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Vanessa Hudgens: Watch 'Conan' Appearance Now!

Vanessa Hudgens: Watch 'Conan' Appearance Now!

Vanessa Hudgens is a beauty in a blue maxi dress with floral print while heading into Planet Blue for some retail therapy on Wednesday (March 27) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress made an appearance on Conan the night before to chat about her new movie Spring Breakers. In case you missed the appearance, check out the video below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

During her visit to the show, Vanessa talked about filming on location in Miami and even discussed the special toilets at Disneyland’s Club 33!

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping at Planet Blue…

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vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 07
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vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 11
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vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 19
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 20
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 21
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 22
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 23
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 24
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 25
vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 26
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vanessa hudgens planet blue shopper 28

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136 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Watch 'Conan' Appearance Now!”

  1. 1
    marie Says:

    i seriously love how she has been dressing lately, THATS HOW YOU DO A BOHO CHIC!

  2. 2
    kami Says:

    she so pretty.

  3. 3
    Mary Says:

    OMG yes! That dress. Can someone please tell me where it is from? I will buy you a cookie!

  4. 4
    Trutsy Says:

    They say she hasn’t been able to find a new project since Machete Kills, I wish her the best, I hope she finds work soon!

  5. 5
    maria Says:

    @marie: I agree! I like boho, when it’s done right. Not loose and overwhelming. This is perfect. It’s feminine and comfortable, but shows her great little figure. Loved the Conan dress and hair!

  6. 6
    maria Says:

    @Trutsy: I don’t know who “they”is, but I suspect it’s the ex’s fans. Vanessa may be reading scripts, and we do know she is choosy. She is not going to take just any role. That is professional suicide to be in everything. If she is not finding what is right for her next project, I’d rather she not take garbage roles just to work.

  7. 7
    pithy Says:

    OMG What a mess. Still hasn’t washed that mess she calls her hair

  8. 8
    tina Says:

    @Trutsy: Who exactly is they? You say the same thing under a different name every thread. Doesn’t it get old? I think she looks great here. She said she was going to take on any more projects until after April. Three movies coming out is good enough for me.

  9. 9
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Wow she looks so damn beautiful.

  10. 10
    Hanah Says:

    I just really want Shawn and Vanessa to date and I’m really not sorry. i know u c the ‘love’ mhmm

    Shawn and Vanessacall each other “love”. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever???

  11. 11
    Ryan Says:

    Yeah, very “choosy”, as in picking Journey 2 hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I feel sorry for you fans…

  12. 12
    Chelles Says:

    I love this look on her.

  13. 13
    @Trutsy Says:

    So what if she doesn’t get movie roles offers, she can always go back to recording studios and release a new album !

  14. 14
    BO Says:

    i don’t like the material of the dress .it looks cheap

  15. 15
    Haters Suck! Says:

    U don’t like anything.

  16. 16
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Journey 2 made over $300,000 million. Not exactly something to laugh at. Id consider that a pretty good choice.

  17. 17
    ol Says:

    what a beautiful dress, i love the colour and the flower pattern. So feminine and delicate. She looks gorgeous.

  18. 18
    BEAN Says:

    Vanessa looks fantastic with her hair up and away from her face.I wish I could pull that look off but always feel like my hair is too heavy and falls. =( Wonder if she braider her hair herself. It looks adorable.

  19. 19
    BEAN Says:

    she said she doesn’t want to record anything right now she is just having fun with her girls and the Rock Mafia fam.

  20. 20
    yely Says:

    I doubt her team is going to announce something now, maybe after june / july. Maybe she is going with the Machete Kills cast to comic con.
    Do you guys think she is going to the MTV MA?She looks gorgeous<33

  21. 21
    AmBeR Says:

    i saw the conan interview last night, and damn, she is so tiny. How is her waist fu-ck-ing possible? And yet she has some great legs and a curvy. body I really like her body shape HELLO THINSPO, and lets be honest here, she is a little doll.

  22. 22
    mary Says:

    nah, i’m sure she is going to Coachella, both weekends. with Austin, Shawn, Laura…

  23. 23
    mary Says:

    Thank God her arm tattoo was a temporary tattoo – Henna or just a drawing! THANK YOU V! lol but im sure the eye of rah is real. she looks so tall, that’s a beautiful dress on her.

  24. 24
    Bia Says:

    spraang breaaak! lol im not over the movie, it was purfect. k bay.

