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Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles After Congo Trip

Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles After Congo Trip

Angelina Jolie is a beauty in black while making her way through the terminal after landing at LAX Airport on Wednesday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress is back in the states after taking a short trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the Gisozi Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, as part of her work as a UNHCR ambassador.

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“It’s often we speak about the dramas and the pain and horrors of the Congo, but it’s also a wonderful place with extraordinary people,” Angelina said in a new video released by The Guardian. “I think the big message is… this initiative started by the Foreign Secretary is an extraordinary thing, but what we’re saying and what we’re here to do is to try to scale it up and make this a worldwide focus.”

At the airport, Angelina confirmed to photographers that her new ring is not a wedding ring.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the airport…

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  • Dc

    Yes, she’s back home safe. Amazing Angelina!

  • jen the hag

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    To make it even more special, Justin’s been online shopping.
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  • LoL

    “Is that a wedding ring, Angelina?” the voice shouts off camera. “No, it’s not,” Jolie says through the back of her head as she’s ushered into a waiting SUV.
    So there you have it. The gold band she was wearing on her left ring finger during a recent humanitarian trip to Africa is still nothing more than just a piece of jewelry. The fact that she actually deemed the question worth answering — after being with Pitt for 8 years — strikes us as a bigger deal at this point than her answer.

    Exactly, today show, eggzactly!,

  • Willy Hague

    My erection still hasn’t subsided.

  • Willy Hague

    I love those FJWPs too.


    Great woman with a heart of gold. Love your passion for helping AJ.

  • GreatRoleModel


  • UNHCRlovesAJ

    Angelina is very dedicated with her work for UNHCR. She is the voice of the oppressed people specially women and children in war torn countries. I’m so impressed and admire her for doing this.

  • Geo

    Angelina was the one who inspired animation “The Corpse Bride”.

  • Whamo

    You people are insane. EVERY SINGLE DAY you have to mention Jennifer A on every single AJ thread, what is wrong with you? Nobody even mentions Jen and you are all freaking out about Jen this and Jen that when 95% of the time it’s you that mention her and then you accuse “the trolls” of not “letting it go” WOW what a bunch of OBSESSED LOONS

  • groundcontrol

    @The real fan:
    WTF is your problem? There’s enough negative and downright vile speculation by trolls at this site. If a fan wants to engage in some harmless and fun positive speculation then why the eff does it matter to you?
    Rose has as much right to have some fun over a new ring than anyone. Besides at least Rose discusses then actual reason for this mission unlike the trolls and haterz who can’t even show the tiniest respect for the victims of rape and genocide.
    These recent threads are about an important issue for women worldwide. They deserve better than petty squabbling over non-issues.
    When will peope learn that it doesn’t matter what the truth or reality is that the trolls will find some way to twist it into another vile or defamatory bit of nonsense. Their emotional baggage and distorted psyche has warped them. Sad really.

  • JanisM

    Ty JJ :)

  • groundcontrol

    Seriously, what is wrong with you?


    As for the 3.09 million viewers and the 1.1/ 3 adult adults 18-49 for the season finale of NBC sitcom “Whitney” at 8:30 p.m., tick, tock…the cancellation clock is ticking.
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  • groundcontrol

    @Passing Through:
    Excuse me…did a hen REALLY just post this pathetic list of TIcky’s “accomplishments” as a producer? OMFG. They’re even stupider than I thought they were
    LOL, PT. I knew you’d come through and dispel the delusions about that. So many so called producer credits are nothing but vanity titles fronting nothing. That’s what the majority of that list for NoEcho Films is about. Same for Squiggy. His friends threw him a sop here and there for throwing in a line here and there. But a real Producer he ain’t and neither is ticky

  • Cam

    She is such a great women. So appreciate all the good work Angelina does.

  • hopeso

    Welcome back my Lady

  • UNHCRlovesAJ

    Nobody can put down a strong woman with passion of helping the plight of people from war torn countries, more power to Angelina and all her work.

  • naturegirl

    Good seeing my Fave. again. Angelina is looking beautiful as always
    Love the Jolie-Pitt

  • 2Park5

    The definition of a true humanitarian. Angelina Jolie has her causes and charities and she supports them and work with them and talk about them when there is a need to draw attention to those causes and help the people in need. Jennifer aniston attaches herself to what’s most talked about in the news but ONLY when she has one of those crappy things she calls a movie to promote…

  • NYC

    MY LADY!!!!!!!!!

  • anustin

    thanks God,my girl is home safety.bless the JPs.

