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Ava Berlin: Jeremy Renner's Baby Girl's Name

Ava Berlin: Jeremy Renner's Baby Girl's Name

Jeremy Renner has given his newborn baby girl a beautiful name Ava Berlin!

Jeremy Renner and girlfriend Sonni Pacheco have confirmed that they are the parents of a 7 lb. daughter Ava Berlin Renner,” the 42-year-old actor’s rep shared to Us Weekly.

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The rep added, “They are beyond thrilled. Mother and daughter are doing great.”

Jeremy and Sonni welcomed their baby girl on Thursday (March 28).

Congrats to the couple on their new bundle of joy Ava Berlin!

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Whazza111

    Now I’m actually hoping that he’s gay. A glamour model and topless…I’m gonna just leave this here.

  • jmh

    This does not look like strategic planning on his part. As a self made millionaire outside of acting I doubt he lacks brains, but I suspect he wasn’t thinking with them. Still, don’t dismiss a glamour model. An ambitious person may need a leg up and we don’t all have rich families who can buy us a future. They seem to come from similar working class backgrounds and maybe they have managed to find some common ground. A healthy baby is always a good thing and I am pretty sure she will get lots of love.

  • BEAN

    Ava Berlin… beautiful, no

  • Laura Pringles

    @Whazza111: Don’t worry. He is.
    I’m sure he fvcked her, don’t get me wrong. But just because you *can* and *manage* to fvck a woman does not mean you are straight or even bi. I’m sure he got it up just long enough to fvck and get her pregnant…ohh, yes. He wanted her to have his baby.
    Why? You know why.
    He lives with a “roommate” and wants to continue living with his (male) “roommate”. This was just a way for him and his boyfriend to have a child together with her being around as her mother of course.
    But she won’t be living with them. They will just co parent.

    The length some people will go to stay in the closet…and please don’t blame media or society. You have a choice, you always have a choice. HW will not blackmail you, heck , HW is full of gay men, where do you think the “gay mafia” comes from?? he just wants money from his fans but he is actually lying to them. Pretending to be a straight womanizer. Just so they will spend $$$ on his movies.
    Most of us see through it though.
    Ava…nice name but kind of worn out. And Berlin? Did they make her there or what? Just odd.

  • Laura Pringles

    @Laura Pringles: Blacklist not blackmail*

  • Crazy88

    Ava Berlin…

    Doesn’t this remind anyone of Nazi Germany?

  • Birdie


    Why? Because Berlin is a german city and everything german is Nazi? Really….?

  • Sabine

    @Birdie: Lol. Aggreed!

  • mockingbird

    @ Crazy88: nazi germany??? is that everything they taught you in school? wake up.. it´s 2013! sad…

  • jmh


    Eva Braun? Ava Berlin? Not really. It is a rather pretty German name which goes with Renner, another German name. Are we building up to accusing him of being Nazi sympathiser as well as a closeted, cowardly, liar? I know that he would deserve it, being rich, successful and famous, but I think it is a bit of a reach myself.

  • dont hit i’m belgium

    i guess he ‘s fan of Ava Garner or just he likes the name and his daughter has been conceived at Berlin

  • NotAGirl

    @Crazy88: What are you, 12?

  • Whazza111

    After ScarJo said “no thanks” he seemed to drink alot. Then he went slumming and found this gal. Someone knew the name a month ago and said they are getting married. I’m sure there’s a People cover on the works as we speak. The closet is nailed shut.

  • Verity

    Congrats to Jeremy and his “Roommate” on their bundle of joy.

  • jmh


    Are you saying his unrequited love for Scarlett Johnasson drove him to drink and into the arms of another woman? Or are you saying he is gay? I hate to break this to you sunshine, but you really have to come down on one side or the other. Why not toss a coin?

  • Whazza111

    @jmh I see the fangurls have arrived. I know you want somebody to define this guy for you, because he hasn’t done it, but unfortunatly I can’t do that for you, love. Only he can by either coming out, or marrying this chick. And even then people will compare him to Travolta and Spacey.