  25. 25
    dolle Says:

    Who´s her friend? It kinda looks like Sarah hyland. It could be Kim too.

    the one with the green purse.

  26. 26
    nonymous Says:

    @Mary: I’m commenting just because of that dress. so cute.

  27. 27
    dolle Says:

    i thought it said “i love Austin” JK she looks gorgeous.

  28. 28
    jenny Says:

    maybe she is getting ready for Coachella? can’t wait, she looks good.

  29. 29
    Steph Says:

    I was there shopping, I got a picture with her. She was with her sister and they were both so nice!

  30. 30
    nat Says:


  31. 31
    nat Says:

    she actually is getting ready! hahaha

  32. 32
    Xo Says:

    Don’t like the shoes, but everything else is cute <3

  33. 33
    Malu Says:

    @Ryan: i feel sorry for your zac boy for picking paperboy eww

  34. 34
    nat Says:

    OMG you are so lucky! are you going to post your pic?

  35. 35
    Malu Says:

    @BO: bo you never like smth and neither do we like you… so go ahead and fly back to be a mosquito on the wall into zac;s life…. not to be rude or anything… lol

  36. 36
    Malu Says:

    about her projects, she does have one to start in the second part of the year and she is not fan of telling her projects long before they start, so when its due time we will know… i loved her in Conan, she was so cool and down to earth

  37. 37
    juliet Says:

    @Hanah: Yeah, they’re cute
    I want Austin to break up with her and ask Shawn out.

  38. 38
    Jessica Says:

    Dress looks like a good pattern to reupholster my furniture.

    Just sayin.

  39. 39
    Unknown Says:

    Vanessa’s always been the type of person to wait until the very last minute before annoucing what her next project is going to be. We didn’t even know she was going to be in J2 until she was already in Hawaii doing pre production on it. Anyway, I think she looks gorgeous here & I love that she’s been spending so much time with her friends/family lately. :)

  40. 40
    illlet Says:

    Its been a while since we got pics of V shopping! She looks flawless, i love her dress.

  41. 41
    illlet Says:

    Shawn and Austin are really good friends

  42. 42
    yets Says:

    i think austin and vanessa make a cute couple.
    but im still hoping someday zac and vanessa together again .
    anyway i love the looks.

  43. 43
    BO Says:

    @Malu: don’t you think you are contradicting yourself in that statement .first i ‘never like smth’ next i should ‘be a mosquito and fly in to Zac’s life’ .you are admitting that I like Zac .not to be rude or anything , but I think your mind is warped .lol

  44. 44
    Emily Says:

    @Hanah: How can you know that she and Shawn called each other ‘love’?

  45. 45
    susan Says:

    they call each other love on Instagram. They are like best friends.

  46. 46
    PlayMe Says:

    she should start dating hopper penn i think they would get along great together

  47. 47
    sunny Says:

    @yets: No.. She will never be with Zac again. Don’t expect that… And she is a lot better without Zac …Now she is happy.

  48. 48
    florence2 Says:

    Where is Austin

  49. 49
    Anelyyi Says:

    well, if Nick and Miley are being friendly with e/o… lol i’m just joking, i don’t think anyone want them together again. But at the same time, i think everyone would love to see them together again as friends.

  50. 50
    Anelyyi Says:

    like we’re all in this together ♫

  51. 51
    Scarlet Says:

    @susan: Even between best friends, people don’t call the counterpart “my love.. I guess there is something special happening between them.

  52. 52
    lila Says:

    how old are all you people? 12?

  53. 53
    Nightwish Says:

    @lila: They are mostly over 40. No joke. Except Malu and all the fake names shes posting with here, my guess is that she is 20s or 30s. Malu is the Hudgens spammer. 75% of the comments on Hudgens posts are from her.

  54. 54
    Nightwish Says:

    @lila: Welcome to a hudgens post on jj btw, the home of the stupidest, most desperate and insecure fandom that can be found on the net LOL

  55. 55
    tina Says:

    Yet another lie, from the liar.

  56. 56
    World peace Says:

    Incidentally, Malu is from the philippines, a country used to creating a huge internet pain in the ass presence of themselves, and gung ho about pimping out other celebs with fil blood

  57. 57
    Carol Says:

    @pithy@lila@Nightwish: light in the head….

  58. 58
    tina Says:

    World peace is nutwish who is not only a liar, but is also a racist.

