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Tom Cruise & Olga Kurylenko: 'Oblivion' UK Premiere!

Tom Cruise & Olga Kurylenko: 'Oblivion' UK Premiere!

Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko continue their tour of Europe at the UK premiere for their film Oblivion held at the BFI IMAX on Thursday (April 4) in London, England.

The 50-year-old actor and the 33-year-old actress premiered the film in Dublin the evening prior!

Oblivion, which also stars Morgan Freeman and Melissa Leo, hits theaters in the US on April 19 – be sure to check out the sci-fi flick!

FYI: Olga is wearing a Marchesa dress, Ferragamo shoes, De Beers earrings and ring, and Stark bag.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko at the UK premiere for Oblivion

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tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 01
tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 02
tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 03
tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 04
tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 05
tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 06
tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 07
tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 08
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tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 11
tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 12
tom cruise olga kurylenko oblivion uk premiere 13

Credit: Stuart Wilson, Gareth Cattermole; Photos: Getty
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  • Hendrik

    Where is Andrea Riseborough??

  • funny witch

    Hopefully she is will not become RoboWife №4

  • omaha
    Chic Chick of April : Kiernan Skipka

  • steve mcqueen

    cant wait to watch this

  • KC

    Olga’s dress is gorgeous. She is stunning.

  • dani

    Another stunning dress by the ever classy Olga.

  • Cate

    Olga has looked so good on this promo tour. This is one of my favourite looks so far.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Another home run for Olga.
    I will not watch the movie but I wish it does well, for Olga, of course!

  • Victoria

    What an amazing couple. Tom is an amazing Boyfriend. He knows how to pleasure and satisfy a woman. He holds her body close and feels the warmness grow as they generate the heat of long long lovers. He kisses her neck and down her chest. He uses AthenaToysdotcom

  • Olga

    @Suri the meal ticket:
    of course ;-)

  • Oblivion IMAX Poster
  • Four Clips from Oblivion

    If you can’t wait until April 19 to see “Oblivion,” then the four new clips that have been released by Universal should be a good tease for you. They feature everything we’ve been dying to see in the movie: the Bubbleship, the Scavs and, of course, Tom Cruise.

    The most interesting of the four clips is the second, which is when Cruise’s Jack Harper sees Olga Kurylenko’s character for the first time. As the third clip informs us, Jack has no memories from before his “mission” began, but he also for some reason recognizes the girl in the pod. Clearly there’s a lot going on that he isn’t clued in on.

  • M83 – Oblivion ST Stream

    “Breathe in the light and say goodbye.” Well, this is the moment some of you have been waiting for. Back Lot Records has released a streaming version of M83′s new soundtrack for Oblivion, including all 17 tracks (on the regular release) available to listen to in full right now. We originally featured the first “StarWaves” track, and felt it was worthwhile to mention this full release. Though I don’t know how to feel about these early streaming releases, because at this point I’d rather wait to hear the rest of the score in the movie first, then listen to the rest of the soundtrack. But that’s just me. If you’re anxious to start listening to these songs right away without the visuals, this is your opportunity. From what I’ve listened to, everything sounds amazing.


    Oblivion‘s one of the more interesting sci-fi movies to emerge in the past few years – far from the dark underworld of films like Prometheus and Alien, Oblivion takes its cues from the lofty, airy architecture of Mies van der Rohe and the expansive vistas of Kubrick and Lawrence of Arabia. Tom Cruise plays Jack Harper one of the last men stationed on a post-apocalyptic Earth, eking out a humdrum existence fixing drones – that is, until he rescues a beautiful stranger (Olga Kurylenko) from a wrecked spacecraft.

    Its director, Joseph Kosinski, studied architecture before making the leap across to filmmaking – so if there was ever a sci-fi epic tailormade for the discerning design crowd, it’s Oblivion. Now in the process of making the third Tron film and promoting Oblivion, he tells us more about the ideas that drove the film to the screen.

    No word on whether the Grimes song features in the movie, though.
    - See more at:

  • TC Armani Suit

    Tom Cruise joined his co-star Olga Kurylenko, who stole the spotlight from her more famous co-star, on the red carpet at the BFI IMAX in London this evening for the ‘Oblivion’ premiere this evening.

