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Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles After Congo Trip

Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles After Congo Trip

Angelina Jolie is a beauty in black while making her way through the terminal after landing at LAX Airport on Wednesday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress is back in the states after taking a short trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the Gisozi Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, as part of her work as a UNHCR ambassador.

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“It’s often we speak about the dramas and the pain and horrors of the Congo, but it’s also a wonderful place with extraordinary people,” Angelina said in a new video released by The Guardian. “I think the big message is… this initiative started by the Foreign Secretary is an extraordinary thing, but what we’re saying and what we’re here to do is to try to scale it up and make this a worldwide focus.”

At the airport, Angelina confirmed to photographers that her new ring is not a wedding ring.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the airport…

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325 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles After Congo Trip”

  1. 1
    lOl Says:

    1st lovey mommy is home they say!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    lOl Says:

    I like the style she wore including the neckless…though it smoothed more. :D next stop wedding?? wishful talk
    well come back Angie. Good job.

  3. 3
    Danny Says:

    Welcome home Angie, you’re my inspiration. What a beautiful person you are inside and out.

  4. 4
    awwww Says:

    Welcome back Angie. and the gold band on her ring finger. beautiful.

  5. 5
    Jack S. Says:

    Is that all she wears is black? She looks like Morticia Adams.

  6. 6
    Media Wh@re MANiston Says:

    Welcome home beautiful angel. I think they already married. So happy for them.

  7. 7
    dawne Says:

    @Jack S.:

    You always been this deep? What a wonderful effect you must have on the world and those around you. Deep as a mud puddle.

  8. 8
    dawne Says:

    Angie crosses continents like we cross streets. Sure it takes her some time on a return from these trips to stabilize emotionally……..she is always exposed to life’s underbelly and that has to have a lingering effect.

  9. 9
    dawne Says:

    Can you imagine the rush to the door when she opens it? Seven people tripping over themselves to get to her first.

  10. 10
    dawne Says:

    Another first class job done by this wonderful woman.

  11. 11
    busted Says:

    Well so glad she is home safe.

    And hopefully they will continue to make progress on this important issue. She will be in NYC next week.

  12. 12
    fyi12 Says:

    Welcome home Angie. I bet Brad & the kids are over the moon.

    Bringing over my post from last thread. Please watch this video.

    This BBC video of the Congo trip is so sad. Absolutely no one deserves this & it has to be stopped. They also deserve justice & protection for them to move forward!

  13. 13
    lurker Says:

    beautidul amazing woman with a huge heart

  14. 14
    lurker Says:

    that video breaks my heart just so sad the tweet was so right about her coming home

  15. 15

    banned again

  16. 16
    a fan Says:

    I am so glad she is home sound and safe. God bless her and Brad and their children.

  17. 17
    royalty Says:

    Brad Pitt’s wife Angelina is home

  18. 18
    Danny Says:

    Jared for once please keep this thread free from the filth that is being spewed here,

  19. 19
    lurker Says:

    angelina has amazing skin she is just glowing

  20. 20
    Passing Through Says:

    OT -
    I’m ROTFLMAO at this – Did you guys know that in Iron Man 3 Putrid gets some action scenes (in the IM suit no less) AND strips down to her bra? It’s Ticky’s wet Bond Girl dream…only it’s not happening to her. LOL. I predict Huvsy will be getting some phone calls from Ticky telling him to not get Putrid any magazine covers…

  21. 21
    twitter Says:

    Looking forward to @ew’s @GeoffBoucher’s take on #WorldWarZ – apparently he’s seen it and likes what he saw. Dude knows his stuff…

  22. 22
    lurker Says:

    I bet brad is happy to have wifey back home,jared needs to bring the buttons again

  23. 23
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Welcome Mrs. Beautiful Brad Pitt.

  24. 24
    JUBILEE Says:

    Great to see AJ home safe and sound. Job well done for bringing focus to the plight of women in war torn countries. I’m so proud to be a fan of a beautiful woman in and out.

  25. 25
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Angelina looks sooo beautiful. She looks so very happy to be back home with her family and she has a spring in her step. She is about to be swallowed up with hugs and kisses in the arms of her gorgeous husband Brad and her little ones jumping for joy at her safe return.

  26. 26
    classless Says:

    wow coming from a humanitarian trips and not wearing any underwear and showing all your boobs and nipples in a sheer shirt.very classy indeed.

  27. 27

    the ugliest body shape in hollywood with that ugly clothes on

    she has no shape, no butt, **** lips and looks unhealthy

    get a burger or some of the junkie foods you give your out of wedlock kids

  28. 28
    BAP Says:


  29. 29
    Angie looks sick and sloopy Says:

    fans still wishing for the duh to marry the ho, she will forever be pitt’s BABY MAMA, they are not even engaged yet just a promise for the future and brad will always be angie’s PUPPET as E! said

  30. 30
    Aline Says:


  31. 31
    Brangie Rules Says:

    Welcome home Angel of the World. Keep doing what you are doing and more and more blessings will be showered upon you and your beautiful family.

  32. 32
    plez Says:

    @fyi12: Thanks for posting. Gives a real reality check on what things are important and what is not. Like these trolls screaming @ the ocean again.

  33. 33
    fyi12 Says:


    Yes Aniston is so very classless, just look at her flaunting her middle age tidbits & nips in the middle of NYC. Gross!×580.jpg

  34. 34



    This weeks issue of the New Yorker has an op-ed about Trevor Neilson and “celebrity philanthropy”. Apparently Neilson reveals the REAL reason for Jolie’s interest in “philanthropy” and states emphatically it was as a direct result of a suggestion by her managers to counteract her brother kissing, blood vial wearing tomfoolery that was proving a detrement to her image. VERY illuminating reading.
    Be sure to find a full text copy of this one Antis, this ain’t OK magazine or In Touch. The Big dogs are after blood now, folks. Popcorn is in the microwave…let’s get it ON!

    Article citation: John Colapinto, Letter from Hollywood, “Looking Good,” The New Yorker, March 26, 2012, p. 56

    Read more … z1q4CDqFhF

  35. 35
    I love her! Says:

    Beautiful soul, beautiful woman, heart of gold.

  36. 36
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Hi Phool!
    Welcome back my friend. You have been seriously missed.
    I have to tell you I am loving Angelina’s delicately petite golden wedding band on her finger. It looks to be the Perfect mate to that gorgeous Engagement Ring her beloved Brad placed on her finger around this same time last year. I can’t wait to see Brad’s wedding band. Yes. I have a serious feeling they are already married and I hope it proves to be true. You know our sharp-eyed Rose spotted the band again and it is a beauty. Nothing but the BEST for Brad’s wife.

  37. 37
    simy the turd Says:

    @FAUXHUMANITARIAN: An enraged loser in excruciating pain copying a “post” from FF. Desperate

  38. 38
    juju Says:

    fyi12 @ 03/27/2013 at 7:55 pm

    Welcome home Angie. I bet Brad & the kids are over the moon.

    Bringing over my post from last thread. Please watch this video.

    This BBC video of the Congo trip is so sad. Absolutely no one deserves this & it has to be stopped. They also deserve justice & protection for them to move forward!


  39. 39
    fyi12 Says:


    ITA! I am utterly amazed by her dedication and her endless efforts for over a DECADE to help those who are in need. AND to give them a voice! I adore this amazing woman with a heart of GOLD.

    Here is Angie’s UNKCR Field Missions for over a decade!

    Angelina Jolie Field Missions

    Advocacy, September 2011

    As Special Envoy

    April 2012, Ecuador
    September 2012, Jordan
    September 2012, Lebanon
    September 2012, Turkey
    September 2012, Iraq
    December 2012, Jordan

    As Goodwill Ambassador

    June 2011, Malta and Italy
    June 2011, Turkey
    April 2011, Tunisia
    March 2011, Afghanistan
    December 2010, Spain
    September 2010, Pakistan
    August 2010, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    June 2010, Ecuador
    April 2010, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    February 2010, Haiti
    October 2009, Syria
    September 2009, Kenya
    July 2009, Iraq
    February 2009, Thailand
    October 2008, Afghanistan, more here…
    August 2007, Iraq and Syria, more here…
    February 2007, Chad
    December 2006, Costa Rica
    November 2006, India
    November 2005, Pakistan, more here…
    May 2005, Pakistan, more here…
    December 2004, Lebanon
    October 2004, Sudan
    October 2004, Thailand
    June 2004, Chad
    April 2004, Arizona, United States
    December 2003, Egypt
    December 2003, Jordan
    August 2003, Russian Federation
    April 2003, Sri Lanka
    March 2003, United Republic of Tanzania
    December 2002, Kosovo province of Serbia and Montenegro
    October 2002, Kenya
    June 2002, Ecuador
    May 2002, Thailand
    March 2002, Namibia
    August 2001, Pakistan
    June – July 2001, Cambodia
    February 2001, Sierra Leone

  40. 40
    cee Says:

    Oh haters just get over it. Angie is doing great things. You can question her motivation if it makes you happy but you can not deny the good things that she has done and continues to do. Those that are not blinded by some weird Aniston loyalty and hate need to wake up. Angie Jolie Pitt is an amazing person whether you believe or not.

  41. 41
    see-through Says:


  42. 42
    Go Figure! Says:

    @dawne: Bet Brad beats everyone to the door.

  43. 43
    truth Says:

    Mama’s home. The family is together again. I will admit this trip worried me a little for her safety.

  44. 44
    Elle est belle Says:

    Love Angie, she is indeed super woman. She is beautiful inside and out , how many actresses you see going to wartorn countries like Angie? May God continue to bless she and fer family .

  45. 45
    Cassi Says:

    Welcome home Mrs. Brad Pitt.

  46. 46
    scratch Says:

    Ang and her partner Bradley openly do the bidding for a future one world government who entice populations with tales of peace, collectivism, and environmental concern but who instead intend to control, pillage and destroy for the sake of a relative elite few. They are either increadibly naive, stupid ,or willfully evil. I say evil. They know enough people in the right places who can clue them in.

  47. 47
    why? Says:


    angelina was with u.k government officials and channel 4, double security not just unhcr.

    probably the safest trip angelina could be,,some fans worry over nothing ugh

  48. 48
    lOl Says:

    I swear I feel they married or it is very soon. I mean there is no way she wear a weddign band in her wedding finger to bad this mofo people are not REALLLLL fans . REal fans would have discuss these things ah. i dislike these people..ah
    anywayse D:D:D yes :D:D:D

    ~~~mr and mrs Brad pitt~~~

  49. 49
    lOl Says:

    i am a ******

  50. 50
    lOl Says:

    i am the most ignored person on this site.
    literally no-one cares what i say, no one agrees with anything i post.

    help me

  51. 51
    hehehe Says:

    Maniston hens are in denial. hehehe

  52. 52
    marina Says:

    So pretty and a good person to boot.
    Greetings to all fans, Happy Easter! Enjoy the holidays.

  53. 53
    juju Says:

    lurker @ 03/27/2013 at 7:17 pm

    new video

    WORLD LATEST NEWS ‏@BammyOfficial 14m
    Angelina Jolie visits the DRC: Mar. 27 – Angelina Jolie meets victims of war zone rape in Africa. Rough Cut (N…


  54. 54
    lOl Says:

    i have 20 other screen names that i use here.
    sometimes i play a role of a fan,,sometimes i like to be in the role of an all out troll,

    depends how mentally ill i feel on certain days.

  55. 55
    Lmao Says:

    Brad Jolie-Pitt changed his name to jolie-pitt what’s a losa.

  56. 56
    Lmao Says:

    What a difference between ange and brad Jolie -pitt. When pittstain leaves his kids he’s shopping for furniture and hen ange leaves her kids she’s trying to make a better world.

  57. 57
    Mimi Says:

    Love Angie’s wedding ring, matches her engagement. Happy to see Angie back to LA to her beautiful family.

  58. 58
    Really? Says:

    There is no Mrs. Brad Pitt like REALLY no Mrs. Brad Pitt.

  59. 59
    well Says:

    Bye bye Jennifer Aniston. Here comes Mrs. Brad Pitt that is the one and only amazing Angelina Jolie.

  60. 60
    Really? Says:

    It’s REALLY REALLY gross for Angelina to use the most suffering of people on the planet to parade a pretend wedding band. She REALLY REALLY is the lowest of humanity.

  61. 61
    umm Says:

    Go scream at ocean. Maniston hags. lol

  62. 62
    Lmao Says:

    “Through my travels I’ve seen real bravery. In La they think being Brave is riding a motorcycle.” -Jolie

    She was talking bout Brad Jolie-pitt

  63. 63
    Lmao Says:

    Mrs Brad Pitt? Not! Angie is a Jolie brad is mr jolie-pitt. Lmao he’s a punk for changing his last name, lil bitchh.

  64. 64
    Eva Says:

    Angie has great skin,she looks amazing. I am sure Brad and kids are so happy to see her. I imagine a steamy night for her and Brad.

  65. 65
    Jen The HAG Says:

    simy the **** @ 03/27/2013 at 8:41 pm

    @FAUXHUMANITARIAN: An enraged loser in excruciating pain copying a “post” from FF. Desperate

    It’s a fake post .. TREVOR NEILSON knows that Angelina Jolie is a TRUE HUMANITARIAN. That was a FANFICTION of TICKY’s FEMALEFIRST fans hehehehehheh!! They wish it’s TRUE!! LOL

  66. 66
    lOl Says:

    @lOl: stupid mental I only use lOl. and you are stupid to steal my name. When I have time I check back a lot since I am online a lot.

  67. 67
    geez Says:

    Angie never pretended anything. If she wears a wedding band, that means they are married.

  68. 68
    Lmao Says:

    Can you imagine Brad Jolie-Pitt traveling to Africa like this? N a danger Zone? A Grenade fight accured during Angie’s trip, 1 person died and 8 were injured. It’s no joke.

  69. 69
    lOl Says:

    ball less steal my name go fck yourself I don’t care what you think

  70. 70
    fyi12 Says:

    More pictures at link of Angie’s return home to her family!

    Angelina Jolie Returns to Los Angeles
    By Merde on March 27, 2013 | From

    Welcome back, Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt’s other half—in a signature head-to-toe black ensemble—touched down at Los Angeles International Airport today after her umpteenth…

  71. 71
    hehehe Says:

    Prepare for Maniston hens meltdown tsunami. hehehe

  72. 72
    an opinion Says:

    Stop attacking Brad just because Squiggy only recent job was writing a fashion blurb and driving Miss Maniston.

  73. 73
    fyi12 Says:

    X17 has Angie’s arrival video!

  74. 74
    Mrs. Chancellor Says:

    Good to see her back safely. Nice work, Angelina.

  75. 75
    lucy Says:

    I see the Trolls’ worst nighmare has finally come true, Angelina Jolie is now Angelina Jolie-Pitt, the Trolls’ agony is almost palpable. I know there’s been no “official” confirmation, but then again Angie would never be wearing a wedding band if she and Brad were’t married, that’s just not how Angie is. Brad certainly married a “keeper” this time, he couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, compassionate woman for his wife and the Mother of his children.

  76. 76
    lOl Says:


    carry, 9months, et al u stupid fcuker.

    sort your bi-polarism out u liar and hypocrite

  77. 77
    lOl Says:

    @Really?: She is showing she is taken or she has promise. You people saying she is even doing the minster guy when there is actually important matter it was done here…..

  78. 78
    lOl Says:

    @lOl: leave me alone stupid idoit. I only used lOl since january when I change I will say it….. fck you don’t repsond be intern.

  79. 79
    Jen The HAG Says:

    and the FUGLISTON are losing their sanity .. just because Angelina Jolie wears a wedding band and in the news all over the world …bwahahhahahh I LOVE IT!! i can hear TICKY wailing ordering HUVANE … GIVE ME PHOTO OPS AND CALL PEOPLE MAGS, LIFE AND STYLE, IN TOUCH, THE NATIONAL INQUIRER, US WEEKLY .. ALL MY FAVORITE TABLOIDS TO PUT ME IN THEIR COVER DO IT NOW NOW!! BWAHAHHAHAH

  80. 80
    Lmao Says:

    Brad Jolie-Pitts idea of danger is driving with his kick stand down. What a losa & a bad arae wannabe. Just remember Tom cruise also rides motorcycles and we all know what a bad **** he is,


    Neway someone should let chelsea handler know that a real girls girl travels the world trying to come up with ways to protect women. Angie is a real woman’s woman and I mean that in more than one way. He he! Wink wink! Nudge nudge.

