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Angelina Jolie Visits Rescue Camp for Women

Angelina Jolie Visits Rescue Camp for Women

Angelina Jolie pays a visit to a rescue camp for women on Monday (March 25) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The 37-year-old actress and UNHCR goodwill ambassador, who was joined at the site by the British Minister for Foreign Affairs William Hague, went to raise awareness for war zone rape in the area.

Sexual violence is used frequently as a weapon by rebel groups in the area.

The next day, Angelina and William payed their respects at the Gisozi genocide memorial during a wreath laying ceremony.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie visiting the Congo…

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angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 01
angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 02
angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 03
angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 04
angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 05
angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 06
angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 07
angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 08
angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 09
angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 10
angelina jolie visits rescue camp for women 11

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  • cee

    The haters are so ssd. They spend all there time here spewing hateful things about Angie. It is always worse when Angie does something positive and is receiving positive attention for it.

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  • chunky pipe

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    Angie is always winning.

  • first and last post

    re: # 40 groundcontrol @ 03/26/2013 at 3:12 pm
    “When the defense has the exact same resources and freedom to hire who they need and want as the prosecution then maybe we can even the playing field at trial. ”
    excellent point gc.
    “It isn’t even always about the money either – a lot of experts won’t work for the defense because then the side with more work to parcel out – the prosecution – will cut them off from business.”
    This I did not suspect…but why not when you think about it.
    I love “superior knowledge.” Thanks gc for that input. Credible experiential perspective is always welcome. I learned a disconcerting bit of info but that’s reality…”you don’t bite the hand that feeds you” or is it “you can’t have it both ways”…it always comes down to perspective.

  • Jones

    I have an abundance of admiration and respect for Angie and the British Minister of Foreign Affairs for all the efforts in raising awareness on the issues of war zone rape. I think the opportunity has never been better for some progress to finally take root on this issue now that the spotlight has been intensified thanks to the added support of the British government. Go Angie, go!

  • BAP


  • busted

    Thanks JJ mods for getting rid of the filth. Let them post that nastiness somewhere else. Such lowlifes

  • Cate

    This is a very, very important topic to draw attention to. Good for Jolie.

  • http://justjared babes

    Trolls and Hags are losing it again they are in so much pain, just looking at Angelina!s new ring , they!re gone crazy, spewing lies and bitterness against Angie. they can!t handle it, Angelina in all news around the World bringing awareness together with Britist foreign Minister of UK. she!s the only women in the world that can bring this attention wither you like it or not trolls and hags there!s nothing you can do about it . You can say whatever you want to say she!s Angelina Jolie. She!s just going to ignore you , just like us the Jolie/Pitts fans ignoring you all, you hatred and bitterness towards her will only go to waste in the dumpters where you!re you idol Manniston fiance go diving the garbage,see it all goes back to your idol Manniston.

  • Jesus…

    She is such an admirable and lovely human being. Wish her and her family all the best.

  • adilynn

    The new ring is a big improvement over that big ugly gaudy looking one she was wearing. Marriage won’t keep Brad from taking up with another woman so good luck to her with that.

  • fyi

    Entertainment Tonight on Angie’s new ring and Brangie wedding speculation.

  • Pithy

    @Dakota: You should move to another site if you can find one that does all this promo work for jolie. Brad pitt will never marry her. She and he are both hop heads

  • juju

    i have so much respect n admiration for her
    her more than 12 years of humanitarian work
    is extraordinary

  • juju

    on a shallow note
    she looks fantastic

  • royalty

    Brad Pitt’s wife Angelina is beautiful inside and out just like Brad.

  • mrst

    She really is an inspiration. God bless her and her family. =)

  • geez

    Maniston hags lost their minds since they saw Angie’s wedding ring.

