well as cleaning products so that women can avoid bathing at creeks where the risk of assault is higher.

    Jolie and Hague visited a refugee camp of about 10,000 displaced Congolese people, where the Oscar-winning actress was quick to note their resilience.

    “It’s often that we speak about the drama and the pain and the horrors of the Congo but it’s also a wonderful place with extraordinary people,” Jolie said during her visit to the camp.

    Those wishing to help can learn more here.

  215. 215
    Julia Says:

    @busted: her and the post office. LOL

  216. 216
    UNHCRlovesAJ Says:

    Beautiful in and out. I’m so proud to be a fan of a very caring person who uses her star power to bring attention to the plight of these oppressed women in war torn countries.

  217. 217
    cee Says:

    Isn’t it nice of the ring to save us JP fans from visiting all those tabloids and mags that don’t have news about our Angie and her humanitarian trip. The major news media has covered it and thst is all I care about. We will have all wackos go nuts next week when Angie speaks at the WIW conference. Also get ready for Huvane to come up with some way to throwTicky in our faces.

  218. 218
    QQQQ Says:

    Why would people_tab cover this AJ’s story. It’s not about fake hair, exercising, hot body, how “happy” one is or about a wedding.

  219. 219
    Jones Says:
    March 27, 2013

    Video footage of Angie and William Hague at Nzolo Camp, Democratic Republic of Congo on March 25.

    I love it when Angie gets out her notepad! This woman does not mess around. She’s there to get shite done. Love her!

  220. 220
    So Says:

    fyi @ 03/27/2013 at 2:41 pm
    There was a British Prime Minister named William Pitt. He was the youngest Prime Minister. interesting.

  221. 221
    Passing Through Says:

    # 207 QQQQ @ 03/27/2013 at 2:46 pm
    I hear ya about Roger. Nole not liking the cold is funny since his parents used to have a restaurant in the mountains in Serbia. They may still have it but I’m not sure. I know Nole doesn’t like the wind though because he beyotched about at the US Open last year.
    Now, I have to tell on myself. The main reason I want My Boo to win is because it will put him ahead of BDB in the rankings. Since Roger’s not going to be playing probably until early May he’s going to drop to at least 3rd, maybe 4th if BDB wins all the clay titles again – as expected. Frankly I’d rather see him in Nole’s half than BDBs or Murray’s. If Murray wins he’ll probably pass Roger for #2. That way if Roger loses before the final then I won’t have to watch BDB dig his undies out of his ass for 3 hours. Self-preservation…that’s what I’m all about. My Boo wins…saves my eyesight…he loses…Roger’s in BDB’s half of the draw…

  222. 222
    silly moose Says:


    u mad brah? y u mad though?

  223. 223
    silly moose Says:


    u sound like the mental patient who shot john lennon, gotta tell ya.

  224. 224
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Jolie’s true talent is exploiting people’s tragedies for self gain. That has been her main goal, advised by her PR team, as her career was on a downward spiral after the brother-kissing scandal, the drugs, the BBT drug vial-carrying and in-your-face relationship, the mental institution stint, and the cheating scandal and homewrecking that she caused. She simply needed something to whitewash her sordid, shameful and disgraceful past. That’s when she began her child collecting with her first legally-questionable adoption and created this fauxmanitarian character.

    Who can take seriously someone who publicly denounce wars and pretend to sympathize with victims of violence when said person is in fact an avid advocate of unrestricted gun possession and has even a $400K armory built in her house? The oppressors of these refugees carry many of the same guns that Ho and Pothead have stored in there. What a huge indecency and shameless fallacy is to support the gun manufacturing industry by buying from them, when they also sell these guns to those who have used them on the innocent people that she claims to care about.

    There’s your idol loons… a hypocrite, a phony, and a disgusting human being through and through.

  225. 225
    Eva Says:

    Angie and Brad are forces, they determine to make this world a better place, they walk their talk.

  226. 226
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Stupid cow, the mental patient who shot Lennon was in fact a fan, just like you, and just like the guy who shot Ronald Regan because he wanted to impress Jodie Foster. I would say any of you loons fit that profile to a T.

