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Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles After Congo Trip

Angelina Jolie Lands in Los Angeles After Congo Trip

Angelina Jolie is a beauty in black while making her way through the terminal after landing at LAX Airport on Wednesday (March 27) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress is back in the states after taking a short trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as the Gisozi Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, as part of her work as a UNHCR ambassador.

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“It’s often we speak about the dramas and the pain and horrors of the Congo, but it’s also a wonderful place with extraordinary people,” Angelina said in a new video released by The Guardian. “I think the big message is… this initiative started by the Foreign Secretary is an extraordinary thing, but what we’re saying and what we’re here to do is to try to scale it up and make this a worldwide focus.”

At the airport, Angelina confirmed to photographers that her new ring is not a wedding ring.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie at the airport…

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    By the way, I gotta love how she smiles at the paps and even talked to one. It’s clear that she was happy with the PR she got from her Sad Face world tour. She succeeded in raising awareness to her jewelery line by showing off her ring, which is what she wanted all along, and proved that she can still get a few paps and media to cover her affairs. That short Q&A was of course scripted.

    It must be sad when you’re in an industry that no longer cares for you and your career is reduced to photo ops and the media only focuses on you to get info about the relationship you may or may not be in, instead of your work. LOL.

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  • groundcontrol

    It’s great to see all the good that is coming out of Jolie’s film In the Land of Blood and Honey. That film is achieving exactly what she hoped it would achieve.
    I am very impressed with the treatment and forensics team the UK has assembled to combat rape in war zones which was a direct result of this campaign inspired by the film.
    Now as a further result we have large financial and governmental commitments of vast resources in aid of this campaign and to assist victims of war zone rape. If word reaches potential perpetrators that they may have to face the legal and social consequences of their actions then that can go a long way toward diminishing this crime.
    Good for Jolie and, now Hague, for remainingundaunted in taking these fist steps to ensure human rights for women and girls. For Jolie it’s another positive endeavor in a life that has become devoted to the continued support of female protection and empowerment around the world.
    Jolie continues to be an incredible role model for how to live a useful and meaningful life.

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    The worst mistake that the producers made was rewriting the story.
    If Pitty hadn’t been such a narcissist, he would’ve gone for a more faithful adaptation instead of choosing a a substandard action flick in which a stoner slacker has to “save the world”.

    Poor Pitty, it’s too late for him to try to reinvent himself into an action hero. The only two action hits he had were Troy and MAMS, and he was still married to Aniston then. It’s obvious how this commercial arrangement with his mistress has sucked out the life and ambitions out of him. Now all he has left are commercial disappointments and fancy artsy projects to attach his name on with the help of true artists. Serves him right though, he’s simply reaping what he’s sown.

  • an opinion

    It took a blogger to do a good writeup about the ring and the trip to Afica
    Angelina Jolie swaps extravagant engagement ring for conservative gold band on UN visit
    Her beautiful engagement ring normally proudly adorns her left hand, so when Angelina Jolie swapped her custom-designed diamond jewellery for a simple gold band this week it was immediately picked up by the world’s press.

    Some media outlets have speculated that the plain gold band could signify that Angelina has secretly tied the knot with long-term partner Brad Pitt, almost twelve months after he popped the question.

    However, it’s far more likely that the altruistic superstar simply opted to remove her extravagant engagement ring as she travelled to Africa at the weekend.On Sunday night, the mum-of-six arrived with British Foreign Secretary William Hague for a visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. As a representative for the UN’s refugee agency, Angelina is with Mr Hague campaigning against rape being used as a weapon of war.

    Angelina’s opted for a conservative look as she met with survivors of rape and sexual violence during a visit to Nzolo refugee camp. With the simple gold band on her engagement finger, the actress opted for simple black trousers and a loose white t-shirt, and tied her long hair back away from her face.The attentive star listened with interest as she and Mr Hague spoke with survivors, locals and UN groups at the camp. In three weeks time, the pair will join forces again to ask countries including Britain, the US, Russia, Japan and Germany to agree to “landmark measures to secure justice for survivors of sexual violence and deter perpetrators” at the G8 Summit in London.

  • an opinion

    It’s time to take Angelina Jolie seriously
    Angelina Jolie’s latest humanitarian mission has been a trip with British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, to the Congo to try and end rape in warzones. However, many still find it hard to take her seriously. But why, asks Katy Brand, in this week’s Paper Tiger column.
    By Katy Brand8:00AM GMT 29 Mar 2013

