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Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Rome Premiere

Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Rome Premiere

Gerard Butler and his beautiful girlfriend Madalina Ghenea are all dressed up while attending the premiere for his new film Olympus Has Fallen held at Cinema Adriano on Friday (April 5) in Rome, Italy.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined on the red carpet by his co-star Aaron Eckhart.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, Gerard and Aaron promoted the flick at a photo call.

Check out the video below of Gerry having some fun with the viral hit “Harlem Shake.”

Gerard Butler – Harlem Shake

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237 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Rome Premiere”

  1. 1
    vroomvroom Says:

    love him

  2. 2
    S'port Gal Says:

    Love to see him happy.

  3. 3
    claire m Says:

    LOVE! he can do no wrong in my book!

  4. 4
    Hannah Says:

    She is so beautiful. They look wonderful together!

  5. 5
    allegra Says:

    This is the grande finale of his OHF promo tour, yes? If so, best of luck to GB…get some rest and enjoy your time off.

  6. 6
    kelly Says:

    he looks good but whats that on his arm aaaaakkkkk ok let the $hit hit the fan this thread will sky rocket out of control been reading the post from all the other threads and I can admit you( the ones saying they where stil together) was right they are still together lord I don’t understand this relationship but not that I really care Gerry looks super hot in his suit think mg could have tried harder to glam things up hello to all the regular fans still a fan of his……

  7. 7
    Jolene Says:

    Hey. Look at the full length pic of GB alone. Do you guys think his shoes are blue? They look awesome!

  8. 8
    Mrs Cavill Says:

    Gerard Butler and his boyfriend

  9. 9
    DocP Says:

    FYI JJ, this is what people look like when they dress up.

    Maddie looks like she is dressed for anight of bar hopping not a big Movie Premiere. Take notes from these actresses.

  10. 10
    Joseph Says:

    No, this is not the grand finale of his promo tour … he will be in Johannesburg on Monday and in Mexico on Friday.

  11. 11
    What the eff? Says:

    JJ posts pics of Gerry supposedly coming out of a club in London with three hot chicks then posts a photo of him and his “girlfriend” in the next thread ON THE SAME DAY! What the fck is going on? Is he or is he not in a committed relationship? Too much drama for me!

  12. 12
    DocP Says:

    And just one more example of how to dress for the red carpet. I think Mila Kunis is actually very striking. She was great in this movie so was Michelle Williams and Rachel Weiss.

  13. 13
    @Mrs Cavill Says:

    kkkk really, hard to know who the male

  14. 14
    fan no more Says:

    Aaron looks HOT – what a handsome man. And he is a grownup with class – just sayin.

  15. 15
    What the eff? Says:

    I think she’s trying to look or is pregnant. Gerry is such a dweeb! He’s clueless! lol

  16. 16
    TeaCakes Says:

    @DocP: Excuse me but a movie preem is hardly a glam event. It’s not coat and tails or tux and gown. Most celebs show up at preems to get exposure of their own and a LOT of them show up dressed very casually. Gerry goes to other’s preems in his grungy jeans so why pick on Maddie’s cazh look?

    That Tizziana chick is also wearing black jeans. It’s not a big deal. No one knows who these Italians are anyway. Gerry goes to these events and all these people who aren’t famous show up. What a strange life he leads.


  17. 17
    mxm78 Says:

    This was posted in the comments section on Celebitchy:
    Lucy says:
    April 5, 2013 at 6:25 pm
    I work for a British magazine and Butler turned up for his interview over 50 minutes late and stopped the interview twice to go off and do lines of cocaine. Sadly, that man is a mess and needs to go sort himself out.

  18. 18
    What the eff? Says:

    @fan no more: Yeah, I’m with you. He needs to get some balls and shake this chick or cut them off and marry her……lolololol! I’m pretty done with him myself. He’s too much trouble.

  19. 19
    Kristen Says:

    So happy to see him happy with his beautiful, young girlfriend. Such a gorgeous couple. And such a romantic city. Great place to get married, don’t you agree?

  20. 20
    Joseph Says:

    Are you trying to compare those classy women with a practically unknown lingerie model? Don’t waste your time, there is no possible comparison.

  21. 21
    DocP Says:

    @TeaCakes: If they were going to someone else’s movie premiere I would agree with you. But this is HIS movie premiere and its in Italy. The capital of fashion for Pete sake. I’m just saying that if my BF had a big movie premiere I wouldn’t be wearing leather pants. Maybe a leather skirt or dress but her outfit does not match his or Aarons. Does anyone know did any of the female stars show up for the premiere? I agree with the poster who said Aaron looks good. It amazes me how he can keep his private life so private. I would think it would be extremely difficult for a single good looking male to keep his private life out of the limelight. With gossip magazines and paparazzi being so aggressive.

  22. 22
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    There is something off with Little Maddie’s eyes. I can’t put my finger on it.

  23. 23
    Kristen Says:

    @Joseph You’re right, there is no possible comparison. She is the woman who has his heart. The others are of no consequence to him.

  24. 24
    Onthecontrary Says:

    @TeaCakes: You’re wrong. Premieres are glam events, totally tux and gowns and red carpet. The promos tours not so much. This is just some dinner event for some high dollar big wigs in Italy, probably to drum up some financial backing for future projects. However, she does seem a bit underdressed.

  25. 25
    WickedWitchOfTheWest Says:

    Hello Hannah T., it’s nice to see one of Madalina’s real friends posting here in JJ … you can’t help yourself, isn’t? ;-)

  26. 26
    DocP Says:

    @Joseph: Joseph I thought you were on her side? It doesn’t matter what her status is. She was there with one of the major actors in that film. You would have thought he would have bought her a dress. You don’t see the wifes of the producers and directors going to premiere looking that casual. Yet they have no role in the industry at all. This should have been a good chance for her to network with other people in the industry. I just thought she would wear something more dressy. She’s a model you would think she would have connections to get a nice dress.

  27. 27
    fan no more Says:

    @DocP: Aaron is not an attention seeker like GB. When he filmed a movie in my city, he would sit in a park and eat lunch and read a book. He’s a guy who is comfortable with himself. What a contrast – he and Butler are the ultimate odd couple LOL.

  28. 28
    OHF Says:

    @Totally Useless Information: She is not wearing so much make-up in the eyes area.

  29. 29
    Kristen Says:

    She’s young, thin, beautiful, and loved by a wonderful man. She looks amazing in anything she chooses to wear.

  30. 30
    DocP Says:

    @Kristen: That’s a load of cr’ap and you know it. You sound as delusional regarding her as those fans that post here regarding Gerry. At least be honest. I admit I think she has the ability to be a very pretty girl but these pictures of her are not good. In fact the pics at the VF party she didn’t look good either. I think dating Gerry is really starting to su’ck the life out of this girl.

  31. 31
    TeaCakes Says:

    @Kristen: She does look good. She looks perfect since she’s not in the movie she can wear whatever she wants to.

    At least the sick rumors of their “break up” were knocked down. They are in love and still together.

  32. 32
    Buelle Shush Says:


  33. 33
    Gerry & Madi Say WOOF Says:

    Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Buter are great together! What are some of you upset about? Would you really date Gerard Butler with his history? Do you really want to be in a category of women that includes real housewife Brandi Glanville, professional Hollywood girlfriend Madalina Ghenea, Serbia pronstar Martina Rajic, and countless randoms and aspiring models/actresses? For a man who doesn’t even care if he knows the name of the woman he lays?
    Gerard Butler is a dog. Madalina Ghenea rents her body out for fame. They are PERFECT for each other. They should get married. It’s not like respect is a big concern for either of them. Madalina doesn’t care of Gerard talks about her tatas on Howard Stern and Gerard doesn’t care of Madalina backs her trunk up to her ex’s junk for photos. With standards like that, they may each be the only person that the other could marry.
    So long as the don’t bring kids into the world and try to raise them in their world where respect and dignity have no importance, I say let Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler have at each other all day and all night.

  34. 34
    SouthernBelle Says:

    @Totally Useless Information:

    “There is something off with Little Maddie’s eyes. I can’t put my finger on it.”

    a. plucked eyebrows
    b. cheek fillers
    c. not usual amount of eyeliner
    d. not usual amount of make up
    e. stoned
    f. all of the above

  35. 35
    @teacake Says:

    Gerry, cant bind a woman like that? naturally beautiful, successful actress and young.*1freewallpaper*com%7Cwp-content%7Cgallery%7Ckeira-knightley-wallpaper%7Ckeira_knightley_1366x768*jpg/

    just trash, why? I love money

  36. 36
    The Noise In The Walls Says:

    Post 34
    LOL! And I have to agree.)