    The actor, who plays Jack Harper in the science fiction movie, wore a Giorgio Armani Made to Measure charcoal grey three-piece suit.

    His sleek suit was styled with a grey shirt and copper coloured neck tie.

    Both actors are looking pretty sharp for people who have been on a world-wind non-stop promo tour.

  • Anne

    Sincerely concerned:

    this site in another post you said: The best think for him is to dump Scientology and tell his mother and sisters to get a life so he can learn to stand on his own two feet. Tell what?

  • Anne

    @Suri the meal ticket:

    I was missing you. You know all about Tom should be the family of Katie.

  • pecatortes

    Tom Scientology handlers might not have to pay anyone here, there are a lot of Scientology slaves at the cult compound in East Grinsted.

    Scientology is not classified as a religion in the UK and L Ron Hubbard was banned from the country as an undesirable.

  • Just a Poster

    He looks like he’s gotten over the divorce and feels good. Speaking from a career point of view, he managed to get his movies made on time: Mission Impossible IV, Rock of Ages, Jack Reacher, Oblivion, All You Need is Kill. That’s a lot of work. Now comes the fun part, attending and promoting the movie premieres, press conference, etc. But between the movies Mission Impossible to All You Need is Kill, our boy was working hard and trying to keep everything else in order while he went through his divorce. The last two-three years Tom Cruise was working hard.

  • Just a Poster

    I bet going to this premiere is the first time in a LONG TIME he’s attended this type of event with someone that was NOT his wife or girlfriend (Mimi Rodgers, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes), so there were no emotional ties or arguments before the premiere (if that’s what’s happened in the past) and he just had to get dressed and arrive and meet his co-star(s) and director at the premiere. Of course it always helps if on the red carpet the male star is posing with a beautiful companion who’s wearing a beautiful dress. I think they both looked good, no tension, just both cool and happy. These kind of pictures make the public see that Cruise has moved on from his divorce. He’s here to sell the picture and secure his box office record.

  • Just a Poster

    This actress Olga K is going to get more exposure in these premieres promoting Oblivion now that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced because had they still been together there would have been one or two with Tom and Olga and the rest of the pictures would have been with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. But that’s not going to happen so this actress Olga will be getting maximum exposure as it looks nicer to photograph Tom Cruise on the red carpet with a beautiful companion wearing a gorgeous dress. Mission accomplished. When his next movie All You Need is Kill is released, if Tom Cruise is not dating anyone he will be photographed with his co-star the talented Emily Blunt. You can see in the photographs that Cruise has moved on. He looked content, happy, I don’t see any sadness in his eyes. Flipside, I see Katie Holmes happy one day and the next day looking dishelved, pensive, sad.

  • annie

    @ just a poster
    when you are living your life, and I mean living your life, not pretending to go somewhere so people can see your new clothes, head full of styled hair, then if you are walking in severe windy conditions, or taking your daughter to school, doing errands, yes there are times when you look dishevelled.
    And just to get some things straight, in an honest way, and seeing that you people travel the internet on anything Katie Holmes, go have a look at the Batman Begins premieres.
    The beautiful face, gorgeous hair, nice dresses, paticularly a long black and white one, can’t remember if it was France Japan not sure, which one, you wouldn’t have the guts to compare.
    But she’s made mistakes and now she’s paying, big time,even if her mistakes were by association, she’s lost her mojo, lost her flow at least for a while longer, then her best work will come, success, even a new hubby.
    I’m a big Katie fan, and it sadens me to see that beautiful radiance and smile gone, even the more rounded body everything that she had with Chris Klein…..
    Go have a look at the Pieces of April premier, the beautiful smile everybody knew, well it seems to have gone,although not always, you still get glimpes of it.
    Well hopefully she’ll get it back, and she now knows that all that glitters is far from gold.
    So it will be quite surprising if her next love will be an actor, or that she’ll be so accommodating as she was with TC.
    Yes the ultimate silly silly girl!
    The only good thing to come out of her relationship with him was her daughter.
    Although, mind you, I have thought for a while, whether she got depression in the relationship, and whether it has gotten treated.
    He scars the women he marries, at least if you’re not married to him you can kiss him goodbye, more easily, like Pen Cruz, her career was very important to her, she was gone for 3months making Sahara, in the desert, something he wouldn’t have liked. Funny that they broke up just before she left to make that movie.