  • groundcontrol

    As I posted on the Gisozi visit thread there are some items that are nothing more than political propaganda. Like the right wing Daily Mail shilling for the right wing UKIP by printing a party advert with the likes of the “Earl of Dartmouth” – poor baby is still smarting for losing his hereditary seat and writing screeds in newspapers when he thinks some paper dissed his mommy and grandma.
    I wouldn’t worry. William Hague is smartly doing his job. Problem is the UKIPers don’t give a shite about Africa and never will. What’s their motto – ignore Africa because it’s UK first, abolish inheritance taxes and keep those immigramts out of the UK.
    No one is listening to the right wing rants of an elitist, “anti-immigration” pol like Dartmouth who has enough of his own personal baggage to worry about.
    And, despite the caterwauling of selfish, right wingers who can only think of themselves first like the so very egalitarian “Mister” Dartmouth, Minister Hague is in Africa doing EXACTLY what a foreign minister should be doing. Thanks to Sunny, as always, for driving this home in the following . . .
    On 10 and 11 April 2013, the Foreign Secretary William Hague will host his counterparts from the G8 countries. They will meet for the G8 foreign ministers’ meeting at Lancaster House in London.
    On announcing the meeting, the Foreign Secretary said:
    “I look forward to the UK’s G8 Presidency making headway on the serious challenges facing our global community today. Today the Prime Minister explained that by supporting the development of open economies, open governments and open societies we can harness the power of the private sector for everyone’s benefit. Our G8 priorities of advancing trade, ensuring tax compliance and promoting greater transparency can only take place in an environment of political stability and peaceful international relations.
    “With my G8 foreign minister partners, I look forward to discussing and taking decisions on some of the most pressing foreign and security policy issues that we face. In particular I will be focusing on the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, a personal priority for me during the UK’s G8 Presidency and beyond, and ensuring that the G8’s Deauville Partnership provides the support needed by our partners in the Arab world.”
    I saw Japanese national TV was showing BBC’s clip of Angie and Hague’s visit to Rwanda.
    UK media, BBC’s reports are distributed for the network of global media.
    Especially Africa and Asia’s media use BBC as their resorce of covering global issues.
    So G8′s Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative will be effectively spread to these countries where sexual violence is used as the weapon or more advanced countries who purchase natural resorce from these countries.

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    ichael Maccabe ‏@MichaelMaccabe 6m

    Killing Them Softly: certainly going to be a cult classic. Fantastic performances from #tonysoprano and #bradpitt #swoon


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  • hopeso

    Celebrity Humanitarian
    Good will Ambassador
    Gorgeous inside and outside.

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    Adam Tedstone ‏@AdamTedstone now

    World War Z looks fuc-king awesome #bradpitt #bestactorintheworld

  • busted

    I really love Angie’s engagement ring. It is classic and so lovely. Not a child’s ring pop.

    but I guess when you are classless you can’t recognize class. Ring Pops for all the hags.

  • Passing Through

    # 66 fyi @ 03/26/2013 at 5:51 pm
    That’s pretty effin’ sad that the story was about the ring and whether or not they’d gotten married than on the work Angie is doing in Rwanda and the DRC. These “entertainment news” shows don’t GAFF about women and children being rapped. They just all want a scoop on Brad & Angie’s wedding. That’s almost as pathetic as spending your whole day trolling a fan site for people you claim to hate. Almost.

  • 2Park5

    Trending on Twitter Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt already married.
    This is the kind of gossip that sends Jennifer Aniston back to the therapist couch for a session or 10

  • andu

    Trolls and jennypigg are crazy…. Ha ha ha

  • Joe

    I appreciate what she is doing, if it is coming from her heart, and not for publicity. However, she really looks bad! Seriously, bad…

  • Tani

    The ring really distracted people from the real suspicious thing in here which is her loose clothes. She always tuck her blouse in her pants,Why doesn’t she do that in recent outings?

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    Holy crap! Deadline is reporting that Anderson Cooper has been approached to replace Matt Lauer on The Today Show before the end of the year. DAMN! The ripple effect of the Ann Curry exit seems to be amplifying…karma.

  • MIR

    Great pictures

    Make It Right @makeitright3h

    Kansas City Watch: Construction photos from our latest project transforming historic school into affordable housing:

  • Joe

    @Tani: Probably because her pants are to damn big!!!