  37. 37
    Joseph Says:

    “Joseph I thought you were on her side? ”
    I am on nobody’s side … I just don’t think it is fair to compare an unknown lingerie model with such a good actresses. I really like those three women, in particular Mila Kunis! ;-)

  38. 38
    DocP Says:

    Did you see her in Oz the Great and Powerful? I thought she looked so great. I didn’t realize how large her eyes are. I loved that Red Coat she wore and the black leather pants. I know that when she was doing “That 70′s show” that she had falsified her age so she could work. She’s really grown up since then. She is adorable especially when she dresses up but even when she is dressed down at basketball game she looks good.

  39. 39
    Lorna Says:

    I thought Aaron looked great at the Rome premiere.
    It’s too bad JJ made the headline about Gerry and Madalina. She’s not in the film. Aaron is in the film and was right there with GB (and was dressed for it, too).

  40. 40
    Kristen Says:

    Good night jealous fat old biddies! Sweet dreams about your fantasy man making sweet love to his beautiful girlfriend in one of the most romantic cities in the world!

  41. 41
    SouthernBelle Says:


    You’re absolutley right – it should be about Gerard and Aaron – not MG, but JJ probably gets more hits when she’s featured. There’s only so much to be said for the movie and how G and Aaron look; unfortunately, the pro/con about her seems to have a life of its own and goes on ad nauseum. All the better for JJ.

  42. 42
    @kristen Says:

    you are very stupid, dont know Rome. I’ll tell you, its the European city of prostitution

  43. 43
    Joseph Says:

    Yes, I did see Oz the Great and Powerful! I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote. MK is adorable!

  44. 44
    Gerard Fan Says:

    I have so much to say about this whole thing. First, I’m guessing Gerard is the way he is because there are so many women out there that throw themselves at him. Next, he might be a man that has had many “bed friends” etc. but the women were wiling. He was not locking himself down to any of them and probably why he hasn’t had too many long-term relationships. At least he is honest and open about who is. And now when does try to have a relationship with someone, every jealous, nasty, little tramp has to try to knock it down so they feel better about themselves. He has said in interviews how mean women are to each other – boy they will throw there best friend under the bus just to get a chance to be with him.

  45. 45
    Gerard Fan Says:

    I have so much to say about this whole thing. First, I’m guessing Gerard is the way he is because there are so many women out there that throw themselves at him. Next, he might be a man that has had many “bed friends” etc. but the women were wiling. He was not locking himself down to any of them and probably why he hasn’t had too many long-term relationships. At least he is honest and open about who is. And now when does try to have a relationship with someone, every jealous, nasty, little tramp has to try to knock it down so they feel better about themselves. He has said in interviews how mean women are to each other – boy they will throw there best friend under the bus just to get a chance to be with him.

  46. 46
    ruby Says:

    If Gerry is as coked up in Rome as he was in London, he’s not going to be making “sweet love” to anyone tonight. He won’t be able to. I suspect the reality of GB and MG’s life behind closed doors is a lot more grim and pitiful than people here want to fantasize it to be.

  47. 47
    Joseph Says:

    @Lorna: @SouthernBelle:
    AE is a well known international movie star, the less his name is mentioned in a place such like this the better for him … sites like this are good to promote “celebrities” who are not talented enough to be known for their own achievements but for their personal lives (if you know that I mean) …

  48. 48
    Bubba Says:

    @ruby: I think you’re onto something too. He seems a lot thinner, older and coked up. He’s so hyper. I think he’s had a habit for a very long time.

  49. 49
    PsychoB Says:

    @mxm78: unfortunately, for those of us not drinking the “he’s sober” kool aid, that would not be surprising.

  50. 50
    Karen Says:

    He looks happy and relaxed with her by his side. This guy is in more than deep like.

  51. 51
    truth Says:

    Rome interviews part 1

  52. 52
    truth Says:

  53. 53
    truth Says:

  54. 54
    truth Says:
    part4 enjoy!

  55. 55
    truth Says:

    sorry! part 1

  56. 56
    truth Says:
    Gerard Butler Sings On The Capital Breakfast Show

  57. 57
    PLEASE DocP Says:


    Just STFU!! You’re opinions are so warped! You must have some loose wires!

  58. 58
    PLEASE DocP Says:


    When are you going to learn that your opnions mean NOTHING and contribute NOTHING here but your weird illusions about what people do in the real world. I have to wonder what planet you are from, certainly not Earth.

  59. 59
    littlebirdie Says:

    @Gerard Fan:

    So much, you even said it twice! LOL
    But I hear ya! :)

  60. 60
    For goodness sakes Says:


    Not all people dress up for premieres. I’ve been to a few and though I just wear a cocktail dress, alot of women dress casual or business casual.. Alot of men wear blue jeans too. Check out some of the photos of premieres and people in the background on the red carpet. Maddie probably doesn’t feel the need to “dress up” as she’s already confident in herself and has nothing to prove to Gerard’s crazy assed fangirls.

  61. 61
    littlebirdie Says:


    You would probably know being a user yourself. Cokehead!

  62. 62
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    One thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter if you are tall and so thin it hurts, you still don’t look good in anything. Little Maddie looks like she reached into her rag bag for something to wear.

  63. 63
    NormalPeople Says:

    @For goodness sakes:
    Perhaps normal people don’t dress up but those associated with the movie do. I also have been to my fair share of movie premieres both in Hollywood and in New York. The non-involved actors may dress down but those promoting the movie and those associated with them do dress up. Also a cocktail dress is considered dressing up. I think what many here were talking about is the fact she looks washed out. Like she decided not to wash her hair and put on makeup. Most woman do that just when they go out for a casual dinner. I realize that some of you are here to promote MG and that’s fine but at least admit what is commonsense to most. She looks bad in these pictures. Many here admit when Gerry looks bad so why do you find it so hard to admit when she looks bad? Personal Agenda? Remember this is a gossip site, no one is safe for harsh opinions.

  64. 64
    DocP Says:

    @PLEASE DocP:
    Whoooo, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Come up with a more intelligent post if you want to argue. Either way I’m off to bed, some of us do have a life beyond JJ. And we don’t have to be hateful to prove our point.

  65. 65
    Selfishness Says:

    To Gerry & Madi Say WOOF: Agree on all you say especially this – “So long as the don’t bring kids into the world and try to raise them in their world where respect and dignity have no importance, I say let Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler have at each other all day and all night.”
    Would be so selfish of either of them to have children at this point. Both have done so much to embarras any child. Having children is not something you do because you think you would enjoy it. You do it out of love and subjecting a child to what he or she would have to endure because these are their parents would be cruel. Can you imagine the teasing and the taunting the child would have to endure? The terrible lessons learned? Kids are so mean. Can you imagine being a young girl or boy going into school with all of your classmates having seen this of your mother?
    And can you imagine if Gerry had a daughter and grew up reading about how he’s treated women and things like sleeping with women at parties and wrongly denying knowing them later because he didn’t learn their names? Would he want his daughter doing that and being treated that way by men?
    NEITHER of these two should have children. If they want to mess with each other that’s their business. They have no business imposing all of that fast and loose living on a child because it’s what they “want.” Parents can’t be selfish like that.

  66. 66
    DocP Says:

    @For goodness sakes: Who are you trying to convince? Because I’m not swayed one bit but hey heres another example of how to dress for a Red Carpet premiere.
    Now I’m off to bed :D

  67. 67
    @Gerard Fan Says:

    I agree with u

  68. 68
    Lord Love a Duck Says:

    @For goodness sakes: How confident MG feels about herself is not the issue. She is not the issue. The issue is that this is one of the most important film promotions that GB has had in a very long time. Career is depending on it, [acting and producing] and since she is no dummy, she knows this.
    So, you put your best foot forward, behave like a mature woman, a lady, if you will, without all the hanging on, conduct yourself in a way that gives your man the appearance that he is the ONE, not you.
    Someone suggested that she should be with him on the tour and someone else suggested that he should have bought her a proper dress. Forgive me for saying this, but are you nuts. She has the money, the fashion sense to buy her own clothes and this tour is not a vacation and IT”S NOT ABOUT HER. Promos are hard work, Press conferences, networking, posing every single waking moment on the street and off. Dinners, luncheons etc. Trying to make a point that this is GB’s time right now and he also has to take AE into consideration not be entertaining the girl friend. If she doesn’t get it, then that is to bad. Plenty of time to work on relationships when this job is done. He is working so hard to get those numbers up there.
    Whatever happens between them is or will be whatever. I don’t care for her personally, but then I’m not the one holding her hand either. If in fact she played with GB’s fans on her fb, I find that immature and a despicable display of selfishness. If she loves him, I would think she would have been a little more decerning what she puts on her fb I feel.
    I am a fan and do like his movies very much.
    I don’t know what there is about him, but he probably has one of the largest fan followings around and has probably taken more abuse from followers than anyone too.
    I wish for him a woman to love, someone that he can look in the eyes and not focus on the distance with a pained look on his face. Someone that will rock his world and make him happy. If MG does that for him, good. Sorry about going on so long. Ducky

  69. 69
    Thoughts Says:


    She is not able in any capacity to achieve Michelle Williams class, grace or ability.

