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Angelina Jolie: Big Apple Outing with Knox & Pax!

Angelina Jolie: Big Apple Outing with Knox & Pax!

Angelina Jolie carries her four-year-old son Knox while out and about in New York City on Friday (April 5).

The 37-year-old actress and her little guy were joined by nine-year-old son Pax for an outing to FAO Schwartz!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

The evening before, Angelina attended the 2013 Women in the World Gala to honor Malala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old girl who was shot in Pakistan. Check out the pics in case you missed them!

In case you didn’t see, check out fiance Brad Pitt‘s latest poster for his upcoming film World War Z.

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433 Responses to “Angelina Jolie: Big Apple Outing with Knox & Pax!”

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  1. 151
    LoL Says:

    I bet the folks in DC are shocked at the lack of interest in Brad Pitt.
    I am always shocked when he doesn’t get the attention he desires from the press. It’s odd but that’s what happens who you’re overexposed, people just don’t care to see or hear about you.

  2. 152
    fyi Says:

    Brad and Angie flew NYC together. According to tweets, Brad was on set of Jonah Hill and James Franco’s movie set on Thursday near NYC, Brad produced the movie. Brad was invited to Horatio Alger Award, the award invites HW star every year, but no photographer allowed, in the past, Oprah and Leo were there but no pictures. But since now social media, many Horatio Alger Award winner took pictures with Brad and sent it out via social media.

  3. 153
    LUcian Says:

    I saw many tweet pics of Brad last night on other site. He looked great in that tux.

  4. 154
    LoL Says:

    @fyi: Trying to make excuses for the lack of interest? Don’t be like chanel, don’t forget the receipts. Aka proof of your claims. Btw, one day onset does not = producing. Just like most of what he does he is producer in name only kind of like his parenting, huh? lol

  5. 155
    kate Says:

    Knox is so cute:) and the other boy is ugly.

  6. 156
    LUcain Says:

    Some people tweeted their lives were complete after they took pics with Brad. haha. The house majority leader Eric Cantor tweeted his pic with Brad.

  7. 157
    LoL Says:

    I am always shocked when not only does the press (including tabloids) ignore Brad Pitt but i have an absolite fit when they ignored his free drug addicts article. Nearly spit water because of sadness and anger. whyyyyy do they ignore Brad but angie gets all attention? it is not fare. Had angelina written that article it would have had widespread recognition and if she was in DC the world would know it becauwe the press would pick the storynup. i Hate that b angelina.

  8. 158
    a fan Says:

    Thanks for new pixes of Brad. He looks gorgeous.

  9. 159
    QQQQ Says:

    Harvey Levin (TMZ) or whatever his name is used to live 2 doors down from HalleB.

  10. 160
    LoL Says:

    It is not fare. Brad deserves some attention and recognition. Down with angie. She used voodoo magic to have a son that has her face because she hates Brad and doesn’t want him to have a son that looks like him. Knox is the spitting image of angelina jolie, it’s not fare. -signed A longtime Brad Pitt fan yes that means I’m prob about 60

  11. 161
    busted Says:


    Dumb twit.. the film True Story is produced by Plan B.. now who do you think the hell that is.

  12. 162
    Nina Says:

    Brad looks good with long hair. but I can’t wait him cut it.

  13. 163
    BW Says:

    LUcain @ 04/06/2013 at 12:02 pm

    Some people tweeted their lives were complete after they took pics with Brad. haha. The house majority leader Eric Cantor tweeted his pic with Brad.
    Some ppl tweeted back to Eric Cantor saying Brad wasn’t thrilled to have picture taken with you since Brad didn’t smile. LOL, but Brad was all smiling in other pictures with other ppl.

  14. 164
    busted Says:

    So now the trolls are on the Brad and Angie are not together because these losers have not seen pics of them. You would think they wouldn’t care. But OH NO they are dying to see pics of Brad and Angie.The people they claim nobody cares about.

    Yeah.. begging for pics and information. I think that is why they spout this stuff off on this site. So the fans will give them a fix; any JP news.