  59. 59
    World peace Says:

    @Carol: Hello “carol”, are you aka Tina, or Malu? LMAO!

  60. 60
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Yeah Tina, the same way you were accusing that poor thai chick from the UK of being a racist just because she said something that wasnt complimentary about pudgens? You are the liar and the racist, you hate thais

  61. 61
    Carol Says:

    @World peace: I’m not Tina nor Malu.

  62. 62
    tina Says:

    We know you to be racist. ‘That poor thai chick’ ? You ooze racism you lying little man.

  63. 63
    yets Says:

    Beautiful girl…and beautiful Dress.

  64. 64
    tina Says:

    World peace is nightwish, he needed a friend so he did what he always does make something up.

  65. 65
    TruthBeTold Says:


  66. 66
    TruthBeTold Says:


  67. 67
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: I’m of a minority race myself, idiot. I’m not the overly sensitive one about it, nor do i pull that accusation out so quickly like you guys do here. Anything to harrass a newbie who is not complimentary of your precious pudgens, right? Bigot, racist, etc etc. You are a desperate and insecure lot, that much is certain.

  68. 68
    tina Says:

    Do you realliy think minorities don’t have there racist? With you everything comes down to race, hence racist. That’s one of your”tells” which makes it easy to spot you when you change your name. There are others but if I were to tell you, you’d try to change them.

  69. 69
    tina Says:

    Sb their racists. Some of the most bigoted people I know are minorities. Grow up.

  70. 70
    maria Says:

    @tina: Ain’t that the truth? I have plenty of examples of that, but the worst one is the nutcase who resides here, who cares so much about who her fans are. Wonder if he trolls her millions of fans elsewhere and harasses them? He thinks that shaming people is his right. LMAO. He doesn’t realize we’ve been here for 6 years and will always follow and support her. What a loser. I am just lovin’ her looks lately and she is in super shape.

  71. 71
    dev Says:

    @Haters Suck!: it wasn’t because of her lol she had a supporting role i am also really sorry for you guys ! your favorite actress is a D-list lool ! she can always dream to be in the A-list ! she’s ugly and tallentless ! and please can her fans stop commenting under different names ? it’s pathetic !

  72. 72
    tina Says:

    @maria: love this dress and the one for Conan. I think she had s little rough patch when she had the extra weight but she’s back to full on fashionista.

  73. 73
    maria Says:

    $6.36 million for SB so far. The indie of the year. Like that.

  74. 74
    maria Says:

    @dev: Hey, buddy. Tell that to the haters too. The 2 looney tunes are good at that. And frankly, I don’t care what list she is. That has NEVER made any difference. Just watching a nice young woman starting her career. Everyone has to start somewhere. Go, Vanessa! WOO-HOO!

  75. 75
    enow best Says:

    hi, i will like to be your friend , I’m from Africa,Cameroon,Douala(Bali), my number is (+237)74804071,I’m a girl 24yrs old , am a very calm and understandable some body and i love your photos very much and role you play in high school musical was very very nice , you are very beautiful ,your smile make me happy , you are my model and i wash to be your friend even still a black African friend .BYE!!!

  76. 76
    amy Says:

    @dev: What a silly opinion.. The ugly thing is your mind, it’s your appearance..And how can you know that her fans comment in the other name?. Shut up your dirty mouth.

  77. 77
    lala Says:

    @TruthBeTold: you sound like a very mad individual calm down sheesh. and as for nightwish saying that there are people spamming on these posts, if we all happen to be one person then shouldnt you be happy as it appears that vanessa only has little fans? why get so upset if you are completely convinced that we are all spamming these posts? im not sure whether BO thinks the same but if BO does then i would assume that if zac efron fans were to spam on his posts then it would be amazing for you. you would probably stop coming here to spam posts about zac efron in order to get the attention that you oh so desire from vanessa fans. would it make you happy if we all conformed to the other posts and abandon vanessa boards because you dislike her?

  78. 78
    enow best Says:

    hi ,i love your photos and your films they are very nice I’m African+
    from Cameroon ,Douala(Bali) , i wish to be your friend and hope you will be impress to write to me through my email address or you can call from this number (+237)74804071.Bye i like you!!!

  79. 79
    tina Says:

    6+ million in the US alone! Very good fo a little indie film. It still hasn’t opened in some countries.