  70. 70
    Thoughts Says:


    Uh huh, and snort coke together.

  71. 71
    Thoughts Says:


    I find this so sad. I think it’s obvious he’s doing something he aging decades before our eyes.

  72. 72
    liz Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    “So, you put your best foot forward, behave like a mature woman, a lady, if you will, without all the hanging on, conduct yourself in a way that gives your man the appearance that he is the ONE, not you.”
    You bring up an important point. Her behavior in the photos with Gerry was unprofessional. They were not on an date. This was an important business function for Gerard and his production company. Between her choice of clothes and her cloying behavior, the way MG conducted herself was completely inappropriate.

  73. 73
    Madalina Ghenea Says:


    You don’t honestly believe this rubbish do you?

  74. 74
    C.A Says:

    Hmmm….last thread I started getting bored with same old same old… Now this poop …. Honestly …. the one picture of GB and MG together he looks Like a puppy saying “Look at me .. I am SO lucky” with his hand almost on her behind … and she looks the other way – not into the camera as supposed to with that hunger after Fame and Fortune…. I sincerely hope that this is merely PR …. you know what … I Think I go see AE threads … maybe I can stay sane watching less show … ;-)

  75. 75
    C.A Says:

    omg there is no thread for AE … it sended me right back to this one … HA well then.. I wish for GB and AE that this film will be one that will send them to Hall of Fame (one needing this more than the other) and other movies are to come … Signing off to go back to REalLife … Stay Happy beloved Ones :-)

  76. 76
    Tammy Says:

    There are more pictures how ” cozy ” they are ! On the OHF in Rome !

  77. 77
    Redviper Says:

    # 34 great post!!!!!
    She post on her fb one man. He starts rumors in London with four women! What a beautiful realationship. You can feel the warmth and love straight away. I hope the hobbit finds the different wholes to feel comfortable, but not the one who makes children possible.
    She is an evil person. On the other hand you can define a person by his friends.
    The time to change is beginning. You read, hear an see it. I wish him to be lucky. If the best he can do is to destroy his health and many other things and he is lucky with that, I would say: Go on! Destreoy everhing you have in order to be lucky!!!!!!

  78. 78
    Gilli Says:

    He’s no prize, and she’s a trainwreck. A perfect match. They deserve each other, and will most likely get the headlines they both crave so badly when it all turns to sh!t, if there’s anybody left who cares.

  79. 79
    Miss No-Name Says:

    What’s really sad is that they both have potential to be so much better people than they’re being, but they’re just wasting their opportunities. I think that’s why Gerard’s fans go a little nuts – they can see something in him that is potentially great, but he just doesn’t seem to give a sh*t and squanders his chances because of his ego, or whatever. It’s intensely frustrating to watch someone deliberately be less than they could be. Or maybe that’s just how I understand it, anyway.

  80. 80
    Tammy Says:

    #34 indeed great post
    #77 Amen

  81. 81
    It's not that Says:

    “Maddie looks like she is dressed for anight of bar hopping not a big Movie Premiere. Take notes from these actresses.”
    She knows how to dress on the red carpet, but this time she chose a casual outfit, who knows why. You may want to check this out:

  82. 82
    Saturday Says:

    Who the hel/l cares what she’s wearing? She’s a mess. I always figured he was kinda dumb, but I didn’t know HOW dumb. Worst taste in women I’ve ever seen.

  83. 83
    Zinya Says:

    I always thought he was a bit silly and dumb not as smart as a lot of ppl think he is and he prob knows that! Brandi was icing on the cake and wrecking a marriage was the cherry! They’re both desperate as each other but honestly I see no chemistry whatsoever don’t care what everyone says! And it’s been known for years he’s been on drugs before he even came in showbiz all them years of intake he’s doing a disservice to his infertility and sperm I’ve always wondered with all the relationships he had how can come he’s never knocked someone up explains it to some extent

  84. 84
    Rosa Says:

    The only tragedy here is that he does appear to be using again. He accidentally admitted it himself with Vicodin. Plus there were several times on this tour where he has the jaw grind going (not the usual one he has). I am a recovery counselor, so I have a trained eye to spot these things. It’s tough to stay clean in the world he lives in. It’s not easy for ordinary people. Rehab should be about a three-month stay for him. Maybe that’s what he should do besides going on another “spiritual” journey. Don’t hate him forit, people. Remember, addiction is a disease.

  85. 85
    Alina Says:

    @It’s not that:
    Nobody invited her on the red carpet, she had “caught” his in the bar at the cocktail party. And here you have come up with “passion” All the photos were taken with her for a few minutes and is not binding. He was photographed with many ladies. All worked at the camera. You all a great imagination. I think that he did not want her to be around. He was not comfortable. But she, like sticky tape. You just need to wait and see. And all the talk and rumors of break makes sense.You can dream on, I do not mind. All this is very funny!

  86. 86
    Alina Says:

    Sorry for my english, but I have no desire to learn it.

  87. 87
    I agree Says:

    @Alina I agree. There is no chemistry between these two and never was. He looks a thousand times more comfortable with strangers in twitpics than he does with her. She looks over-the-top desperate in this latest round of pics, and he looks like he wants to run out of the room. I’m surprised he could breath at all. I don’t think this sham is going to go on much longer.

  88. 88
    What a moron Says:

    This tour is going well. Aaron is doing a fantastic job waiting patiently for Mr. Ego to arrive. Gerry made everybody wait for two hours at a dinner party in Moscow. In Rome another waiting game for Mr. Ego to arrive. The fans love Aaron because he’s nice while Mr. Ego is being an ass and only shows his BUTTler face for a few minutes.

    LOL number 34 what a couple. She rubs her butt against other men’s private parts making sure it’s photographed and he’s again spotted with barely legal groups of girls in a London nightclub. Trailer park trash loves ****** women, yeah a match made in heaven!

  89. 89
    PayCloseAttention Says:

    Notice –

    It only happened in her home area
    If plans were to premier together, clothing would compliment each other, it was not the plan, a possible another gate crash – remember he loves to save face…think about it. her land – more of a chance to manipulate, could not do it elsewhere….notice only in her home area….her paparazzi

    Notice – all the accolade Gerry was receiving look how that did a complete 360….. look how people are describing him now…he wants a family…he was doing well…..this complete train wreck shows up (because that’s what was done)….bam, hurts his image and what he is trying to promote himself and his film. That whole thing looks like total bombardment.

    Ger – I hope you see the 360 it caused. You were doing well. You want family and taking a picture(s) with this thing did you more harm than good. We know you want a family…but this illustrates you have no morals, no values, that you do not have what it takes to raise and love a child. A prostitute, an immature, manipulative company by your side——ger all your peers have moved up and you have been blessed (OHF has blessed you) and all this, this farce is trying to pull you back down.

    Ger do not hurt your numbers….if it does you know it’s your own da@n fault. You received more raves with you and AE. I am trying to keep from calling you stu@@@. You have trash by you and you have noticed everything goes to shi@ when this thing comes on the scene…..

    Why? It is not jealousy. MG represents trash, of no class, a non-teacher to little ones, no image of a woman with class, not mother material, not wife material ( she sees your money Idi@@, wants that money), an immature…..oh and I believe the first article of clothing was fighting clothes….you call it “leap clothes” to fight….did she gate crash the first and threaten the next…because u promised her favors……

    Grow up…..and Get out……..all what you have working hard for to succeed

    Oh….and having said company indicates you are not a good decision maker….I do not think it fits your career…you need to fix it and wise up

    God can give and easily take away (that company is going to have it taken away…from all this downturn u are receiving…not jealousy at all an indication that your morals and values are low)

    God can give and easily take away

  90. 90
    EgosRUs Says:

    With any luck after this PR campaign is over this will be the last we see of these two headcases for a good long time. Aaron seems like a lovely man, and must be very patient to put up with all this diva cra/p.

