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Zac Efron: 'Townies' Set with Dave Franco!

Zac Efron: 'Townies' Set with Dave Franco!

Zac Efron shows off his guns while keeping himself hydrated with a refreshment on the set of Townies on Friday (March 29) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actor was spotted chatting with his co-star Dave Franco, who he worked with on the 2010 flick Charlie St. Cloud.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

Earlier in the week, Zac donned a white t-shirt while on set.

It was recently announced that Zac will be presenting an award at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, airing on Sunday, April 14. We can’t wait!

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zac efron townies set with dave franco 02
zac efron townies set with dave franco 03
zac efron townies set with dave franco 04
zac efron townies set with dave franco 05

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  • Killah


  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Emily

    They´re havin a gay ol´ time

  • http://deleted BO

    so hot .look at those arms .omg .i’m dying

  • Lauren

    How original comment that was….,

  • http://deleted BO

    wow , that arm , so beefy

  • http://deleted BO

    he looks so baby like .so adorable .

  • Malu

    he looks so bo gay!

  • IMO

    Handsome man, those workouts have really paid off. Wow!!!

  • wemp
  • Keke

    Two shorties! Who is shorter?

  • Donte

    I believe Zac Efron and Tom Welling are seeing each other. Tom Welling is a older man who like a young piece of @ss!

  • Maria

    Dave Franco is SO much better looking than Efron. He looks like a man, not an overbulked bobble head doll.

  • http://@vivi-li6 colombian girl

    those vanessa fan are so jelous @malu @emely. handsome like ever zac. @killah how original your comment. and if zac will was gay, I don’t care, still I will love him

  • Maddy

    I think Dave Franco is so attractive!

  • a

    could this post get any hotter.? O.o

  • R U sure

    What a bunch of haters and on Easter weekend.
    Tom Welling is married or at least was the last time I saw. Zac is not gay. I am I wish he was but he isn’t.

  • .

    is pitting them against each other by looks and work or declaring them gay just so you can write them off really necessary? they’re co-stars. how about how awesome it’ll be to see a collaboration with these two?

  • grace

    even if they’re both are gay, doesn’t matter… I still LOVE them. They;re still hot as f*ck ;)

  • BO

    for those who say Zac’s gay – well , Zac’s gay , for those who say he’s fat – well , he’s fat .no point of arguing here .this will turn in to a battlefield just like hudge’s thread ,and do we need that to happen to our idol’s thread .nope .we love him .

  • maria

    @BO: And that’s because WE don’t act like whiney babies like YOU, the biggest idiot ever. Have a lovely day.

  • Sharona

    The posts from all the haters and hudge fans used to annoy me so much but now they are just so amusing in their envy of Zac! He is the most adorable and gorgeous man who ever walked the face of this earth. I could not love him any more than I do.

  • Fan

    They both look hot! I really like the cast!

    Ignore the trolls/haters. That works best on such a forum.

  • Fan

    Also, can’t wait to see him at the MTV awards!

  • Donte

    @R U sure: Tom Welling hasn’t been his wife for almost 2 years. He is into Zac Efron’s little sweet young @ss!

  • lauren

    why are you on here ?

  • lauren

    so your on here to cause problems and troll?

  • Sharona

    @lauren Just ignore the trolls/haters. They (1) don’t have a life (2) are jealous.

  • misti

    Lookin’ hot babe!

  • misti

    @Killah: where’s your proof?

  • Marsha

    You gay hating people need to go back to the V thread. You are all pitiful.

  • wassup

    @Marsha: Why do you pitiful Zac fans think every homophobic hater is a Vanessa fan? Seriously, V’s fans have bigger fish to fry than to hang around here making rude comments.

  • wassup

    They don’t care about Zac one way or the other.

  • http://@vivi-li6 colombian girl

    @maria: oh maria is a zac post, after going to the posts of vanessa to say that she did not care what he does zac and she never comes to these discussions. Maria you ratted, zac stalkeas posts lol

  • http://@vivi-li6 colombian girl

    @wassup: because it does. We know these usernames and know that comment with fervent worship Vanessa positions. Vanessa fans always want to look bad zac or relationship they had and do not realize they are leaving their own idol bad because if zac was a lousy boyfriend as they say, vanessa is a fool, a coward who remained with a bad boyfriend five years and if fans say vanessa zac is gay are implying that it is a stupid vanessa stayed five years with a man who is gay, I mean, barva

  • Donte

    Zac Efron and Tom Welling are hooking up so deal with it!

  • waasup

    @colombian girl: You people are just mad at Vanessa because she ended the relationship. We don’t don’t know what happened…it probably was due to the fact that they grew apart and it would be hard to maintain a relationship..they both are into their careers. Stop trying to target Vanessa’s fans a haters. Most don’t even comment on ZE’s posts anymore good or bad.

  • Fan

    Just ignore the haters/trolls.
    This is Zac’s thread, so I don’t know why people bother bringing up other people.

  • truth

    @Fan: its funny because these same zac fans constantly bring up vanessa on vanessas posts so its kind of a neverending loop hole

  • GAY

    Omg he is so gay ! Where is his lover ?

  • lauren

    grow up and just stop.
    all your doing is trolling people on here.

  • Tom

    what a gay dude! i want to f*ck him so hard and i want him to suck my dick .. Oh yea zac

  • T.C.

    He has his one and only !

  • Fruitfly

    @Donte: I don’t think Zac’s buddy, Chace Crawford, would appreciate that too much (i.e. you’re lying.)

  • Fruitfly

    I have to admit I’m a sucker for Zac in blue jeans in a white t-shirt. Can’t wait to see Townies…

  • lanas-world

    ROFL people trolling in this post.

  • kate

    I comment on Vanessa Hudgens threads too and it’s sad to see Vanessa’s fans trashing Zac on his posts when they say they don’t. It’s as sad as when I see Zac’s fans trashing Vanessa on her posts.
    How does a pic show that someone is gay or not? I will never get that. Jealous people…

  • lauren

    it doesn’t
    some people on here just like to troll and start things for no reason or they like to get the fans upset.

  • kate

    @lauren It was a rhetorical question because the “he looks so gay thing” is really stupid!

  • Jordson Anderson

    In my opinion zac efron´s the most handsome man inthe worldand he´s the coolest guy ever! Haters say something abd about him cuz simples haters don´tlike him and haters are the most miserablepeople in the universe.Ohmy gosh you all guys from america sometimes acting like an all are wierd.. mangive him a break!! Suck my di** son of satan.