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Brad Pitt: New 'World War Z' Poster

Brad Pitt: New 'World War Z' Poster

Check out Brad Pitt in this brand new poster for his upcoming film World War Z!

The 49-year-old actor stars in the flick as United Nations employee Gerry Lane, who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to decimate humanity itself.

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In case you missed it, check out the newly released trailer for the action packed movie.

The film, which also stars The Killing‘s Mireille Enos, is set to hit theaters on June 21 – be sure to check it out!

Bigger poster inside…

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brad pitt new world war z poster 01

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  • Danny

    Love it, can’t wait to see this movie

  • alana


  • BW

    Love it.

  • reeven


    LOVE BRAD! ♥

  • Jones

    Awesome-ness!! Can’t wait to see it!

  • TC

    Lots of great buzz around the film. Looks like Brad Pitt’s got yet another hit on his hands.

  • Cheese

    They don’t get cheesier than this.

  • Love it

    Amazing poster! Can’t wait for WWZ!

  • poop

    a garbage movie for garbage zombie minds

  • JP Zombie

    I plan to be there in the seats over and over till my wide cottage cheese asz gets open.sores.

  • seriously?

    …..looks like a comic book cover.

  • GFW

    NO THANK YOU. What is with the doomsday themes? Enough already.

  • Jones

    Oy vey! Handjob and her sagging teets in the top banner. UNSEE! UNSEEE!

  • Brad’s inner beauty

    aww another touching movie about war, violence, and world apocalypse

  • Hate Pitt & his movies

    So we are stuck with more brad Pitt movies. Angelina wasted her 30s on this fool. She probably won’t film anything again this year.

  • Cassi

    I can’t wait to see the movie.

  • IMO

    I like the first poster more, but this one is good too.

  • Emma

    Another Box Office flop for Brad, sorry!

  • a fan

    looks cool.

  • zen2

    Oh, yes! Of course I will see this movie. Can’t wait.

  • omaha

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  • an opinion

    Great Poster. I can see pre teens (males) putting this poster up in their room.

  • Judith

    Such an artistic poster. It looks as if he’s flying.

  • a lurker

    crdt brangelinaforum

    Kem ‏@HeyItsKem
    My mom just called me and she said she just saw Angelina Jolie in NYC buying her kids food. She said she waved at her. Lol. Wth.
    10:50 AM – 4 apr 13

  • a lurker

    Tina Brown ‏@TheTinaBeast 1h
    The excitment is rising for #WIW13! The Empire Hotel is crawling with amazing firebrand women from all over the world!

  • an opinion

    @a lurker: Great she is in NY.

  • Lkjhg

    When the hell are they going to release that fücking movie??? Just do it already!

  • So

    Angie took more than one kid to WIW. Last year she took Pax to WIW.

  • an opinion

    World War Z release date is June 21, 2013

  • a lurker

    I love the new poster.

  • Zulu

    Does anyone know the UK release date for WWZ?

  • fyi
  • Passing Through

    # 15 Hate Pitt & his movies @ 04/04/2013 at 3:04 pm
    Pardon me for a sec while I get all logical and shite – Here’s what I don’t get…If you hate Brad and his movies…then why click on a thread for one of his movies? Just to impart that oh-so important news that you don’t like him? That is just plain asinine. Brad’s been making movies for over 20 years. In all that time you’ve never realized that if you don’t go to sites about him or read magazines about him…that you can therefore avoid him and not put yourself through unnecessary torture WHILE beeyotching about him to a slew of his fans? Amazing. I’m gonna gess your collective family IQ is somewhere between Lint On A Dryer Screen and Why Is “Lint” Mispelled at Easter Time?

  • a lurker

    crdt brangelinaforum

    New World War Z Poster Unveiled (And Why You Should Be Excited)

    A new poster for the upcoming World War Z has finally been revealed and, what else can I say, it looks pretty awesome if you ask me. Unlike a lot of the posters we’ve seen for the movie so far, this one features Brad Pitt front and centre, gazing upon a devastated landscape whilst a helicopter whizzes past…

    However, there is something that comes to my mind everytime I see news about the film: Why are there so many people angry about the film? Most of the complaints come from the fact that it only took the title of the novel and ignored everything else, since it doesn’t have that feel of being a social commentary using zombies as a way to deliver it. However there’s one thing that people usually forget when it comes to a movie like this.

    When doing the adaptation from a novel to a movie, some changes have to be made. First of all, if the content of the book is too violent, or it touches some themes that might be delicate, you need to make a watered down version of it if you want to release it to the public (An example of this is with American Psycho, which removed some of the most horrifying parts of the book, or Lolita, which changed the age of some characters in order to avoid controversy).

    Second, if the book has too much content, or if it has too many stories (precisely like World War Z) you really won’t be able to put all of it in one movie, sure you can try, but it most likely won’t work. But let’s not forget one very important detail that a lot of people seem to forget about this particular novel: A movie version that is completely identical to the book won’t work.

    World War Z doesn’t tell a particular story. You can say it is a collection of smaller stories that, when put together tell a bigger story: the story of the Zombie War. Despite what you might think, some chapters in the book go nowhere, and serve no purpose to the story. Here’s an example; there’s a chapter where the “protagonist” of the book interviews a woman who created a town that apparently is completely zombie-proof, along with a protective wall, security cameras, and houses that stand on pillars whose access is only through a retractable stair.

