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Kim Kardashian: Pregnant Frozen Yogurt Craving!

Kim Kardashian: Pregnant Frozen Yogurt Craving!

Kim Kardashian shows off her growing baby bump while stopping by Sweet Harts for a frozen yogurt treat on Wednesday afternoon (April 3) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 32-year-old pregnant reality star was filming scenes for her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians during the day with her step brother Brandon Jenner and his wife Leah.

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Earlier in the day, Kim stopped by a salon to get her nails done.

Kim recently tried to move the date of her divorce trial with Kris Humphries to the originally scheduled date of May 6 to May 3 in order to attend an event for her perfume launch, but the court wouldn’t budge, according to TMZ.

FYI: Kim is wearing a Rachel Pally dress.

20+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian getting frozen yogurt with friends…

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kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 01
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 02
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 03
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 04
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 05
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 06
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 07
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 08
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 09
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 10
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 11
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 12
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 13
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 14
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 15
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 16
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 17
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 18
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 19
kim kardashian pregnant frozen yogurt craving 20

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  • Rupert Sanders

    damn sexy

  • rachel

    god she is one big pig

  • Livvy

    She looks beautiful!

  • wow

    her boobs are ginormous..holy cow

  • Gossipgirl

    Kimmie! That dress has to go, girl!

  • uhno

    what. is. she. wearing?????

  • Uh huh

    Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..I’ll be nice, and say, no comment.

  • Bobby

    she is pretty…and her boobies…HUMUNGOOOOOOOOO

  • Ashley

    I thought babies grew in ones womb, not their thighs.

  • Jim

    Kim is not bullied. She puts herself out there and is a fame addict who is so hungry for celebrity. Most people would never have a sex tape, then while pregnant with another mans baby while married pose is a vulgar shot imitating them naked having sex. I am totally anti bully, but this girl has no shame. She could easily retreat and be low key, but instead she is always high profile and making revolting decisions while playing innocent.

  • Rose

    Her “pals” are her step-brother Brandon Jenner and his wife Leah… Get it together JJ. They’ve been on this season of Kourtney and Kim take Miami.

  • sarah

    Thought pregnant chicks glow, not look like they’re gonna explode. She’s not due until July. Then again she’ll probably get lipo after the birth

  • kimssofatdayum

    WOW she is getting fat as hell, and her nipple is out of her bra, what a slob, she looks a damn mess!! You know what her problem is>>TOO MUCH MONEY, instead of paying thousands for all these UGLY outfits, she should get her big ass to the mall go to some normal STORES and get some NORMAL clothes!


    she needs tgo fire her stylist asap

  • Ginger

    Yet another horrific outfit!!! When will she stop?? OMG!!! The dress was nice but the off shoulder sleeves?!?? UGLY because her boobs are toooooo dayem big!!!!

  • Ginger

    she needs to stop with the lip injections too!! Her face is becoming more and more like a duck.

  • Cindy

    She stated on Leno she was fine eating what shewanted. She had the rest of her life to worry about being skinny. These are first good picts of her I have seen. From what she is wearing it appears Kourtney has been in her ear.

  • Steph

    Pregnancy does not look good on her, or maybe its the tablecloth shes wearing

  • Love The Shoes

    At last! She’s finally accepted the fact she IS pregnant and comfort is now allowed. OMAR THE TENT MAK’UH is NOW on speed dial! You GO girl!

  • santana

    Please someone help her out! Why can’t she wear a nice loose outfit that would make her look cute and also CONTAIN her boobs inside. This is just ridiculous. That poor baby is being put through too much.

  • TF

    Her face doesn’t even look the same…

  • Looselipz


    Well said Jim….and to add to it, she’s larger than my house.

  • Jess

    Sadly, she reminds me of Fiona from Shrek after she kissed Shrek and stayed an ogre…

  • Kate

    Has she totally gone over the edge?!? Wth is she wearing?!?

  • Len

    so woman can not be pregnant and gain some weight? she may not look her best, but some of these comments are rude.

  • liz

    leave her alone. you don’t have to love her, i get that she is annoying. but she is a human being and has not done any harm to you folks personally, so stop it already!!

  • KissThis

    ok I’m sorry, I know she’s pregnant and also short, but she has gotten MASSIVE. Wearing white doesn’t help either.

  • julie

    Kim ate Kanye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JessFanNotFromUSA

    Thank God I have normal boobs. How does she sleep?

  • Ashlee

    wtf! gross as always

  • guest

    She’s pregnant, she supposed to get bigger to the ignorant people mocking her weight. She looks pretty, with the proper bra she’d be good to go.

