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Diane Kruger: Final 'The Host' Trailer!

Diane Kruger: Final 'The Host' Trailer!

Diane Kruger leaves her hotel and hits the town in style on Wednesday (March 27) in New York City.

The 36-year-old actress’ film The Host is set for theatrical release this Friday (March 29), with the New York premiere set for tomorrow – stay tuned for pics!

In case you missed it, check out Diane‘s exclusive photo shoot, and be sure to take a look at her co-star’s Max Irons and Saoirse Ronan‘s exclusive images as well.

The fourth and final trailer for The Host was just released – check it out below.

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diane kruger final the host trailer 03
diane kruger final the host trailer 04
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  • denise

    Looking stylish like always

  • therese

    A beauty!

  • mara


  • Tammy

    For real. How much do her people pay you guys to post her stuff on here. I mean it’s obvious that you made a deal since there are Host advertisements right below her posts. A few times is fine, but every day there are numerous posts about this model who wants to be an actress. No one cares – put better people on this site.

  • aaron

    Saoirse, Diane, Max and Jake are bringing their A-game for the Host!!



    The Seeker is definitely the antagonist of The Host. She’s got to make sure that the transition from human to alien-inhabited human goes off without a hitch and when something goes wrong with Wanda and Melanie, she takes it personally. Diane Kruger will be fabulous in the role, as shown in this Behind the Scenes video, and she has The Host’s author, Stephenie Meyer’s blessing.

  • hilde

    What an amazing actress! So stylish, so talented and she has the perfect boyfriend. Lucky her!

  • xiuyn

    Oh, she looks cute, but very tired.


    REVIEW:Review by Louise Keller:
    If you thought a love triangle involving a vampire and werewolf was impossible, wait until you see Stephenie Meyer’s tale about an alien host in a human body and the complications that arise when there are two men involved. The film is at its most ridiculous when Saoirse Ronan is kissed by Max Irons (Jeremy’s son) and Jake Abel in quick succession in a bid to identify who they are kissing: the girl or the alien who has taken over her body.

    It is a credit to Ronan that we feel anything for the two characters she plays – Melanie, who is determined to protect the human race and Wanda, the alien who becomes influenced by her strong-willed vessel. Unlike Twilight, in which the charisma of the vampire and werewolf come into play, here there is little opportunity for Irons and Abel to bring any meaningful personality into the mix. As a result, despite fair direction by Andrew Niccol, who adapted the novel into a screenplay, The Host is extremely ho-hum, struggling to keep its credibility at every turn.

    As the film begins, we are told that the world is now a perfect place, filled with harmony – due to the fact that aliens have obliterated the human race and are using human bodies as hosts. The tell-tale factors are the luminous eyes. When Melanie (Ronan) is captured and the anemone-like alien inserted through a slit in the back of her neck, voice-over is used to alert us that she is still an active force. We are tugged in two directions as we listen to the bewildering conversation between Melanie’s voice-over, representing her thoughts and wishes and Wanderer (as the alien is known), who speaks in stilted fashion.

    As Wanderer (called Wanda by her resistance family) wanders through the desert in search of her boyfriend Jared (Irons), uncle (William Hurt) and young brother Jamie (Chandler Canterbury) hotly pursued by Diane Kruger, clad in white and obsessed by her capture. The second part of the film deals with the inner conflict between Melanie and Wanda and the absurdities that arise with the love triangle. Melanie and Jared love each other and Wanda and Ian love each other, but there’s a problem: Melanie and Wanda are in the same body.

    The conceit of Stephenie Meyer’s premise is milked for all its worth with striking production design featuring white, silver and stark desert locations. The music is formulaic and syrupy. There are a few laughs – mostly at the ridiculous nature of things, and at 125 minutes, the film is interminably long.

    Review by Andrew L. Urban:
    Hello there, all 15 and 16 year old girls, this one’s for you, although you’ll have to endure quite a bit of sci-fi hokum packed around the few delicious moments of two girls inside one body kissing two boys who have a crush with one or other of them. You will also have to put up with a couple of oldies, one in the form of bearded grandpa figure Jeb (William Hurt) the other in the sour old Maggie (Frances Fisher), two of the small group of humans living in hiding in the vast, dramatic and empty deserts of Texas.

