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Henry Cavill & Gina Carano: Legendary LAX Landing!

Henry Cavill & Gina Carano: Legendary LAX Landing!

Henry Cavill dons a “Legendary” sweater while arriving on a flight at LAX Airport on Friday (March 29) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actor was accompanied by his beautiful girlfriend Gina Carano.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Henry Cavill

Last weekend, Henry and Gina were spotted flying out to Tokyo together.

Check out a newly released promo of Henry being handcuffed in his Superman costume in his upcoming flick Man of Steel, out in theaters on Friday, June 14. We can’t wait to watch the movie!

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  • JJ

    She is soooooooooooooooooooo annoying! I can’t stand her!

  • xoxo

    What a cute couple. I just can’t get enough of Henry, so so glad to see him happy again after his failed engagement with Ellen Whitaker last year. Gina seems like a sweet girl, good for them.

  • Michelle

    @JJ: awe, why? i think she’s lovely! :)

  • Michelle

    I’m so jealous, henry is just toooooo yummy for words.
    why couldn’t he be in LA when I was there last week? missed him by “that” much. :0)

  • Tab

    I think Henry and Gina look lovely together.

  • olivia

    It’s remarkable how much less attractive someone can become when you see the company they keep.

  • Jeannie

    I love him *swoon*. They look happy, so I’ll be happy for them.

  • g

    I have the ball on the with this type and Godzila

  • g

    I have the ball on the floor with this type and godzila

  • g

    I have the balls on the floor with these reverend morons

  • wemp
  • Holly

    He is is so ridiculously strikingly handsome and she is so ordinary that it seems like a strange coupling to me. Not that she is not pretty but men like him are always with tall, skinny model types and she just isn’t that type.

  • Haters Suck!

    Is it cause she can kick your ass?

  • NomNom

    I don’t really like Gina or them as a couple, but she doesn’t look like a trainwreck for once.

  • Wow.

    …..some of these comments…..internet haters are relentless

  • http://Gerry'startsugar Sugarfoot8

    Gina is a very lucky lady…. Henry has so many girls or women in Love with him, but she has him all to herself,,, boo hoo… but happy to see the Man happy… so whatever Gina keep it up…. Rather a Glad Henry than a Sad Henry.

  • Jane

    It’s so funny how he just took a shower and wear very sporty clothes and some sunglasses and looks elegant (bearing) and she has tons of make up, tight clothing, and party shoes and nothing… at least, this time she looks better… well, she is lucky

  • cali

    @jane, she doesn’t have much make up on in these pictures. And as far as her clothing, it is fine. I am not a fan of the shoes, but I am just not a fan of platform pumps. But she looks fine. Haters on this site are over the top

  • Jane


    if that’s what you think, it’s OK but don’t call me hater, because I don’t hate her!

    and btw… I was thinking about this couple and it’s also funny that Gina’s fans are happy because she is with him (obviously!) and Henry’s fans are not. He is perfect and she is just ok.

  • Suit > Tux

    Henry looks yummy, I just hope he doesn’t start making the same mistake most good looking actors do; walking around looking like a hot mess as if they were rebelling against there good looks.
    I also hope that he isn’t glued to her side the entire Superman tour, his fans want to see him looking hot, not her, they aren’t her fans.

  • Camden

    For all the hater commentors out there against Gina Carano, I really don’t know what your problem is?

    It must be jealousy right? Why else would you care, whom someone you don’t know and will probably never get to know, dates?
    You don’t know Gina either, and all this hatred coming out simply because YOU can’t date Henry, is beyond petty.

    And don’t deny the fact that you’re putting forward a hate comment by ‘padding out’ your insult. If you don’t have anything nice to say, move on…read about someone else.

  • @Cali

    So what, no one is aloud to say they think Gina and Henry have different clothing styles, that one is sporty dressed and the other is wearing make up
    without being labeled a “hater”. Someone is being over the top here, and it isn’t “the haters” aka anyone who thinks anything slightly negative about this couple.

