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'Walking Dead' Spoilers: Who is Returning for Season Four?

'Walking Dead' Spoilers: Who is Returning for Season Four?

The highly anticipated third season finale of The Walking Dead aired on AMC this evening and there was a ton of blood shed!

Leading up to the big episode, throughout this season there has been a war going on between the prison (led by Andrew Lincoln‘s Rick) and the community called Woodbury (led by David Morrissey‘s Governor).

To complicate the showdown between the two leaders, Andrea (Laurie Holden) has been trying for most of the season to initiate peace between the two groups, but the Governor’s rage has overcome her persistence.

Make sure not to continue reading the rest of this article if you haven’t seen the finale episode yet!

Click inside to find out who was killed off and who will return for season four…


In the finale episode this evening, the Governor staged an attack on the prison group, but was unsuccessful at killing any of Rick’s people as they had all prepared for the battle. The Governor’s entire army of citizens decides to back off and while they are trying to make their way back to Woodbury, the Governor guns all but one of them down.

Rick decides to go after the Governor and comes across the gory death scene. He rescues the lone survivor from the group and they head back to Woodbury to try and find the Governor, who never returned to the community.

Back at Woodbury, the Governor left Andrea cuffed to a chair and left in a room with a dying Milton (Dallas Roberts). When Milton eventually passes and turns into a biter, he attacks Andrea and she gets to him too late. Andrea gets bit and eventually is found dying in the room by Rick, Michonne (Danai Gurira), and Daryl (Norman Reedus). She ends up killing herself with Michonne by her side.

So the big question is, will the Governor be back for season four?

The answer is… YES! THR is reporting that David Morrissey is set to return for the upcoming season, which debuts in October. Sadly, Laurie Holden will not be returning after her character passed away.

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  • Asha

    I was left unsatisfied with the finale. Rick’s group needs to leave the prison, not bring in additional members which they do not have the food to feed and most who are elderly and young children. I am not too sad about Andrea dying. She was annoying as crap and got what she deserved for choosing not to stay with Rick’s group after the botched negotiation episode.

  • Jime

    Worst episode of the season :( Nothing new, we could see Andrea’s death coming.

  • Kate

    YES! I agree, there was barely any resolve. And as much as I loved this season, it just seems like next season will be more of the same. Andrea, not sure how I feel about it yet, she made mistakes, but you never know if that was ever a sci-fi real situation or whatever, how you would act. I really REALLY want them to move to a new location, maybe go back to a city, any city? There was so much drama between Rick and the Governor that you forget that there is a world out there, and what the heck has been going on? Have their been cures? What about other survivors, etc, etc/ I am sure they will get all the food from Woodbury, just not stay there.

  • sdf

    SO disappointed! In the comic books The Govenor is suppose to be dead by now. Yet, they are dragging this out! I’m tired of the whole ‘Govenor’ thing.

    Torture chair used to torture anyone? No.

    Epic prison battle? No.

    Bury Merle? No.

    Gov getting owned? NO!

    End of boring prison setting? HELL NO!

  • Wayne

    The Governor is actually a good guy. He brought civilization to Woodbury and took care of a lot of people who could not fend for themselves.The switch in the governor in the last eposide is the result of bad writing as is the conversion of Michon from sociopath to trusted team member.

    All those at the prison are sub par except fo Herschel. Both character and actor are really good.

  • Lucy

    I think it was a terrible episode. I was very bored with the season finale.

  • Sam

    It definitely wasn’t the best, but it helped with a few things. You got to see Rick redeem himself for going crazy (and even stops seeing Lori…maybe she’s FINALLY gone)… I think I finally understood Andrea. She was looking to help others, not be the complete annoying chick everyone thought she was. It really opened up Rick’s eyes and hopefully HOPEFULLY he can knock Carl down a couple pegs (you also get to see Carl starting to lose it… and starting to lose the child still left in him that Lori was speaking about in season 2… she wasn’t totally useless)…

  • Truthie

    Three seasons in and they’ve yet to explain what causes zombism–an airborne virus? Possible cures?

  • Ann F. Varnum

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  • karl

    havent followed this since the retarded last episode of the first season…

  • Justin Engel

    What was your top moment from Season 3? Mine was Merle’s redemption. Here’s a list of The Walking Dead Blog’s Top 10 Season 3 moments:

  • Lisa

    The Walking Dead and Doctor Who are the BEST shows on TV. Andrew Lincoln is so AWESOME !!!!!

  • Sienna

    wtf are you talking about? season finale was amazing! not everything is blood and dead, the show is so much more than that!