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Beyonce's Pepsi 'Mirrors' #BeyHereNow Commercial, Previews 'Grown Woman'!

Beyonce's Pepsi 'Mirrors' #BeyHereNow Commercial, Previews 'Grown Woman'!

On Wednesday (April 3), Beyonce teased a surprise #BeyHereNow for fans, and she just revealed the big secret: a brand new Pepsi commercial titled “Mirrors”!

In the commercial, the 31-year-old entertainer enjoys a cold drink of Pepsi while rehearsing, and then has some surprises when looking in the mirror! If you listen carefully, you will hear a preview of Bey‘s new song “Grown Woman”!

“Watch Beyoncé create a fresh, never-before-seen dance routine as she Lives For Now” the video is captioned. Check it out below!

In case you missed it, check out Beyonce on the cover of British Vogue, where she chats about being a modern day feminist.

FYI: Bey‘s mesh black top is the Kyoto Tee from AllSaints.

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  • Hannah


  • andrew


  • Truth Is

    Keep up the lightening. You’re quickly transforming into your inner white girl.

  • CutTheBS

    Her body looks amazing & I love the beat for Grown woman in the background!!

    Live 4 Now!!

  • CutTheBS

    @andrew: You still watched it though didn’t you? So what does that make you?!! smh
    Have a seat!!!

  • B.

    Yeahhhhh… Thanks, but NO thanks. You think I’m gonna fill myself with PEPSI (???) just ’cause u appear dacing like a skkank in this ad? I LOVE MYSELF MORE.
    Why ppl don’t do ads for things that are good for you, hum?!?

  • sweetness

    first MJ now Beyonce..what is it with black artist slowly turning themselves whiter?


    YES ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The reason a lot of Asians have completely expressionless faces is to avoid accidently showing facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing etc, and they segregate from everyone else so eir not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally sayin things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    Try thinking, and visually picturing in your mind things that are as wild as you can when you are around Asians to get reactions from them, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason

  • mimi

    Pepsi, all sugary soft drinks are unhealthy and contribute to obesity and diabetes. I bet you B doesn’t drink it except for the ads like this.

  • DULC€

    Beyonce is getting blonder and blonder!! All indicate that she really wants to be white!! First, Michael Jackson and now… Beyonce!!

  • Beast

    god the way she dances, the way she talks, how she’s built, she is so un-delicate and brusque in my opinion

  • sara
  • lika


  • Emilia

    @ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!:
    Ok I have seen people saying that Asians can read minds everywhere and I think there is something to it!!
    Since I have been taking about this whenever I’m around Asians they have been acting kinda funny towards me! I’m perfectly aware of myself and I haven’t been acting funny around them, il ut be sitting there thinking about it a little bit and they will start acting kinda funny!!!
    I’vhad quite a few people notice it and even point it out to me!

  • Marie

    Love it.

  • an

    ahaha so cool ! she looks great in blond ! Come on we all know it’s just a hair colour :o , if we cannot even have fun with our own hair !

  • sarah

    Smart move Pepsi. Now I’m NEVER going to drink your pop!

  • رهف

    She looks old and ugly as fcccck

  • sabrena


    lol me too

  • death

    Why doesnt she advertise pepsi light?

  • kat

    She is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • souless wanderer

    I hate the blonde hair on her

  • me



    sooooooo BUDGET.

  • Tom

    Has narcissism ever been this profitable, and really doing the Michelle Obama’s children eat right / get fit campaign and putting your face so linked with the Obama’s and then shilling for a soft drink company, do she or her husband have any shame , it’s like when she did a private concert for Gaddiff’s son for a million dollars.. Shame do they have a soul.

  • xax

    @CutTheBS: do you even read what you type. so negative movie reviews are considered lame now because the critics watched it? god.

  • tweety

    the song is so much better than that annoying bow down she did

  • Bey

    Why are people talking about the hair color like she’s turning white? some girls die their hair pink do we say shes turning pink. blue, shes turning into the ocean, green shes an alien. Y’all need to check up. Plus why she did the commercial, her snippet of the song will be heard all around, she gets a lot of money like $40 million, and it endorses her fans. And This drinking right thing? Im pretty sure yall have had a pop and its not going to kill you to have one pepsi. And no one is forcing you to drink pepsi.

  • Bey


  • Max

    @Bey: Thank you for this, like omg,the haters are out in full force today.
    To the haters, BOW DOWN BITCHES, AND SIT DOWN while you are at it

  • max

    @Bey, thanks for you comments, like the haters are out in full force arent they. to the haters: BOW DOWN BITCHES

  • Bey

    @Tom: Hold on your saying a person cant have one soft drink or its going to kill them? people can stop if they want too. and really a private concert for $1million, that’s old news. I’m pretty sure people would do a concert if they knew they were getting paid with that. With your healthy diet thing TOM its called abstinence, they can choose to drink it for the rest of their lives or choose to have 1 every now and then. Please just stop. Ruined my day

  • Bey

    @B.: Pepsi is one of the biggest soft drinks in music kind of. They are all over the world her song will be heard ALL AROUND THE WORLD. and referring her to a skank? lets talk about Rihanna shooting naked photos of herself, or Nicki Minaj talking about licking off pussy, or Katy Perry’s California gurls? Beyoncé is such a formal lady. and for $40million u wouldn’t do it? please. and its called abstinence, some people have it some people don’t.