  • Jenny

    Hate jealousy? they are funny that pig woodchuck classless dignity ordinary I do not get on the heels

  • Pleker

    God who dresses him? They set him up with a “girl friend” maybe they should get a stylist too.

  • Druzy

    @Jane: I don’t think the line you draw about Gina fans and Henry fans is that clear and defined. I am a big fan of Henry’s,and have no problem with Gina being with him. I think there are plenty of people out there that feel the same as I do.

  • Sara

    Of course Henry fans aren’t happy, they want him for themselves. I also have no problem with them as a couple.

  • connie

    I see Gray!!!! Don’t like her at all.

  • Sara

    I hope the writer of fifty shades gets so annoyed by all these fans that she purposely doesn’t cast him cuz of it. That’d be hilarious.

    Love his outfit, he looks snuggly.

  • Jane


    OBVIOUSLY I’m talking about people who doesn’t want her

  • marianna

    For me it is all about elegance. You can have a $5 clothes and look stunning and elegant or have something expensive and look normal (as she in every award she appeared with him) I’m sorry but she is not elegant :-/ and he IS, in every sense.

  • Julia

    As rot with these assholes shitty

  • Maggie

    If this guy have some dignity appear sufficient with the hippo frustrated

  • Druzy

    @Jane: OBVIOUSLY.. Jane,you are just a little girl who feels the need to use CAPS. lol And frankly,your comment does not read the way you meant it to, at all. Your sentence,”I’m talking about people who “doesn’t” want her”??? Try learning how to write and form sentences ,using the right words in your responses,that may help. That is if you know how,which I seriously doubt. Best stick to responding back and forth to those on your…immature,brain the size of a peanut,snotty,little girl, level. DUH!!!

  • Jane


    Druzy, I don’t know what you mean ¿? For your information, my native language is not english, and I mention it because of your words “Try learning how to write and form sentences” It is VERY FUNNY that someone or many people say “I don’t like her for him” and some people think that means “I hate her” WTF? It’s just that, she is not someone, me or many people want for him, that’s all! And if you are VERY intelligent because you think in a different way, good for you! LOL but please, don’t say “Best stick to responding back and forth to those on your…immature,brain the size of a peanut,snotty,little girl, level” when someone don’t think like you! You don’t know me and I don’t know anything about you, so i can’t say anything about you just for a comment or idea you have! In my case, I say what I see about Gina, pics, interviews, the work that made her famous and pics in awards with him, I can’t say something about her as a person because I don’t know her. God bless her as I want bless him, I just don’t like her for him, I see them and for me (and more people) don’t match; but it is for this couple or any other! so don’t think I want to kill her LOLOLOL

  • Maria

    These sovereign idiots can go to the bitch that bore him

  • Tracy


    for english not being your first language, you’re posting is great. people need to realize social media is global and not all fans are in the United States

  • Landy

    I’ve been casually following HC news cause I’m a big Superman fan. I’ve been quietly lurking @ a few things written about him & GC. There’s one thing I feel compelled to break my silence & mention for those “repetitive” comments on how anybody that doesn’t like a gal HC dates is just jealous of her. Hello!!!! Look @ the choices HC’s given: Ellen & GC!! Come on – how is that jealousy? When HC’s dating a hot, nice, decent chick (who doesn’t act like a thug & isn’t an animal beater) let’s say like . . . Irina Shayk, & then there’s haters? Then I’ll concede to the jealousy. As it is, there’s nothing to be jealous about. He’s only been with gals that brings him down & causes damage to his rep. Which in all honesty, I could care less – as long as it doesn’t mess with Superman & Gina WILL NOT play be Wonder Woman – EVER.

  • Druzy

    @Jane: You don’t need to explain what you meant by your first comment,I don’t need it explained, I got it. I responded to you in the way I did in my second comment,because you were rude. Do you realize that? My reply to your first comment about Gina fans and Henry fans,was in a very civil,polite manner…and you replied back to me in a very snotty,rude,manner. If English isn’t your first language,that’s fine. I don’t EXPECT someone to come back at me in a snappy,rude way,when I didn’t respond that way to them,in the first place. Don’t expect NOT to get back,what you give,it ain’t gonna happen.. A little life lesson for you.(English as your first language or not)

  • Hehe

    Who cares if these guys are together or not. I’ve never found HC to be the most attractive man, but I have found his body to be pretty nice. I come more for the fights that come on the site, because that’s more entertaining than the news.

