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Angelina Jolie: Big Apple Outing with Knox & Pax!

Angelina Jolie: Big Apple Outing with Knox & Pax!

Angelina Jolie carries her four-year-old son Knox while out and about in New York City on Friday (April 5).

The 37-year-old actress and her little guy were joined by nine-year-old son Pax for an outing to FAO Schwartz!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

The evening before, Angelina attended the 2013 Women in the World Gala to honor Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old girl who was shot in Pakistan. Check out the pics in case you missed them!

In case you didn’t see, check out fiance Brad Pitt‘s latest poster for his upcoming film World War Z.

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  • Rose

    I thought the trolls are saying no one cares about Angie. I just saw photos at BRANGELINA forum with dozens of ordinary people taking pictures on their cell phones of Angie and her kids leaving FAO Schwartz. Trolls lied again.

  • dawne

    Angelina Jolie carries her four-year-old son Knox while out and about in New York City on Friday (April 5).

    The 37-year-old actress and her little guy were joined by nine-year-old son Pax for an outing to FAO Schwartz!

    1. Carriers her four year old son…………now this is possibly the most beautiful child I have ever laid my eyes on………NOT ONE ADJECTIVE.

    2. …..and her little guy………joined by nine year old Pax……NOT ONE ADJECTIVE

    Now read A.N.Y. other thread of some D lister on up and the adjectives about their kids are downright corny and over the top.

    Question to Jared and his team:

    Is there a Hen on your staff…perhaps bought and paid for by Stephanie……….Now……..I looked at all the photos taken of Angie and the absolute L.E.A.S.T. flattering one was put up as the lead image on this thread.

    Now am I suffering from paranoia or is my ‘gut’ right as usual and it is telling me there is a very subtle conspiracy to ‘downgrade’ Angie going on????

    Love to know what say the other fans. How d’ya like dem apples, Joe???? LMAO

  • anustin

    bwahahaha…all the moroniston fans are in agony.yo!! anjie is with her little brad,eh. fcknistons.hikhikhik

  • dawne

    Knox will be a James Dean….Robert Redford and Brad Pitt triple threat……..omg what a perfect blend of their genes. And he looks so happy………..couldn’t see a thing with Pax……….

  • Queen Jolie

    Omg,new pics. Pax is so cute and funny and Knox is just so beautiful. He looks like Shilo.He has the most beautiful eyes.I don’t know but for me he is the most beautiful little boy in Hollywood.His smile is melting.

  • fiona

    Knox is so beautiful.

  • Queen Jolie

    Wow, Halle pregnant.Isn’t she too old to get pregnant? But I guess since it is not her first, I’m sure there will be no problem. What I really want to hear to get pregnant is JA. I want to see if she will have a kid as beautiful as Knox.

  • Forever and Forever B&A

    Toy Raiders! Angelina Jolie’s sons Pax and Knox fill their boot as they excitedly dash around FAO Schwarz store

  • paige

    The most beautiful little boy in Hollywood,I agree, than Noami Watts son,Samuel

  • oh boy

    @JJ and JP kids = no adjectives:

    Does it matter. Beside the kids are very cute and have great personalities. Don’t need Jared to state the obvious..

    Love the pics. Knox has really beautiful eyes

  • groundcontrol

    Joe and tammy are both males who are weirdly obsesed with Angelina and Brad.
    They’re not males. Whamo, on the other sad hand, is a male. Since this is Friday, it’s safe to call him a dateless male who will need a hand tonight.

  • YIB

    before I take a break lol….
    I want to say I saw the new TP movie and boy was it good.
    the point is even that kk looks wide even before the baby now after the baby she will be more widddddeeee. sorry but truth girl has two people everything from neck down even before pregnancy I though tlets hope it is not my eyes or the screen….

  • marina

    It has been noticed before, how in many of the JPs children Jared or whoever writes the intros, do not use nice adjectives anymore. There used to be a diffence, but it seems like lately they are not writing many adjectives into the blog entries.
    Just check a few pages into the “celebrity babies” tag.
    What is bothering me here is that Pax is written as if he were not as important, soemthing in the writing seems off.

  • Bea

    Typical twisted Ticky fan. The police should track you down if you are examing the private parts of children that closely. Hey JJ – track a pedophile right here on your own site – do the children of the world a favor.

  • gia

    The kids are getting so big…Knox is no longer a baby.. aww All the kids are beautiful.

  • marina

    Tnx JJ for erasing that awful post

  • Shreya

    Gorgeous mummy with her handsome sons…

  • hopeso

    MY LADY!!!!!!!