  • Jaye

    Kudos to our Lady for her tireless work on the behalf of the true victims of war.
    While I don’t know the politics of all the conflicts going on in the world, I do think that more than military might is going to be needed to stop the carnage and the enormous suffering to people who are deemed of little value by those imposing forces.
    I do think the Nations outside of the conflict can do more, but even with the noblest intentions, they need to have consideration for the problems that can be caused by intervention in what are already unstable nations. Like it or not, there are repercussions which could be infinitely more damaging than the carnage thatt we now bare witness to.
    Rape in any form is gruesome, it is particularly heinous in war time. it takes a certain mind set to see that as the spoils of war or a tool to use against the most fragile of those in counties of conflict. How can you change the minds of people who have so little respect for life or the suffering of others?
    I don’t have an answer, but wholesale military intervention isn’t it. I remember Obama saying in some conflicts we don’t know the enemy from the friend, so who would YOU arm? Military intervention isn’t an easy thing and I would think it would be much harder to get many countries to come to a consensus on when to consider it, how to implement it and the duration of the occupation.
    There are so many places in conflict that military intervention would require years and years of opposition in those areas and that means boots on the ground from many nations for a long long time. There are dozens of armed conflicts worldwide, who decides how and if we should become involved? The gut reaction is, yes we should become involved, but when it comes to the when and how, that’s where the process falls down. All countries have political divides even within themselves, how can they agree on the fate of other countries?

    Individual countries do have their self interests and they not only consider the action to be taken, but the length of the engagement as well as monetary expenditures and the loss of lives of their own forces. Anyone would be against the devastation of lives and rape brought about by war, but when it comes to bodies of their own people piling up defending other countries, that resolve to help is tested and some times protested. It’s really a fine lines that these governments walk.
    From the side lines, it seems any easy thing to do, help militarily, but from a practical standpoint it’s not that simple. Those who tend to resort to arm conflict often are not open to settling disagreements by other means.
    I applaud Jolie for her efforts and the UN for their mission to help those who have suffered so much. But at the same time, I realize that a lot of what has happened couldn’t have been prevented by other countries. To think that the UN can just drop down troops all over the world to fight these battles and CONTAIN them is ludicrous. Does each country strain it’s own resources further, when a large portion of the world is already economically broken and fighting it’s own internal battles? It might seem a selfish thing to consider, but we need to be realistic about what the cost of war really involves.
    Helping in the aftermath is a start. Any help, by anyone is valuable. I think the more the world becomes aware of what’s happening in these countries, the more the aggressive forces will realize that it’s not to their benefit to continue on their course. The more outcry against the atrocities, the more countries who are helping these criminals might come to the conclusion that their own tenuous peace might be threaten in the same way one day.
    The world is connected, each country dependent upon each other. I think some areas of the world may not have caught up to that realization. So, while we may be limited as a country to what help we can give, it is always hopeful that there might some day be open dialogue whereby diplomatic avenues will present a better alternative to those actively involved in and those feeding the conflict.

  • YIB

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  • YIB

    What is the symbole of the ring?
    The simbole of the necklessess one look a dagger ,Does anyone figure it out and what are they?

  • YIB

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  • Whamo

    So once again Heroina travels to a third world country to make sad faces for the camera. Tell me loons of all the places she’s been to what has she accomplished? I’ll tell you what, absolutely NOTHING AT ALL. The people will be starving when she gets there and they’ll be starving when she leaves her 5 star hotel and jumps on yet another jet to go home. You see she gains points from you loons that think she’s doing good but all she is really doing is self promotion for herself. She’s wants to position herself for a permanent job at the UN because her career is over and she’s proved she can’t direct so really what else can she do?
    Everyone in Hollywood is laughing at her because she takes herself so seriously. The fact. is she’s a joke and her whole relationship / “marriage” to that other has been is a joke too, they just don’t realize how pathetic they’ve become.

  • Still not married


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  • groundcontrol

    Thanks to all my colleagues here who have taken the time to post real news articles of substance about this Hague/Jolie mission. The results so far are very heartening. Issues like these always seem insurmountable to start but over time they gain momentum.
    The creation of a team to document and treat instances of rape was a great start and the money committed as a result of this mission will help. Perhaps the biggest hurdle is the historical acceptance that rape is a natural part of war. Defeating that mentality will take a world wide campaign to make it unacceptable by every level. The simple act of prosecuting the few may serve as a deterrent to the many.
    Again kudos to Hague, Jolie and the responsible press who are properly covering this vital news story.



