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Zac Efron Covers 'Flaunt' Magazine (Exclusive Images)

Zac Efron Covers 'Flaunt' Magazine (Exclusive Images)

Zac Efron is dapper on the cover of Flaunt magazine’s Men’s Spring Fashion 2013 issue, out on newsstands now!

Here’s what the 25-year-old actor had to share with the mag:

On High School Musical: “But here’s the one thing about High School Musical, that a lot of people forget or don’t realize. It affected a lot of people, its resonance, culturally, was massive … and at the same time, it was in every sense of it, the luckiest break in the world. The wrong thing to do—and that’s what all these interviews now are trying to get me to say— is to turn on it, to like sh– on it, call it crap. But that’s insane. There are hundreds of people who began doing one thing when they were younger, who go on to develop and refine and shape their vision, as they get older, and other concerns—like fame, or money, take a back seat to other ones.”

On not complaining about his life: The b—hiness doesn’t do anything. It just puts you out there and it makes you look unappreciative to your fans. If I’m talking to my friends, or somebody important who can have some influence on or affect the situation, that’s one thing, but to b—h about attention while getting attention? I’d be doing it to the very people whose job it is to get that information—who are watching me and have control over that information. Therefore, it makes them upset, they read it like it’s hypocritical, and so they spread some bullsh–. You should hear the chatroom sh– that gets said every time you try to complain. So that’s why I’m not going to complain. I will do a lot of things in my life differently to make sure it’s not known or tweeted about or photographed. But it’s a complete day-to-day situation. I mean, I wish I could sit here and be completely honest—but I guess that’s an even bigger responsibility—and it’d take a more courageous man.”

On making good movies for the studios: “It’s really tough. I feel like I’m in the trenches with them. It’s really hard because I respect these people so much. And they are some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. And they struggle more than I can even comprehend with the problem at hand—the dichotomy—the challenge of making good movies and making movies that people want to watch. And right now, being me, I personally know which ones I want to be in. I feel like the other way. S–t, I feel like I can be effective in one.”

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Photos: Ruven Afanador, Randy Lee Maitland Jr.
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  • Elssa

    most of them aren’t even exclusive..LOL

  • milena

    what, zac wanted to say in this interview? Lol! still trying to understand

  • Lara

    ¨but to bitch about attention while getting attention?¨

    Dear, maybe talking about Vanessa? lol

  • Elssa

    same here miss!! the magazine sure needsa new editor LMAO

  • lauren

    doubt that,
    he’s probably talking about in general

  • Lafe
  • .

    He’s basically calling out all those ungrateful little shits in Hollywood. Like Bieber, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, etc. Those who talk about their personal lives then get pissed when they read it in a magazine. Or sell themselves to become more famous, but slack off on paparazzi.

  • Mandy

    I think he brought up a really good point though. I feel like Miley Cyrus speaks so negatively about Hannah Montana and has pushed so hard to be far away from it. Like Zac Efron said, everyone starts somewhere and breaks come from the most random places. And you still need to be appreciative. I really like that he expressed that.

  • Lafe

    he is just being a complete hypocrite, and he admits he is an hypocrite. He said he acts and behave the way he THINKS everyone wants him to behave, and he says what he thinks would make his fans and the media happy. He admits he is not authentic, he is not a genuine person. If tomorrow everyone starts to love dark eyes dudes, he will probably start to use contacts, because he is whatever his fandom want him to be, he is not authentic or genuine or even real to anyone. He is just another hollywood star, while his fans still find him atractive he would still working. no substance, just a pretty face.

  • Brit

    @Lafe: Don’t know what interview you were reading, but that’s not what he was saying. Go be pressed somewhere else because the answers he gave were honest, well-spoken, and insightful.

  • milena

    @Lafe: I love zac, but something makes me angry, and see actors, pointing the finger at others!

    I do not like attention, like the others! when in fact the acting profession and all about attention.

    well, even hypocritical

  • Marie

    @Lafe: yeah right.. maybe you are too jealous because even the PHOTOSHOOT can’t help you hahaha

  • Marie

    @Lafe: you are clearly a hater or you can’t read really good..

  • Sad

    It seems like it’s finally getting to him.

  • Brit

    @milena: He’s not pointing the finger at others, he’s saying from his stand point it makes no sense to openly complain about the excessive attention fame can bring. It’s highly moronic to complain in interviews like this about how hard it is to be famous, when in reality what they’re doing in the interview is meant to call attention to themselves and whatever project they’re promoting. His words on the situation were completely on point.

  • Sad


    You’re right. He is a hypocrite. Everyone in that industry is a hypocrite. His profession is not one that allows people to be completely honest, or genuine without fear of losing their following (and income). He’s just admitted he’s not brave enough to tell the truth about how he feels about being hounded everyday and about the fact that he’s forsaken his privacy (and possibly sanity) for his career. He’s not one of those stars with “word vomit”, who don’t consider the repercussions of putting BS in the tabloids that’d be better off in a therapist’s office.