  • Den of Geek

    The bustling for attention amongst this year’s summer blockbuster entries has long since begun in earnest, and we’ve got a trio of brand new posters that have been released over the past day or so.

    The best of them is probably the one for the incoming Tom Cruise sci-fi flick Oblivion. This is a film that it seems few are chuntering about right now, a surprise given that it’s the first blockbuster of the season. Don’t hold us to it, but Oblivion may yet turn out to be one of the summer’s sweetest surprises.

  • Huffington Post

    Hollywood star Tom Cruise revealed he has no qualms about going topless on screen, despite his age.

    The ‘Mission: Impossible’ actor, who celebrated his 50th birthday last July, bares his top half in his latest film, sci-fi epic ‘Oblivion’.

    “I don’t get embarrassed, I just do it,” he said at the film’s UK premiere at London’s BFI Imax.

    “I’ve been offered a number of times to (direct). But I love acting and I enjoy the process of working with the director,” he said.

    “I started producing films just because of my love of it and I wanted to create stories that they weren’t making. So no, but I will act for the rest of my life.”

    His co-star Olga Kurylenko, in a Marchesa dress and Salvatore Ferragamo heels, had only compliments for her leading man.

    “I was nervous about meeting him at first but when I met him, he was so open, kind and welcoming. Tom is a generous partner. And he lights up the room with his energy,” she said.

    Kosinski, who also directed Tron: Legacy, added: “He is the hardest working man I’ve ever met.”

  • good golly miss MOLLY

    tommyboy and olga have scored five marriages between em. a relationship made in heaven .

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Cate: Lol. Tom Cruise is probably going home and $&&@%#%?+$&”!

  • Sincerely concerned

    @Anne: just my opinion: obviously Scientology has screwed up is personal life. He needs to trust himself and make his own decisions or he will never grow up. Hence, Tommygirl.

  • Sincerely concerned

    @annie: Too bad she can’t get hypnotized for having no more feelings of him than a poster on a wall. Hey, why not? Someone posted that she was open to different religions, etc. I sure as hell would go for it!!! On the other side though, Nicole did her best work after her split with Moulon rouge.

  • Sincerely concerned

    Seriously though!!! On a JJ site for Holmes, there is a post of a site on Suri on a Disney World ride, probably a cousin. The kid’s rxn. To Suri’s rantings says it all. There is a cancer growing and it’s called Tom Cruise! Let’s see how narcissistic he really is. Will he continue to screw her up???

  • Just a Poster

    - When Katie sprung the divorce news that she was leaving Tom Cruise she might have felt she got the last laugh, had the upper hand, etc. BUT leaving him, surprising Cruise was a divorce was not going to be the last part of their story, its how you survive without him after you publicly humiliated him was going to be the part Katie was going to regret. Cruise didn’t play her game and stayed out of the public. Katie was seen almost daily with Suri trying to appear like the victor, taking Suri to her new school (the point being she was no longer homeschooled which were Cruise’s wishes), getting on the public subway (although we no longer see her on the Subway she has a driver and car), appearing on Dead Accounts (which flopped), getting an endorsement from Bobbie Brown, etc. Like him or not, it was not a good idea to publicly humiliate Cruise or anyone for that matter. Katie knew what she was getting into and then decided to check out. Whatever happens in her future or career, I doubt she will become an A list player in the entertainment industry. She had many opportunities opened to her when she was married to Cruise and if she had real talent she would have been able to weather the divorce but she does not have enough talent to stand on her own. Take the monthly $12,500 you get in child support and invest checks that you get for Suri’s child support and invest in property outside of Manhatten. The checks stop in 11 years. Katie will be 45 years old by then and her chances in the entertainment business will be even less. Be smart.

