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Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Rome Premiere

Gerard Butler & Madalina Ghenea: 'Olympus Has Fallen' Rome Premiere

Gerard Butler and his beautiful girlfriend Madalina Ghenea are all dressed up while attending the premiere for his new film Olympus Has Fallen held at Cinema Adriano on Friday (April 5) in Rome, Italy.

The 43-year-old Scottish actor was joined on the red carpet by his co-star Aaron Eckhart.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the day, Gerard and Aaron promoted the flick at a photo call.

Check out the video below of Gerry having some fun with the viral hit “Harlem Shake.”

Gerard Butler – Harlem Shake

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gerard butler madalina ghenea olympusi has fallen rome premiere 01
gerard butler madalina ghenea olympusi has fallen rome premiere 02
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gerard butler madalina ghenea olympusi has fallen rome premiere 05

Credit: Ernesto Ruscio; Photos: Getty
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    Gerard Butler Sings On The Capital Breakfast Show



    Just STFU!! You’re opinions are so warped! You must have some loose wires!



    When are you going to learn that your opnions mean NOTHING and contribute NOTHING here but your weird illusions about what people do in the real world. I have to wonder what planet you are from, certainly not Earth.

  • littlebirdie

    @Gerard Fan:

    So much, you even said it twice! LOL
    But I hear ya! :)

  • For goodness sakes


    Not all people dress up for premieres. I’ve been to a few and though I just wear a cocktail dress, alot of women dress casual or business casual.. Alot of men wear blue jeans too. Check out some of the photos of premieres and people in the background on the red carpet. Maddie probably doesn’t feel the need to “dress up” as she’s already confident in herself and has nothing to prove to Gerard’s crazy assed fangirls.

  • littlebirdie


    You would probably know being a user yourself. Cokehead!

  • Totally Useless Information

    One thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter if you are tall and so thin it hurts, you still don’t look good in anything. Little Maddie looks like she reached into her rag bag for something to wear.

  • NormalPeople

    @For goodness sakes:
    Perhaps normal people don’t dress up but those associated with the movie do. I also have been to my fair share of movie premieres both in Hollywood and in New York. The non-involved actors may dress down but those promoting the movie and those associated with them do dress up. Also a cocktail dress is considered dressing up. I think what many here were talking about is the fact she looks washed out. Like she decided not to wash her hair and put on makeup. Most woman do that just when they go out for a casual dinner. I realize that some of you are here to promote MG and that’s fine but at least admit what is commonsense to most. She looks bad in these pictures. Many here admit when Gerry looks bad so why do you find it so hard to admit when she looks bad? Personal Agenda? Remember this is a gossip site, no one is safe for harsh opinions.

  • DocP

    @PLEASE DocP:
    Whoooo, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Come up with a more intelligent post if you want to argue. Either way I’m off to bed, some of us do have a life beyond JJ. And we don’t have to be hateful to prove our point.

  • Selfishness

    To Gerry & Madi Say WOOF: Agree on all you say especially this – “So long as the don’t bring kids into the world and try to raise them in their world where respect and dignity have no importance, I say let Madalina Ghenea and Gerard Butler have at each other all day and all night.”
    Would be so selfish of either of them to have children at this point. Both have done so much to embarras any child. Having children is not something you do because you think you would enjoy it. You do it out of love and subjecting a child to what he or she would have to endure because these are their parents would be cruel. Can you imagine the teasing and the taunting the child would have to endure? The terrible lessons learned? Kids are so mean. Can you imagine being a young girl or boy going into school with all of your classmates having seen this of your mother?
    And can you imagine if Gerry had a daughter and grew up reading about how he’s treated women and things like sleeping with women at parties and wrongly denying knowing them later because he didn’t learn their names? Would he want his daughter doing that and being treated that way by men?
    NEITHER of these two should have children. If they want to mess with each other that’s their business. They have no business imposing all of that fast and loose living on a child because it’s what they “want.” Parents can’t be selfish like that.