    The reason why Jolie and Pitt have bodyguards is to protect them and their kids from you insane people, who think they know them well and are personally invested in their lives. They have nothing to fear from detractors who call them out on their media manipulation schemes.

    With that in mind, eff off and have a nice day, JP troll. :D

  227. 227
    Lucian Says:

    I really hope Angelina can accomplish her mission, such a noble cause and it will save a lot of people.

  228. 228
    Premalee Says:

    @PT – #204

    I do not want Murray to win.Your Boo is playing now and he so cute. Got to watch the match.

  229. 229
    Bea Says:

    Wow – the hens are really clucking today – how entertaining!

    That’s okay bitter pills I’m sure that very soon there will be a thrilling series of articles on how your Ticky manages such a busy life – making another flop movie, buying a balding little unemployed man and letting her mother die slowly while she vacations in Meh-he-coe.

    That’s your Ticky – vapid, fat and sad. Woo hoo for all of you.

  230. 230
    valis202 Says:

    LOL. The trolls especially Tams**t. Who would have thought that reading the comments of deluded mental patients could be so funny.

    Thanks for the giggles.

  231. 231
    lurker Says:

    poor piece of shi* troll,she gets no love here lol

  232. 232
    UGH Says:

    Poor tickys mother! I bet tickys mom likes Angelina better than her own daughter lmao

  233. 233
    Oreally? Says:

    Notice the pictures Angie had forward to the press don’t show a clear shot of her midsection…just to keep them guessing. What a media ho!

  234. 234
    Oreally? Says:

    LOL! And I guess all that bad press she received yesterday over her wearing a temporary replacement to her engagement ring, with a simple, less extravagant one hit home because she didn’t release photo’s including her ring finger either. The most contrived person ever.

  235. 235
    still not married Says:


  236. 236
    lOl Says:

    Finally I finished and come to see what is up after a week…..
    and c ouple threads of Angie … she is doing great in what she believe in go her!

  237. 237
    valis202 Says:

    In regards to a previous post by PT about the attitudes towards women in certain cultures that enables men to think that it is ok to rape women. I totally agree with her point that it is going to be difficult to change the attitude of these men.

    I remember reading an article about the rape of little girls in Southern Africa by men who have been infected by the HIV virus. In some parts, they believe that having sex with a virgin will cure then of the virus, so they see nothing wrong with raping young girls (even babies in fact) because they believe that it will cure them.

    If you are dealing with steadfast beliefs like that, then it seems it’s going to be an uphill battle trying to change attitudes.

  238. 238
    lOl Says:

    …and WWZ tralier fab. I am in zombies june 2013 lol

  239. 239
    lOl Says:

    …and as usual nothing new with the trolls you can go a year and same old same old. pathetics

  240. 240
    anorexicjolie Says:

    I suppose it stretches the loons little vapid minds to believe that because one sees right thru this charade of a woman they automatically are a Jen fan….pfft. get past it already you loonygoonies….the rest of the world most certainly has moved on (evidently Jennifer Aniston has too)

  241. 241
    valis202 Says:


    What bad press? Why is she contrived. She has an engagement ring that she knows would be inappropriate to wear to the places that she is going however she still wants to keep a token in regards to the fact that she is engaged. Why is it contrived. And again what bad press did she get.

  242. 242
    lOl Says:

    @lurker: sweet Brad also wearing that.Did they actually done it? you never know with them :D

  243. 243
    liverwurst Says:

    It is so disgusting how this woman travels the world with her own personal photographer on the pretense of drawing attention to heart wrenching situations, only to fly back via private jet to one of her many multi-million dollar estates, filled with priceless art, maids, servants and nannies. UGH! How can she sleep at night?

  244. 244
    lOl Says:

    @busted: you can’t be busted.

  245. 245
    valis202 Says:

    Would the trolls please outline what it is about Angelina that makes her a charade. I have seen nothing that she has done in her life that warrants labelling her as such.

    It’s interesting that the trolls throw these words out about Angie such as fake, charade etc, etc,etc, without ever explaining what it is about her that warrants the abuse she gets.

