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Taylor Swift Performing at Billboard Music Awards 2013!

Taylor Swift Performing at Billboard Music Awards 2013!

Taylor Swift pushes a wagon full of groceries back to her car after going grocery shopping at Bristol Farms market on Wednesday afternoon (April 3) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old singer is on a short break from her Red Tour, which will kick off again on April 10 in Miami, Fla.

It was just announced that Taylor will be performing at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards on May 19. The show will be broadcast live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas!

Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Miguel are all set to perform as well.

15+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift at the grocery store…

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taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 01
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 02
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 03
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 04
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 05
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 06
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 07
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 08
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 09
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 10
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 11
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 12
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 13
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 14
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 15
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 16
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 17
taylor swift performing at billboard music awards 2013 18

Photos: WENN
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  • Effy

    I swear she seems to be the only celebrity who goes out in full makeup to do simple things.

  • Samantha

    Well, she had her publicist photographing her “doing simple things” at the supermarket. How quaint. She’s phony.

  • lala

    whats new?

  • ..

    To be honest, I find it weird that she goes grocery shopping. I can’t really picture her doing anything grown up, like driving a car for Pete’s sake. She’s so immature it’s hard to imagine her acting her age once in a while.

  • Whatever

    If she wants to wear makeup and go grocery shopping then she should be allowed to do that. Honestly, you guys are the immature ones, picking on her for every little thing. Yes, sometimes people wear makeup out of the house…BIG DEAL. You would still be pointing out everything wrong with her if she didn’t wear makeup so she cant win, can she??!!!

  • evie

    staged photos

  • pickles

    She’s the one who puts herself out here with her fake posing. There’s a older woman with her in the tan jacket, and her bodyguard is close by and she has someone taking the photo like they always do.Sometimes it’s her assistant and sometimes the bodyguard does it. For two silly little bags.

    It was too quiet around here. We were “Taylor-free” for three or four whole days. How wonderful! I post how I feel. All this “she should be allowed..” stuff is silly. No one is stopping her. She does what ever she wants. WE should be allowed to express our opinion of it. With out being called names or criticized for being immature. She doesn’t care what we think. She is making a mountain of money from her loyal robot fans.

  • shelby

    love u Taylor !! Haters gonna hate. When did it become a felony to go out shopping? people need to get off her case. She is one of the most famous people in the world, people will take photos.

  • Asdf

    @Whatever: Don’t be silly. No one ever said she isn’t allowed. We should be “allowed” to voice our opinions if she’s going to constantly put herself out there. Incase you haven’t noticed, this is what her PR team is for; gossip. She wants to be talked about. She wants to stay relevent. This is how she makes money!

    And I don’t see how any comments thus far are immature? Have we mocked multiple ex boyfriends infront of millions of people and their peers? Have we publicly called ex boyfriends douchebags on live television? Are we hypocritical for constantly making fun of people and then getting upset that someone makes fun of us and tells them they’re going to hell, in a widespread national magazine interview? Do we slut shame ex boyfriends girlfriends? Do we think we’re better than everyone else? ….oh wait! That’s Taylor’s doing!

    If she’s going to constantly talk about her personal life, then she has no right to get upset when other people talk about it. Many other artists have no problem writing their feelings while keeping their mouth shut. She’s just immature, plain and simple.

  • Yep


    Took the words right out my mouth. Yes, people should be allowed to state the opinions without being called haters and such. I posted one time about not agreeing with a movie being all that good or something like that, and go called a hater, because I said I didn’t enjoy it, and didn’t find it all that good.

    On a different note: does anyone have a hard time typing with Pete Wentz staring at you? He’s staring into my soul! Stop looking at me, you creep! Sorry needed some comic relief, but it really is distracting.

  • TomTT

    She’s gorgeous.


    Great music, sensational body, pretty face. Wish she were mine.

  • JackBeNimble

    She’s fantastically talented, need to see new Red concert, tickets are tough to get. She’s sold out all over.

  • Rachel

    What’s not to love about Taylor Swift? Best performer of our time. A lot of good music out there, but not too many have her showmanship ability.

  • JoVa

    She says it like it is, she is incredibly real. Have to respect that in a woman. I mean someone to look up to.

  • Buttercup

    Cool pics, Her Keds sneaker line is out, and have an air of elegance. definitely her style, I want two pairs.

  • sarah

    Umm Gwen Stefani wears a LOT of make-up ALL the time. If Gwen Stefani’s constant make-up doesn’t bother you, but Taylor’s does, then it’s safe to say that you just don’t like Taylor herself. You’re entitled to hate her, but no one forces you to click on her post.

  • Lol

    Lol at these last few comments. They’re probably the same swiftie! One consecutively after the other, interesting. She’s definitely not that talented, not “real” whatsoever, awful music, awful voice. I’d never let my little sister look up to her. Horrible role model. Shapeless, bony, flat ass, fake boobs + horrible posture = attractive? Sorry, not really. She has a pretty face, when she doesn’t have that smug look. Shes honestly not all that genuine anymore. She thinks she’s better than everyone and it’s quite annoying. I feel sorry for the people who pay to see her when she just pity’s you. Her “little” fans who she treats like 5 year olds because they’re inferior to her, in her head anyway.

  • NYC

    Concert Rocked, great performer. No “filler songs” they were all top notch. She’s beautiful in person. I guess there are a lot of swifties, whatever that is, stadium was packed. I go to a lot of concerts not too many fill up like that.