  81. 81
    Her Bones Are Lethal Weapons! Says:

    Her Elbow And Jaw Stabbed And Sliced Brad’s Eyes Out When He Rushed The Front Door To Escape To His Yacht! Now He’s Blindly And Wildly Speeding And Careening To Bambi’s Bungalow!

  82. 82
    lOl Says:


    why are u obssesed by interns? all a conspiracy eh?
    like u try to play the role of a PR agent u silly fcuker.


  83. 83
    lOl Says:


    syd the lesbot,,how are u dear? enjoying your ban from jjb?

  84. 84
    Jen The HAG Says:

    fyi12 @ 03/27/2013 at 8:33 pm


    Yes Aniston is so very classless, just look at her flaunting her middle age tidbits & nips in the middle of NYC. Gross!×580.jpg

    FUGLISTON look like an aging H.O.O.K.E.R!!

  85. 85
    lOl Says:

    talk about aniston please,,spread all her news on this thread i love it.

    i want aniston to be mentioned every 2nd post
    thank you

  86. 86
    Really? Says:

    lOl @ 03/27/2013 at 10:07 pm @Really?: She is showing she is taken or she has promise. You people saying she is even doing the minster guy when there is actually important matter it was done here…..

    You seem like a nice person. I don’t believe the minister nonsense but I do find it unbelievable that you are clueless as to who this woman REALLY is. I don’t want to argue with you because my disgust is not with you.

  87. 87
    Jen The HAG Says:

    lucy @ 03/27/2013 at 10:06 pm

    yeah the name Angelina Jolie-Pitt.. nice eh.. will make the fugliston head explode with anger bwahahha!! The fact that Brad Pitt wants Angelina to be the mother of his children is already an indication that its for keeps. he never wanted kids with the X you know he…. made sure of that he will not have kids with that deadend, homely, boring vapid forever pretending to be 20 year old whinny X .. and that kind of hurt with the hens ..heheheheh!!

  88. 88
    lurker Says:

    its was fun making trolls cry while it lasted wedding watch is still on

    Angelina Jolie has just made it crystal clear … she and Brad Pitt did NOT secretly get married.

    You’ll recall, Angelina swapped out her $500,000 diamond engagement ring for a simple gold band during a recent humanitarian trip to the Congo … probably so it wouldn’t get lost or stolen … but that didn’t stop everyone from speculating that she and Brad had wed on the DL.

    Nevertheless, Angelina put those rumors to rest once and for all today. Check out the video for her answer.

    Read more:
    Visit the TMZ Store:

  89. 89
    lOl Says:

    the tool malikaa AKA lurker was wrong about marriage.

    some fans set themselves up to be targeted by trolls.
    most moderate and normal fans think brad and angelina will remain engaged for at least 3 years before any wedding, it’s not a negative so calm down.

    sheesh, fans like beverlyhills and guli do not help against ‘tards like carry, tasmin and the like.

  90. 90
    Jen The HAG Says:

    lOl @ 03/27/2013 at 10:19 pm

    talk about aniston please,,spread all her news on this thread i love it.

    i want aniston to be mentioned every 2nd post
    thank you

    don’t worry hen we love making the HENS like you irritated by mentioning your UGLY idol .. no need to worry bwahahhahh!! And it’s the reason why you can’t keep away from JJ because you FOOLS hate it when we mentioned THE UGLY ONE bwahahahhah!!

  91. 91
    lurker Says:

    fat tick hens will sleep well tonight,they have been having a meltdown the past 3 days

  92. 92
    lurker Says:

    @Jen The HAG:
    That troll is a wolve is sheep’s clothing

  93. 93
    I Smell New World Odor Says:

    naw,,,,,it’s just Angie uncrossing her stick legs

  94. 94
    lOl Says:

    i promise i won’t try and control your aniston posts anymore.
    i accept i cannot change or affect anyone here,,i give up.

    i will just skip past manny like everyone else does here.
    i am very sorry passing through and rose.

  95. 95
    lOl Says:

    yck this stupid people is talking my name ………my be tomorrow they will be out here so

  96. 96
    lOl Says:

    yck this stupid people is talking my name…… be tomorrow they will be out here so

  97. 97
    "No!" Says:

    sooooooooo thennnnn………………when’s the wedddddddiiiiiinnnnnggggg?

  98. 98
    lOl Says:

    i have undiagosed bi-polar and asperbergers syndrome.
    all i can focus on is trolling this site while i live off government handouts

  99. 99
    Angie, UNHCR Field Missions Says:


    thanks for this important list, fy12

    a note about the first trip : February 2001, Sierra Leone

    Angie was very disturbed and shocking to see the terror and violence that little children, womans and mans suffer in that civil war.

    She saw with her eyes childrens without arms or hands or legs that have been cut with machetes without mercy.

    Angie said that since that day she never was the same, she change forever, it must have been very harder for a young beautyful holywood actress to see the horror in a kids face without any power to help that kind of fatality.

    The jealous-haters full of envy don´t understand that seeing a kid with his arms cut off change ANY PERSON, a normal person, like Angie.

    That´s why Angie have change and have dedicated his life to help refuges of war for more than 12 years.

    long life to Angie and all the hapiness for her and his family.

    thanks Queen Angie, beautyful soul

  100. 100
    lurker Says:

    another day another meltdown

  101. 101
    Angelina Says:

    “The ring? It was to remind me to have someone feed my child army while I was gone …oops”

  102. 102
    JP Fan Says:

    um angelina never said they werent marrried do you really think she would tell a bunch of paps yes im married and this is my ring. I still believe they got married in December as their reps never denied the story to reputable publications that asked for a statement.

  103. 103
    lOl Says:

    lOl is aliene23 aka sara at brangelinaforum?????

    seems so,,u heard it here first,,

  104. 104
    lOl Says:

    now we have bra-gate,,,jesus i hate some brangie fans sometimes.
    no wonder the fringe elements bring the rest of us down

  105. 105
    Isa Says:

    Beautiful Angie as always…. Please check my fanfic

  106. 106
    well Says:

    That was fun Angie wearing a new ring to tease us and torture haters. lol

  107. 107
    lOl Says:

    boy they are stealing my name all over so from now one i change my name from lOl to YIW.

  108. 108
    6" diameter Says:

    Pic 05 – one can see the true dimension of Angie’s thighs through the sheer curtain of dress. Very small children have larger thighs.

  109. 109
    YIW Says:

    So Angie said NO so it is no wedding ring

  110. 110
    How Tasteless Says:

    To wear a machine gun necklace after witnessing the horrible aftermath of war. No Class.

  111. 111
    haha Says:

    @Angie, UNHCR Field Missions:

    the freak still collects and plays with knives doesn’t she?

  112. 112
    Jolie Says:

    why in the world would Angelina tell of all people TMZ whether she is married or not. as if she she would offer that info to them of all people.

  113. 113
    Give it a break Says:

    @Jolie: Probably had an irate Pitt asking her just what the eff she thought she was doing. There was no reason to replace the engagement ring with a wedding band, she’s taken the ring off before and everyone can understand why you don’t walk around with a honking huge diamond on your hand at a refugee camp. The only difference is that this time, there are rumours of an Aniston wedding swirling around.

  114. 114
    Wonderbust Says:

    @Give it a break:
    oh is this the fanfiction you fuglyfemalers came up with all three of you?troll please as if jolie gives a rats ass about your idol and her paid out of work fiancee.

  115. 115
    Gold Football Shoe from Mad Says:

    in Brangelina Forum there are one photo where we can see the gold colar is a Soccer Shoe, give to her by Mad, for sure.

    Angie looks incredible, her skin is perfect, her face stunning, her hair appear to be more blond and smooth and her smile puts everyperson in heaven.

    Brad must be waiting in the door ready to jump all over Angie, kissing her until next morning. Brad can´t control his hands when he is near Angie. ha ha ha

    well, Brad must be crazy for Angie, she is each day more and more beautyful and tasteful, humy.humy…. go Brad go ….

  116. 116
    juju Says:

    @Give it a break:
    its not a wedding band
    in other photos u can see that
    is a small ring
    not that it matters
    i she wanted she could
    wear a band or whatever she felt like it
    u crazy b i t c h e s
    need to put on those crazy heads
    that angelina wouldn’t even know
    who aniston was if she saw her in the street
    n that there r more rumours
    swirling around about
    about angelina n brad marriage
    than there is of aniston
    no one gives a **** about aniston
    or her marriage

  117. 117
    Just Sayin Says:

    Jp fans, if you see the close up of ring Angie was wearing in Congo and the ring she was wearing while exiting LAX, they are two different rings. The one she was wearing in Congo was wider and more decorative. The one she was wearing at LAX was thinner and simpler. Angie could be playing with papz, she changed it, so when papz asked her ” is that the wedding band’, she said ‘No’. which is true. The one she was wearing in Congo is the real wedding band. Next week Angie is going to be at Woman in the World event, is she going to wear engagement ring or a gold band? It is going to be interesting.

  118. 118
    juju Says:

    yes she still collects knifes
    n first edition books
    n she plays w both
    brad also still collects knifes
    isn’t it sweet?
    they both collected knifes since
    they were young
    n now their oldest soon is doing it too

  119. 119
    Gold Football Shoe from Mad Says:

    @Just Sayin:
    please, just stop… think first…

    Angie don´t play games with nobody even with paps

    the ring is the same. it is NOT A WEDDING BAND.

    it´s a golden ring. nothing more. Period.

  120. 120
    Lucian Says:

    Just Sayin @ 03/28/2013 at 12:33 am

    Jp fans, if you see the close up of ring Angie was wearing in Congo and the ring she was wearing while exiting LAX, they are two different rings. The one she was wearing in Congo was wider and more decorative. The one she was wearing at LAX was thinner and simpler. Angie could be playing with papz, she changed it, so when papz asked her ” is that the wedding band’, she said ‘No’. which is true. The one she was wearing in Congo is the real wedding band. Next week Angie is going to be at Woman in the World event, is she going to wear engagement ring or a gold band? It is going to be interesting.
    I agree. They are two rings. Angie wouldn’t tell papz about their wedding.

  121. 121
    Give it a break Says:

    @juju: Please. It’s not as if she isn’t media savvy. She knew exactly what rumours would be sparked by wearing a gold band on her ring finger.

  122. 122
    wow Says:

    Just Sayin @ 03/28/2013 at 12:33 am
    I can’t wait for next week. I am so eager to see which ring Angie will wear.

  123. 123
    groundcontrol Says:

    Mindless troll: # 113 @ 03/27/2013 at 11:03 pm
    To wear a machine gun necklace
    It is NOT a gun. You can see it’s not a gun necklace. But I’m sure the truth won’t stop the trolls from repeating more of their baseless lies.
    I could see on my iPad it wasn’t a gun from the earliest pcs on the trip.
    These stupid trolls cannot possibly have jobs that require thinking or even common sense so I wonder how they function in the world.
    I’m heartened that the overwhelming majority of the legitimate media have covered this humanitarian mission responsibly. It’s too vital a world and human rights issue to be co-opted by the trash media or right wing papers hoping to score cheap political points through irresponsible reporting.
    The best you can hope for is that people of intelligence will know better than to pay irresponsible press any mind.
    Kudos to Jolie and Hague for a very successful mission.

  124. 124
    Guest Says:

    if anyone is on JPS the posters here are right. There is a closeup pic of the two rings, they are very different. this one is thin the one she wore in the Congo is a thick band, maybe someone will bring the pics over. So this ring isnt the wedding band we saw in the Congo.

  125. 125
    juju Says:

    @Give it a break:
    it’s not a wedding band
    it’s a gold ring
    r u b i t c h e s all blind?
    but she could have wore a band
    if she felt like it
    it’s he finger her life
    i know know u b i t c h e s
    r slow n brain damage
    but by know u should known that angelina
    doesn’t give a **** about the the media
    n doesn’t live or act in function of
    what they might say
    what u b i t c h e s wanted was
    that she didn’t wore anything
    so u now could be saying
    how they split because
    she was not wearing
    her engagement ring
    u b i t c h e s need help n life
    it’s almost NINE years
    move the **** on
    if u can by urself
    get help

  126. 126
    skinnyhoisbigfatfailyurrrrrrr Says:

    For Fauxmanitarian Trip Queefjolie Took The Promise For The Future Ring Off Her Ring Finger As She Has Been Doing In The Past. But With All The Jen/Justin Wedding Talk Irritating Her She Slipped A Gold Colored Band On Her Ring Finger For Her PapWalk Thru LAX!
    Desperate Poser!
    Since She Tried To Pull A Fast One And Look Like A Real Wife Brad Made Her Come Back Early And Deny Married Rumors! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!
    Lefsetz Crying In Shower With Her Now!
    He’s Making Water Turn To Steam!
    Angie’s Melting Like a Wax Witch!
    Gettin Clean Tho!
    Boilin’ Germs!
    Sloughing Skin!
    Gun Charm Is Melting into Her Rib Bones!
    Innocent People Still Being Shot And Stabbed To Death By Guns And Knives During Wars But She Cries War Raaaape! While Sporting Gilded Machine Gun Around Her Neck!
    Her Ring Trick And Her Bald Male Friend Posing For Cameras Spending Someone Else’s Money And Accomplishing Nothing While European Economy Tanks Stole The Show!
    She Spends Lots Of Brad’s Money Housing Her Collection Of Guns And Knives And Other Sex Toys!
    She’ll Have An Ugly LV Bag On Her Arm Next Photo-op But No Wedding Ring On Her Claw.

  127. 127
    juju Says:

    Gold Football Shoe from Mad @ 03/28/2013 at 12:42 am

    @Just Sayin:
    please, just stop… think first…

    Angie don´t play games with nobody even with paps

    the ring is the same. it is NOT A WEDDING BAND.

    it´s a golden ring. nothing more. Period.

  128. 128
    jen the Hag Says:

    bwahahhah the FUGLISTONS are in agony just because Angelina Jolie ie wearing a wedding band.. i bet somebody called TICKY and Huvane in speed dial to inform them that Angelina wearing a wedding band is on the news all over and that her directed movie is the one that spur the stop the rape in war torn country movement .. .. wanna bet we will see pics of TICKY and her bought TOYBOY in .. 1..2…3 … heheheheheh !! it’s always, always on the clock rignt HAGS? See the HAGS have been posting non stop hate ..bwahahhahh!!! ANGELINA JOLIE OWNED YOUR A.S.S.E.S. HAGS HEHEHEHEH!!

  129. 129
    jennifer Says:

    “it’s almost NINE years
    move the **** on
    if u can by urself
    get help”

    Move on from me?????
    You will never stop talking about me because without me, Brad and Angie and their poop duty are about as exciting as a flaccid *****. Excuse me now while I enjoy my margaritas and nachos.

  130. 130
    Wonderbust Says:

    lol GC I was thinking the same thing. these trolls need to get their damn eyes checked and stop relying on every fanfiction post the fuglyfemales write because those freaks have never been right about anything hence why there are only the same people posting over and over again and hence why the lone freak is spammimg the thread under different names because its site is lonely as hell. thanks for showing the lurkers how f’in crazy you freaks are.

  131. 131
    Wonderbust Says:

    and another thing the hen claims Angelina is wearing the wedding ring because of ticky wedding rumors, so by that logic I should assume her and squigs ANNOUNCED their engagement the weekend of Brad and Angelina wedding rumors on purpose instead of doing what most PRIVATE couples do and just wear the damn ring

  132. 132
    an opinion Says:

    It is the same ring. We are just seeing the bottom of the ring which has a slightly smaller band.

  133. 133
    Wonderbust Says:

    On another note can’t wait to see Angelina Jolie with strong powerful women at the Womens summit next week. ticky and handjob would never ever be INVITED to such a prestigious event. headed to bed but can someone repost the link of all the strong powerful women Angelina will be surrounded by next week including the most powerful and admirable woman in America Hillary Clinton. Also of course Merly Streep and Oprah. yet according to the hens everyone hates Angelina yet she will be speaking at the opening of this event lol.