  91. 91
    geraldine Says:

    @PayCloseAttention: She was invited to the event. I agree with those who say Aaron is a patient man. And highly professional too.

  92. 92
    Bonnie Says:

    All PR will be over soon,
    Her dress sense is awful, Had to say that.
    I do think she has feelings for him or she didn’t get the Hollywood reaction to her she wanted so she is hanging on.
    It’s all so creepy,he doesn’t look comfortable with her and if people call that love then you can keep it.
    If he had just looked at her just once in photos or had his family there with him and her for support , I would say good luck to them.
    No all a farce and will be done with soon.
    I think Aaron Eckhart looks fab in the photos.

  93. 93
    Alina Says:

    Aaron Eckhart wonderful person and actor. Very respectful to the fans. He is great!. I’m his fan.

  94. 94
    DocP Says:

    @It’s not that: I know she has the ability, but apparently only when someone else dresses her. She looks like she just rolled out of bed and grabbed whatever was on the floor to wear. Maybe she is getting even with him for showing up to the Italia Film Festival looking like cr.ap himself. After all that was her big moment.

  95. 95
    Fan of GB & MG Says:

    Stop bashing the poor man and his girlfriend. You are all so mean. It is unbelievable how you are alll speculating about his drug use, whether they are or aren’t together, didn’t any of your moms teach you that if you don’t have something nice to say, then STFU! The man looks to be completely exhausted. He has been on one talk show after another promoting his movies, he has been from one country to another and you expect him to not be looking exhausted and worn out? Let’s see you all try and do it. And another thing, the only reason any of you have nothing nice to say about MG is because you all wish secretly that he would want one of you which will never happen (unless you are 25 tall thin model) which I’m sure you’re not.

  96. 96
    Trapped Says:

    So sad to see the “stunning happy couple” together again. She looked terrible at the Chanel event and she looks even worse now. I do think she does it on purpose trying to look pregnant. And if she already is …. well… I wish such a good actor as I think GB is has made a different/better choice than that…

  97. 97
    Yuck Says:

    How humiliating. I would destroy those photos if I were him. That ridiculous display on the red carpet made him look like a complete idiot. I can’t believe he’s stupid enough to stand there while she zoolander’s all over the place and drapes herself all over him like a cheap blanket. Those poor people who had to witness that probably had headaches from their eyes rolling all night. I guess he’s made the money off the box office now so out comes the sleeze. Ugh.

  98. 98
    MaryanneP. Says:

    @Yuck: I agree. Was he babysitting or is she his date? I agree with whoever said I expected to see her start sucking her thumb. Something’s really off about these two.

  99. 99
    TUT Says:

    @Fan of GB & MG: Aaron seems like a nice man. When people are comfortable together they do not have to PDA publicly. In Asian countries PDA is shunned. But gerry is very into her. In most red carpet photos, his body is leaning towards her or his or her feet is pointed in each other direction. He is still in “deep like”. The crazy fans are in kindergarten.

  100. 100
    Ella Says:

    @Fan of GB & MG. I agree with what you said. AE gf is dressed the same but people don’t see any problem with her

  101. 101
    What a moron Says:

    I’m amazed. She’s a model and she either shows up with a decent outfit and horrible hair, clearly done herself. I find the messy braids popping up everywhere in the past years pretty disturbing. Or she shows up with decent hair like last night with terrible clothes that don’t do her figure any justice. You’d think she had picked up some fashion sense over the years being a model and living in Milan.

  102. 102
    Just saying Says:

    I don’t know how deep their love is bad to be quite frank don’t care but one thing I know for sure is when you are secure and genuinely happy you don’t need to resort to PDA it looks very contrived and forced! The fact that it was in her country she had to prove how madly their into each other! If it real I just don’t understand why he or she feels the need to flaunt it because I certainly wouldn’t

  103. 103
    Poseyposer Says:

    These pics say it all. He looks like he wants to run. She’s practically up his nose, and he’s leaning away from her. Body language doesn’t lie. In some of them he looks really put out. Judging by these, I’d say he’ll be making the final break soon. He’s probably figured out by now what a big mouth she has, so if I were him I’d be worried about her fb.

  104. 104
    Wiggy Says:

    She’s no model. She just plays one on her facebook. Her job is latching onto some actor and photobombing him.

  105. 105
    What a moron Says:

    She is a pretty well known butt model, certainly in Italy!!

  106. 106
    Lookatthephotos Says:

    She is not pregnant either. She wine through the night.

  107. 107
    DocP Says:

    @Ella: I didn’t see any pictures of Aaron Eckhart with a date. Can you post them please.

  108. 108
    DocP Says:

    He looks like he’s straining to get out of her clutches in this picture.

    In others he looks normal but when she gets all clingy you can see it in his face. He wants to bolt!!!!

  109. 109
    C.A Says:

    @DocP: Did you see the ring she is trying to show off in that very same Picture?? She has a goldring on her left hand … is that married in English??!!??

  110. 110
    Lookatthephotos Says:

    @DocP: She gushes over him and he let’s her be in public photos together. It is not a man who looks like he is bolting. He is doing his job and keeping cool. He is a man in love from what I see. They look very happy. What do you expect during his PR gigs. Would you rather he kiss her and become hot a bothered in front of the camaras? You people are so ignorant.

  111. 111
    sillytwits Says:

    @Just saying: That is not the behavior of a mature or secure woman. I’ve never seen anything like it on a red carpet. I’ve always known his taste in women is questionable, but he should be ashamed to be with this person. He’d be better off with Brandi.

  112. 112
    Lookatthephotos Says:

    @sillytwits: She is not mature. He knows that a loves it.

  113. 113
    Ella Says:

    Are all on

  114. 114
    DocP Says:

    I did see that, it is the hand that wears the wedding ring here in the U.S. but she’s worn it before. In fact at the pictures for the Italia Film Festival she had it on the other hand in some shoots. If its one thing I know its rings, I love them!!! So what do you think? Is this a loving couple or an awkward meeting? When I go back and look at some of the pics he looks happy but its hard to judge when looking at pictures because then I look at some others and he does look uncomfortable. I sure am glad I’m not in the limelight. It would to have your every moment scrutinized but it makes for an interesting conversation.

  115. 115
    Kristen Says:

    You biddies and crazies will keep slandering his girlfriend because that’s what you do. Just remember your rankings will not change the fact that she is with him and you are not. Nor will you ever be. EVER.

  116. 116
    TUT Says:

    @DocP: @sillytwits: hmmm? He is looking at another camara holding his gf tight. I agree he is immature and so is she. He likes her that way. He wants young women.

  117. 117
    TUT Says:

    @Kristen: Exactly.

  118. 118
    Kristen Says:


  119. 119
    fromoz Says:

    A couple of the current photos made me laugh. The Ellen Show had a recent segment for someone to win a trip to OZ. . Viewers were asked to send in their best Koala grip/cling poses. Folks, I think we have a clear winner.

  120. 120
    fashionista Says:

    I see she reshaped her manly eyebrows. She must be reading the comments again. Her outfit is hideous. It looks like she’s wearing my old bathroom rug over her shoulders. Horrible taste in clothes.

  121. 121
    Fan of GB & MG Says:

    @Kristen that’s right – all these desperate women on here hoping he breaks up with her because in THEIR MIND they think they might have a chance – LET’S ALL WAKE UP AND COME BACK TO REALITY – SLEEPY TIME IS OVER!!!

  122. 122
    Boring Says:

    And still less than 20 people on a blog give a dam/n. Can we move on from this creepy couple of z-listers?

  123. 123
    omg Says:

    @fromoz: Indeed, I believe we have a winner, LOL. Never seen a grown woman behave in such a way in my entire life. Desperate much? No wonder she got the nickname “barnacle”. Geez.

  124. 124
    Fan of GB & MG Says:

    @DocP I’m guessing you’re not married and don’t have much of a life because I’ve noticed you are all over JJ. I see comments posted about other GB articles from you. What exactly is your issue with all of this. Can you just not accept that they are together. YOU HAVE NO CHANCE WITH HIM no matter how much you drift in and out of reality. That couple needs to be left alone. Get a REAL life and you won’t have to worry about theirs.

  125. 125
    nr007 Says:

    @fashionista: Hahahaha you’re right!! Real models wouldn’t dress like that because they know how important in their profession is to look gorgeus! She is not a real model, I don’t think she will ever be more than ex-Dicaprio/Brody/etc. girl wiht big ti.ts

  126. 126
    @DocP Says:

    Please do everyone on here a favor and don’t respond to “Fan of” who is just another one of LOL’s socks for the day. If you get baited into responding the psycho will just blather on with the usual cra/p. Just talk around it.

