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Nicole Kidman: 'Grace of Monaco' Gets Release Date!

Nicole Kidman: 'Grace of Monaco' Gets Release Date!

Nicole Kidman bundles up while walking around the set between takes for Before I Go to Sleep on Tuesday (April 2) in Green Park in London, England.

The 45-year-old actress was also spotted filming some outdoor scenes last month in England.

A release date for Nicole‘s highly anticipated upcoming film Grace of Monaco, where she plays Grace Kelly, was given a release date!

Look out for the film on December 27 of this year!

Nicole Kidman‘s commanding performance is the perfect portrait of a woman who was not only royalty, but who also remains a legend of the silver screen and fashion icon.” Harvey Weinstein said of the film in a release.

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman filming her upcoming movie…

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  • AG

    And once again, Harvey’s going to try to win an Oscar for his leading lady. Does Nicole’s face move in this movie, though? I have to ask, because her face hasn’t moved since 2006.

  • wemp
  • doroty199

    @AG, she’s going to win another Oscar. If she can’t movie her face for what reason they keep to casting her in every movie? She never fall my dear, even when people like you keep trolling one of the most incredible actress of this generation. Bye

  • Little MY

    Love Nicole KIdman, she’s a darling!

  • Josh

    @AG: Hi troll. You obviously haven’t seen a Nicole Kidman movie since 2006. Watch “Rabbit Hole”, she got an Oscar nomination for it. Or “The Paperboy” (Golden Globe and SAG nominations). Or “Hemingway and Gellhorn”. Or “Stoker”. She is 45 year-old and still works with the best directors and actors. That obviously angers you a lot so you repeat the same tired old song about her face not moving. Again and again and again.

  • leto

    Harvey? So we know whos gonna win oscar next year. Though Nicole is much better actress than Lawrence, even with botoxed face.

  • Louise

    Nicole is a wonderful actress. She takes on roles that no other actress would because they may harm their reputation. Rabbit Hole–Great; Margot at the Wedding–Great; Paperboy–Great. She is a true actress, and quite lovely to look at.

  • Nicole , graceful

    Where is Nicole at American Idol show! She said that she will support
    Hubby Keith yet no show! He is doing a great job with out her!

  • DisGrace of Monaco

    Kidman playing Kelly. She will be vilified. Kidman’s portrayal will contain all her annoying idiosyncratic mannerisms and it will be ugly.

  • ..

    #8: The marriage contract stipulates he MUST support her PR ventures. She is not required to return the favor. American Idol ratings have hit an all time low and cunning Nicker’s will not associate herself with a sinking ship.

  • yego

    if you can’t act and you keep getting roles, how do you get the roles?

  • Rafa

    I can’t wait… Nicole is my favorite actress… And I love Grace. She’s was the perfect choice for this movie!!!

  • Sara


    There is no marriage contract. The marriage is solid. Sorry you can’t face that.

  • x

    Kidman, the self proclaimed “fearless” character actress with the frozen face that cannot emote. So ridiculously ironic.

  • Victor

    not buying it

  • Tim

    @Yego. Times are tough. Like any business, you undercut the opposition to keep getting the work.

  • ann

    haters are jealous. watch her new interview at good morning america. her face is not frozen.

  • ..

    NIcker’s is currently earning more income from her product endorsements than her low paying indie movie roles and that is why her face will continue to remain grotesquely filled and frozen.

  • Same nuts, different day
  • SM’s pathetic obsession

    Did you know Sewer Mistress once had a luxurious head of curls. Where did they all go? A couple of years ago, after an exhausting session of hero worshipping at her alter to KUNK, SM needed a coffee break. While flipping through a magazine, she stumbled upon an advertisement for the hair straightening procedure, the ‘Brazilian Blow-Out’. The advert happily quoted Nicole Kidman’s deceitful explanation for the demise of her famous curls.”I’ve actually had the ‘Brazilian Blow-Out’. I had that once. But my whole life has been trying to get rid of curly hair. Yeah any curly-haired girl will tell you that!” SM agreed and booked an immediate appointment at the local hair salon. Of course, once again, Nicole lied to cover-up the fact that for years she has been wearing an assortment of lace front wigs/hair pieces/hair extensions at every PR event and in her daily life, to disguise her prematurely greying, receding and thinning cotton candy hair. SM however believes Nicole’s hair, which can miraculously change length, color and texture all within 24 hours, is actually real! Bahahahaha! So how did SM’s hair turn out after the $350 Brazilian blow-out? Well, unfortunately for Sewer Mistress, she now resembles an ageing Marilyn Manson having a particularly bad hair day.

  • Time for a meds increase

    Spin spin spin. Can’t defend your sickness because it’s all based on some fantasy that never was.

    Only a mental patient would believe there’s just one person who doesn’t buy into their madness.

    You should really check a post before sending it out on your own blog as maclen. UM doesn’t post anymore? How sad. Get on that Tara.

    Keith is having an affair with Nicki Minaj? BAHAHAHAHA!

  • ^^^

    Watch out!! SM is having a melt down. Josh will be next. If anyone is curious to fully understand the inner workings of an obsessive delusional mind, make sure you visit the failed blog ‘Skewering the Skeptics’. SM needs the traffic.

  • Tim

    Good luck with that Weinstein. When it comes to selling Kidman, NOBODY believes the PR BS!

  • http://Comcast Joni

    This nut with all the names is a real sicko. Jealousy, jealousy is the worst kind of sickness. Ugly person you are inside and out. By the way Miss Jealousy, Keith and Nicole are perfection with a marriage that will last for the rest of their lives.

  • ..

