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James Franco: I Made Up with Anne Hathaway After Hosting Oscars

James Franco: I Made Up with Anne Hathaway After Hosting Oscars

James Franco chats with some awaiting fans while arriving for his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Monday (March 25) in New York City.

Last week, the 34-year-old actor rocked a tie while filming scenes for his new movie True Story in New York City.

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“We haven’t talked in a while,” James shared about his relationship with Anne Hathaway. “Anne and I made up, by the way. Let’s just get that on the record.”

James added, “It was a really hard time after the Oscars. She wasn’t mad at me, I don’t think…she didn’t say she was mad at me for what happened…The critics were so nasty.”

James Franco – ‘Howard Stern’ Interview

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19 Responses to “James Franco: I Made Up with Anne Hathaway After Hosting Oscars”

  1. 1
    Lucy Says:

    Omg, I didn’t even know it was so serious. They came out not too good, but jesus, it was just a show. Being mad about something like that? really?

  2. 2
    toria Says:

    Haha. If you read or listen to the whole interview–I think she’ll be back to not speaking to him.

  3. 3
    JK Says:

    Most probably she won’t speak to him after this show…haha

  4. 4
    EndOfTime Says:

    They still talking about the oscars tho?? It was years ago !

  5. 5
    Sari Says:

    So she wasn’t mad at you re: Oscars; yet, you made up. Made up for what, then?

  6. 6
    lala Says:

    it seems that a lot of people have things against him, his professor, neighbours, co-stars. but anyone else seem that hes just too much of an obvious douche like there is a reason why hes like this?

  7. 7
    lala Says:

    i mean selena gomez and vanessa have both said that they thought he was a social butterfly and loud but he turned out to be the complete opposite unless he was in the role…

  8. 8
    Charlotte Says:

    i know they hosted the oscars together and the reviews were terrible, but what was the feud about other than that? that he was high?

  9. 9
    ADAM Says:

    @Charlotte: i hate anne hathaway.i cant stand her either,too much of a fake for me,i dont think he was high he’s just laid back dude and he talks super slow.hathaway hated on him because she came as fake and a try hard in the oscar which wasn’t his fault because she is a fake and a try hard and she was all over the place ann was just trying to suck up to hollywood,he wasn’t.

  10. 10
    allessia Says:

    @lala:i think you’re too much into selena and vanessa interviews,the guy has phd in english in teaches classes at nyu,he dosnt have a lot in alot in common with them,as for the video that he done with ashly benson are just funny or die videos.and he is always experimenting,i think he just doesn’t care what other people think about him which make him 1 step in the evolution scale above you, because if you are coating selena gomez and vanessa hudgens interviews,then you are a step behind us all

  11. 11
    Amy Says:

    He said in the interview that he understands why Howard Stern and others dislike Anne. LOL. So this isn’t something that just exists on the internet or among the fans. Other actors think she’s obnoxious, too.

  12. 12
    Nora Says:

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  13. 13
    lala Says:

    @allessia: ok :) i get ur point and it makes sense that he just doesnt care that much :)

  14. 14
    sweety Says:

    Lame Hathaway only likes what is good for her career!

  15. 15
    ha ha Says:

    Well we can se how Anne is a “good” person! lol

  16. 16 Says:

    yea…i just cant stand her either.

  17. 17
    sally Says:

    @Adam. Do you know Anne Hathaway ? So, how can you refer to her as fake. James can never trash Anne, because he forced Hathaway to do his Oscar hosting job-while he was taking pictures and putting them on the internet. Franco was completely shameful and unprofessional at the Oscars. Plus, James’ stoner vibe is very distracting and annoying. That vibe hurts all his performances, his interviews, and his appearances.

  18. 18
    sally Says:

    @Amy. He never said that. Howard Stern gave his comments. Many of Anne Hathaway former co-stars speak highly of her.

  19. 19
    Guava Says:

    Who cares. He was on Howard Stern and one should expect things like this to surface. Stern enjoys it. If she can’t handle it, so what. The World still turns.

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