  127. 127
    C.A Says:

    @DocP: Actually …. I was more than surprised when she “pooped” out on display again but then realising that just maybe there is one thing we all are missing …

    The Crazy Conspiracy theory… ;)

    What if he is a man who knows exactly without a doubt what he does and does not in every small detail… If he read many of the fans’ comments, did som damagecontrol by removing limelight from her to him to make all guessing and woops her she is again … to fuel every single one of his fans to make them stay put and the very same thing for the media????!!!??? ;-)

    I do feel some kind of sorry for MG – being a young girl needing to be with a man the age of her father… saw an interview where she was ridiculed by the interviewer when talking about Leo …hmmm… !!!

    My question would be “Why do we care so much for GB?”

    Love to you all for all the links and postings :-)

  128. 128
    Just Says:

    If he really loved her which is questionable he wouldn’t go so open about it just look at real couples in Hollywood they don’t pounce on their partner I saw a pic of Jenna n channing the other day and seemed so normal walking the dog, Daniel Craig is extra possesive when asked about Rachel.. I think it’s tacky when ppl feel the need to show ppl you wouldn’t see Kate do that to William even when they were dating she should take leaf out of real models like irina shayk and Rosie Huntington or adriana they are far more secure to resort to clinging to their men! Plus real men wouldn’t do that so says a lot about him

  129. 129
    nr007 Says:

    today’s photos from Rome

  130. 130
    nr007 Says:

    He looks so “in love” he’s going to puke rainbows ;)

  131. 131
    Alina Says:

    Gerard Butler on Saturday night takeaway tonight mmmmmm ….. Saturdays don’t get much better x

  132. 132
    I mean really Says:

    C’mon I don’t understand why everyone’s getting their claws out on her he’s hardly a catch if you ask yourself truthfully you the mans an emotional wreck ppl who have intelligence and awareness can see that, his life is far from being stable he has vacations like no one then hel do a bit of work and then vacation again to get over the stress and go on a quest to find himself plzzz he needed therapy and a good rehab stint! He’s relationship seems to be just attending events, holidays and outings yes he’s wealthy but there’s only so many holidays you can have, so mcnu nice cars and so many big mansions then he will never be content as he’s not true to himself!

    Yes he’s nice to his fans but guess what so is Tom cruise and other celebs because these ppl give them their bread and butter! He had to have a foreign gf who else in HW circles would go with him with his track record! She’s feasible as she has visa processing and prob limited to come unless she has a sponser for ad, modelling or a festival so he gets his own space! He has houses but rather stay at hotels he prob doesn’t even know what colour his fridge or carpets are! Just empty shallow lives as for her don’t when her expiry date is up so she’s gona milk it for all her worth riding on someone else’s fame never gets you anywhere and the fact that she’s a lingerie model says it all I rest my case good luck to him hel need it

  133. 133
    DocP Says:

    @Fan of GB & MG:
    Not really sure how to respond to your comment since you are accusing me of something you yourself are doing. I started coming here back in Oct but lately I have grown tired of the hatred towards MG and posters who don’t agree with other posters views (both pro and anti MG/GB). If you have to use hatred as a response then you already lost the argument so why bother. I post on a lot of different sites this is just one of many. Seeing how I’m not a celebrity I don’t see where my personal life is any of your business so why even bring it up. I’m sorry if you can’t accept other posters points of view but its not going to stop me or others from posting here.

  134. 134
    Sorry if repost Says:

    And where is Pascal Vicedomini? Why we don’t see him?

  135. 135
    Sock? Says:

    @DocP: Someone asked you upthread not to respond to LOL, which is who this poster is. She was just baiting you, and it’d really be nice for others if you didn’t encourage it. Since you answered even after being asked politely, you are starting to look like yet another sock. Not sure if you are, but you are looking like one.

  136. 136
    shocking appearance Says:

    @nr007: Wow. In harsh lighting he looks wretched. Sorry fans, but I think he is a mess. MG is just one symptom of his many issues. He may have a financial hit in this film, but more importantly, he needs to sort himself out, spiritually, emotionally, physically. Enough with the new-age bs – a good long stint in rehab would be a beautiful thing.

  137. 137
    Tina Says:

    I’m sorry to ask this but is Gerard’s girlfriend a transsexual? There’s something very masculine about her. Maybe not so much in this pic but it’s more obvious in other pics I’ve seen of her. Hope no one found this question offensive. It’s just something I’ve been wondering about.

  138. 138
    DocP Says:

    @Sock?: Actually I was in the middle of typing a response when they posted that comment therefore didn’t see it. But it doesn’t matter anyways whether I respond to LOL or one their socks, they aren’t going to stop posting just like you and I won’t stop posting what our perspective is. I simply respond to a comment, I realize some may agree others will not. This is entertainment guys, nothing said here will ever change the world. I’m not here to antagonize, just to socialize with others and do a little harmless gossip.

  139. 139
    mt Says:

    She’s wearing “trying to hide I’m pregnant” clothes.

  140. 140
    DocP Says:

    BTW heres an example of a Hollywood couple in love. And notice what a beautiful dress she is wearing :)))))
    I don’t think they were even at a premiere.

  141. 141
    nr007 Says:

    Did you see other harlem skake by GB, not with soldiers? Sorry if repost

  142. 142
    Kristen Says:

    @mt Exactly and I think she looks beautiful doing so.

  143. 143
    DocP Says:

    I actually don’t care for Gerry anymore, I haven’t even seen OHF and probably won’t . But I can’t look away from this train wreck. I just have to see how this one ends.

  144. 144
    shocking appearance Says:

    @Tina: There has been speculation about that. Probably because she has had a great deal of plastic surgery. No proof that she was born male, though. Pictures out there before surgery show a pretty young girl. A shame that she messed with her looks, especially at such a young age.

  145. 145
    bitly Says:

    ahahaha…. meltdown all over the place….

  146. 146
    Madalina Ghenea Says:

    “He starts rumors in London with four women!”

    He didn’t start any rumours it was a journalist who spread lies about him.

  147. 147
    junk Says:

    @mt: I think, she´s wearing a “wanna be pregnant costume” to make others think, she´s pregnant.

  148. 148
    Kristen Says:

    I bet he’s kissing her right now. So sweet!

  149. 149
    Same here Says:

    @Tina: Many have wondered that same thing. She especially looks manly when standing next to a woman. Surgeries are so good these days its hard to know for sure. IMO she definitely has a “man” feeling about her. It came up all the time when she was with Leo also.

  150. 150
    What a moron Says:

    Pregnant LOL yeah I can see that. She probably had some of his shipped to Milan since he’s too busy to see her for weeks on end.

  151. 151
    C.A Says:

    @DocP: I know exactly what you mean … I just got off the bus too …. I probably see OHF when it comes out on DVD and thank you …you just answered my very question why I am still here … I just need to see where it ends …like the very movie about Christian Grey that GB said in an interview he would not have to make because why would he make a movie about his own life!!! Well that told me everything …. I will watch too …. thanks for your well put answers :-)

  152. 152
    Madalina Ghenea Says:


    “And it’s been known for years he’s been on drugs before he even came in showbiz”

    And just where did this piece of information come from? This is just another lie. He had a drink problem before he became famous but there has never been any suggestion that he used drugs. It was only after he moved to the US that he tried them.

  153. 153
    Astrology Says:

    The time is right for both to become parents. As far as I can see the paths of their stars as a couple and their destiny calculation, it is possible she received in early Feb. The child (boy) will be born in Libra.

  154. 154
    May I point out Says:

    @What a moron:

    “he’s again spotted with barely legal groups of girls in a London nightclub”

    What a load of rubbish. Apart from the fact that he was NOT spotted with them, and there is no picture of them together, they are all in their late 20s, or early thirties so stop spreading lies about them being barely legal.

  155. 155
    truth Says:

  156. 156
    Holy S.hit Says:

    @Astrology: Are you the Three Kings of the East ?