    From where I’m standing, it looks like he’s trying to make the best out of a bad situation. He has the right to complain about the unwanted attention should he want to. He only desires attention for his work, not his personal life. You never hear about him getting drunk, sleeping around, doing coke or going to rehab.

    Plus, he’s not the only one riding on his success. He has a manager and a publicist who need paying, and a responsibility to maintain a long career for the fans who have supported him thus far. So excuse him if he wants to play the “smoke and mirrors” game a bit longer. Who are you to judge?

  • lauren

    i wish i can ‘like’ this comment you just posted.
    very well done.

  • Malu

    @Lara: he is saying what? dear God boy is confused, even more, he acts way too hypocrite… he says what his fans wants to hear, he tries to seel his good image but he isnt like that, or we wouldnt be getting the comments we get, like the last one in oh no he didnt, like seriously… he just tries to be what everyone likes, but he isnt dishonest and that shows who he is and the perez hilton thing is just a little proof.
    @Lafe: you are onto him!! he was a jerk and a liar, but are we surprised? to be honest, no i am not, people can shut their eyes, but here he just proves how he wants open the disney doors, but with doing some things like saying oh i just want to grow up, i dont want the good boy image, and then acting this way… too much lies

  • BO

    he’s getting back at hudge .i’m glad .do i see the first public signs that he’s moved on ? yup .

  • Jamie

    he’s REALLY,really..

  • Lafe

    There are many comments about him drinking beer in the morning or trying “to score coke a couple of times”. But I agree, he has a good PR team, they are good enough to hide his bad habits. Maybe Justing Bieber should hire Zeff PR team.
    At the end of the day, his hypocrisy only affects his fans.

  • marie

    i highly doubt it, Vanessa has never complain about Disney (she has said she is grateful), she never said anything about about the press, she said sometimes they are a pain in the as-s, but at the end of the day she is just living her life, and Vanessa has never said anything about her private life. No ones know anything about her relationship with Austin. They don’t even talk about each other in interviews. Just a casual “boyfriend” here or “boyfriend” there.
    He is probably talking about Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber.
    Stop trying to look so desesperate, you are the only hater always on Zac and V threads. STOP. You should start feeling sorry for Zac, he sounds really depressed, maybe you should go to LA and give him a hug, he needs one.

  • Alex

    I wish more young celebs were like him. He’s so well-spoken. I like him even more with this interview. He will go far with this attitude :)

  • Alex

    @Sad: Perfect comment, even if this person clealy will never understand.

  • marie

    WOW he just sounds so sad and depressed. He needs better friends ASAP.
    As a former zanessa fan, i can see why his relationship with Vanessa didn´t work. Vanessa is just a happy person, she is like blessed just by the fact of living a new day, she professes her faith, and is just grateful towards everything in her life While Zac just sound different. Im not going to lie, i kind of miss the *happy Zac*. I hope he finds a girlfriend or someone who can love him and he maybe would see how beautiful being true to yourself is, everything is beutiful! love you Zac, i hope you start feeling better.

  • Malu

    @BO: it has nothing to see with Vanessa because from your pov, talking about her in phil, and brasil and tlo press junket is calling attention, that is a famewhore… she moved on from him well enough, she isnt hiding, she doesnt need to hide, she isnt doing anything wrong, but if you need the play of smoke and mirrors, you are hiding things, you arent open or truthful, poor guy

  • Malu

    @Lafe: i applaud you!!

  • wren

    He’s much smarter than I thought he was. This is hopeful.

  • IMO

    Very beautiful pictures of him. So far the interview is very insighful but I will wait to read the entire thing before judging anything that is being said by him.

    @Bo It’s too bad people like you have the obcession to keep bringing up the ex. They are done , both have moved on , so quit hating and wish them both well. If you can’t wish her well then let her go and quit talking about her. Your Hate is eating you up and it’s getting so old.

  • kate

    1)Great interview! Very honest!
    2) He defends his work and doesn’t ignore where he came from.
    3)He said he’s not complaining for that attenting because one part of his job is trying to get attention.
    4)It has nothing to do with Vanessa.She never complained about the attention and she appreciates what made her famous.If anything, I’d say they see life the same way!
    Congratulations Zac!

  • BO

    @marie: can;t you count ? only hater , my .and the same again , ‘vanessa is a happy person’ blah blah blah .i’m sure you know her personally !