  80. 80
    Nightwish Says:

    That one commenter summed it up well, its like kids here, its silly fawning and cheap promotion by just a few regulars lulz

  81. 81
    tina Says:

    And our resident liar.

  82. 82
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Let me tell you something. Cinema is dying. The idea of a true movie star is going the way of the dodo. Most ideas have been made into movies, most plot ideas exhausted, most every story conceivable has been done and fantastic special effects are not enough to draw folks in anymore because the younger gaming generations arent impressed and would rather be gaming, and older folks prefer high quality tv series with ipads next to them to surf while watching. There is a very short attention span for new talents in film and music, we get tired of these people fast because theres tons more out there, and it will only get worse. Your hudgens is a very small player in this game and she wont make it big enough to be remembered in any significant way, but the same goes for many others so stop taking things so friggin seriously with her. You guys have to be related to her, or work for her to be this devoted to her in a stupid comments section of a lightly followed celeb site, either that or you guys are crazy and have no lives

  83. 83
    Iris Says:

    OMG if you don’t like her, then don’t bother commenting about her… You know she has to maintain her younger fans right??? But who I’m talking to, you wouldn’t understand.

  84. 84
    Iris Says:


    Her sister

  85. 85
    tina Says:

    @Nightwish: You a proven liar can tell me nothing. Your sudden self righteous pontification may have meant something coming from a real man. But a KNOW LIAR? LOL Just more of the same.

  86. 86
    guest Says:

    GORGEOUS :) GO Girl

  87. 87
    guest Says:

    but she’s kind of boring……

  88. 88
    flo Says:

    ohhhhh i want that dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  89. 89
    Haters Suck! Says:

    These haters are starting to freak me out a little bit. They’re just so angry all the time and come up with conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory it’s scary. They can’t accept the fact people like Vanessa and aren’t as hateful as them. Im starting to actually feel sorry for them.

  90. 90
    merp Says:

  91. 91
    BO Says:

    that’s sick .Korine’s a thief

  92. 92
    Sarah Says:

    Sorry, met Vanessa once and she is completely stuck up, unfriendly, thinks she is hotter than anything… Cannot stand this girl.

  93. 93
    tina Says:

    @Haters Suck!: He comes here because he has no life. Remember when all the little haters would wait for him to come speak for them? It gave meaning to his nothing existence. Now that they are gone he still hangs on trying to get every new person here to talk to him. Think of him as a hermit in a cave, frightening yes but he is stuck where he is because of his own hatred and fears.

  94. 94
    Nightwish Says:

    @tina: Such a loser, you know little about me. Your the one with no life. YOU guys are the liars

  95. 95
    BO Says:

    ah! now the production budget has gone up to $5m .they started it with $3m .then just prior to the release it went down to $2m and now 2 weeks after the release ,it has gone up to $5m .this constant changing of the budget itself shows that the budget figures they are putting up on display for public are not accurate .such desperate move .with the all that promo tour , dozens of trailers , posters , mag covers and other intensive modes of promo for one whole year , the budget should be well above $10 m.

  96. 96
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Dude you seriously need a hug or a heavy supply of antidepressants. Something.

  97. 97
    tina Says:

    @Nightwish: I leave, I work and visit with friends and family. No matter how EARLY or LATE I come here, your here. I’m a fan. Why are you here?

  98. 98
    tina Says:

    @BO: There was probably an attachment that the actors would get paid more if the movie made a certain milestone. Which means more money for my girl.

  99. 99
    Chelles Says:


    “He comes here because he has no life. Remember when all the little haters would wait for him to come speak for them? It gave meaning to his nothing existence. Now that they are gone he still hangs on trying to get every new person here to talk to him. Think of him as a hermit in a cave, frightening yes but he is stuck where he is because of his own hatred and fears.”

    Word. He is pathetic and transparent and I regret ever wasting my time going back and forth with him and that equally obnoxious “A” who was always trying to ram Ashley Tisdale down everyone’s throats. To rephrase Lil Wayne…”I ain’t got time for you *******”.

  100. 100
    tina Says:

    @Sarah: Sorry she didn’t kiss your ass when you met her. Of, course people like you wait until someone is doing well to come out with this bs. So many others have said just the opposite.

  101. 101
    Emma Says:

    Vanessa fans are so annoying i pitty them seriously they’re like 3 or 4 fans who comment and comment ender different names lool !!
    anyways it’s SAD !