    So trolls can you construct a coherent argument, free of rumour, conjecture and plain nastiness to justify your believe that Angie is not genuine in what she does. PLEASE

  246. 246
    Mita Says:

    This Tamshit have to be so ugly and rotten on the inside to have such anger and so much hate, as if Angie have killed her entire family or something, sadly being ugly and look rotten on the outside does that to people.

  247. 247
    virus alert Says:

    #245 busted @ 03/27/2013 at 4:51 pm
    Don’t click on the link, it is virus. Maniston hens lost their freakin minds, steal fan’s name and post virus. They are really in pain.

  248. 248
    valis202 Says:


    Your an idiot. But what can we expect as your idol is Jennifer Aniston. For the record, what have you done lately to highlight the issue of rape against woman and children in Sub Saharan Africa?

  249. 249
    Billy Bob Thorton Says:


  250. 250
    oreally? Says:

    @valis202: The fact that Angie is acknowledging the hypocrisy of her ring is inappropriate while in a devastated country where her ring alone would provide housing and counseling for thousands of rape victims is the point my dear.

  251. 251
    just sayin Says:

    Angie is million times better woman than Maniston.

  252. 252
    Billy Bob Thorton Says:


  253. 253
    hehehe Says:

    Maniston hens are having a nerve breakdown. hehehe

  254. 254
    Rose Says:

    Angelina and her ring are driving all FF fans to have a nervous breakdown.

    All FF trolls are at JJ and on Angie’s thread, I love it. Take your Tylenol trolls, Angie is married to Brad Pitt, Now go scream at the ocean before you have a stroke from high blood pressure. You have to calm down. Things are not going to get better.

    You know Angie never wore gold band on her ring finger since she’s been with Brad. Do the math. I love rubbing it in trolls face.

    Btw, when is Ticky and squiggs wedding, cricket, cricket.

  255. 255
    PassingPoo Says:

    So now Jolie is in the middle of a shitty divorce. lol Is it the first time?

  256. 256
    liverwurst Says:

    @valis202: Everything I said is valid and you know it. ANgie is doing absolutely nothing but getting her picture taken. What have YOU done for the female victims in the Congo you loon? Your idol is there representing your crazy azz….hows it working for you?

  257. 257
    still not married Says:


  258. 258
    PassingPoo Says:

    Now Jolie is in the middle of a shitty divorce. lol Is it the first time?

  259. 259
    PassingPoo Says:

    Mister Hankey says ‘Howdy Ho’ to BAMPZSKVille!

  260. 260
    sam and elliot Says:

    She really doesn’t look that special without her army of stylist now does she? OLD HAG.

  261. 261
    So Says:

    Maniston hens write fake fiction and post virus. They are losing it, aren’t they?

  262. 262
    Jenny Shimizu Says:


  263. 263
    tweet Says:

    connor larsen ‏@clwegotthatfire now

    brad Pitt is a god damn legend in killing me softly “now pay me my fuc-king money”

  264. 264
    valis202 Says:


    She recently became engaged to her partner of 8 years. Why isn’t she entitled to have an engagement ring?

  265. 265
    Jenny Shimizu Says:

    Lets name all the men Angie’s slept with that have been in commitments with other women. I cant count that high…I must be a loon.

  266. 266
    a fan Says:

    I have a great respect for Angie. She has helped so many people all over the world. Without her, those people would be ignored by the world.

  267. 267
    tweet Says:

    adam poveromo ‏@AdamPov now

    *5 Stars* for ‘Killing Them Softly’. Amazing. Brad Pitt tremendous performance.

  268. 268
    plz Says:

    fans, please ignore Maniston hags, Angie’s ring drives them over edge.

  269. 269
    valis202 Says:

    @liverwurst: @liverwurst:

    I’ve given money to charity in regards to rape victims in Africa, am a member of Amnesty International and when I was younger I did some work in Ghana for an organisation called the Princes Trust based in England. That’s how I helped. So back to my previous question what have you done?

  270. 270
    let's see Says:

    This is not the first time Angie goes to humanitarian trip since engagement. In previous trips,
    She took engagement ring off. But this time she wears a gold band on her ring finger. Everything points to they have already been married.