  134. 134
    jolie's rumor Says:

    jen and justin actually had something to announce. unlike brad who was forced to make up a bullsh!t ‘promise for the future’ story.

  135. 135
    Brad Jolie-pitt Says:

    Why was angelina so eager to answer the question for tmz? Rotflmao every q she was ignoring it until someone threw out “is that a wedding ring” she was practically closed in the car when she screamed out ” no,it’s nota, ” hahahhaahahahhaah

  136. 136
    Wonderbust Says:

    @jolie’s rumor:
    LMAO you FFers are a riot, is this what you all came up with on your site because its only you freaks who have repeated the same tired old ****, was he also forced to have sex with Jolie and get her pregnant two times, oh yea thats right according to you freaks Holly carried the twins and they arent really twins but have two different fathers. This is the type of people we are dealing with, psychos who believe **** like that. Night everyone :)

  137. 137
    Brad Jolie-pitt Says:

    Jolie’s rumor, u do realize that Brad Pitt is the only one that has been talking about the engagment and wedding , or are you deaf? Angelina has said zip except to say “no it’s not a wedding band” as a matter of fact she never even confirmed the engagement in the first place. That was pitt and his team. He has been going on and on about wedding this and wedding that.

  138. 138
    lebanese Says:

    sounds like queef will be surrounded by lesbians. she’ll have a blast while brad is dragging his kickstand up to bambi’s

  139. 139
    Bwhahahaha Says:

    It’s because angelina doesn’t have a rep or manager to deny things. brad pitt did not want his manager to deny wedding rumors for a reason and now angelina squashed it for him. Awww poor pitty.

    “Angelina makes it crystal clear she is NOT MARRIED TO pitt.” Bwha

  140. 140
    Bwhahahaha Says:

    I wonder if they asked angelina when she’s wearing that really ugly ring that Brad designed ” hey is that an engagement ring?” , if she would actually say yes or “no it’s not!” Bwhahahaha I bet she would say no, and that’s why she hasn’t allowed anyone to interview her about it. Poor pitty and his genital warts.

  141. 141
    Bwhahahaha Says:

    I seriously love how she made it crystal clear. pitt fans were not expecting that. They were not expecting her to shut the rumors down. Bwhahahaha that was awesome!

  142. 142
    Bwhahahaha Says:

    Angelina Jolie makes it crystal clear… She will never marry Brad Pitt!” Pitt fans proceed to cry and blame her for his ***** warts. Bwhahahhahahaha maybe he got them from Bambi. Bwhaahhhahahah hahahhaahahahhaah Muahahahah

  143. 143
    a fan Says:

    Angie’s new ring gave the trolls heart attack in the past few days. hahaha. It looks like different ring to me compare to the ring she worn in the field. I guess we will find it out more next week at summit in NY.

  144. 144
    Just Sayin Says:

    Brad and Angie do play game with papz. Remember they used decoy cars and decoy boats to trick papz. So Angie wears different ring at LAX to trick papz.

  145. 145
    Bwhahahaha Says:

    Rumor has it the enquirer just gave a lie detector test to a woman that claims pitt gave her warts. This will be on new stands within the month.

  146. 146
    The ring Says:

    my darlings loons have said for three days, HAVE MARRIED and now they deny it

    ayssssssssssss, the only wedding is the of Jen … now if I am sure that Brangelina split ;(

  147. 147
    Bwhahahaha Says:

    Ala the reason she did not wear the ring. She always wears the ring and takes it off during trips and FYI this new ring is not even a new ring, dummies. She wears it all the time on her right middle finger. It’s a very thin band sometimes you can barely see it. The relationship is over a pitt is going to be outted for spreading warts. Check the enquirer for more info within a month.

    How embarrassing for brangtards to have queen B deny it the way she did. It was almost like she was desperate to set it straight. Since when does she answer paparazzi questions? Now we know why.

  148. 148
    funny Says:

    I thought Maniston hens didn’t care about Brad and Angelina, but Angelina wearing a gold band scared the hell out of them. It is so amusing to see hens losing their shiit.

  149. 149
    jen the Hag Says:

    jolie’s rumor @ 03/28/2013 at 1:36 am

    yeah like how’s their wedding gonna be private when they’ve been giving interviews left and right how private it’s gonna be bwahahah what a tool both of them.. !!

  150. 150
    The ring Says:

    Angelina Jolie has just made it crystal clear … she and Brad Pitt did NOT secretly get married.

    You’ll recall, Angelina swapped out her $500,000 diamond engagement ring for a simple gold band during a recent humanitarian trip to the Congo … probably so it wouldn’t get lost or stolen … but that didn’t stop everyone from speculating that she and Brad had wed on the DL.

    Nevertheless, Angelina put those rumors to rest once and for all today. Check out the video for her answer.

    Read more:
    Visit the TMZ Store:

  151. 151
    Lily Says:

    I am glad I am not alone thinking not the same ring. Angie wore one ring leaving LAX for Congo, worn that ring in congo and Rwanda but changed it to another one landing LAX. Apparently she was teasing paps.

  152. 152
    The ring Says:

    PEOPLE without news of our Angie

    so sad;(

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wedding of Jen, can’t wait

  153. 153
    jen the Hag Says:

    funny @ 03/28/2013 at 2:16 am

    I thought Maniston hens didn’t care about Brad and Angelina, but Angelina wearing a gold band scared the hell out of them. It is so amusing to see hens losing their shiit.
    Oh they care very much in fact the FUGLISTOn are losing sleep thinking Brad and Angelina are married see the level of hate they are posting in every Angelina thread nowadays it’s up .. they are losing their s.h.i.t one of these days the mental institution in AMERICA will be you see it’s only in america because the rest of the world don’t know who TICKY is bwahahhahah!!

  154. 154
    case closed jolie fameho ring Says:


    so which is it loon? he was forced to have sex with ho and impregnate her twice, or holly carried the twins? u r in waaaaay over your head.

    @Brad Jolie-pitt:

    brad is the only man dumb enough to be manipulated into making a ‘promise for the future’ announcement thru his publicist which morphed into a dull muffled admission of ‘the time is nigh’. he is about as excited about it as he was talking to ellen. ‘how do i get out of this?’

    queefjolie took off her flashy ring for her UN rape trip as expected, but this time she did the unexpected and put a gold band on the ringfinger of her left hand for a reason. SHE set up the ‘are you married?’ questions to be asked..SHE DID…case closed….and brad didn’t like it….’how do i get out of this ellen?’
    the brand is sinking, they hate each other and are crawling on each other’s heads…checkmate.

  155. 155
    an opinion Says:

    Oh they care. This troll The ring has been checking People Mag and US Mag everyday for Jolie news. It is quite funny. Like People Mag determines if someone is a success. These trolls inspect pics closer than most fans. Just hoping to find something to whine about. Oh they care.
    The trolls have the same pattern. Go on and on about something is not going to happen. Then when it does happen they will shut up until they can find something else to say won’t happen.
    At first it was that Brad and Angelina would never get together. She would leave him within a year of the relationship starting.
    Then it was Angelina would never get pregnant
    Then it was they would never get engaged.
    Now it is that they will never get married.
    Whatever. Just bookmark this page. So we can laugh at the trolls
    As the trolls change names and find something else to whine about.

  156. 156
    The ring Says:

    @jen the Hag:

    oh excuse, three days my darlings loons saying that they had married and now when she has denied it to TZM?O:

    cowards ¡:

  157. 157
    umm Says:

    Notice Angie didn’t answer any questions about wedding asked by Papz, She just said the thin ring she was wearing wasn’t wedding band. The ring is too thin to be a wedding ring which is different than the ring she worn during visiting those camps.

  158. 158
    i hope Says:

    i hope brad actually legally binds himself to this diseasedcrazyfreakwith6kids for the rest of his dingleberry life.
    they deserve each other.

  159. 159
    jen the Hag Says:

    The ring @ 03/28/2013 at 2:44 am

    So what’s your business if they are married or not?? Will you die already if they are ?? bwahahhahah!!

  160. 160
    an opinion Says:

    These trolls fanfics are crazy. Brad never said they were married thus how could Angelina saying that it was not a wedding ring be a slap in his face?
    All this shows is how much the media is still interested in Brad and Angelina. A couple who does not need to call People Mag to tell everything about their engagement.

  161. 161
    jen the Hag Says:

    ohh i hope the FUGLISTON remember that the 6 kids both belong to Brad and Angelina while TICKY and The bought toyboy got dogs as their kids because their idol should have been a grandmother as of her age bwahahahhah!!

  162. 162
    flower Says:

    Boycott Jared if he doesn’t bring back the thumbs up, thumbs down feature.

  163. 163
    an opinion Says:

    Brad and Angelina are already tied to each other forever. They have six kids together. They have a foundation together. They own homes together. They have a business together. Brad had attached himself to Angelina more than he did with Ticky. All they had was a home.

  164. 164
    an opinion Says:

    Sorry All Brad and Ticky had was a house. It was never a real home even Ticky said that.

  165. 165
    The ring Says:

    @jen the Hag:

    are you my beloved loon, who are desperate
    I have fun watching our Angie without her fake engagement ring, next week will take or she will return to put the small golden ring?

    brand is split, sorry my poor loon;(

  166. 166
    brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    make the crazydiseasedfreakwith6kids a legal woman brad!!!!!!!!!!!
    the time is nigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ellen is waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    crazydiseasedfreakwith6kids put a gold band on her promise for the future finger!!!!!!!!!!!
    when is the wedddddiiiiinnnngggg???????????????????
    where are you going???????? your kickstand is down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. 167
    Yup Says:

    Just Sayin @ 03/28/2013 at 12:33 am

    Jp fans, if you see the close up of ring Angie was wearing in Congo and the ring she was wearing while exiting LAX, they are two different rings. The one she was wearing in Congo was wider and more decorative. The one she was wearing at LAX was thinner and simpler. Angie could be playing with papz, she changed it, so when papz asked her ” is that the wedding band’, she said ‘No’. which is true. The one she was wearing in Congo is the real wedding band. Next week Angie is going to be at Woman in the World event, is she going to wear engagement ring or a gold band? It is going to be interesting.
    If Angie is wearing engagement ring next week, they are still engaged. If she is wearing a gold band, then they definitely are married.

  168. 168
    Just Sayin Says:

    One more thing, Brad’s long time bodyguard was accompanying Angie to LAX while she left for the trip last Friday. There was a pic of bg and Angie.

  169. 169
    Lucian Says:

    On other site, there are clearer bigger pictures of necklaces Angie wears, it is NOT a gun necklace, it is a soccer shoe, must be from Maddox/Pax. Another necklace must be from Brad. Looks like Angie adopts Brad’s traditions of wearing jewels from family members while traveling.

  170. 170
    Sweet Says:

    Thanks jps fans for all the updates. Love Brad’s EW cover. So unlike what media lied about., WWZ costs $170 m not $200 m, no feud betweet Brad and the director. So far all good reactions to the earlier WWZ screening.
    So glad Angie is back home safe and amazed by how devoted she has for helping people in need.
    LOL @ ring gate, there is always some gate in jp. Married or not, eventually we will find it out. I am pretty sure they will get married this year if they haven’t yet.

  171. 171
    Isa Says:

    Great job from a gorgeous woman !

  172. 172
    Gun Says:

    Not married !!!!!!

    LoL lolololo.o.

  173. 173
    valis202 Says:

    @an opinion:

    Exactly. It amuses me how deeply moral the jenhags become over the issue of marriage (Brad and Angie’s relationship isn’t special because they don’t have a piece of paper), however at the same time these deep moral beings spew some of the most amoral, disgusting comments especially about Angie and her kids.

  174. 174
    valis202 Says:

    At the end of the day, we JP fans have to the look forward to:
    More wine
    More furniture design
    WWZ, TYAS and The Counsellor
    The numerous other film and TV projects that Plan B is involved in.

    Jenhags have:

    I think it really kills them inside that their idol is such a mediocrity.

  175. 175
    Gun Says:


    At the end of the day, we Aniston Theroux fans have to the look forward to:
    More living proof
    More smart water / aveeno
    We’re The miller and UElP
    She’s Funny That Way

    Swear to God, “
    The numerous other film and TV projects that Echo is involved in.
    Like HOLLER
    So stop it stupid jp fans

  176. 176
    Gun Says:

    Joanne @ It’s a bigger chance for George Clooney to get pregnant than JP getting married!

    Love it hehehehehe

  177. 177
    Billy Bob Thorton Says:


  178. 178
    umm Says:

    So gigolo is still unemployed even Maniston hens have nothing to look forward to for him.

  179. 179
    just sayin Says:

    valis202 @ 03/28/2013 at 4:35 am

    At the end of the day, we JP fans have to the look forward to:
    More wine
    More furniture design
    WWZ, TYAS and The Counsellor
    The numerous other film and TV projects that Plan B is involved in.

    Jenhags have:

    I think it really kills them inside that their idol is such a mediocrity.
    more: Kick Ass 2, True Story, The Returned
    more MIR projects, jolie pitt foundation projects

  180. 180
    Gun Says:


    He directing swear to god !!!

    I forget Jen

    Call Me Crazy: A Five Film

  181. 181
    JP Fan Says:

    Bwahaha did this troll just have the nerve to say echo films lmao the same echo films that has produced exactly ONE film in 5 years. And please swear to god is a bust and has not been mentioned since it was first announced last year, gigolo is unemployed and has been so ever since he hooked up with Manny

  182. 182
    umm Says:

    Maniston hens are delusional. gigolo has been said to direct for 3 years, still not happening. Keep dreaming.

  183. 183
    JP Fan Says:

    When is he directing swear to God ?there has been nothing reported about that movie since it was announced last year. Face it, your idol ruined gigolos career, he hasn’t worked on anything since they got together.

  184. 184
    just sayin Says:

    jp fans, what are you talking about? The gigolo has a job that is escort Maniston and get paid by her.

  185. 185
    Just The Truth Says:

    LOL @Jolie denying the rumors at the airport.Personally find it awkward She actually answered their questions.She was so quick answering their question,It seems she really didn’t want to be labeled as a married to Pitt. It’s even a bigger question whether the ring she is wearing is even from Pitt at all. The shoe necklace is obviously from her son.The other necklace is from her mom which she used to wear all the time when her mom had passed away in NOLA. The ring must be from someone she really loves,maybe again from her mom or her brother.Someone she really loves and is still in contact with.That can’t be Pitt.One thing is obvious and Jolie made it more clearer with her action,She didn’t and doesn’t like the ring that Pitt designed for her.Funny how she never wears it these days when she goes shopping with her kids when she thinks pops aren’t watching. We all know they are still not ready to share their break up announcement with public even though they have been living apart for more than a year now and now that Pitt has new blonde barely legal girlfriend and Jolie is with a new lover,That dark hair guy who spends a lot more quality time with her kids than Pitt has ever done in a year.Could the ring be from him?? Yes it can be.It must be from him.

  186. 186
    Gun Says:

    @JP Fan:

    Echo film

    Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (TV movie) (executive producer) (completed)

    2013 Icizzle Presents Dog IDS (short) (executive producer)

    2011 Five (TV movie) (executive producer)

    2010/I The Switch (executive producer)

    2009 Becoming Icizzle (video documentary) (executive producer)

    2008 Management (executive producer)

    Justin Producer
    2010 Megamind (creative consultant)

    2008 Tropic Thunder (executive producer)

    2007 Dedication (executive producer)

    Zoolander 2 (announced)

    2011 Documental (TV movie)

    2007 Dedication

  187. 187
    JP Fan Says:

    As much as hens like to rip Angelina for her directorial debut gigolos first movie made way less than ITLOBH and the movie was in English starring known Americans.

  188. 188
    umm Says:

    Zoolander 2 is not going to happen, they don’t even have money yet.

  189. 189
    JP Fan Says:

    @Just The Truth:
    That list is really embarrassing so in 5 years echo films has managed to produce a tv film that flopped(ratings were poor the media noted it, it was worse that Lohans lifetime movie) and two movies that no one saw. Thanks for proving my point on why hens are mad ,just take a look at the pathetic list.

  190. 190
    valis202 Says:


    LOL. The Switch, Management. Are you serious.

