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Diane Kruger: FX Upfront Event with Joshua Jackson!

Diane Kruger: FX Upfront Event with Joshua Jackson!

Diane Kruger hits the red carpet at the 2013 FX Upfront Bowling Event held at Luxe at Lucky Strike Lanes on Thursday (March 28) in New York City.

The 35-year-old actress, who was seen leaving her hotel for the event with her longtime love Joshua Jackson, stars in the new FX series The Bridge, which is slated to premiere on the network in July.

Earlier that day, Josh was spotted stepping out in the Noho neighborhood of the city.

The night before, Diane and Josh attended the NYC screening of her new film The Host.

FYI: Diane is wearing a Jason Wu top and pants with a Chanel bag.

15+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger at the FX Upfront Event

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diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 01
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 02
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 03
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 04
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 05
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 06
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 07
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 08
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 09
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 10
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 11
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 12
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 13
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 14
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 15
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 16
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 17
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 18
diane kruger fx upfront event with joshua jackson 19

Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris; Photos: Getty, SplashNewsOnline
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  • sgerg
  • Kate


  • wemp
  • CF98

    I see Katie/Suri have returned from their vacation and Josh is also in NYC


  • Joelma

    besides She being a horrible actress, still uses animal skins

  • WannaBee

    Even the industry doesn’t consider Diane an actress.

  • The Real Thing

    This is a real actress with a truly loving and talented partner, not to mention an adorable son.

  • Sally

    Josh better push for them babies soon, her body is starting to show her age. I think it was pretty clever of her to try and distract him from the thought of a family by taking him on a hiking trip to Chile.

  • Alicia

    This woman is so fake. She never smiles or seems happy. She isn’t even an actress or a relevant model anymore, she’s just a clothes hanger. I hope she doesn’t really think people actually care about her, it’s more like despise her.

    No I’m not a delusional Torvson fan. Josh and Anna had no chemistry. I am and always will be a Josh and Katie shipper. There will never be such great chemistry on screen like that of Josh and Katie.

  • Girlygirl
  • Deah

    Has Josh been reduced to acting as the role of her bodyguard? I suppose he is unemployed at the moment, I’m sure she’s paying him under the table in the form of fresh vegetables. I love how she has all Josh’s fans thinking she is actually in love with him, maybe she can act.

  • Lufac

    @Alicia: thanks, I would wish this evil for Anna, she’s a princess,ironically Diane will work at a TV where Anna’s uncle is the owner and their cousins ​​are the heirs

  • Journalistic

    Yikes she looks like she’s balding. Why not just embrace her natural color and preserve what health her hair has left? This blonde is not doing her any favors.

  • Michelle

    Maybe Josh has stepped out to locate his long lost friend and her/their daughter.

  • oops

    I don’t really care for either one. She always seems so cold and looks like she is going bald. He is attractive but marginally so. I’ve heard their relationship is open in sorts. Don’t care…meh.

  • Sally


    I think she and Josh are losing their hair at the same rate. It’s fine and dandy for men to lose their hair (I think he will still pull of looking good even without hair), but she really can’t afford to expose much more of her forehead. She’s already got a fivehead, it’s been stated for years that she is balding.

  • Bobby

    Diane Kruger is a naturally simply stunning woman and always has been. I am so sick of people saying crap about her. Seriously people actually come on here just to bash her and for what exactly? You losers have nothing better to do then hide behind a computer to bash the beautiful Diane. For all of those that say she is “balding”…have you ever seen pictures of her when she was younger? That is just the way her hairline is and always has been, here is a picture Just Google images of her and you will she that she has one of the most perfect faces ever and she is so natural, unlike Kim K, Megan Fox, and all of the other plastic surgery obsessed “beauties” out there. Unlike them Diane was born naturally stunning and she is keeping it that way. So for all of you jealous haters please, get a life and STFU.

  • Helen of Troy


    Oh sweetie, settle down. I hate to break it to you, but Diane wasn’t born with that chest. Check out some of those pictures you are talking about, she went up a bra size over night. It’s well documented, maybe you need to pay attention as you sit behind your compute whorershiping this mocktress.

  • Bobby

    @Helen of Troy: Not talking about her chest, just her face. (Have you ever seen some of the VS models chests when they are not wearing the extremely padded bras…flat as a board. Her chest maybe all natural, just a good bra.) I don’t need to “settle down” because all I am doing is speaking the truth and defending an innocent woman against countless of hateful comments for no reason. People that criticize the most are those who are most insecure about themselves. They could never be in the spotlight because they know they would get torn into pieces by people like themselves, haters. Also I admire Diane and think she is beautiful I don’t worship her…the only person I worship is God.

  • Joe

    That bitch should have many years of bad luck, much as the animals that were killed to make this coat for her vanity

  • Jade

    So it’s been declared, the ‘Host’ sucks. It doesn’t surprise me, when I saw Diane doing her best to sell the movie, I knew there was trouble. Bringing out the fashion big guns, not to mention the hot arm candy; was the only way to bring attention to this laughable film. She can’t act, seems to be a cold woman, but she sue can wear clothes. Her acting or modeling career won’t be remembered in the long run, there will always be the next big thing in the fashion industry.


    Yes it is true that Asians can read minds!!!!!!!!
    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces is to avoid accidently showing facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing etc, so they segregate from everybody else so their not nearly as susceptible for those accidents to happen.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidently saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things in your mind that are as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians that give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for compeletely no reason.

  • Autumn


    She’s definitely had a boob job, sorry to burst your bubble. I hope you don’t take it personal, she is after all an actress. Criticism comes with the job, people will always be entitled to their opinion even if it isn’t kind or what you believe.

    Now back to my opinion, she sucks as an actress. I hate how she is always looking for the next big thing to make her a success, it’s just not going to happen because she doesn’t have the right skills.