  271. 271
    a lurker Says:

    Maniston hens are so dumb, tabloids are their bibles.

  272. 272
    PassingPoo Says:

    The wedding at Sh.iteau Miraval must now be down the crapper.

  273. 273
    Rose Says:

    The zombies are here! the zombies are here!! all FF zambies are at JJ site worrying about Angelina and the Wedding band on her ring finger.

    Where is Ticky and her unemployed gaggle? When is Ticky getting married?
    Who is making Ticky’s wedding dress? Did Ticky’s unemployed gigalo got a JOB!!?, oh, he’s still living off Ticky. Poor Ticky had to buy a stolen man. Ha, ha, ha, lol.

  274. 274
    lurker Says:

    maniston fat tick hens are having a meltdown,angie even at her was looks million times sbetter than grandma hag maniston

  275. 275
    lurker Says:

    @miiacooper 42s
    Don’t you just love Angelina Jolie. Mother of six, UN Ambassador and actress. Oh and naturally very beautiful..

  276. 276
    valis202 Says:


    I understand why you feel that way, but sometimes I feel that we should take them on simply because they are full of s**t. How can you came onto a site a criticize somebody who gives a damn enough to try and do some thing constructive in the world while all they do is sit behind a keyboard a spew hatred against a 37 year old, mother of 6 who has done nothing absolutely nothing to these idiots.

    The world is such a shi**y place right now and I just think it would be more constructive for these halfwits to direct their anger at somebody like Robert Mugabe or the soldiers and politicians who are complicit in the rape of these women and children rather than Angie.

  277. 277
    Jen the Loser Says:

    JL aka Jen the Loser is in da house, while Jen the Loser thread is dead and only get 3 extra post in 3 days, Jen the psycho dysfunctional Loser is haunting this board with all his hate and jealousy LOL

  278. 278
    tweet Says:

    Aidan McQuade ‏@the_mcquade 4m

    Just watched #BradPitt/#GeorgeVHiggins movie Killing Them Softly on plane. Superb tough little thriller:great dialogue, great performances.

  279. 279
    lOl Says:

    jared what the F almost 2 hrs your site wasn’t working crazy.

  280. 280
    lurker Says:

    This week’s cover: Brad Pitt’s epic struggle to make ‘World War Z’

    by EW staff
    Tags: Brad Pitt, This Week’s Cover, World War Z, Movies
    Comments +Add comment

    Nobody ever said making the most expensive zombie movie of all time would be easy. For Brad Pitt and the filmmakers behind the upcoming thriller World War Z, it certainly hasn’t been. This week’s issue of EW takes you inside the tumultuous production of the blockbuster hopeful, which has involved reshoots, re-writes, and a budget that has ballooned from $125 million to over $170 million. “These movies are very intricate puzzles, and you have to keep winding the mechanisms,” Pitt says, while on the Paramount lot.
    World War Z, which is based on the best-selling book by Max Brooks, took six years to develop and shoot, and a carousel of writers had their hands on the script before the project ever moved into production. Even after the initial shoot, the script overhaul continued. In October 2011, Paramount brought on Prometheus scribe Damon Lindelof to help tweak the third act, and Lindelof enlisted The Cabin in the Woods director and co-writer Drew Goddard for some assistance. Their changes called for five weeks of reshoots — not to mention an extensive portion of the film shot in Budapest ending up on the cutting room floor. “At the time I was really interested in a more political film,” says Pitt of the cut Budapest scenes. “[But] we got bogged down in it; it was too much to explain. It gutted the fun of what these films are meant to be.”
    Perhaps that sense of “fun” was missing due to reported on-set tension between Pitt and his German-born director, Marc Forster, the helmer of Finding Neverland and Quantum of Solace. When asked to address rumors that they stopped speaking to each other during shooting, Forster and Pitt both shrug. “We’re in here every day, pounding away,” Pitt says.
    At the end of the day, both Forster and Pitt, who is also producing the film, want World War Z to be the exciting, franchise-launching hit they both believe it could be. (If it does well, there are plans to turn it into a trilogy.) They hope audiences will respond to the film’s lightning-fast zombies that move in animal pack formations, and — as the new trailer proves — can swarm like a colony of ants to mount a huge wall. “[We asked] how to do it differently because
    it’s been done so many times and been done pretty damn well,” says Pitt.
    GET EW ON YOUR TABLET: Subscribe today and get instant access!
    Did their vision of fast zombies come across “pretty damn well” on the screen? That’s for you to decide when the movie hits theaters on June 21. But if you’re eager for more on World War Z’s tough road to production, check out this week’s issue. Also inside, you’ll find a first look at Wolverine, an exclusive preview of the CW’s new Vampire Diaries spin-off, and all the scoop about the battle currently raging between NBC and Leno.
    For more on World War Z, pick up this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands Friday, March 29.