    You made my point exactly. Jennifer Aniston is a mediocrity.

  191. 191
    JP Fan Says:

    Even Ben stiller said it was probably not going to happen poor hens gigolo is still unemployed.

  192. 192
    IMO Says:

    I think Brad and Angie are still waiting for marriage equality to pass. Judging by these two days supreme court debate, I am not confident they will pass marriage equality. But I think no matter what result coming out from supreme court, Brad and Angie will marry this year.

  193. 193
    valis202 Says:

    @Just The Truth:

    LOL. Ok Sherlock.Can you provide some proof for you latest ramblings.

  194. 194
    geez Says:

    Maniston hens start writing bad fiction again.

  195. 195
    awww Says:

    i hope Angie and William were able to squeeze in some sexy time

  196. 196
    Kathy Says:

    So glad Angie is home safely. Easter is coming, I remember Angie said Easter is big in jp home. I bet jp will have some fun activities.

  197. 197
    NAN Says:

    Hehehe,Angie has a gold band ring on had made Anuston and her Dogs so upset huh ? GundudeTheringTamshitehorryJoedog

    OMFG ! The Sinkable Anuston will postpone her married again,yesterday The Lies&Sh!te here said that Anuston waiting for new Baby again Not waiting for her #2 married.

    Anuston is still thinking thoughts to getting married with her PoshGigolo,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    OMG ! Why KARMA is so hard to The Sinkable Anuston….Ouch

  198. 198
    Jen The HAG Says:

    The ring @ 03/28/2013 at 3:03 am

    ahh still writing your idiotic fanfic and wish list bwahahhah!! Oh when is TICKY’s wedding again??? I sure hope her money doesn’t run out because her bought toyboy is jobless she will be the one spending all througout her marriage life if ever the TOYBOY marry her bwahahahh!!

  199. 199
    Phool Says:

    William Hague and Angelina Jolie’s mission impossible: warzone rape is truly rife in the Congo
    Dispatch: After travelling with William Hague and Angelina Jolie in the Congo over the last week, Cathy Newman has been overwhelmed by how endemic sexual violence is and just how tough their joint mission to bring the perpetrators to justice, and stamp out rape out once and for all, really is.

    By Cathy Newman, Presenter, Channel 4 News, Democratic Republic of Congo

    7:00AM GMT 28 Mar 2013 Read more

    In nearly 20 years as a journalist I’ve interviewed many people in the most tragic situations. The father of a woman killed by a stalker; the homeless couple forced onto the streets after losing their jobs, their home and their families; the mother of a baby who died after a catastrophic error by a hospital; the prostitute completely dehumanised by her drug habit; and the paralysed man who begged to be allowed to die.

    But I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone so desperate, and so broken as Josephine, who lives in a camp for people uprooted by fighting in central Africa. I’ve been travelling with Angelina Jolie and William Hague, who have come to the Congo to raise awareness about what the Foreign Secretary calls the “monstrosity” of warzone rape.

    We came to the Lac Vert camp – run by the charity Care – near Goma in the east of the country. There I found Josephine. She was cradling a beautiful little baby, its perfect little feet poking out of the bottom of her shawl. “Tres jolie,” I said in halting French. She shook her head. For Josephine, the baby is simply a burden – another mouth to feed.

    Related Articles
    William Hague and Angelina Jolie join forces

    25 Mar 2013
    Hague and Jolie visit Congo on anti-rape mission

    25 Mar 2013
    The odd couple trying to end rape in warzones

    25 Mar 2013
    She fled the fighting between the M23 rebel group and the Congolese army several months ago. Now a muddy scrap of ground and rudimentary shelter is what she calls home.

    Life in a camp like Lac Vert is always going to be desperate. But what makes Josephine’s plight so heartbreaking is that what should be a place of refuge is, despite the heroic and valiant efforts of the charity workers, anything but.

    Women in these kind of camps live in constant fear of being raped when they go out to collect food or firewood for cooking. But she was raped inside a camp, while she was pregnant with Gladys, the little baby she’s holding.

    She says that since she’s been violated her husband won’t touch her because he’s disgusted by her. So she’s on her own: scared, weary and hungry.

    I asked her how she found the strength to carry on, and she replied that she had to fight to survive for the sake of her children, but that if she saw the two men who attacked her she would kill them.

    We heard countless stories like Josephine’s. But in the end it was a picture which proved the most powerful indictment of an atrocity which, according to the foreign secretary, “shames” the world.

    We’d been invited to a meeting of activists. One of them handed Mr Hague and Ms Jolie a photo of a five year-old girl. She had, they said, been raped by a government soldier right next to a police station.

    There’s been sniping in the papers about why the Foreign Secretary has made the visit, and whether jetting round the Congo with a Hollywood star is little more than a vanity project.

    But, Ms Jolie, a UN special envoy, told me on Channel 4 News, what befell that five year-old was the reason for coming here.

    However, there is understandable scepticism about what the UK Government can realistically do, still less whether the Foreign Secretary and his Hollywood friend can get anywhere near their goal of ending warzone rape.

    The Foreign Office is funding local health and education projects in the Congo. That should help some women who are cast out of their villages and estranged from their families after being raped.

    But what may prove more significant is the 70-strong team of legal and medical experts who are being sent to countries like the Congo to offer victims help and start to gather evidence to use in prosecutions.

    Some of the women are hopeful that justice may be done. They’re encouraged by the recent transfer of Bosco Ntaganda, the M23 rebel leader accused of a litany of crimes, including rape, to the International Criminal Court.

    But there’s no denying the challenges are huge. UN estimates suggest 200,000 women have been raped since 1998 in the Congo. And that’s likely to be a massive under-estimate.

    The prospect of one man facing justice is symbolically hugely important. But getting the evidence against thousands of others will be a long and difficult, if not impossible, process.

    Josephine told me she would be eager to present her evidence in court – a huge step in itself given the way rape victims in Africa are seen as somehow having brought shame upon themselves.

    But when I asked her if she could identify the men who’d attacked her, she said she wouldn’t be able to recognise them. Many of the rapists – whether rebel or government forces – are in army uniform, making identification harder.

    That’s no reason not to try, though.

    At the end of the trip, Mr Hague met the Congolese president Joseph Kabila. The Foreign Secretary drew on his first-hand experiences to press him on the need to tackle the “monstrosity” of warzone rape.

    Yet there was no sense after the meeting that the president had any grasp of the scale of the problem, or the growing sense of political outrage.

    He is governing a vast country riven by factions and fighting. And despite its massive mineral wealth, its people are ground down by years of poverty. Against that backdrop, sexual violence has become almost endemic, accepted with a weary resignation.

    Hillary Clinton made warzone rape a key focus of the American presidency in 2009. Ms Jolie has campaigned for years on the subject herself, even coming to the Congo just over a decade ago.

    Will Mr Hague have any more success this time? I hope so for the sake of Josephine, and the five year-old in the photo, who deserves a future safe in the knowledge that her attacker has been justly punished. But I have a horrible feeling that I’ll return to the Congo to find the same chaos, the same problems, and the same despair.

  200. 200
    Jen The HAG Says:

    Just The Truth @ 03/28/2013 at 5:13 am

    you must be checking your calendar everyday for the break-up announcement !!! One of these days you’ll find yourself being electrocuted in a mental hospital so that you’ll wake up in a real word and not the bad fiction that the loonies in the FEMALEFIRST posters made you believe bwahahahhahh!!!

  201. 201
    Phool Says:

    More support for rape victims in the DR CONGO
    Mar 27, 2013 04:40 PM
    The UK government has announced 180 million pounds of new funding will be made available to boost the care received by women and young girls in the DR Congo who have been the victims of rape.

    The announcement was made after the foreign secretary, William Hague, made a visit to the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). There, alongside Angelina Jolie, acting as special envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner, Mr Hague toured a camp in the north-west of Goma. Here, he met women who were victims of sexual violence. Rape is frequently used as a weapon by armed fighters to terrorise local communities and with continuing instability in the east, rape cases have been rising.

    Support and help are especially needed, because many women are abandoned by their families and communities after they’ve been raped. Speaking to the Guardian, one mother said her husband had left her after she was raped. Alone with her children, she was also rejected by her husband’s parents and by her village. Sobbing, she explained “they say I am a soldier’s mistress”.

    According to conservative estimates from the United Nations, around 200,000 women and young girls have been raped in the DR Congo since 1998, some of them as young as eight years old. The money from the UK will go towards training medical staff to improve the help given to these victims. This will include psychological care and training to provide women with skills which allow them to find independent livelihoods.

    As well as the money pledged to support the health system, Mr Hague also announced funding of 850,000 pounds for the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice. This will support the work of this advocacy group in documenting cases of rape in the east of the DR Congo. Such documentation could assist in providing evidence for cases before the international criminal court.

    However, while Mr Hague and Angelina Jolie were visiting one camp on the shores of Lake Kivu, a spokesperson for the group Refugees International (RI) called for more humanitarian aid to be dispensed in unofficial camps in the DR Congo. The organisation reported that only around one in nine displaced people in North Kivu province were living in official camps, where assistance is coordinated by the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR). RI say another 8,000 people live in unofficial sites, where aid and support are also desperately needed. Speaking to IRIN, an RI spokesperson said “aid budgets may be tight, but…UNHCR should assist the neediest people”. And as in the official sites, this need includes improving security for women and girls, leaving them less vulnerable to attack.

    Credit Laurinda luffman SOS Children

  202. 202
    Give it a break Says:

    Wow! Lots of angry JP fans. Why oh why does it always seem to have to be some sort of competition with the ex-wife?
    Geez. Next time, wait for the announcement instead of jumping the gun. Less angst that way. If and when these two get married, I’m sure they’ll make a point of announcing it in some appropriate way for the benefit of their adoring fans.

  203. 203
    lylian Says:

    i hope Angie and William were able to squeeze in some sexy time
    I wonder about you and creatures like you. How can it be that a human being, can have so little empathy and imagination? How is it that a human being can be as disgusting, as repulsive as you? How can you live within your own skin?
    Tell me, have you ever met a woman or boy or girl who has been raped? Have you ever even been molested, had a man run his hands over you in a crowded bus or train. Have you ever been subject of violence, had your home broken into, your private things gone through by dirty hands and perverted minds? Have you never felt violated ever in your life? No?
    Because Angelina and William Hague went to Congo to talk to victims of RAPE, victims of violence, subjects of painful awful violations to their bodies, which they did not invite. They just happened to be born into the wrong country, wrong society at the wrong time and they got raped, repeatedly, by different men. Infected by HIV and other STDs. Poked and prodded with objects, had their insides bruised if they were lucky, TORN and SHREDDED – YES, SHREDDED. Some of these women suffered from obstetric fistulas.
    do you know how obstetric fistulas are caused in a rape? It is caused when things (one or more) is roughly, brutally, inserted into the ****** or ****** so that the walls are ripped, torn, shredded and one or MORE HOLES develop. Can you imagine how painful, how much violence was inflicted to tear and shred your internal organs to the point that you get holes in them? Can you imagine how painful it must be for these victims. And then sadly many of these victims are actually rejected by their families and societies.
    And you are talking about how Angelina and William should make some time to have sex and cheat on their partners.
    My goodness me. How proud your mother must be of you, if only she knew or perhaps, if only she cared – eh?.

  204. 204
    valis202 Says:


    Well said, however I just think these sentiments are truly lost on the trolls and jenhags that post here.

  205. 205
    Phool Says:

    Rose @ 03/27/2013 at 9:49 am
    Good Morning Rose , Sorry Didn’t get a chance to remain on to give you a reply, yes Angie is doing what Angie does best in helping the people and giving them voices,she is breaking down the barriers that have been put up by conflicts. Rose if you see its like Angies “In The Land Of Blood And Honey” has started the ball rolling with the likes of Foreign Secretary William Hague choosing that as one of the focal points of discussion in making awareness in the documentation of sexual violence,survivors of sexual assaults. Didn’t he say that “It was when I saw Angelina’s film that I decided we should launch a global initiative on this,” Hague said. “When you get into the detail of it, it’s too terrible not to do something about. What is the point of politics if you don’t address such issues and, if your position in the world enables you to see and understand the sheer extent of the horror, then you have a responsibility to do something about it.” Angie is bringing in the attention for the plight of the world’s displaced and that’s why we respect her even more.
    I still can believe these PATHETIC JENHAGS are still spooling hate regardless of the severity of the subject , like I said yesterday if they were real women they wouldn’t be making fun of other women in destitute position than them selves. instead of wasting time trolling every site in search of a miniscule article that has any thing bad written about the Jolie Pitts why don’t they take time to actually read the articles and learn from them that there are other major issues going around the world than hating one person who’s only job is doing good and making awareness.
    By they way how are you feeling know you didn’t say?

  206. 206
    Phool Says:

    By Rebecca Merriman On March 27, 2013
    Angelina Jolie Removes Engagement Ring Out Of Respect As She Visits Memorial
    Angelina Jolie sparked speculation that she’d married Brad Pitt when arriving in Africa without her lavish engagement ring earlier this week, instead replacing it with a simple gold band, however it is now believed the star removed the 16-carat diamond ring out of respect for the seriousness of the trip she’s undertaking.

    The actress is visiting Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo in her capacity as special envoy to the UN in a joint trip with British Foreign Secretary William Hague to raise awareness of victims of rape and sexual abuse.
    Mother of six Jolie met victims of rape during a visit to a refugee camp on Monday and it’s believed removed $250,000 ring out of respect for the seriousness of the mission she is on. Yesterday she laid a wreath at the Rwanda memorial for the nearly 800,000 people killed in the 1992 genocide.”This visit is about hearing first hand from people who have endured rape and sexual violence during the conflict in the eastern DRC,” Angelina said on her arrival to the waiting press.
    “We want to learn the lessons that their experience holds for how the world can protect thousands of women, men and children at risk of rape in many other conflict zones.”
    “And we want to persuade governments around the world to give this issue the attention it deserves. Unless the world acts, we will always be reacting to atrocities, treating survivors rather than preventing rape in the first place.”
    Last year Angelina claimed she was hoping to take the next year off to concentrate on humanitarian issues and despite being a Hollywood star has the same worried as normal people when it comes to global issues.

    “I wake up in the morning as a mum, and I turn on the news like everybody else, and I see what’s happening,” she told the Guardian last year. “I want to be part of the world in a positive way.”

  207. 207
    Phool Says:

    #Passing Through @ 03/27/2013 at 10:17 am
    LOL PT Sorry if i had known the mention and Aflac would trigger this reaction I wouldn’t have dared to mention them but its the double standards in so called hollywood where they are concerned in their so called once in a blue moon charity exposure, and its made out like they are the saviours of Dafur & Congo. Why doesn’t Porgie give percentage of his profits from his vodka to Darfur or Aflac give all his daily coffee joints profits to Congo. I know you were saying Aflac is using charity to keep away from his kids & wife i think its not only charity its any excuse just to get out of the house and away from them don’t you see the constant gloom he has when he’s around them.
    I saw you post about Iron Man & Putrid, i hadn’t realised Rebecca Hall was in it too i saw one of her interview she was going into the 20 degree gush fest about Downey i think she is playing the love interest & by the looks of it has a much bigger part than Goop. I think Goop will have to start wearing more shorter skirts & more higher heals than she wore before to deflect the attention away from Rebecca as she has serious competition there. By the way another useless gossip you must have already heard that Goop is opening a hair salon in LA, i thought Ticky was the hair queen i guess Hauvane will be getting a call soon.

  208. 208
    NAN Says:

    Good morning Phool,I’ve problem many times when I’ll post or on JPs threads.some script from tmz blocked me all the time,anyone has problems like me.
    JJ doesn’t wants we on JPs threads or not ??? I didn’t search for VH or DK,but always go to VH !!!