    Angelina Jolie seems to be very confusing to some people. On the one hand she is the quintessential Tinsel Town creation – mother to a Mia Farrow style adopted ‘rainbow family’, partner to Brad Pitt, daughter to bona fide movie star Jon Voight. She has two showbiz marriages behind her, and apparently another to look forward to, if indeed it hasn’t happened already. She has played the media like a Stradivarius her entire working life, indulging in extraordinary behaviours such as wearing a vial of her former spouse’s blood around her neck, offering up the most photogenic heroin addiction it is reasonable to expect, entwining herself in a somewhat provocative manner around her own brother, and talking at length about her bi-sexuality. Oh yes, and she’s an Oscar-winning actress.
    But these days, she has all but entirely reinvented herself as a global humanitarian campaigner, visiting some of the world’s most hostile and crisis-hit environments to raise awareness, whilst also giving significant amounts of her own money to charity. She has even bought a vast swathe of the Cambodian rainforest in order to protect it from unscrupulous developers. Of course, this is not an option available to most of us, but I’m not sure why that means it should be met with cynicism – just because the charitable giving you or I might make is more modest, it doesn’t negate the fact that others use their considerable resources for good.
    Nobody is so rude about Bill and Melinda Gates attempting to eradicate malaria from West Africa (a task they seem to be succeeding at), but perhaps this is because they are not quite so physically blessed as Jolie. We are still suspicious of beauty, associating pulchritude with manipulation and deceit in a most Shakespearean manner.
    For many still find it hard to take her seriously in her most laudable endeavours, with raised eyebrows and curled lips accompanying every foreign aid trip she makes. Why is this? Because she’s beautiful? Because her life is so privileged we can see nothing but insincerity in her altruism? Because Sting has basically ruined it for all celebrities by preaching his message of environmentalism between flights in private jets to his many luxury homes? This doesn’t seem fair.
    Jolie’s latest mission to the Congo with William Hague (literally the only member of the current Tory administration who could carry this off without looking like a smug bastard) is perhaps her boldest yet. Listening to young boys and girls talk openly about the brutality practised against them, she has caused the spotlight to fall once again on the problem of sexual violence, a problem with does not even seem to be diminishing in some areas, let alone stopping.
    Rape and sexual assault is part of every day life for these people, and it doesn’t end there. Dealing with the issue of female genital mutilation is not easy, and the latest statistics in this country, let alone anywhere else, make any normal person feel sick to the stomach. Jolie has pointed out with an incredibly personal perspective how her own adopted daughter Zahara would probably have been a victim if she had grown up in her birth country of Ethiopia.
    The Telegraph’s Cathy Newman has been with Jolie and Hague, and has reported back in some detail about the atrocities they have had described to them, which I would encourage anyone to read. One harrowing story in particular details a five-year old girl’s rape ordeal at the hands of a government soldier right next to a police station. It doesn’t get much worse than that, and although change will not be fast, at least it is in the news – the stories are being heard – and that is down to Jolie’s presence.
    People with a startling lack of intelligence and understanding of the real world like to offer poorly-thought through observations of celebrity campaigning, usually running along the lines of ‘why should we bother about this so-called famous person (I’ve never even HEARD of her), when there are so many people working all year round without any press coverage at all’.
    Well, the point of a celebrity visit is to get people talking about an issue, to highlight the very thing the workers on the ground campaign for – if each unknown volunteer was put on the front cover of a national newspaper every day, the newspaper would not sell any copies, that’s the bottom line and if we don’t like it, we only have ourselves to blame.
    We buy more papers when there are celebrities in them – the rich and famous are under no illusions about this, and although there are some who make the cause they promote seem a little ridiculous by a random, short-lived association, Jolie has been campaigning on a small number of issues for over a decade now – no-one should doubt her commitment.
    A high profile is a privilege and a responsibility, however one may come to have it – it can do some good, it should do some good, as Samantha Cameron seems finally to be grasping. Whenever Angelina Jolie makes a visit, there will of course be a load of coverage about what she is wearing and the precise provenance of her engagement ring, but in amongst all that, we will also take a moment to look directly into the faces of those who are trying to live their lives in the worst possible circumstances, and that is all that matters.

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  • Love the JoliePitts

    Thank you, Groundcontrol for your post on Brad’s WWZ Thread re: Angelina’s Court Victory.
    Angelina is busy working to bring help to the women who have suffered so much in war and while she is doing that the Court is ruling in her favor against that horrible man Braddock!
    Yes!!! Thank you God for always taking good care of your beautiful Angelina.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Mar. 29 9:06 PM EDT
    You are here
    Home » AP Party » Judge: Jolie didn’t plagiarize ‘Blood and Honey’

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A federal judge says actress Angelina Jolie didn’t steal the story for her movie “In the Land of Blood and Honey” from a Croatian author.

    City News Service reports Friday’s tentative ruling in Los Angeles will throw out the suit accusing Jolie of copyright infringement.

    In 2011, author James Braddock sued Jolie and the film company that made the film, saying it was partly based on his book “The Soul Shattering.”

    U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee wrote in a tentative ruling that the plots, characters and themes in the two works were not “substantially” similar, though both centered on war romances.

    Jolie wrote, directed and co-produced the film.

    Braddock has been ordered to tell the court why his complaint should not be dismissed with prejudice.

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