    Jared you are spoiling me

  • naturegirl

    Another sighting always look for then cannot get enough of them
    Love the Jolie-Pitt

  • Bea

    Thanks JJ for getting rid of that vile post.

  • Moroniston

    @Courteney_Cocks: Maniston hen, please go stand in front of a moving vehicle.

  • Passing Through

    This is the face of a future heartbreaker – and I’m talking about kindergarten. Knox is not quite 5 and already he’s got swagga. Great hair? Check. Great smile? Check. Big blue eyes? Check. “Letter jacket”? Check. Gold lame velcro sneakers? Check. Coolest parents evah? Check. Coolest siblings evah? Check. Yessirree, Bob. Gonna be a whole lot of disappointed girls by the time Knox moves on to first grade…

  • BradPitt




    Does anyone have to guess why i gave Angie my Great grandmother’s wedding band?????




  • Knox is just like Shii

    Knox looks like Shii. He have the same expresions, the same smile and the same face and hair.

    He appear to be a very cool little dude. Like his big sister Shii have done one time when She was in Amsterdan with Zee and Angie, remember, he friendly salute the Paps with his hand and big smile.

    really funny and cute.

  • The Real Deal


    Maybe he should change his screen name to Whack off!!

  • yep

    Cute pictures. Pax has so much personality; you can’t help but smile.

  • max

    I dont understand anything. Where do they live? Cant they live in the same place?

  • oh boy


    You are really an idiot. Read the thread before making your comments. It has to be embarrassing to walk through life without an ounce of sense.

  • Go Figure!

    Jared put up a new thread for Lenny and Squiggy. Maybe all her fans will leave this site and go post there. Come on, show them some love. Rose, I’m definitely not feeling this LaVel woman. Why is she trying to spar with Juan? Hope it backfires on her.

  • JP Fan

    I just took a peek at squigs thread and a hen said that he is filthy rich, these hens are so funny

  • anustin

    awwww knoxy is a heartbreaker.hehehehe

  • anustin

    lolz for the sake of kids happiness….got to agree ….therouxsaurus is filthy rich.

  • anustin


    i see halle is knock up.leave nahla to her dad.

  • GAL

    She looks soooo skinny, nearly unhealthy. Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful, but nothing like some years ago, like in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Alexander… Now her beauty is very normal.
    She needs to gain some weight cause she’s looking old for her age.
    Anyway, Pax and Knox are adorable and her family is lovely.

  • realist

    Knox looks like Angelina. He’s going to be a knock-out when he grows up.

  • juju

    her beauty very normal?????
    if normal people looked like this

    the world would be so much better
    envy n jealousy blinds u crazy b i t c h e s

  • teri

    Awww what a sweet mother and son’s outing. Love them so much :)

  • YIB

    baaaak. lol I am heading out offff day finnnnnalyl.

    Agreed adrobs the x bros are cool or we call the the jp bros…All I would love to see now ( I am sure many of you) is a full presence of jps love, touch, un mistakable talk… beauty… wannnnt to seeee that..
    can’t wait until brad promiton…and the wedding may be that is what they holding. A white gown and the wedding picture. I told you I buy twooooo copies :D
    did Angie finish her schedule in Ny? I want more photos more news yeah slefish me.

  • http://GOOGLE lan



  • Dakota

    Angie always spends quality time with each of her kids. I bet the boys had a ball together. Pax always looks like he loves life. I bet he has many tricks up his sleeve to show his younger brother, Knox.

  • YIB

    ok x17 is dumb as per usual. knox look John Voight? so what if he looks. John Voght wasn’t a bad looking guy was tall and fine looking in older movies. And Angie has many of his features.
    But why a blog has to travel to the Grandpa while the boy has many of his mom looks and they were saying it lilke a bad thing?
    Not only he look more and more of Angie as he is growing he also has Brad features in the background around his eyes when you seen him from side around his mouth the Brad family feautres of Brad moms and brads…

  • YIB

    i have many names i use.

  • YIB


    i am a r e t a r d

  • YIB

    @YIB: fu stop stealing myname

  • YIB

    i change my name daily
    sometimes i play role of a fan, other times a troll.
    depends on my mood of the day


    @YIB: fu stop stealing my FJWP

  • Moroniston

    The hens are bitter because there beloved idol has gained 30 pounds. Don’t hate on Angie because she is the size Ticky wants to be but can’t because she’s GREEK. BWAHAHAHAH.

  • YIB

    i am a hypocrite

  • YIB

    gald I am out here. pigs enjoy me not you me not have 100 names.

  • YIB