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Kate Bosworth Wraps Filming on 'Rememory'

Kate Bosworth Wraps Filming on 'Rememory'

Kate Bosworth and her fiance Michael Polish head back to their car with a cart full of groceries after food shopping on Wednesday (March 27) in Hollywood.

The 30-year-old actress just wrapped up work on her upcoming thriller Rememory.

The film “involves a car accident, amnesia and changing identities. A husband, Garland (Wes Bentley), is nursed back to health, after a fender bender. And, the wife, Hilary (Bosworth), slowly begins to reveal who she truly is.”

“Separation anxiety! @marktownsend1 @andremakeup @katiemneutz …Thank you for such beautiful, inspired work on #REMEMORY – what a journey,” Kate tweeted this week. “The Last Day #rememory.”

FYI: Kate is wearing a Derek Lam for DesigNation slant pocket bra dress (which is exclusively at Kohl‘s) and Karen Walker Eyewear‘s “Deep Freeze” frame.

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kate bosworth wraps filming on rememory 02
kate bosworth wraps filming on rememory 03
kate bosworth wraps filming on rememory 04
kate bosworth wraps filming on rememory 05

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  • Whycantipost

    These pics already scared us to death on the DM JJ, no need to post them here..

  • Whycantipost

    ‘with a cart full of groceries after food shopping’
    Not that they eat.

    Also, did JJ crop out her legs on most of the pics? The scariest of the DM site is not even here..

  • Journalistic

    Where do all those groceries go? Because neither of them look like they eat.

  • LooseLipz

    Must be a lot of carrots and lettuce…oh with a few celery sticks too!

  • Franson

    Coming soon straight to a Redbox near you!

  • Reba

    As thin as she is you’d think her clothes would fit better! Man she looks scary, and dirty.

  • biblioteque

    Two rats.

  • drainer

    Seriously Come on! How is she able to stand up much less walk. Her legs are toothpicks the only thing big on her is her head and that’s because it’s the only thing she can’t shrink. She looks post auschwitz survivors this is not a compliment, they literally were NOT FEED. Society really sucks when people want food to eat but can’t eat and starve to death because they can’t get it then there are people like her that don’t eat but have food. Fck UP!

  • Shirley T. Willard

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  • ladybug

    No evidence that Adrian Brody ended up connected with the film at all. No pics of him on the set, no mention of him in tweets.

  • ladybug

    From the previous post:

    “Whycantipost: Oh boy, that seriously made me almost barf…It looks SO horrible, Like a child from a 3rd world country.. In the pic from 2 years ago she has a natural shaped leg: small at the bottom and a little bigger around the top. She looked thin, but healthy in that pic (incl. the hair, the skin and she seemed happy/chatty)

    This new pic.. Even models don’t have legs like that. It is so sad. And she always looks miserable. I wonder what MP’s role in this is: does he like her thin? Does he want her to be this thin? Even when her relationship with AS was bad (we have seen the pics of them looking weird all the time) she was never this skinny. Yet this dude does the exact opposite: feed her need for attention/love/recognition.. Then why the hell is she so skinny, she is supposed to be on cloud 9 now with MP doing papwalks with her..”

    She looked tiny in the pic from two years ago, but does seem positively healthy compared to now. And she looked all chatty and happy, the woman’s she’s with is Cat Coiro, at the time one of her friends and who directed her in L!fe Happens and WWWH.

  • Raven

    What kind of a “movie” was this? It shot in like, 2 weeks? Not on anyone’s IMDB? And yeah,doubt that Adrien Brody is attached to this. Sketchy, as always.

  • Macy

    God her legs are disgusting! I can’t say that enough. If anyone thinks she looks good they are seriously deluding themselves. This is not healthy.

  • wemp
  • Emma

    The odd thing is, her arms aren’t all that thin. They are almost the same size as her legs.

  • linda

    She is a has been. And she knows it. But this doesn’t stop her from trying to be relevant.

  • Have you seen this?