  • William Bradley&The Jolie

    Hello Folks. Once again, La Jolie shows herself to be the great inspiration that she always is and a true queen. In addition to the ring sending these fools off the spool, it has also occurred to me that the fact the The Jolie is working with the BRITISH Foreign Secretary is another cause for the trolls’ pain. You see they could attempt to downplay her influence and importance by saying she only met with third world players, but this is GREAT BRITAIN. They can’t spin this away. And she will probably be going to the G8 summit to plead her cause. D@mn. THE G8. And these fools think that Brad would leave this powerful queen for that simple, substandard creature that was always beneath him.

  • plez

    @Jones: Wow. Now Matt knows how Ann felt when he was trying to get her kick off The Today Show.

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    NBC are idiots. I guess they are trying to get Matt to quit. Why talk to Anderson if you let it leak. Just dumb. And please don’t put Ryan in that seat. I don’t watch them.. I watch CBS but just the thought. I think they should get that guy Willie Geist.

    More drama, more drama.. They are becoming the Late Night Wars.. during the day. What is going on with these people. No wonder NBC is the Use to be Network.

  • QQQQ

    Britain pledges £1m for DR Congo rape victims
    William Hague, the foreign secretary, has pledged £1m to help support the documentation of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    By Bonnie Malkin and agencies

    12:12AM GMT 27 Mar 2013
    During a visit to the country with Angelina Jolie to highlight the issue of rape as a “weapon of war”, Mr Hague spoke to women subjected to vicious sexual attacks in the war-torn east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
    The women spoke of their ordeal and told the pair how they were raped while fleeing violence in the country.
    They also met children as young as five in the Nzolo and Lac Vert village camps, who were sexually abused at the hands of the Congolese Army.
    Mr Hague said that he would ask other foreign ministers from the Group of Eight world powers at a meeting next month to make “practical commitments” aimed at tackling rape and sexual assault in conflict zones.
    Britain pledged more than £205,000 to Physicians for Human Rights, an independent organisation, which uses medicine and science to combat rights violations, works from the hospital known for its support for sexual violence survivors.
    The money will enable the provision of ultrasound machines, locked evidence cabinets and solar-powered medical headlamps that can be used to support investigations.
    Mr Hague also announced £850,000 over three years to support the Women’s Initiative for Gender, which works in armed conflict areas including DRC and pushes for gender justice through the International Criminal Court.
    Bad weather prevented Mr Hague and Ms Jolie, a UN special envoy, from visiting the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the Foreign Office in London said.
    Without the work at the Panzi Hospital, “many women would not have survived the vicious attacks that they were subjected to,” Mr Hague said.
    “There is an enormous human cost associated with rape and sexual violence, and there is an urgent need for the international community to act to prevent these crimes and support victims.
    “At the meeting of G8 foreign ministers in London on April 11, I will be asking countries to make practical commitments so that we can erode and one day shatter the culture of impunity for those who use rape as a weapon of war.”
    In place of the planned visit to Panzi, Jolie and Mr Hague visited the HEAL Africa hospital in Goma which treats rape victims and also offers counselling and help with setting up micro-enterprise schemes.
    Mr Hague and Jolie are calling on the G8 to agree that rape and sexual violence constitute breaches of the Geneva Conventions governing warfare.
    They also want a new international protocol on the documentation and investigation of the issue.
    The campaign will also be taken to the UN Security Council in June and the UN General Assembly in September.

  • Jess85

    what an amazing woman!!! I’m suprised that she is in Congo..its such a dangerous place, but then again I shouldn’t be suprised..Angie has my FULL SUPPORT!

  • I love her!

    What a beautiful soul.

  • Cas


  • an opinion

    Garrett Hedlund: the new Brad Pitt?
    Do you mind being called the new Brad Pitt ? No, not at all. I feel honoured. I worked with him when I was just 18 on my first movie Troy . I remember watching A River Runs Through It with my mother as a child and she pointed at him and said to me “that’s you!” So it was very surreal to play with him and he has continued to be a great example of how to deal with everything the industry throws at you. I have respect for how he handles life under pressure.

