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Vanessa Hudgens: Tuesday Morning Workout in West Hollywood!

Vanessa Hudgens: Tuesday Morning Workout in West Hollywood!

Vanessa Hudgens keeps it incognito as she heads inside her local gym on Tuesday (April 2) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 24-year-old Spring Breakers actress kept her face partially covered by her shirt sleeve as she made her way in to her workout.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Vanessa‘s new social media pages! She joined both Twitter and Tumblr to keep in touch with her fans. Also be sure to check out her music video for “$$$ex” featuring YLA!

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vanessa hudgens morning workout in west hollywood 01
vanessa hudgens morning workout in west hollywood 02
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vanessa hudgens morning workout in west hollywood 05
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  • brasil loves you

    she looks cute, love you V <3

  • llalsb

    pretty girl

  • robpatzzforever

    I don’t care anymore, she looks extremely cute.

  • babs

    im just gonna come out and say it i wish she wasnt seen everywhere going to the damn gym. she hasnt worked on a movie in a year and a half and both her two upcoming movies have not even been to the festivals because they are constantly postponed. if she didnt have spring breakers, it wouldve made her look much worse so she is very lucky that not only did it bring her and selena recognition but critical praise because they played their roles well. machete kills was literally a weekend off for her therefore she is not really in the movie that long. and i hate to compare but selena seems to be doing much better than her now especially since a new movie role has been announced.

    the CAA agency help get the best roles for the clients that bring in the most money. vanessa has not been bringing in enough money and thats why i wonder whether she has auditioned and got the role but not said or she just hasnt liked the role therefore turned it down. she is awfully picky but being picky could be worse than accepting some roles here and there.

    and before u all start no i am not a hater i am a fan with concerns about the celeb that i adore. i even cringed when i saw the $$$ex video and that never happens when i see something vanessas doing

  • Valentino

    Blah! she looks sloppy.

  • mary

    cute baby.

  • VEE

    awwww, she looks cute here.

  • Nightwish

    she looks ugly. what a stupid girl with fake fans that spam this site to look like she has any sort of fans.

  • anita

    es hermosa

  • sonija

    does anyone knows where i can find the exact dress she was wearing yesterday

  • sonija


  • Xo

    @Nightwish: God pathetic much. In actuality you spend WAY more time on her threads than her hardcore fans. What’s your excuse besides having absolutely no life? And how pathetic are you to be jealous of a young woman.

  • (the original)Xo

    Jared, you know you don’t have to post about every time she goes to the gym right? I love her but it gets old.

  • http://deleted/ fern

    she looks sleepy haha cute

  • http://deleted/ fern

    dress like V, Dress like Vanessa, dress like hudgens, there’s a couple of websites with Vanessa´s exact items. On tumblr vanessa’s style, vanessa’s closet, dress like V.

  • mac

    Totally fake fans. Her “team” wanted jj to not post too much on jjj so lately they are only here on jj. They know if they didn’t post no one would. This girl has been out for a long time. Let’s see what crazy photos or sex tape she does now to stay relevant.

  • caro

    I really like that outfit! it looks comfy!

  • Rob

    Hey gorgeous!

  • Haters Suck!

    Nothing but love for this girl she’s the best. Not gonna waste time with these haters/conspiracy theorists. Just gonna pray for them that’s all I can do.

  • JB

    you are here, i am here, nightwish is here changing his name… come on, let´s all comment here.

  • Pearl

    “When you’re putting love out into the world, the world will give it back to you, it makes a difference.” – Vanessa Hudgens

  • Connie

    @babs: If you read Vanessa’s most recent interview then you would’ve known that she said she’s not going to be in any movie for the hell of it. She wants to be passionate about the script/movie before she’s in it & that just proves that she’s not in this business just for the money. She’s in it because she truely loves what she does. I wish more celebs were like her instead of being in any movie that comes to their door & than looking like they could careless about it. Also, $$$ex was just a fun project Vanessa did with her friends. It’s not something serious. The only reason it was even released on iTunes is because people kept asking Rock Mafia & them to release it. You need to stop taking everything she does so damn seriously. You can obviously tell by the video that they were JUST HAVING FUN. Stella was even in the video which shows it wasn’t serious considering she’s not even in the song. It’s like the girl can’t even have fun with her friends without people making it a big deal.

  • Pearl

    I seriously don´t understand how someone could hate Vanessa, jealousy OF COURSE, but why would someone hate her? i mean, she is the kindest, sweetest young woman ever. I guess everyone on twitter are right, this nightwish girl is obssessed with Vanessa

  • Pearl

    H aving

    A nger

    T owards

    E veryone

    R eaching

    S uccess

  • florence2

    Those pictures look nothing like Vanessa unless she has dyed her hair because this girls hair colour is nothing like Vanessa’s if anything I thought it was Stella.

  • kelly martineau

    She allways looks that way when she rolls out of bed. Or to much friend on saturday with her friend Kim. That’s all she does work out and shopp. Nice not seeing big lips Austin with her. Maybe they broke up.

    This women needs to start working on movies again.She looks bored.

  • mac


    Isn’t it fitting that she doesn’t get much love back because of her attitude with people and fans.

  • Haters Suck!

    Never read one interview with anyone she’s worked with who had anything negative to say about her. Read from fans on twitter who post pics they take with Vanessa when they meet her that shes a very nice person. What’s wrong with her attitude?

  • Sienna

    I like the way she dresses, she’s looks more pretty in these casual outfits than all dolled up.

  • maria

    LMAO. Fake fans, my eye. Is this idiot serious?? She has millions of fans, yet we the few who happen to post here, have to be fake. I guess fans of all the other celebs who post on Jared are all fake too. Yup, we are figments of the nutcase’s imagination, or as he would say, his worst nightmare. Imagine if this place was the worst thing ever in your life. Either he’s a lucky dude, or seriously disturbed. I think it’s the latter.

