Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Easter Landing with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Easter Landing with Flynn!

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom make their way through LAX Airport with their baby boy Flynn, 2, on Easter Sunday (March 31) in Los Angeles.

It was just announced that the 36-year-old actor will be heading to Broadway in the upcoming interracial production of Romeo & Juliet opposite Tony nominated actress Condola Rashad.

The first footage of Orlando making his return as his character Legolas in the highly anticipated flick The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was just released. Check it out below!

“The great thing about the second ['Hobbit'] movie — as it was with the ‘Two Towers’ actually — is that the stories start splitting up into multiple story lines and we can follow different characters as the story intensifies and the stakes go up,” director Peter Jackson said.

Orlando Bloom in First Footage from “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”
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  • @….

    ” The first footage of Orlando making her return….” HER return?Her?!

  • Q.

    Hope that Romeo news is april’s fools…he’s too old…it’d be pathetic!

  • roonie


    Yes her :/ !

  • expert

    Him announced as Romeo, NOBODY is believing it they think its an april fool, orlando bloom has become such a joke and known as such a bad actor, that they believe wholeheartedly its a JOKE, like him!!

  • db

    Miranda always looks so neat. Flynn is a handsome little boy.

  • .

    Well he’s always had good reviews for his theatre roles.

  • Dawn

    You can bet sure that she called the papz for this one.

  • tames

    I remember when Orlando was so huge during the time of LOTR and Pirates. What happened? I don’t think hes a bad actor but he needs a career boost. The Romeo and Juliet play better be an April fools joke, hes is already mid 30s, way too old to be playing a 15 year old kid.

  • Dieter

    ASS !!!!

  • wow

    So I see that the hater socks are back.
    Love the hypocrisy that other models getting papped at LAX is because the paps camp out, but when it’s Miranda/Orlando, they have to call them.
    And the delphidiots slamming Orlando is nothing new.
    Both Orlando and Miranda will continue to be happy, and successful, while you four losers wallow in the mire.
    Is this the only joy that you can find?
    Obsessing and hating on people who have never harmed you in any way?

  • ….

    Brought this over from the other thread since you guys are still whining…..
    “Back when the play was written, 13-14 was the age that people got married. At least for the women, that is. At the root, the play was not about their ages, but the conflict between their families. Families torn apart by ancient feuds that prevent the two main characters from being together in peace.
    Even though the original characters were young, their story can, and does cross age barriers, becoming more about their love, and their willingness to defy their families.
    Orlando was fantastic as Romeo when he performed with the orchestra. Age was not a barrier to his performance.”

  • YAY!

    Such a beautiful family!
    I hope that they had a great time in the Bahamas!

  • Eva

    Miranda Kerr kinda looks like a mix of Mila Kunis and Aishwarya Rai.

  • Me

    Bloom is a great actor. He is going to play Romeo and he will be great as usual. The fact that they hire him not for his age but for his acting skills is confirmed once again. Only the blind, the ignorant and the hateful can’t see it.

    To the gal who always whines about him and his family – LOL. You are ridiculous as usual. You see, here is a poetic justice: someone is great (him) and someone is ridiculous (you). I hope you are happy that I’ve put “you” and “him” in one sentence. ;) Does it help your self-esteem that you usually are having problems with? Ahh, I thought so, hmpf.

  • wemp
  • sara

    Love this little family!

  • Evangeline

    Orlando looks handsome. Flynn is such a cutie. Am excited to see Orlando playing Romeo on Broadway. Will definitely go and see it.

  • E.

    Ok…no excuse for that: Orlando and Miranda should be ashamed of calling themselves environmental! What a joke. They travel the world for their own fun 1000 of miles every months: skiing in Colorado, to LA, New York, Turkey, Germany, LA, Miami, Bahamas, LA…and all that whithin 3 weeks. And they seem to use planes more often than a car or bike it seems.
    What pxxxxx me off is that they claim to be earth lovers. HaHa…and Orlandos cousin is fighting against Global Warming? Well Sebastian, teach your cousin first!
    I am no “hater” of the Kerr/Bloom couple…but I am a”hater” when it comes to arrogant earth polluters that think money/fame can buy them any excuse (like: we have to travel so much, cause we work so hard…). Not Miranda and Orlando. They do most of the travelling for fun. They have a child, so they should damn think about his future!
    Down to earth they are? They are so much up in the sky that they think the clouds beneath them ARE ground. Must come from flying all the time…

  • @18

    Since they very rarely fly private, they are indeed being environmentally conscious.
    If they fly private all if the time like Leo does, then you would have a reason to complain. But flying commercial means that the plane was going to their destinations anyway. In fact, filling up the plane makes it more efficient.
    And besides, they donate to green charities with every flight to offset their emissions.
    So why don’t you attack celebs like Leo who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk? Attacking these two with no reason makes you a hater, no matter that you claim otherwise.
    Chill out and get your facts straight. Spouting off with ignorance makes you look like a fool.

  • @18

    Since most if that travel was for work, what would you have them do? Walk to Miami or Turkey???
    They didn’t fly private, so what’s your problem? Besides irrational hatred for complete strangers, I mean.

  • Kanadian Banshee

    I wish that I could see him on Broadway but will, in lieu,continue watching KoH and Elisabeth Town DVDs.