    Haven’t been on JJ much lately so this may be old news, if not, worth reading.

    Also, the outfit is just bad.

  • Suze

    @ladybug: She looks so much better in that picture from 2 years ago. Both her & MP have lost weight & neither look healthy. If I were her parents, I’d be concerned.

  • Macy

    That’s what I noticed too. Her arms, while very thin are not as terrible to look at as her legs. Her her thighs look like she just has skin hanging off the bone and her calves have no muscle whatsoever.

  • ladybug

    @Have you seen this?: Posted in last thread. I’m still trying to figure out how someone who hasn’t had a successful movie in years can pull in anywhere near 6 figures to show up at a fashion show.
    @Suze, sad thing is with the pics from two years ago, she was still probably underweight. Even at Deauville FF in September 2011 she still had leg muscle:

    I think she had more leg muscle even when she and MP made their public debut, though her chest area looked horrible. And here she’s covered most of that. I know her legs are smaller to begin with, but they look horrible now.

    It’s possible her parents don’t think anything is wrong. She’s looked underweight for so long this probably looks normal. Or she’ll say ‘I’m stressed’.

    @Raven, it appears to have taken about two weeks to shoot. But it had Wes Bentley, per a twitter from another actor. So it’s got that going for it. But I don’t think it had Adrien Brody. The article that JJ quoted was posted from IMDB, but the link was removed very quickly. I wonder if that wasn’t because the AB info was wrong. And having reread the post, JJ has corrected it to WB playing her hubby.
    Problem with this movie is that KB is the lead, and that means she going to have to carry the movie with her ‘acting’.

  • Kath

    Im glad Orlandos not with her any more. Gaunt & sick is how she always looks shes certainly not healthy thats for sure….

  • Keiko

    No, she didn’t look better 2 years ago. I flat out reject that. She just looks WORSE (almost impossibly so) now. You know she’s in a bad, bad way when pictures her look horrible 2 years ago are considered “better”. BTW, what’s the next stage after this? Can her body afford to lose even 5 more pounds? She has nothing left on her body to lose except muscle. I bet you anything she takes liquids or supplements and IV stuff to give her the nutrients she should be getting from foods. That’s the only way she can be this skinny and still walking around.

  • Keiko

    Oh more thing: about the parents. Rarely hear her talk of dad. Most mentions are of mom. Whatever the case, she’s an only child and a spoiled, entitled blue blood from Connecticut. THIS is the explanation for why loved ones haven’t intervened. Because she’s been #1 from the day she was born and no one can tell her anything. Everyone in her life enables her. Her mother, her PR people, the fashion industry, and apparently ALL of her men because she manages to live like this yet still have exclusive, long-term relationships with men. So they’re enabling her, too, from Orlando to Alex to Polish. But not that model guy. He didn’t put up with her for long and treated her like crap. That was the impetus for her getting her hooks in Alex, she was able to cry to him. Had she been in a stable relationship Alex would have been just another co-star. Polish won’t last either. Girl needs professional help.

  • ladybug

    She and Rousseau were together for some three years.
    And she looked better two years ago only in comparison to what she looks like now. She’s not been at a healthy weight in what, 7 years? Even before the dramatic weight loss in 2006 she’d gotten smaller.

  • Keiko

    Oh, I had been under the impression they were like, 6 months. Maybe I’m thinking of someone else. Well, this enforces my point that she really knows how to pick men who will enable her. These men stay with an obviously not-well woman for a long, long time. There’s something about her that makes them stay. Helper/savior types, I guess.

  • Warped

    Most people who have eating disorders are also master manipulators. She is an expert at deception and has learned to morph into what other people want so that she ultimately gets her way in the end. I think she finds men who have an innate need to rescue and care for people. She plays on their sympathy and then snares them. Then she flips the switch and becomes a perpetual victim that they need to fix or they are too nice and would feel guilty about dumping her if she’s “sick”. MP seems to be the biggest enabler of them all. He totally plays into her ego and is a willing participant in her games. I can’t say that the other guys were totally on board with her famewhoring ways.

  • ladybug

    @Warped: Also, having experience with a family member who had an eating disorder they don’t really have to manipulate, they can also just ‘hide’ their problems and refuse treatment, you don’t have to enable them. Though in this case I suspect the fashion world enables her, since ultra thin is something they promote.
    We really have no idea of the true dynamics of any of her personal relationships, whether or not her BFs were enablers or her other family or friends are enablers, or ‘helpers’ or whatever. Or whether or not they’re actually encouraging her to eat more/healthy and she’s not willing to see she has a problem.
    Though I will say the fact that MP looks less healthy now than he did two years ago isn’t good sign.
    MP the visionary ‘artist’ in action:

  • Keiko


    Your assessment is just wrong, and I suspect you do not have the clinical experience to back up what you say. Perhaps your lack of judgment is based on the fact that one of Kate’s BF’s is someone you admire and like, and therefore to read him labelled as an enabler offends you. It’s understandable. Were he not part of this equation I wonder if you wouldn’t be agreeing with #26. In any regard, science and clinical experience bears out what #26 has stated, and what I have said in previous posts. No one stays with a mentally and emotionally ill person for as long as Kate’s BFs do without being an enabler, and no one can keep the enabler around without being co-dependent. Relationships with an ill person are very, very tricky. There is an enormous amount of guilt and tension on the part of the enabler, and it is very difficult to break away from an ill person EVEN WHEN the love, intimacy, and sex is gone. You’d be amazed at the number of people in relationships with ill persons who will say things like “we haven’t made love in 6 months”. Yet they stay!! Alex was likely the least enabling of them all as is clear from his recurrent miserable appearance in public as their relationship lengthened and worsened. Orlando likely had the most difficulty being with her and letting go, as evidenced by their multiple break-ups followed by getting back together, and Kate’s admitted devastation at the final breakup. Before you go judging someone who “doesn’t know these people” you should keep in mind that they live extremely public lives and much can be gleaned by even outward appearances by a person with clinical experience. I mean, do you think we need a doctor’s note to see that Lindsay Lohan is seriously mentally ill and that Halle Berry has deep-seated anger issues? Those celebrities who are truly successful at hiding their illnesses for years are those who never courted public attention in the first place.

  • Keiko

    And OMG at “how light works”. Really, Michael? Please tell us more! ENLIGHTEN us, you cinematic genius!

  • Twin bro?

    I want too know what has happened to his twin bro Mark? Think it is his name
    Haven’t seen him for time before MP got with twiggy Mark would often been seen With MP glad Mark has better sense and concentrates on his own career then feeding these two fame addicted sticks.

  • Keiko

    @Twin bro?:

    “Fame addicted sticks”, LOL, best ever.

  • ladybug

    @Keiko: Nope, personal experience.
    So yes, there are exceptions. I am actually very well aware of dysfunctional personal relationships (And heck, work relationships). But there are still exceptions.

    And in KB’s case I have no doubt that she has been both enabled and has manipulated. But the relationships with Orly, JR and AS (and whomever else she’s been with) have been over for years. They got sucked into it. And they got out. They’re free (at least from her)

    As for her current victim, these are some of my questions: Does MP know what he’s doing, does he care? What happens to him if he she ends up not going through with the wedding? What happens to her if she does and two years from now she still hasn’t had a successful movie, no matter how many times he casts her in the fly-by-night productions he seems to enjoy doing?