  • jmh

    @<a href="/2013/03/30/ava-berlin-jeremy-renner-baby-girl-name/comment-page-1/#comment-2za111:

    But sweetie pie, he has defined himself. He has said he isn’t gay. You choose not to accept that. You demand that he prove this by getting married, but state that this will be the point at which the closet is nailed shut. You seem very confused.

  • wemp
  • Kristy

    He looks straight to me, I’m sure he loves his girlfriend more than his roommate. He loves to touch Her Body and Kiss Her Neck. He loves to feel the warmth as their bodies touch tenderly. She uses

  • Verity

    @Kristy: BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • niah

    it doesnt matter.. it look to me like he has been really lonely he found sanctuary in the arms of a girl (not woman) and she ofcurse has said come in sucka…. it doesnt matter he is still a great actor and adore/admire him for that, however at the end he is also your typical man thinking with ###* instead of his brain!!! when it comes to loneliiness… He migt also have a mad ass party streak as the pictures i have seen of Sonni are quite risque and she is known to be (back then??) as a party goer.
    But again a big congrats to the parents of this lovely baby girl…
    Cant wait to see Jeremy’s new movie Lowlife which BTW it wouldnt be a movie about her would it??
    If I was a betting woman I give then 5 years top and 2 more kids which means she would be set for life….

  • Baby has Renner’s last name

    Yes he is a straight man not like Brad Pitt gay as ever ! Brad likes
    His men tough and since Brad looking older.. Jeremy is a straight
    Man who has never done anything fagy at all.. Why not out the
    Real ones that you commenters yeah the gay ones wishful thinking!
    Yeah go after JayZ, Chrs Martin and others! Leave Jeremy Alone what
    Other mother if a child lives in a house all this time alone and with the
    Baby,,,no one has ever offered that!
    Can’t wait ti see the pix of Angie getting it on with her Chinese girlfriend!

  • see

    lol, active repair work by the rep, all of a sudden the baby mama is a ”girlfriend” and .. i’m speechless
    jeremy renners public life is fictional
    he speaks a lot about fear in interviews
    his real fear is the truth coming out
    he is not afraid of anything but the truth coming out about his life
    he and his reps are feeding a lot of bull to the media
    and they have to, the truth is so dangerously close to escaping the pen
    official statements calms everything right?
    he might even have to marry her to convince us of his fabricated life being true

  • Courtney

    @Don’t Hit I’m Belguim you meant to say Ava Gardner not Garner and so what maybe Jeremy is a fan of old hollywood it’s like had Claire Newman had a daughter she may have named her Joanne after her mother or Hayley after Mills. what celebrities name their kids is none of the public’s business nor what they do in their off time

  • Luna


    Warum? Nazi? Danke schön. Bin eine Deutsche, bin eine Berlinerin. Aber keine Nazi-Deutsche! Ich hasse Adolf Hitler (i hate Adolf Hitler!). Er kommt aus Östereich und nicht aus Deutschland.

  • Laura Pringles

    @Baby has Renner’s last name: Brad Pitt is actually one of the few straight men in Hollywood.

  • compassrose

    Let us hope he is gay or that they are in fact a couple, because any future wife would not want to walk into this hornet’s nest.


    surrogate for him and his boyfriend…congrats Jeremy

  • Lala

    Scarlett knew that he’s an idiot. Otherwise she would have dated him.

  • smarah

    OMG people HE IS NOT A NATZI.. jeeezzzzz serously…. he is only an older man who likes party girls and got one preggers.. Leave him alone ….and if he comes out as being gay then so freaing what??? he is still an outstanding actor… and at the end of the day that is all that tmatters to us mortals that have NO IDEA about his “private life”

  • Xo

    It’s obvious he’s gay. His partner is another actor who was in the “Hurt Locker”. Not sure why he doesn’t come out of the closet. No one would be surprised.

  • R U sure

    If you say so.

  • Rebecca

    When they first announced this pregnacy several months ago the child’s mother was discribed by the media as his EX girlfriend now she is the girlfriend. So which is it? Ex or present.