  102. 102
    Xo Says:

    @Emma: I pity you and your inability to spell. What a f ucking idiot you are!

  103. 103
    tina Says:

    @Emma: If you believe that bs I have a bridge to sell you.

  104. 104
    fern Says:

    He is just a loser

  105. 105
    colombiana Says:

    before the movie was released the budget was 1,5M maybe is going up because the girls, the company and harmony are going to get more from this. I honestly have no idea how it works, but there´s already is a new clothing line inspired on the movie (using the girls, so i guess they are getting something from it), shoes, caps, masks, and the posibility of a worldwide release for everything.
    There was any us promo for this movie? because i´ve never seen any TV spot or anything.
    sorry for my english

  106. 106
    tina Says:

    @colombiana: No they advertised only using the social media. First film ever to do so.

  107. 107
    Emma Says:

    @tina: lol look at you pathetic cu nt ! you’re the only one who’s still defending this tallentless ugly ***** ! seriously and stop using different names it’s so disturbing !

  108. 108
    tina Says:

    @Xo: You’re so Whatever happened to spell check? Can’t be too insulted when the only word she got right was the profanity.
    Thanks Chelles.

  109. 109
    Haters Suck! Says:

    So dumb so angry. Take a chill pill, relax. No need to be so angry.

  110. 110
    siebbs Says:

    I love her dress !

  111. 111
    yets Says:

    @ emma life is beautiful dont waste time by hating somebody.
    we love her and that is none of your business ok.

  112. 112
    kelly martineau Says:

    Like the dress. But V is allways hanging onto it when shes walking. Looks like shes going to trip over it.
    That mop of hair is too big for her head. Cut it off.

  113. 113
    maria Says:

    @Emma: What’s with the classless habit of name-calling that you Efron fans have? It’s always resorting to vulgar trashy language that sets you people apart. Nasty habit. Maybe you need some anger management. It’s really sad.

  114. 114
    BO Says:

    @tina: and colombiana or whatever , nice try .then why did the budget went down from $3m to $2m ? lol probably cus they cut off the ten dollars they paid for ”your girl” , right? he he sometimes actors do films without a wage asking for some share of the profit of the film back .but it isn’t added to budget , specially ”midway” through the screening .he he korine is up to shady business .he wants to hide the real budget .

  115. 115
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Is everything a conspiracy to you people?

  116. 116
    sgerg Says:

  117. 117
    Nightwish Says:

    Advertised only through social media? First film to do so? Tina you are so full of, its ridiculous

  118. 118
    Setra Says:

    I enjoyed seeing Vanessa Hudgens on Conana and to also hear about her role in Spring Breakers. I’m glad I didn’t miss this interview even though I was at work at DISH when it aired. I set up my DISH Hopper to record it so that when I played it back I was able to start watching on my living room TV and pick up where I left off on my kitchen TV. This made my house cleaning much more enjoyable.

  119. 119
    Nightwish Says:

    Run a poll and see how many people who saw spring breakers found out about the film strictly through mass media including major website articles vs “social media” only. All the big blockbuster films first release trailers on youtube and other websites, so are they promoting strictly through social media? How about flying the sb group throughout europe to pimp the fim out before the us release, is that considered social media? lol Tina, you are losing it

  120. 120
    Nightwish Says:

    @Setra: Yes we all go deep inside a useless post on a hardly regarded celeb site and go through trouble to share a very inconsequential event about a d list actress. This is completely normal LOL

  121. 121
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Are u always in a bad mood?

  122. 122
    maria Says:

    LOL. I guess we shouldn’t believe the articles and reports by press about the method of promotion for SB, or the budget. We should hail the real news by the nutcase and bobo. I dare the nutcase to say when he saw a trailer on TV. I know I haven’t, and soryy, but promo in Europe was requested by the peeps distributing the film there. That doesn’t impact numbers here anyway. Grasping at straws again.

  123. 123
    maria Says:

  124. 124
    maria Says:

    From BoxOffice Mojo:
    After averaging a fantastic $87,667 at three theaters last weekend, Spring Breakers expands to 1,104 locations to take advantage of the very tail end of Spring Break season. The movie hasn’t really had any TV promotion at all—instead, distributor A24 is relying almost exclusively on reviews (a fine 73 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and on social media. That buzz is through the roof, and Spring Breakers’s performance this weekend could be viewed as a referendum on the value of social chatter.

