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Dianna Agron: 'Here's To Showing Your Love'

Dianna Agron: 'Here's To Showing Your Love'

Dianna Agron bundles in a coat and beanie cap while heading to the Kate Somerville Salon for some pampering on Wednesday (March 27) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 26-year-old Glee actress showed her support for the fight for marriage equality this week by posting the red equality symbol on her Facebook along with the caption, “Here’s to showing you love…”

Make sure to catch an all new episode of Glee tonight at 9/8c on Fox!

FYI: Dianna is wearing Carolina Herrera sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Dianna Agron at the salon…

Just Jared on Facebook
dianna agron heres to showing your love 01
dianna agron heres to showing your love 02
dianna agron heres to showing your love 03
dianna agron heres to showing your love 04
dianna agron heres to showing your love 05
dianna agron heres to showing your love 06
dianna agron heres to showing your love 07
dianna agron heres to showing your love 08
dianna agron heres to showing your love 09
dianna agron heres to showing your love 10
dianna agron heres to showing your love 11
dianna agron heres to showing your love 12
dianna agron heres to showing your love 13
dianna agron heres to showing your love 14

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • kells

    Is she gay?

  • Sarah

    She hasn’t been in a role in so long (Glee appearances are so rare for her)… what does she do with all her time?!

  • well

    @kells: if rumors are true, yes

  • Pipa

    You don’t have to be gay to support gay rights.

  • chelsea

    not saying she is but since the likes girls tshirt accident during their tour i always wondered…. she does a lot for support so we should be happy no matter if she is straight or gay or whatever

  • merp
  • hum

    She has a boyfriend apparently, she is a cute girl but is an awful actress

  • stellas

    So many of her fans on twitter and tumblr are all convinced she’s gay though.

  • K

    so gorgeoussss, she’s not gay however she does have the ability to turn straight girls gay.

  • K

    @Sarah: she finished shooting her new movie a few months ago, and last week she did something for vogue.

  • Shirley A. Malone

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  • Alex

    @stellas: They are not her fans. Just young (wishful) lesbians who want her to be gay.

  • Lisa

    @Alex: But all I see from Dianna fans is Dianna is gay comments. What’s with that?

  • well

    @K: Plus she has a new project coming up soon

  • Alex

    @Lisa: like i said, they are not her fans really . they are just obsessed with the idea of her being gay despite her having had three boyfriends since she’s been on glee. so they just ignore that she has boyfriends and keep shouting she is gay over and over until them and everyone around them believes it. also, they are not interested her outside of her “gayness” so i’d hardly call them her fans. they are just young teens very persistent in insisting something without any proof whatsoever. anyone who follows her even casually can see she is straight and date guys. the wishful teens base the “gay” claim on how she dresses, how she is supportive of gay rights, and her walking style (rollseyes) yeah that’s what they base this supposed “gayness” of hers, her clothes and how she walks/stands.

  • OL

    She looks very gay imo. Don’t really know about her bfs or whatever but it wouldn’t be the first Hollywood closet case. Ricky Martin had gfs lol

  • chelsea

    @Alex: are you serious? I am a fan of hers , as actress and as much we get to know as person but i def think she is not straight at all. And having “boyfriends” in hollywood does not mean ANYTHING . And it has nothing just to do with her way of dressing more with her attitude , how she acts with women and if she were who cares? She is an amazing person straight bi or gay , only she and the people she is close to know.

  • Kl

    I definitely agree with you. Remember Quinto? He had a ‘girlfriend’ before he came out. Gay people in Hollywood don’t come out of the closet in their 20′s. Not a fan of hers so I don’t really know what she’s doing but bearding does exist.

  • Pipa

    LOL you know her fans so well don’t you? Because you are 100% wrong. Nice try though.

  • CDF

    does it even matter if she’s gay or not? is her personal life.

  • ugh

    i really wish those L Chat losers would stay off of Lea And Dianna articles making speculations about their sexuality.

  • Em


    Just because you are so insecure about that? So what? Every celebrity had/has gay rumours. I bet Dianna doesn’t mind having them. People who think she’s gay/bi and people who think she’s straight are both her fans, but only Dianna and her close friends know her sexuality so let people think whatever they want. Otherwise, you are just a pathetic homophobic person who call themselves ‘fan’ You should support her whether she’s straight or not.

  • Kaley


    Ignore him/her. They’re an obvious ‘fan’ who can’t stand the gay rumours of their favorite. Pathetic.

  • Jenn


    It doesn’t matter. If you are a real fan of hers, you’d support either way.

  • Tom

    Not gonna lie, she has always given me gay vibes. I don’t watch her show tho. Glee is horrible. Anyway, if she really is gay, I don’t think she’ll come out any time soon. She’s at the beginning of her career.

  • YL


    Lol what has anything to do with Lea? She had always girl-on-girl rumours during her Broadway days but people are talking about this Dianna girl, which looks gay to me but who knows.

  • Stacey

    I take this bearding stuff more serious than many people does. I think it’s vicious, disrespectful, degrading; first, to the person who submits their life to a lie, second, to the gay community, which is disrespected and humiliated in the moment that celebrities have to hide their gay condition like it was a shameful secret. Honestly, I don’t think I’m overreacting when I say that Hollywood’d bearding practice is a human rights issue due to its own prejudiced nature.
    I endlessly admire Dianna for her engagement on social actvism, like the pro-choice campaign and her pro gay rights stand up. I really appreciate her support, but honestly, I would respect her even more if she could help to stop this ridiculous bearding web to grow bigger by putting herself out of it. The best way to help people is helping herself, giving the example, being brave. I think we definitely need a beautiful, intelligent and socially engaged lesbian star setting a role model out there, not only for gay kids, but for everyone. I think this could be Dianna. It suits her very well.

