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Amanda Bynes: 'I Have An Eating Disorder'

Amanda Bynes: 'I Have An Eating Disorder'

Amanda Bynes has taken to her Twitter to defend accounts of her media portrayal, and in doing so, admitted she has an eating disorder.

“I’m suing certain blogs and magazines saying I have a mental illness! They take pictures anytime I’ve gained weight then write a fake story!” the 27-year-old actress tweeted, just one day after her birthday. “I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin.”

“They write a news article about every tweet I write and I hate the pictures they choose. They repeat what I tweet then add a bad photo.” she added.

No word from Amanda whether she’s sought help for her disorder. We wish her the best!

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  • NYC

    I have always loved this woman’s work. I have no idea why she is having such a hard time. She is awesome.
    Beautiful actress who made some great movies.
    All the best to her.

  • Sam

    It’s really weird how all of a sudden she’s EVERYWHERE causing issues for herself. I hope she really seeks help.

  • Jo

    She’s pulling a Lindsey Lohan

  • Rocky


    ITA. Instead of dissing her, let’s hope she gets the help she needs.

  • Leenah

    What happened to her? She is funny and talented..but she’s on the crazy train right now.

  • David

    Interesting that she’s seemingly more offended about unflattering pictures than the fact that they’re claiming she’s mentally ill.

    Regardless, I considered myself a fan of hers since I was 10 so I’m sad to see her having a hard time. I hope she comes out the other side of this.

  • Read

    What happened to her? I remember adoring her as a kid. I hope she seeks help!

  • whatev

    Yeah right…. she is just looking for more sympathy and ATTENTION.

  • no sympathy

    they only complain about having eating disorders when they’re not as skinny anymore and called chubby on the internet

  • no sympathy

    how about they admit to eating disorders when they’re on top, getting roles, envied by women and desired by men, on the cover of magazines, in stupid beauty rankings, etc. ? now that would be a first.

  • Missy

    Eating disorders are mental illnesses…

  • an opinion

    I hope someone steps in and give her the help she needs.

  • Emmy

    I think it is the media stalking her and twisting everything she says and does. She appears to be having some issues, but instead of giving her some space they are going to let the whole world know her every move and add their spin. They did the same crap to Britney Spears. Where is the compassion?

  • Uh huh

    @Missy: That is true. A lot of people realize that.

    On a different note: the first step to recovery is admitting one has a problem. Hopefully, she gets help for this before she loses the battle.

  • Jesse

    Seriously i believe Amanda! Why do you guys think Amanda needs help? She keeps saying she’s not mentally ill and there is no proof she’s crazy other then the paparazzi who make money off of (fake) stories!

  • Asdfg

    She’s different! Not the normal cookie cutter hollywood star! Tabs don’t kiss her A$$ because she doesn’t gaf for the tabs!

    I will say some of things she’s said in the past made me SMH but that doesn’t mean she has a mental illness just a twisted perception of things!

  • notsosad

    she’s a narcissistic twit taking up oxygen.

  • an

    loool she is INSANE

  • julie

    You have a disorder. PERIOD.

  • Sheila

    Well if she is not insane, then she’s just an idiot and silly!! Seriously, she is 27 years old(!!!) most people have their stuff together by this age, many are parents and have productive lives and aren’t tweeting everytime they breathe. This idiot is all “wahh woe-is me, the media hates me, my life is in a bubble” all the time on Twitter. But both this idiot and Lindsay Lohan live in the past when they were cute little girls who were told they were special and now that is fading away and they headiing towards 30 and not so cute anymore. She would be better of to say she is mentally ill, then she would get some empathy, but nope she’s just a self-centred, stupid idiot then.

  • Justme

    Haven’t heard of her filing lawsuits so think that’s bull. Didn’t she retire?? Retire already then and check into an asylum because you are craycray. And if she is not mentally insane, means she’s not too bright, unlkeable and in need of attention.

  • GoNads

    Sure, she has a disorder. It’s definitely not an eating disorder, though. Something along the lines of bipolar, maybe? Schizophrenia? She needs serious help and a psychological evaluation.

  • sherry lynee

    She needs to be committed into an asylum

  • Ella

    Homegirl needs some TLC, stat. It’s crazy to see Hollywood destroying one seemingly promising starlet after another.

  • melissa

    I think a lot of these comments are uncalled for. If you dont like her, then go somewhere else but I would hate to be your parent, friend or kid who HAS an issue and get treated this way? Horrible. She’s asking her attention? YES because obviously no one is helping her and she’s crying out for help.

  • melissa

    @Justme: I would hate to be your parent, friend or kid who HAS an issue and get treated this way? Horrible.