    Seriously Joni, are you aware of how mentally challenged you appear when you describe Keith and Nicole as perfection?

  • aranka paul

    Nicole Kidman is a good actress. The roles she plays are of reserved, quiet and cerebral characters. Just because she is not emotional (like let’s say Anna Magnani) doesn’t mean she can’t act. She does take on challenging roles (Margo at the wedding, Human stain) and she delivers strong performances. She is a subtle actress because she is a subtle person, although I have seen her in emotional roles as well (The Interpreter – after the bomb blast rips through the bus). I think she will be perfect Grace Kelly as their personalities are similar. We will get over any physical differences in their looks and if we truly commit ourselves to enjoy her acting I trust we will be in for a surprisingly good movie.

  • to stupid

    sick people here!
    Nicole is gorgeous anyway!and far better than you!

  • x

    You have no hope of convincingly playing reserved, cerebal characters if your face cannot emote even subtle expression, because the viewer is then left with a confusing emptiness. Nicole Kidman is now like a text message. You read the text (or in her case, hear the words) but even then the meaning can be confusing or misinterpreted (like a text message) because there is no (or a lack of) expression to accompany the words. In fact, her lack of facial expression is so peculiar, it is almost impossible to associate with the character and you are left feeling disgruntled. This is what Nicole Kidman has become. The mediocre talent has been further eroded by the Botox and she should no longer waste investors money and our time.

  • Kary

    Nic gorgeous Kidman… one of the best, love her characters… she’s so daring!!!

  • http://none lalaine

    Nicole is a talented actress , her face is moving when she laugh , not frozen as her haters described ( making stories ) she has a multi million dollars as well as Keith Urban , they are working hard , you bullied people are jealous of them . Even over 90 years old people are watching Nicole Kidman’s movie and adoring her . She and Keith destined to be together forever .

  • http://none lalaine

    Millions of people are watching American Idol , even outside America are watching, Nicole has a work schedule Keith can understand her , you are making stories about Keith and Nikki Minaj , Keith visiting Nicole in London while she is filming there. Nicole asked Keith permission every film she do ifr Keith agree she do it , if not she is not accepting the offer .
    They are in love with each other . And a responsible parents , even they are busy , they tried to have time with their family , I saw Keith and Sunday rose in the back stage while Nicole had her interview . Keith and Nicole support each other .

  • Mary

    Nic grotesque Kidman… one of the worst, hate her characters… she’s so predictable!!!

  • tan

    People no watch bad nicole movie , no watch Americas idol.

  • ..

    @lalaine, I seriously doubt Nicole asks Keith’s permission before she signs up to do yet another box office bomb. But If what you say is true, Keith should do the investors, film critics and humanity a huge favor and ban his wife from ever setting foot on another film set.

  • Where’s the family now Nic?

    Feb 2013. She initially said she couldn’t do “Stoker” because she didn’t want to leave her family. “My family obviously is my priority … so I couldn’t be away,” she said.

  • pfft

    Didn’t she start filming the Grace movie in France after Stoker and now this movie in England. Everything that comes out of Nicole Kidman’s mouth is a contradiction and a downright lie.

  • anne

    behold a sad woman chasing youth and with skewed priorities. pathetic really.

  • @anne

    No, the few bitter women who have been hating, lying, demeaning, distorting, and obsessing for eight tears are the pathetic ones.

  • http://none marie

    @DisGrace of Monaco:

    Nicole is doing a movie and act what is in the Script . It’s a filmography , waiting for the release to watch the Grace Kelly of Monaco , she is a great and talented actress.

  • http://none lalaine


    Your message her has no effect to the millions of fans of American Idol and millions of fans Nicole Kidman , her movie has a great lesson you can learn, even Salma Hayek and others actresses has a sex scene movies , still Salma married a wonderful billionaire husband , as well as Nicole Kidman is successfully and happily married to Kieth Urban .

  • http://none lalaine


    You are so paranoid and making your own stories, you don’t know Nicole and Keith in their real life . You just live in the shadow of doubt.

  • http://none lalaine


    Nicole is a working mother , she asked the producer if they can film the Stoker in Nashville so she can be in her children , and her producer agreed , Her life style as travelling mother is not new , she is doing this ever since she and Keith Urban married , and they understand each other, Keith having his tour and Nicole doing her part , they tried their best to be together as long as they can with their family. I’m a working mother too as well as my husband and we travel a lot due to our work , our children doing good in our absent , so Nicole and Keith too .

  • http://none marie


    Nicole has high earnings in her movies , and her face is not frozen , if its frozen the muscles and cells will be dead , but look! Nicole is glowing it means she has in good health , her facial muscle is circulating very well , and she is so beautiful person in and out . You are jealous of her . She has lots of achievements and very successful woman.

    You are the one who is frozen as what you do waste your time to criticize Nicole and Kieth , as you don’t have a good paying job.

  • http://none marie

    @Time for a meds increase:

    You are delusional and paranoid making your own stories , no body believe in you and your bad mind .

  • ^^^

    Bahahahaha #44, Don’t you love it when the monkey’s stuff up! Sewer Mistress will not be pleased.

  • tan

    lalaine bad mama like nicole , she alway post on JJ , spend no time with family.

  • http://none lalaine

    How do you about me ? my kids are great! and Nicole is one of the best mother in the world .Your perception so small.

  • http://none lalaine


    Do you live with Nicole to say her face not moving since 2006, every time she speak, laughs , and silent expressions her face muscle moves , not frozen. You are making stories to put her down no effect to her and her fans who love her.

  • tan

    lalaine need glasses , nicole face like ice blok , it no move.

  • tan

    no lalaine , nicole no have sex appeal with Keith , she fake he fake.