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Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' with Austin Butler!

Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler keep close as they exit ArcLight Hollywood Cinemas with friends on Tuesday (April 2) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress and 21-year-old actor shielded their faces to try and avoid photographers after watching a screening of Vanessa‘s film Spring Breakers.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Earlier in the day, Vanessa was spotted keeping it incognito as she headed inside her local gym in West Hollywood.

Make sure to catch Spring Breakers in theaters now!

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • lindsaylohan

    Vanessa, why are you beautiful?

  • florence2

    Finally a photo of them together it’s been to long looking in love as much if not more than ever.

  • Malu

    couple’s pictures
    i like those, and the ones that were on the earlier post of them at the bbq and in those crazy lights, and the welcome she had on twitter, that is what i like, those are her friends, Bubba, brittany, Sarah, Matt, and not a twitter managed by her team, i mean she does not need someone to fake being her first or later using to say hi and rt twits about how wonderful she is, or worst just using it for PR, i like that it was not a pr thing and just her cute self

  • Pearl

    cute! i love their friendship with Shawn

  • BO

    malu 0_0 on first page under her own name ???? am i dreaming ??? lol

  • carrie

    yay Vaustin <3

  • samatha

    I like she joined twitter AFTER the Spring Breakers promo. I mean, that way it doesn’t look like she is just using her fans or something like that. Some “stars” only use twitter to do promo, or during promo time, and thats so fake.
    BTW she is so sweet on tumblr.

  • samatha

    awww, shawn pyfrom is there with V and Austin. I love him, he is always so sweet with Vanessa.

  • Bia

    I legit cried a little when i saw her answers on tumblr. lol

  • Nightwish

    NOT HUDGENS F***ING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn’t Jared have anyone else to post about? NO?

  • lala

    @BO: lol why do u waste ur time on analyzing fans and what they do and vanessa when u should be loving ur celebs like zac efron (which is have no issue with because i am also a fan of his work). its clear that u hate vanessa yet you are on here an awful lot for somebody who thinks she is a waste of time. are u not wasting ur own time?

    as for nightwish who believes he is the saviour of this heavenly website it is almost laughable that he is taking comments so seriously.

  • Nightwish

    Dumbest, most idiotic movie ever conceived, if i were austin i would be covering my face too going to that movie LOL

  • Nightwish

    Attention Jared: If you keep posting about 4rd rate actresses, you will seem as desperate as they are LMAO

  • Nightwish

    This was “vanessa’s film”, Jared? LOL. Actually…. i dont think she’d want to take credit for it… but wait, this is pudgy were talkin about.. ok she’ll take credit for it ha ha

  • Xo

    @lala: @Nutwish is a complete joke. Not to be taken seriously.

  • Jim

    she is soooo boring!!

  • BO

    omg what rate exactly is jj posting posts of hudge ???

  • tina

    Three comments in a row from the friendless pathetic lying weasel. I see she’s with Austin. Yet another lie from the liar exposed. Give it up, the movie has far exceeded expectations. She is doing what she chooses. Nothing , I repeat, nothing you and the clown can say matters. You’re ridiculous and sad.

  • lala

    @Nightwish: you poor thing. posting three comments in a row about someone you hate so much.

    remember Nightwish, those who anger you….have the most power over you.

  • Nightwish

    @lala: That is good advice. thanks for your concern. I’m really not angry at all over hudgens, no, its really just popping in, frustrating the fudgetards and popping out again. Im the guy they just LOVE to hate lol

  • tina

    Don’t flatter yourself. And don’t lie to yourself. You are here twenty four seven. That’s more than popping in and out.

  • http://google barbara

    there so close together, you could drive a truck between them. she looks happy, but he is only interested is his phone.

  • Lup

    She is so cute! Love her.

  • Kim

    Finally Vaustin pics! The bbq pics were adorables too! So they actually are living together! Cant wait for Coachella.

  • Luna

    I love them. Hope they are going to Ashley’s premiere next week.

    Shawn was at Vanessa’s party last saturday too, with Austin and Oliver. She has a really good group of friends.

  • Luna

    When they are all loved up, kissing and holding hands ‘it s all PR’ if they walk next to each other ‘they are so over’ please…

  • solle

    More pictures from her party with Laura, Austin, Matt and friends
    . Harmonic Light Facebook.

  • pithy

    Austin, I can see why you are hiding your face. She looks as dirty and trashy as always.

  • maria

    @pithy: And you are the foulest human being with your filth. How do you sleep at night? Talking trash about someone you don’t know. You are pathetic. Slither back under your rock, please. And take the bobohead and nutcase with you.

  • florence2

    What the hell was with all the lights in those photo’s.

  • word

    that movie sucked huge bull’s bull’s

  • Aryanna

    @Luna: vanessa and austin are so over they are just friends just going to a movie as friends they already broke up and Solle that was a party at her house that was a the recording studio and austin wasnt there van and looser boy austin butler are just friends now

  • Aryanna

    @Kim: i am happy that austin butler isnt going to Cochella with his ex girlfriend vanessa hudgens and vanessa will be probally be taking her little sister Stella and her man zac efron and her other friends

  • lala

    @Aryanna: i highly doubt u would still just “hang” with ur ex my friend. i know i wouldnt

  • kelly martineau

    Spoke to soon about big lips Austin.About not seening Austin for awhile. Austin looks and dresses trashy.
    V looks like shes having fun.

  • kelly martineau

    If austin is living with V his’s prombley not paying anything for rent our the bills. Shes prombley doing it.

  • Malu

    @BO: @Nightwish: you make me laugh… you are on first page too, that is AN EVERY DAY OCCURRENCE! AND YOU ARE NOT HER FAN, so that says clear that you are hater with no life… buhhh… get a life! as for projects I believe she says she wont be working before may, so to say that she must already have a project, besides the one she is doing at the end of the year…

  • Aryanna

    @lala: lala vanessa and austin are not dating i bet this was photoshopped and i bet that was actually zac efron with vanessa

  • Sienna

    I’m loving her hair color

  • maria

    @Aryanna: OMG. Please give it up. Look at that smile. She is enjoying life now, without having to hide like a criminal.

  • Aryanna

    @maria: not with her ex boyfriend austin butler they are not dating at all anymore they are not holding hands or kissing so they are so over and vanessa is going to be with her man zac efron from now on

  • Nightwish

    @Malu: Wrong. YOU are all over page one with your multiple fake names. Usually. Not on this post, which is why your jealous lol

  • BO
  • maria

    @Aryanna: He is NOT her man anymore. Are you soft in the head? If you are ” with” someone, you spend time with them. She does NOT see Efron. Ever. How can you be with someone you never see? Please stop talking like a fool.

  • BO

    oh stop it onco .so you know everyone hudge’s seeing .duhhh .you’re the one talking like a fool .what do you do ? camp outside her bedroom to prevent her seeing Zac or any ‘unwanted’ guests ??? lol

  • Aryanna

    @BO: vanessa and austin are just friends and vanessa has been missing her man zac efron ever since and everyone knows that she is going to take her man zac efron with her to Coachella this year


    A delusional bunch of idiots, the non fans and they know who they are.

    Thanks, Solle for the pics. I like that Vanessa has a close buddy in Shawn Pyfron.

  • Jasmin

    She should break up with Austin and then gout out with Shawn
    I think Shawn has to go out with her… Shawn Vanessa and a call each other “love”. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever???

    Shawn calls Nessa his “love” and said he was “so proud” of her after watching SB and he calls her “Nessa” when he tweets about her

  • BO
  • austin looks like Macaulay Culkin.