  281. 281
    lOl Says:

    your site is still extermly slow to post to change pages boring check later

  282. 282
    lurker Says:

    looks like angelina is back home

    Undateable Potato ‏@emmamac1602 14m
    Angelina Jolie is at the same airport as us…

    Undateable Potato ‏@emmamac1602 14m

  283. 283
    fyi12 Says:

    This BBC video of the Congo trip is so sad. Absolutely no one deserves this & it has to be stopped. They also deserve justice & protection for them to move forward!

  284. 284
    lOl Says:

    @lurker: great story i saw looking around abit earlier now, .
    I would love to see a normal couple mode, not the toomuch wedding mode, not hype, not my life is over , I am quitting, or not any kind of depressing mode of any kind , the happy person who jokes and talks tease about may be his family or whatever…… my wish offcourse.
    secrately I worry… as a real person that if the “other ” actors movies especially didn’t do well, their “hos” will be beat up wwz as we have seen talking about the “book” and pretending fans who cared about things like that…..
    I want to see how the zombies are, the suspense is the story line everything. I am so waiting very much.

  285. 285
    lOl Says:

    so is mommmy is home now from the trip? It is a great cause but for some reasons people have less ears for this kind of efforts it seems.. too bad and sad.

  286. 286
    lurker Says:

    wow thanks so sad

    new video

    WORLD LATEST NEWS ‏@BammyOfficial 14m
    Angelina Jolie visits the DRC: Mar. 27 – Angelina Jolie meets victims of war zone rape in Africa. Rough Cut (N…

  287. 287
    lurker Says:

    Do not adress me troll,fu*k off

  288. 288
    Some Bunny Says:

    Hello to the fans,

    I am still lurking here every day & really miss the thumbs gadget. Sometimes I want to reach through my monitor and slap the trolls here silly. I see Tampon changed his name to the ring to match the one around his sweaty puffed up neck collar.

    I don’t know how Angelina Jolie does it? This beautiful woman has always kept her clutches on my heart in all that she does for this world. She is like a angel to me with her generosity and kindness and being a voice for so many. God love sweet and graceful Angelina Jolie! No wonder she still has her man Brad, to hold her close every night, where would he be without the “love of his life?”

    Many Many Blessings to the JP’s and to their family and friends and to their fans here and all over the world. <3

  289. 289
    lurker Says:

    full video,angie is amazing

    Channel 4 News ‏@Channel4News 1h
    Warzone rape: William Hague and Angelina Jolie visit refugee camps – @cathynewman reports from the Congo … #C4news

  290. 290
    lOl Says:

    Angie is beauty in motion ane more when she put her hair down and relaxed . She is .

  291. 291
    lurker Says:

    The story of the little girl raped is horrific

  292. 292
    lOl Says:

    biiiitchhhh tell him what is blocking his way for number one, if you care about him. His mangagment has been killing him almost crusifying him and I don’t want that for him so I said it again.

  293. 293
    umm Says:

    Can the bipolar troll carry get lost?

  294. 294
    tweet Says:

    Ian McGuinness ‏@IMcGuin 37m

    Brad Pitt is such a legend #moneyball

  295. 295
    lOl Says:

    New thread.

