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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Hold Hands After 'Betrayal' News!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Hold Hands After 'Betrayal' News!

Daniel Craig holds hands with his wife Rachel Weisz as the two head out early on Friday (April 5) in New York City.

That same day, the 45-year-old actor and 43-year-old actress were officially confirmed for the upcoming Broadway play Betrayal written by Harold Pinter. Rafe Spall will also star.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Daniel Craig

Daniel and Rachel will play an adulterous married couple! Previews begin October 1.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz holding hands after the Betrayal news…

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daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 01
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 02
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 03
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 04
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 05
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 06
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 07
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 08
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 09
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 10
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 11
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 12
daniel craig rachel weisz hold hands after betrayal news 13

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  • Lili

    They’re both talented and gorgeous. The play sounds interesting!

  • Jen


  • Tammy

    And besides the fact that they’re deliciously hot, they’re deliciously hot together!!!!

  • Lauren

    I love this couple.

  • Emma

    Daniel’s hot as usual, but Rachel looks a bit nervous in those photos. Go away, paps!

  • Matt

    Daniel and Rachel look completely normal, are very down to earth couple.

  • miss

    For me the most stylish couple. I love his coat.

  • Lea

    I always think of this when I see this couple..
    Wow, a manly man + a womanly woman = hot steamy sex

  • beautybarbie

    i love them they are so talent

  • Chariez

    They’re both beautiful, talented, amazing and sweet.

  • Ana Karen

    Daniel and Rachel are both soooooooooo British AND so lovely AND ARGGG!!!!!!!

  • Vallée
  • Robin


  • Magda

    I’m so glad the news that they’re doing a Browadway play together is confirmed. I wish I could see it, but unfortunately it won’t be possible, Poland is too far away and besides in my job ( I’m a teacher) I can only take a leave in February ( winter break) and in the summer. However, I’m sure it’s going to be a huge success.
    They look beautiful in those pics, Daniel as usual, very energetic, slightly ahead of Rachel as if he wanted to “clear the way” for her. :) They both look stunning.

  • bartel

    They will not last. They cheated, they married fast. They look good together but it is not about love it is about desire and sex.

  • Nora

    They live in NYC. They will star together on Broadway in NYC. Seems like a sweet place!

  • Nora

    Daniel and Rachel live in NYC. They will star together on Broadway in NYC. Seems like a sweet place!

  • just me

    I’m sure you’re glad the thumbs up/down doesn’t work? If it did work, your comment would have been hidden by now, as it’s jurst ridiculous. Are you Satsuko? GET A LIFE!

  • Gabi

    Oh Pleaseeeee…You don’t know what you’re talking about! Daniel and Rachel are such amazing couple. I LOVE them!
    Have a life!

  • Robin

    @bartel: Why do you tell it to me? LOL

  • Gabi

    Alright, let’s not listen jealous people. Daniel and Rachel are so much better than this…

  • Jime

    They are one truly good looking couple and always look really classy and elegant. Rachel looks amazing for being 40 a lot better than some girls half her age

  • Kat

    @bartel: I would be so happy if Daniel felt great sexual desire in me!!!!! OMG.

  • Elle

    @just me:
    Her name is Satsuki…. no big deal though.

  • Absolutely enchanted


    YES, in Skyfall Daniel was fantastic! Someone may say that his ears stick out, that he was pouting a lot ( the sexiest pout in the world), that he looked like a thug, but OMG, HE WAS AWESOME! All those Holywood “poster boys” are not fit to polish his shoes. He’s so manly and his animal-like sex appeal sets me crazy everytime I see him. He’s a real MAN, rough, handsome, his body and eyes simply defy science, his face is so “masculine”, you think, omg, how good he must be in the bedroom…….. Rachel is soooo lucky. I think she’s the most gorgeous actress and I “hate” her at the same time…

  • Launa

    Me either! So they should release it on DVD!!!!!!

  • Magda


    Yes, we can only wish….But believe me, if the play was still on in July, I’d do my best to go and see it although the plane ticket would cost me 3/4 of my monthly salary :) I’d already been to the US a couple of years ago, spent there 1 month and it was the holiday of my life, thanks to my US friends of course.

  • lots

    I can’t get my head round why they’d chose to do this play. It seems a bit callous to me considering their history. Anyway she’s going to have to really go some to make the plot believable, it’s not like the husband is dog ruff. Maybe he will have to wear a fat suit & ugly prosthetics

  • Absolutely enchanted


    You’re right here. Although Spall is 15 years younger than Daniel, he’s got NOTHING on him :) Daniel is far superior in terms of looks, masculinity and sex appeal. Well, a great scope for acting skills :)

  • robin

    These cheaters love attention. How much did he pay Satsuki to disappear so she wouldn’t tell the press about what a cheating jerk he is?

  • Alex

    @robin: So you think she’s a gold digger?

  • Amy

    No one has a proof they are cheaters. Haters always gonna hate.
    Why did Satsuki absolutely obsess with him for five years if he was a jerk?