    Dolly’s friends and their boss are C R A Z Y when they saw Angie has a gold band ring on,hahahahahahahahahahaha

    The Sinkable Anuston is ende up with a BOUGHT gigolo,lalalalalalalala

  209. 209
    Phool Says:

    March/April 2013
    Guest Editor: Tom Darden
    A conversation with Make It Right’s executive director, Brad Pitt’s man on the ground in New Orleans
    By Melanie Loth

    Tom Darden is the executive director of Make It Right, a nonprofit organization building LEED Platinum homes in disadvantaged neighborhoods of New Orleans.
    The Make It Right foundation is doing some amazing things in post-Katrina New Orleans. Although Brad Pitt is the celebrity face of the organization, Tom Darden is the man who makes everything happen. As the organization’s executive director, Darden is essentially a nonprofit developer in the Lower Ninth Ward—he’s finding the families, securing the financing, and coordinating the construction for 150 homes. Homes by the likes of Frank Gehry and Thom Mayne.

    Darden carved time out of his busy schedule to serve as gb&d’s Guest Editor for our Mar/Apr 2012 issue. We ended up talking about everything from his accidental ascent to executive director of Make It Right to the daily challenges of acting as a de facto nonprofit developer. He also shared with us an innovative (and affordable!) prefab, a new book by William McDonough (whom he’s lucky enough to call a family friend), and his effort to build the nation’s largest concentration of LEED Platinum homes. Read the conversation and see his picks below.

    Green Building & Design: Tom, you were the first volunteer for Make It Right, but what made you decide to volunteer for this purpose as opposed to other Hurricane Katrina relief programs?

    Tom Darden: That’s a bit of a long story. I heard about Brad Pitt’s idea for helping rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward sustainably from William McDonough; Bill’s a family friend of ours. He received a call from Brad and the architecture firm GRAFT, and they were brainstorming how they could help. My real-estate partner, at the time, and I were looking for a way to do some volunteer work after the storm but weren’t really sure how to get plugged in. So I heard about this concept, and we volunteered to do some research on this idea.

    Pick No. 1: Nest. “The Nest thermostat learns your habits and adjusts the temperature automatically to your personal preferences. It’s the best programmable thermostat on the market for saving energy while keeping your home warm or cool. Plus, it just released its second generation.”
    gb&d: Before Make It Right, you’d worked in sustainable development. Was that a factor in becoming its executive director?

    TD: When I became executive director, it was more that I was the guy who was standing there. After the volunteer work that I did, we put together a plan for how to go about building these houses. We worked really closely with the community to develop a concept, and then we set up the 501(c)3. Once we rolled out the effort publicly, we had volunteer architects contribute the designs. My role as a volunteer sort of shifted, and I became the first employee, I guess you could say, of this new foundation.

    gb&d: You have some of the biggest names in architecture designing for Make It Right. How did you get them on board?

    Pick No. 2: Adobe Online. “Adobe now has all its design programs online and available for a small monthly fee. Great to have these powerful design tools available at an affordable price for small businesses or nonprofits.”
    TD: Brad had the idea of asking the world’s best architects to help think about this problem: How do you rebuild a community that was completely devastated in a way that’s going to be sustainable for the long-term? The ultimate goal is to design around the needs of these families, and so, who better to ask for their input than some of the world’s most creative minds in architecture? Originally, we wanted nine firms because we just seemed to keep coming across this idea of nine. We were working in the Lower Ninth Ward, we had nine community partners, so we thought, “Why don’t we ask nine architecture firms?” We asked 13, just because we figured some would be busy, and we asked them to donate their time and told them that we couldn’t pay them. And all 13 of them said yes. I remember having a conversation with Brad where I was saying, “Okay, this is interesting; we have 13 instead of nine. How are we going to figure out who to cut?” And he just said, “Nah, we’re just going to go with 13.”

    gb&d: You’ve said that Brad Pitt is a tough boss, how has his vision affected the way you run Make It Right?

    Pick No. 3: Vapur Water Bottle. “I carry this anti-water bottle with me everywhere. It rolls up and fits in my bag, perfect for travelling and running from meeting to meeting.”
    TD: I would say that he is the visionary, so I see my job in a lot of ways as executing his vision, and the vision that was developed by the community. So when I’ve said that he’s a tough boss, I mean that he has very high expectations.

    gb&d: What are his expectations?

    TD: Nothing short of close to perfectly executed performance. He expects the best out of the people that he works with, and I think that that spills over into how we go about our day here at Make It Right.

    gb&d: Make It Right is not only the largest cluster of LEED Platinum homes in the country, but also a cluster of high-design homes. How will that impact the community?

    TD: It wasn’t necessarily our goal to revolutionize architecture across New Orleans or in the Lower Ninth Ward. It was just to build the best houses for these families, and what came out of it was very high design. This neighborhood was historically and culturally significant before Katrina but not architecturally significant. We were replacing slab-on grade, post-World War, ranch-style houses with something that was architecturally significant that the community can be proud of.

    gb&d: What’s been the most unique challenge?

    TD: My job is that of a nonprofit developer, so we’re not just a builder, we’re basically organizing the development, everything from assembling the property to working with these families. When I go to work every day, it’s probably significantly different than the day that I’ve had before. And every day something really bad happens, and then something really great happens. It’s a constant up-down, up-down; my job is the opposite of boring.

    Pick No. 4: LivingHomes’ C6. “Since 2006, LivingHomes has developed modular LEED Platinum homes designed by top architects like Ray Kappe and Kieran Timberlake. C6 [is] their most affordable LEED Platinum home to date [and] is an important step in lowering the cost of sustainable design.”gb&d: Do other developers ask for your help?

    TD: All the time. Recently, we worked on a project in Newark, New Jersey, where we partnered with a nonprofit builder and developer, and we finished a 56-unit building for disabled veterans. So our role was to take that from being a conventional building to a LEED Platinum building without adding any costs, which we did successfully. Now we’re looking at a similar project in Kansas City, Missouri. We wanted to prove that if you’re going to be building any new building or doing a rehab, then you can build to these high standards without adding any costs. If you can prove that, then there’s really no excuse for building any other way.

    Pick No. 5: The Upcycle. “William McDonough and Michael Braungart’s ground-breaking book Cradle-to-Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things was the single biggest influence on how Make It Right builds homes. I’ve got a galley copy of their new book, The Upcycle—everyone interested in green homes and sustainability should read it.”
    gb&d: How has the philosophy of ‘cradle-to-cradle’ inspired the organization?

    TD: Cradle to Cradle really is inherent to everything that we do. So that’s the reason that Brad called Bill to begin with. Bill and his team worked with the other architects to help make sure that the cradle-to-cradle perspective was being brought to the design table. They making sure that we’re not just thinking about these houses as using less energy, but let’s aspire to be better than zero, let’s be positive, let’s create energy. We’re not going to be ‘energy efficient’ or ‘net-zero,’ because that means that if we didn’t exist, that would be better for everybody. We want to be positive. In some ways it’s a never-ending goal. We talk about the houses as cradle-to-cradle inspired because as of now, there’s no such thing as a home built in the United States to code that is a full cradle-to-cradle house. But whenever we’re using materials that we know aren’t optimal because we don’t have another alternative, at least we’ve flagged those materials and we’re constantly looking for a replacement.

    gb&d: You’ve built or commissioned 87 homes to date, just more than halfway to your goal of 150. What happens after 150?

    TD: Post-150… an exciting thing to think about. We recently completed a strategic plan to help guide that. We really just want to keep building in New Orleans, but that’s a funding question. We’re also focusing on making sure that the community in the Lower Ninth Ward is sustainable for the long-run in every sense of that word. When I say ‘sustainable,’ let me strike that, and say ‘vibrant.’ We want to make a community that’s not only full with beautiful, green houses but also that has access to community businesses. We’d love to do a community center or a visitor’s center. Recently, we redesigned the streetscapes in the area to use pervious concrete instead of traditional asphalt, and the city is putting it in as we speak. We want to make sure that the other needed community services are there, and there in a sustainable way.

    Pick No. 6: Sector 9 Skateboard. “Make It Right recently worked with Mountain Dew to build and design the first sustainable skate park in New Orleans. I used to skate as a kid, and I’ve picked it up again, riding this board to work and back home.”
    gb&d: Is Make It Right involved in other community projects outside the Lower Ninth Ward?

    TD: Make It Right Solar does work with other nonprofits around the city, and really the region, and we definitely are a part of a lot of education work with local universities. We try to be a part of the green building community here in New Orleans and beyond.

    gb&d: What has this project taught you about design?

    TD: It can have a transformative effect on people’s lives. It really can make an impact on the way people view the world and how they interact with their family and their home. It is a critical element for any builder to consider.

    gb&d: What have you learned about New Orleans?

    TD: Well, this place is like no other in the world, I will say that. It just exudes culture. I said that my job is never boring; well, this city is never boring. There is always something going on, and the people just love this place like no other residents of any city I have experienced. There is this deep, deep love of everything New Orleans. And it’s the food, it’s the music, it’s the culture, it’s this blend of different ethnicities and races and religions, and you end up getting this pot of gumbo that is unique to New Orleans.

    gb&d: After seven years, would you consider yourself a New Orleanian?

    TD: That’s a bit of a loaded question. Seven years probably isn’t long enough

  210. 210
    Phool Says:

    Make It Right
    Kansas City Watch: NEW PHOTOS! Make It Right is converting an historic school in Kansas City into a LEED Platinum housing and community complex, including 50 affordable rental units for veterans, seniors and people in need. Click here to see new photos of our progress:

  211. 211
    AY Says:

    So very well said lylian, some people just don’t deserve to be human beings, or even deserve to live in this world. And reading your comments about those wounded victims, I just feel so sad and upset :

  212. 212
    Phool Says:

    Hi NAN
    Good Morning How are you my dear? , you have to be extra cautious to bring over any articles or links from TMZ due to the adult nature of their most articles & context on their site. So may be that’s why you are having problems in doing so. I wouldn’t recommend bringing over articles from there as this site is also viewed by youngster’s just my opinion.
    By the way how’s work? know that you have a car that must have come in handy for you, and not to soon your off to your travels as well i bet you are counting the days

  213. 213
    Phool Says:

    U.N.’s Ban wants stronger force in DRC
    Published: March. 27, 2013 at 12:03 PM

    UNITED NATIONS, March 27 (UPI) — A special unit within the peacekeeping mission for DRC should be able to conduct offensive operations independently, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.

    Ban spoke by phone with Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila about instability in the country. Ban said through his spokesman that the U.N. Security Council should authorize a special patrol that would be able to conduct offensive operations against armed groups threatening DRC stability.

    Forces from the March 23 Movement rebelled last year, saying the government wasn’t honoring the terms of a peace deal. M23 forces seized control briefly over parts of eastern DRC.

    M23 rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda appeared before the International Criminal Court this week. He was the subject of two ICC arrest warrants for DRC war crimes. He surrendered voluntarily at the U.S. Embassy in Kigalia, Rwanda, last week.

    The U.N. mission in DRC, known by its French initials MONUSCO, handed more than 200 rebel fighters over to the Congolese government this week.

    The U.N. Department of Peacekeeping Operations said rebel fighters arrived at a U.N. compound in the country last weekend after being overrun by government forces.

    Read more:

  214. 214
    NAN Says:

    Hi Phool,thank you for the shout out and your kindness dear.
    Im fine and I hope you are fine too,just back from NO yesterday,Yeah the hag got a small covered on the rags in NO together with Goopy,Rihanna,Jenho ” 3 of their secrets ” (side bar)
    I didn’t buy the rag and in DK,yesterday Jenho on the news waiting for the Baby again (adopt)
    I didn’t do anything with tmz,last night when I lurked it was OK,but this morning,this one showed up everytime when I search Angie’s threads ??? It’s no problems when Im in Brad’s threads !
    Yeah’next week I’ll in Thailand,but I ‘ll be on JJ sometime too when I’ve time and can making fun with TheringGundudeJoedogTamshite,they’ll DaedEnd like their boss when Jenho getting married with a BOUGHT gigolo.
    Yeah’ my new car is very handy for me and just drive 10 mins to work,hope you and Rose can have time to visit me soon,bye bye,I gotta go now.

    Happy Easter Day to all JP fans around the World.

  215. 215
    The ring Says:

    Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt and I Did Not Marry in Secret
    03/28/2013 at 07:55 AM EDT

    Angelina Jolie has put to rest speculation that she and Brad Pitt married in secret – rumors sparked after she wore a simple gold band instead of her diamond engagement ring on a visit to Africa this week.

    “Is that a wedding ring, Angelina?” a reporter asks in a video posted to “No, it’s not,” she replies.

    Jolie, 37, spent four days meeting with girls and women in eastern Congo on a humanitarian trip to bring attention to the rampant problem of rape there. She returned to Los Angeles on Wednesday.

    Pitt, 49, said in November that he and Jolie – his partner of seven years, with whom he is raising six children – would be getting married “soon.” But they have not revealed a wedding date.

    NOT ;(

  216. 216
    anustin Says:

    @177 we are stupied???fcuk you moronic deadzhit!!! look at ur idol buying peen to peen for her satisfaction.

  217. 217
    Rose Says:

    @Phool: Good morning lady, how are you today. Phool, you are forgiven for not replying to me. I know you’re very busy with work and real life. Phool I always believed angle movie, ITLOBAH, should be taught in college class on the Bosnia war,jmo

    Phool, OMG, OMG, OMG, didn’t the FF trolls lost it yesterday, lol. Girl they were madder than a red hen when they saw Angie wearing a band on the ring finger. I was lmao. Trolls are such liars, they swear they don’t care about Brad and Angie yet they were running around skewering all the news outlet to get information on the ring. They could care less about the women and children being raped in war torn camps. They only wanted to make sure Angie was not married, like she would tell TMZ if she was.

    At one time yesterday I believed they crashed JJ site for a few hours. Now we know for sure they live and breath any news concerning Brad Angelina. Can you imagined a simple ring caused them to jumped in the ocean yesterday, and I loved watching when having a meltdown, that was the best day. Phool, I loved saying Brad and Angie are married you all because I know it drives them cray cray. I do believe they are married, but if they are not it’s does not take away anything from the love they have for each other and their family. They are together going on 9 years longer than Brad was married to his X. So what difference does it makes one way or the other. Angle you are the best, and good luck in every thing you do.

  218. 218
    Rose Says:

    @NAN: Good morning NAN, how are you today. Enjoy your time in Thailand next week. I know you are so proud of Angie in everything she’s doing. NAN, if I cannot visit you in the flesh I will be there in thoughts. Let us know all about Thailand when you return. Take care.

  219. 219
    Rose Says:

    @anustin: Hi **** tin, good morning. **** tin remember the trolls are mourning because they are afraid Brad and Angie are married. They will say anything to try to upset the fans, just ignore them and let them stew in their own misery, just laugh at them. they know it’s only a matter of time they will get confirmation that Brad And Angelina are husband and wife. Then this news is confirmed it will shut up their stupid belief that Brad will never Marry Angie.

