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Orlando Bloom: Romeo in 'Romeo & Juliet' on Broadway!

Orlando Bloom: Romeo in 'Romeo & Juliet' on Broadway!

Orlando Bloom is set to make his Broadway debut as Romeo in an interracial production of Romeo & Juliet.

The 36-year-old actor will be starring opposite Tony-nominated actress Condola Rashad (Juliet) in the classic Shakespeare play. The show will begin previews at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on August 24 with an official opening date of September 19.

“They could have been any number of different ethnicities,” director David Leveaux told the New York Times. “The two actors I wanted to be together producing sparks just happened to be those two and I followed my nose in casting the families.”

“There was nothing simple about that choice but I’m not about to turn a contemporary version of Shakespeare into a sociological or political point,” he added, saying that the Montagues would be an all-white clan and the Capulets would be all-black. “We know there are families from one background or another who would reject their children getting together with someone from another group. Romeo and Juliet reject that notion. It is still the case that children try to oppose the cultural expectations thrust upon them, the rigidity of tribes, the rigidity of fundamentalism.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad playing Romeo & Juliet?

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  • Tiana

    Love this, it should be very interesting and besides I love Orlando Bloom he so damn sexy to me anyways and Condola is going to be great I loved her in the remake of Steel Magnolias good movie if you haven’t watched it :)

  • olivia

    They picked the wrong day to announce this! Glad he’s going back to stage though. When he did In Celebration it was the one time he was actually good in something. I’m more excited for the Elizabeth Olsen production myself. But hey, I’m sure Miranda will get a lot of mileage out of this one way or another.

  • expert

    what a crap choice, he is way too old and cant act to save his life!!

  • expert

    Tell me this IS an april fools day joke??

  • YES!!!

    He was BRILLIANT as Romeo for the Dudamel (sp?) production!
    I can’t wait!!!!
    He brought a wonderful energy to the role that I had never seen before.
    LOVE IT!!!!

  • @2

    My goodness you are so obsessed with Miranda that you talk about her even when she isn’t mentioned.
    pathetic, obsessesed hater

  • TSquared

    Condola Rashad is a great stage actress. She’ll be fabulous!

  • Lois

    I’m not much of a movie fan so have never seen Mr Bloom on film but I did see him as Romeo with the LA Phil a couple years ago. He was electric, magnetic and sexy as hell. His Romeo was different from any other I’d seen before and I became an instant fan. Glad he’s getting to do the full length play and would love to see him in it. New York in October, hmmmm.

  • Sweet Pea

    He is way, way too old for this role. The magic behind Romeo and Juliet is against all odds two YOUNG lovers meet fall in love and take their lives.
    Juliet is 13 (two weeks away from being 14). Romeo is a teenager also. This casting is a poor choice.
    The Zeffirelli film version is still the best even after 44 years. The DiCaprio one is good for the eyes, but they didn’t nail down the rhythm of the lines.

  • Q

    I hate the word “interracial”. It sounds like two different species or something. It’s so outdated and ridiculous sounding.
    They are two human beings. Stop with the whole “interracial” thing, it sounds like extra terrestrial, just so wrong in our progressive society.

  • Q

    @Sweet Pea: You’re not going to get two 14 years old to star in a huge broadway production like this. Young looking? yes, but over the age of 18.
    I agree Orlando looks too old, but at least the girl look like a teenager.

  • M

    if i didn’t know it was Orlando Bloom i could’ve easily thought that’s a picture of 2 women and someone decided to make a lesbian version of the play…

  • @9

    Back when the play was written, 13-14 was the age that people got married. At least for the women, that is. At the root, the play was not about their ages, but the conflict between their families. Families torn apart by ancient feuds that prevent the two main characters from being together in peace.
    Even though the original characters were young, their story can, and does cross age barriers, becoming more about their love, and their willingness to defy their families.
    Orlando was fantastic as Romeo when he performed with the orchestra. Age was not a barrier to his performance.

  • wemp
  • XYZ


  • A

    @XYZ: No he’s not.

  • Evangeline

    Am excited to see Orlando playing Romeo on Broadway. He will be fantastic. I read the great reviews when he did In Celebration. Will definitely have to go to New York to see him on Broadway.

  • @15

    If ‘SHAKESPEARE’ saw Orlando’s performance with the orchestra, he would be applauding the choice.
    Orlando was fantastic!

  • shanghai

    Orlando is gorgeous but TOO OLD!!!!

  • ta

    Come on, guys. The central characters of the original story are teens, but that doesn’t mean that they HAVE to be teens.
    They have often been played by older actors. Nothing new there. Why are you acting so surprised?

  • E.

    No, No, No! Orlando is heading to his 40s. And he looks old! Who on earth made the decision to cast him for a Romeo role? What is that, Senior Version of Romeo and Juliet? I think it is a shame, because there are SO many good actors out on Broadway to cast! At least they could have chosen one who “looks”younger. Ben Barnes could have played it, (if he wanted). He is believable as Romeo, he looks young, and has a wonderful expression in voice and speech – for example.
    But Orlando???? Who payed the director to do that? I really thought this was an April’s fool joke…
    Orlando was ok 10 years ago, He looked nice once, Legolas and Elizabethtown were..ok…for him, but quality acting was never his no. 1 skill. Noone with a good acting education would deny that. Sorry Mr. Bloom.

  • @21

    Anyone who thinks that ben barnes has any talent whatsoever has no right to pretend to know anything about acting.
    that had to be the funniest thing that I read all day