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Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles After Congo Trip

Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles After Congo Trip

Angelina Jolie is a beauty in black while making her way through the terminal after landing at LAX Airport on Wednesday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress is back in the states after taking a short trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the Gisozi Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, as part of her work as a UNHCR ambassador.

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“It’s often we speak about the dramas and the pain and horrors of the Congo, but it’s also a wonderful place with extraordinary people,” Angelina said in a new video released by The Guardian. “I think the big message is… this initiative started by the Foreign Secretary is an extraordinary thing, but what we’re saying and what we’re here to do is to try to scale it up and make this a worldwide focus.”

At the airport, Angelina confirmed to photographers that her new ring is not a wedding ring.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the airport…

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  • lOl

    1st lovey mommy is home they say!!!!!!!!!

  • lOl

    I like the style she wore including the neckless…though it smoothed more. :D next stop wedding?? wishful talk
    well come back Angie. Good job.

  • Danny

    Welcome home Angie, you’re my inspiration. What a beautiful person you are inside and out.

  • awwww

    Welcome back Angie. and the gold band on her ring finger. beautiful.

  • Jack S.

    Is that all she wears is black? She looks like Morticia Adams.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Welcome home beautiful angel. I think they already married. So happy for them.

  • dawne

    @Jack S.:

    You always been this deep? What a wonderful effect you must have on the world and those around you. Deep as a mud puddle.

  • dawne

    Angie crosses continents like we cross streets. Sure it takes her some time on a return from these trips to stabilize emotionally……..she is always exposed to life’s underbelly and that has to have a lingering effect.

  • dawne

    Can you imagine the rush to the door when she opens it? Seven people tripping over themselves to get to her first.

  • dawne

    Another first class job done by this wonderful woman.

  • busted

    Well so glad she is home safe.

    And hopefully they will continue to make progress on this important issue. She will be in NYC next week.

  • fyi12

    Welcome home Angie. I bet Brad & the kids are over the moon.

    Bringing over my post from last thread. Please watch this video.

    This BBC video of the Congo trip is so sad. Absolutely no one deserves this & it has to be stopped. They also deserve justice & protection for them to move forward!

  • lurker

    beautidul amazing woman with a huge heart

  • lurker

    that video breaks my heart just so sad the tweet was so right about her coming home


    banned again

  • a fan

    I am so glad she is home sound and safe. God bless her and Brad and their children.

  • royalty

    Brad Pitt’s wife Angelina is home

  • Danny

    Jared for once please keep this thread free from the filth that is being spewed here,

  • lurker

    angelina has amazing skin she is just glowing

  • Passing Through

    OT -
    I’m ROTFLMAO at this – Did you guys know that in Iron Man 3 Putrid gets some action scenes (in the IM suit no less) AND strips down to her bra? It’s Ticky’s wet Bond Girl dream…only it’s not happening to her. LOL. I predict Huvsy will be getting some phone calls from Ticky telling him to not get Putrid any magazine covers…

  • twitter

    Looking forward to @ew’s @GeoffBoucher’s take on #WorldWarZ – apparently he’s seen it and likes what he saw. Dude knows his stuff…

  • lurker

    I bet brad is happy to have wifey back home,jared needs to bring the buttons again

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Welcome Mrs. Beautiful Brad Pitt.


    Great to see AJ home safe and sound. Job well done for bringing focus to the plight of women in war torn countries. I’m so proud to be a fan of a beautiful woman in and out.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Angelina looks sooo beautiful. She looks so very happy to be back home with her family and she has a spring in her step. She is about to be swallowed up with hugs and kisses in the arms of her gorgeous husband Brad and her little ones jumping for joy at her safe return.

  • classless

    wow coming from a humanitarian trips and not wearing any underwear and showing all your boobs and nipples in a sheer shirt.very classy indeed.


    the ugliest body shape in hollywood with that ugly clothes on

    she has no shape, no butt, anus lips and looks unhealthy

    get a burger or some of the junkie foods you give your out of wedlock kids

  • BAP


  • Angie looks sick and sloopy

    fans still wishing for the duh to marry the ho, she will forever be pitt’s BABY MAMA, they are not even engaged yet just a promise for the future and brad will always be angie’s PUPPET as E! said

  • Aline


  • Brangie Rules

    Welcome home Angel of the World. Keep doing what you are doing and more and more blessings will be showered upon you and your beautiful family.

  • plez

    @fyi12: Thanks for posting. Gives a real reality check on what things are important and what is not. Like these trolls screaming @ the ocean again.

  • fyi12


    Yes Aniston is so very classless, just look at her flaunting her middle age tidbits & nips in the middle of NYC. Gross!×580.jpg




    This weeks issue of the New Yorker has an op-ed about Trevor Neilson and “celebrity philanthropy”. Apparently Neilson reveals the REAL reason for Jolie’s interest in “philanthropy” and states emphatically it was as a direct result of a suggestion by her managers to counteract her brother kissing, blood vial wearing tomfoolery that was proving a detrement to her image. VERY illuminating reading.
    Be sure to find a full text copy of this one Antis, this ain’t OK magazine or In Touch. The Big dogs are after blood now, folks. Popcorn is in the microwave…let’s get it ON!