    Is it possible that he’s getting negative pov due to his wife’s tweet fetish and her having to expose everything (of her body or life)? He should be judged on his professional talent and not for his poor choices in other aspects.
    He has matured but the squeezed gerbil face with the Goofy-level IQ and Mindy Mouse voice hasn’t. It’s time that she stops trying to cash-in on the Bloom name and starts being her own person. Since she was a lingery model and not a beauty, her time is passing and she should concentrate on taking care of her men. They’re all she’ll have left in four or five year time, or less

  • charlotte

    @YAY!: how do you know they were in the bahamas?

  • Reba

    I wish he would dress like an adult!

  • Anon

    It’s great that Orlando will be playing Romeo on Broadway. He will do a fantastic job. Definitely will get tickets to go and see him on Broadway.

  • @21

    I think that you have demonstrated quite well who really has the “Goofy-level IQ”
    And what a great message you are sending to young women. You ladies need to quite your jobs and “concentrate on taking care of her (your) men”.
    Are you always this stupid? Or just when it involves Miranda?

  • haha

    lmao knew Miranda would surface sooner or later !

  • haha

    ooh ooooh! an she’s spotted with Orlando and the baby this time!!!
    after this im sure we’ll see more of her out an about….calling the paps her every heart beat.

  • Haha…..#27

    Many many celebrities get photographed at the airport in LA because the paps camp out there & people who work their tip them off.

    But you of course carry on as though Miranda is the ONLY celebrity to get papped, so stupid.

    Everyday people like Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Gwen Steffani, Naomi Watts, Miley Cyrus, Alessandra Ambrosia, Halle Berry and Miranda etc get photographed around LA going to meetings, recording studios, the Gym, picking up kids from school, Whole Food Markets, at the park & beach etc.

    The paps do so because their pics sell if they didn’t the paps wouldn’t bother, it’s called supply & demand.

    Whether you like it or not Miranda is popular, magazines, newspapers & celebrity sites pay for her pics because they know people like YOU & others will click on her pics, simple.

    Everytime YOU look at her pics & leave a comment means JJ gets another hit which means more advertising dollars….duh!

    Miranda has no need to call anybody, YOU just use it as an EXCUSE to post nasty comments about her BUT everytime you do means there will be more pics of her…….lol.

  • Kath

    Love the Kerr..Blooms. From what l know in the past these guys have planted trees at properties belonging to different family members etc to offset carbon for all the travelling they do. And who cares if Orlando wants to mix up what work he does. He doesnt have to do movies all the time. Personally l love it when actors mix it up. Especially for fun like when he and a whole other group of actors like Wil Ferrell etc..did a Beastie Boys film clip. Awesome I say!

  • @27

    You mean that someone was actually seen with their FAMILY??????
    After a vacation with family and friends????????
    Who has ever heard of such nonsense????????

    And you idiots wonder why we mock you?

  • haha

    @31 :( *gasp* an actual obsessed Miranda fan taking up somebody who doesn’t even know you exist! *gasp*

  • haha

    :( *gasp* an actual obsessed Miranda hater taking up somebody who doesn’t even know you exist! *gasp*

  • He’s so hot!

    Lol at the comments about this family. Since they are such has beens and so insignificant why do the haters even care anymore? Fans like to hear about them and read articles about them. If you can’t stand them don’t click on the pictures, don’t search the web for news. It would be really easy to avoid any mention of them since the only time you see pictures is when they arrange it, right? So it should be easy to avoid them all together. For example, Gerard Butler is huge but I don’t have a clue about his life. I’m not interested. I don’t click on his photos. It is very easy to avoid an actor if you aren’t a fan. But of course you’d have to stop caring about what they do, stop letting them get to you, stop being obsessed with their every move. Turn off the Google alerts! Get your life back! You shouldn’t let someone who is a nobody run your life.

  • @33

    I really love to see people who say that haters need life, when fans need life too. Right? You fans and haters are actually the same s*hit, but you don’t want to understand that!
    And btw. don’t say i’m hater,because i’m not. I just don’t like someone and that’s a big different between like or hate someone! If you can understand that.
    And i never say rude about someone, whether that person is famous or not.

  • @34

    The difference is that looking up news of celebs you like makes sense, but looking up news of celebs you don’t like, doesn’t. At all.

  • @34

    People who casually dislike a celeb are not haters.
    People who actively search them oit, or stalk them across the internet just to post hatred and lies are haters.
    The fact that you looked up this old thread about someone that you don’t like, seems to put you into the latter category.
    And as #34 said….it’s normal for fans to look up news on people that they like, but for haters to do it is NOT normal. Only incredibly sad people would want to wallow in darkness like that. They must lead such emply lives if spreading hate makes them feel better about themselves.

  • He’s so hot!

    @34 I do understand why someone who LIKES a celebrity would be interested in their life, look at their pictures, talk about them on fan sites and blogs. I still don’t understand why people who dislike them or hate them do it.

  • He’s so hot!

    @34 also if you don’t say rude things and aren’t a hater then my post didn’t apply to you but I’m sure you’ve noticed quite a lot of nasty remarks about Orlando, Miranda and Flynn and even hatred geared to their fans. That’s what my post refers to.