  220. 220
    Phool Says:

    #Love the JoliePitts @ 03/27/2013 at 8:39 pm
    Good Morning Love The JoliePitts
    How are you my dear sorry didn’t get time yesterday to post to you? How’s it going with your renovation work at home? see i didn’t forget lol,Any way so much to discuss soo little time but discuss we will Love. First & Foremost i cannot wait till WWZ première on June the 21st I am counting the days damn those Zombies look good we have to start getting ready in the mood for a great Zombie fest don’t you agree Love?
    Love seeing Maddox in the park playing with Pax & Adam Daniel Pearl first wow how the boys have grown and it just seems like yesterday like Ssshhii_Baby said that it brings back memories of Maddox playing in the park with his blue shirt on whilst his proud grandparents Bill &Jane looked on with the same look of love & pride that every grand parent has while seeing their grandchildren play. I just love the fact that the Pearl family have remained such good friends with the JoliePitts. I remember in 2007 in cannes film festival at “A Mighty Hearts” world premiere when Marianne Pearl & Daniel stood besides Brad & Angie proud mother and son. God how time flies it just made my heart heavy by seeing young Adam growing up with out Daniel but he has all the love that surrounds him to become a great person like his father. I love the fact both Brad & Angie despite the subject matter of Daniels death its has brought both families together in friendship for life and that’s also continuing in their children as well. Don’t forget didn’t Angie once mention that Princess Zee has a soft spot for young Mr Adam anyway Adam wouldn’t dare cross Zee lol.
    Angie God bless this women , can this women not make us any prouder of her than we already are of her. I love for what she STANDS FOR , for what she BELIEVES in for what she DELIVERS in, by seeing her showing
    the utmost respect & honour and courage for those who need to be given , shown & rightly so deserve to be held in high esteem instead of shunning them. Angie is Giving voice to the Voiceless of people who are in this society facing grievances,she is trying to vindicate these innocents who faced genocide, rape, homelessness, she is voicing her opinions and giving these innocent men, women & children vindication by clearing their names by showing the respect they deserve. Yes for some its easy to shun away and make out these things don’t exist but the reality is they do and some thing has to be done about it and Angie is doing something about it and we should all as women support it.
    Don’t get me started on women journalists who chose to snarl on the person rather than report on the actual factual news, women who are invested in gossip of gold rings rather report an actual crime of rape that’s happening . Isn’t it shame love that it goes to show what type of women these really are. Couldn’t they put this idiotic need to fill the the gossip mags with innuendo and roumer and try to put it away for a second and use their journalistic ethics that is if they have any in the first place and try to fight the fight by supporting another women. Knowingly for a FACT angie in her what past 11 odd years with the UN has NEVER EVER, flaunted her wealth , never flaunted her materialistic side in the things that’s others so cherish cant live with out,she always has been and is a humble person by nature. Shame journalist know that Angie never flaunts anything in the faces of people who lost every thing, the same people that
    still are hoping for a better future in the face of adversity. Unlike the likes of Madonna who goes to a village wearing all the thousand dollars worth of designer gear that could feed the whole country but no one says a boo. If Angie is wearing an engement ring she is damned, If she wears a gold band she is damned either way what do the gossip sites want they cant have it both ways .
    i’m not saying things like these deter from the subject but it seems like some part of the media is so gun ho in going the extra mile in demonising Angie at what ever cost especially when she is doing her UN duties. No matter what they do the reality is nothing is deterrent in Angies devotion to her causes. there may be a
    handful of deviate people who chose to attract attention away from reality, but there’s also a million of people out there that acknowledge and respect and can see the true nature of Angelina Jolie and that’s is that she is a highly respected great UN ambassador, she is certainly leaving an imprint on society that are shying away from issues that are stigmatizing around them Angie is giving her support, her voice, by making sure its heard around the world whether they like it or not it has to be addressed as a women i am very proud of her in doing so and proud in giving my support to the defenceless.
    sorry for long winded post again i hope i am forgiven lol, have a nice day Love God Bless.

  221. 221
    anustin Says:

    hello rose,phool .so true.heard Maniston still love John Mayer.

  222. 222
    Rose Says:

    Love The Jolie Pitts, hi love, how are you. Love you missed the mass suicide yesterday when the trolls saw a gold band on that finger on it was hilarious watching the FF trolls running over here talking crap about Angie like the fans give a rats ass’s what they had to say. It was laugh out loud funny picturing them with a major headache foaming at the mouth like a mad dog. It was so funny.
    Love Jodi had a migraine headache yesterday so the court was dark. You know Jodi is in charge, whatever Jodi wants Jodi gets or she will stab you 29 times, slit your throat, and shot you!! lol. So they gave Jodi a day off to think about what her life is going to be like IF she is found guilty of 1st degree murder, :-(,

  223. 223
    Phool Says:

    #NAN @ 03/28/2013 at 8:08 am
    LOL I am glad you didn’t but the magazine believe me you saved yourself money if it happens again as those fame ho women are constant gossip fodder id rather give the some money to a homeless guy or charity that would be money well spent any way what’s wrong with free browsing in articles that you dont buy i do it lol. See i do them a favour in not buying their crap lol I think i know the article you might be talking about of Angie on Tmz, its got some virus attached to it that why i was saying be careful also tmz is quite an adult site.
    Have a safe trip next week and keep posting when you do get time but still enjoy your time there , don’t forget to get your Malaria injections prior to going as it would be quite warm and those pesky flies are always around the corner lol
    PS don’t eat any salad when you are there lots of people complain of food poisoning not saying that is a fact but its better to be causious any way take care and have a safe journey there and back.

  224. 224
    celebitchy Says:

    Jill says:
    March 28, 2013 at 8:21 am
    WOW she looks scary skinny. Her wrists?! Gurl you need help and good meal.

    Elisabeth says:
    March 28, 2013 at 8:22 am

    spinner says:
    March 28, 2013 at 8:25 am
    I don’t even want to say anything negative because this woman looks extremely ill. What is going on with her?

    anneesezz says:
    March 28, 2013 at 8:38 am
    Why does she wear a band on that finger other than to invite speculation she is married. Nothing this woman does is an accident.

  225. 225
    Phool Says:

    #anustin @ 03/28/2013 at 8:52 am
    Good Morning Anustin how are you my dear ? has it stoped raining at your parts?, what did you say MANiston still loves Mayer but but the trolls were saying Squiggy is the love of Manistons life nooo . So does that mean maniston is cheating on Squiggy with Mayer lol?

  226. 226
    Rose Says:

    @anustin:# 223, Anustin, have you noticed the trolls never talks about squigs? it’s anybody but squigs. Now it’s JM because he he broke up with KP. I love it.

  227. 227
    celebitchy Says:

    mkyarwood says:
    March 28, 2013 at 8:45 am
    It’s been brought up before and, while I don’t think it’s the only reason, she has a hard time eating much because of her humanitarian work. If I spent a lot of time in other countries, I know it would affect my ability to enjoy food over here. We have the need to show abundance to the point of waste and we haven’t been able to scale it back. Awards season must be dreadful.
    watchingyoubitch says:
    March 28, 2013 at 9:03 am
    You are being sarcastic,right? I am a huge fan of hers but i dont agree with you.she does look really sick but maybe it s her metabolism.i dont believe she s starving for AFRICA lol

    taxi says:
    March 28, 2013 at 8:49 am
    I’m sure the Congolese knew she has kids. The wedding band was a nod to discretion.

    arie Antoinette Jr. says:
    March 28, 2013 at 8:31 am
    She looks like a pretty bag lady. You GO Angie JO!

  228. 228
    Joe Says:

    @Jen The HAG: Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine… Pitiful!!!

  229. 229
    Phool Says:

    LOL People Mag on line is getting called out by not reporting the Congo Visit news as promptly than they reported the TMZ comment of NO, gold ring not being a wedding band who’d have though People going down the trash mag oh my bad they already have. I guess Ticky and Hauvane can breath a sigh of relief know. Lets see when Ticky announces her date ?

  230. 230
    The real fan Says:

    Thanks for setting the crazy so call fans right. Stupid Rose and her payhags can’t see straight in trying to prove they married lies.
    BRAD PITT & ANGE JOLIE are not running from the LAW why will keep
    The they marriage a secret ? There no reason for it . If they had they six scenic as real fans they know the ring was a replacement .any fool will not travel with that RING.

  231. 231
    Disappearing Act Says:

    The way Ang is going she’ll be able to slip that ring on her wrist and call it a bracelet.

  232. 232
    Phool Says:

    #Rose @ 03/28/2013 at 8:31 am
    LOL Rose while you are saying these FF trolls lost it yesterday they most definitely have lost it big time i love seeing them spin in their lies & s,hite trying their best to deflect good news away from Angie while Angie is being praised around the world & by Congo for doing a great job in drawing attention to their cause the Ticky trolls are slavering the net in search of any thing negative but still cant find any thing and they fall back in talking about the ring. I did see Carry has lost it yet again using her many troll names but getting her a$$ handed by fans every time lol. Rose just sit back and enjoy their melt down of the hags i guess Ticky is drunk dialling Mayer as we speak for him to give her a 3rd try/chance, as she’s not getting it from Squiggy as he’s not taking those jeans of for anyone well he did confess to Esquire didn’t her. By the way when did he become most well dressed man in Esquire did i just blink and missed that news as never heard that dozy before lol.
    YES Rose i think TMZ are wetting their granny panties in getting a No comment from Angie AS IF she is sharing that info with a gossip site LMAO, they are so gullible yes i agree the trolls will like Tmz wet them selves again damn these bishes never get a chance to change their diaper in the first place and they get more news about the JP’s lol.
    By the way Rose I agree Brad & Angie totally are already MARRIED, Rose time to close the windows as the screaming will begin in 1,2,3

  233. 233
    Rose Says:

    Day two, trolls still worrying about angle and her ring. Run trolls, get news from other sites and post it for us, keep yourselves busy. Trolls take a chill pill. I’m going to drive “The RealFan” just a little more cray cray, cray today. Yes, Brad and Angie are married!! I said it, now what are you going to do about it!! Sorry I have to go now, will not be around for the melt down. Brad and Angelina are Married.

  234. 234
    Phool Says:

    I am laughing at the fact how a simple word NO from Angie is spooling out so many articles by interpreting one single word “NO” who said imagination & creativity was dead lol.

  235. 235
    Whamo Says:

    Oh look Wh O RE face is off on anouther photo op, what will she accomplish…NOTHING as per usual.

    I see she’s making a point of tellin the world her and Brad ARE NOT MARRIED! Really…no kidding…who would have thought Heroina and Brad the Blunt smoking dope head would actually get married. It helps if you’re in love of course but as we know the love in that “relationship” is LONG GONE if it was ever there. We know lust was there when spider woman here f k d Brad while he was married but hey what’s a little f u king with married men when you do it all the time right? Anyway Heroin and Brad don’t even live under the same roof so who cares who’s bangin who now a days.

    I see you people still can’t seem to have a Heroina post without mentioning Jen Jen. Too bad Heroina doesn’t have someone in her life that loves her, other than herself of course.

  236. 236
    Rose Says:

    @Phool: You got it Phool, can’t take the screaming today. I have to take care of real business. Talk to you later.

  237. 237
    Phool Says:

    For the Ticky hags that are here 24/7 who had thought Squiggy had so many tallents under his skinny jeans blet know singing as well LMAO , look out Elton you have competition.

    Justin Theroux’s surprise wedding serenade for Jennifer Aniston
    Justin’s going out of his way to prove that romance isn’t dead…

    Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston are on the verge of the showbiz wedding of the century and Now can reveal groom Justin has the ultimate romantic surprise in store for his bride on their big day: he’s written a song for her.
    ‘Not many people know that Justin’s got a fantastic singing voice,’ an insider tells Now.
    ‘In fact, he tried out for Sacha Baron Cohen’s part in Les Misérables.
    ‘But now he’s had a much better idea: singing a love song he’s written for Jen at their wedding.’
    Jen, 44, and Justin, 41, have been keeping schtum over the details of their wedding, although producer friend Brian Howie last week told us it would be ‘any day now’.
    To make it even more special, Justin’s been online shopping.
    The star’s been buying up a host of presents, including a gorgeous heart-shaped locket, rare perfume from an apothecary in France and a leather-bound edition of the complete works of Aristotle.

  238. 238
    cuckoo Says:

    Lol at the obsessed wacko JP fans who think they manipulate anyone. Trollies are the masters, lol. The fact has always been that we know who you idolize, therefore how to annoy you, and you JP fans know? .Nuttin’ Honeys… just left to guess who or what to lash out against.’s a bit unfair for sure.

  239. 239
    The real fan Says:


  240. 240
    celebitchy Says:

    Mona says:
    March 28, 2013 at 9:03 am
    Just like Aniston and Theroux wearing matching bands on their fingers while he was still with Heidi Bivens. And just like Aniston sets Handler on Jolie when the JPs released their wine. NOTHING Aniston does is by accident or without calculated manipulation.
    Dap says:
    March 28, 2013 at 9:16 am
    [Mode sarcasm On] But Mona, if AJ is “just like Aniston” and Aniston is the scum of the earth, doesn’t that make AJ the scum of the eart too (you know, old math lessons: if A=B and B=C, than A=C…)?
    [Mode sarcasm OFF] Congratulation, we had managed to have 40 comments without anyone bringing in Aniston, that’s a big improvement people!
    Ranunculus says:
    March 28, 2013 at 9:34 am
    She always strikes me as the ultimate media *****. Has she ever done any charity work with out turning it into an Angelina frenzy. I think she is very crazy too.

  241. 241
    Phool Says:

    #Rose @ 03/28/2013 at 9:32 am
    Day two, trolls still worrying about angle and her ring

    LOL its sounds more like something from star trek, Captain’s log day two, trolls are still killing them selves by copying and pasting negative comments from other sites, commnets that they themselves have rewritten and posting them numerous times confirming in the process that some one is in a dire need to take their their medication again.
    Rose got to go have a nice day & Happy Easter you all.

  242. 242
    The real fan Says:

    @poooh puppy it has not A thing to do with the dummies …..JEN & SPOT
    WE have know love or care for the JP we don’t pray at their feet. Lets face the facts you all don’t know those people as you all shout being pearent s to them hahahahahaha

  243. 243
    Premalee Says:

    @Lylian – #205

    Great post Lylian. So true.

  244. 244
    Passing Through Says:

    ROTFLMAO. I’m trying to get caught up with the thread and I see there was a troll meltdown of epic proportions last night. I was going to ask if these idiots ever sleep but then I remembered that vampires are nocturnal. So are bats. Breathing bat caca is toxic. As in “batshite crazy”. The trolls know one thing and one thing only – how to bring the cray cray.

  245. 245
    Passing Through Says:

    # 188 Gun @ 03/28/2013 at 5:13 am
    @JP Fan:
    Echo film
    Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (TV movie) (executive producer) (completed)
    2013 Icizzle Presents Dog IDS (short) (executive producer)
    2011 Five (TV movie) (executive producer)
    2010/I The Switch (executive producer)
    2009 Becoming Icizzle (video documentary) (executive producer)
    2008 Management (executive producer)
    Justin Producer
    2010 Megamind (creative consultant)
    2008 Tropic Thunder (executive producer)
    2007 Dedication (executive producer)
    Zoolander 2 (announced)
    2011 Documental (TV movie)
    2007 Dedication
    Excuse me…did a hen REALLY just post this pathetic list of TIcky’s “accomplishments” as a producer? OMFG. They’re even stupider than I thought they were…and that’s saying something. Just because one has an “executive producer” credit it doesn’t mean you were completely involved in the film. In fact in a lot of actors’ case it’s frequently given as a mulligan to keep a star happy. That’s certainly what happned on Turkey Baster. Ticky has a history of glomming onto other people’s projects as well – see: Five, the Lifetime movie produced by her Friends boss Marta Kauffman. There’s also a second “Five” project on the list, too, and yes, that’s also Marta Kauffman’s project.
    BTW – whoever searched IMDB didn’t look at the page for Echo Films. It’s as barren and dry as Ticky’s uterus. It lists only Turkey Baster and 2 flicks as “in development”. In Ticky’s case that means, “As. Fvcking. If.”
    PS – Don’t even get me started on The Skinny Jeaned One.

  246. 246
    New Thread Says:

    New Thread

  247. 247
    plez Says:

    @cuckoo: What a life. Going around the internet trying to irritate people. In your case Jolie Pitt fans.
    LOL PT. As with the troll’s life goal, the bar is low for what is considered great when it comes to Ticky’s career.

  248. 248
    JP wedding will be in April Says:

    i have said many times that Angie and Brad like to prepared and do almost everything with time and well planed. Angie is a person that look for all small things and control is agenda with precision. The Jolie-Pitts don´t do nothing without careful talk and preparations.

    The wedding it is another step, they are married already for nine years by heart. they don´t need to rush to the altar. they don´t have to marry to pleased nobody outside their family.

    1- they want to married to pleased their kids and their parents.
    2- they want to married to be officially and have the same benefits as other couple before the Estate and for legal issues.
    3- they want to married because they love each other and they are sure they want to live together for the rest of their life

    the wedding it will be a well planed party with family and friends and it will be a unforgivable event for all presents.

    I think Angie and Brad give much value to special dates, like birthdays or other important days in their life. So i think they will be married in a date already select.

    this date, it was not select because it was a good date, no.

    They will be married in the day when they start dating in 2005, the same day they become engaged in 2012.

    the wedding it will be next April.

    i remember that Angie appear with the engagement ring in the final of April. …. i think, don´t she??

    Well, please correct if i´m incorrect. Angie and Brad start dating after the WW photo shot and before the Africa beach photos in April of 2005.

    So i bet they will get MARRIED NEXT APRIL BETWEEN 10 AND 25 OF APRIL..