  • Keiko


    Good MP questions. A few things have gone through my mind:
    1: he’s the one who is stalling on the wedding, perhaps b/c he already knows she’s dysfunctional?
    2: she’s stalling on the wedding, perhaps because she’s not as crazy about him as she claims and is waiting for the next one (Kate has never been alone since her first boyfriend–she sets up a new relationship when she knows the one she’s in is ending. I’m not saying she cheats–I can actually totally see her as monogamous; I do not think she’s promiscuous, but I think she always has one waiting in the wings–looking at her timeline it was Orly to James and then James to Alex and then Alex to Michael, bam bam bam one after the other with no space in between).
    3: she’s stalling because she’s hoping for a magazine spread?
    4: he’s stalling because his daughter/family/ex-wife hates Kate?
    5: they’re both stalling because…is he actually completely divorced? I’m asking honestly, not sarcastically.
    As for “does he know what he’s doing?” it has crossed my mind before that he might very well be her male counter-part. In other words co-dependent AND an enabler (they might be both for each other), pretentious with a narcissistic streak, and master manipulator who uses his partner both to glorify him in his personal life and to make him look good in public.
    Another commenter here (I forgot who, sorry) noted that MP looks worse now than when they first got together. There might be something to that.

  • Really?

    @Keiko: I didn’t entirely agree with Warped’s post, but I didn’t have any real problem with it, but I have a major issue with what you just said in #28. It’s really offensive to the millions of people who are genuinely doing everything they can for a mentally ill loved one to say that only enablers would ever stay with someone with a mental illness. (And considering how common mental illness is that’s almost everyone.) Are you saying that mentally ill people have no redeeming qualities? No one likes that part of a mentally ill person, but are people just supposed to not care about them because of it? That’s saying that 20% of the population can never be in a significant relationship unless they find an enabler to manipulate.
    I’ve never heard about studies about how almost all people with eating disorders are manipulative people. I know someone with an eating disorder who is not even remotely manipulative. I was under the impression that most people with eating disorders try to keep it to themselves because they don’t want to be judged. That’s why a lot of of them wear baggy clothing to hide it. While some of them do it to get attention, I thought that most people with ED’s feel like they don’t have any control in their life so they exert control over themselves. I’m sure some of them are master manipulators, but with most of them if they were successful at controlling other people then why would they feel the need to control themselves so much?

  • Keiko


    “Are you saying that mentally ill people have no redeeming qualities?”

    DID I say that? You know, there’s nothing more lame and unintelligent than starting a question with “are you saying…?” to a person who DIDN’T say whatever you’re asking them if they said. Seriously, get a new debate tack. It’s one thing to disagree with me, and it’s one thing to point out a possible error in my thought process, but it’s something entirely off the rails to reach into outer space, pull out a random statement, and ask if I said that when I clearly didn’t.

  • Warped

    @Really?: Manipulating doesn’t always apply to people but to situations too. Like you said, they try to hide their illness by wearing baggy clothes or avoiding certain situations. That is a manipulation too. They are trying to make things appear as they want them too. This is also a deception because they are not being honest to others or themselves about what is going on. I wasn’t implying that they were being “evil” about it, but its a truth and it happens with people who are addicts that hide bottles of alcohol around the house or even people that are gay and have a family that keeps them firmly stuck in a closet and pretend to be heterosexual or lie about having a “roommate”. Most manipulation and deception is done because of shame and the fear of not being accepted as they really are. The worst is that most don’t want to appear like they are vulnerable and may need professional help. For KB, this is difficult because she is in the public arena and her image is everything to her.

  • Whycantipost

    I personally believe she starts luring in guys by pretending to be the sweet fun girl, and when they know her better it turns out she has issues.
    I think the men in her life wanted to take care of her after finding that out and when she had pushed their buttons long enough she was on the look out for a new one, in case her relationship ended. She probably felt the end was near, so she was already trying to move on to the next guy.
    I think the men grew tired of her neediness which would explain them looking miserable. I unfortunately have been in a relationship with someone with terrible issues, and breaking up is hard. You are always wondering what they are gonna do if u end it (hurt themselves/hurt you/stalk etc). Every day you grow more tired and you’re more like a parent/babysitter than a lover (something I also say in pics of her and Skars).

    I think Kate offered her men an easy way out by hanging out with the ‘new’ guy, giving her men the reason to leave and not worry about her anymore. Or basically; making them mad because she was after other men while with them.