  • DocP

    @For goodness sakes: Who are you trying to convince? Because I’m not swayed one bit but hey heres another example of how to dress for a Red Carpet premiere.
    Now I’m off to bed :D

  • @Gerard Fan
  • Lord Love a Duck

    @For goodness sakes: How confident MG feels about herself is not the issue. She is not the issue. The issue is that this is one of the most important film promotions that GB has had in a very long time. Career is depending on it, [acting and producing] and since she is no dummy, she knows this.
    So, you put your best foot forward, behave like a mature woman, a lady, if you will, without all the hanging on, conduct yourself in a way that gives your man the appearance that he is the ONE, not you.
    Someone suggested that she should be with him on the tour and someone else suggested that he should have bought her a proper dress. Forgive me for saying this, but are you nuts. She has the money, the fashion sense to buy her own clothes and this tour is not a vacation and IT”S NOT ABOUT HER. Promos are hard work, Press conferences, networking, posing every single waking moment on the street and off. Dinners, luncheons etc. Trying to make a point that this is GB’s time right now and he also has to take AE into consideration not be entertaining the girl friend. If she doesn’t get it, then that is to bad. Plenty of time to work on relationships when this job is done. He is working so hard to get those numbers up there.
    Whatever happens between them is or will be whatever. I don’t care for her personally, but then I’m not the one holding her hand either. If in fact she played with GB’s fans on her fb, I find that immature and a despicable display of selfishness. If she loves him, I would think she would have been a little more decerning what she puts on her fb I feel.
    I am a fan and do like his movies very much.
    I don’t know what there is about him, but he probably has one of the largest fan followings around and has probably taken more abuse from followers than anyone too.
    I wish for him a woman to love, someone that he can look in the eyes and not focus on the distance with a pained look on his face. Someone that will rock his world and make him happy. If MG does that for him, good. Sorry about going on so long. Ducky

  • Thoughts


    She is not able in any capacity to achieve Michelle Williams class, grace or ability.

  • Thoughts


    Uh huh, and snort coke together.

  • Thoughts


    I find this so sad. I think it’s obvious he’s doing something he aging decades before our eyes.

  • liz

    @Lord Love a Duck:
    “So, you put your best foot forward, behave like a mature woman, a lady, if you will, without all the hanging on, conduct yourself in a way that gives your man the appearance that he is the ONE, not you.”
    You bring up an important point. Her behavior in the photos with Gerry was unprofessional. They were not on an date. This was an important business function for Gerard and his production company. Between her choice of clothes and her cloying behavior, the way MG conducted herself was completely inappropriate.

  • Madalina Ghenea


    You don’t honestly believe this rubbish do you?

  • C.A

    Hmmm….last thread I started getting bored with same old same old… Now this poop …. Honestly …. the one picture of GB and MG together he looks Like a puppy saying “Look at me .. I am SO lucky” with his hand almost on her behind … and she looks the other way – not into the camera as supposed to with that hunger after Fame and Fortune…. I sincerely hope that this is merely PR …. you know what … I Think I go see AE threads … maybe I can stay sane watching less show … ;-)

  • C.A

    omg there is no thread for AE … it sended me right back to this one … HA well then.. I wish for GB and AE that this film will be one that will send them to Hall of Fame (one needing this more than the other) and other movies are to come … Signing off to go back to REalLife … Stay Happy beloved Ones :-)

  • Tammy

    There are more pictures how ” cozy ” they are ! On the OHF in Rome !

  • Redviper

    # 34 great post!!!!!
    She post on her fb one man. He starts rumors in London with four women! What a beautiful realationship. You can feel the warmth and love straight away. I hope the hobbit finds the different wholes to feel comfortable, but not the one who makes children possible.
    She is an evil person. On the other hand you can define a person by his friends.
    The time to change is beginning. You read, hear an see it. I wish him to be lucky. If the best he can do is to destroy his health and many other things and he is lucky with that, I would say: Go on! Destreoy everhing you have in order to be lucky!!!!!!

  • Gilli

    He’s no prize, and she’s a trainwreck. A perfect match. They deserve each other, and will most likely get the headlines they both crave so badly when it all turns to sh!t, if there’s anybody left who cares.