    Article citation: John Colapinto, Letter from Hollywood, “Looking Good,” The New Yorker, March 26, 2012, p. 56

    Read more … z1q4CDqFhF

  • I love her!

    Beautiful soul, beautiful woman, heart of gold.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Hi Phool!
    Welcome back my friend. You have been seriously missed.
    I have to tell you I am loving Angelina’s delicately petite golden wedding band on her finger. It looks to be the Perfect mate to that gorgeous Engagement Ring her beloved Brad placed on her finger around this same time last year. I can’t wait to see Brad’s wedding band. Yes. I have a serious feeling they are already married and I hope it proves to be true. You know our sharp-eyed Rose spotted the band again and it is a beauty. Nothing but the BEST for Brad’s wife.

  • simy the turd

    @FAUXHUMANITARIAN: An enraged loser in excruciating pain copying a “post” from FF. Desperate

  • juju

    fyi12 @ 03/27/2013 at 7:55 pm

    Welcome home Angie. I bet Brad & the kids are over the moon.

    Bringing over my post from last thread. Please watch this video.

    This BBC video of the Congo trip is so sad. Absolutely no one deserves this & it has to be stopped. They also deserve justice & protection for them to move forward!


  • fyi12


    ITA! I am utterly amazed by her dedication and her endless efforts for over a DECADE to help those who are in need. AND to give them a voice! I adore this amazing woman with a heart of GOLD.

    Here is Angie’s UNKCR Field Missions for over a decade!

    Angelina Jolie Field Missions

    Advocacy, September 2011

    As Special Envoy

    April 2012, Ecuador
    September 2012, Jordan
    September 2012, Lebanon
    September 2012, Turkey
    September 2012, Iraq
    December 2012, Jordan

    As Goodwill Ambassador

    June 2011, Malta and Italy
    June 2011, Turkey
    April 2011, Tunisia
    March 2011, Afghanistan
    December 2010, Spain
    September 2010, Pakistan
    August 2010, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    June 2010, Ecuador
    April 2010, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    February 2010, Haiti
    October 2009, Syria
    September 2009, Kenya
    July 2009, Iraq
    February 2009, Thailand
    October 2008, Afghanistan, more here…
    August 2007, Iraq and Syria, more here…
    February 2007, Chad
    December 2006, Costa Rica
    November 2006, India
    November 2005, Pakistan, more here…
    May 2005, Pakistan, more here…
    December 2004, Lebanon
    October 2004, Sudan
    October 2004, Thailand
    June 2004, Chad
    April 2004, Arizona, United States
    December 2003, Egypt
    December 2003, Jordan
    August 2003, Russian Federation
    April 2003, Sri Lanka
    March 2003, United Republic of Tanzania
    December 2002, Kosovo province of Serbia and Montenegro
    October 2002, Kenya
    June 2002, Ecuador
    May 2002, Thailand
    March 2002, Namibia
    August 2001, Pakistan
    June – July 2001, Cambodia
    February 2001, Sierra Leone

  • cee

    Oh haters just get over it. Angie is doing great things. You can question her motivation if it makes you happy but you can not deny the good things that she has done and continues to do. Those that are not blinded by some weird Aniston loyalty and hate need to wake up. Angie Jolie Pitt is an amazing person whether you believe or not.

  • see-through


  • Go Figure!

    @dawne: Bet Brad beats everyone to the door.

  • truth

    Mama’s home. The family is together again. I will admit this trip worried me a little for her safety.

  • Elle est belle

    Love Angie, she is indeed super woman. She is beautiful inside and out , how many actresses you see going to wartorn countries like Angie? May God continue to bless she and fer family .

  • Cassi

    Welcome home Mrs. Brad Pitt.

  • scratch

    Ang and her partner Bradley openly do the bidding for a future one world government who entice populations with tales of peace, collectivism, and environmental concern but who instead intend to control, pillage and destroy for the sake of a relative elite few. They are either increadibly naive, stupid ,or willfully evil. I say evil. They know enough people in the right places who can clue them in.

  • why?


    angelina was with u.k government officials and channel 4, double security not just unhcr.

    probably the safest trip angelina could be,,some fans worry over nothing ugh

  • lOl

    I swear I feel they married or it is very soon. I mean there is no way she wear a weddign band in her wedding finger to bad this mofo people are not REALLLLL fans . REal fans would have discuss these things ah. i dislike these people..ah
    anywayse D:D:D yes :D:D:D

    ~~~mr and mrs Brad pitt~~~

  • lOl

    i am a retard

  • lOl

    i am the most ignored person on this site.
    literally no-one cares what i say, no one agrees with anything i post.

    help me