  • KissThis

    there’s putting on weight during pregnancy and then there’s just eating everything you can and getting no exercise whatsoever. Looks to me like she’s doing the latter. I’ve seen healthy weights during pregnancy and Kim’s weight does not look healthy here at all.

  • Manouk


    Have you guys seen that video of Kim and another guy having sex?
    It was posted op facebook and it wasnt with Kanye West!

    My sister showed it to me because my niece liked the video and i was like what?! How stupid and ridicilous is it to post something like this!
    But i was kind of schocked that it wasnt Kanye but another guy and it wasnt her ex Kris too!

  • aranka paul

    This woman is a hot, hot mess. Period

  • O




    . . . . .

  • Eliza

    I remember Kourtney wearing this dress in her last months of pregnancy, Kim cant wear it, its tooo small. The arms keeps falling dawn and its to small for her ,she it to big. She shouldnt wear Kourtneys close, she is so much smaller then kim. And why dont she wear a bh, her boobs are exploiting in that dress. Her belly isnt growing, just her boobs and her waist and thighs. Or maybe er belly is growing in width.

  • siennagold

    That is NOT a 20 lbs weight gain, Kim!

  • rose

    She should stop trying so hard with fashion … she just hired new people to dress her and it still doesn’t work whatsoever ! Fashion should not be that WRONG/HARD … also she would look less like a “Fiona” from Shrek if she just SMILED.
    She’s trying to morph into a Victoria Beckham (which she’ll obviously NEVER be) ; at her age she should try t be HER it’s a shame for a woman in her thirties to lack so much personality.

  • mimi

    she can dress in whatever she likes to wear, the problem is, she’s making herself a celebrity, she can’t have a normal life, and being fat is shows that you are natural women, not because eat loads but sometimes, for some women, they have bigger bones, like kim

    she should aware that she’s making her face, and her body to selling something, like clothing line etc….you just need to be discipline, like VB, she’s the role model, she knew exactly who she is….

    and really, can she have another sensible outfit during her pregnancy, even VB wouldn’t wear pastel during her pregnancy even though she’s so skinny….LOL

  • Cece

    This woman is trying way too hard to look stylish and sexy, and she just looks pathetic. She looks like a cheap trick here. She has no sense that she’s bringing a child into the world. Unsurprisingly, this pregnancy has been about her, her, her. She doesn’t even mention the child she is carrying.

  • Isa

    there’s something different in her face , no ?

  • an

    she looks really pretty here ! You guys need to stop she is pregnant for god sake ! She is not wearing heels , and she is not wearing a super tight skirt .

  • Constance

    The concept was there, and I’m glad that she didn’t stuff her body in too tight clothing.
    The bodice should have been sleeveless instead of off-the shoulder. This is a vast improvement, and I hope that she continues to wearing more maternity clothes

  • Cindy

    she still looks saggy in the face with all the surgeries, face lifts, eye lifts etc.

  • Rose

    I don’t think you should inject that much stuff into your face when you’re pregnant.

  • Kath

    Miss Kim Kar-cash-ing-in is starting to learn a lesson here. She thought she would have a good pregnancy, weight gain wise like her sister but as she is finding out just because your related doesnt mean your going to be the same.  To me she seems to be coming across like this baby & pregnancy is the latest accessory to have. She is in for a rude shock when she has this baby, as it wont be all about her. I guarantee she will have nannies & help because its damn hard work looking after a baby fulltime. Having kids myself I know to well how hard it can be. Again her sister makes it look easy but Kim is a very different personality to Kourtney. And since shes miss money bags she will pay for all the help needed while coming across she can cope. And Kim…you think your big now youve still got a few more months to keep getting bigger. I will enjoy watching you blow out!

  • Jim

    I have to laugh at all you women who actually believe you’re defending her by saying “leave her alone”, “bullies!” etc. She loves it! Good and bad! Any and all publicity makes her and her family VERY rich. In fact, bad publicity’s the biggest money-spinner of all. I am 99% sure she dresses hideously on purpose, so she gets more attention and publicity, which = money. Don’t you people get it? She DELIBERATELY sets out to provoke and upset. She is actually the dictionary definition of a “troll” = doing things just to get a negative reaction, because, for her, ANY reaction makes her millions. Get it now? She doesn’t need or want defending – insults are her lifeline and her blood.

  • Ane

    OMG, what does she think of? does she don’t look at the mirror?

  • mrst

    I love it! She’s beautiful and blessed. Positivity and a kiss it will suffice to the haters. Go Kim!