    Which is why she thinks she can act. Which is why she continues to think we consumers care about her. Which is why she thinks she’s beautiful.

  • Jo


    Diane is only one part of the film. She’s not even on the movie poster. Diane has been promoting the film as much as the other three have.

  • Overkill

    Why is this site trying to force her down our throats? I’ve always enjoyed coming to this site for various gossip, now it seems all we get is Diane Kruger. Who the “F” cares.

  • Bobby

    Boob job or not, don’t care. I know everyone has their own opinion, what gets to me is people that criticize her most for her looks. As an actress her skills will surely be criticized like all actors, part of the job. Anyway I am done commenting, said what I wanted to say. In the end Diane is the one making movies, shooting campaigns, and laughing all the way to the bank, while the haters sit behind their computers and all they can do is hate. Sorry that won’t make you rich or likable. She wins anyway. Peace.

  • Lucy

    She is an ambitious woman who came from a poor and ugly place, she would do anything to get what he wants, even more under the influence of an unscrupulous as Karl Lagerfeld. She may have money,and is certainly is less than she would wish to have, I think she wanted to be a movie star and that’s she isn’t, she isn’t a respected actress,nor acclaimed clítica, She is just a mocktress and that’s sad

  • Elinor

    Lucy, you’re obsessed by Diane, isn’t you? You’re so desperate and absurd, I feel sorry for you, really.

  • Lucy

    @Elinor: LOL!!!

  • Elinor

    I don’t see any bad to be “mocktress”. It just means that she is an actress and model, so what? There’re many others actresses who can be called “mocktress” too. Jassica Alba for example. Why you don’t go to her thread and don’t write those comments there???

  • flora

    @Autumn: By “next big thing” do you mean she’s always looking for work? Lol, how dare she!? I totally get why she should be hated for her employment searches. People here never fail to make me giggle.

  • Lucy

    @Elinor:this comment is from a person who spoke about other celebrity, but corresponds exactly to what I feel about Diane:

    “At least you didn’t say that I hate her, because I don’t. But I don’t like her. But she’s fascinating in a weird way. She’s not interesting, but she’s one of those celebs who had just enough taste of fame to want to hang on to it, even if they don’t really have much talent. I suppose I could go over to a Jessica Alba thread and complain about her, since she’s really not any different.
    The ways in which she and Alba and Hudgens and the rest try and stay relevant in HW is interesting in a way. Also sad.”

    that’s like a reality show, a big brother

  • flora

    @Elinor: Exactly. People love comparing Marion Cotillard to Diane in these threads because they feel it makes Diane seem lesser in some way, but even Marion plays the game. She’s been a Dior spokesperson for a couple of years now. Any smart actress in Hollywood is going to capitalize on the fame they currently have to try to maximize their earning potential because they all know that they can be replaced by the next big thing at any time. That is not a quality unique to Diane or any of the other women listed in that THR article about mocktresses. When A-list actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow feel compelled to open up new avenues of business, you know they’re all feeling some kind of pressure to stay relevant and if it means that they have to put on a nice dress and show up at fashion week, who cares? It’s all part of their job.

  • Lucy

    @Elinor: “mocktress” It means that she is not an actress respected by the industry, and is part of the list of actresses mediocre and untalented, unlike of the actresses true that actresses known for their talent and not just by dressing.

  • flora

    @Lucy: That’s not what “mocktress” means, did you even read the article or are you just throwing that word around because you think it’s derogatory and hilarious? You should do your research before using terms with which you are unfamiliar. The article talked about “mocktresses” in terms of actresses who are also known for going to lots of events. In Diane’s case, the article specifically mentioned that she does these things on the side for money or for publicity, but that she also has an interesting career. I don’t see how that is somehow bad to some people.

  • tommy

    Josh and Diane are looking so pretty here.

  • dodoa

    Diane Kruger looks fantastic.

  • Tim

    She always looks good.

  • Lucy

    Marion cotillard is not known just for that, she is an actress A list, she is winning Oscar and several other awards, Diane, no, she is best known in sites in gossip and fashion than in her films.
    That’s just the fame for fame, I’d say mocktress, is the same thing that famewhore,

  • DIOR

    I love them both

  • barbara

    stylish couple, love them!

  • heh!

    @Lucy: Wrong! The article specifically said it’s about actresses being more known about the event they go to, than about their roles. They wrote a paragraph about Diane starting to getting more known as an event-goer and at the same time they praised her role choices, so you are way out of the mark.
    You’re using that one article you found and twisted it to justify your hatred, but you are way out of the mark if you think she’s not respected in the industry. She is and that’s the reason she keeps getting work non stop.

  • !!

    Lucy and Elinor = are the same people

  • heh!

    @Lufac: And here it is the real reason why Lufac/Vanda/Sam/Lucy is stalking everything related to Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson. You need help urgently!

  • Gray

    They are very cute.

  • heh!

    @!!: And Lufac and some of the first hateful comments. All the same person.

  • flora

    @Lucy: You’re totally missing the point, but AGAIN, I’ll say that all actresses have to play the game to some degree. And frankly, if you go up to the average person in America who doesn’t consume celebrity news like we do, they wouldn’t know either Diane or Marion because neither one of them are super famous. Have you ever seen the movie Marion won her Oscar for? Can you even name it without checking IMDB? My guess is no. So for all of your grandstanding about how much better Marion is than Diane, you’re the one proving my point which is that in order to stay in relevant in their field, all actresses have to find a way to get their name out there so that they can find more acting work.

  • !!

    Lucy, Lufac Sam and Elinor are the same people. The troll is a bitter person because her favorite actress (and we all know who that is) is not getting any attention!!

  • felix

    Yes!! Can’t waith for the Bridge!!!!