  • Sally

    Omg Vanessa leave Austin and date Prince Harry, he’s waiting for you. OMG

  • yets

    we love you vanessa and will always pray for your success…God bless.

  • BO

    millions of fans ,yet never won an award where ‘fans’ have to vote upon in


    @Nightwish, Shut Up, Whiney Little man!!

  • maria

    @BO: Pretty boy teen idols will always have more fans. Doesn’t mean they are better actors, better people, nothing. But those millions aren’t fake either. It’s just the idiotic paranoia of the haters here. I don’t give a damn who has more fans, but we are real, baby.

  • Nightwish

    Page one nightwish was a doppel. All i have to say is this post is just another lame attempt to keep pudgy relevant. Desperate

  • http://deleted BO

    onco , so do girl teen idols too .emma , kstew
    , sel for example .the gretest difference between the fan bases of the two leads of a franchise has been in HSM imho .emma , jenifer obviously have more fas than their male leads .and kstew , more or less than her man ,in fact other than the 4 of you pumpers , her fans are awre that her fan base is small .didn’t i tell you how an exasperated fan who kept RTing on twitter for KCA for hudge to win moaned in the end how she sees only the same people RTing for hudge to win and she wished they were a bigger fan base .now that’s the reality . has hudge she ever beaten them in any award show. not to my knowledge .zac on the other hand can beat Rob 4 years after HSM ,when Twilight was at it’s peak of success .it doesn’t mean they are better obviously you crackhead , it means they have more fans .and oiu are NOT real baby , real fans care to at least to drop in to a theatre where her idol’s most buzzed film is showing , specially when you can find a theatre within your reach .you still didn’t , did you ? where did u get the nerve to call yourself a ”real fan” / lmao

  • http://deleted BO

    a 25yr old with an estimated newt worth of $20m .lmao .he’s so cool

  • Nightwish

    @BO: Hudge might win an award this year. A razzie for her performance in sb. It was dreadful. Korine forgot to tell them to act like college kids, not grade schoolers who discovered drugs lol

  • Nightwish

    @BOHJI: Shut up? What, no eloquence? No poetic long-winded rant about pudgies spirit? I guess ‘shut up’ suffices from time to time

  • Nightwish

    @BOHJI: In case you havent seen the film, Franco’s scene on the piano singing britney spears was the pinnacle of the creative ineptitude and corniness of the flick. Fortunately, the girls faces were covered with that ridiculous looking pink ski mask – perhaps a merciful gesture from Korine to spare them any direct link to that god awful part of the film.

  • BO

    b.utt , isn’t is just soooo ridiculous that they call themselves ”real” fans of hudge but don’t care to even hop in to a theater to watch her movie ???? i mean ,it isn’t as if it’s too hard to find it like paperboy , this is wide .when paperboy came out , fans drove for five hours to find a theater to watch it .now they are what you call ”real”.


    @Nightwish: Now look who’s talking?! Showing off your literary prowess, eh! Not impressed.

  • Nightwish

    @BO: exactly. How bout that doofus hatersuck. Thought hed be camping out after a ten hour drive lol

  • Yolo

    From rotten:
    For all the good comments written in Rotten Tomatoes, all the people who worked on the movie or friends of Harmony Korrine, quit putting your positive ratings. I was at the opening last night in the Tampa Bay area where it was filmed. There were a couple of people, mostly young in their twenties, two in their fifties. The first couple of minutes in the movie all you see are boobs, butts and cellulite. At first you hear the young guys in the audience giggle about the boobies. But then you notice that the audience gets sick of seeing too many butts and boobs. Two hours showing the same clip over and over again. There are a lot of homosexual scenes throughout the film. Before the movie is halfway through one gets so tired of seeing boobs one almost begins to believe they are turning gay. This movie does not look like a lot of money was spent on it. All the filming sucks, the places all look cheap, the acting was the worst I’ve ever seen. WIthin ten minutes into the film people were talking and laughing during the film – not with the film but at the film. People were shouting, “Worst film ever!”, saying out loud they want their money back, and then running to the exits when the movie is done – that is a sign of a really really bad movie. All you hear during the entire movie is: “Spring break. Spring break. Spring break.” or Selena saying: “I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be here.” repeated over and over again. And Ashley Benson doing the same eye-roll with her eyes she does in Pretty Little Liars – is that her entire acting skill? I kind of expected “A” to pop out and be the reason for this movie falling apart. Then there was Vanessa Hudgens with her stupid giggle. James Franco just talked too much. No one slowed this film down more than Franco. Finally I was screaming at Franco: “SHUT UP!” The only actress in the entire film who looked a little believable was Rachel Korrine. But honestly I still do not see her doing big budget movies. SAVE YOUR MONEY! DON’T DESTROY YOUR BRAIN CELLS! Don’t be a fool, ya’ll. OMG – I’m talking like them


    Some peeps just spout off through their anus. The non fans sure love to talk garbage if anything. Garbage in garbage out. Where’s the dumpster truck?


    @Yolo: Well, Nightwish couldn’t contain himself. He just had to go see it despite his protestations and his side-kick, bless her depraved soul would pounce on the opportunity but alas mama forbids her from seeing SB or paperboy because she wants her baby to remain virtuous and innocent till her wedding day.

  • xoxo

    @Yolo: Not going to reply because I think you are just @Nightwish putting his usual bullsh it out there and changing his name. The guy is so completely transparent. Gotta laugh because he is way of his league trying to bring Vanessa down. Not working buddy.

  • Nightwish

    Why am i responsible for every negative post? You guys crack me up @Yolo: Exactamundo! LOL!

  • justsaying

    She’s really great and I will always be a fan…