  15. 165
    woow Says:

    New photos of Brad. He is looking hot. I wonder if the whole JP family in NYC since Brad is also there. They will go some where else afterwards.

  16. 166
    a lurker Says:

    crdt Brangelinaforum

    True story! Brad Pitt movie will be filmed at Sparky’s Diner in Garnerville on Monday
    05 April 2013 by Latoya West

    Sparky’s Diner in Garnerville might be serving up some Brad Pitt on Monday.

    “True Story,” a movie co-produced by Pitt and starring James Franco and Jonah Hill, will be filmed at the cozy Garnerville location. Producers might have chosen Sparky’s for its homey feel.

    The crew will be at the diner for one day only and there’s no word yet on which actors will be featured in the scenes being filmed.

    The film is an adaptation of a memoir by journalist Michael Finkel. Hill plays Finkel. Franco plays Christian Longo, a fugitive who would only grant interviews to Finkel.

    While it would be more likely to see Jonah and James are on the set Monday, we’re hoping Brad will make an appearance too…to, you know, make sure everything is going well on his latest project. (And so we can catch a glimpse Angelina Jolie’s handsome hubby-to-be in person!)

    Which star would you most like to see in Garnerville? Tell us in the comments!

  17. 167
    Jaye Says:

    Phool @ 04/06/2013 at 6:33 am
    Ok, Knox is ready for his close up. This kid is so chill, he doesn’t let anything bother him.

  18. 168
    valis202 Says:


    Brad does look really uncomfortable. I can imagine with Brad being a Democrat, it must be uncomfortable having your picture with a guy who belongs to a party that encapsulates everything that you dislike.

  19. 169
    Just Sayin Says:

    colin powell was at Horatio Alger Award too. It was his birthday yesterday.

  20. 170
    tweet Says:

    Eric Cantor ‏@EricCantor 15h

    At Horatio Alger Association dinner with my wife Diana and Brad Pitt. Celebrating pursuit of the American dream.

  21. 171
    valis202 Says:

    It’s really fascinating to see how much of a power couple not just in terms of entertainment, but now in terms of politics, Brad and Angie have become.

    It just makes you wonder what further accomplishments this wonderful couple have up their sleeves.

  22. 172
    Eva Says:

    LUcian @ 04/06/2013 at 11:56 am

    I saw many tweet pics of Brad last night on other site. He looked great in that tux.
    Seemed like everyone in the event took pictures with Brad. lol

  23. 173
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    I’ve been LMAO at these mindless horshippers who think Heroina is to thank for bringing Malala’s story to the public’s attention. Loons please, your self-serving hor goddess did not raise awareness at all, and paying $200K to get 3 mins of publicity at a podium is not a lot of money to spend, when she knows she’s got a Brand to promote. Any educated person heard about Malala’s story and tragedy way before this vile woman used her for self gain and good PR.

    If you demented sheep ever decided to break out of this site’s gddamn cult and got your news elsewhere, then you would’ve heard about this girl too. If you had, then you’d have known that Heroina was not involved at the time Vital Voices created her fund back in Nov 2012. Why is she lying about it now though? Does she think nobody can look up news from last year? A shameless liar is what she is.

  24. 174
    Ⱦamsin Says:

    Of course the venomous snake wants the adoration and good PR after making a public donation before her new movie comes out, that’s why she inserted herself into the Malala event, whereas 99% of donors have done it anonymously because they don’t need the validation that the black-thong wearing reptilian is desperate for.

    Ho’s LV bags are worth so much more than the amount she donated. She spends more money on cosmetic procedures and products the whole year too. Oh ya, I’m sure she thinks of underprivileged children as she has her assistants carry those bags through the airport’s VIP gates, right! XD

  25. 175
    Rose Says:

    A psychiatrist told me no one is crazy 24/7. I know he’s wrong because he has never met the trolls on Brad and Angelina’s thread. These Bs are cray all day and night. The trolls hate Brad and Angie, however they seek out any crumbs of info they can find to pass judgment. Trolls cannot understand the fans do not care what they have to say, it’s white noise.

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