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Olivia Wilde: I Felt Invisible When I Went from Blonde to Brunette!

Olivia Wilde: I Felt Invisible When I Went from Blonde to Brunette!

Olivia Wilde cuddles up to her fiance Jason Sudeikis while waiting in line at LAX Airport on Thursday (March 28) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress recently discussed the differences she has noticed between being a blonde and brunette in Hollywood.

“I spent the first couple years of my career as a very blonde blonde. And then I went brunette for a role, and suddenly all my offers changed,” Olivia said. “And I always wondered – would I have been offered those roles had I still been blonde? I don’t think so.”

“I think the perception of brunettes being more intellectual persists. Even though it makes no sense! I mean, Hillary Clinton is very, very blonde!” Olivia added. “And when I went from being blonde for a long time to brunette, I felt like I was invisible, because you’d walk into a room, and nobody immediately looks at you.”

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  • Rupert Sanders

    don’t like her

  • Okey Dokey

    Im sorry to say but everything she said is true, i think blondes and people with black hair get alot more looks, not cause they are prettier but just cause i guess it makes them more noticeable.

  • S

    A girl in my grade in high school with (natural) blonde hair was in the top 5 for our year 12 major exam results. She was definately no “dumb blonde”. And another girl with blonde hair did really well in her French major exams.

    Regarding her comment about not being noticed when she walks in a room as a brunette – of course you’re more likely to notice blonde hair – it’s so bright you can’t help but notice it. Maybe she’d feel noticed if she were the only brunette in a room full of blondes.

    There are plenty of dumb brunettes too.
    My question is – are there any dumb blond men?

  • Alison

    They’re so cute together:) And she’s pretty much on point with what she said. Stereotypes still exist and blondes turn heads.

  • Casey

    @Rupert Sanders: then don’t click on/read the damn article.

  • Amanda

    If a person is remarkable doesn’t matter what hair color that person has.

  • noria

    It seems that she wants to be blond but doesn’t dare in case she loses some role offer…Are we supposed to respect you for this Olivia? !

  • Pepper

    I like her but her talk about hair color makes me go nuts. She’d already said something about hair color before, she should just dye her hair red and let it go.

  • OMG

    Oh please there are quite a few women with dark hair in Hollywood that are at the top of the “food chain” in fact if you look they are the IDEALs.
    I don’t understand her. Maybe the fact is she does not have the kind of presence that make people take notice. Which is what she is facing in her acting roles. There is noting remarkable about her. She is pretty. But on the screen she doesn’t command the viewers attention. There are some women I could name that when they walk in room or appear on screen they own it. They are what people look at.

    She is an average actress. Maybe she needs to work on her craft and stop trying to find excuses.

  • Miriam

    Both hairstyles look pretty good on her. Personally I would tend more to Blonde then Brunette.

  • Viper

    FYI to everybody and to Olivia – Hilary Clinton is actually a brunette who went blonde when her husband ran for Governor. Look at her photos as a child, teen, and adult – she’s got dark brown chocolaty hair.

    Her daughter is factually a brunette too with redhead undertones – but she’s not a natural blonde either.

  • Isis Lara

    She is right though. Isn’t Angelina Jolie a natural blonde? Jolie is definitely more striking and commands a screen presence as a brunette.

  • wemp
  • vroomvroom

    what a dummy

  • A

    That’s her personal perception.. doesn’t mean that’s what everyone thinks! She’s so dumb sometimes. If someone would make judgements based on hair color, they’re not worth knowing anyway.

  • essie

    I think people are misunderstanding her comments.. Olivia’s saying when she was blonde she was unnoticeable.. she was given more serious type roles when she went brunette as people connect being brunette as being smart, hence she mentioned Hilary Clinton since she’s blonde and surely not dumb.

  • Ava

    Angelina is not a natural blond, when she was a baby her hair was blond but by age 10 her hair had darken to brown, and Wilde looked even more average as a blond , … Anyways her movie career is really over , every movie that she’s the lead bombs, she should go back to television.

  • Jesse

    Olivia Wilde is an idiot and speaks like an idiot as well.

  • Pepperina

    This is the same girl that thought Austrian was a language.

  • maggie

    Don’t understand the need to insult her. That’s just her opinion and perception. She feels the change in her job offers was related to her hair colour but maybe that wasn’t even the case. All in all, she does looks a LOT better as a brunette so I’m glad she feels that way so she won’t go back to be a blond.

  • Ego

    @Rupert Sanders: feel free to kill yourself.

  • Ego

    @Ava: tron legacy was a hip urge international hit and in time made three times its budget. You’re a moron.

  • Ego

    @A: way to take her comment out of context idiot.

  • Ego

    @noria: are we supposed to respect you for being a loud mouth moron who speaks out of their @$$? Do the world a favor and off yourself sugar.