Blake Lively & Sarah Jessica Parker: Target Canada Launch!

Blake Lively & Sarah Jessica Parker: Target Canada Launch!

Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker hit the red carpet at the launch of Target Canada on Wednesday (March 27) at the Shoppers World Danforth location in Toronto, Canada.

The ladies were joined at the event by Elisha Cuthbert.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

The grand opening of 24 new Target stores in the Ontario area will be celebrated on April 5!

Earlier this month, Blake supported her hubby Ryan Reynolds at the premiere of his new movie The Croods.

FYI: Blake is wearing a Roland Mouret dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Jennifer Meyer jewelry. Elisha is wearing a dress and shoes by BCBG.

15+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker at the launch…

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Credit: Sean O'Neill; Photos: INFdaily
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  • jade

    wow… i don’t know tons about blake lively but i know she didn’t used to be this skinny. wonder what she’s done :\

  • Uhhhh

    I thought SJP wasn’t going to wear heels anymore???

    Blake even after all the plastic surgery and fake teeth is still ugly.

  • Star

    Blake is a hasbeen. she looks old for her age and gets no good projects. she is like jessica biel now just famous for her husband. girls in her age group like jennifer lawrence, emma watson, emma stone and many others are much more successful than she could ever be. thats a good thing too because they dont have boob job, nose job or any surgery like blake.

  • Blow

    Two trannies (and Elisha Cuthbert looks hot!)!!!

    Blake Lively is only good in certian roles. She was crap in that Oliver Stone film. She sounded like a man and look close to trannydom.
    SJP has been a tranny for as long as I remember.

  • LOL

    Blake looks happy and glowing. Probably in Canada to support Ryan

  • Julie

    Blake is still relevant? What does she even do anymore? Her interviews about acting make me laugh because she talks about herself like she’s Meryl Streep.

  • Alaia

    They seriously painted that Target logo over that poor dog’s eye? That’s going to be controversial!

  • Go Blake!

    Why are stans of other actresses obsessed with Blake?
    Why not focus and fawn on your favourites.
    They must be threatned by this ‘has been’ if they need to vent Hilarious.
    Blake was first choice for Side Effects turned down the role of Gilda in Oz and is rumored to have turned down the role in the new Queen film.
    But haters stalk her movement insist shes a has-been and nobody. LOL

  • Sam

    Target opening is what Blake gets invited to? haha

    also didnt emma stone like wear that same exact dress last week on a talk show with blake’s hubby ryan reynolds? So much for being some fashion icon.

  • @8

    @Go Blake!:
    Its odd go to Kristen Stewart posts and Jennifer Lawrence stans are their to rant, curse and hyperventilate. Go to Marion Cottilard posts and there is always a derogatory reference to Diane Kruger. Its a weird phenom and the fans of some names go to post of other names and are always angry and pressed with rage/faux concern. Funny


    @go blake!

    she is really dumb if she turned down Oz. It made over 300 mil in 1st week. second, the producers kicked blake out of side effects because she is a crap actress and they got rooney mara instead who is real good. blake cant even act in the stupid traveling pants movie (which I saw for alexis bledel) and that god awful savages. GG is the end of her career. I agree with the jessica biel comment but even Biel gets more work than blake.

  • Rupert Sanders

    Blake’s career sure slowed down

  • yup yup

    2 of NY greatest fashion icons in Canada. Chanel, Gucci, Yves St Laurent, Vogue they’ve repped them all. Babe Paley and CZ Guest would be proud

  • maryyyy

    omg SJP is Blake in 5 years. This girl looks mid thirties. RR is like 11 years olders but she looks same age as him. Hard to believe she around the same age as emma watson/stone, jennifer lawrence. Its weird that zooey deschanel and alexis bledel are like 7 years older than blake.

  • Ava

    God , why all the hate for Blake Lively, little extreme for someone’s who supposedly irrelevant….. I like Blake’s dress , very pretty , and even thought a don’t really like SJP , love the jack , top comb and with the jeans and those shoes… Not exactly, she said she would never wear “cheap ” heels and implied that Aldo were cheap shoes, which is a bit weird her at the Canadian Target grand opening since Aldo is a beloved Canadian brand.
    And Dammm why’d it take Traget so long to get ino Canada.

  • Weber from Brazil

    it seems like Blake has lost her spark
    She doesn’t even have the “it” factor anymore…
    Average looking, boring outfits and no good projects going on….poor girl!

  • Courtney


    yeah Emma did! on the kelly ripa show for Croods.

  • @11

    If you insist Alexis Bledel fan. LOL
    Side effects actually flopped and shitty Oz has gotten crap reviews.
    Everything #8 wrote was factual but hey as you insist its the ‘end of her career’ it must be true! LOL
    I’ll leave y’all to it. Haters feed each other. Have a g’night

  • Gorgeous

    Ryan’s filming in Ontario right now and Blake’s supporting him. Guess she just decided to pop in and follow another love – fashion. Cute

  • Kara

    Wow she was in one cheesy teen show with terrible ratings and the finale got almost no viewers. Then she did all badly reviewed teeny bopper movies, hick which no one saw has 0% rating, and savages which flopped and she was there to only be naked for a sex scene.
    Some career. Multiple surgeries, many boyfriends, and nudie pics. Glad she is not famous.

  • NotAGirl

    @yup yup: Blake Lively is not a style icon. She wears the blandest clothes from the most ‘obvious’ brands. Nothing cool about that. And she always looks orange.