  • Just a Poster

    He’ll stay in the celebrity news because he has this movie coming out, and then his next movie All you Need is Kill is already completed, and he’s lined up others on his IMBD. He’s working and keeping busy. But like he has said many times “he loves filmmaking, making movies.” So he’s doing what he loves.

  • Just a Poster

    He’s 50 years old but like they say “50 is the new 40″ so as long as Cruise stays fit and generally happy in his life he’ll be around for years to come. When a person is not happy it shows in their eyes, face, they carry that unhappiness, even actors can’t hide it. I think the “Katie & Suri chapters” are behind him, especially if Suri has a development issue.

  • myma

    “I think the “Katie & Suri chapters” are behind him, especially if Suri has a development issue.

    If this is the case, that’s horrible and further confirms what a terrible person Cruise is. Suri is his child, whether you believe she is biologically his or not. He’s the only father she knows. If she’s “behind him” as you suggest, he deserves a sharp kick in the butt. A real man doesn’t abandon his child finanacially or emotionally. And if she does have a “development issue” (why you would say that makes me wonder about you), all the more reason to be there for her.

    You seem to be obsessed with Cruise “Just a Poster”. He’s NOT a decent person. He is one of two heads of a cult, has had 3 marriages that blew up in his face, AND perhaps the reason Katie Holmes left him so publically is because she was afraid he’d hurt her. Maybe she HAD TO. Marraiges break up all the time, but in this case, she had disposable phones and had to do everything secretly. Women don’t do that unless they have a good reason. In addition, Holmes got FULL CUSTODY and Cruise only got visitation. THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN NY UNLESS THERE IS A VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD REASON. I know because I’m New Yorker who is divorced. Cruise had to have done something pretty awful that is a threat to his child for Holmes to have been granted FULL LEGAL CUSTODY. That means only Holmes has the ability to make decisions for Suri. It means Cruise has no say in her life at all. Sorry Cruise fanatic, but that means the judge believes Cruise is a negative and/or dangerout influence.

    I am not particularly a Holmes fan anymore, but she got sucked into a bad situation by a sinister, horrible man who thinks he’s better than everyone else. This guy helps run a cult that kills people and holds them prisoner and brainwashes them. He’s a bad, bad, bad person who happens to have a nice smile and is a decent enough actor that he ACTS nice. She got pregnant quickly and was stuck. He probably promised her the world. When she realized he was crazy and rotten to the core, she did what she had to do to get herself and her daughter away from him.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Just saw a picture of another Suri’s public meltdown in the Disney World.
    KHo asked her to get off the race car, Suri refused and threw a fit.
    Public meltdown.
    Any more question why Tommy doesn’t want to be seen with Suri in public? And I suspect Suri still goes to that school. The paps can figure out KHo took Suri to vacation in FL, then managed to take their vacation pictures in the theme park, yet no picture of Suri dropped off and picked up from her school anymore.
    Why is that?
    Did KHo and Suri car pooled with the paps to FL?
    Has Suri stayed home most of the days?

  • Anne

    Why do some refuse to accept that the marriage of Cruise contracts are and these women are actresses wanting to leverage the opportunistic career? Lambs same, only the children. He should do with DiCaprio and Clooney, staying only in dating, would be cheaper.

  • annie

    @ Myma
    thank you , thank you , at last somebody who makes sense, much needed around here, where nastiness rules!
    please stay around, i know a lot of people who don’t like coming on this thread , because of the nastiness.

    there were twitters everywhere , the dining area, the bathroom, and most of the pics, and the little videos were as blurry as anything.
    one woman sent a letter to Loving Katie Holmes, she had a newborn baby, and Katie and her mum congratulated her.
    people take pics on their phones, and send them.
    we must have seen different videos, because i saw a happy and sweet little girl, paticularly when she’s waiting for her ride, she’s talking up a storm and she’s a regular little jumping bean.
    and the funniest comment of all… we know.tom is the ultimate actor, he can fake anything, it’s just another role! besides he lies out of his teeth, seen it lots of times.