  157. 157
    :-) Says:

    @Holy S.hit: And one of them, or all 3, inhalated too much myrrh

  158. 158
    Salome Says:

    Madalina Ghenea is a very pretty girl. You saying she’s not are crazy. But she’s looked terrible in both recent appearances. She knows it too. She always posts appearance photos on her Facebook page right away when she thinks she looks good. She takes the free online proofs with the watermarks and credits still on them to post them right away just like GB’s frickin’ fansites. LOL (pretty damn attention ho’ing lame!!) But she hasn’t posted the Chanel event or OHF premiere photos. She knows they’re not flattering.
    Doesn’t surprise me that they’re still together. Everyone saying that they’re good together are right. They are on the same level and in the same boat. Plenty of people probably would like to have each of them for a night, but with their sexual track records, neither is someone who anyone expecting and wanting high character and trustworthiness in a mate would actually want to date seriously. So they should be together. I also hope they don’t have kids though because no child should have to deal with what’s out there about these two, particularly a mother who the whole world has seen in nothing but a few inches of transparent cloth.

  159. 159
    May I point out Says:


    Tina, there have been many rumours about her being transsexual and she herself has never denied it. The size of her Adams apple has been the subject of many a conversation.

  160. 160
    May I point out Says:


    If she is pregnant then I’m sure Marco the footballer will over the moon to become a daddy!

  161. 161
    junk Says:

    Weather she´s really pregnant (the link to the handmade baby clothes on her fb and the pics of the baby with the pug puppies), or she´s completely re….tar….ded.

  162. 162
    crystalball Says:

    @nr007: what an idiot of a middle aged man.

  163. 163
    shocking appearance Says:

    Odd. He never has pictures of the gf, or whatever she is, on his facebook or twitter. Just himself. Even his phone gets more attention. Oh wait. That’s because he has a long-term relationship with his blackberry.

  164. 164
    Butler is about to disappear Says:

    None of this with the girlfriend really matters because there’s a big fact you’re all missing. Gerard Butler is about to drop out of public concern in a MAJOR way. He won’t have another movie come out for YEARS. Reports have claimed that Dynamo and Thunder Run will start shooting later this year, but the schedules for both of those movies have been changed so often that who knows when it will really happen. Even if he does start shooting them this year, it would be a miracle if either came out before 2015. Gerard is going to be 44 in a few months so he’ll be what when his next movies come out, 46? Pushing 50?
    Even if his 24 year old girlfriend decides that will still be cool when she’s still only 26 and doesn’t bail on him, other than his die hard fans, the public is going to bolt. They’ll be spending the next several years watching the current generation of Ryan Reynolds, Christian Bale, Alexander Skarsgard, Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Kitsch, Chris Pine, etc. etc., and be thinking “Gerard Butler who?” when he pops up again in 2015, probably thinking that his pushing 50 rear looks ridiculous trying to play a footballer or action hero. Gerard already looks much older than his years after all the tanning and partying and abuse and no sleep. Men shouldn’t need as much make-up as he has to use for appearances and interviews.
    So this is kind of like a last “hurrah” for The Butler. I’m glad that he’s going out on a high note but it’s a little silly for you all to be getting all tied up over the girlfriend. Unless she’s in it for his money, which he’ll always have if he’s invested well and makes smart business decisions going forward, she’ll probably be out of there when he drops out of the public eye except for cheesy watch sale conventions and similar B-List appearances for a few years, or when she realizes that dealing with the limitations of an aging man before she’s 30 isn’t exactly the glamorous life she’s been spreading her legs for.

  165. 165
    @Alina and all her socks Says:

    you’re green with jealousy and full of venom …you can not have GB and you know it…face it. you’re hopless…. and mean

  166. 166
    Bush league Says:

    @junk I’m going with retar/ded. You have to actually be in the same place with someone to get knocked up.

  167. 167
    Love? Says:

  168. 168
    JS Says:

    Goodness, two new threads since I last posted. Looking at the pictures from Rome I have to say that the body language says a lot. Gerry’s says “I’m not happy or comfortable with you and I wish you’d just get lost.” MGs says “I’m childish and immature and want you all to know I’m here and I just love this guy’s wallet.” Her dress sense leaves a lot to be desired and her behaviour on the carpet is shocking. She does look strange, well, stranger than normal, and I think she could be drunk.
    Saw Gerry on Graham Norton last night and looking forward to seeing him on Ant and Dec tonight. Weekend is going well, I swear this city just gets more beautiful every day. Sadly, Gerry hasn’t come to watch Celtic so not much chance of him visiting Brian and me seeing him.

  169. 169
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    @DocP: I thought she sucked in Oz. Her acting was for crap, IMO. You all need to stop basing a person’s worth on their outer appearances. No wonder so many think Butler is a gem, and his little hoochie is so great, and HW puts so much emphasis on looks and youth and you wonder why. They read here! You all eat it up with a freaking spoon!

  170. 170
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    @Salome: You’re right and they’ll create their own kind of personal hell for each other and it will probably be well deserved!

  171. 171
    SouthernBelle Says:

    You’d think that after just being reunited with the most beautiful woman in the world that he’d be shouting from the rooftops that a moment with her made the whole tour worthwhile, not a view of ancient Rome. He’s no doubt seen Rome before, and a decent box office and adoring fans should make the whole tour worthwhile. What a douche. Oh well, Amy probably wrote the tweet, anyway.

  172. 172
    JS Says:


    “First time was in a restaurant when he came in with his brother’s family. On another visit they saw him on Saturday at the National Museum with his nieces and the following day at church with his brother’s family. On all three occasions there has been another lady with them.”


    No it wasn’t her; dad in law is convinced she’s a man in drag. No, this woman was in her late thirties/early forties and very good looking. She also had a local accent. When mum in law told us about the sightings she said that they acted as if they were an item. At the restaurant he would touch her hand and put his arm around her two or three times and in the museum they were walking round with his arm around her. When leaving the church they walked arm in arm. Whoever she was they were obviously very fond of each other.

  173. 173
    Bush league Says:

    @Butler is about to disappear: Really good point, and I agree. This is his last hurrah, which is why he should have kept his two-bit zoolander off the red carpet. There are other people who deserved the attention, like Aaron. I hope the both of them take a hike and disappear after this.

  174. 174
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    @Butler is about to disappear: Excellent post and insight! I think you’re more spot on then “Astrology”.

  175. 175
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    @Love?: More like boredom, at least on his part. She hasn’t gotten enough exposure yet so she has to act in love, at least on camera.

  176. 176
    TeaCakes Says:

    @Butler is about to disappear: That’s what I’ve been saying. She’s in it for now but when and if his career starts heading south again, who knows. Based on his dismal track record with relationships, this one won’t last much longer unless he’s keeping his true love for her hidden. He isn’t going public with much of anything, is he? He’s made the choice to keep it private, whatever it is. He’s not denying they’re in a relationship but the specifics are private.

    It will be a long time before he has another movie preem since he has nothing in the can now. It’s the first time he’s literally got nothing ahead. Very strange if you ask me.

    You people who call yourself fans should be alarmed at the very least. Your hero isn’t being hired any longer. He looks awful too. He looks old and tired and sad.

    In only a week or so, he’ll drop out of the public eye once again. The hoopla over OHF will be over and you’ll have to start making up new lies about Maddie and scouring millions of tweets to try to guess where he is. Pathetic if you ask me.

    Please get a life before it’s too late. Your world shouldn’t revolve around Gerry Butler, has-been.

  177. 177
    GH Says:


    Nobody is the least bit interested in anything you have to say get lost.

  178. 178
    Madalina Ghenea is trashy Says:

    These photos of Madalina Ghenea are ridiculous –

    What is she doing in these photos?
    Taking pictures of her own butt for some sketchy softcore porn site?
    Is that a bedspread on the floor in the second photo?
    Who wouldn’t want to have children with a woman who takes amateur quality photos of herself that are so cheap and tawdry that they’re used on a website called “Gang Bang Club 45″?
    Who wouldn’t want his sons and daughters seeing their mother on a website called “Gang Bang Club 45″?
    Gerard Butler’s mother must be so proud that he’s dating a woman like this?
    Gerard Butler’s siblings must be so happy to have a woman like this around as an example for their daughters. After all, maybe Madalina Ghenea could give Geard Butler’s nieces career advice!! Surely Gerard Butler and his family would want the young girls in their family to do this sort of thing. I mean, why not????
    If Gerard Butler doesn’t want or think that he can get a higher caliber of woman than this trash, then he really must not be worth much as a man. The reality TV garbage and porn stars and self-prostituting “models” can have him.

  179. 179
    FYI Says:

    You mean “LOL”. Stoopid byotch gave herself away by running off at the mouth too much yesterday.

  180. 180
    lolita Says:

    @Love?: either that or he has a terrible case of gas.

  181. 181
    It seems to me Says:

    Perhaps he wants to disappear. Maybe he’s had enough of what is demanded of him by those who lives their lives vicariously through him.