  • Miss No-Name

    What’s really sad is that they both have potential to be so much better people than they’re being, but they’re just wasting their opportunities. I think that’s why Gerard’s fans go a little nuts – they can see something in him that is potentially great, but he just doesn’t seem to give a sh*t and squanders his chances because of his ego, or whatever. It’s intensely frustrating to watch someone deliberately be less than they could be. Or maybe that’s just how I understand it, anyway.

  • Tammy

    #34 indeed great post
    #77 Amen

  • It’s not that

    “Maddie looks like she is dressed for anight of bar hopping not a big Movie Premiere. Take notes from these actresses.”
    She knows how to dress on the red carpet, but this time she chose a casual outfit, who knows why. You may want to check this out:

  • Saturday

    Who the hel/l cares what she’s wearing? She’s a mess. I always figured he was kinda dumb, but I didn’t know HOW dumb. Worst taste in women I’ve ever seen.

  • Zinya

    I always thought he was a bit silly and dumb not as smart as a lot of ppl think he is and he prob knows that! Brandi was icing on the cake and wrecking a marriage was the cherry! They’re both desperate as each other but honestly I see no chemistry whatsoever don’t care what everyone says! And it’s been known for years he’s been on drugs before he even came in showbiz all them years of intake he’s doing a disservice to his infertility and sperm I’ve always wondered with all the relationships he had how can come he’s never knocked someone up explains it to some extent

  • Rosa

    The only tragedy here is that he does appear to be using again. He accidentally admitted it himself with Vicodin. Plus there were several times on this tour where he has the jaw grind going (not the usual one he has). I am a recovery counselor, so I have a trained eye to spot these things. It’s tough to stay clean in the world he lives in. It’s not easy for ordinary people. Rehab should be about a three-month stay for him. Maybe that’s what he should do besides going on another “spiritual” journey. Don’t hate him forit, people. Remember, addiction is a disease.

  • Alina

    @It’s not that:
    Nobody invited her on the red carpet, she had “caught” his in the bar at the cocktail party. And here you have come up with “passion” All the photos were taken with her for a few minutes and is not binding. He was photographed with many ladies. All worked at the camera. You all a great imagination. I think that he did not want her to be around. He was not comfortable. But she, like sticky tape. You just need to wait and see. And all the talk and rumors of break makes sense.You can dream on, I do not mind. All this is very funny!

  • Alina

    Sorry for my english, but I have no desire to learn it.

  • I agree

    @Alina I agree. There is no chemistry between these two and never was. He looks a thousand times more comfortable with strangers in twitpics than he does with her. She looks over-the-top desperate in this latest round of pics, and he looks like he wants to run out of the room. I’m surprised he could breath at all. I don’t think this sham is going to go on much longer.

  • What a moron

    This tour is going well. Aaron is doing a fantastic job waiting patiently for Mr. Ego to arrive. Gerry made everybody wait for two hours at a dinner party in Moscow. In Rome another waiting game for Mr. Ego to arrive. The fans love Aaron because he’s nice while Mr. Ego is being an ass and only shows his BUTTler face for a few minutes.

    LOL number 34 what a couple. She rubs her butt against other men’s private parts making sure it’s photographed and he’s again spotted with barely legal groups of girls in a London nightclub. Trailer park trash loves slutty women, yeah a match made in heaven!

  • PayCloseAttention

    Notice –

    It only happened in her home area
    If plans were to premier together, clothing would compliment each other, it was not the plan, a possible another gate crash – remember he loves to save face…think about it. her land – more of a chance to manipulate, could not do it elsewhere….notice only in her home area….her paparazzi

    Notice – all the accolade Gerry was receiving look how that did a complete 360….. look how people are describing him now…he wants a family…he was doing well…..this complete train wreck shows up (because that’s what was done)….bam, hurts his image and what he is trying to promote himself and his film. That whole thing looks like total bombardment.

    Ger – I hope you see the 360 it caused. You were doing well. You want family and taking a picture(s) with this thing did you more harm than good. We know you want a family…but this illustrates you have no morals, no values, that you do not have what it takes to raise and love a child. A prostitute, an immature, manipulative company by your side——ger all your peers have moved up and you have been blessed (OHF has blessed you) and all this, this farce is trying to pull you back down.

