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Vanessa Hudgens: Festival Fashion Excitement!

Vanessa Hudgens: Festival Fashion Excitement!

Vanessa Hudgens heads into an office building for a business meeting on Thursday afternoon (March 28) in Century City, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress wore a chic hat with her outfit to protect herself from the sun.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Just a few days before, Vanessa stopped off at the Planet Blue boutique for some new threads.

“Who’s excited for coachella fashion? Meeeeee!!!” Vanessa wrote on Instagram with a pic of her purchases.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Flynn Skye Jumpsuit and Natalie B. Ava Cuff.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at a business meeting…

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vanessa hudgens festival fashion excitement 01
vanessa hudgens festival fashion excitement 02
vanessa hudgens festival fashion excitement 03
vanessa hudgens festival fashion excitement 04
vanessa hudgens festival fashion excitement 05
vanessa hudgens festival fashion excitement 06
vanessa hudgens festival fashion excitement 07
vanessa hudgens festival fashion excitement 08
vanessa hudgens festival fashion excitement 09
vanessa hudgens festival fashion excitement 10

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    Jesus… ANOTHER post of her? This talentless little Snooki lookalike needs to go the f*ck away… go to some faraway land and stay there with your equally annoying blonde appendage

  • liz

    she’s cute, don’t get me wrong, but she dresses like a clown. it’s not “boho” … just ridiculous.

  • lala

    im scared about her coachella outfits lol

  • yets

    so she went to a meeting hope for a new project soon.
    i thing somebody here excited for every new post of her imagine no. 1 comment…just live in love no hate its good for Health .

  • yets

    opps typo error i mean i think….anyway i love this look for her…go girl.

  • Betty

    Looks silly

  • Ursela

    Who is this person? I havent heard

  • Nightwish

    Yets is malu of course lol. Go yets/malu! Hudgens spam time!

  • Nightwish

    @Ursela: Vanessa hudgens. Beastly? Bandslam? On frozen ground?

  • Emma

    It is none of your business.She can wear whatever she wants.
    Leave her alone!

  • jade

    frumpty dumpty, that’s what i call this chick

  • sdf

    I’m surprised they didn’t post a picture of her sitting on the toilet and the rate that they are going.

  • Sheena

    Short, stumpy and dumpy is the look?

  • Walrustusk

    Vanessa again! This time going to a meeting. Good christ. Justjared has become a joke

  • Nightwish

    @sdf: So true. Youd probably see one of her fanatics here on jj wiping her butt in that picture LOL

  • lala

    @Nightwish: because we like her doesnt mean we kiss her a ss. do u know how many of my friends are crazy belieber fans and even admitted that they would have sex with him and cry when they see him. i dont really like her outfit today though im not a hater at all…but if i did im an a ss kisser

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  • BO

    another five minute role in an ensemble , i suppose .or are they giving out 10 dollar bills as the payment for SB? lol

  • http://deleted BO

    #3 lmao .a very honest declaration .scared of her coachella outfits .lmao at the rte she’s been going lately , any concerned fan should be .the last year ones were simply hideous , screaming ”look at me , look at me , i’m a freak” sortta outfits

  • Harlaquin

    She looks like a witch whoever she is

  • Spazzrulez

    Oh no not another instagram attention hore

  • Nightwish

    Haha! THIS is what happens when Malu is stuck on good friday in the philippines. She cant tend to a page one vanessa post and spam the hell out of it with her “gorgeous” nonsense, so this page is left to real random visitors making honest comments and voala! This is what you get. Malu, Malu, you really are a desperate posing hudgens retard arent you. Suspicion confirmed lol

  • Lily

    Some people seem to be jealous and pathetic life

  • anney

    she s gorgeous, i love her jump suit

  • hannah

    she was at CAA
    i want coachella pics with Laura, Austin and the girls! YAAAAAYYYY
    It looks like Stella is going with her this year!

  • Alexandra

    yeah, because all the comments are not coming from your ip address, (*******27) right? hahaha

  • jade

    hey why do you stole my name, not cool bro! STOP DOING IT! its not the first time, I DONT HATE VANESSA. uggghhhhh! There´s no need to use my name just because you are alone and trying to hate on the girl! stopi it and get a life.

  • Alexandra

    hi nightwish!

  • Alexandra

    hi nightwish!.

  • Alexandra

    hi nightwish! .