  182. 182
    Don't be so sure Says:

    @TeaCakes: I hope he does drop out of sight for a while after this tour is over. I’ve been reading for a long time how gb is finished and each time he pops back.
    Don’t be so sure he has nothing in the can. You have no idea what he is planning any more than anyone else. Yes, he is a private person and because of that your assumptions really don’t hold water. He is still a human being with plans for the future as with us all. Whatever that may be, I hope it is for his good.

  183. 183
    nr007 Says:

    @Madalina Ghenea is trashy: It could be from casting for bilini/underwear model.

  184. 184
    Retiree Says:

    He’s got no films scheduled for release, or even production at this point. If you don’t keep working solidly at his age, and are the likes of Cruise or Leo, you will fade into obscurity fast. OHF won’t keep him on the radar, imo. Most of the moviegoers have already moved on to the next thing. His looks are shot and his got issues. His zoolandering barnacle won’t have any more red carpets. I bet Leo looks real good right now.

  185. 185
    Trish Says:

    @nr007: “It could be from casting for bilini/underwear model.”
    LOL! You’re probably right that those photos are from a “casting.” There are bed sheets on the floor after all! Everyone knows how Madalina got into GB’s razor commercial even though SAG listed her part for casting in an official notice. The only reason that anyone has heard of Madalina outside Romania and Italy is the fact that she’s slept with Leo D., Adrien B, and Gerard B. So yeah you’re right. Since bed sheets are on the floor next to her in this really seedy photos, it probably was a typical Madalina Ghenea “casting.” LOL.

  186. 186
    crystalball Says:

    Looks like he’s at the superb Capitoline museum, overlooking the forum in Rome. Some eye opening enscriptions giving an insight into life as a Roman. And all of the statues are emasculated.

  187. 187
    Kat Says:

    Can´t help but thinking she looks like a proud pregnant woman, she´s glowing from inside. Her tummy and breasts look bigger than usual on the Chanel photos. I find her very attractive without all the Make Up, more natural, simply beautiful. Gerry you are one lucky guy! Congratulations, what a successful film premiere in Italy!!! and to your beloved ones.

  188. 188
    same old same old Says:

    @Retiree: zoolander will have the red carpet for Jude Law’s movie then maybe Gerry will have to clingon to her

  189. 189
    the truth Says:

    @Don’t be so sure: Hopefully he will hide away for a real rehab stay, nothing stopping him now.

  190. 190
    born every minute Says:

    @Kat: I know you losers are just riling people up – the tight black leather pants should have cued you into your stupidity and the fact she reads everything posted at JJ so she is doing this just for you. Sucker.

  191. 191
    HAHAHA Says:

    If this is pregnant then what is she giving birth to a Troll doll??

    She looks pretty thin in this picture.

  192. 192
    Kat Says:

    @HAHAHA: Yes she´s still looking thin except for her tummy and breasts. No need to be rude.

  193. 193
    Duhhhh Says:

    Why do you guys keep doing this? The same troll comes on here every time there’s a new photo, claims she’s pregnant or they’re married, some idiot on here believes it, and then it gets bandied about for days. How many times have they been married now? Use your brains. Stop falling for troll bait, unless you’re 12 years old, and think. She was photographed just the day before this in a teeny dress. Get with it, geez. She’s a fameho above all else. She’s nowhere near ready to be barefoot and pregnant by anyone. Even if she were, who the he/ll cares?

  194. 194
    TeaCakes Says:

    @Madalina Ghenea is trashy: Hey, now we know where YOU hang out all the time. Creating new fake twitter accounts and posting old lingerie shots, trying to create more lies about Maddie.

    You’re FOS. Another lame attempt by a hater like yourself but it’s not working. No one is buying this. Maddie is snuggling with Gerry. They’re having coffee in bed, being playful and loving and sexy like lovers do. They’re laughing their asses off at having money and fame and fun. Enjoying their lives while you are panicking because YOU will never have him, never ever ever!


  195. 195
    Kat Says:

    @born every minute: No need to be rude
    actually was for @born every minute. Sorry!

  196. 196
    crystalball Says:

    @JS: thankfully I no longer feel any compunction to watch gb spouting his PR exaggeration and drivel on tv.

  197. 197
    Kat Says:

    Oh why is it so hard to believe that not all people hate her.? She´s adored by many in Italy. You people on JJ are terrible!!!!!

  198. 198
    Um..... Says:

    This isn’t my fight, but someone should point out that your post makes no sense. The people making up fake Twitter accounts and posting on MG’s FB page are nutters, but they didn’t take those photos of MG. MG posed for those photos all by herself, and they are cheap looking. They just are. The porn webpages wouldn’t have the photos up if they didn’t have a porn look. You can’t blame anyone else for that. MG took those photos intentionally on her own. Those photos are her doing.
    Also, someone who is fantasizing about “Maddie is snuggling with Gerry. They’re having coffee in bed, being playful and loving and sexy like lovers do” really doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to other people spending time thinking about MG & GB. Seems like you’re more than a little preoccupied with GB & MG yourself.
    But carry on.

  199. 199
    Totally Useless Information Says:

    Little Maddie may not be trashy, but her photographs are. Why else do you think her photos are used on sites selling sex.

    As far as GB disappearing, I wouldn’t bet money on it. GB loves his fame and fortune no matter what he says. It’s all a big front in case his movie bombs. Actors like Leo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix can take a year off because they have movies coming out to cover their absence not to mention they are very good actors and can carry movies by themselves. Gerry has none of that. If he drops out now, it could very well be the kiss of death. I just hope he knows it.

  200. 200
    Sock of the day Says:

    @Kay: You so funny. LMAO. Adored in Italy for what exactly? She cure cancer or something? LOL. Nice try, troll.

  201. 201
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    @Kat: Hate’s a strong word. Tell us why you like someone who is obviously a gold digging fameho? Prey tell? Oh because you think she drives the phannies crazy. News flash for ya……go over to GALS, the biggest collection of phannies you could ever meet and they all love her.

  202. 202
    Creepy teabag Says:

    Glad someone finally pointed this out. That’s why Teacakes/LOL accuses everyone of jealousy, obsession, blah, blah. It’s because she is living her life vicariously through Macaroni. She fantasizes every detail about what they are doing, what they are drinking, where they are staying, etc. It’s called reading too many Harlequin Romances. Frightening really.

  203. 203
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    I think maybe G’s been a little blindsided too here. You have to think that when he initially saw her and ask her over to his place, he didn’t know her history. She has that innocent act down and he never tried anything. Don’t you think he knows more now? Don’t you think he’s seen the near porn photos, heard of the other relationships and really doesn’t like the idea of her becoming a future wife? Girlfriend, OK, wife, no. He may have really fallen hard and fast for her before he knew her better and it’s probably a little heart breaking that she’s not the angel he thought she was. I think that explains why he is beginning to look so lack luster around her and she feels him pulling away so she’s more clingy then ever. So easy to see.

  204. 204
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    @Creepy teabag: You could be right but I’ve never understood the personal distain the likes of her and a couple others have for fans! What’s up with that? Who cares if someone wants to throw their life away in a celebrity fandom? Maybe that’s all they got? People do live vicariously through others sometimes. We all cant’ be celebs. Maybe it’s that fantasy diversion that many of us need to get us through our own daily grind? So why do people come here and try to deprive people of that by berating and harassing them? Sorry, I just don’t get it! It’s a gossip site and celebs are discussed here, for better or for worse, nature of the beast so why try to beat up on some for their own opinions? Like I said, I don’t get it. Argue that you think she’s all that and a bag of chips and he is too but don’t put people down to make your point by calling them names because they don’t agree with you. State your case and why you believe it to be true. That’s all that’s necessary.

  205. 205
    Take a lesson Says:

    Too bad Aaron hasn’t rubbed off more. He’s so refreshing. That’s what a man looks like who acts his age and is respectful and humble during a PR tour. I bet he doesn’t keep people waiting for hours. Love AE. GB, not so much.

  206. 206
    Creepy teabag Says:

    @Talkaboutshallow!: I agree, but for whatever reason this particular troll will not stop berating people, no matter how much you try and reason with it. That’s why they call them trolls. I suspect it’s because they are just angry and miserable and want to lash out at others. My policy is when I see it’s the troll, or one of it’s million socks, I just don’t respond. There’s no point. She’s really easy to spot, and if people talk around her, she tends to go away.

  207. 207
    Lord Love a Duck Says:
    gotta see this one!

  208. 208
    TeaCakes Says:

    @Creepy teabag: So you’re saying Gerry and Maddie are in Rome but staying at a Motel 6? Eating McDonald’s breakfast?