  • yep

    did she adopt a 3rd world family of black kids while she was there….oh wait she did that already….shes a tool

  • sgerg
  • lucy

    Let me preface this by saying, I have no idea if Brad and Angie are married or not, and Angie’s ONE WORD answer to that screaming A$$hole reporter did not clear up anything, he asked if she was wearing her wedding ring, she said “no” as she was getting in the car. All I know for sure is I’ve never in all the years and all the pictures of Angelina Jolie that’s been taken, seen her wear a plain gold band on her wedding ring finger, unless she was married.

  • kelly

    Angelina is unmarried. So what. She soon will be until then you all are still jealous of her. She is engaged to Brad Pitt. She has 6 beautiful kids. She is a top actress, a director and a respected humanitarian.
    It is not like Angelina is Jennifer Aniston who has to pay for her own engagement ring and pay her boyfriend an allowance.

  • son53st

    My first and probably last post. Angie didn’t say that she and Brad wasn’t already married. She just said that the ring on her finger wasn.t her wedding ring. So, for all the trolls that post here and is celebration the video from TMZ . Enjoy your celebration now because it will be short-lived

  • kelly

    @Whamo: Stop showing your ignorance. Microsoft would not start a program calling KIND to help kids when are in the US alone if they did not believe in Angelina’s past accomplishment.
    The UK Sec of State would not have asked Angelina to go to the Congo if he did not respect Angelina past work.
    FACTS rather than just blind hatred that you throw and you other trolls throw around.

  • jen the hag

    kelly @ 03/28/2013 at 11:19 pm

    Whamo the whate is just jealous because “IT” wish list and posting fanfic about Angelina Jolie is far from reality. While Angelina is hubnobbing and respected by the Policy maker and leaders of the world their idol TICKY is friend with the likes of trash people like Chelsea Handler who sleep with married men to have her own show just like when TICKY was starting in TV land and friend with the founder of girl’s gone wild video Joe francis and the child molester photographer Terry the perv, even the guy she sleep with the grip men said TICKY like bad boys that’s american sweetheart for the HENS.. you are what the company you keep.. no wonder her fans post virus from porno site it must be whamo and tamshit who loves to frequent those site hence the virus they posted here in JJ.. disgusting and viles that describe TICKY and her legions of evil fans !!!

  • jen the hag

    The HENS are losing their mind whenever they think Brad and Angellina got married because Angelina and Brad are POWER COUPLE who are both famous worldwide, respected by their peers and gorgous hence the non stop hate.. while their idol ticky is gonna married a nobody and a jobless bought toyboy !! and they know after TICKY married her toyboy she’ll be forgotten bwahahhah!!! No more story about how happy she is a hundred years after brad dumped her. and even if the toyboy divorce her NOBODY is interested bwahahhah!!

  • Ⱦamsin

    Ho’s PR team must have relayed some feedback back to her about carrying LV bags after fauxmanitarian missions make her look like a hypocrite, which is exactly what we’ve been saying all along. Once again this is proof that Ho and Pothead do pay attention to what us detractors say about them, instead of caring about their loons’ opinions. Teehee.

    So…. when’s the wedddiinnnngggg JP trolls???? Bwhahahaha….

  • Ⱦamsin


    Oh bwhahahahaha…. well said Wham. Loons will never be able to answer that question, even when they know you’re right. Ho can only promote her favorite cause: herself. And spot-on about how Ho takes herself so seriously… I particularly love when she takes out her little notepad and pretends to write while talking to refugees. Only her loons could eat up all that B.S and think she really wrote or did anything of value.

    As for her career heading back to the crapper, that’s also true. Not so long ago loons were justifying the fact that she missed the wine’s launch and Pitty’s furniture shopping photo op because she was too “busy” working on Unbroken, and as it turns out, she’s always available and ready to take these UN-sponsored trips with a camera crew documenting her every step.

    In the meantime those poor kids remain under the care of hired help, with zero chances of ever having a normal childhood. Daddy is out somewhere getting drunk and stoned. What happened to the 3 day rule anyway? LOL.

    And I love how once again loons’ hopes were shot down as Ho confirmed her status as an unmarried, adulterous, heathen concubine with “a promise for the future” to hold on to, whereas JA’s days as an engaged woman are numbered. Weep loons, weep! XD

  • jen the hag

    jenhens can’t accept the fact the MANiston is now a C-list tv starlet and buying all the “best” this and “that” by Huvane will not gonna save her career in the dumpster she should just disappear to timbukto with her serial killer look alike toyboy bwahhahahahh!!

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