  296. 296
    lOl Says:

    @umm: talke your buddies carry away and s up

  297. 297
    new thread Says:

    — New Angie Thread-

    she is back home in LA

  298. 298
    anustin Says:

    phool,hello lady, my Montreal right now is rainning cats and dog.

    bless my girl, safe.

  299. 299
    BAP Says:


  300. 300
    BAP Says:


  301. 301
    Jay Says:

    @derr: she went to those countries do your research

  302. 302
    Jen The HAG Says:

    liverwurst @ 03/27/2013 at 5:01 pm

    @valis202: Everything I said is valid and you know it. ANgie is doing absolutely nothing but getting her picture taken. What have YOU done for the female victims in the Congo you loon? Your idol is there representing your crazy azz….hows it working for you?
    The UK already pledge 1 million to help their cost and For the first time in G8’s history, the subject of war rape will be discussed in London on April 11. I hope you FUGLISTON knows what a G8 is.. so FYI for the braindead TICKY’s fans .. “The Group of Eight (G8) is an economic and political organization designed to bring about discussion and effect change among the world’s most powerful nations. It includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Although the leaders of these countries keep in touch to varying degrees anyway, they meet as the G8 summit once a year in order to discuss the state of world economics and politics. ”

    While Angelina Jolie is discusing issues of great importance the FUGLISTOn can’t get over that their FUGLY idol was dumped by Brad Pitt a hundred years ago according to their idol themselves. And yes FUGLISTON this work of Angelina Jolie is not covered by the tabloid s.h.i.t which the FUGLISTON only read but it was covered by BBC and all the legitimate medias out there that do not report lame starlet called JENNIFER F.U.C.KNISTON !!

    Now that we schooled you FUGLISTOn go share the info with your idol TICKY and the deadbeat TAMSHIT bwahahahh!!!

  303. 303
    le Says:

    Anjie got married while at the private island. I taught evryone knew about it.
    Her family and Brad’s family were all there. She wore a very pretty dress, and the kids looked gorgeous. They also spent the honeymonn there while the family stayed an additional week. We worked the night before and only a few were chosen to help out during the ceremony. She’s been married for a little while. Bard wore his ring, but I don’t see it now. THEY ARE MARRIED!!!

  304. 304
    Phool Says:

    Make It Right
    Kansas City Watch: NEW PHOTOS! Make It Right is converting an historic school in Kansas City into a LEED Platinum housing and community complex, including 50 affordable rental units for veterans, seniors and people in need. Click here to see new photos of our progress:

  305. 305
    Phool Says:

    March/April 2013
    Guest Editor: Tom Darden
    A conversation with Make It Right’s executive director, Brad Pitt’s man on the ground in New Orleans
    By Melanie Loth

    Tom Darden is the executive director of Make It Right, a nonprofit organization building LEED Platinum homes in disadvantaged neighborhoods of New Orleans.
    The Make It Right foundation is doing some amazing things in post-Katrina New Orleans. Although Brad Pitt is the celebrity face of the organization, Tom Darden is the man who makes everything happen. As the organization’s executive director, Darden is essentially a nonprofit developer in the Lower Ninth Ward—he’s finding the families, securing the financing, and coordinating the construction for 150 homes. Homes by the likes of Frank Gehry and Thom Mayne.

    Darden carved time out of his busy schedule to serve as gb&d’s Guest Editor for our Mar/Apr 2012 issue. We ended up talking about everything from his accidental ascent to executive director of Make It Right to the daily challenges of acting as a de facto nonprofit developer. He also shared with us an innovative (and affordable!) prefab, a new book by William McDonough (whom he’s lucky enough to call a family friend), and his effort to build the nation’s largest concentration of LEED Platinum homes. Read the conversation and see his picks below.

    Green Building & Design: Tom, you were the first volunteer for Make It Right, but what made you decide to volunteer for this purpose as opposed to other Hurricane Katrina relief programs?

    Tom Darden: That’s a bit of a long story. I heard about Brad Pitt’s idea for helping rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward sustainably from William McDonough; Bill’s a family friend of ours. He received a call from Brad and the architecture firm GRAFT, and they were brainstorming how they could help. My real-estate partner, at the time, and I were looking for a way to do some volunteer work after the storm but weren’t really sure how to get plugged in. So I heard about this concept, and we volunteered to do some research on this idea.