  125. 125
    BO Says:

    these pumpers always post the wrong articles , those that speak ill or disparagingly of their idol or their films .so dumb .
    Early reports indicate that the film won’t even hit $5 million this weekend
    but it doesn’t exactly scream “breakout hit.”
    Again, that’s a healthy number but it’s far from blockbuster Twitter status.
    which means that the film may also have its share of detractors already.


  126. 126
    BO Says:

    if they can keep them under their thumb to change the film’s ”budget” every now and then on the leading sites like ”wikipedia and mojo” , then why can’t they make other sites give a wrong impression to the public .simple as that ,the whole changing of the budget is shady .i’ve never seen anything like it before .i bet the europe tour itself grossed $5m .

  127. 127
    BO Says:

    Gucci mane is wanted by the police for assault ,Korine was banned by Letterman from ever appearing on his show since he caught him rummaging Meryl Streep’s purse .The there’s this ‘Franco dating Benso who’s 11 years younger to him ‘ .hudge is a miss three time nude scandal ; miss two times law suit scandals , Rcahel goes topless – Korine made his own wife go topless in front of men to sell his movie ,so warped , so warped , still to end up with less than $5m opening weekend .

  128. 128
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I know this breaks your heart but everything isn’t a conspiracy.

  129. 129
    Nightwish Says:

    RT: “distributor A24 is relying ALMOST exclusively on reviews (a fine 73 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and on social media”… but it didn’t turn out that way
    TINA: “No they advertised ONLY using the social media. First film ever to do so.”
    That’s TIna and the rest of you alright, changing key words to pump hudgens stuff as much as possible LOL. In the case of film promotion, almost and only are a vast difference. Any movie out there can claim they relied almost exclusively on social media to get the word out about the flick, good heavens you guys are such exaggerators and morons

  130. 130
    Nightwish Says:

    Only 68% of critics now like SB, and only 56% of the viewers, dropping like a stone LOL…

  131. 131
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Seriously antidepressants they may do wonders for u.

  132. 132
    Love Says:

    @Ryan: @Ryan: What’s wrong with Journey 2 movie?! I love that movie! just because you don’t like it made journey a bad movie. You could love as much as you want but Journey 2 made alot of money!

  133. 133
    lala Says:

    @Nightwish: my gosh nightwish why are u tracking the downfall of this movie? we never said that it will do amazing you just assumed that we thought that. a lot of people hated it and a lot of people liked it but because it is doing bad by the standards of rotten tomatoes you are thrilled because….well have no idea why. at first i thought it was because you hated vanessa but now im not so sure what your motives are i wish you would explain it to me.

  134. 134
    maria Says:

    LOL. All these protests don’t make your lies true. Tina is right, this movie was promoted on social media. Not one commercial or trailer on TV. Fact. Dropping on Rotten Tomatoes? At least more people saw it than “On the road” and The Paperboy, and continue to see it!! Haha. The resident morons still don’t get that it was meant to get people talking. Korine accomplished that. The morons fell right into his trap. LMAO.

  135. 135
    Love it! Says:

    If ever there was a movie that lived in a singular moment, it’s Spring Breakers.

    Harmony Korine didn’t set out to make anything other than what he wanted. The result is a beautiful work of art and a truly compelling story. If the end goal of making a movie or writing a book or painting a picture or whatever kinda art you do is to communicate, Harmony Korine has succeeded x forever. Before Spring Breakers, he was just a friend of a friend who wrote Kids, made a Dogme 95 movie and a bunch of other stuff that was at times both pretty to look at and borderline annoying. He was the punch line to a “How many hipsters does it take to change a light bulb?” joke. Now with Spring Breakers, we’re the punch line. And it’s funny. I’m still laughing. And a lot of people are laughing with me.

    It gives me chills to know that someone did something different and it could have sucked, but they didn’t care and did it anyway, and it was beautiful. I feel so privileged to get to walk into a movie theatre feeling one way and two hours later walking out feeling completely different. The same reasons people hate it are the same reasons people love it, and it makes my heart explode with joy to witness a living, breathing example of that kind of dichotomy. Spring Breakers is, in this order: beautiful, frightening and silly.

  136. 136
    Emma Says:

    @maria: ew !! i am not Efron fan so please it’s an insult i am not a fan girl like you :) ! i actually really hate him !

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