  • AMH


    Since the first was nameless gossip and the second was a statement from his publicist, then it must be present. Unless you prefer to believe the gossip, most people seem to.

  • Rebecca

    It was not gossip. He called her an ex himself. So which is it? An ex or present? Sounds like they are both twisting the truth. Stories are changing even from his own camp.

  • anon

    god I would hate to think that this is his actual gf at the moment…unless his PR team is trying to paint him in a good light considering the situation…some crazy over at the IMDB boards claims to have a “source” in Vancouver who is friends w/sonni and they told her (supposedly) that Jeremy said he would marry her after the baby arrives and the wedding can be anywhere she wants in the world…umm…lets hope not! that’s a recipe for disaster if I ever heard one!

  • downwithopp

    Jeremy Renner 2 time oscar nomindated actor….. and now he can add pussy whipped to his tittle….

  • Xoooo

    @downwithopp:Do you mean dick whipped. No way in Hell the guy is 100% straight. Baby mama will quietly disappear after she is paid.

  • http://@AnnaRatskevich Anna

    A lot of strange things in the news. A lot of inconsistencies. And I believe and do not believe the same time. While Jeremy did not personally announce the birth of a child, I end up still will not believe. All the rumors that Jeremy gay – I think nonsense and stupidity!

  • ISpyALie


    well the “working” part…

    …you’re not wrong.

  • Dee-lite-full

    He was called gay because he was single, he gets a girl pregnant but he is still called gay, he announces that he has reconciled with this girl and yet he is still called gay by some people! You can’t win it seems, no matter what he does they will never believe that he is straight! The guy is far from stupid and I truly believe that if he was infact gay that he would have no problem in saying so! I don’t think he would be stupid enough to deny (quite angrily at times) that he is gay if he is, I believe that he just would avoid answering the question. Also he has had 2 long term relationships with 2 WOMEN in the past most recently up to 2010. He should be applauded for not running the other way when she told him she was pregnant – anyway we don’t know if the baby was planned or not and as for those saying about birth control etc you do realise that it can FAIL sometimes????
    As for Sonni I wish the press would get their facts straight, she is NOT 22 years old she has just turned 26!
    Congrats to you both on your daughter, I’m sure she is beautifulxx

  • anon

    too bad this so called “reconciliation” is for his image…I highly doubt that they are back together…he has NEVER acknowledged her as a gf up until now..yah right..nice cover up by his PR team! this man sleeps around like you wouldn’t believe…and that was THROUGHOUT her pregnancy!

  • Gibbsgirl

    I thought he had a better head on his shoulders, I agree he thought with his “….” & not his brain ( like most men do) also 22 and 26 is not very far apart in age and at 26 she can still be his daughter. Jeremy is embarrassed that’s why he’s avoiding the public. This Sonni chick, I’m sorry “aspiring actress and model” yep ok….. Well she’s set for life. If he Marries her that’s a recipe for disaster. But if she doesn’t mind taking a backseat to his career then let jeremy have his cake and eat it to. Remember he’s has the $$$$ so he’s in control. She’s too young and stupid and he’s just another “…..” Whipped idiot. Sorry Jeremy, now you have two daughters , way to go there Jeremy

  • offrennerforever

    I’m a big fan of Renner but I’m surprised he just didn’t come out and confirm this a long time ago, if he was going to do it anyway. It makes him look like a stupid inconsistent d**k, to be honest. All the evasiveness, all the “I’m so lonely” interviews and “I want my private life to be private” declarations. Nice going, Mr. Private. Whatever the truth, let’s just hope little Ava has his talent and her beauty. And that she never ever finds photos of her topless momma on the internet. “Mom, when I grow up I want to be just like you!” The horror of that.

  • anon

    the beauty of her mother?..please..this sonni chick has had more plastic surgery than I can count!!! Look at her face…! It shows!!! Who knows what she looked like prior??!!! Ava will most likely be a Wh*re like her mother anyways…and an idiot like her father has now become.