    Ger do not hurt your numbers….if it does you know it’s your own da@n fault. You received more raves with you and AE. I am trying to keep from calling you stu@@@. You have trash by you and you have noticed everything goes to shi@ when this thing comes on the scene…..

    Why? It is not jealousy. MG represents trash, of no class, a non-teacher to little ones, no image of a woman with class, not mother material, not wife material ( she sees your money Idi@@, wants that money), an immature…..oh and I believe the first article of clothing was fighting clothes….you call it “leap clothes” to fight….did she gate crash the first and threaten the next…because u promised her favors……

    Grow up…..and Get out……..all what you have working hard for to succeed

    Oh….and having said company indicates you are not a good decision maker….I do not think it fits your career…you need to fix it and wise up

    God can give and easily take away (that company is going to have it taken away…from all this downturn u are receiving…not jealousy at all an indication that your morals and values are low)

    God can give and easily take away

  • EgosRUs

    With any luck after this PR campaign is over this will be the last we see of these two headcases for a good long time. Aaron seems like a lovely man, and must be very patient to put up with all this diva cra/p.

  • geraldine

    @PayCloseAttention: She was invited to the event. I agree with those who say Aaron is a patient man. And highly professional too.

  • Bonnie

    All PR will be over soon,
    Her dress sense is awful, Had to say that.
    I do think she has feelings for him or she didn’t get the Hollywood reaction to her she wanted so she is hanging on.
    It’s all so creepy,he doesn’t look comfortable with her and if people call that love then you can keep it.
    If he had just looked at her just once in photos or had his family there with him and her for support , I would say good luck to them.
    No all a farce and will be done with soon.
    I think Aaron Eckhart looks fab in the photos.

  • Alina

    Aaron Eckhart wonderful person and actor. Very respectful to the fans. He is great!. I’m his fan.

  • DocP

    @It’s not that: I know she has the ability, but apparently only when someone else dresses her. She looks like she just rolled out of bed and grabbed whatever was on the floor to wear. Maybe she is getting even with him for showing up to the Italia Film Festival looking like cr.ap himself. After all that was her big moment.

  • Fan of GB & MG

    Stop bashing the poor man and his girlfriend. You are all so mean. It is unbelievable how you are alll speculating about his drug use, whether they are or aren’t together, didn’t any of your moms teach you that if you don’t have something nice to say, then STFU! The man looks to be completely exhausted. He has been on one talk show after another promoting his movies, he has been from one country to another and you expect him to not be looking exhausted and worn out? Let’s see you all try and do it. And another thing, the only reason any of you have nothing nice to say about MG is because you all wish secretly that he would want one of you which will never happen (unless you are 25 tall thin model) which I’m sure you’re not.

  • Trapped

    So sad to see the “stunning happy couple” together again. She looked terrible at the Chanel event and she looks even worse now. I do think she does it on purpose trying to look pregnant. And if she already is …. well… I wish such a good actor as I think GB is has made a different/better choice than that…

  • Yuck

    How humiliating. I would destroy those photos if I were him. That ridiculous display on the red carpet made him look like a complete idiot. I can’t believe he’s stupid enough to stand there while she zoolander’s all over the place and drapes herself all over him like a cheap blanket. Those poor people who had to witness that probably had headaches from their eyes rolling all night. I guess he’s made the money off the box office now so out comes the sleeze. Ugh.

  • MaryanneP.

    @Yuck: I agree. Was he babysitting or is she his date? I agree with whoever said I expected to see her start sucking her thumb. Something’s really off about these two.

  • TUT

    @Fan of GB & MG: Aaron seems like a nice man. When people are comfortable together they do not have to PDA publicly. In Asian countries PDA is shunned. But gerry is very into her. In most red carpet photos, his body is leaning towards her or his or her feet is pointed in each other direction. He is still in “deep like”. The crazy fans are in kindergarten.

  • Ella

    @Fan of GB & MG. I agree with what you said. AE gf is dressed the same but people don’t see any problem with her