  • Alex

    @ugh: lol that’s the only kind of intrest glee has left these days. it’s them and the lea/cory shippers. best to ignore all of them, i shoudln’t have started shit by pointing out the truth. my mistake.

  • Alex

    @Stacey: What if she is not gay?

  • I don’t get it

    @Stacey: She’s stated that she’s not lesbian when there was some controversy about her wearing the Likes Girls T-shirt in one of the Glee Live concerts.

  • Tim

    @I don’t get it:

    Ricky Martin stated he wasn’t gay, either. Most of you have no idea about gays in Hollywood. Better stop talking about it. The girl is 27, if she’s not gay, it’s okay. If she is, she will not come out until she’s ready. Let it go.

  • Leyla


    Then you will be happy, ‘Alex’

  • A


    Lol exactly. Let’s stop this pointless argument. She might be straight, gay or bi. We don’t know, probably will never learn.

  • Perc


    100% agree.

  • LOL

    LOL Alex you are totally wrong.

  • Alex

    @A: I don’t understand this ‘we don’t know, will probably never learn’ bullshit. Because that means you think she is lying when she says she has a boyfriend. So either take her at face value because we dont know her and accept that when she says she has a boyfriend she is not lying or keep creating theories about her based on outdated stereotypes, you cant have it both ways. You cant say we dont know her and then go on making theories how she might be lying ,etc etc just based on these stereotypes of how she dresses and her ‘attitude’. It doesnt work that way. “We dont know her” So why not accept what she says at face value? Why these need to create theories abut her ‘possible gayness’ and call her a liar when she says she is not a lesbian or has a boyfriend.

  • ui

    Raise your hand if you’ve felt as if you’d rather lie to people than tell them the truth about who you really are, because at least you wouldn’t be the victim of hateful behavior or prejudice! And raise your hand if lying feels almost as bad. YOUR ANSWER

  • ui

    ah!! and it’s the same article that she said “no I’m not a lesbian” ;).

  • Alex

    @ui: Again, you dont know her. I dont know her. So saying that she is lying when she says says she has a bf just because you have a ‘feeling’ that she might be gay is you making up theories abut her because you dont want to let go of the idea of her being gay. you are so invested in her being gay that even tho you dont know her you simply dont accept her at face value when she says otherwise, you cook up theories about her based on trivial things like the clothes she wears and how she stands and call her a liar when she says something that contradicts your over-invested headcanon about her. It doesn’t work that way, we dont know her. so not accepting what she says at face value is you trying to fit her into this headcanon you have about her. why are you so allergic to reality?

  • ui

    LOL what reality? And what do you say about clothes and how she stands ????

  • Alex

    @ui: The reality where she says she is not a lesbian and where she said a month ago that she had a boyfriend. But I realize arguing with you is never gonna work. It’s so hilarious, so much theorizing over someone who is not even gay. And you all wont event admit you were wrong 10 years from now. That’s the funny part. You literally are basing all of this on silly trivial things, like how she interacts with women and what cloths she wear. While ignoring the part where she dates guy and has only dated guys till now. but instead of simply accepting that at face value you make up theories about how that is fake, just based on moronic things like the clothes she wears and the vibe you get. from her LOL. It’s you who dont want to accept things as they are and are invested enough to make up alternative theories when you dont like the reality. So people like you shouldn’t use the ‘we dont know her’ trope. I know that ‘we dont know her’ but unlike you i dont make up theories about her i accept what she says at face value because guess what i dont have a headcanon about her in which I am trying to fit her into. you do. and that’s the only reason you follow her. once you realize she is not who you want her to be (gay) you will drop her like a hot potato.

  • ui

    you are totally wrong she has all the numbers for be gay, but don’t worry if you want to think she is straigt, just be happy!! Bye boy/girl. (I don’t know your sex)

  • Alex

    @ui: LOL

  • july

    You are right Stacey but if Dianna prefers to stay in the closet because is better for her career, we need to respect that. Is her life, I mean

  • Alex

    @july: What if she is not gay?

  • Lel

    Then it’s her business, not yours. Just like how we shouldn’t care either she’s gay or not. Let’s stop this pointless argument.

  • Lana


    I don’t think so. Dianna is an amazing person who goes out of her way for ANY organization. She’s a strong supporter a the glt community but that doesn’t make her gay. A lot of people like to try dismissing her boyfriends but the one (Alex Pettyfer) even got a tattoo with the phrase little lamb on his arm for her. If that was strictly PA then why get the tattoo? She was together with Dave Franco for a very long time and that wasn’t PA at all. The same applies to her current bf.

  • Lana

    @Alex: Don’t get yourself in a knot with this. The shippers want something that isn’t true. They base it on Di and Lea living together but Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola were roommates for awhile too. A lot of young actresses do it. I firmly believe Di would never stay in the closet just for her career. It’s a lame excuse considering how vocal she is about everything and how she’s always pushing everyone to be themselves.

  • lucy

    The tatoo was false, and Di denied her relationship with AP in an interv
    I think Dave was just a good friend of her.

  • Sandy

    Big fan of her, and for me doesn’t matter if she is gay or not, but as today I believe what she already have said: she isn’t gay, and have dated several male actors.
    And I understand why some people want Dianna to be gay, the representation of lesbians in HW is really awful, as the majority are butch (ellen, Jane Lynch) ugly (Rosie, Nixon, etc) and all these girls want somebody at least hot and beautiful, that’s why they live in the delusion with all these young and hot actresses.