  249. 249
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Welcome back home Angie!! Love it!! Her hair looks almost dark blonde there! (Her natural color)
    Oh and where’s the vid footage of Angelina supposedly ‘confirming that it’s not a wedding ring?’ Don’t believe anything JJ posts about Angie, as they are in the pocket of Huvaniston as sure as Rob shuter. It benefits Huvaniston to keep the whole ‘rival’ weddings b.s. going in the media. If the JPs did the deed months ago, it not only makes Maniston look the famewh*re fake copycat JP coattail rider she is, but it cuts down the rival triangle b.s. in the bloids/blogs/gossip columns.
    In other words, don’t believe it.
    Besides, how in phluck do you “confirm that it’s NOT a wedding ring.” Don’t you ‘deny,’ it’s a wedding ring? For her to ‘confirm’ someone would have had to ask her, ‘That’s NOT a wedding ring, is it Angie,’ and she would have had to say, ‘Yes. You’re right.’ Now who in HELLL asks questions like that?? They would be asking IS IT? Is it a wedding ring, and she’d say no – and then they’d simply write that she said no, denying that it was wedding ring.
    JJ’s is totally in Huvaniston’s back pocket.

  250. 250
    YIB Says:

    @Phool: People is ass hole. They didn’t cover many humanterial trips also. But this is very official and important but they didn’t . They are ass holes…..

  251. 251
    YIB Says:

    jared your site acting again. fckn fix it or close it lame

  252. 252
    Dc Says:

    Yes, she’s back home safe. Amazing Angelina!

  253. 253
    jen the hag Says:

    #237 Phool

    Jen, 44, and Justin, 41, have been keeping schtum over the details of their wedding, although producer friend Brian Howie last week told us it would be ‘any day now’.
    To make it even more special, Justin’s been online shopping.
    The star’s been buying up a host of presents, including a gorgeous heart-shaped locket, rare perfume from an apothecary in France and a leather-bound edition of the complete works of Aristotle.
    LMAO i bet TICKY gave him the list of the gifts he should give her including the Money… “a complete work of Aristotle is something the braindead TICKY will never ever read it would just be a decoration in her newly renovated mansion bwhahhah.. Therenosaurox should have given her a one year subscription of her favorite tabloids like In touch, Star Mags, Life and Style, National Inquirer and her number one website where all her FAT, UGLY AND INSANE FANS congregate .. FEMALEFIRST and DUMBLISTED bwahahhahah!!!

  254. 254
    Julia Says:

    Is AJ wedding dress black?

  255. 255
    jen the hag Says:

    OH Jared something wrong wth your site must be because you allowed the FUGLISTON to post virus your server must be infected.. ban those FUGLIES Jared they totally destroying your servers specially the out of work and r.e.t.a.r.t.e.d tamshit and his alters !! bwahahahha!

  256. 256
    jen the hag Says:

    Julia @ 03/28/2013 at 1:23 pm

    Is AJ wedding dress black?

    YES happy now?

  257. 257

    jolie still vvhoring as usual
    leaving lots superstinky FJWP
    many vile rotting soiled undergarment
    horrible stench
    CHANEL N°5 no help
    jolie biggest vvhore ever
    FJWP thick on ground
    all over BAMPZSKVille
    all over LAX
    all over congo + rwanda
    all over gisozi genocide memorial
    all over rescue camp
    all over jungle
    all over natural history museum of la
    all over whole food
    all over urban outfitter
    all over parrot cay
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    stuff cadillac
    stuff lexus
    stuff beckham bulge
    float in ocean
    plug surrey sewer
    toxic biohazard
    use thickest rubber
    use gaz mask
    use hazmat suit
    use long pole
    use net
    use tong like big blue one
    disease 4 u you with them
    u puke anyway
    u r warned now

  258. 258
    LoL Says:

    “Is that a wedding ring, Angelina?” the voice shouts off camera. “No, it’s not,” Jolie says through the back of her head as she’s ushered into a waiting SUV.
    So there you have it. The gold band she was wearing on her left ring finger during a recent humanitarian trip to Africa is still nothing more than just a piece of jewelry. The fact that she actually deemed the question worth answering — after being with Pitt for 8 years — strikes us as a bigger deal at this point than her answer.

    Exactly, today show, eggzactly!,

  259. 259
    Willy Hague Says:

    My erection still hasn’t subsided.

  260. 260
    Willy Hague Says:

    I love those FJWPs too.

  261. 261
    JUBILEE Says:

    Great woman with a heart of gold. Love your passion for helping AJ.

  262. 262
    GreatRoleModel Says:


  263. 263
    UNHCRlovesAJ Says:

    Angelina is very dedicated with her work for UNHCR. She is the voice of the oppressed people specially women and children in war torn countries. I’m so impressed and admire her for doing this.

  264. 264
    Geo Says:

    Angelina was the one who inspired animation “The Corpse Bride”.

  265. 265
    Whamo Says:

    You people are insane. EVERY SINGLE DAY you have to mention Jennifer A on every single AJ thread, what is wrong with you? Nobody even mentions Jen and you are all freaking out about Jen this and Jen that when 95% of the time it’s you that mention her and then you accuse “the trolls” of not “letting it go” WOW what a bunch of OBSESSED LOONS

  266. 266
    groundcontrol Says:

    @The real fan:
    WTF is your problem? There’s enough negative and downright vile speculation by trolls at this site. If a fan wants to engage in some harmless and fun positive speculation then why the eff does it matter to you?
    Rose has as much right to have some fun over a new ring than anyone. Besides at least Rose discusses then actual reason for this mission unlike the trolls and haterz who can’t even show the tiniest respect for the victims of rape and genocide.
    These recent threads are about an important issue for women worldwide. They deserve better than petty squabbling over non-issues.
    When will peope learn that it doesn’t matter what the truth or reality is that the trolls will find some way to twist it into another vile or defamatory bit of nonsense. Their emotional baggage and distorted psyche has warped them. Sad really.

  267. 267
    JanisM Says:

    Ty JJ :)

  268. 268
    groundcontrol Says:

    Seriously, what is wrong with you?

  269. 269
    CLINIQUA Says:

    As for the 3.09 million viewers and the 1.1/ 3 adult adults 18-49 for the season finale of NBC sitcom “Whitney” at 8:30 p.m., tick, tock…the cancellation clock is ticking.
    Yes, that would be the finale that Chelsa Handob just starred on. Just like her no talent tv shittcom hacktress pal, look like the ugly cable floozy tv talker is pure BAD LUCK. Bahahahaha!!

  270. 270
    groundcontrol Says:

    @Passing Through:
    Excuse me…did a hen REALLY just post this pathetic list of TIcky’s “accomplishments” as a producer? OMFG. They’re even stupider than I thought they were
    LOL, PT. I knew you’d come through and dispel the delusions about that. So many so called producer credits are nothing but vanity titles fronting nothing. That’s what the majority of that list for NoEcho Films is about. Same for Squiggy. His friends threw him a sop here and there for throwing in a line here and there. But a real Producer he ain’t and neither is ticky

  271. 271
    Cam Says:

    She is such a great women. So appreciate all the good work Angelina does.

  272. 272
    hopeso Says:

    Welcome back my Lady

  273. 273
    UNHCRlovesAJ Says:

    Nobody can put down a strong woman with passion of helping the plight of people from war torn countries, more power to Angelina and all her work.

  274. 274
    naturegirl Says:

    Good seeing my Fave. again. Angelina is looking beautiful as always
    Love the Jolie-Pitt

  275. 275
    2Park5 Says:

    The definition of a true humanitarian. Angelina Jolie has her causes and charities and she supports them and work with them and talk about them when there is a need to draw attention to those causes and help the people in need. Jennifer aniston attaches herself to what’s most talked about in the news but ONLY when she has one of those crappy things she calls a movie to promote…

  276. 276
    NYC Says:

    MY LADY!!!!!!!!!

  277. 277
    anustin Says:

    thanks God,my girl is home safety.bless the JPs.

  278. 278
    Jaye Says:

    Kudos to our Lady for her tireless work on the behalf of the true victims of war.
    While I don’t know the politics of all the conflicts going on in the world, I do think that more than military might is going to be needed to stop the carnage and the enormous suffering to people who are deemed of little value by those imposing forces.
    I do think the Nations outside of the conflict can do more, but even with the noblest intentions, they need to have consideration for the problems that can be caused by intervention in what are already unstable nations. Like it or not, there are repercussions which could be infinitely more damaging than the carnage thatt we now bare witness to.
    Rape in any form is gruesome, it is particularly heinous in war time. it takes a certain mind set to see that as the spoils of war or a tool to use against the most fragile of those in counties of conflict. How can you change the minds of people who have so little respect for life or the suffering of others?
    I don’t have an answer, but wholesale military intervention isn’t it. I remember Obama saying in some conflicts we don’t know the enemy from the friend, so who would YOU arm? Military intervention isn’t an easy thing and I would think it would be much harder to get many countries to come to a consensus on when to consider it, how to implement it and the duration of the occupation.
    There are so many places in conflict that military intervention would require years and years of opposition in those areas and that means boots on the ground from many nations for a long long time. There are dozens of armed conflicts worldwide, who decides how and if we should become involved? The gut reaction is, yes we should become involved, but when it comes to the when and how, that’s where the process falls down. All countries have political divides even within themselves, how can they agree on the fate of other countries?

    Individual countries do have their self interests and they not only consider the action to be taken, but the length of the engagement as well as monetary expenditures and the loss of lives of their own forces. Anyone would be against the devastation of lives and rape brought about by war, but when it comes to bodies of their own people piling up defending other countries, that resolve to help is tested and some times protested. It’s really a fine lines that these governments walk.
    From the side lines, it seems any easy thing to do, help militarily, but from a practical standpoint it’s not that simple. Those who tend to resort to arm conflict often are not open to settling disagreements by other means.
    I applaud Jolie for her efforts and the UN for their mission to help those who have suffered so much. But at the same time, I realize that a lot of what has happened couldn’t have been prevented by other countries. To think that the UN can just drop down troops all over the world to fight these battles and CONTAIN them is ludicrous. Does each country strain it’s own resources further, when a large portion of the world is already economically broken and fighting it’s own internal battles? It might seem a selfish thing to consider, but we need to be realistic about what the cost of war really involves.
    Helping in the aftermath is a start. Any help, by anyone is valuable. I think the more the world becomes aware of what’s happening in these countries, the more the aggressive forces will realize that it’s not to their benefit to continue on their course. The more outcry against the atrocities, the more countries who are helping these criminals might come to the conclusion that their own tenuous peace might be threaten in the same way one day.
    The world is connected, each country dependent upon each other. I think some areas of the world may not have caught up to that realization. So, while we may be limited as a country to what help we can give, it is always hopeful that there might some day be open dialogue whereby diplomatic avenues will present a better alternative to those actively involved in and those feeding the conflict.

  279. 279
    YIB Says:

    hahahaha @clinqua . Only deseving. Ugly vindicative bittches should fail. It is the way life works. If only the media moves all attachemnt from the disease another sitcome show she created which use JPs.

  280. 280
    lucy Says:

    JJ’s site is totally screwed up, one laptop already has to go to the shop because of a virus, and I got it here on JJ’s site, strange that he’s so eager to let these scumbags with their viruses post here with no problem, maybe it’s time to find a better site, or a better solution would be for JJ to be more diligent.

  281. 281
    YIB Says:

    What is the symbole of the ring?
    The simbole of the necklessess one look a dagger ,Does anyone figure it out and what are they?

  282. 282
    YIB Says:

    I want a brad andAngie picture. Both wearning jeans and nice shades… or he she not holding hands and look A COUPLE. and looking good and smile and hug and walk. Unless this happen remember there is no movie success. normality and touchablity is missing from them

  283. 283
    Whamo Says:

    So once again Heroina travels to a third world country to make sad faces for the camera. Tell me loons of all the places she’s been to what has she accomplished? I’ll tell you what, absolutely NOTHING AT ALL. The people will be starving when she gets there and they’ll be starving when she leaves her 5 star hotel and jumps on yet another jet to go home. You see she gains points from you loons that think she’s doing good but all she is really doing is self promotion for herself. She’s wants to position herself for a permanent job at the UN because her career is over and she’s proved she can’t direct so really what else can she do?
    Everyone in Hollywood is laughing at her because she takes herself so seriously. The fact. is she’s a joke and her whole relationship / “marriage” to that other has been is a joke too, they just don’t realize how pathetic they’ve become.

  284. 284
    Still not married Says:


  285. 285
    NAN Says:

    Wow,WhamoTheHalfMandog on duty Again for The Sinkable Anuston,JenBong an Easy Poosey of HW.
    Poor Jenho huh ? 8+ years with 10+ men,but her ££$$€€ can buy only Gigolo, a Z-list PoshGigolo !
    May98 #1 set up with an A-list hunk by their agents.
    May11 #2 set up with a Z-list gigolo by her agent .
    JenBong ended up with a PoshGigolo,
    Hey Dolly I like to EXPOSED JenKapuutt,she is still be The Loser all time,lalalalalalalalalalalalala
    Huvsy and dogs cannot help JenKapuutt.
    Once Kapuutt always Kapuut,he ha he ha ha ha ha ha ha

  286. 286
    groundcontrol Says:

    Thanks to all my colleagues here who have taken the time to post real news articles of substance about this Hague/Jolie mission. The results so far are very heartening. Issues like these always seem insurmountable to start but over time they gain momentum.
    The creation of a team to document and treat instances of rape was a great start and the money committed as a result of this mission will help. Perhaps the biggest hurdle is the historical acceptance that rape is a natural part of war. Defeating that mentality will take a world wide campaign to make it unacceptable by every level. The simple act of prosecuting the few may serve as a deterrent to the many.
    Again kudos to Hague, Jolie and the responsible press who are properly covering this vital news story.

  287. 287


  288. 288
    yep Says:

    did she adopt a 3rd world family of black kids while she was there….oh wait she did that already….shes a tool

  289. 289
    sgerg Says:

  290. 290
    lucy Says:

    Let me preface this by saying, I have no idea if Brad and Angie are married or not, and Angie’s ONE WORD answer to that screaming A$$hole reporter did not clear up anything, he asked if she was wearing her wedding ring, she said “no” as she was getting in the car. All I know for sure is I’ve never in all the years and all the pictures of Angelina Jolie that’s been taken, seen her wear a plain gold band on her wedding ring finger, unless she was married.

  291. 291
    kelly Says:

    Angelina is unmarried. So what. She soon will be until then you all are still jealous of her. She is engaged to Brad Pitt. She has 6 beautiful kids. She is a top actress, a director and a respected humanitarian.
    It is not like Angelina is Jennifer Aniston who has to pay for her own engagement ring and pay her boyfriend an allowance.

  292. 292
    son53st Says:

    My first and probably last post. Angie didn’t say that she and Brad wasn’t already married. She just said that the ring on her finger wasn.t her wedding ring. So, for all the trolls that post here and is celebration the video from TMZ . Enjoy your celebration now because it will be short-lived

  293. 293
    kelly Says:

    @Whamo: Stop showing your ignorance. Microsoft would not start a program calling KIND to help kids when are in the US alone if they did not believe in Angelina’s past accomplishment.
    The UK Sec of State would not have asked Angelina to go to the Congo if he did not respect Angelina past work.
    FACTS rather than just blind hatred that you throw and you other trolls throw around.

  294. 294
    jen the hag Says:

    kelly @ 03/28/2013 at 11:19 pm

    Whamo the whate is just jealous because “IT” wish list and posting fanfic about Angelina Jolie is far from reality. While Angelina is hubnobbing and respected by the Policy maker and leaders of the world their idol TICKY is friend with the likes of trash people like Chelsea Handler who sleep with married men to have her own show just like when TICKY was starting in TV land and friend with the founder of girl’s gone wild video Joe francis and the child molester photographer Terry the perv, even the guy she sleep with the grip men said TICKY like bad boys that’s american sweetheart for the HENS.. you are what the company you keep.. no wonder her fans post virus from porno site it must be whamo and tamshit who loves to frequent those site hence the virus they posted here in JJ.. disgusting and viles that describe TICKY and her legions of evil fans !!!