    Pick No. 1: Nest. “The Nest thermostat learns your habits and adjusts the temperature automatically to your personal preferences. It’s the best programmable thermostat on the market for saving energy while keeping your home warm or cool. Plus, it just released its second generation.”
    gb&d: Before Make It Right, you’d worked in sustainable development. Was that a factor in becoming its executive director?

    TD: When I became executive director, it was more that I was the guy who was standing there. After the volunteer work that I did, we put together a plan for how to go about building these houses. We worked really closely with the community to develop a concept, and then we set up the 501(c)3. Once we rolled out the effort publicly, we had volunteer architects contribute the designs. My role as a volunteer sort of shifted, and I became the first employee, I guess you could say, of this new foundation.

    gb&d: You have some of the biggest names in architecture designing for Make It Right. How did you get them on board?

    Pick No. 2: Adobe Online. “Adobe now has all its design programs online and available for a small monthly fee. Great to have these powerful design tools available at an affordable price for small businesses or nonprofits.”
    TD: Brad had the idea of asking the world’s best architects to help think about this problem: How do you rebuild a community that was completely devastated in a way that’s going to be sustainable for the long-term? The ultimate goal is to design around the needs of these families, and so, who better to ask for their input than some of the world’s most creative minds in architecture? Originally, we wanted nine firms because we just seemed to keep coming across this idea of nine. We were working in the Lower Ninth Ward, we had nine community partners, so we thought, “Why don’t we ask nine architecture firms?” We asked 13, just because we figured some would be busy, and we asked them to donate their time and told them that we couldn’t pay them. And all 13 of them said yes. I remember having a conversation with Brad where I was saying, “Okay, this is interesting; we have 13 instead of nine. How are we going to figure out who to cut?” And he just said, “Nah, we’re just going to go with 13.”

    gb&d: You’ve said that Brad Pitt is a tough boss, how has his vision affected the way you run Make It Right?

    Pick No. 3: Vapur Water Bottle. “I carry this anti-water bottle with me everywhere. It rolls up and fits in my bag, perfect for travelling and running from meeting to meeting.”
    TD: I would say that he is the visionary, so I see my job in a lot of ways as executing his vision, and the vision that was developed by the community. So when I’ve said that he’s a tough boss, I mean that he has very high expectations.

    gb&d: What are his expectations?

    TD: Nothing short of close to perfectly executed performance. He expects the best out of the people that he works with, and I think that that spills over into how we go about our day here at Make It Right.

    gb&d: Make It Right is not only the largest cluster of LEED Platinum homes in the country, but also a cluster of high-design homes. How will that impact the community?

    TD: It wasn’t necessarily our goal to revolutionize architecture across New Orleans or in the Lower Ninth Ward. It was just to build the best houses for these families, and what came out of it was very high design. This neighborhood was historically and culturally significant before Katrina but not architecturally significant. We were replacing slab-on grade, post-World War, ranch-style houses with something that was architecturally significant that the community can be proud of.

    gb&d: What’s been the most unique challenge?

    TD: My job is that of a nonprofit developer, so we’re not just a builder, we’re basically organizing the development, everything from assembling the property to working with these families. When I go to work every day, it’s probably significantly different than the day that I’ve had before. And every day something really bad happens, and then something really great happens. It’s a constant up-down, up-down; my job is the opposite of boring.

    Pick No. 4: LivingHomes’ C6. “Since 2006, LivingHomes has developed modular LEED Platinum homes designed by top architects like Ray Kappe and Kieran Timberlake. C6 [is] their most affordable LEED Platinum home to date [and] is an important step in lowering the cost of sustainable design.”gb&d: Do other developers ask for your help?

    TD: All the time. Recently, we worked on a project in Newark, New Jersey, where we partnered with a nonprofit builder and developer, and we finished a 56-unit building for disabled veterans. So our role was to take that from being a conventional building to a LEED Platinum building without adding any costs, which we did successfully. Now we’re looking at a similar project in Kansas City, Missouri. We wanted to prove that if you’re going to be building any new building or doing a rehab, then you can build to these high standards without adding any costs. If you can prove that, then there’s really no excuse for building any other way.