  • TheMark

    @NYC: @NYC: I agree, was not a big fan until Red. Took my niece, stunning in person, performance was captivating. This man is a fan.

  • Jed

    Class Act

  • mr. magoo

    what i dont get is why her thumb is on top of her finger in that one pic. i mean, come on tay tay, dont put your thumb on top of your finger.

  • John

    @Jed: Class act? Seriously? She has absolutely no class whatsoever.

  • mr. magoo

    now that i took a closer look, her thumb is on top of the finger in a lot of the pics. so, i retract my first statement, and have to say that i am completely fine with the thumb on top of the finger.

  • kat

    Wow, are people seriously trying to diss her for looking presentable when she’s out and about town. If you are a well know celebrity and know your pictures going to be taken by fans or paparazzi wouldn’t you want to look your best. And helllloooo, she is friggin Taylor Swift do you really think the only thing she did that day was grocery shop? She has about a week off between her world tour and she has a show appearance to film for New Girl in LA this week and a music video for Tim Mcgraw. She’s performing on the ACM this Sunday which she has to rehearse for. And she is probably the classiest celeb her age in Hollywood. Hasn’t been divorced, no risque pictures or illegal activity, or smokes. She carries herself amazingly well. She has been the boss of herself and does amazing. If the worst that people can pick on her for is that she’s had unsuccessful relationships at the age of 23, she really doesn’t have that much baggage.

  • KissThis

    LOL! The commenter posting all the nice things about her is the same person… pathetic. Taylor is so fake, get over her. Her daddy bought her record deal. The only reason she stays relevant is constant promotion and all of her breakup stories. If it weren’t for her PR team she would have faded away 5 years ago. We all know she can’t depend on her voice or talents to keep her going.

  • sarah


    Honey are you ok? I think you should listen to some music you actually like instead of obsessively hating on Taylor Swift online. I hope your day/night gets better.

  • kat

    @KissThis: I doubt her dad bought the 1.4 million copies of her latest record or the million before it. And the fans and sold out shows at her concert isn’t paid by her “daddy”. She had an offer from RCA for a record deal which she walked away from so she could write and make her own music. Which she has written every single song on all of her records which no other artist on the top 10 billboard can acclaim to. Trying to discredit her talent is ridiculous. Yes, you can say you’re annoys with her for her personal life or she’s just too perfect. But saying she has no talent or bought it is ridiculous. Paris Hilton is a million times richer and can’t even kick off her singing career. Having a songwriting deal from sony records at the age of 14 is called talent.

  • Shania

    @KissThis: Do you have proof it was the same person? If yes, I’d LOVE to hear it. And for your information, her dad did nothing to get her a record deal except move the family to Nashville. If you’re going to insult Taylor, do it with REAL facts. Oh that’s right, there aren’t any you can use against her. Sorry, my bad.

  • Julie

    Mega-talented, amazing voice, I could listen to her music all day. My three daughters ages 10 through 22, all love her as do their friends. Wish I knew where that blouse was purchased, it is very pretty.

  • Jed

    @John: Look up the word classy, earn some yourself (Class is earned by decent behavior). You are obviously struggling here, all negative comments seem to be from one person. So very sad. Parental guidance and possibly medication needed.

  • Anna

    A true Beauty

  • Antonio

    A Goddess, Thanks for posting JJared

  • BusterNBea

    Looks like an Angel and Sounds Like one too.

  • John

    @Jed: Thanks for your irrelevant comment? I know what the word means. I will repeat, she is NOT classy. Calling people names infront of millions of people on multiple occasions is classy? Some of her songs have great messages, I will admit. Others? Not so much. Not to mention, she does the opposite of what she praises in her songs. Hypocritical. I’m sure she’s generally a very nice girl, but she’s very arrogant and smug, which is sad because I used to like her. I’m sick of hearing her talk bad about people and constantly complain about unimportant things. I don’t hate her as a person, I simple dislike her demeanor and what she stands for.

  • kat

    @John: Taylor hasn’t called anyone names. The most she’s really said about an ex was about John Mayer when she was asked about his comments concerning her song that was supposedly about him. Which she never clarified that it actually was. And she called him presumptuous, which I think is a very classy reply. On stage during her performance she never says anyone’s name or curse anyone out. She uses her experiences in her performance to give it authenticity so she radiates the emotions she felt when writing the song.

    I think people blow her performances out of proportion, she is performing a break up anthem. And she just got over a break up, of course she is going to feel those emotions more. You can’t judge her for being in character on stage. In person she has not spoken about her ex boyfriend or said anything malicious about them.

    I mean if you break down the Grammy performance, all she said was that her ex calls and wants to talk about getting back together and she apologizes and says she’s too busy rehearsing for the grammys. Whether she’s being sarcastic or not it really isn’t that mean. She didn’t name call anyone. And it has to do with her song of breaking up and the eventual make ups, and not wanting to get back together.

  • usbdrivyu

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  • GalPal

    Let me comment on her now. Red lipstick makes her look cheap and this is a publicity stunt to keep her in the news. Since she can’t sing, lets show how normal she is by going to the store. Stop the presses. This is news on Tay! She sings for tweens and can’t sing for an audience of her own age. Oh wait-she can’t sing! It was worth repeating!