  • marianna


    interesting point of view! :)

  • jane



  • jane


    I’m reading my lines and the only “rude” word I found was “Duh” ¿? and I don’t think that’s enough to write every word and sentence you wrote in a very offensive way (from ‘hater’ to ‘brain the size of a peanut’) but as I told you I can’t build an idea of you or anyone from a couple of comments.

    For me, it’s my last respond to you. Have a long and very happy life :o)

    And, with this last months pics (of them) I think in the same way about her, I just don’t like her. I feel they are very odd together, I am not the only one who think in the same way.

    And it is very important something someone wrote here “people need to realize social media is global and not all fans are in the United States”

    And I repeat again, God bless them both, but I just don’t see them together LOL

  • Druzy

    @jane: This will be my last response to you also. I don’t and never have been upset or angry about the original comment you made. I’m not silly enough to get bothered by that,it was your opinion and I was just stating mine. It was your response back to me,that angered me,because it was rude. Using caps when saying OBVIOUSLY, and DUH!,comes across as ,I’m some dufuss who was totally a moron for not getting what you meant by your comment.,with a DUH,at the end,coming across as, Jeez,I can’t believe how dumb you are,that I’d have to explain this to you. Translation,as far as I’m concerned ,rude. If you don’t think what you said to me was rude enough,for me to respond back the way I did, I do,it’s that simple. I do appreciate the fact you thought about it though,enough to re-read what you had written. (btw,I never called you a “hater”,you are confusing me with someone else)
    Finally,you speak of the commenter who talked about not all people on here are from the US. ,to you and the commenter,I’m well aware of that. Still, you managed to know what Duh!, means and what the use of CAPS means! LOL So I’m afraid,in this case,we have to let that argument go.
    Jane,have your opinion about Henry and Gina,it’s okay with me. Was never a problem for me in the first place! You are right,we don’t know each other,that’s why it’s so important to think about and be respectful, in what you say,especially to those who are respectful of you. Take care.

  • Miss pretty

    I bet you wouldn’t try to say all these means things to Gina’s face, afraid you might get punch in the mouth! I’ve noticed all these ladies hating on Gina are mostly cougars. Ugly and old! SMDH… majority of HC fans loves gina alright!!!

  • Ale

    @Miss pretty:

    99% of Henry’s fans don’t like her and who can’t blame them, look at her!!! I have his age and I think she’s a total trash!! Second you’re not doing a compliment to her trying to bull commenters with her kicking their asses because you can’t stand the simply truth about her. Violence is the language of stupid people. No one is fearing and trembling here lol Third I just hope this is a set up couple just for MoS and that his taste about women isn’t that horrible and low.

  • linda

    OH, WOW!
    So much hate here! LOL
    I don´t know the girl and i don´t like her shoes, but consider me “Gina team” from now on, because this hate here is irrational for sure.
    I really feel for her reading all the hate notes here .

  • Landy

    @Miss pretty

    “I bet you wouldn’t try to say all these means things to Gina’s face, afraid you might get punch in the mouth!”

    These kinds of GC fangirl statements just proves my viewpoint that GC is a thug – & apparently attracts thug fangirls. Jeez! Don’t you fangirls realize your comments do more harm than good to GC’s rep?

  • marianna

    people, people, people!!!!! LOL Why you think that say “I don’t like her for him” is the same to say “I hate her, Wanna kill her, I’m a cougar and that’s why I want him for me, etc” PLEASE! Don’t exagerate ;-) He is so kind, handsome, serious, a real gentleman! Did I say handsome? lol He deserves better. It’s just that! Hopefully, he would find her perfect mate in the future.

  • Ambar

    Most are not hypocritical says you have to be the mammoth is the screment personified that basennes of this type

  • Ambar

    The are not hypocritical says you have to be the mammoth is the excrement personified that baseness of this type