  • samatha

    she looks so tall, i love her outfit this time. Cant wait for Coachella

  • Nightwish

    @Alexandra: Xxxxxxxxx.27, lol what a loser, if youre gonna make a false accusation, at least get the ip address correct idiot. Hey, print the whole ip and country of origin, i want to see!

  • lala

    @Alexandra: lol :) the same way posts can be spammed with “lover” they can be spammed with “hate” too. easily done i mean somebody sometimes posts as “lala” and writes rather rude comments about people i actually like.

  • samatha

    a cute BTS! she looks flawless

  • Nightwish

    its really not that hard

  • lala

    #33 is suppose to say “love” not lover lol

  • samatha

    lmao Nightwish has been here since 4:08 till 7:24 And he is the one saying we are obssesed with V. I guess this also kills his whole theory about the “philipina traffic” he probably doesnt even know what time is it there.

  • lala

    why are you using my name?

  • lala

    @lala: LOL this is actually fun haha

  • Nightwish

    @Alexandra: Lets go, porkchop. Full ip and country of origin. Im calling you out.

  • lala

    @Nightwish: my point is is that although you believe that people spam vanessa post thus proving that she has very few fans, if whoever is doing that is keeping them happy then why are you so pi ssed off? the same way people spam posts with hate others spam posts with love and they enjoy it. its not hurting anyone is it?

  • lala

    but everyone knows he changes his name, this wouldnt be the first time. He blames Malu, and I CAN ASSURE YOU, she is not the one “changing her name” (is not to hard, this is not some kind of “hudgens traffic” is just twitter traffic, someone post the link, any Vanessa fansite with followers -thehudgensnews-hudgensnews-vahnews-vanessanews-vworld or any other fansite and that´s how everyone ends up here, i dont even follow JJ or JJJ) Besides he Is the only person around the world crazy about Vanessa.
    i been here since 2006, HEY, V´S BEEN HERE SINCE 2006 WITH MORE THAN 100 COMMENTS PER POST. he is just a troll

  • Nightwish

    Lala my dear, many others aside from myself and bo are sick of these bs posts filling up page one in less than five to ten minutes time by one or two idiots using tons of fake usernames. Its like fraud. Its the principle, but at this point jj visitors know this and simply avoid hudgens posts because they know whats up, but occasionally someone will take the time to voice their irritation over it. Me, i will constantly point it out as long as it keeps up. Nothing against you lala, ive seen you around for a long time now and know that you are more objective than the other hudgens programmed idiotbots around here.

  • ELono

    I just saw Spring Breakers for the first time last night. And im in love.

  • TruthBeTold

    she is mean truth be told

  • Nightwish

    @lala: #46 is nonsense, go back and you will see that the high number of comments when they did happen were the result of other trolls showing up and teasing these hudgens idiots for much of what we do now lol

  • Sheena

    Does anyone know if she is going to the Scary Movie 5 premiere? what about the MTV?

  • word

    Tom Cruise is a mega star and is very gracious and he does not dip and hide his face but this self absorbed female punk does …. she is so totally lost ! !

  • tina

    @Alexandra: Thank you for calling out the troll. Once again proved to be a lying weasel. I’ve said it before, I work, sleep and generally have a life.He is here morning noon and night. Pitiful.
    On a good note a meeting is always a good thing. Hopefully this means a new project.

  • lala

    @Nightwish: i respect you’re opinion very much and understand that it may appear quite odd that vanessa posts gather a great amount of comments, but its one of those things you cannot stop and like I said whether or not there are people who are spamming Vanessa posts, it is there choice and although it is a rather silly choice, i have seen much worse.

    in regards to BO, i truly believe that she just hates vanessa which is completely fine. However she often brings posts about zac efron on here and i find that unnecessary especially because she is a true zac efron fan therefore it appears as though she is rubbing his career in our face. i think he will go on to have a great career and wish him the best but i have always preferred Vanessa. i dont know why, i just do and evidently so do other people but there is no need for BO to prove that Zac efron’s career will be better than Vanessas by comparing movies and box offices.

    there will always be die hard fans for every celebrity. i know that it rubs you up the wrong way seeing the amount of perhaps “unnecessary” comments about vanessa, but what if it is just dozens of vanessa die hard fans? i know that you strongly believe otherwise, but there is not much to be done except avoiding/ignoring it. maybe that way, the true fans of vanessa will be revealed. :)