    @sincerely concerned
    he knows how to press her buttons, and always will, believe me he will always be there and he won’t let her forget him.
    Katie will get on top of it, there are good things ahead for her, really there is.
    the thing with her is, she can’t fake things as easily as him, ……one day she’s brimming with confidence, and the next day, not so much.
    you know , people like Katie, who were brought up with everything, a loving family, nice house, nice things, nice life, when something rocks their boat, it gets a bit hard, because they have never had to build an instinct for survival.
    listen to Tom talk about his father, that guy did a job on his son good and proper, at a young age TC fought for survival, he instinctivly knows, it’s in built for him, he’s never , ever going down, or ever put in the position he was as a young boy.
    seriously, i think that if he never became fanatical about Scie, if he never became fanatical about it’s teachings, and just simply believed, and didn’t try to shove it down peoples throats, respect is the word here, he would have a much easier life.
    the agressiveness and arrogance he showed so openly in 2005, he doesn’t show it anymore in public, but behind closed doors it’s there, the real scientology Tom came through.
    they teach you to stare the other person into submission, I saw ANNE ARCHER do it on a current affair programe, with that English guy who writes about Scie.
    She scared the shit out of me , just watching her on TV.
    there is a nice side to tom, but an equally ruthless side to him as well
    also if Katie was after recognition, as the other poster says she wouldn’t have had a baby, or taken a year off after Suri’s birth.

  • Anne


    Despite being a mega-star, rich, famous and beautiful, this arrogance, total control, religious fanaticism, would not be insecure? Complex rejection, abandonment by the father? Repressed homosexuality? He is human, has flaws.

  • A Comment only

    –@Annie – How do you know he has not gotten over his father’s abandoment? Barbra Streisand once said her mother was super critical of her growing up and BS deseperately wanted her mother’s approval, Barbra became an overachiever, very hard on herself, as she became more successful she got help for this insecurity and one day said in an interview she understood her mother was being hard and she needed her security, her approval, but one day she didn’t need it anymore. Surely insecurity must peer its head out every once in a while but when you begin to have successes and you learn to deal with those insecurities you have also moved on. I am not defending Cruise but I think there is a pressure to remain on top when you reach his success. Whether he’s made peace with his father’s abandoment or not, only he knows that. And maybe someone like Katie needs a partner that has more discipline than her. I don’t think she is consistant. That is just my opinion.

  • annie

    I agree that Katie needs a partner who is strong and disiplined, very much so, also agree Katie is very inconsistant.
    I’ve said many times that I like astrology……he’s a water sign…she’s a fire sign, she can be really stubborn, no mistake, doesn’t think things through, which is obvious, because SAG is impetious, do now think later, or in her case pay later.
    His feelings are very important to him, his world.
    In a way it’s sad because he loves family, but he loves family on his terms.
    I only brought up his dad , because Tom probably had to learn to survive in his life , where Katie never had to, because she had everything all her life, different way of dealing with things.
    Do you think for one minute his sacking from Paramount went down easy, or that Scie video of him.
    This huge star, had become a laughing stock, and next to him , so did Katie.
    All of a sudden, where never a bad word was ever said about her anywhere, she was never criticized for anything, then all of a sudden she only had to breath and people were nasty.
    Mortons book, Scientology.
    Ok she accepted it in the beginning, but what happened if she started to see things, that maybe she started to question, especially concerning their daughter, and her upbringing.
    And something certainly went horribly wrong, that’s obvious for KH to get full custody. That is the most telling thing in their relationship, and we are talking about ….yes probably the most famous actor in the world, only getting visitation rights.
    People can say whatever, nobody is privvy to how things are behind closed doors, but this is a major fact……something was not right, and it obviously has something to do with Tom or his lifestyle, that was detrimental to Suri,
    You can make your own judgements, but that is fact, people on here say , do you know him, you don’t know anything about him.
    he’s got access to the best lawyers in the world, yet he has no say about anything concerning Suri….his daughter, his child.
    You have to ask , why?
    This is a man who the people he works with , have nothing but good things to say, sweet , generous, kind, but….. there must be something!