    Unlike refugee humans in other post apocalyptic movie worlds, in this case they are hiding from ‘seekers’ whose job it is to hunt them down and turn them into hosts for the alien ‘souls’ – shiny, tentacled objects that gave the CGI team plenty of fun. We can only tell they are hosts by the blue rings in their eyes.

    Diane Kruger plays The Seeker (perhaps that should be THE Seeker), THE most determined of them all, hunting poor Melanie’s reclassified body as the Wanderer (nicknamed by the humans as Wanda) inside which is the voice and the all important memory chest of the much loved older sister to Jamie (Chandler Canterbury). Oh, and of course, girlfriend to handsome young Jared (Max Irons). Her memories might lead The Seeker to the other humans silly enough to resists … The film begins with the earth in long shot and a voice over that explains how benign, peaceful and green the world has become under the control of these aliens. This isn’t actually the case …

    I’d like to think that Meyer’s ill conceived novel would not have been adapted for the screen if she had not made a name for herself as the creator of the Twilight novels. But I am surprised that New Zealander Andrew Niccol, who wrote the wonderful The Truman Show (1998), directed this so poorly.

    As I am neither a girl nor 16 (I do, however, have a daughter who was once 16), the film fails to entertain, amuse or satisfy me. There are too many flaws to list, ranging from the gauche to the cheesy, and the internal self contradictions of the concept are too ridiculous to contemplate. Perhaps an even more ridiculous take on the novel might have come up with an amusing sci-fi parody. As it is, the film is indistinguishable from a lemon, put together by a serial set of errors of artistic judgment.

  • daniel

    My favorite actress for sure!


    Like everything else brand Stephenie Meyer, The Host is a mostly empty, dull and underwhelming genre re-hash. Here’s praying that poor box office makes it the last of its kind.

  • kim

    Amazing actress! looking chic and classy as usual

  • HQ pictures
  • sidonie

    So looking forward to The Host! Two more days!!

  • THE HOST [interiew]


    This Friday, March 29th, another Stephenie Meyer novel is coming to the screen, but this one involves no sparkly vampires or shirtless werewolves. An adaptation of Meyer’s 2008 bestseller, The Host leaves behind the supernatural trappings of the Twilight franchise, capturing instead the author’s first science fiction tale.

  • cute!

    Saoirse Ronan & Diane Kruger at The Host fan event, March 15th

  • THE HOST [interiew]

    The Host: Diane Kruger Talks Being Bad… Or Is She?

    Diane Kruger stars in The Host and even while filming the movie — she never grasped the fullness of the madness that is the fan base devoted to author Stephenie Meyer. But, when we caught up with the actress, she now keenly understands it. There was a book signing with Meyer and the cast recently for The Host book and thousands of people showed up.

  • THE HOST [interiew]

    The Host and Gattaca director Andrew Niccol explains his obsession with beautiful dystopias
    From The Truman Show, Gattaca to In Time, director Andrew Niccol is swiftly becoming Hollywood’s go-to architect of beautiful but dangerously flawed utopias. But what’s his attraction to these tidy futures? In our exclusive interview, the director of The Host explains the message behind his shiny, disturbing visions.

  • merp
  • Señorita

    Diane, you’re looking mighty good.

  • arie

    Gorgeous lady with a refreshing sense of fashion.

  • gigi

    She always gets it right. I would love to raid her closet!

  • sheryl

    Diane Kruger is incredibly hot…..can’t get enough of this girl!!. Also has a great personality and is a very talented actress. I can’t wait for The Host!!!!.

  • winter

    Extremely beautiful woman. Oozes class.

  • ashley



    Tune in to @GMA tomorrow at 8am ET/PT when Diane Kruger joins the show to talk about The Host.

  • Cinderella

    Amazing actress! looking chic and classy as usual!