  • BO

    @Malu: pot calling kettle black ,your lead pumper’s words .you are calling Zac a famewhore when you see your idol’s candids of doing the most mundane things everyday ! get a life

  • Marie

    @kate: AGREE :)

    not matter what others says.. he is an amazing person, and some people are jealous of this

  • lala

    @BO: you shouldnt even be bothered by vanessa so i dont see your point in bringing her up if you hate her that much.
    if u are a fan of zac u can see how depressed he looks and sounds and not even study others. its so weird because i never see him that much in the media yet it has really got to him….i wonder what happens behind closed doors/

  • lala

    @BO: you shouldnt even be bothered by vanessa so i dont see your point in bringing her up if you hate her that much.
    if u are a fan of zac u can see how depressed he looks and sounds and not even study others. its so weird because i never see him that much in the media yet it has really got to him….i wonder what happens behind closed doors…

  • http://@vivi-li6 colombian girl

    notice that zac is a smart kid, really prefer this type of answers and no answers from someone who has a personality that seems so bubbly teenager with his answers. On the other hand, all those people who say that zac is a hypocrite for thinking well before speaking seems to housing in a bubble, he takes acting as his profession and therefore acts as such, does not believe that making movies is something only for fun. also do not understand why fans vanessa malu are offended, perhaps they felt that the words of zac identified someone hurts them both. And in my opinio no more hypocritical people that those who appear to be the most happy, good, positive and spiritual all the time, man by nature can not be so, you can not always be happy, that’s a lie, so that malu and other haters should better check who the hypocrites in this industry. that’s all

    pd: sorry for my bad english

  • ash

    i love reading this interview, zef you good boy, at any price is gonna be a hit on critics!

    p.s., he’s not sad,c’mon guys, he’s not gonna be a disney kid for his whole life…. some of his co-stars might still be singing/dancing stars but he’s a serious actor now. dont consider him as a teen star anymore. he’s a good actor, his performances in his latest films got a lot of positive reviews.

    and i agree with BO.
    he doesnt mean he likes attention, he means that if he chose this life, he had to live with it. complaining wont get him any good. and he doesnt point anyone! people shouldnt come to internet b4 they learn how to read.

  • matt

    LOL remember when he did a photo shoot for nylon mag in 2010 when they asked him about HSM he said he de is moving from disney so hedon’t to talk about it ?

  • R U sure

    It is an interview he looks very handsome. He dosn’t sound sad or unhappy. He sounds greatful for what he has.his is a small part of the interview.

  • Roxie

    still classy and good looking as ever!

  • Fan

    First of all, he looks absolutely gorgeous. Secondly, he always gives insightful answers. I love that about him. He speaks well in general. Nice to hear that he acknowledges HSM and is grateful for the break he got. Thirdly, I don’t think he is pointing fingers at anybody, so I request the haters to not make it seem that way.

    Good luck for ‘At Any Price’, Zac!

  • Fan


    Agreed! He looks really really handsome here. This is one of my favourite set of photos of his!

  • lanas-world

    @Lafe: i like Zac for only two years now and I was reading some interviews and watched some interviews, but I have never saw him saying that. Can you give us some proof?

  • lanas-world

    @Sad: Best comment so far I’ve seen on Zac’s post. Bravo Sad.

  • Fruitfly

    Reading Comprehension:

    Paragraph 1: you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. He wouldn’t even have the opportunity to star in other films if it weren’t for HSM. His gratitude, then, is not tied to the quality of the film itself, but to the fact that it gave me his start.

    Paragraph 2: you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. To garner attention and then complain when it goes wrong is hypocrisy at its finest. He is pointing out that an actor is a product that is sold in the marketplace just as much as a film is a product that is sold in the marketplace. There is nothing he can do about this truth – it goes beyond him to the industry itself. To buck the system would just put him out of work.

    Paragraph 3: There is an innate conundrum every good film maker faces: 1) the desire to make an art product that meets his own high standards 2) the desire to make a product others want to see. Some sacrifice quality for quantity (Twilight, which has no redeeming value, was sold to the masses because it met some market need), others sacrifice quantity for quality (most of your independent films.)

    I do believe Zac is depressed right now but I think that’s because he’s intelligent. It’s been proven ignorance is bliss…

  • Isa

    Handsome but a little too perfect …


    OMG!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BO

    @lala: actually that’s the point .you don’t see him in media like your beloved ‘lovebug’ cus the media is sooo after him all the time that he has to take pretty extensive measures to hide from it .your ‘lovebug’ of course has no such problem .she can go and knock on a door and say I’m Vanessa Hudgens and people will just gape trying to figure out who this is .

    @ash: thanks

  • http://google barbara

    zac has to sacfice, his life, to be a actor,he loves want he does,but, want you have to do to sell your work.i think zac had to learn alot of, want he wants the hard way. i do think he has some regrets,he wishes he could do over. to me he let love go for his career,and it is not easy.being a actor takes alot of hard work,he wants to be knowed for his work.he is doing indepented films, to learn,same as vanessa. but zac needs to stop once in a while and smell the roses. he starts his next film in april, around the first week. he has other films to do on his plate. he needs a break.he needs someone in his life that helps him not to take life so serious,and to have someone to really love him, as him not the actor, he did once,and it is hard to find,another one like he had before,they do not grow on trees.

  • Fan

    He’ll be featured in the Parade magazine. Saw this tweet online:
    Jessica Wozinsky ‏@JessicaWozinsky
    So nice talking to @ZacEfron today about his film #AtAnyPrice. Look for his piece soon in @ParadeMagazine!