    Pick No. 5: The Upcycle. “William McDonough and Michael Braungart’s ground-breaking book Cradle-to-Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things was the single biggest influence on how Make It Right builds homes. I’ve got a galley copy of their new book, The Upcycle—everyone interested in green homes and sustainability should read it.”
    gb&d: How has the philosophy of ‘cradle-to-cradle’ inspired the organization?

    TD: Cradle to Cradle really is inherent to everything that we do. So that’s the reason that Brad called Bill to begin with. Bill and his team worked with the other architects to help make sure that the cradle-to-cradle perspective was being brought to the design table. They making sure that we’re not just thinking about these houses as using less energy, but let’s aspire to be better than zero, let’s be positive, let’s create energy. We’re not going to be ‘energy efficient’ or ‘net-zero,’ because that means that if we didn’t exist, that would be better for everybody. We want to be positive. In some ways it’s a never-ending goal. We talk about the houses as cradle-to-cradle inspired because as of now, there’s no such thing as a home built in the United States to code that is a full cradle-to-cradle house. But whenever we’re using materials that we know aren’t optimal because we don’t have another alternative, at least we’ve flagged those materials and we’re constantly looking for a replacement.

    gb&d: You’ve built or commissioned 87 homes to date, just more than halfway to your goal of 150. What happens after 150?

    TD: Post-150… an exciting thing to think about. We recently completed a strategic plan to help guide that. We really just want to keep building in New Orleans, but that’s a funding question. We’re also focusing on making sure that the community in the Lower Ninth Ward is sustainable for the long-run in every sense of that word. When I say ‘sustainable,’ let me strike that, and say ‘vibrant.’ We want to make a community that’s not only full with beautiful, green houses but also that has access to community businesses. We’d love to do a community center or a visitor’s center. Recently, we redesigned the streetscapes in the area to use pervious concrete instead of traditional asphalt, and the city is putting it in as we speak. We want to make sure that the other needed community services are there, and there in a sustainable way.

    Pick No. 6: Sector 9 Skateboard. “Make It Right recently worked with Mountain Dew to build and design the first sustainable skate park in New Orleans. I used to skate as a kid, and I’ve picked it up again, riding this board to work and back home.”
    gb&d: Is Make It Right involved in other community projects outside the Lower Ninth Ward?

    TD: Make It Right Solar does work with other nonprofits around the city, and really the region, and we definitely are a part of a lot of education work with local universities. We try to be a part of the green building community here in New Orleans and beyond.

    gb&d: What has this project taught you about design?

    TD: It can have a transformative effect on people’s lives. It really can make an impact on the way people view the world and how they interact with their family and their home. It is a critical element for any builder to consider.

    gb&d: What have you learned about New Orleans?

    TD: Well, this place is like no other in the world, I will say that. It just exudes culture. I said that my job is never boring; well, this city is never boring. There is always something going on, and the people just love this place like no other residents of any city I have experienced. There is this deep, deep love of everything New Orleans. And it’s the food, it’s the music, it’s the culture, it’s this blend of different ethnicities and races and religions, and you end up getting this pot of gumbo that is unique to New Orleans.

    gb&d: After seven years, would you consider yourself a New Orleanian?

    TD: That’s a bit of a loaded question. Seven years probably isn’t long enough

  306. 306
    nasra Says:

    @derr: Give us a break nobody! She is just an amazing woman spending her time, energy and even her money to bring attention for the good cause as if you read her messages properly, NOT only in Africa. A UN special envoy is not an African Envoy. Go back to your books and get to kow the movie she directed was based on what happened in Bosnia not Africa.
    She can not be anywhere at one particular moment after all she is a human being just like you and me. Stop pointing fingers on her instead of asking yourself what have you done for others so far!!!! When she is somewhere of course, she brings attention of the same problem related other places too in the World – Enough of shallow minded people at 21st century!!

  307. 307

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