    What do they talk about? About the Great Panic, and how her family dealt with the situation, neglecting it as a temporary problem that wouldn’t affect them until it was too late, and that’s it. Do they mention what did she do during the war? Does she talk about how she created the town and where the idea came from? No, it just ends the narration the second they escape from their house. And there are tons of chapters like that in the book.

    What people can’t understand is than a movie should have a focus, not just tell some random stories about people who you’ll never hear from again. Sure, those stories work on the book because they serve a purpose, to tell how a normal family experienced the beginning of the war, and how it affected them once the emergency finally knocked on their doors. However, from what we’ve seen so far they apparently found a way to do that; they made the main protagonist the leader of your average American family, and apparently on the first minutes of the film we’ll see him living his everyday life while the infection starts to spread.

    I can understand if some of you feel very cautious about this film and it’s understandable, especially if you’ve read the incredible book. However, you must understand the process that went with the development of this film. The writers of producers of the film felt than the universe Max Brooks created for his zombie novels was something really big (after all, World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide are connected) so they couldn’t put everything in one movie.

    According to them, they feel that World War Z is some kind of a trilogy, with this movie exploring The Great Panic, with the second one based more on The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks, and having a third film that explores the final part about the plague, the battle of Hope and the reconstruction of US, that alone sounds really cool.

    Another thing that can assure you that this film will be at least a good one is the director: Marc Forster. He directed movies like Stranger Than Fiction, Monster’s Ball, The Kite Runner and Quantum of Solace. He isn’t some rookie who was given something big that he can’t handle, he knows about directing movies, so he’ll probably do a good job. Another thing that is worth mentioning is than a couple of weeks ago, a group of reviewers were invited to a screening of the first minutes of the film, and the reactions were quite favorable.

    And, if even after reading all of that you aren’t sure about watching the film because you think it will ignore the events in the book, let’s do a small count about all the events in the book that happen in the trailer:

    Okay, so you have The Great Panic (third chapter from the book); the Russian decimation (Second chapter of the book); the Wall built in Israel in order to keep the zombies from getting inside the city (the second chapter of the book); The Battle of Yonkers (third chapter in the book); and one of my favorites, Flight 575 (mentioned in the first chapter of the book). So, if you thought that they didn’t pay enough attention to the book and decided to tell a different story, it’s just a different take on it, that’s all.

    There you have it. I, for one, am excited about this film, and I certainly can’t wait for June, a month that looks like it will be a great month for movies all over the world.

  • Big Dickhead Jones

    That gay boy Brad Pitt is only looking for more wiener, nothing else.

    He’ll teabag a few ballsacs too. =)

  • Big Dickhead Jones

    Brad Pitt got caught with his pants down more than once! He was taking cock deep.

  • BW

    a lurker @ 04/04/2013 at 4:42 pm
    ITA with the author of this article.

  • Vanassa

    I can’t wait for WWZ. Really hope Brad will star in Fury. Love Brad’s long hair but also miss Brad in short hair.

  • tweet

    Perez Hilton ‏@PerezHilton 2m

    Thank you for the lovely article and interview @Grazia_Live! Definitely waiting for my Brad Pitt!

  • Zulu



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  • Shreya

    Looking good – cannot wait…

  • Dakota

    I can’t wait to see this movie. I read the book & liked it, but am extra anxious to see the movie.

  • Lily

    WWZ is going to be a badazz movie.


    Senay Ataselim ‏@senayataselim 13m

    So excited about @WomenInWorld Conference 2nite! It’s sold-out but U cn watch livestream hre: #wiw13

  • annon

    Boris Johnson: Brad Pitt Would Have To Play Me In Boris: The Movie

    By Mark Worgan On April 4, 2013
    Boris Johnson: Brad Pitt Would Have To Play Me In Boris: The Movie

    Mayor shows characteristic modesty

    Ever one for modesty, London Mayor Boris Johnson has said that there’s only one man to play him when the sadly inevitable happens and Boris: The Movie hits theatres.

    That’s Brad Pitt, with the Hollywood hunk BoJo’s choice to play him in any movie made about his life.

    The Mayor was visiting Ealing Studios to announce a £750,000 investment in London’s TV and film industry, a boon that it is optimistically hoped to create £200m of expenditure and create 1,000 jobs.

    ut as ever the main focus was on Boris’ japery, as he’d earlier in the day been challenged to a game of table tennis by Pippa Middleton. Boris also has his eye on another career as an actor, having probably got the taste for thepianism when appearing on EastEnders.

    “Would I be interested in being in a film? You betcha. But no one’s curiously made me an offer. I think the movie industry is moving along without me at the moment,” Johnson told The Telegraph.

    It doesn’t take Steven Spielberg to work out that Boris’ controversial life featuring sackings, affairs, encounters with fraudsters and of course political success, would make a great movie.

    But as to who should take on the lead for the role? Now that’s trickier, if he were a little older we’d have said Tom ‘Draco Malfoy’ Felton, but he’s a little too young.

    Ask the man himself however and the answer is clear, as he said: “Who would I have to play me? You mean, apart from Brad Pitt obviously.”