  • Whatevs


  • Huh?
    gossip girl went out on a high. a zenith show like the OC
    accepted, pippa lee, elvis and annabelle – all hits
    a millionaire sexy hubby
    why do haters follow the every movement / career trajectory of someone who is ‘not famous’? funny

  • vroomvroom

    both ladies look gorge, don’t get the blake hate…but haters must be in need of blood tonite, it’s a full moon

  • #10

    you know whats funny? emma watson /stone, alexis bledel, et al JJ posts barely get more then 15-20 responses. you would think their battalion of fans would gather there and worship.

  • Miles

    @ Huh?
    GG finale might have got ratings but all the episode toward the end were like 1 million viewers or less. Which is horrible for a show that was popular when it started. Since when is pippa lee ,elvis and annabelle a hit? I bet no one has heard/ seen them. As for ryan reynolds, his last few movies have bombed. Croods doesnt count because its a kids animation movie promoted by dreamworks and safe house because of denzel. In accepted she again played dumb hot girl. What do you have to say to defend hick, savages?
    and her multiple surgeries? what kind of a role model is she to young girls.

  • sienna

    Green Lantern bombed tooright ? such a crap actress for comic book movies. That had her and her hubby it made like 220 mil on 300 mil budget. Both are fading. Ryan isnt even that good looking anymore. Now its all about gosling, joseph gordon levitt, tom hardy, leo, christian bale, and fassbender. Reynolds isn’t really even relevant.

  • @26

    I’m not Huh? but defending? whats this a court of law? she’s had films that were hits and some that were misses like many others. they are constantly on TV loop till today and here in UK so unlike you I bet some have heard of them. that you don’t think so is your own *****. GG went out on a high and almost all shows plateau out be it the OC, Heroes and even Glee. so it been horrible is again your *****. I don’t have to defend anything to some random person on the internet. but you can ask the brands shes represented about her role model status she has apparently claimed only in your ears in fact you may need to write to a government official on that. stay pressed hater. I’m sure she and ryan are devastated that they are ‘flop role models’ according to internet loon obsessed with their career and choices. just devastated
    then again when have haters ever used logic. I’m out.

  • LOL

    Its that Blake hater under different names starting her typical rants and sermons. Also now attacking Ryan too. Hey there!!!!

  • Spot On

    Scarlett your girls are on fire tonight!

  • #10

    you know whats funny? emma watson /stone, alexis bledel, scarjo et al JJ posts barely get more then 15-20 responses. you would think their battalion of fans would gather there and worship.

  • Angel

    I feel sorry for people who watch her stuff. Like would you not watch great movies with Meryl or any actual actor than waste time watching her crap? Thats all.

  • IKR

    Everyone apparently loves Ryan Gosling yet his post currently has 3 comments, while Vanessa Hudgens has 30 glowing comments. Don’t get me wrong I like the guy but only a fool will think JJ 2-3 haters are a reflection of anything.

  • MONA

    Dumb hot girl who shows boobs and legs = Blakes Whole Career

  • Geez


  • Smile


    Well his post may not get much comment but he’s the one with box office success and multiple awards. That’s what matters in the end right. Not who got most comments?

    I agree with all the comments above anti-blake. Seriously its dumb to call people haters just because they have an opinion you do not like. Grow Up!

  • Jenni

    Blake looks so beautiful.

  • IKR

    I though my point was that JJ haters comments actually means diddly squat? Especially when 1 person can make multiple posts under different names. Was that not implied? Its funny you should say box office success. Ryan’s films apart from the Notebook are not big at the BO. Hes never had a movie that has done 100 million. The closest was 80 million with Crazy Stupid Love. Gangster Squad was a bust and The Pines is getting middling reviews. He gets women ****.This does not detract from his talent or achievement. Its just interesting to me how you as a fan of his interprete while calling fans of other others ‘dumb’ and telling them to ‘grow up’. Toxic. But I’ll leave this to you and your friends now.

  • True

    I think it’s the haters make Blake relevant, her news has tons of comments b/c the haters ,check leighton,penn ,chace,taylor,emma,jennifer news ,only a few comments.

  • @39

    Almost 40 comments. Of rage & bile for the ‘has been’. LMAO. Only Blake!
    @True – yep that’s the irony. And the person(s) is actually writing essays to show how much they are deeply deeply invested in her life.

  • Smile


    gangster squad got 100 mil and made like twice the budget. crazy stupid love got like over 150 mil so idk what you mean by 80 mil. Drive even made lot of money for such a small low budget movie.
    I wasn’t calling blake fans dumb btw. I said calling someone a hater just cuz they dont agree with you is dumb regardless of celebrity. everyone is allowed an opinion. Just cuz you dont like it doesnt make me jealous or hater.

  • Kay

    I understand Elisha’s presence since she’s Canadian and lives in Toronto, and Blake’s married to a Canadian. How did SJP end up there though? Does she represent Target?

  • Trey

    lol sounds like a bunch of pressed gg fans.

  • sarah

    So many JEALOUS CHICKS giving negative comments about TWO GORGEOUS WOMEN. ALL of you would trade places with them and you ALL know it!!!! I live in Toronto and wish I would have known these two were at the new target!!!!

  • @44

    don’t feed the troll and look at the syntax. me thinks its 1-2 typical troll posting the same ish under different names. especially cause other celeb posts here mysteriously have like 2 comments while this has near 50!

  • raquel

    Whomever said she gets a lot of hate for someone so “irrelevant” nailed it. The trolls can hide behind the anonymity of the internet, but they can’t hide their insecurities and immaturity. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t waste your time following her every move and talking about it. What a waste of life.

  • !

    @Uhhhh: @Uhhhh: And you are the ugliest!

  • Isa

    Blake is beautiful with this dress !

  • …..

    let’s see if target will have better products than zellers

  • lila

    blake didn’t turned down OZ, the producer said michelle williams was their first choice since the beginning