    I think her love/obsession for her current bf’s at the time was real, until she realized they were not gonna be around for the pap/crazy Olympics. Then it was easier to fall in love with a new guy.

    I am not sure her exes ‘actively’ enabled her; by for example letting her get wasted/lose even more weight. I do believe they were not sure of how to handle her and probably tried to help, Florence Nightingale Syndrome. But, by being in papshots with her, taking her around town, she got was she wanted and was enabled. Some exes didn’t do this, others did. MP does whatever she wants, or at least, that’s how it seems.

    I think MP is a different kind of guy, he appears to have the same issues as her. He looks like he enjoys being around her, but he changed so much (when I first say him he was tan and healthylooking). He is also skinny now. I think they are enabling each other, but at the same time just using each other. When they look at each other they love what they see because they basically see their own reflection, the thing they love the most.

    Btw, I am no medical professional, this is just my observation :P

  • Does Alex have insecurities ?

    Man ! it makes me question does Alex skars have issues himself insecurities for him to get with k-bone, he seems to like childish women no brain who frown dote over him Always yes Alex, yes alex, etc etc I will hang out with your mates Alex, go to all these parties for a beer etc etc
    these dozey brainless women only seem to get his full attention when sex in the bedroom is involved .
    other then that they don’t exist in public
    sometimes when I look at pics he acts like a child himself, makes me question his next boney girlfriend.

  • Warped

    @Does Alex have insecurities ?:
    Of course Alex has some insecurities, everyone does. He is human after all. I don’t think he is the type of man who wants a brainless woman fawning over him. He is very intelligent and seems to like hanging with other intelligent women( Brit, Ellen, Kristen, his own mother). He doesn’t strike me as an ego maniac. He’s comfortable in his own skin. He may be the type who wants to help and fix things. A problem solver. He is extremely loyal to his friends and family. It’s safe to say that by the time he realized what her deal was, he was in too deep for a quick exit.

  • Give me a break

    @Whycantipost: That’s my impression of how she and her relationships work too. What I really wonder about, is how the press/bloggers/fans/those working with her can ignore the by now very obvious: that she is seriously ill. Just looking at those thighs makes me sad. It must be even more jarring in real life.

  • mforman

    I cannot believe how absolutely dirty, anorexic and just plain horrible the creature looks. I mean seriously enough is enough, she is no Kate Moss and Kate Moss doesn’t even look like this anymore; and what the heck is the hobbits problem, has he also decided to just be disgusting.
    The fact that this film is wrapped and the creature was away for about what 5 days doing her endorsements that nobody will ever see, is so funny. What type of stupid film is this, that Adrian Brody seems to have pulled out of and they get Wes Bentley, I mean come on.
    We all know Big Sur was a complete and utter disaster, so maybe they are putting up the money for this so called film, and they couldn’t afford Adrian Brody.
    The two of them are an absolute joke and they get funnier and funnier with each post.
    I really find it so hard to believe that she actually gets $100,000 per appearance. I truly wonder if that figure in that article wasn’t given to the article by the creatures people to try and make her seem more relevant, because she is truly a nothing, maybe that is why the hobbits brother no longer works with him.

  • Keiko


    To be fair, there’s zero evidence that Alex “hangs” with any of those women he claims to be “very close friends” and “f***ing amazing”. In all the years he’s been on TB and claiming that Kristen and Anna are “very close friends” of his, when have they ever been seen together outside of a work-related situation? He’s known Lucy Griffiths for what, a year? And they’ve already been seen out together non-work at least 3 times but never Brit or Anna or Kristen or any of the women closer to his age. Same goes for Ellen Page who is also very, very young. The truth is, he calls these other women (Anna, Kristen, etc) wonderful and amazing but there’s just not any evidence that he actually socializes openly with intelligent, stable women of his own age. He genuinely seems to prefer being around much younger women and I don’t even necessarily mean romantically. Maybe Caroline is an exception but we don’t know enough about her to know if she’s particularly intelligent or talented or witty. Maybe younger women are less pressure for him. I don’t know. But the way he praises some of these women and then is never seen with them outside of industry functions is just another example of how he talks things up in interviews that aren’t necessarily quite true.