  295. 295
    jen the hag Says:

    The HENS are losing their mind whenever they think Brad and Angellina got married because Angelina and Brad are POWER COUPLE who are both famous worldwide, respected by their peers and gorgous hence the non stop hate.. while their idol ticky is gonna married a nobody and a jobless bought toyboy !! and they know after TICKY married her toyboy she’ll be forgotten bwahahhah!!! No more story about how happy she is a hundred years after brad dumped her. and even if the toyboy divorce her NOBODY is interested bwahahhah!!

  296. 296
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Ho’s PR team must have relayed some feedback back to her about carrying LV bags after fauxmanitarian missions make her look like a hypocrite, which is exactly what we’ve been saying all along. Once again this is proof that Ho and Pothead do pay attention to what us detractors say about them, instead of caring about their loons’ opinions. Teehee.

    So…. when’s the wedddiinnnngggg JP trolls???? Bwhahahaha….

  297. 297
    Ⱦamsin Says:


    Oh bwhahahahaha…. well said Wham. Loons will never be able to answer that question, even when they know you’re right. Ho can only promote her favorite cause: herself. And spot-on about how Ho takes herself so seriously… I particularly love when she takes out her little notepad and pretends to write while talking to refugees. Only her loons could eat up all that B.S and think she really wrote or did anything of value.

    As for her career heading back to the crapper, that’s also true. Not so long ago loons were justifying the fact that she missed the wine’s launch and Pitty’s furniture shopping photo op because she was too “busy” working on Unbroken, and as it turns out, she’s always available and ready to take these UN-sponsored trips with a camera crew documenting her every step.

    In the meantime those poor kids remain under the care of hired help, with zero chances of ever having a normal childhood. Daddy is out somewhere getting drunk and stoned. What happened to the 3 day rule anyway? LOL.

    And I love how once again loons’ hopes were shot down as Ho confirmed her status as an unmarried, adulterous, heathen concubine with “a promise for the future” to hold on to, whereas JA’s days as an engaged woman are numbered. Weep loons, weep! XD

  298. 298
    jen the hag Says:

    jenhens can’t accept the fact the MANiston is now a C-list tv starlet and buying all the “best” this and “that” by Huvane will not gonna save her career in the dumpster she should just disappear to timbukto with her serial killer look alike toyboy bwahhahahahh!!

  299. 299
    jen the hag Says:

    the cuncubine transgender is writing again his never ending fanfic LOL does he think he live in TANG DYNASTY bwahahhahahahh!!!

  300. 300
    jen the hag Says:

    ehhh since the the trash hens are here gonna go out don’t want to read their lunatic post bwahahahhah buhbye LOONISTON don’t bother to reply on my post !!

  301. 301
    jen the hag Says:

    because i know tamshit got the hots for me bwahahhahh! He can’t help it he love me some PINAY right tamshit!!

  302. 302
    anustin Says:

    lol jen the hag……..just like our girl, the hotness overload.keep ‘em up baby.

  303. 303
    pithy Says:

    The wicked witch of the west have returned. Run Brad

  304. 304
    Therenosaurox Says:

    @jen the hag:

    JUSTIN THERENOSAUROX…… Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha….

    that it is a great surname for the new couple of z-list actors, ha, ha, ha

    Jen Anustin-Therenosaurox and Justin Anustin-Therenosaurox

    ha, ha, ha, ha, hi, hi, hi, hi, ho, ho, ho,,,,
    Anustin-Therenosaurox ha, ha, ha, ha

  305. 305
    anustin Says:

    haha….brad is running closer to her baby momma becoz this baby momma is soooo productive,unlike the famous urinated dump’eed fugg knows only how to boooz,tanning and calling her fans shallow minded.gotta love that hag,eh.

  306. 306
    sick jolie Says:

    scary skinny

  307. 307
    anustin Says:

    wa why????? idol fuggy is fatzo now??no more yoga eh,too scared of her fiance running back to miss Biven.haha

  308. 308
    nanik Says:

    Love Angie! Love, love, love her!

  309. 309
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    By the way, I gotta love how she smiles at the paps and even talked to one. It’s clear that she was happy with the PR she got from her Sad Face world tour. She succeeded in raising awareness to her jewelery line by showing off her ring, which is what she wanted all along, and proved that she can still get a few paps and media to cover her affairs. That short Q&A was of course scripted.

    It must be sad when you’re in an industry that no longer cares for you and your career is reduced to photo ops and the media only focuses on you to get info about the relationship you may or may not be in, instead of your work. LOL.

  310. 310
    meme Says:

    the loons are beyond pathetic.

  311. 311
    groundcontrol Says:

    It’s great to see all the good that is coming out of Jolie’s film In the Land of Blood and Honey. That film is achieving exactly what she hoped it would achieve.
    I am very impressed with the treatment and forensics team the UK has assembled to combat rape in war zones which was a direct result of this campaign inspired by the film.
    Now as a further result we have large financial and governmental commitments of vast resources in aid of this campaign and to assist victims of war zone rape. If word reaches potential perpetrators that they may have to face the legal and social consequences of their actions then that can go a long way toward diminishing this crime.
    Good for Jolie and, now Hague, for remainingundaunted in taking these fist steps to ensure human rights for women and girls. For Jolie it’s another positive endeavor in a life that has become devoted to the continued support of female protection and empowerment around the world.
    Jolie continues to be an incredible role model for how to live a useful and meaningful life.

  312. 312
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Wow the pinay loony has really lost her ****, she’s changed aliases like 5 times already. It must be sad when you’re so ashamed of your ethnicity that you look out elsewhere for role models.

    It certainly says a lot when an african-american or south-asian woman regard a white hussy ho with obvious self-image issues as a standard of beauty. I think that’s what Pitty meant when he referred to them as “missing a touch in themselves”. :S

  313. 313
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    The paid JP troll continues her desperate effort to promote her clients’ failed projects. We all know that Ho’s directorial debut went was an epic disaster and not even a bought GG nomination saved it from fading into oblivion, why trying to beat that dead horse now?

    Also, I’ve been laughing non stop for days at how this stupid naive paid paid poster who claimed to be fan of the WWZ book and at the same time be eagerly awaiting the movie’s release. What a lame attempt to counteract how fans of the book have roasted these trailers all over message boards and comments section of the whole internet. Fact is, they’ve already lost the book’s built in fanbase with the two trailers, and it’s simply a bomb waiting to go off on its release week.

    The worst mistake that the producers made was rewriting the story.
    If Pitty hadn’t been such a narcissist, he would’ve gone for a more faithful adaptation instead of choosing a a substandard action flick in which a stoner slacker has to “save the world”.

    Poor Pitty, it’s too late for him to try to reinvent himself into an action hero. The only two action hits he had were Troy and MAMS, and he was still married to Aniston then. It’s obvious how this commercial arrangement with his mistress has sucked out the life and ambitions out of him. Now all he has left are commercial disappointments and fancy artsy projects to attach his name on with the help of true artists. Serves him right though, he’s simply reaping what he’s sown.

  314. 314
    an opinion Says:

    It took a blogger to do a good writeup about the ring and the trip to Afica
    Angelina Jolie swaps extravagant engagement ring for conservative gold band on UN visit
    Her beautiful engagement ring normally proudly adorns her left hand, so when Angelina Jolie swapped her custom-designed diamond jewellery for a simple gold band this week it was immediately picked up by the world’s press.

    Some media outlets have speculated that the plain gold band could signify that Angelina has secretly tied the knot with long-term partner Brad Pitt, almost twelve months after he popped the question.

    However, it’s far more likely that the altruistic superstar simply opted to remove her extravagant engagement ring as she travelled to Africa at the weekend.On Sunday night, the mum-of-six arrived with British Foreign Secretary William Hague for a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. As a representative for the UN’s refugee agency, Angelina is with Mr Hague campaigning against rape being used as a weapon of war.

    Angelina’s opted for a conservative look as she met with survivors of rape and sexual violence during a visit to Nzolo refugee camp. With the simple gold band on her engagement finger, the actress opted for simple black trousers and a loose white t-shirt, and tied her long hair back away from her face.The attentive star listened with interest as she and Mr Hague spoke with survivors, locals and UN groups at the camp. In three weeks time, the pair will join forces again to ask countries including Britain, the US, Russia, Japan and Germany to agree to “landmark measures to secure justice for survivors of sexual violence and deter perpetrators” at the G8 Summit in London.

  315. 315
    an opinion Says:

    It’s time to take Angelina Jolie seriously
    Angelina Jolie’s latest humanitarian mission has been a trip with British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, to the Congo to try and end rape in warzones. However, many still find it hard to take her seriously. But why, asks Katy Brand, in this week’s Paper Tiger column.
    By Katy Brand8:00AM GMT 29 Mar 2013

    Angelina Jolie seems to be very confusing to some people. On the one hand she is the quintessential Tinsel Town creation – mother to a Mia Farrow style adopted ‘rainbow family’, partner to Brad Pitt, daughter to bona fide movie star Jon Voight. She has two showbiz marriages behind her, and apparently another to look forward to, if indeed it hasn’t happened already. She has played the media like a Stradivarius her entire working life, indulging in extraordinary behaviours such as wearing a vial of her former spouse’s blood around her neck, offering up the most photogenic heroin addiction it is reasonable to expect, entwining herself in a somewhat provocative manner around her own brother, and talking at length about her bi-sexuality. Oh yes, and she’s an Oscar-winning actress.
    But these days, she has all but entirely reinvented herself as a global humanitarian campaigner, visiting some of the world’s most hostile and crisis-hit environments to raise awareness, whilst also giving significant amounts of her own money to charity. She has even bought a vast swathe of the Cambodian rainforest in order to protect it from unscrupulous developers. Of course, this is not an option available to most of us, but I’m not sure why that means it should be met with cynicism – just because the charitable giving you or I might make is more modest, it doesn’t negate the fact that others use their considerable resources for good.
    Nobody is so rude about Bill and Melinda Gates attempting to eradicate malaria from West Africa (a task they seem to be succeeding at), but perhaps this is because they are not quite so physically blessed as Jolie. We are still suspicious of beauty, associating pulchritude with manipulation and deceit in a most Shakespearean manner.
    For many still find it hard to take her seriously in her most laudable endeavours, with raised eyebrows and curled lips accompanying every foreign aid trip she makes. Why is this? Because she’s beautiful? Because her life is so privileged we can see nothing but insincerity in her altruism? Because Sting has basically ruined it for all celebrities by preaching his message of environmentalism between flights in private jets to his many luxury homes? This doesn’t seem fair.
    Jolie’s latest mission to the Congo with William Hague (literally the only member of the current Tory administration who could carry this off without looking like a smug *******) is perhaps her boldest yet. Listening to young boys and girls talk openly about the brutality practised against them, she has caused the spotlight to fall once again on the problem of sexual violence, a problem with does not even seem to be diminishing in some areas, let alone stopping.
    Rape and sexual assault is part of every day life for these people, and it doesn’t end there. Dealing with the issue of female genital mutilation is not easy, and the latest statistics in this country, let alone anywhere else, make any normal person feel sick to the stomach. Jolie has pointed out with an incredibly personal perspective how her own adopted daughter Zahara would probably have been a victim if she had grown up in her birth country of Ethiopia.
    The Telegraph’s Cathy Newman has been with Jolie and Hague, and has reported back in some detail about the atrocities they have had described to them, which I would encourage anyone to read. One harrowing story in particular details a five-year old girl’s rape ordeal at the hands of a government soldier right next to a police station. It doesn’t get much worse than that, and although change will not be fast, at least it is in the news – the stories are being heard – and that is down to Jolie’s presence.
    People with a startling lack of intelligence and understanding of the real world like to offer poorly-thought through observations of celebrity campaigning, usually running along the lines of ‘why should we bother about this so-called famous person (I’ve never even HEARD of her), when there are so many people working all year round without any press coverage at all’.
    Well, the point of a celebrity visit is to get people talking about an issue, to highlight the very thing the workers on the ground campaign for – if each unknown volunteer was put on the front cover of a national newspaper every day, the newspaper would not sell any copies, that’s the bottom line and if we don’t like it, we only have ourselves to blame.
    We buy more papers when there are celebrities in them – the rich and famous are under no illusions about this, and although there are some who make the cause they promote seem a little ridiculous by a random, short-lived association, Jolie has been campaigning on a small number of issues for over a decade now – no-one should doubt her commitment.
    A high profile is a privilege and a responsibility, however one may come to have it – it can do some good, it should do some good, as Samantha Cameron seems finally to be grasping. Whenever Angelina Jolie makes a visit, there will of course be a load of coverage about what she is wearing and the precise provenance of her engagement ring, but in amongst all that, we will also take a moment to look directly into the faces of those who are trying to live their lives in the worst possible circumstances, and that is all that matters.

  316. 316
    an opinion Says:

    Dang, I put these on the wrong thread. Sorry have to go back to work and can’t correct my mistake.

  317. 317
    YIB Says:


    careful, your KKK na dbigot side is slipping out, one you try nd hide (not so very well)
    ban this greasy white trailer trash loser.
    spotty white face, stretch marks on your stomach, filthy nails, no boyfried, elderly disppointed parents, a sucky job if at all.

  318. 318
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Thank you, Groundcontrol for your post on Brad’s WWZ Thread re: Angelina’s Court Victory.
    Angelina is busy working to bring help to the women who have suffered so much in war and while she is doing that the Court is ruling in her favor against that horrible man Braddock!
    Yes!!! Thank you God for always taking good care of your beautiful Angelina.

  319. 319
    Love the JoliePitts Says:

    Mar. 29 9:06 PM EDT
    You are here
    Home » AP Party » Judge: Jolie didn’t plagiarize ‘Blood and Honey’

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal judge says actress Angelina Jolie didn’t steal the story for her movie “In the Land of Blood and Honey” from a Croatian author.

    City News Service reports Friday’s tentative ruling in Los Angeles will throw out the suit accusing Jolie of copyright infringement.

    In 2011, author James Braddock sued Jolie and the film company that made the film, saying it was partly based on his book “The Soul Shattering.”

    U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee wrote in a tentative ruling that the plots, characters and themes in the two works were not “substantially” similar, though both centered on war romances.

    Jolie wrote, directed and co-produced the film.

    Braddock has been ordered to tell the court why his complaint should not be dismissed with prejudice.

  320. 320
    jen the hag Says:

    Ⱦamsin @ 03/29/2013 at 11:42 am

    bwahhaha told you this dickhead can’t help itself but reply to my post.. this person must have rejected a hundred times hence it hates beautiful people LOL.. and i see ” IT” writing again another fiction he heard from his brainless head bwahahahh!! Let see i only have one name here and the this braindead person have been using proxy left and right and altering his name a million times because JJ has been banning his smelly a.s.s.. look in the mirror you hunchback and you’ll see the UGLY PERSON looking back at you. While you are writing fiction about Angelina Jolie.. millions of people worldwide admire what she is doing .. and doesn’t even know a r.e.t.a.r.d person like you spewing your hate just because your idol TICKY is reduce to buying a toyboy and spending her money on NOBODY bwahahahhah what a loser both you and your idol !!

  321. 321
    jen the hag Says:

    ahh told you when there’s news of the JPs the dogs will come out…see furniture shopping .. that’s all they do nowadays when the bought toyboy is jobless… take him shopping bwahahhahh!!

  322. 322
    old hags Says:

    I love it. No thumb sh#e to deal with. everybody no an even leavers. the loonies powder have been taken away. HA. ha. ha. ha.

  323. 323
    Liz Says:

    @jen the hag:
    You absolutely right, everytime I open JJ I see thier pic “furniture shopping”….They probably saw Brad furniture shopping and all of a sudden they out and about……
    I tried not to pay attention to those two but its getting so obvious/copying every steps of JP….
    JP got engage then Aniston follow….
    Brad shopping for furniture then Aniston follow…
    Brad riding motorcycle Theroux follow….
    Just so in secure and harbor so much publications…..

    I miss the JP children I hope to see pictures of them especially “Easter pics”

  324. 324
    angierocks Says:

    God I love Angelina she’s so chill and savvy:)

  325. 325
    yolly Says:

    Lovely Angie with a heart of gold. God bless The Jolie Pitt Family.

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