  • Rie

    Daniel did not have to pay such a money to Satsuki. Daniel may have paid some money or gave a real estate because Satsuki supported him for 5 years. If Satsuki was proud, she wouldn’t accept money to keep quiet. If she accepted money to keep quiet, she’s just a blackmailer. And if Rachel was cheating on Darren, she paid money to keep quiet to him?
    I never heard of such nonsense.

  • Josefine

    @Absolutely enchanted:
    Do you like Skyfall? It’s the best Bond movie I’ve ever seen before. He is the most beautiful man.
    I do not hate Rachel, but she is a very lucky woman. She is so beautiful, Daniel is also very lucky. <3

  • susi

    I dont blame them, the love is not a choice. Now they are happy, Satsuki and Darren are move on, good for them!!!!!!!!!

    … but when TMZ broke the exclusive that Rachel and Darren Aronofsky were splitting, they said that Daniel Craig was behind it.

    …sources tell TMZ Rachel has been linked to “James Bond” star Daniel Craig for months. They worked together on the upcoming flick, “Dream House,” in February and March of 2010.”

    And the timeline, the overlapped is evident:

    They wrapped in march 2.010 Dream House, in november 2.010 Rachel and Darren are done (officially) and in december 2.010 we have the first pics of Rachel and Daniel very in love on Christmas holidays.

    I think they fell in love on Dream House set, they try to suppress their feelings but they went with their partners thinking about each other, finally they inevitably got found out.

  • Mike

    @Absolutely enchanted: @Josefine:
    My ONE disappointment with Skyfall: Bond and Bond girls’s lack of love scanes!!!! Daniel kissed Tonia for 3 seconds. Tonia fondled his chest for 3 seconds. Daniel and Berenice took a shower together, kissed for 5 seconds. That’s all. To be frank, it’s not enough to get us what it is we want!

  • Mike

    @susi: Yes, but TMZ is NOT a reliable source of information. ‘a source’ ‘an insider’ ‘a close friend’ ‘my spy’ — so laughable.

  • Amy

    No, Daniel wrapped DH in April, not March. And the situation/timeline proves nothing. Nobody knows what happened.

  • dune

    Tmz is acurate source and they were right about Rachel splitting with Darren.

  • Julia

    How much did he pay Satsuki to disappear so she wouldn’t tell the press
    What the hell are you talking about? Do you have grown forgetful with age? Sats and her dad SOLD to DailyFAIL her sob story 2 years ago!!
    Their married news gave her a shock. Is it because she thought it would be good to get back with Daniel? LOL

  • Mike

    @dune: It was NOT TMZ’s scoop. It was an official announcement. Reps just told TMZ: “Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky have been separated for some months. They remain close friends and are committed to raising their son together in NYC.”
    “the source” is NOT their reps.

  • Julia

    Lainey claimed TMZ was right. LOOOOOOL We all khow the sources are Darren’s people!

  • Elle

    Rachel said they didn’t fall in love on the set. I think Daniel and Satsuki split up even though he didn’t meet Rachel. He looked fed up with her while playacting the play A STEADY RAIN on Broadway. I’m not conversant with the things of Rachel/Darren, though.

  • shin


    False. The “official” announcement came just after theTMZ exclusive.


    Rachel said she didn’t fall for Daniel at first sight:

    ‘It wasn’t really like that. We’d been friends for ages,’ Rachel told Marie Claire.

    They fell in love when they reconnected for Dream House in Canada.

    –Sept. 14, 2010: Rachel holding hands with Darren during Toronto festival:

    Only 3 months after she was with Daniel enjoying Christmas together.

    They overlapped their relations with Darren and Satsuki.

  • Mike

    Pleasse provide me the link. TMZ reported The official announcement and “the rumor” at the same page.

  • Elle


    Why? Daniel and Satsuki split up in May. 7 months after, he was with Rachel enjoying Christmas together. So Daniel didn’t cheat on Satsuki for Rachel at least. As for Rachel/Darren things, their reps said “they have been separated for some months” in Nov 8. So they have already broke up even though they were holding hands in Sep 13. No one knows when they fell in love each other.

  • lots

    They were screwing before dumping their partners. Daniel is lush but he’s no saint & Rachel, who could blame her? Now they are in love & married, Rachel keeps him on a leash but she will not tame him! My gut tells me history will repeat itself. In the meantime they are a good looking couple
    it’s true, not enough bedroom action! He’s a perfect package of erotic energy, he was born to serve women & as much as I adore his sexy tight suit fighting & every frame that he’s in, I want to see him flexing his soft porn skills in the next movie!!

  • Julia

    @lots: You must not rely on your gut. Didn’t your gut tell you 2/a half years ago that Daniel never married Rachel?

  • heh

    you are arguing about what and when it happened I just remembered one thing. Maybe the truth lies behind this:

    “Craig left the home he shared with long-time girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell one morning, headed for the set of Dream House – the film in which he co-stars with Weisz – and simply didn’t return. Satsuki was frantically calling, texting and emailing him, but he was probably with Rachel and not answering,”

  • @49

    @heh: Wow! Do you believe the made up story in In Touch Weekly? surprise, surprise. That’s just a gossip magazine!! What’s ‘a source’? Don’t believe everything you read in tabloids if you are not shallow.