    They’re probably in a glitzy hotel paid for by the film company, all expenses paid of course.

    Your beetchiness makes you sound positively pea-green with envy, you’re dripping with jealousy. Hahahaha.

    It’s just as others have said, most of you just can’t stand that they are together. You’re so angry you’re striking out at the rest of us simply for pointing out the truth.

    Why not go back to creating new fake twitter accts and living in your fantasy world where Gerry is your husband or lover? LOL

  209. 209
    TUT Says:

    @Talkaboutshallow!: Gerard Butler has a lousy and sleazy love life. Mg’s 10 years of relationships can never even compete with his 10 months in his twenties, thirties or beyond. Please she is too good for him! In fact, other most women are.

  210. 210
    You know what Says:

    Okay I have a confession to make.
    Since the start of this press tour, I have developed a serious crush on Aaron. Seriously, how cute is he?
    Never thought I’d stray from my Gerry love.
    Who cares about this Madalina chick, more about Aaron! lol!
    As a fan from way back, it is weird that he’s so out and open about this chick. It’s either going to end with a wedding or it’s purely PR.

  211. 211
    little ant and dec Says:

  212. 212
    so cute Says:

    Thank you for the funny and cute video. After the stressful last weeks he needs some rest and time for his love life. And if it´s not already happened and there´s nothing else on his schedule…it´s baby making time. He wants his own family now and I think he will be a very good father.

  213. 213
    Saturday night takeaway Says:

  214. 214
    Yummy AE Says:

    I have a major crush on Aaron now, also. I went off GB a long time ago, though, and his dalliance with this barnacle was the last straw. It truly showed what kind of a person he is, and it’s not attractive at all. I bet Aaron would have more sense than to pick up with the likes of her. He appears to have more depth to him. And maturity.

  215. 215
    crystalball Says:

    Great quote from a Sid James bio tonight ‘if you play tennis with a rabbit you’ll play as badly as the rabbit’. Sid recognised he did his best performances when surrounded by quality costars he could react to. Di he avoided playing lead and built up a huge catalogue of quality work, not just comedy.
    Something gb could do with learning. Coriolanus is on tonight, evidence in point. His worst performances have been opposite dimwit comedy actresses and tv fodder, with gb as the supposed talent. One review recently r called him ‘the limited actor’s limited actor’ ‘ lacking range’. He cannot carry a lead, and should recognise OHF is doing well because it has a moderately talented ensemble.
    He should ditch the ego and wise up to what he does best.

  216. 216
    push push push Says:

    @so cute: STFU with your BS.

    Dear Lord I want the thumbs back, the trolls are really sick today.

  217. 217
    cackling witches Says:

    One thing is for sure,JJ is messing with posters here.What a coincidence whenever posters say they are not together….bam out comes a picture of them.Who cares anymore.I only defended her because it got too ugly about her here.I know what Gerard really cares about, just like all the rest of them actors.Money.A lot of us hanging- by- a- thread -fans,did not waste money on his last 4 flops.He could date a 20 year old for all I care.Do drugs,party like it’s 1999,f*ck around with married women.His career is down the drain.Let Maddie have him.

  218. 218
    Bonnie Says:

    @You know what: Hey hands off I saw him first. I have never had a crush on Gerard but I do like some of his films and being from Glasgow I was interested.Also he is the same age as my older sis.
    But Aaron has seriously grown on me.
    I am like DocP only here to see the train wreck.

  219. 219
    crystalball Says:

    @Saturday night takeaway: he’s great with kids!

  220. 220
    Enough already Says:

    @push push push: I’ll second that. Over and out!

  221. 221
    Yummy AE Says:

    You must admit this tour has done wonders for Aaron’s fanbase, lol. At least he’ll still be on the scene, whereas GB will be obscure once this tour is over. No more paps for you. Too bad, so sad.

  222. 222
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    @so cute: Well if he wants to make babies and be a good father, he needs to find a good Mother first.

  223. 223
    so cute Says:

    @push push push: I am not the troll, just came here to tell my opinion, I think he will be a very good father, he has the common touch with children and understands them. He always says that he likes children and that he wanted his own children before he´s to old. I believe that.

  224. 224
    What now? Says:

    @so cute:

    He’s good with children because he is a child himself. Never grew up.

  225. 225
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    @cackling witches: Ooo, bitter are we or soar grapes? A little of both me thinks.

  226. 226
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    @crystalball: You see him playing with a couple of kids and now he’s so great with kids. Raising kids and playing with someone else’s kids are two separate things!

  227. 227
    Yummy AE Says:

    @so cute: He says lot of things. He says whatever sounds good for the movie he’s pushing at the moment. Someone with his lifestyle is not interested in having children, unless he can dump them on someone else to raise. You won’t be seeing him raising a family any time soon. Sorry.

  228. 228
    Trapped Says:

    New thread, ladies….

  229. 229
    C.A Says:

    New thread … Loving couple stroll in Rome … Go figure ….

  230. 230
    cackling witches Says:

    @Talkaboutshallow!: Ooo, bitter are we or soar grapes? A little of both me thinks.

    Not have a life.A happy one.Not spending money on sh*tty films makes me sour grapes?lol ok…..

  231. 231
    OMG@Astrology Says:

    @Astrology: At that time they were vacationing in Thailand, a spiritual stay in Chang Mai. Wasn´t it February? Just wow, maybe you are right. I had an intuition of the same kind and thought the same. We will see, please write again. Very interesting, I´m curious.

  232. 232
    Talkaboutshallow! Says:

    Gerry says he wants kids because he thinks that’s what everyone wants to hear. It makes him seem more mature and grounded. Can you see him tell a woman interviewer, “No, I don’t want any kids. I’m too much of a big kid myself! I’m not done growing up!” Really, that’s a very mature response and I’d have more respect for him then lying.

    One interviewer asked him at a MGP premiere if he would ever consider adopting kids. I think her line of thinking was with his interest in making that film would he consider giving a home to a couple of orphans. Without missing a beat he said, “No, never.” She was taken aback because he didn’t even catch her cue in to the subject matter at hand. Then when he realized it, he tried to crawdad back and said, “Well, maybe.” To me, Butler is all about the MAKING of the kids but the REARING of them is another thing. That’s what I like about Butler. The first thing out of his mouth, off of his brain, is his true feelings. Just like the crass statement he made on Graham Norton to the actress sitting next to him. She asked if she should get on her knees to play the wacky wire and Gerry immediately said, “Please do!” and we all know what his reference was! If he’d remained a lawyer, he’d been held up for sexual harassment probably many times over! He’s missing that filter that stops him and makes him consider his answer more carefully. Unless the man is coached on what to say before hand in an interview, he’s just about liable to say anything. He and his lady will make a good pair! In fact, their maturity levels are probably pretty much the same.

    For the fans that think his behavior is endearing because they just like to look at him, go for it. For me, I need a little more substance.

  233. 233
    Men and kids Says:

    @What now?: Funny you should say that. I have a son who was so in demand to babysit when he was a kid. Basically he loved playing with the kids. My daughter saw it as a job. Not him. People took him on vacations to take care of the kids at the mountains and shore. After a stint in USMC , he got married and has 4 of his own and still loves the kids and playing with them. Farm animals all over the place and he and his wife are totally in love with each other and the kids.

  234. 234
    For goodness sakes Says:


    You sound like a fangirl. And that is not true. I’ve seen MANY celebrities who were involved with the films dress down. Actually Gerard has done that a few times himself.

    The “fans” who post here bashing Maddie calling her a *****, tranny, etc should be ashamed of themselves. You’re disrepecting the object of your admiration with your nasty remarks. Who needs enemies when he has fans like you all? It would be much more pleasant if you “ladies” would grow up and quit playing the game of “She’s not good enough for him” cuz let’s face it, none of you will ever be and your jealousy & bitterness shows every time you post your nastiness.

  235. 235
    It's not that Says:

    Recent article:

  236. 236
    UN FAN Says:

    @Alina: Multa muieeee pentru alinutza , din partea fanilor Madalinei si a lui Butler….urata frustrata ce esti!

  237. 237
    Karla Says:

    You guys are something… I love Madalina, she is so sexy, and she has the most wonderful body I’ve seen so far. I also like her charisma, so cute, so lovely, such a nice smile and full of love. Is Jennifer Aniston looking better, come on guys…
    Madalina is skinny, that’s why you can see her ribs/bones. Don’t forget she is a model.
    Over 10 years she will be gorgeous women.

    Ladies, do you really think Gerard cares a wit about what you think?

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