  • Warped


    To be fair those I listed are actresses and are busy in their own right, but lets not forget that Ellen and Alex went to a Kings game together and then there are the occasional tweets showing Alex having lunch with his TB costars. Just because we’re not seeing it on JJ doesn’t mean it’s not happening. We didn’t get pics of Alex and Stephen rehearsing in the trunks of their cars on the weekends either, but according to the two, it happened. And just because someone is young, doesn’t mean they are not intelligent.

  • Keiko


    Okay, one or two pictures in 6 years. Anyway.
    I include Ellen in the “younger women” he prefers to hang out with. And I never did say youth means lack of intelligence. But it does mean a lack of experience, less maturity, and an intelligence that is still in formation. There is no amount of intelligence that will put a woman 10, 12, 15 years younger than a man on equal footing with him. Period.
    My point is not to nitpick over how much time he spends with whom, but only to point out that his clear preference–as far as can be seen publicly–is for younger women.
    And for the record, I believe he’s dating Lucy. I had that intuition a while back but it was very much “wait and see”. The lunch with Fares, Lucy, and her female friend sealed the deal. Just my opinion and my own intuition. Movie/TV sets are so incestuous. It’s like the job doubles as a dating service. I think that when a person–man or woman–is as insanely busy as Alex is they choose very carefully the people they spend their precious little extra time with. For this reason him having lunch with Lucy and in public is very meaningful, especially with Fares there. That means she’s been brought into his inner circle, which is very tight, as we know. And the fact that Fares and the other girl were there helped to give mask the appearance of exclusivity between Alex and Lucy. And because I believe they’re together, this drives home my point about his proclivity to women of youth. He’s getting older but the women are getting younger. I would bet my right arm that since he’s been in his 30′s he hasn’t dated a single woman that had reached the age of 30 yet, let alone his own age. It’s just a hunch.
    ** yes, I could be wrong about everything **

  • Macy

    Actually Alex has been to Kristen’s husbands music shows. She’s tweeted about it before, and she had him sit for a portrait she sketched of him and subsequently auctioned off. As for Anna, I don’t think he’d spend much time alone with her, since she’s pretty much been attached to Stephen’s hip since the first season. I remember him talking about staying at their house once or twice early in the show before he found a house to rent on his own but being they have twins, that probably cuts down on hanging out. He does hang out with MicMac a ton though. Those two obviously have a total bromance. He’s also been spotted out by people on twitter with both Brit and Zal, who live in the Silver Lake area though I’m not sure if there is anything recent. Brit has even said he’s cooked for her, though I’m not sure if she meant when they were on set, or if it was some other time.

  • Macy

    Though I suppose we’re off topic and should keep to the subject at hand, which is two totally skeletal humans who crave attention on a cellular level. Ugh!

  • Keiko


    I think Brit said on set. In any case, I was speaking specifically of the women, not the men. Anyway…

  • Keiko


    No kidding! Pitiful people.

  • Macy

    Oh yes I know, but in hanging out with the husbands, etc, I assume the women were there. Either way it’s more interesting to poke fun at Bonesworth and Pencilish! I think their legs almost look the same size which is totally disgusting. Their twitter feeds are so lame too. How light works? WTF?!

  • Keiko


    HOW LIGHT WORKS. Oh please Director Polish, tell us more! ENLIGHTEN US.
    Their tweets are pretty horrible. I only glance at them occasionally and I have to admit they make me sad b/c of how try-hard they are. Especially when Kate poses for herself like with her finger in her mouth like it’s an accidental candid photo. Or when she tweets things that make herself sound like she was involved in something amazing, “separation anxiety…what a journey”. Please, Sticks. Your colleagues hate you. You have no talent and you’re shtupping the boss. NO ONE LIKES THIS KIND OF WOMAN.