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    Tory Boschee ‏@toryboshady 8m

    Guy in front of me at best buy just bought 22 copies of Killing Them Softly… Somebody has a boy crush on Brad Pitt

  • annon
    EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Dominik Talks Killing Them Softly Blu-ray

    Although it didn’t take off at the box office like I had hoped it would, director Andrew Dominik’s brilliant Killing Them Softly was one of my Top 10 movies of 2012. Chocked full of brilliant performances from Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins, Ray Liotta, and Scoot McNairy, this adaptation of George V. Higgins centers on the fallout from a high stakes poker game robbery, set against the backdrop of the 2008 Presidential elections. I recently had the chance to speak with Andrew Dominik about his fascinating drama, which debuts on Blu-ray and DVD March 26. Here’s what he had to say.

    I’m not normally a huge fan of deleted scenes, even in movies I love, but I really enjoyed these deleted scenes. Are these the ones you were trying to fit in and you just didn’t have room for?

    Andrew Dominik: Well, there’s a lot of stuff that was cut out of the movie, and those were the ones I thought were pretty good.

    I thought those added a lot to those scenes, but I could understand why they were cut if you had a runtime to hit, and things like that. I also watched the featurette and Scoot (McNairy) was talking about how he didn’t want to meet Brad (Pitt) before their scene. That really made sense and added to the chemistry they had. Is that an ideal kind of scenario for a director, to have the actors not meet at all before their scenes?
    Andrew Dominik: You often do stuff like that. That was a really good idea of his. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done it that way before, but it worked out really good. It was his idea. He was just saying, ‘Look, I want to meet Jackie (Brad Pitt’s character) and I want to feel intimidated by him. I told Brad, and Brad thought it was a really good idea. Brad, actually, really gave Scoot a hard time, just gave him nothing, to keep him feeling intimidated and on the back foot all day long. Actors often do that sort of stuff naturally. If they’re supposed to know each other in the story, they’ll spend time together. If they’re supposed to be stand-off-ish, or not know each other, they’ll avoid each other. Actors will do anything they can, to make their performances work. In that case, it was really interesting because they literally didn’t meet until we started rolling the cameras. Scoot was just sitting there in the bar, and we turned the camera on and Brad walked in. We didn’t even call “action,” he was just sitting there, and he didn’t know that the scene was starting until it started.
    You shot this in New Orleans, but when we spoke before, you said you wanted to make it feel like Anytown U.S.A., in the midst of this economic downturn. Can you talk about finding the locations and what really stood out for you?

    Andrew Dominik: You just always try to make it live, those weeks you are shooting the film, you kind of live inside it. It was a weird movie, because, you know, most of it takes place in cars, and there is an awful amount of talking, you know. We were very, very focused, and it was hard and grueling work, when you’re shooting 10-minute scenes. Every little piece has to work, or it’s not going to work.

    It’s interesting that you have that approach, to shooting these really long scenes. Is that something you’re more comfortable with, getting as much in camera without so many edits?

    Andrew Dominik: It’s much more difficult to make a 10-minute scene work. It’s much, much, much more difficult. I’d like to make a film with a lot of short scenes. I think that would feel like a breeze.

    The last time we spoke, we talked about your next project Blonde. Are you still working on writing that?
    Andrew Dominik: I am, yeah. I’m trying to squeeze some money out of it, at the moment.

    Do you hope to shoot that this year then?
    Andrew Dominik: I’d love to.

    What would you like to say to anyone who didn’t get a chance to see Killing Them Softly in theaters about why they should pick up the Blu-ray or DVD?
    Andrew Dominik: Good movies are few and far between. Go see one with this. I feel like a fool stumping for my own film. I’m glad you’ll do it for me.

    I definitely will. Thank you so much. It was great talking to you again.
    Andrew Dominik: OK. Thanks.


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