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Ryan Phillippe & Paulina Slagter: Food Truck Lunch with the Kids!

Ryan Phillippe & Paulina Slagter: Food Truck Lunch with the Kids!

Ryan Phillippe and his rumored on-again girlfriend Paulina Slagter grab lunch together at a food truck on Friday (March 29) in Los Angeles.

The 38-year-old actor was joined by his children Ava and Deacon.

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Ryan was spotted browsing different food trucks before deciding on burritos and squeezed drinks.

On the same day, Ryan was spotted meeting with a chiropractor to get treatment for his ankle.

Earlier in the week, Ryan showed off his huge guns while exiting a local gym in L.A.

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ryan phillippee paulina slagter food truck lunch with the kids 04
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  • jeally

    The kdis are beautiul. Ava looks exactly like her mom and the son is a good mix of both.

  • ..

    She looks the same age as his daughter… Awkward

  • Jen

    I understand Ryan had his kids at a relatively young age in Hollywood, but he is really threading that fine line where he is dating girls who look as young as his teenage daughter.

  • Man


    I would be pissed too if my dad dated someone as young as that girl…it’s such an uncomfortable situation…

  • British Latin American

    Always nice to see Ryan with these kids. he and Reese have done well with those kids.

  • lion

    She is 22. Every other actor his age does the same thing so in that way it is very normal. At least she seems like a smart girl who has her own thing going in life and not some actress/model.

  • Anne

    @..: Yes. Awkward and disgusting.

  • Pattycake

    @Anne: Then look away. It’s nothing to do with you. I suspect a strong element of jealousy in some of the comments. As for Ryan and Paulina being off and on again…according to whom? Gossip blogs? Like they know.

  • Blue

    She looks about 5 year older than his daughter.

  • wow


    People are kind of dumb on this website…you say something negative about someone and they immediately associate it with jealousy…gee, maybe we just simply find them an awkward couple…when you find something weird you feel jealousy? Get over yourself…

  • Guest

    Does paulina go with ryan when he sees his other child with alexis knapp.?

  • Me.Phillippe (Spanish)

    You see the situation, because Ava is high and seems older than it is, but the girl is 13 and Paulina 22. If Ryan is with his girlfriend, accompanied by his children, it means that they accept. I’m sure Ryan will be spoken to them of Paulina and if they agree with that relationship. I remember in an interview in 2010, Ryan said that Ava advises him on how to dress, to wear bracelets…etc…So might as they too talk about this relationship.

    By the way, Ryan has a bandage on his foot? There are other photos where he photographed the foot and seems to lead a bandage, I hope he’s okay.

    Indeed, she is a college student, and according to his Twitter, is studying to be a human rights lawyer.

  • Sam

    Ryan must have injured his ankle escaping the fire in Ashley’s apt.

  • Cheri

    What good looking children! Must say both Ryan and Reese did a good job raising them. They seem well to be well adjusted kids despite having to live in this goldfish bowl world called Hollywood.

  • Pattycake

    @wow: You’re commenting because you find them “an awkward couple”? Hahahahaha. Riiiiiiiight.

  • sara
  • mattchew

    Those are some good lookin’ kids!

  • Kristy

    They are a hot couple! He loves to touch Her Body and Kiss Her Neck. He loves to feel the warmth as their bodies touch tenderly. He fulfills her desires because He knows he is the only one who can. True love is so close and its everything you ever wanted. She uses AthenaToysdotcom

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan_whatelse!

    Not EVERY other actor at his age does the same thing like “Iron-Lion-Ryan”!
    Look at picture # 4: The way Ava holds her arms (this body language) clearly shows, that she does not accept something. But what? Is it this walk? Is it because Paulina is 16 years younger than Ryan? For sure, we can´t now it exactly. But Ava knows it, of course. And Ryan, too.
    But nevertheless, the 16 years between Ryan (38) and Paulina (22) should be not reason to “demonize” Ryan. If there is real GREAT LOVE between Paulina and Ryan, then it is OK, I think.
    ON THE OTHER HAND, the probability for an irreversible end of a relationship rises, the more years are between them, I think (statistically).
    So, Ryan is playing poker, I think. His risk could be too high!
    Ryan, if you want to risk less, then chose a woman with a similar age.
    Of course, he should think of what Ava thinks about Paulina! If Ava does not like “such a reationship” (because he´s 16 years older than Paulina), then Ryan should make it an end!
    COZ´…Haven´t we heard, that Ryan is a good father??? Or is that just a myth???
    For sure, Ava is adolescent and this is a “difficult” age. Probably Ava is the one, who is jealous.
    Paulina should give Ryan a feet-massage, including his injured ankle, too.
    That would be a sign for GREAT LOVE, I think.
    If Ava had looked as happy as her smiley on her shirt, then she would have joined the walk.
    Paulina, Ryan and Deacon seem to look very happy.
    So Ryan, do something. Engage Paulina or split. But be straight!

  • It’s A Wrap

    Thanks for the nutso commentary Dirk, whatever the f*ck!

    There is no problem with Ryan’s kids and Paulina. Much love and respect.

  • MnL

    What a very good looking family! Ava is looking more and more like her dad!

  • Taco Dude

    I was there and saw these four relaxing and eating. There was allot of interaction, smiles and laughs with his kids and girlfriend. Who cares about the age. If his kids are good with it, which it looks like they are and his girlfriend is good with, which looks like she is and Ryan looks happy, then that is all that matters! Too many judgmental people in this f-up world!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan_whatelse!

    Fine, I want to believe you 3 (post # 20 to 22, or is it the same person?) , that there is much love and respect between Ryan, Paulina, Ava and Deacon. Well, I hope it, coz´ I´m wishing them all the best.
    For sure, only if Ava – hypotheticly – suffered to a certain degree under this relationship (between Ryan and Paulina), then it should be ended – to take care for her the right way. Otherwise Ava had to LEARN to accept this relationship.
    But of course, you told me, she – and Deacon, too – have already learnt to accept it and they even like Paulina. So, everything is fine.
    So Ryan, then you should engage her to give the whole situation more STABILITY. Build up a real family (so that Paulina lives in your house). Coz´ that is something, the kids like most: STABILITY ! (instead of instability) I think you know that.
    But at least, you must take into consideration, that there was something, that Ava did not want to accept (picture # 4).
    The way she holds her arms is the same way like this:
    On this picture, there was something, that you, Ryan, did not want to accept. And it´s the same body-language, isn´t it?
    Now, if you do not want to accept what I´ve written here – at least concerning these pictures -, you will make the same gesture – I bet !
    And that would be a fine Paradoxon, wouldn´t it?
    But nevertheless: